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Scott Grainger, Jr.
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Actor History
Twins, Hannah and Jessica Gist
Joseph Tello
1993 to 1994
Gemini Barnett
Other Names

Went by Scotty Grainger until adulthood

That Scott fellow – by Victor Newman


Born 1991

Returned from Toronto in 2005 aged to 24-years-old

In 2010, Lauren remarked that Scotty and Nina's son Chance were same age

In 2017, Scott remarked that he and Abby Newman were about same age


Owner, publisher and editor in chief of Hashtag Digital News Company

Former publisher and editor in chief of Hashtag Digital News Company, while a Newman subsidiary

Former Sr. Vice President of Special Projects at Newman Enterprises

Former manger of Hashtag


Former journalist for a British news service

Formerly worked undercover for the justice department

Former college student working on masters in education

Former teaching assistant



Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Lauren Fenmore (mother)

Dr. Scott Grainger Sr. (father; deceased)

Joanna Manning (grandmother)

Neil Fenmore (grandfather, deceased)

Unknown first name Grainger (grandmother, deceased)

Dr. James Grainger (grandfather)

Jill Fenmore (aunt, Lauren's half-sister)

Christine Blair (aunt, Scott's half-sister)

Dot last name unknown (great aunt, lives in Madison)

Billy Abbott (cousin, Jill's son)

Phillip Chancellor III (cousin, Jill's son)

Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (second cousin, deceased daughter of Billy)

John "Johnnie" Abbott (second cousin, son of Billy)

Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (second cousin; daughter of Billy

Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV (second cousin, Phillip's son)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Unknown prior

Phillis Summers (kissed and almost had sex 2017)

Sharon Collins Newman (lovers 2017)

Abby Newman (one night stand 2017)

Crimes Committed

None known

Brief Character History

Lauren Fenmore was the only child of wealthy Genoa City retailer Neil Fenmore and Joanna Manning who divorced when Lauren was a small child. She was raised by her father, so they were very close. Joanna didn't come back into her life until Lauren was out of high school. Lauren's father Neil passed away, naming her head of Fenmore Department stores while only in her twenties.

After Lauren's divorce from Paul Williams, she later married Dr. Scott Grainger, a physician at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Nurse Sheila Carter arrived to work and immediately fell for Dr. Scott. In order to steal him away from Lauren, Sheila drugged Scott and slept with him, ending up pregnant. At the same time Lauren also became pregnant by Scott but didn't tell him. When the truth about the father of Sheila's baby came out, Scott felt obligated, divorced Lauren and married Sheila. Both Sheila and Lauren were due around the same time. Sheila miscarried her baby earlier but kept it a secret. She contacted a black market baby broker and bought a baby boy. She then switched the brokered baby for Lauren's baby in the hospital nursery, passing off Lauren's baby as her own naming him Scotty Jr. Lauren named her baby Dylan, but he died of meningitis before he was a year old.

Sheila's mother Molly discovered her secret and tried to tell all but suffered a stroke making her unable to talk. Sheila had her hospitalized to keep her away from Lauren and Scott. Eventually Molly told Lauren all. Sheila tried to kill Lauren at their cabin but accidentally set fire to it instead. Lauren and Molly escaped but a body was found, leaving all to assume that it was Sheila who perished. Unbeknownst to all in Genoa City, Sheila escaped the fire (a meter reader was the one who died). Sheila fled to Los Angeles where she took a job as company nurse at reputable design house Forrester Creations. Scott and Lauren with their baby Scotty were reconciled. But not long afterward, Scott developed a mysterious disease and died.

Lauren later moved to Los Angeles and now appeared on Bold and Beautiful where Scotty was never seen. Lauren left Los Angeles maintaining CEO status of Fenmore's and traveled the world. She dropped in to help friends like Katherine Chancellor of Genoa City and the Forresters of Los Angeles from time to time. Toward the end of her stay in LA, her son, Scotty Grainger, was finally referred to as being in boarding school.

In late 2001 Lauren showed up once again in Genoa City and in addition to running Fenmore's, went into partnership with the Abbotts as co-owner of the Jabot Boutique, adding her own fashion line to their cosmetics.

