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Nick and Phyllis mourned the loss of their baby. Chloe and Kevin continued searching for investors for their website. Paul suspected Ricky was trying to harm Heather. Nikki and Sharon got into a screaming fight, shoving each other to the ground.
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Nick and Phyllis mourned the loss of their baby. Chloe and Kevin continued searching for investors for their website. Paul suspected Ricky was trying to harm Heather. Nikki and Sharon got into a screaming fight, shoving each other to the ground.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

At Gloworm, Nick told Sharon that she wasn't welcome at the wedding, but she proclaimed that she was Victor's date. Victor smiled and commented that she looked stunning, and he escorted her aside. Victor reminded her that they'd agreed that she wouldn't attend, but she explained that her place was by his side, and she'd known that he would stand by her. He complimented her grand entrance, and he said that she'd never go anywhere without him again.

Victor left to get drinks, and Nikki approached Sharon and snarled that Sharon was really something. Sharon modeled her dress and chirped that it wouldn't look as good on Nikki, who ordered Sharon out. Sharon referred to Nikki's experience getting thrown out of drinking establishments, and she taunted Nikki about the night a drunken Nikki had killed Diane. Nikki barked that no one wanted Sharon there, but Sharon pointed out that Victor did.

Victoria told Sharon that she was embarrassing herself and her kids, and Nikki added that it had never bothered Sharon before. Sharon retorted that Nikki had pole-danced her way into the lap of luxury, back when Nikki had been young and sexually attractive. Victoria demanded that Sharon leave, but Sharon contended that as long as Victor wanted her there, she would stay.

Summer complained to Nick about Sharon's presence, but she wasn't surprised that something had gone wrong at a family event. Noah wondered why Phyllis hadn't arrived. Nick tried to call Phyllis, but he was surprised when her home phone line immediately went to voicemail. Nick was also unable to reach Phyllis on her cell phone, and Noah suspected that she was on the way. Nick left to try to find his fiancée.

Sharon pulled Noah aside and asked how he was doing, but he was preoccupied with Phyllis and Nick's whereabouts. Sharon scoffed at the idea that Phyllis would miss out on the chance to snag Nick again, but Noah hoped that Phyllis was just running late. Noah asked why Sharon was there, and she explained that she wasn't ashamed of her relationship with Victor. He thought that she didn't have to throw it in people's faces, but she was determined not to hide due to other people's insecurities.

At the penthouse, Phyllis desperately cried out for help, unable to make her way over to the phone on the floor. She doubled over in pain and sobbed. Later, Nick arrived and found Phyllis motionless on the floor. He called for an ambulance, but she quietly stated that it was too late. She whimpered that the baby was gone.

Nick consoled Phyllis and assured her that the ambulance would be there soon, but she forlornly said that it didn't matter. He wanted her to get checked out to make sure she was okay, but she only cared about the baby. She realized that they would have to tell Summer and Noah, and an emotional Nick tried to comfort her. She apologized, but he insisted that she'd done nothing wrong. She murmured that she'd really wanted the baby, and they silently grieved together.

The paramedics arrived. Phyllis balked at going to the hospital, but Nick calmly repeated that he wanted to be sure that she was all right, because otherwise, he would have no one to play video games with. She cautioned that she wouldn't be up to playing games for a while, and he vowed to be there when she was. He kissed her forehead, and the paramedics wheeled her out. Nick noticed a teddy bear across the room and wistfully picked it up for a moment then put it back down and sadly turned out the lights.

Avery, Katherine, Michael, and Lauren worried about Phyllis. Daniel wondered where Nick had gone. Eden asked about Daisy, and Daniel replied that it was best that Daisy wasn't there. Summer blamed Sharon for ruining the event, and Eden speculated that maybe Nick and Phyllis had decided to elope. Daniel doubted it.

Lauren reacted when she received a text message, but she covered that it was just a small hiccup in her day. Michael noticed Avery and Lauren exchange a glance, and Lauren admitted that she was trying to arrange a belated surprise that she'd hoped to reveal at Michael's swearing-in ceremony. Michael became agitated that no one would provide more details.

Abby asked Jack where Phyllis was, and Jack commented that Phyllis liked to make an entrance, though it would be tough to top Sharon's. Abby received a call from her financial advisor, who recommended that she invest in Beauty of Nature. She offered to make the cash transfer, but Jack suggested that they handle it later. Victor watched their conversation from across the room.

