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The lawsuit between Jabot and Newman Enterprises was presented to a judge to determine if it needed to go to trial. Paul became even more suspicious of David when he saw David and Walter, a loan shark, hanging out. In a fit of jealousy, Gloria spiked Jeffrey's coffee with hot sauce, not knowing that he was allergic. Jack realized that Gloria had donated all of her money to charity, including payments to Cassie's Foundation and the Abbotts' charitable organizations, so he invited her to live in his pool house. Sabrina asked Victoria to be her maid of honor, but Victoria coldly rejected the request. Victor asked Adam, not Nick, to be his best man. Jack and Nick had a power struggle at Restless Style. Lily decided that she wanted to focus on school instead of modeling.
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Jack was angry that Phyllis and Nick didn't consult him before chosing Katy Perry for the Restless Style cover
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Monday, June 2, 2008

At the coffeehouse, Kevin shocked Nikki when he told her that Jill had fired Gloria. At Lauren and Michael's condo, Gloria had a captive audience as Lauren and Michael listened to Gloria mull over her potential career moves. Michael nixed Gloria's initial idea, which was to fund, through Gloria's foundation, "Marks Alogria," a charity for mature divorcees. After Gloria suggested breeding llamas, Michael reminded Gloria that she was penniless after she gave half of her fortune away and lost the other half in her divorce settlement. Gloria's dreams of instant grandeur abruptly ended when Michael sternly advised Gloria to seek full-time employment from Kevin at the coffeehouse. After Gloria left, Michael and Lauren discussed their ever-present "Gloria problem," although neither conceived a viable plan to get Gloria back on her feet.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Kay stopped by to take Amber out for lunch. Jack approached Kay and asked if Kay had ever heard of a charitable trust called "Marks Alogria," the mysterious benefactor that gave millions in donations to Cassie's Challenge and the Abbott Foundation. Kay said she had never heard of Marks Alogria. Jack found a Web site that offered probable solutions to anagrams. Jack typed "Marks Alogria" into the blank and learned that "Gloria's" and "Karma" were among the words formed from "Marks Alogria." Jack seemed lost in thought as he considered the sizable donation given not by Marks Alogria, but rather by Gloria, hence Gloria's Karma.

Jana stopped by the coffeehouse to check on Kevin, who admitted that things had been a bit rocky since Jana had left to work at the art gallery. Gloria interrupted and, as politely as Gloria could, pleaded with Kevin to hire her on the spot and demanded $15 an hour, plus tips. After haggling, Kevin reluctantly agreed to start Gloria out at $11.50 per hour. Jack stopped by the club. After jerking Gloria's chain for a bit, Jack took Gloria out to the patio to talk privately. Jack asked Gloria if she had given his father's money away. Gloria didn't answer directly, but she let Jack know that she was penniless. Jack was surprised when Gloria told him that Jill had fired her. Gloria doubted Jack's sincerity when Jack told her that he was sorry she'd been fired from the job Jack's father had promised Gloria she would always have. After Gloria explained that she was living with Michael and Lauren, Jack offered rent-free use of his pool house. Half numbed and half shocked, Gloria hugged Jack, who bit his lip in an attempt to maintain his composure.

At Jabot, Paul waited to talk to Nikki, although David tried his best to get rid of his wife's nosy friend. David asked Paul if he'd spoken to Mina King, David's former stepdaughter. After Paul asked David why he thought Paul might want to talk to Nikki about Mina, David said he knew that Mina had probably told Paul that David murdered her mother. David told Paul that he was also aware of Paul's crusade to discredit David in Nikki's eyes. David explained that both of his previous marriages had ended tragically, which led to very painful times in his life. Paul said that he had learned that David's second wife "conveniently" wrapped her car around a utility pole soon after she cut her daughter, Mina, out of the will and left everything to David. David told Paul that Mina was a cocaine addict, and that was why Mina's mother had cut her daughter out of the will after her daughter had been arrested and thrown in jail. David suggested that although Mina had recovered from her drug problem, she remained angry at David and blamed him for her mother's death.