Lauren and Michael Baldwin became involved, and Michael eventually popped the question after dinner in the Private Dining Room at The Genoa City Athletic Club which he had setup like a gambling casino. After some hesitance by Lauren over Michael's lack of communication about his personal life, Lauren did say yes. Lauren returned from a buying trip to LA, not wearing her engagement ring. Michael suspected that Lauren was hiding something herself. Gloria is thrilled with the impending marriage, and has taken over the wedding planning. Michael quizzed Lauren about her rarely-mentioned son Scotty, hopeful that he would attend the wedding, and they could finally meet, but Lauren was evasive. After an Internet search turned up nothing but a last name for Scotty, Kevin asked to borrow Lauren's cell phone, and they traced him by his phone number to Toronto. Michael went there and met Scotty, now 24, and a college student/Teaching Assistant, working on his Masters in Education with a specialty in creative writing. Scotty disclosed that he's never been back to Genoa City since he was a toddler, and has grown up in boarding schools around the world. But wherever he was, Lauren visited often and kept an apartment nearby. Scotty has always wondered why his mother was so secretive, but gave up asking about it back when he was a kid. Not long after Michael returned to Genoa City, Lauren decided it was time to tell Scotty about her impending marriage, but Scotty admitted he'd already met Michael. Lauren felt betrayed, but Michael later reminded her about how she disliked HIS family secrets. After Lauren left Scotty's, who should walk out of Scotty's bedroom, but Sheila Carter! Sheila is taking college courses and being tutored by Scotty, who is the spitting image of his father. Sheila has given Scotty an idea for a novel. Unknown to him, the story is of Sheila and his mother Lauren, but Sheila has made Lauren out to be the evil-doer who stole Sheila's baby. Meanwhile, Michael discovered their history, and visited another "Sheila" in a California prison for the criminally insane. This turned out to be "Sugar" who after drugging and plastic surgery looked like Sheila and turned herself in after a two month's escape. Scotty came to Genoa City for his mother's wedding and Sheila followed him there in disguise. And who should Sheila hook up with, but Terrible Tom Fisher!

Not realizing that Sheila was intent on murder, Tom was conned into joining her plot to get back at Lauren, by planting a bomb on Lauren and Michael's honeymoon yacht. Michael watched in horror from shore as the yacht blew up. Lauren was not found, and was presumed dead. But Tom had rescued Lauren and carried her and Sheila back to a farmhouse in Genoa City where he held them in the basement fallout shelter. Lauren convinced Tom that Sheila was the bad guy, so he contacted Gloria to arrange a deal to turn over Lauren. John overheard the phone call, grabbed his gun, and met Tom in an alley instead. During a struggle the gun went off, and Tom was killed. John dropped the gun and took off getting into a car accident, but Ashley arrived in time to witness it. Ashley confessed to the shooting and was arrested with Michael as her lawyer. Meanwhile Lauren and Sheila fought and Lauren broke Sheila's ankle. Eventually, realizing Tom was not coming back, they joined forces attempting to escape. As they were almost out, Paul arrived and pulled Lauren to safety while the shelter caved in on Sheila. Sheila was not found in the rubble, but was later seen at a plastic surgeon wanting a new face. Michael and Lauren enjoyed a tearful reunion, and everyone in Genoa City was relived she was back among the living. After recovering from the accident, John regained his memory, and confessed to killing Tom. Not long afterward, Scotty left Genoa City to return to Toronto.

In October 2010, Lauren spent some time visiting Scotty in Toronto. She returned reporting that she was excited about Scotty's new girlfriend.