Later, Victor approached Abby and stated that they needed to talk after the wedding. She claimed that she wasn't available that night, but he insisted that it was important. Various guests received a text message from Nick, and word spread that Nick and Phyllis had postponed the wedding and that the couple wanted time alone.

Summer worried that something had happened, and Sharon began to reassure her that everything was fine, but Summer testily cut her off. Daniel departed to track down Phyllis. Sharon approached Victoria and Avery and asked if they knew what was going on, but Victoria snapped that Sharon should ask Victor. Avery advised Sharon to stay out of it. Sharon asserted that the situation could affect her kids, and Faith and Noah would need her if Phyllis had stood Nick up at the altar.

Nikki theorized that Phyllis had backed out, but Jack disagreed. Nikki wondered if Victor had more information, but she noticed that he was absent. Jack suddenly realized that Abby was no longer there, either. Nikki left to get the car. The remaining guests concurred that no one had any further details, and they began to disband. Lauren announced that she had to tend to Michael's surprise.

Summer called it another epic fail for her parents, and Noah sympathized that she had been looking forward to the wedding. She whined that her parents had promised that they would be a real family again, but something always happened to keep them apart. Noah donated the food from the reception to a local shelter, and Summer reported that the nanny was preparing to take Faith home. Sharon volunteered to help, but Summer coldly dismissed her.

Sharon asked Avery if she'd seen Victor, and Avery curtly replied no. Victoria cattily inquired whether Sharon had lost something, but Sharon understood that Victor was concerned about his family. Victoria stated that her father knew what his priorities were, and Sharon was far down on the list. Sharon questioned whether Victoria was worried that Sharon would one day surpass her, but Victoria considered Sharon to be a temporary distraction. Sharon declared that she was more than that, and Victoria would have to learn to deal with it.

Noah paid for the reception, and Summer called it one of the worst days ever. Noah offered her some wedding cake that he'd saved for her. They good-naturedly bantered, and eventually, she excitedly ran to the kitchen for the dessert. Eden observed their exchange, and she recalled that she and Noah had been about Summer's age when they'd first met. He asked if she remembered their first date, and she said that she remembered all of them. Noah questioned whether Eden was sorry things hadn't worked out between them, but she wasn't.

Later, Noah reported to Eden that the wedding was all cleaned up, and she apologized for hurting his feelings. She hoped that they could be friends, and he pointed out that they wouldn't be living together unless they were. She said she'd see him at the apartment, and they hugged goodbye. Victoria left to go home to Johnny, and Avery stayed to eat dinner with Noah and Summer.

At the Athletic Club, Michael left a message for Lauren to cancel their dinner plans and meet at home instead, but she suddenly appeared and apologized for being late. She mentioned a delayed flight, and Michael guessed that she had flown something in for his surprise. She presented him with Fen, who congratulated Michael on becoming district attorney. Father and son warmly embraced.

Michael was grateful that Fen was home. Fen wished that he had been there earlier, but he hadn't been able to get a flight. Fen was sorry that he'd missed Michael's ceremony, and he understood that things had been rough. Lauren proclaimed that everything was perfect. Michael remarked that at least it was for them, and Fen mentioned the wedding cancellation. Michael was afraid that whatever had happened hadn't been good.

At the Newman ranch, Abby and Victor talked about the shocking events at the wedding. He claimed that he was concerned about her, but she suggested that he concentrate on Nick. Victor implied that unlike Nick, Abby wasn't open about her issues, and she claimed to not know what he was talking about. Victor confronted her about Jack and Beauty of Nature, but she didn't want to discuss it. He forbade her from getting involved. Abby advised Victor not to make ultimatums, because things had been good between them.

Victor speculated that Jack needed cash to purchase Beauty of Nature, and if Abby didn't give it to him, the problems that lingered in Victor and Abby's relationship would disappear. Abby didn't think that Jack would see it the same way, but Victor didn't care. Victor reminded her that they had nearly been torn apart before, and he didn't want that to happen again, but she didn't want him to resort to threats. He intimated that she could cost him Beauty of Nature, and she became irritated that he was trying to guilt her into depriving Jack of what was rightfully his. Victor expected Abby to side with her father, and he clarified that she was either with him or against him.

