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Traci agreed to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Victor suffered a massive seizure. Adam stole ashes from a funeral home and sent them to Sharon. Nick admitted to Phyllis that he had been the father of Sharon's baby. Gloria stole the Terroni painting from Kevin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 5, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, October 5, 2009

In the chapel at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Phyllis learned from Nick that Sharon's baby was born dead, and that Nick was the baby's father. Phyllis listened patiently as Nick explained that he had overheard Sharon talking to her mother about the baby's true paternity. Nick recalled having planned to tell Phyllis about the baby the day Phyllis and Summer left for Europe. Phyllis remembered how Summer's reaction to Nick had touchingly affected him when he walked into the terminal. Nick cried when he explained that he never saw the infant that the doctor claimed was too malformed to take even one breath.

Phyllis was stunned when Nick added that Sharon, in a drug-induced stupor, had signed papers ordering that the infant's remains be cremated, even before Sharon had a chance to tell her baby goodbye. Phyllis pleaded with Nick not to shut her out emotionally, and she promised to support him as he grieved the loss of his baby. Nick reminded Phyllis that only a few people knew that he was the baby's father. Phyllis assured Nick that she would support his loss in whatever way he wished to acknowledge it.

Nick, torn by his devotion to his ex-wife, explained to Phyllis that Sharon blamed fate for her baby's loss. Phyllis believed that perhaps accepting the baby's death as fate was easier for Sharon to handle. Nick added that he needed for Summer to fully recover, because it seemed that nothing was as it was supposed to be. Phyllis comforted Nick and said she wished she could do something to take his pain away. Billy entered, but he quickly turned around after he saw Nick and Phyllis. Nick welcomed Billy into the chapel. Irreverently, Billy urged Nick to join his family to celebrate the new heart Victor was about to receive from Colleen.

In Ashley's hospital room, after a nurse took baby Faith for routine medical tests, Adam urged Ashley to take Faith to visit Victor. Ashley was hesitant and claimed that she was too concerned about Traci and needed to spend time with her family. Adam noted that Victor hadn't even known about the baby before Adam announced the birth. Ashley seemed unmoved, but Adam goaded Ashley by reminding her that Victor might die without ever seeing his newborn daughter.

In Victor's room, amid bleeping screens monitoring Victor's failing heart, Jack told Victor that he would have a second chance. Jack added that Traci had chosen to give Colleen's heart to Victor. Victor thanked Jack and declared that he was sorry for the family's pain. Unsympathetically, Jack responded, "You're a bastard, and I don't expect that to change; but one death is enough."

After Jack stepped out of Victor's room, he told Nikki, Victoria, and J.T. that Victor would receive Colleen's heart. Nikki seemed overcome with relief. Nikki stepped into Victor's room, sat at his bedside, and reiterated the great news. Victor worried that the transplant might not be successful, but Nikki assured Victor that he'd soon be riding Blue Smoke again with Summer and Reed, while other family members looked on. Victor, his faint voice barely above a whisper, asked Nikki to deliver expressions of his love to his family. Nikki insisted that Victor would do that himself for a long time to come.

After Nikki stepped out, she saw Ashley comforting Abby in the hallway. Ashley approached Nikki and hugged her awkwardly. Wiping tears from her eyes, Ashley said flatly, "I just heard that Traci agreed to the donation." Before Nikki walked away, she proclaimed Traci to be an amazing woman. Ashley entered Victor's room. A nurse, carrying Faith, walked in afterward. The infant, swaddled in a blanket and wearing a pink cap, grunted fitfully. Victor awoke. Ashley took the child into her arms and announced, "It's your baby girl."

As baby Faith fussed and squirmed, Ashley remained aloof even after Victor pleaded with his estranged wife to talk to him. Ashley urged Victor to get well because his children were counting on him to do so. As an afterthought, Ashley added that she also hoped for his recovery. Ashley quickly whisked the baby away. Victor's brow furrowed, and he sobbed after Ashley walked out. Nikki encountered Ashley in the hallway and thanked her for introducing Faith to Victor. "Meeting her might make all the difference to Victor," Nikki insisted. Without acknowledging Nikki's concern for Victor, Ashley excused herself and walked away.

After Ashley left, Nikki turned and saw Nick and Phyllis approaching. The depressing look on Nick's face informed Nikki that her son and Sharon had lost their baby daughter. Nikki hugged Nick and offered sympathy. Nick recalled having learned about his father's transplant from Billy. "Your father has a second chance," Nikki affirmed. Just before Victor underwent surgery, Nikki, Nick, Victoria, Abby, and Adam gathered in his room. Victor, struggling for every breath, told his children that he loved them. Nick kissed his father's cheek, and the others present touched Victor lovingly as they filed out of the room after the nurse asked everyone to leave. Before Nikki left, she kissed Victor on the forehead and told him that she would see him soon.

At Lily and Cane's house, Mac stopped by to tell Lily that Colleen had designated herself as an organ donor, and that Traci had agreed to allow Victor to receive Colleen's heart. Lily lovingly cradled the heart pendant that Brad had given to Colleen. Noting profound grief at the unexpected loss of her friend, Lily sought solace. Mac expressed her belief that Colleen had become part of something magical and would become an angel to many people in need. Lily seemed comforted by Mac's words.