After Paul left, David waited for Nikki to return. While David waited, he remembered that he had placed a bet on a horse named "Nimble Nick" at Arlington, and that the race was about to get underway. Nikki returned and told David that Jill had fired Gloria. Jill stepped off the elevator just after Nikki broke the news to David about Gloria. Nikki angrily confronted Jill and demanded an explanation for firing Gloria. Jill explained that she had waited for Nikki to handle the situation, but that Nikki had neglected to do so. Jill cut Nikki off and said they could discuss the matter later in Jill's office. David retreated alone to Nikki's office to watch the horse race on TV. David's temples throbbed, and he huffed and puffed as he cheered and ordered his horse to win. At the last second, David's horse lost to "Cosmic Dancer." David was devastated, but he was forced to quickly collect his composure when Nikki suddenly walked in. Nikki told David that Jill had agreed to come to Nikki's office to talk. David left Nikki to conduct unfinished business with Jill. During the tense meeting, Nikki accused Jill of being insecure. As the two women yelled at each other, Kay opened the door. Nikki and Jill pled their cases before Kay, and Kay agreed that Nikki should have been consulted before anyone was fired. Jill, hurt, told Kay that she didn't appreciate having her mother contradict her actions. Kay averted Jill's angry gaze as Jill declared that she didn't how long she could take it anymore. While Jill and Kay hashed out their differences in the office, David covertly phoned Walter just outside the door. David sounded desperate as he begged Walter for a loan. Walter was evidently reluctant, but David reminded his bookie that "he had paid back the big one." David added, "No; it's all good-it's handled."

Paul, who toted a hard-sided, silver briefcase, stopped by the coffeehouse and ordered coffee from Gloria. Paul received a phone call, and he kept the case near him as he turned away from the bar to talk privately. Paul's caller offered information about Mina King and concurred with David's claims that Mina had been arrested and had abused cocaine. One of Paul's dad's ex-cop friends later met Paul and delivered a file thick with damaging information about Mina. Paul read that Mina had been accused of burglary and drug abuse after her mother cut her off financially. After the man left, Mina arrived. Paul immediately confronted Mina about her past drug problems. Mina, sober and seemingly quite stable, explained that David had exploited her problems and convinced Mina's mother to cut her off financially. Paul waved the bulging file of negative information in Mina's face. Mina tearfully told Paul that she truly regretted that dark time in her life. Mina added that if she hadn't abused drugs, she might have saved her mom. Once again, Mina pleaded with Paul to protect his friend from David. Paul swore that he would not let David Chow hurt Nikki.

At the club, Jeffrey tried to convince Jill that he was happily divorced. When Jill reminded Jeffrey that he still loved Gloria, Jeffrey claimed that his 50-million-dollar divorce settlement took the edge off the pain of his broken heart. Jeffrey stopped by the gym and ran into Jack. Jeffrey told Jack that Gloria needed a place to live, where she could feel close to John. Jack told Jeffrey that it was obvious that he was still in love with Gloria. Michael encountered Jeffrey and berated Jeffrey's harsh treatment of Gloria. Michael told Jeffrey that he was callous and self-involved. Jeffrey hinted that Gloria had likely become an annoyance after having sought refuge on her son's sofa. Michael decried his desire for violent retaliation and started to walk away, but instead, Michael balled his fist and belted Jeffrey in the jaw. Jeffrey was thrust backward and landed against the bar.

While Kay and Amber enjoyed lunch at the club, Kay browsed through Amber's latest design drawings. Amber worried that her fashions had yet to capture attention or return profits on Kay's investment. Amber remembered Kay's memoirs and volunteered to assist, since Daniel was away. Kay advised Amber to concentrate on her art while Daniel was on tour with his dad. After Amber returned to the magazine headquarters, she busied her time creating fashion drawings. Jana stopped by and noted that it was quiet without Daniel. After Amber declined an evening of fun with Jana and Kevin, Amber explained that she was committed to her design work, so Kay might consider buying another ad.