After he and Nikki had returned to his home, Jack became incensed that Abby hadn't returned his calls, and he believed that Victor had gotten to her. Nikki tried to calm him down, but Jack was certain that Victor had talked Abby out of lending Jack the money for Beauty of Nature. Nikki pointed out that Jack could go to a bank, if needed. He argued that Abby was family, and he wanted Abby involved. Nikki acknowledged that was true, but she also was aware that Jack took pleasure in using Victor's daughter to take Victor's company.

Nikki pleaded with Jack to talk to her about Victor, but he thought it would change nothing for either of them. She reminded him that Victor had caused conflict for them in the past, and she begged him not to let it happen this time. Jack pointed out that a judge had ruled that he owned Beauty of Nature, and Nikki warned that Victor wouldn't let it go. Jack swore that he wouldn't, either. Nikki fretted that getting the money from Abby would only provoke Victor, but Jack didn't care. Jack promised that nothing would ruin what he and Nikki had, and he vowed to do whatever it took to beat Victor.

Nikki bemoaned that bad things happened when Jack took on Victor, and she didn't want to lose even more. He refused to let anything hurt them. Abby arrived, and Jack nervously said that he'd been trying to call her. Abby calmly stated that there was no need to worry, and she declared that she hadn't changed her mind and would still give him the money. Nikki looked perplexed.

Sharon arrived at the ranch and called for Victor. He explained that he'd spoken with Abby, who had let him down. Sharon said that she was sorry, and he mused that Sharon never let him down. She hoped that she never did, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Daisy flashed back to her argument and physical scuffle with Phyllis. Daisy recalled that she had hovered outside the penthouse then had left when she'd heard Phyllis yelling for help. Daisy smirked. Daniel arrived at the coffeehouse, and he left a message for Nick, because he was concerned that Phyllis hadn't returned his calls. Daisy approached and asked why he wasn't at the wedding. Daniel revealed that there hadn't been one, and she feigned surprise.

Daisy inquired why the wedding had been canceled, and Daniel grumbled that he hadn't been able to get in touch with Nick or Phyllis. Daniel received a text message from Nick, and he cried out in dismay. Daisy pretended to be concerned, and Daniel disclosed that Phyllis had lost the baby. Daisy offered false condolences.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick asked what he could do for Phyllis, but she despondently said that she just wanted to rest. She spotted Daisy's gift on the table and mused Daisy's name. Nick was curious, and Phyllis revealed that Daisy had been there earlier. She declared that Daisy was the reason she'd lost the baby.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nick was perturbed by Phyllis' claim that Daisy was responsible for the miscarriage and asked Phyllis to explain. Phyllis said she'd been very upset when Daisy had shown up before the wedding with a gift for her. Phyllis admitted that she and Daisy had gotten into a screaming match. Phyllis believed that Daisy had instigated the fight because she had wanted to spoil Phyllis and Nick's wedding.

Phyllis regretted that she'd allowed Daisy into the penthouse at all, and Phyllis wondered if she had lost the baby because she'd been stressed out about Daisy. Nick urged Phyllis not to blame herself. Phyllis told Nick there were other things bothering her, one of which was that Ricky was writing a tell-all book about her life. Nick was furious and didn't want Phyllis to have to deal with Ricky.

At the coffeehouse, Daisy sympathized with Daniel over Phyllis having lost the baby. In her mind, Daisy recalled her altercation with Phyllis and how she'd attacked Phyllis verbally. Daisy also remembered that she had walked away from Phyllis' closed door, even though she'd heard Phyllis calling for help. Daisy was compelled to tell Daniel that she had gone to see Phyllis before the wedding to give her a gift. Daisy admitted that she had gotten into an argument with Phyllis.

Daniel was furious that Daisy had gone to the penthouse at all when Daniel had asked her not to. Daisy lied that Phyllis had been fine when Daisy had walked out of the apartment. Daniel told Daisy he was through with her, and Daisy demanded to know why Daniel would say that to her. Kevin intervened to stop their argument. Daniel left to see Phyllis alone. Kevin warned Daisy that she was pushing Daniel too much and might wind up a single mother if she didn't take it easy.

At the penthouse, Nick greeted Daniel and told him that Phyllis was resting. Nick said that Phyllis had accused Daisy of being responsible for the miscarriage. Daniel sympathized with her for her loss. Daniel wanted to pamper his mother and left to get Phyllis her favorite frozen yogurt and a trashy novel.