Lily later told Cane that she wanted to return to the hospital to sit with Colleen and her family. Cane reminded Lily about her vivid dream, and explained that she had already expressed her love to Colleen. Later, alone, Lily prayed and thanked God for allowing Colleen to appear to her in a dream. Lily said that she understood that Colleen was in heaven with Dru. Lily spoke of her deep love for Colleen and voiced the Lord's Prayer.

Jack returned to Colleen's room, where machines kept her body viable. Jack told Traci, Steve, and Abby that he had informed Victor about the transplant. Traci sobbed when Jack told her that she needed to sign a couple of forms. After Traci and Steve stepped out, Abby thanked Colleen for being the best big sister and for saving Victor's life. Overcome, Abby rushed from the room after requesting that Colleen deliver a greeting to Brad in heaven.

Jack sat by Colleen's bedside and recalled how worried Traci had been after Colleen left New York and moved in with her uncle. Jack sincerely apologized to Colleen for not protecting her from the crossfire caused by his ongoing war with Victor. Later, J.T. sat by Colleen's bedside and told her that in his dreams, he raced to the lake in time to save her. Victoria watched through a window as J.T. cradled Colleen's hand in his. As J.T. gently kissed Colleen's hand, he said, "I hope you know that I will always love you."

In the chapel, Billy railed at God because He took Colleen but allowed Victor to live and even have another child. Katherine walked in and covertly overheard Billy scorn the thought that Colleen's future would be beating in Victor's chest. Katherine mockingly applauded Billy's tirade. Katherine recalled verses from the Bible about how Ezekiel beseeched God to take away his heart of stone. Billy rolled his eyes and asked Katherine not to expect Colleen's heart to transform Victor. Katherine pleaded with Billy to join his family and tell Colleen goodbye. Billy insisted that he couldn't handle it, but Katherine feared that Billy would regret not doing so for the rest of his life. Katherine embraced Billy and assured him that he could say goodbye to his beloved niece.

After a nurse unceremoniously disconnected monitors from Colleen, Traci and Steve stood nearby. Ashley kissed Colleen's forehead and cried, "I will love you forever." Ashley hugged Traci before she left the room. Jack and J.T. touched Colleen's body tenderly before they left the room. Traci hovered over Colleen and sobbed. Traci cried, "My sweet baby girl."

In the hospital corridor, the families of Victor and Colleen gathered in two groups. As nurses wheeled Colleen and Victor to the operating room, the bereaved and broken family members sobbed and voiced silent, hopeful prayers. Katherine comforted Nikki. Mac maintained a strong shoulder for a devastated Billy. Steve supported Traci as she wept mournfully.

In her room at St. Mary's Children's Hospital, Sharon gazed reflectively at an ultrasound photograph of her baby. When Sharon heard a knock on her door, she quickly hid the photo under her pillow. Rafe stopped by to inform Sharon that the court would not require her to return to the psychiatric facility. Rafe added that Sharon would be free to go home. Sharon seemed distressed and explained that earlier, she had seen a new mother, cradling her newborn, leaving the hospital. The baby's father, Sharon recalled, carried balloons and gifts, as the couple celebrated a new life. Sharon added that she hadn't yet faced the thought of going home.

After Rafe left, Sharon clutched a photo of Cassie against her heart and prayed for Cassie to rock and sing to her baby sister. As tears welled in Sharon's eyes, she told Cassie that she loved both of her girls very much. After Sharon packed her belongings, she lovingly beheld the photo of Cassie and the ultrasound photo of Faith. Back at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, baby Faith slept peacefully in an Isolette. The affixed birth announcement stated, "Baby Girl Newman, five pounds, 15 inches long; born September 30, 2009; daughter of Ashley Newman."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Neil rushed to the hospital when he heard about Colleen and Victor. He asked Nikki how Victor was doing. Nikki said they didn't know anything. Neil was surprised that Ashley was not there. When he heard about Ashley's baby, he went to the mental hospital to visit her.

Ashley told Faith that she hoped Victor would pull through. Ashley was happy to see Neil. He told Ashley that Faith reminded him of Lily as a baby. He said that when Victor got better, everything would be okay again.

Neil went to the church and found Nikki there. Neil said that he had been in the church way too many times over the past few months. Neil told Nikki that he knew Victor would pull through. Nikki worried that even with the transplant, Victor might not make it. Neil said they were talking about Victor Newman. Nikki said she had never seen Victor this way. He was tired and weak, and it scared her to death.

Chloe told Chance that she was never close to Colleen, but knew that Billy was going through a lot. When Billy showed up at the coffeehouse, Chloe walked up to Billy and gave him a hug. Billy appreciated that Chloe understood what he was going through. He said he would call her later. When he saw Mac at the outside porch, Chloe watched in dismay as Billy walked into Mac's arms.

Chloe went back to Chance and had a hard time holding back her emotions. Chance didn't understand why Chloe was still hung up on Billy. He said that Billy and Mac were not bothered that Chloe and Billy were still married. Chloe hoped that Chance would take her out to make her feel better. Chance said he was going to take her to the harvest festival in Genoa City. Chance got excited to tell Chloe what they were going to do at the harvest festival. Chloe laughed and said there was no way she was risking her shoes to walk through manure. Chance said they always did things that she wanted to do; he hoped she would want to try something he wanted to do.