By 2017 Scott was writing articles for a news service, and was working on a refugee project in a war zone, South Sudan Ukraine Thailand. His mother Lauren became concerned when she stopped hearing from him, then received a call that was disconnected. Lauren received word that the State Department believed that Scott was missing, although alive and possibly held captive. Scott had left for an interview, but he, nor his driver, had been heard from since. Lauren received another call traced to the Middle East, the caller claiming to be holding Scott captive, and asking for ten million dollars or he would die. Paul advised not to pay and contacted friends at the State Department and Journalists International. Since neither Lauren nor Jill had the money to pay the ransom, Lauren went to Victor who took over, sending Kevin as courier with the ransom money. Scott was rescued, and Lauren was elated when he arrived in Genoa City. Scott lost his job as the news service realized he was a liability. Scott balked at Lauren's suggestion that he put down roots there. But after Victor used his contacts to help find his missing driver Ahmad, he accepted Victor's offer to co-author his biography under the condition that it be the truth. Scott mentioned that he had worked on a book with Sheila Carter, the woman who had stolen him as a newborn. Lauren set Scott up with the much older Phyllis Summers. They got along famously, got drunk, and were about to have sex but were interrupted by Kevin. Realizing the absurdity of being together with Scott being the son of Phyllis' best friend, Phyllis went back to Billy, she refused to be interviewed for Victor's bio, and Scott told his mother that hookup had been a terrible idea. Scott began to show an interest in Sharon Newman. Sharon explained that she wasn't ready from a relationship, not being over Dylan, plus she was now managing Crimson Lights and going back to college to get her degree. He said he understood, and they began spending time together. Not long after Sharon received divorce papers, Sharon and Scott ended up making love after she cooked him dinner, next morning he made breakfast and they made love again.

Scott revealed to Sharon that he had once worked to catch an international arms dealer through the dealer's wife. The man had been captured, but Scott had fallen in love with her. Scott got evidence that she had been an innocent victim, but he had to leave her behind to protect her.

Christine and Scott met, and it was revealed that Scott had been working undercover for the justice department. Reminding Christine that when he was captured, they had abandoned him, and Victor had rescued him, not them. Even though his aunt Christine offered to be his contact in the future and tried to lure him into a sex trafficking case in the midwest, Scott told her they could go to hell. Victor later canceled the book idea, and hired Scott as Sr. Vice President of Special Projects at Newman to keep an eye on Abby. Scott hated the idea of wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk, but felt he owed Victor his life. Under Scott's recommendation, Victor bought a company called Hashtag and put Scott in charge, expecting Scott to turn the company around. After teasing Abby about her first entrepreneurship being a dating app, Scott accepted Abby's challenge over whose project would be most profitable.

Sharon discovered a potential "sex slave" named Crystal, a young caller on the crisis intervention hotline. Crystal managed to escape her captors, and Nick found her hiding in the alley behind The Underground. He brought her inside, and Sharon managed to get out of her that she was afraid of being captured and returned. But when Sharon left the room, Crystal disappeared. Sharon went to Paul with the information and spoke to Scott about doing an expose on it. But Christine was livid that Sharon had met the girl at a hotel room where Crystal had been dragged away by a beefy guy.

Nick and Sharon were shocked to recognize Alice Johnson sitting at The Underground bar, decked out in expensive clothes and looking great. She chatted with Sharon, telling her that she had landed a great job in sales and was just passing through. But Sharon was convinced that Alice had left in same car she had seen at the Night & Day Motel where the sex slave operation was going on. Luckily, Alice had left behind her credit card, and when she returned for it, Nick put a tracker on Alice's car. It led them to a lovely home in town where Alice apparently lived with the girls. Sharon and Nick shared with Scott and Tessa that they were convinced that Alice was working in the sex slave ring. Scott posed as a "John" and his "date" told him that Chrystal had been sent away. Tessa and Mariah kidnapped Alice and tricked her to get Crystal back, and Crystal was taken into protective custody. But Alice was then run down by a car, and disappeared from the hospital. Security footage showed her painfully walking out, headed for the taxi stand.