At Lily and Devon's, Cane and Lily, both nude under a red blanket, were entwined on the couch after they made love. As they were kissing, Lily talked about how happy she was to be with Cane. Cane said he planned to grow old with Lily. Knowing that Devon and Chloe would soon return from a shopping trip, Lily and Cane hastily dressed. Aware that the lovebirds were inside the house, Devon and Chloe loudly announced their presence before they opened the door. After Cane left, Chloe discussed the upcoming business trip to New York she and Lily were scheduled to take. Suddenly, Chloe clutched her abdomen and doubled over in pain. Devon and Lily seemed concerned and puzzled when Chloe bounded up the stairs to the bathroom to throw up. Between sudden and frequent trips to the toilet, Chloe lay on the sofa, covered with the red blanket Lily and Cane had made love under. Devon wondered aloud if Chloe were pregnant. Lily served Chloe tea and suggested that Chloe not attempt a flight to New York. When Cane picked up Lily to take her to the airport, Cane learned that Chloe was ill and could not travel. Cane took Lily to the airport. After Devon left for class, Chloe called Cane and begged him to bring over her laptop since she was still ill. After Chloe hung up, she noshed on potato chips and washed her salty snacks down with a soft drink. Cane called and offered to bring ginger ale to soothe Chloe's upset stomach. Chloe, who made her voice sound weakened and strained, agreed that ginger ale might help her feel a little better.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gloria told Michael and Lauren that Jack invited her to live in the mansion's pool house. Michael was shocked. He warned her that her stay wouldn't last long. When Gloria left, Lauren noticed that Michael had a bruise on his knuckles. Michael admitted that he had hit Jeffrey. Lauren was proud of Michael standing up for Gloria. Lauren and Michael had a heart-to-heart talk. He told her he was worried about being a good father. Lauren said he was the best father he could be. Michael wondered if Fen would think so when he'd turned 17. Lauren said that no seventeen-year-old would ever say that. Michael said that he'd always wanted his child to have a better life than he'd had.

Sharon was horrified when Jack told her that he asked Gloria to move into the mansion. She said that Jack had made a very bad decision. Sharon wondered how she would tell Noah that Gloria was moving back in. Jack told her that if he backed out, he would destroy his promise to his father. Sharon said that if getting Gloria out of the mansion brought them back together, it would probably do the opposite if she moved back in. When Gloria showed up, she wondered if she would be able to use a room in the mansion. Jack said that the pool house had everything she'd need. Gloria thanked them for their generosity. When Gloria went to the pool house, she saw that she would be sharing her quarters with Fisher.

Sharon told Jack that she disagreed with Jack's decision to let Gloria live in the pool house. She told him that he seemed more concerned about Gloria than about their relationship. When Sharon went off to bed, John appeared. Jack was thrilled to see his father. John told him that he'd done the right thing.

Nick and Phyllis discussed who they should use to represent them for the next issue of the magazine. Nick had a rock star in mind. Amber tried to mingle with the new star. Nick had to make the decision to use the rock star right away, so he went with it. He said that turnabout was fair play.

Cane stopped by Restless Style to talk to Nick. He asked Amber how she was doing. Amber pretended that everything was great.

Heather smiled when she saw Adam working out at the club. He grabbed her and started kissing her. He said that if anyone showed up, they were just two people working out. Phyllis came by the club and said hello to Adam and Heather. When Adam saw Heather leave, he told her to have a nice night. She gave him her door card. Phyllis told Adam that she noticed him talking to Heather. She teased him for making Heather smile. When Phyllis tried to talk business with Adam, he told her to just go to the marketing department. Phyllis couldn't wait to tell Nick about Adam and Heather.

Chloe tried to look sickly when Cane showed up to visit her. Chloe told Cane that Lily's modeling career would affect her relationship with Cane. Cane asked Chloe if Lily had "what it takes" to be a top model. Chloe said that Lily would have to work hard because she wasn't a classic supermodel. Surprisingly, Devon and Lily returned. Lily said that the flight was cancelled. Chloe was irritated that Devon and Lily's return had destroyed her plan with Cane. When Lily said they should stay home to look after Chloe, Cane suggested getting a pizza for them and chicken soup for Chloe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In the boardroom, Cane told Jill that he wanted better Jabot ad placement in the next issue of Restless Style. Jill insinuated that Cane actually wanted better ad placement because Lily had been replaced as the cover girl in the premiere issue of the magazine. Jill was surprised to hear that Lily was flying to New York to meet with the Apex Modeling Agency. Jill reminded Cane that Lily was under an exclusive one-year contract with Jabot. He told Jill that allowing Lily to model for other companies would be good for Jabot-that Lily's success would be Jabot's success. Jill asked her son how he would cope if Lily became a big star. Cane replied that he would be the first to congratulate Lily. Jill was convinced by Cane's arguments, and she told him that she would have Heather change Lily's contract. The only caveat was that Lily couldn't work for any Jabot competitor.