Billy told Mac he was having a hard time accepting that Colleen's heart was going to Victor. Mac said that Billy needed to be somewhere where he was fulfilled and happy. Billy said he already had that with Mac. He told Mac he loved her. Billy said that after Colleen's funeral, they could talk about their future.

Victoria was shocked to hear that Sharon's baby did not make it. She hugged Nick and was close to tears. Nick was obviously upset. Nick went to visit Ashley and her baby. When he saw Faith, he said that he suddenly felt at peace. He was shocked when Faith grabbed his finger tightly. He said he remembered how hard Noah had gripped his finger when he was a baby. Nick said that was the Newman in the baby. Ashley asked if he wanted to hold Faith. Nick held the baby in his arms and asked the baby's name. Ashley said she named the baby Faith.

Phyllis talked to Nikki about Sharon losing the baby. Phyllis knew Nick was going through a hard time and said she would be there for him. Phyllis went to Victoria and J.T. and told them that she was praying for Victor. She apologized for turning on Victor. J.T. was surprised that Phyllis had apologized. When Phyllis walked away, J.T. told Victoria that he wasn't happy with their situation. He said that so many things had stopped them from talking about how they really felt. He could not accept the fact that she had cheated on him. Victoria said she couldn't deal with it.

Jack and Noah went to Sharon's to find out what was going on. Jack was shocked to see that Sharon was no longer pregnant. Sharon told them that Faith did not make it. Jack was shocked that Sharon was going to name her baby Faith. Jack admitted that Faith was what Ashley had named her baby. Sharon was silent for a moment. She told Noah and Jack that there were complications and her baby never took a breath. Noah told Sharon how sorry he was. Noah sympathized with Jack because he thought Jack was the baby's father. When Noah left, Jack was shocked that Sharon hadn't told Noah that Nick was the father of Sharon's baby. Sharon said she would tell him soon.

When Noah returned to Sharon's, he asked her if she needed anything. He told his mother that he would do anything to help her. He apologized for being distant from her, and said he would always be there for her. Sharon asked Noah to sit down. She hoped that he would be able to forgive her. She said that Nick was the father of her baby.

When Jack returned to the hospital, he was surprised to see Phyllis. Phyllis said that she had returned early when she heard what was going on with Victor. She told Jack she was sorry about Colleen. Jack said that he wanted to see if Colleen's sacrifice had worked. He wanted to know if Victor's heart was still beating. He told Phyllis that it wasn't fair. He felt that his vengeance toward Victor had led to Colleen's death. Phyllis told Jack not to blame himself. She told Jack that she knew that Nick was the father of Sharon's baby. She wanted to know why Jack hadn't told her. Jack said he had promised Sharon he wouldn't tell her. He admitted that he thought it was the best thing to do.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther chided Chloe for stringing Chance along in order to make Billy jealous. Esther also asked why Chloe was so negative about her date with Chance that evening. Chloe said that going to the Harvest Festival was "terminally hick." Chance rang the front doorbell to pick Chloe up for their date. Esther thought that it was sweet that Chance had rung the doorbell to his own house, so that he could pick up Chloe like a "proper lady."

Chance and Chloe went to the Harvest Festival, where Chloe looked extremely uncomfortable and out of place. After she complained about the smell of the goats, Chance reminded her that he had warned her that the Harvest Festival wouldn't be her scene. He asked Chloe to loosen up and try to live a little. Suddenly changing her mood, Chloe told Chance that she wanted to compete with him at the apple bobbing kiosk.

Chloe and Chance had a great time bobbing for apples. They were both soaking wet and laughing. Chance managed to retrieve an apple, and Chloe asked him to pick out a prize and give it to her. Chance picked out a hat shaped like a wedge of cheese. He placed the hat on Chloe's head and announced, "All hail the cheddar queen!" Chance then told Chloe that she looked "hot as hell."

Later, the couple returned to the Chancellor mansion. Chance asked Chloe where she had learned to shoot. Chloe gloated that a fashionista had showed up a trained marksman. Chance also complimented Chloe on her polka dancing. Chloe said that she had fun at the festival. She added that she could show all sides of her personality to Chance.

The couple moved to the living room sofa, where they began kissing passionately. Chance broke out of Chloe's embrace and told her that he was afraid that they were moving too fast. He said that he wanted to wait until Chloe's divorce from Billy was final, and he hoped that Chloe understood. Chloe said that she did. Before he left, Chance told Chloe that he had fun, and that he wanted to see her again.

In Deacon's room at the Athletic Club, Deacon and Gloria shared a bottle of wine. She told Deacon that she was very close to recovering the Terroni -- all she had to do was to convince Kevin that the painting belonged to her. She told Deacon that she would have the painting by the end of the day -- and that he should have five million dollars in cash waiting for her.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel said that the deadline to get the Terroni to Deacon was approaching. Daniel reminded Amber that if Deacon didn't get the painting, she would be forced to marry Deacon. Kevin told Daniel that he would have to find another way to help Amber, since Kevin insisted that he was going to return the painting to the museum and use his share of the reward money to hire a lawyer for Ryder.

Michael overheard as Kevin, Daniel, and Amber began arguing. Michael approached the threesome and told them that he knew that Daniel didn't have an art show in Detroit. He told them he knew that they had the real Terroni. Michael asked the group how they got the painting, and what they planned to do with it.