After Daniel had left, Nick told Phyllis he really wanted them to go ahead with the wedding. Phyllis was touched that he still wanted to marry her, considering what had happened. They agreed to a simple wedding, no guests, and no party. It would just be their children and someone to officiate the ceremony. Nick called Katherine and asked if she was available to marry them.

Avery and Noah were curious about why Phyllis and Nick had canceled the wedding. Summer assumed her parents were all right and was unconcerned about the change in plans. As Avery was leaving Gloworm, Ricky bumped into her and asked about Phyllis and Nick's wedding. Ricky seemed gleeful to hear that there had been no wedding.

Later, Ricky was on his laptop, working on his tell-all book about Phyllis. Meanwhile, Noah called Nick and was relieved to hear that he and Phyllis were home. Phyllis spoke with Summer and explained that she was feeling better but didn't reveal that she'd lost the baby. Summer advised Phyllis to slow down. After the call ended, Summer told Noah that Phyllis had sounded sad. Ricky said hello to Summer and Noah, but Noah cut him off with a sharp retort.

In the penthouse, Phyllis explained to Nick that Summer had yet to learn about the baby. Phyllis thought losing the baby was karma on Phyllis for all the terrible things she'd done in the past. Phyllis declared that it was the price she had to pay. Nick didn't think Phyllis had ever done anything so bad that she deserved to lose a child.

At the Athletic Club over lunch, Heather told Paul about a date she'd had in New York that had involved a flash mob dance scene. Paul warned Heather that Genoa City wasn't nearly as exciting as Manhattan. Paul and Heather agreed that they'd missed each other when she'd been living in New York. Paul was grateful that Heather had taken the job in the D.A.'s office. Heather thought Michael would be an excellent D.A. because he'd been on the other side of the law. Paul confessed that he had Ricky on his mind. Heather suggested that Paul accept that Ricky was incapable of being the kind of son and brother they wished he were. Heather left for the gym.

Later, Avery met Paul at the Athletic Club bar. Avery mentioned that Ricky had been amused to hear that Phyllis and Nick's wedding had been called off. Avery suggested that Paul might benefit from a day at the spa, so she invited Paul to join her for a massage. Paul then saw on the television screen that Dr. Tim Reid was missing. Later, Paul did some online research and told Avery that Tim had disappeared without a word, and Tim's boss had reported that he had never shown up for work. Paul decided to get more information about Tim and left the club.

Heather entered the bar, and Avery told her that Paul had just left. A moment later, Ricky said hello. Heather told Ricky that she held the lease on his apartment, and she wanted to move back into her home. Ricky acted like he understood, but he asked Heather for some time to relocate. Heather said she didn't care about his problem because she wanted her apartment back. Ricky said he'd arrange to move out. Ricky left a threatening message on Daisy's phone about his being thrown out of the apartment because of Heather.

In Kenosha, Paul questioned Tim Reid's landlady about Tim's disappearance. The landlady mentioned that Tim had been having some visitors of late, and she'd noticed the cars in the parking lot. Paul asked for a description of the vehicles, and one sounded to Paul like the Taurus that Paul had given to Ricky. Back at the Athletic Club, Avery and Heather spoke about Ricky. Heather was relieved to hear that Avery was no longer working with Ricky. Avery said that she didn't trust Ricky.

At the Athletic Club, Genevieve ran into Cane and Lily in the lobby. Genevieve explained that she was living there because the Feds had seized the mansion. Lily left Genevieve and Cane because she had an appointment at the spa. Genevieve and Cane sat down at a table to have a talk. Cane appreciated that Genevieve had cooperated with the Feds in order to keep him from being deported. Genevieve admitted that she'd made bad mistakes in her life, but she'd learned from them. Cane told Genevieve that she might be able to move in with him and Lily. Genevieve was touched by the offer, but Genevieve assured him that she could take care of herself.

Later, Lily and Cane discussed Genevieve's plight, and Cane was concerned. Lily wondered if Genevieve might simply be able to get a job. Cane didn't think Genevieve could be hired after her experience with Jabot. Cane was worried that his mother might get into more legal trouble. Later, Genevieve met with Kevin about her business proposal. Kevin pointed out that Genevieve was asking him to do something illegal.