At the campus house, Lily was on the phone, desperately trying to book a flight to New York. When Lily told Devon that her meeting with Apex would be held at the same time as an important lecture in her American Literature course, Devon told her that her schoolwork should take precedence over her modeling work. He advised her to skip the trip to New York. Devon hypothesized that Lily was modeling because she thought that was what Dru would want-but he told Lily that Dru would have rather seen Lily finish college.

Neil stopped by the campus house, and was surprised to see Lily-he thought she was in New York. Lily told him about her difficulty booking a flight. Neil told Lily how much he missed Karen. When Lily blamed herself for Karen having left, Neil told his daughter that no one was to blame-it just wasn't in the cards. Lily commented on how successfully Dru had juggled her modeling career with her family responsibilities. Neil told her that Dru would be proud of Lily's modeling career-but would be even prouder if Lily graduated from college at the top of her class.

Cane stopped by to tell Lily that she was no longer under exclusive contract to Jabot. He told her that the sky was the limit-she could model in Paris, Milan, or New York. Devon and Neil glared at Cane. When Cane learned of Lily's problem finding a flight to New York, he offered her the Chancellor jet. Lily stunned Devon, Neil, and Cane when she told them that she had decided not to go to New York. Lily said that while modeling was good for her ego, Dru would have wanted her to keep her options open by finishing school.

When Phyllis and Nick arrived at the Athletic Club gym, Victoria immediately showed them an article in the paper that said that Victor was a silent financial partner in Restless Style. Nick and Phyllis looked annoyed, and Nick commented that perhaps he should change his last name, just like Adam did. While looking at the newspaper, Phyllis saw an article about a "mysterious buyer" purchasing one of Damien Hirst's shark pieces. Victoria and Nick told her that the "mysterious buyer" was Victor. Phyllis asked how a "shark floating in green slime" could possibly be worth millions. Nick and Victoria told Phyllis that Sabrina had changed Victor's taste-before Sabrina, Victor wasn't interested in any piece of art dated later than the American revolution.

At the Newman ranch, Victor was reading the same newspaper articles as the group at the gym. Sabrina joined him, and they joked about when they should announce that they had purchased "Jaws." When Victor said that they should announce their impending marriage, Sabrina reminded him that they had decided to wait. Victor asked her if she wanted to wait, but Sabrina said that she didn't.

Sabrina and Victor discussed their wedding ceremony. Victor looked forward to meeting Sabrina's family. Sabrina told Victor that her father died when she was twelve, and that after he passed away, her mother distanced herself from his family, thus Sabrina had lost touch with her father's relatives. When Victor brought up inviting Sabrina's mother, Sabrina said that she didn't know where her mother was, and she didn't want Victor to use his connections to try to find her. Sabrina told Victor that she was going to ask Victoria to be her matron of honor. As she asked Victor who he was going to ask to be his best man, Adam entered the room. Victor was cold towards his son, reminding him that the Natural Glow lawsuit was a colossal waste of money and time. Adam apologized and left the room. Sabrina asked Victor to ease up on Adam, but Victor said that the worst mistake someone could make was believing that he or she was omnipotent. Sabrina opined that life wasn't like a boxing match. Victor wondered aloud if he should make Adam part of the wedding. Sabrina was glad that Victor was considering it, but wondered how Victoria and Nick would react.

As Sabrina left for a meeting, Neil stopped by. Adam briefly joined Neil and Victor, and after Adam left, Neil told Victor what a hard worker Adam was. When Neil tried to show Victor a major contract, Victor told Neil that he didn't need to double-check Neil's work, as Neil was his most trusted employee. Neil told Victor that it was great to see him more relaxed than usual. Neil attributed that to Sabrina, and Victor agreed.