Daniel told Michael that they were trying to figure out a way to "play" Deacon. Michael told Daniel that they were dealing with real criminals, who might even put out contracts to kill the three of them. Kevin said that he wouldn't have gotten involved in recovering the Terroni if Michael had agreed to be Ryder's attorney. Michael ordered the group to surrender the painting to the authorities. Daniel told Michael that the Terroni was going to Deacon.

As Michael and Daniel argued, Gloria walked over to the group and told Michael that she hoped he was convincing Daniel, Amber, and Kevin to give her the painting. She said that, as Tom's widow, she was the owner of the Terroni. Michael told Gloria that since the painting had been stolen, it didn't belong to her. Michael wondered where the painting was. No one in the group said anything. Michael said that they shouldn't expect him to represent them when they were all arrested.

Amber and Daniel spoke privately, and she said that when they gave the painting to Deacon, they should try to squeeze him for some money. Daniel said that they should just stick to the original deal. Daniel warned Amber to stay away from Deacon, and said that he would handle the situation alone.

When Amber continued to try to convince Daniel to get some money from Deacon, Daniel said that Deacon was holding all the cards, and asked Amber why she thought that Deacon would give her any money. Amber said that she knew Deacon's weaknesses. Referring to the night that Amber spent with Deacon, Daniel said that no amount of money was worth Amber degrading herself again. Upset, Amber reminded Daniel that she had spent the night with Deacon for Daniel's sake.

Gloria and Kevin continued to bicker over the ownership and fate of the painting. Michael told them that he had just stopped in to get some hot chocolates for himself, Lauren, and Fen, and that he didn't want to get involved in their latest felony. Kevin ordered Gloria to make the hot chocolates.

After Gloria left to make the drinks, Michael tried to persuade Kevin not to use the reward money to help Ryder -- Michael said that he had a bad feeling about Kevin's other half-brother. Kevin asked Michael if Michael would act as a liaison and negotiate the return of the painting to the museum. Michael said that he would put out some feelers and assess the best way to handle the situation. When Michael warned Kevin to make sure that the Terroni was in a safe place, Kevin said that he would hide it somewhere and make sure that neither Gloria nor Daniel got their hands on it.

After Michael left, Daniel told Kevin that he was worried that Michael would go to the authorities. Gloria said that she was concerned that they hadn't decided the fate of the painting. Daniel left to see Deacon, hoping that he and Deacon could work out a new deal that everyone could profit from.

With Daniel gone, Gloria told Kevin that she was concerned that Daniel was going to give the Terroni to Deacon. Kevin said that he doubted it, but that he would check on the painting, anyway. Gloria asked to accompany Kevin and see the painting, but Kevin ordered his mother to stay at Crimson Lights and close up. As soon as Kevin walked out of the coffeehouse, Gloria told one of the waitresses to close, and then rushed out to follow Kevin.

Later, Kevin returned to the closed coffeehouse and took the rolled-up painting out of his pocket. He went to the patio, unrolled the Terroni, and hid it behind one of the paintings on the patio's wall. After Kevin left, Gloria used her key to get into Crimson Lights. She pulled the patio painting down, removed the hidden Terroni, and stared at it.

Amber went to Deacon's suite. He asked her how life in Daniel's tiny apartment was. She said that she would pick Daniel's apartment over Deacon and any amount of money. Deacon snickered, and congratulated her on her performance. Deacon told Amber that he had a gift for her, and presented her with a diamond necklace. Amber insisted that she couldn't be bought, but Deacon convinced her to try the necklace on. Deacon placed the necklace around Amber's neck and then positioned her in front of the mirror.

Daniel knocked at Deacon's door. When Deacon answered, Daniel said that he was there to set up a time and a place to give Deacon the Terroni. Daniel saw Amber wearing the necklace, and he became infuriated. Deacon told Daniel that Amber was just trying on her "wedding gift."

Daniel ordered Amber to give the necklace back to Deacon. Amber said that the diamonds were worth a fortune, but Daniel said that he didn't care. Daniel told Amber that if she didn't leave Deacon's suite with Daniel, their relationship was over. Amber said nothing. Daniel said that he'd had enough -- that if a little "bling" was all it took to impress Amber, then she and Deacon deserved each other. Daniel said that he was going to keep the Terroni, and he didn't care whether or not Deacon framed him for murder. Daniel stormed out of the suite.

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Sharon went through a box of memorabilia. She stared at a picture of a house that she and Nick had considered buying. Sharon's eyes teared up as she remembered house hunting with Nick. She ripped the picture up and threw it across the room.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Summer were preparing to go to the movies with Michael, Lauren, and Fen. Phyllis tried to coax Summer to say "I love you" to Nick, but the child wouldn't say anything. Nick told Phyllis not to worry about it -- that he was just glad that Summer had returned home.

After Summer went upstairs, Nick said that he had seen all of Summer's workbooks from the Swiss clinic and that he was amazed at her progress. Phyllis was stumped as to why Summer wouldn't say, "I love you" to Nick. Nick said that Summer was probably just tired. Phyllis told Nick that she had learned from Jack that Sharon had lied about Sharon's child's paternity so that Nick could give Summer his undivided attention while the little girl was in the hospital. Phyllis said that she was going to see Sharon and apologize for having misjudged her.

After Phyllis was gone, Nick talked to Summer and told her how much fun the movie was going to be. He said that until Phyllis returned, Summer was stuck with her Daddy. Nick tried to get Summer to say, "I'm stuck with Daddy," but he didn't receive any response. Nick hugged his daughter and told her that he loved her.