Genevieve explained that someone was draining her last remaining Swiss bank account, and she had to plug the leak. Kevin pointed out that he'd have to hack the computer system in order to find the breech. Kevin explained that he was a married man, and he couldn't risk his happy life to do something so risky. Genevieve told Kevin that he could name his price for the service and make a small fortune. Kevin hesitated, and Genevieve said she could find someone else to do it. Kevin changed his mind.

Summer, Noah, Daniel and Faith went to the penthouse to be there for Phyllis and Nick's wedding. A few minutes later, Katherine arrived to officiate the wedding and had flowers for the ceremony. Summer was surprised that Phyllis wanted to go ahead with the ceremony without changing into her wedding dress. Phyllis decided that the only thing that was important to her was having the kids there and marrying Nick. Katherine urged them to stand and face each other for the ceremony. Katherine declared that it was more than a wedding; it was the forming of a family.

Nick and Phyllis exchanged vows. Phyllis promised to always be faithful to Nick and said that she had faith in the two of them together. Katherine felt that Nick and Phyllis had finally "gotten it" and were destined to make it that time. Katherine encouraged Noah, Summer, and Daniel to pay attention to their parents. Katherine talked about the greatness of the world and how a happy, married couple should explore it separately and together, taking those experiences into their relationship. Katherine instructed Nick to kiss his bride and then declared them husband and wife.

Paul ran into Ricky at the Athletic Club, and Ricky wondered why his father was there. Paul said he was working on a missing person's case. Daisy saw the message from Ricky. Without listening to it, Daisy deleted Ricky's message.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Abby was late arriving for lunch with Ashley at Gloworm. Abby informed Ashley that Nick and Phyllis' wedding had been canceled. Ashley was in a hurry because she had to get the last of her things from Tucker's apartment. Abby reminded her mother not to get emotional about ending her marriage to Tucker.

Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Tucker said hello to Devon, but his son had no time for Tucker. Harmony saw their exchange and commented to Tucker that neither of them had been able to make up with Devon. Tucker told Harmony that his marriage to Ashley was over.

Later, Tucker greeted Ashley at the door of their apartment. Ashley gave Tucker the house key and said she was there for the last of her belongings. Tucker asked Ashley for another chance to make their marriage work. Ashley was determined to put the pieces of her life back together without him. Tucker said that he wanted Ashley back, but she said it was too late. Ashley informed Tucker that she'd filed for divorce.

Sarge complimented Jack on how well he was doing with his physical therapy but pushed Jack to do more. Jack was excited about the new developments in his life, like marrying Nikki and winning Beauty of Nature. Sarge was more excited about Jack walking again. Jack noticed that Sarge seemed a bit upset about something. Sarge said he was having a bad day but didn't want to talk about it with Jack.

At the apartment, Sofia informed Neil that she'd just about finished moving into her new place. Neil offered to help if she needed a hand. Sofia appreciated Neil watching Moses while she completed the move. Later, Neil held Moses and told him to enjoy his new room in Sofia's apartment. Neil wanted to arrange to see Moses very soon because he hated the idea that Sofia was leaving with him. Sofia was unhappy, too, but she needed her own apartment. Sofia walked out with Moses.

At Gloworm, Gloria heard about Chloe and Kevin's new website. When she learned that Katherine had invested, Gloria said that she wanted to make an investment in their startup, too. Later, Chloe met with Abby about the details for the art gala. Abby was curious about why Chloe was so agreeable with her then Chloe asked Abby if she'd be interested in investing in the new website. Abby said she couldn't invest immediately because her funds were tied up with a big new investment. However, Abby agreed to read a prospectus if Kevin and Chloe would send it over to her.

At the Athletic Club, Genevieve gave Kevin the details about her Swiss bank account so he could get into the bank and find out who was siphoning off her money. Kevin worried about doing something that was probably illegal. Genevieve felt that she was the victim, since someone was stealing from her. Reluctantly, Kevin agreed to take the job.

Later, Kevin met Chloe at Gloworm, and after a while, he confessed to Chloe that he'd found a side job, one that would make them a lot of money for the startup. Chloe wanted to know the details of the job, so Kevin explained about Genevieve's Swiss bank account problem. Chloe didn't want Kevin helping Genevieve, and she was worried that the gig was probably illegal. Chloe reminded Kevin that Genevieve had hurt Cane and Lily, and she was likely to hurt Kevin, too. Gloria intervened and mentioned to Kevin and Chloe that they should not expect Genevieve to be an investor because the government had seized her assets. To avoid a fight, Chloe supported Kevin's decision to help Genevieve.