In the Abbott dining room, Jack apologized to Sharon for asking Gloria to move back in without first consulting her. When Noah joined them, Jack told him that Gloria had moved back in because she was down on her luck. Noah was shocked, but was a bit happier when Jack told him that Gloria would be staying in the pool house. An upbeat Gloria joined the Abbotts, telling them that the dining room brought back fond memories of John. Jack asked Gloria how the pool house was. When Gloria said that it was fine, Jack strongly hinted that Gloria should leave the mansion and go back to the pool house. Noah asked Gloria if that "crazy dude" Jeff was moving in with her. Gloria told Noah that the "crazy dude" was gone forever.

At the Restless Style office, Jack told Sharon that he wanted to feature an article about Sabrina and the art gallery in the next issue. Sharon was hesitant at first-she felt that Victor, Nick, and Phyllis would hate such an article. Jack countered that since everyone knew Victor hated the press, an article about his art collection in Restless Style would put the kibosh on the rumors about Victor being the silent owner of the magazine. Agreeing with Jack, Sharon said she would meet with Sabrina right away.

Jack was annoyed that Phyllis and Nick had picked the next issue's cover girl-famous singer Katy Perry-without consulting him. Nick said that it was a "now or never" opportunity, and that he had decided to go with "now."

Sharon met with Sabrina and Jana at Crimson Lights to pitch the article. Sabrina said she would love to see an article about the gallery, but doubted that Nick would approve. Sabrina said that if Sharon could get Nick's approval, she would definitely green light the article. When Sharon left, Sabrina asked Jana not to say anything about the article. Jana assured Sabrina that she was the "mistress of discretion."

Sharon returned to Restless Style and told Jack that Sabrina would cooperate with them as long as Nick was okay with the article. Jack said they had leverage-Nick had picked the next issue's cover girl without consulting the Abbotts. Therefore, Jack surmised, he and Sharon would easily be able to get Nick to approve the article.

The Abbotts approached Nick and Phyllis and told them that Katy Perry was a great choice for the next issue's cover. Jack brought up the prospective article about the art gallery. When Jack said that Sabrina was willing, Nick said, "I'm not... no way in hell," before he stormed off.

Sabrina stopped by Victoria's office at Jabot. Victoria acted hostile toward her former friend. Sabrina told Victoria that she and Victor were in love, and that they both loved Victoria. When she asked Victoria to be her matron of honor, Victoria replied, "Absolutely not."

Sabrina returned to the ranch and told Victor the disappointing news about Victoria. Victor was proud of Sabrina for trying to mend fences. Sabrina told Victor that she couldn't believe how cold Victoria had been. Later, Adam looked for Victor, but learned from Sabrina that his father wasn't home. Adam sensed Sabrina's dark mood and asked her what was wrong. She told Adam that Victoria had turned down Sabrina's request to be part of the wedding. Adam said that would hurt anyone.

Victoria was surprised to see Victor in her office. When Victor asked his daughter if there was anything he could do to change her mind about participating in the wedding, Victoria said "No, Dad."

Jeff and Jill were shocked to see Gloria working at Crimson Lights. Gloria complained to Kevin about Jeff and Jill's presence, and she wondered who gave Jeff his black eye. Jill and Jeff were pointedly loud as they discussed whether Jeff should buy a helicopter or a yacht to go with his newly purchased island. Jeff summoned Gloria: "Waitress! Two more coffees, and please make them hot this time!" Gloria muttered, "You got it."

Behind the counter, Gloria topped off Jeff and Jill's cups with hot jalapeņo sauce. She brought the coffees over to Jeff and Jill's table, asking Jeff to tell her "if it's hot enough, sugar." They began drinking, and Jill spit out the spiked coffee. Jeff, however, began gasping for air. Jill screamed for someone to dial 9-1-1. Gloria looked terrified as Jeff tried to catch his breath.

The paramedics arrived and placed Jeff on a gurney. Gloria approached Jeff, but Jill screamed at her to go away. Jeff managed to say the words "chest pain." To herself, Gloria said, "Please let him be okay."