Phyllis went to Sharon's suite. Sharon didn't look pleased to see her. Phyllis said that she wanted to tell Sharon how sorry she was about the baby. Phyllis asked Sharon how she was ever going to get over the loss of her child. A defensive Sharon said that she would never get over it -- that she would learn to live with it, and then move on with her life. Phyllis said that she knew that Sharon had sacrificed the chance to be with Nick, so that Nick could be with his family during Summer's illness. Phyllis told Sharon that she was ashamed that she had misjudged Sharon. Sharon sarcastically said, "How gracious of you."

Sharon told Phyllis that Phyllis should be relieved, since Summer was improving and Phyllis' marriage to Nick was on solid footing. Sharon said since Sharon's baby died, Phyllis' odds of staying with Nick had improved. Phyllis told Sharon that she got no pleasure, relief, or feeling of triumph because Sharon's daughter died. Phyllis said that she felt sadness, and that she would never wish the death of a child on anyone.

As Phyllis left, she told Sharon that they were never going to be best friends, but that Phyllis would always be grateful for what Sharon did for Summer. Phyllis told Sharon that if Sharon ever needed anything, she should call. Sharon thanked Phyllis and closed the door. Alone in her room, Sharon looked despondent.

Michael, Lauren, and Fen arrived at the tack house to pick up Phyllis and Summer. Nick told the Baldwins that Phyllis would be back soon. Lauren asked Nick where Phyllis was, and he told her that his wife had gone to visit Sharon. Lauren assumed that Sharon was still in the psychiatric facility, but Nick told the Baldwins that Sharon was no longer at that facility. Nick informed Michael and Lauren that Sharon's baby had died. When Michael expressed sorrow for Sharon and Jack, Nick told Michael and Lauren that Nick, not Jack, was the father of Sharon's baby.

Nick suggested that the Baldwins take Summer to the movies, and, when Phyllis returned, Nick would tell her to meet the group at the theater. When Nick told Summer that Mommy would meet them later, Nick was thrilled when his daughter replied, "Bye bye, Daddy. I love you." Nick and Summer hugged.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Ashley's room at Memorial Hospital, Jack told Ashley that Billy, Steve, and Traci were at the funeral home, making arrangements for Colleen's service. Ashley said that she realized how lucky she was every time that she looked at Faith. Jack looked at Faith and told the infant that she was a miracle. Ashley told Jack that he would have his own little miracle soon. Jack told his sister that Nick had actually fathered Sharon's baby, and then broke the news that Sharon's baby had been stillborn.

Ashley said that she wished she could have been there for Jack. Jack understood, saying that Ashley had a lot going on in her life. Ashley told Jack that ever since she had Faith, she felt an overwhelming desire to regain stability in her life. Jack was thrilled when his sister said that she wanted to return to work at Jabot. Jack asked how Victor would feel about that. Ashley replied that Victor was Faith's father, and would always be a part of Ashley's daughters' lives. When Jack asked about Ashley and Victor's future, Ashley left the question unanswered and told Jack to spend some time with Traci.

Sitting in a lounge at Memorial, Sharon spotted Adam and called him over. Sharon said that she was at the hospital for a doctor's appointment, and that she was planning to visit Victor. Adam told Sharon how sorry he was about her baby's death. Sharon told Adam that she hadn't heard from the funeral home about her baby's ashes. When Sharon started to cry, Adam gently touched her shoulder.

Sharon told Adam that she appreciated his concern, even though they didn't really know each other. When Adam said that he didn't have too many friends, Sharon said that she could empathize. Sharon mentioned Adam and Victor's complicated relationship, and told Adam that he should be grateful that he had a second chance with Victor. As Sharon walked toward Victor's room, Adam called her back and said that he'd meant what he said -- that he was sorry that her baby was gone. After Sharon left, Adam looked concerned, and, to himself, said the word, "Ashes."

Adam visited Ashley, who told him that Jack felt terrible about Nick and Sharon losing another child. Adam mentioned that he had run into Sharon in the hospital lounge. Adam asked Ashley for the location of the nearest funeral home, as he wanted his driver to take Nick and Sharon there. A confused Ashley asked Adam why he suddenly wanted to help Nick and Sharon. Adam said that he had been given a second chance -- and that he wanted everything to be different. Ashley, still confused, told Adam that there was a funeral home several blocks away from the hospital. Adam left Ashley's room, and, in the hallway, called his driver and asked to be picked up.

At the funeral home, the funeral director was going over various types of caskets with the Connellys and Billy. Traci began crying. Billy asked the funeral director if they could have a moment alone. After the funeral director left, Billy said that Colleen would hate all of the morbidity, and that she would have preferred a celebration of her life. Traci loved that idea, and asked Billy to plan the service. After Steve added his support, Billy agreed to arrange the funeral.

Adam, wearing dark glasses and acting as if he were completely blind, went to the same funeral home where Colleen's service was being planned, and met with the funeral director. He lied and told the funeral director that his niece had been stillborn, and he wanted to arrange a service. Adam then purposely spilled a glass of water. When the funeral director left to get a towel to clean up the mess, Adam grabbed a container of ashes labeled, "Baby Doe," and hurried out. As Adam ran down the hallway, Billy spotted him and called out his name, but Adam was already gone.