Zack joined Scott drinking at a bar and put something in Scott's beer. Scott awoke in a hotel room next to the dead body of Natalia, one of the sex ring girls. Scott called Victor for help, but instead Victor called the police. Paul broke into the hotel room, and Scott was held for questioning. Zack told the police that Natalia was afraid of Scott, that Scott left the bar drunk and took a cab to go clubbing. Scott realized that Zack had set him up. Out on bail, Scott confronted Zack with setting him up and running the sex ring. Zack denied it and prepared to leave town, but changed his mind, realizing he was in love with Abby. At a Newman party, Scott persuaded Crystal to publicly expose Zack as the leader of the sex ring, and that his dating app, funded by Newman, was a front. Zack rushed Abby Newman down the elevator and fled. Scott followed them to a storage building outside of town. After failing to persuade Abby to run away with him, Zack shoved her and Scott inside, locked the door, and fled. As time passed, Scott experience PTSD. They dropped their usual barbed conversation, and Abby helped him work through it. Hugging him led to kissing, and they had sex. Afterword they were both amazed at what had occurred and vowed to never speak of it again. They started digging through the records stored there and found an envelope of the girls' travel visas, a list of properties Zack owned and his dummy corporations. Meanwhile Jack and Victor pooled money to set up a ten million dollar reward for Abby's return, and Sharon went on the Hilary Hour expressing her concern for Scott and Abby. They ended up getting out the next day by starting a fire under the sprinkler system which alerted an attendant who let them out. Seeing Zack's car still there, Scott insisted on going to Zack's motel room. Zack walked in on them, first begged Abby to run away with him, then accused them of cheating on him. Zack, about to shoot them, was charged by Scott. Zack was shot in the back by Crystal who ran away, and Zack died.

Victoria welcomed them home by shutting down Scott's Hashtag webzine, calling a press conference, and giving Abby a statement to read taking responsibility away from Newman for DesignDate and the sex ring, which made Abby look pathetic, inexperienced, and naīve. Abby and Scott edited the statement infuriating Victoria. Scott managed to get Hashtag back up and published the full story. Called to Victoria's office, Abby quit her job. Scott had planned to quit too, but because his Hashtag article was trending, Victoria gave Scott a raise and a bonus, and reinstated Hashtag. Abby felt double crossed again. When Victor found out, he refused Abby's resignation, told Victoria she was wrong and agreed with Abby that he would have resigned too. Abby agreed to return with stipulations that she report directly to Victor, get an office with theirs, and a bump in title and salary. Scott appeared on "New York Newstime Now" with Kerry Forrest and defended Newman. Afterward, Scott was elated to be offered a job as an on air reporter, but it meant moving to New York City so he declined.

Sharon and Scott declared their love, and Scott moved in. Meanwhile Scott and Abby had a lot of awkward moments filled with sexual tension, and twice ended up in a kiss. Unfortunately, Faith saw them kissing and suddenly turned on Scott. Mariah got Faith to tell her what was wrong, and let Scott know he was out of line. Scott and Abby decided to avoid each other, but Victor kept putting them together on various projects. Mariah suggested he give Sharon an engagement ring for Christmas.

On New Years Eve, after agreeing that their relationship would be business only, Nick saw Scott and Abby kiss. Abby told Nick it was nothing, but Nick felt he had to tell Sharon. Sharon confronted Scott, who confessed that he had PTSD in the storage locker and that he and Abby had sex. Scott showed Sharon the engagement ring he had intended to give her New Years Eve, but she ground it into the dirt with her heel and asked him to move out. Sharon ran into Abby at the club and caused a scene with accusations that turned into a cat fight. Abby had to get away and went to work in Paris. Scott followed and confessed that he had feelings for her too. Unhappy with Hashtag being part of Newman Enterprises, Scott hoped to buy it but Lauren refused to bankroll it. He assured Abby that he would be moving to New York or Europe for job to get out of her hair. Abby had an idea, called and convinced Victor to sell Hashtag to Scott and take payments from its profits. Scott thanked her, but she said she owed him for the sex ring story which had saved her career. Scott discussed relocating to London or Paris to work on a story about jewel thieve rings who target jet setters, and to go undercover, he needed a well-known jet setter like Abby on his arm.

In July 2018, Scott published an article about the disappearance of J.T. Helstrom who had been investigating Newman Enterprises for global price-fixing, accusing Victor of getting rid of J.T. and bringing up old suspicions of various enemies who had disappeared.

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