Jill told Kevin that his mother was a lunatic, and that as soon as Jill got Jeff to the hospital she would be calling her attorneys. Jill added that she might have Crimson Lights closed down. A weeping Gloria said that it was just a prank-she didn't mean to hurt Jeff. Jill accused Gloria of trying to kill Jeff, and advised her to call Michael, saying, "Every killer needs a good lawyer!"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kevin was furious with Gloria for pulling yet another prank that got her into trouble. Gloria had put hot sauce in Jeffrey's coffee and he was rushed to the hospital. Kevin told Gloria that he might get sued, and that he was sick of her shenanigans. Kevin fired Gloria. When Michael came by the coffeehouse, Kevin was surprised Gloria hadn't called him already. Kevin told Michael that Gloria had tried to poison Jeffrey.

Gloria went to the hospital to visit Jeffrey but Jill wouldn't let her in. When Jill came back into the hospital room, Jeffrey had another attack. Michael showed up and dragged Gloria out of the hospital. Lauren tried to call the hospital to find out about Jeffrey. There was no answer. Everyone was furious with Gloria. Gloria said that she needed to know if Jeffrey was alive. Lauren finally reached Jeffrey's nurse and heard that Jeffrey was no longer registered. Gloria wondered what that meant. Kevin said he was either dead or released. Gloria realized she'd wasted too much of her time on worthless things. She begged Lauren to give her another chance.

In his hospital bed, Jeffrey started writing a letter to Gloria telling her how much he'd loved her. The doctor and Jill came in and told Jeffrey that everything was going to be okay. Jill said she'd take care of him. She told him that when he was having an attack, she'd remembered the day that JiMin had passed. She insisted that Jeffrey come and stay with her at the estate. Katherine was less than pleased to see Jeffrey at her home once again. When Jeffrey was alone, he ripped up the letter he had written for Gloria. Esther watched him.

Adrian asked Amber why her eyes were bloodshot. Amber admitted she'd been up late thinking about Daniel. Adrian told Amber his troubles about his book not being published. Amber suggested he write a story for Restless Style. Adrian happily told Amber that if it worked out, he would buy her dinner. Adrian came by Restless Style and talked to Jack about writing for the magazine. Sharon suggested Adrian might be right for the article on Sabrina. Jack asked Adrian to stick around to talk to Nick. When Nick returned, he agreed to let Adrian write the piece about Sabrina. Amber noticed that Daniel had updated his blog with his latest pictures. Adrian was impressed with the photos. Phyllis told Nick that Adrian and Amber looked cute together. Nick told Phyllis to stop her meddling. Phyllis suggested setting up Adrian's desk right next to Amber.

Amber found out about what had happened to Jeffrey and told Jack and Sharon. Sharon told Jack that they had an assassin living in their pool house. She said that she was glad they hadn't eaten the fruit Gloria had brought over. Jack said that although having Gloria there would be a hardship for them, he felt that his father would've approved. Sharon said that if Gloria was going to stay, they needed to get additional security cameras. Jack agreed.

Victoria told Nikki that Sabrina had asked her to be her Matron of Honor. She said that her father had also tried to convince her to be a part of their wedding. Victoria said that she felt guilty for saying no.

Phyllis told Nick that he was letting his personal feelings get in the way of his business decisions. Nick said that if the press found out that Sabrina was engaged to Victor they would say it was an inside job.

Victor asked Sabrina if she would marry him on June 20. Sabrina said that sounded like a wondrous day. When Adam came downstairs, Victor asked him to be his best man. Adam said that he and Nick were both Victor's sons, and he could only imagine what Nick would think if he weren't involved in the wedding. Sabrina told Victor that she wanted to mend fences with his family. Victor said he would start out by asking Nick to be his best man. Victor went to Restless Style to speak to Nick. Nick told him that he was upset that Sabrina had asked Victoria to be part of the wedding. He'd wondered what Victor came for. Victor said he'd forgotten. When Victor returned to the ranch, he was happy to see that Adam and Sabrina were working together. Victor told Adam that he'd made the decision; he wanted Adam alone to stand up for him at his wedding. Adam said it would be his honor.