Billy, Mac, Jack, Traci, and Steve gathered in the Abbott dining room. Jack said that he was happy that Billy was planning Colleen's funeral. Jack said that he had some good news -- Ashley was planning to return to Jabot, and would again be working with Jack and Billy. Billy, looking uncomfortable, asked Jack if they could speak privately. After Billy and Jack moved to the living room, Billy told a shocked Jack that Billy was resigning from Jabot.

After Billy explained that he needed something that was his -- not John's or Jack's -- Jack became angry and accused his brother of running away. When Jack and Billy began arguing, Mac entered the living room and asked what was going on. Jack said that Billy was leaving the security of a multimillion dollar company. Jack was hoping for Mac's support, but she supported Billy. Jack told Mac that she would feel differently when Billy began to spend every night at Jimmy's. An angry Billy stormed out.

Billy went to visit Ashley. He told her that Colleen's funeral would be untraditional. Billy informed his sister that he and Jack "got into it again" -- after Billy told Jack that Billy was resigning from Jabot. Billy explained to Ashley that he hadn't been happy at Jabot for a long time, and that he needed to find something that he could be passionate about. Ashley advised Billy to follow his own path, and assured him that Jack would eventually accept Billy's decision.

Billy returned to the Abbott mansion. Jack apologized to Billy for being so hard on him. The brothers said that they needed to concentrate on Colleen's funeral. Mac finished up a phone call, and told Billy that they could pick up their stuff at the party store in the morning. Steve entered and said that he had called everyone on the list -- and had asked the guests to dress colorfully.

Steve asked Traci if she was okay with the plans for Colleen's funeral. Traci said that she was. Traci told the group that she couldn't help thinking about the losses that the Abbott family had suffered -- John, Brad, and Colleen -- without falling apart. Traci said that she should be curled up in a ball crying, but instead, she was helping to plan a party. She added that she couldn't help thinking that John was looking down at them, thinking, "Way to go, kids."

Adam returned to the hospital and made a phone call to a courier service, arranging to have a package delivered to Sharon at the Athletic Club. He then eavesdropped on Sharon's visit with Victor. Victor was saddened when he learned that his granddaughter had died. Victor assured Sharon that she would always be a part of the Newman family. Sharon told Victor to focus on getting better, because her world wouldn't be the same without Victor Newman.

Sharon said that she felt bad about the trouble she had caused in Nick's marriage. She said that Nick had been a rock -- but that Nick needed to concentrate on Phyllis and Summer. Victor told Sharon that what Nick felt for Sharon would never go away -- and that Sharon was the true love of Nick's life. Sharon, cheered by Victor's remark, wished him well, and left the room. As Adam watched Sharon walk down the hallway, he received a phone call from the courier service informing him that his package had arrived at the Athletic Club.

Nikki approached Adam in the hospital hallway and said hello. Adam told Nikki that she didn't have to be nice to him -- that he knew that Nikki thought he was a creep. Nikki said that she hadn't forgotten some of the unforgivable things that Adam had done, but that Victor loved him and wanted to forgive him. She told Adam that he had been given a second chance with Victor, and that it was up to Adam to prove that he deserved it.

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Sharon was on the phone with St. Mary's Children's Hospital, trying to find out what had happened to her baby's body. She said that her baby had been delivered by Dr. Charles Taylor. Sharon was stunned to learn that there was no Dr. Taylor on the hospital's staff.

Interrupted by a knock at the door, Sharon hung up the phone. Sharon answered the door, and one of the club's bellboys handed Sharon a package. Sharon opened it, and inside found the container of ashes that Adam had stolen from the funeral home. The label on the container had been changed to read "Baby Newman."

A depressed-looking Adam returned to the Newman ranch, and thought about his mother. He remembered how proud she had been when she learned that he had been accepted to Harvard, and how she had said that he was a good man with a good heart, who would do wonderful things with his life. Adam began walking up the steps, but collapsed and said, "I'm sorry I let you down, Mother." He then began to cry uncontrollably.

Noah visited Nick at the tack house, and told his father how sad he was that he had lost another sister. Nick hugged his son. Noah said that he understood why Sharon had initially lied about her baby's paternity. Noah apologized for having behaved like a spoiled brat, and said that he wanted to help Nick and Sharon. Nick said that he appreciated Noah's new attitude -- but that neither Nick nor Sharon wanted Noah to stop living his life.

Nick said that he knew what it was like to be raised by parents in a less-than-perfect relationship. Noah said that if Nick could forgive Victor, then Noah could forgive Nick. Noah said that he wanted to attend the memorial service for the baby. Nick hugged Noah and told him that he was a good boy. After Noah left, Nick called Phyllis and left a message that he was going to visit Victor.

In Victor's hospital room, the cardiac surgeon told Victor and Nikki that, if all went well, Victor would be released in about two weeks. They discussed concerns about Victor's body rejecting the new heart, but the doctor said that the heart was doing fine. The doctor referred to Nikki as Victor's wife, giving her credit for spending so much time with Victor. After the doctor left, Nikki told Victor that she had been mistaken for his wife a lot during his hospitalization.

Victor told Nikki that she had set "all this" in motion when she sent Ashley to Paris to track him down. Referring to Faith, he said that there was a new life in the world because of Nikki's selflessness.

Nikki stopped by Ashley's room to see Faith. She said that she and Ashley hadn't had a chance to talk since Nikki's return to Genoa City. Ashley said that she wanted to clear the air about the night of the storm -- the night that Nikki left town. Nikki remembered her conversation with Victor on the night that she left town -- when Nikki told Victor how much she loved him. Nikki told Ashley that they should get everything out in the open.

Ashley said that she didn't remember everything that happened that night, but that she remembered driving one of Victor's cars. Shocked, Nikki realized that Ashley had been driving the car that had almost hit her.

Nikki said that she had been standing in the road that night, waiting for a cab. She added that she was a wreck, having just left Paul at the altar, and having had an "unsettling" conversation with Victor. Nikki continued and said that she saw headlights and jumped out of the way. When Ashley apologized and said that she could have killed Nikki, Nikki told her that when she moved out of the path of the car, she fell and sustained some minor cuts and bruises.

Nikki said that she had sent letters to the Newman ranch, alerting her family that she was at a resort in Colorado, but that the letters apparently were never received. Ashley said that was too bad, since she wouldn't have felt guilty about possibly killing Nikki if she had known that Nikki was alive and well. Nikki realized why Ashley had reacted so strangely when she first saw Nikki at the hospital -- Ashley had thought that Nikki was a ghost.

Nikki and Ashley were glad that they cleared everything up. Ashley said that she wanted to put the horrible summer behind her, and forget about the way she had allowed herself to be used and manipulated. Just before she left, Nikki commented that Faith looked just like Nick, when Nick was an infant.

After Nikki left, Ashley spoke to Faith, and asked the infant to forgive her for what she was about to do. She assured her daughter that it was going to be the best thing for both of them. Ashley then removed her wedding ring.

Nick visited Victor at the hospital. After some small talk, Nick began discussing the night that Victor had been shot, and the terrible things that he had said to Victor that night. Nick said that in the past two days, he had nearly lost his father, and that he and Sharon had lost their child. Victor said Sharon had visited and told him that the baby had died. Nick said that he couldn't stay angry with Victor -- that he needed Victor's support. Nick began sobbing.

Nikki returned to Victor's room, and found Victor telling Nick that Cassie was probably giving Nick's baby girl the grand tour of heaven. Nick said that he had a lot to be grateful for -- Nikki was back, Victor was alive, Noah had his act together, and Summer was improving. As Nick spoke, Ashley, holding Faith, peered into Victor's room. Nick said that he mourned not being able to see or hold his infant daughter. Ashley, holding her infant daughter, apparently decided not to interrupt the Newman family moment. Ashley walked away from Victor's room.

Friday, October 9, 2009

In Victor's hospital room, the doctor examined Victor and asked how he felt. Victor was weak. Nikki wondered if the doctor was increasing the anti-rejection medication. Victoria asked if Victor's body might reject the heart, but the doctor downplayed that possibility.

The doctor explained to Victor that it would take time for Victor to heal from the heart transplant. The doctor was pleased with Victor's progress. Nikki guessed that Victor was thinking about Colleen's memorial service . Victor admitted he was.

Nikki was concerned about Victor's condition. Nikki thought it was ironic that after all the feuds with the Abbotts, Victor had an Abbott heart keeping him alive. Nikki was sure that the Abbotts would not sully Colleen's memory by resenting Victor having her heart. Nikki wondered if the situation had been reversed, if the Newmans would have been so merciful.

Victor said he was dizzy, but he didn't want to see the doctor. Victor was concerned about what the newspapers were writing about him. When Nikki reached for the newspaper, Victor suffered a seizure. Nikki called for help. While Nikki watched in tears, the doctors worked to stabilize Victor.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy and Kay were preparing for Colleen's memorial service. When the doorbell rang, they opened the door and greeted Nick, Noah, and Phyllis. Kay noticed that Noah was wearing a red sweater, which was Colleen's favorite color. Murphy said that the service was Billy's idea and it would be a celebration of Colleen's life.

Phyllis asked about Traci, and Murphy said the Abbotts were still at the cemetery, where Colleen was buried beside Brad. Nick and Phyllis advised Noah to be especially comforting to Abby because of losing Colleen. Phyllis and Noah left to help Murphy set up the chairs for the service, while Kay gave Nick her condolences over the loss of Sharon's baby.

Sharon and Doris were at Crimson Lights having coffee and discussing the loss of Sharon's baby. Doris wished that Sharon had called her after the labor. Sharon said she had been in shock. Sharon told her mother that because of the baby, she had grown stronger. Sharon was sure that she wouldn't crumble or do anything self-destructive. Doris asked about Nick, and Sharon said that Nick had Phyllis to lean on. Sharon accepted that she and Nick were not meant to be together.

Sharon told her mother that if she couldn't reach Sharon for a day or so, it was because Sharon was going to the Abbott cabin to spread the baby's ashes. Doris urged Sharon to include Nick in the ritual. Sharon felt that Nick had other matters to attend to. Doris asked Sharon to wait until Nick could go with her. Sharon was compelled to spread the ashes immediately. Sharon left, kissing her mother goodbye.

Devon and Neil went to Cane and Lily's to pick them up for the memorial, Neil was concerned when Lily appeared looking pale and weak. Neil was worried about Lily's condition and when Cane felt her face, he noted that Lily was burning up. Cane insisted on calling the doctor.