Nikki came by the ranch and told Sabrina that Miguel wouldn't be returning to the ranch. Nikki was surprised to hear that Victor was cooking. When Victor came out of the kitchen, Nikki said that she had come by to get something for Miguel. Nikki saw an antique clock that Miguel used to wind and thought that would be a nice gift for him. She mentioned that time went by so quickly. Nikki told Katherine that she went to the ranch to get something for Miguel. She said that she was upset that Victor continued to shut his children out of his life.

Friday, June 6, 2008

At the Abbott pool house, Gloria called the Chancellor mansion and Esther answered the phone. Gloria begged Esther for information on Jeff's condition, but Esther told Gloria that she had been instructed not to talk to Gloria. Jill took the phone from Esther, and when Gloria asked how Jeff was, Jill told Gloria that he was dead.

Esther told Jill that she thought it was cruel for Jill to lie to "poor Gloria." Esther left the living room as Jeff joined them. Jill told Jeff that Gloria had been repeatedly calling for updates on his condition. When Jill said that Gloria was a lunatic, Jeff defended his ex-wife, telling Jill that Gloria didn't know he was allergic to hot sauce. Jill suggested that Jeff sue Gloria and Crimson Lights, but Jeff said that he already had enough money. Jill told Jeff that he was a really good person-anyone else would make Gloria pay.

In the Abbott living room, Jack and Noah prepared for a shopping expedition-they were going to buy all of Noah's summer camp equipment. When Noah left the room, Jack thanked Sharon for allowing Gloria to stay at the pool house. When Jack said that Gloria seemed to be on her best behavior, Sharon reminded Jack that Gloria's hot sauce stunt had sent Jeff to the hospital. Jack defended Gloria, saying that Gloria probably didn't know that Jeff was allergic to hot sauce.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Noah told Jack that he didn't trust Gloria with Fisher. Jack told Noah that he would never have let Gloria move back in if he didn't trust her. Jack reassured Noah that he would keep an eye on Fisher while Noah was at camp.

Back at the Abbotts', Gloria pleaded with Sharon to call Jill and find out if Jeff were really dead. At first, Sharon said she didn't want to get involved, but she gave in to Gloria's pleas and called Jill. Jill told Sharon that Jeff was fine-as a matter of fact, he was standing right next to her. Sharon handed the phone to Gloria as Jill handed the phone to Jeff. Jill was shocked when she realized that Jeff was speaking to a relieved Gloria. Jeff told Gloria the least that she could do after nearly killing him was to apologize in person.

Gloria showed up at the Chancellor estate and told Jill that she was a sick woman. Jill offered the "hot sauce assassin" a drink-perhaps arsenic tea? Jill told Gloria that she wasn't showing remorse for what she had done to Jeff. Jill added that perhaps that was because Gloria had done something like that before. A shocked Gloria said, "Done what?" Jill said that Jeff had "told her" on his deathbed-and deathbed confessions were true confessions. A stunned Gloria said, "He swore he'd never tell a soul-he promised me."

Jill asked Gloria to "come clean" and get everything off her chest. When Jeff entered the room, Gloria snarled, "How could you?" Jeff didn't know what Gloria was talking about. Gloria went on to say that she had allowed Jeff to humiliate her after he had promised that she and Jeff would go their separate ways.

After Gloria was gone, Jill told Jeff she had done nothing to cause Gloria's "meltdown"-she had just told Gloria that she knew that Gloria had previously done something akin to spiking their coffee. Jill suggested that Gloria had a guilty conscience. When Jeff told Jill that she was reading too much into it , Jill said that whatever was bothering Gloria was very serious. She asked Jeff to tell her what Gloria had done-she thought perhaps she could help Gloria.

At the Abbott mansion, Noah and Jack returned from their shopping spree. When Noah left to pack his things, Sharon told Jack that Jill had lied to Gloria and told her that Jeff had died. Sharon added that she had called Jill and found out that Jeff was all right. When Jack asked his wife why she had made the phone call, Sharon told him that she had felt sorry for Gloria. Jack told Sharon that she was "the best." Gloria walked in talking on her cell phone, telling someone pointedly, "I need to talk to you right now!" As Gloria walked out of the living room toward the pool house, Sharon told Jack that she wanted Gloria out of the house when Noah returned from camp.