The doctor made a house call and said that Lily was running a fever . She recommended that Lily stay away from the memorial service. Lily wanted to honor her best friend, Colleen, by showing up. Neil offered to appear and represent Lily.

Cane stayed with Lily and offered her the medication she needed. Lily was upset that she was too ill to leave the house. Lily asked Cane to leave her alone. Cane returned a while later and told Lily he had a visitor for her -- Humphrey. Lily was thrilled to hold the dog, and welcomed his affectionate reaction to seeing her.

In the backyard of the Chancellor mansion, Billy and Mac prepared for the memorial service. Billy thanked Murphy for all he and Kay had done for Colleen's memorial. Inside the house, Kay took Traci a cup of tea and offered to help in any way. Jack showed Ashley a note from Mamie.

Jack pointed the big flower arrangement out to Ashley and they both assumed their mother had sent it. Ashley told Jack that Traci had been a great mother to Colleen. Jack and Ashley credited their parenting skills to John. Jack wished that John had lived to see Ashley's baby, Faith.

The doorbell rang and Mac was surprised to see Chloe. Chloe had a large package that she said was from Jill. Bill explained to Mac that Jill was at the office covering for Neil at Chancellor. Kay welcomed Chloe. Billy thanked Kay for hiring his mother again.

Chloe asked if she could stay for the service. Billy was surprised that she wanted to, but Chloe remembered that Colleen had stood up for her as her maid of honor. Chloe called Colleen a class act.

A while later, out back, Kay noticed that Chloe was watching Mac comforting Billy. Murphy told Chloe that Esther was watching Delia, and the baby had stopped crying. Chloe confessed that she had been overprotective of Delia ever since learning of Colleen's death. Kay was sorry Delia would never get to know Colleen. Billy overheard and said that he planned on telling his daughter all about Colleen.

Kevin told Traci how much it meant to him that he had a chance to say goodbye to Colleen. Daniel gave Traci a drawing he had made of Colleen. Traci was touched and put it on the display with the other pictures of Colleen. Ashley admired the drawing and spoke with Traci about Colleen. Traci was grateful about all the condolence calls she'd been receiving for Colleen.

Noah and Abby spoke with Phyllis and Nick about missing Colleen, and Phyllis offered Abby some advice about grieving. Devon and Neil appeared at the memorial, and when Daniel asked about Lily, Neil explained why she wasn't able to be there because of her cancer.

Doris called Nick from Crimson Light to tell him about Sharon's plan to spread the baby's ashes at a spot near the Abbott cabin. Phyllis suggested that Nick leave the memorial to go to the cabin and be with Sharon. Noah volunteered to join him, but Abby needed Noah, so he stayed at the service for Colleen. Phyllis understood why Nick wanted to be with Sharon, and gave him permission to go. Phyllis said she would represent the family.

Later on, Sharon was alone at the cabin. She gazed at the box containing the ashes of her baby. Sharon heard a noise, opened the door, and saw Nick standing there.

As the memorial service began, Billy spoke to the group about Colleen's fine qualities. Billy said that to honor her life, the memorial had to be happy, not sad. Traci was the first to stand up and speak. She told the story of Colleen's birth in the Chancellor mansion. Traci said that Colleen had touched many people's lives, including the people who received her organs via transplant. When Traci was overcome with tears, Steve comforted her. Traci asked if anyone wanted to speak up and share his or her memories of Colleen.

Victoria stepped forward with a letter from her father. Victoria said that Victor had sent her to read it to the group, if that was all right with the Abbotts. Billy objected, but Traci gave Victoria the go-ahead.

In the letter, Victor expressed his gratitude to Traci and the Abbotts. Victor said that Colleen would never be forgotten. Victor said he would remember Colleen every time he held his new baby or played with his grandchildren. Victor felt he and the other transplant recipients were Colleen's living legacy.

J.T. spoke of his friendship with Colleen. J.T. admitted that Colleen was more mature than he had been, and she changed his life.

Jack said that he had adored Colleen and couldn't say no her. Jack revealed how Colleen had tried to get him into Latin dancing.

Ashley went up next, and she recalled how Abby had always loved her big sister. Ashley assured Traci that they would always love Colleen. Abby remembered the great advice Colleen had given her. Abby promised to be a good older sister to Faith, like Colleen had been to her.

Neil spoke about Lily's friendship with Colleen. Devon phoned Lily so that she could hear the memorial. Neil appreciated how Colleen had cared for Lily during her illness. Neil felt that Colleen was still watching over Lily.

Kay mentioned John, suggesting that Colleen's grandfather was with her again.

Kevin asked to speak and Traci said yes. Kevin appreciated that Colleen had given him a second chance. Kevin said that Colleen had been a better person than many people he knew. Kevin was grateful to have known her.

Billy spoke about Colleen while Mac handed everyone a red balloon. Billy said that Colleen saw beauty in every one and every thing. Billy held a red balloon in his hands and wondered why everyone didn't see the world the way Colleen had.

Abby thanked Victoria for reading Victor's letter. Later, Mac spoke with J.T. about Victoria's letter. J.T. was not happy about Victor having received Colleen's heart. Victoria overheard J.T.'s comments. J.T. apologized and Victoria explained the Victor had never meant to hurt Colleen.

Back at Cane and Lily's, Neil and Cane took Lily to the front door and she released a red balloon. At the same time at the memorial service, the mourners gathered and they all released red balloons, as well, in honor of Colleen.

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