Michael showed up at the pool house to speak with Gloria. She told her son that Jeff was sending her to prison. Gloria explained her incorrect assumption to Michael-that Jeff had told Jill that Gloria had tainted the Jabot face cream. Gloria told a stunned Michael that she wanted to turn herself in and confess.

Paul stopped by Jabot to speak with Nikki. David was concerned when Nikki said that she had an assignment for Paul. Nikki told Paul that she was considering a joint deal with a cruise line to feature Jabot products in the cruise line's staterooms. Nikki was concerned that the cruise line CEO was "creative with finances" and asked Paul to check him out. When Nikki left, David asked Paul if he had verified that David's stepdaughter Mina was a former drug addict-that was the reason why David's ex-wife had taken Mina out of her will. Paul said that he had verified David's story, but he still wondered what happened to all of the money that David had inherited. David told Paul that he had a gambling problem and had gambled the money away-but the problem was under control. Paul left when Brad stopped by with some paperwork for David to look over.

David told Brad he thought that Brad's projections for Jabot Retro were overly optimistic. Brad told David that he was used to more autonomy on his projects, and sinisterly added, "Do we understand each other?" Brad also warned David not to allow Paul to get too close-they wouldn't want Paul to find out about David's gambling problem. David told Brad that he would be making a payment on his loan later.

David met Walter at the Athletic Club gym. Walter told David he had placed the money David had asked for in the trunk of David's car. Unbeknownst to the men, Paul was watching their conversation.

After David left, Paul tried to make small talk with Walter. Paul learned Walter's name when a gym employee approached Walter to sign the guest membership log. Walter learned Paul's name when the employee said, "Will Mr. Williams need a towel?" Walter turned and saw that Paul was gone.

Back at Jabot, Brad counted the money in the envelope that David had given to him. Walter called David and told him that a guy named "Williams" had approached Walter and given him the "wrong vibe." David told Walter that Paul was an investigator who was interested in David. Walter emphatically told David to make sure that Paul didn't become Walter's problem. After Walter hung up, a frustrated David broke a pencil and threw the pieces across the room.

At Crimson Lights, Paul did some Internet research and learned that Walter was a loan shark.

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Sabrina that he wanted to finish up the Natural Glow lawsuit so that he could concentrate on their wedding. Adam came downstairs and told Victor he was ready to "kick butt" at the hearing that day. Victor said that losing was not an option-he wanted to show Nikki that she couldn't get away with trying to take on Newman Enterprises.

Victor, Michael, Adam, Nikki, Heather, and the judge gathered for the Natural Glow lawsuit hearing in the Jabot boardroom. The judge took the lab reports from both Jabot and Newman and called a recess to review them.

When the judge returned, she told the group that a trial would be a waste of time-instead she was going to file a "summary judgment." Before she left, the judge told them that she would be in touch when she was ready to rule. After the Newman people left, Heather explained to Nikki that a "summary judgment" meant that the judge already had enough evidence to make a ruling. Heather told Nikki to smile-that it would be a slam-dunk win for Jabot.

Out in the hallway, Adam admonished Michael for not having a "Plan B." Victor told Michael that he wanted results-and that their lab report had better be worth the paper it was written on. Nikki walked by and sarcastically wished Victor a wonderful day. Victor told his ex not to get ahead of herself-"it ain't over yet."

Heather told Brad that the hearing had gone well. Brad was pleased-he said any time they could "torpedo" Victor was a time for celebration. When Brad walked off, Heather called Adam and said she knew he was disappointed-and if it helped, a different judge might have ruled differently.

Back at the ranch, Victor told Sabrina not to worry about the lawsuit. Adam joined them to prepare for the "aftermath." Victor yelled at his son-"Have you learned nothing these past few months? The lesson is hubris, pride, and overconfidence made you make a mistake-and now you show overconfidence in getting us out of this mess. I don't want to discuss this any further." When Victor walked out, Sabrina looked at Adam sympathetically.

Nikki found David waiting in her office. She gleefully told David that Jabot would probably win the lawsuit without a trial. A sober David told Nikki that he had something to tell her-that her friend Paul was investigating him. He added that Paul would tell Nikki horrible things about him-that David was still gambling and couldn't be trusted-and that David was a killer!

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