Genevieve stepped into the Athletic Club dining room and overheard Jack telling a reporter that he'd become engaged to Nikki. After the reporter left, Genevieve approached Jack. Genevieve said that if she had to lose Beauty of Nature, she was glad that she'd lost it to him. Genevieve congratulated him on his engagement, too. Genevieve regretted how close they'd been to having it all.

Jack didn't feel the same and was clearly glad that he had never married Genevieve. After he left her side, Genevieve started to cry. Later, Genevieve called Kevin for an update on his progress. Kevin said he had not yet learned who was stealing from her account, but he wondered where all the money had originally come from. Genevieve reminded him that his job was plugging the leak, not asking questions.

Cane told Lily that his mother should not be able to afford living in the Athletic Club. Cane assumed that Genevieve had some money stashed away. Cane planned to confront his mother and demand the truth. Lily pointed out that Genevieve had been trying to do right by Cane. Cane realized that, but he knew that Genevieve was incapable of avoiding controversy.

Chloe went to see Cane and Lily to inform them that Kevin had taken a job working for Genevieve. Chloe was afraid that Kevin might be hurt because Genevieve was a magnet for trouble. Lily and Cane understood Chloe's concerns. After Chloe left, Cane told Lily that he was determined to stop Genevieve from messing up Kevin's life.

Neil bumped into Harmony at Crimson Lights and realized that she was upset. Harmony admitted that she'd learned that Tucker and Ashley's marriage was over, and she blamed herself. Neil said that Tucker was a big boy and knew what he'd been doing with Harmony. Neil said that Sofia had ended their marriage, and Harmony was not to blame for that. Neil urged Harmony not to let her guilty conscience drive her to use again.

Devon appeared and saw Neil with Harmony. Devon said it was none of his business what Neil and Harmony did together. Devon invited Neil to watch the Brewers game with him. They left, and Harmony was alone. Later, with Devon, Neil asked his son to cut Harmony some slack.

Sarge walked into the coffeehouse and said hello to Harmony. Sarge asked if she would like to go out with him because he didn't want to be alone. Harmony explained that she was heading to a meeting. Sarge offered to go with her.

Sofia took Moses to Tucker's apartment for a visit. Tucker sympathized with Sofia about her marriage ending then admitted that his marriage was over, too. Tucker said that Ashley didn't trust him. At Abby's house, Ashley informed Abby that she had filed for divorce from Tucker. Abby wanted Ashley to get a big settlement from Tucker.

Abby had news for Ashley, and she explained that she'd lent Jack the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Ashley was shocked. Later, when Jack joined them, Ashley asked about the deal. Jack said he had offered Abby a very good deal. Ashley was worried that Victor would not understand or appreciate what Abby had done.

Abby rationalized her decision and asked Ashley to support her. After Abby left, Ashley questioned Jack about his future plans. Ashley was excited about Jabot merging with Beauty of Nature. Jack explained that he'd reconsidered his plan and wanted to run both companies as independent firms. Ashley told Jack he needed to step down from Jabot.

Tucker saw Genevieve at the Athletic Club and asked her to have a drink with him. Tucker informed Genevieve that Ashley had decided to divorce him. Genevieve wondered if Tucker wasn't cut out for marriage. Tucker asked about Genevieve's need for money, but she said that she had solved her financial woes. Later, Tucker was drinking alone.

Adam discovered that Chelsea was using his iPad to study for the GED test. Adam was proud of her, but Chelsea wasn't sure she'd pass. Adam offered to help her study. Chelsea was pleased that Adam wanted to help her. Adam believed that Chelsea was very bright but had no confidence in herself. As they were studying physical science, Chelsea got frisky with Adam and kissed him. After a moment, Adam kissed her back, and they got amorous. Adam pulled back and said they needed to return to studying.

Back at Gloworm, Chloe told Kevin that she'd spoken to Cane and Lily about the Genevieve situation. Kevin thought that Genevieve would be furious with Kevin for having confided her problem with Chloe. Despite his exasperation, Chloe didn't care because she was worried about Kevin. Chloe wanted to kiss and make up, and Kevin couldn't resist her. Cane welcomed Genevieve into his house, and she wondered why he wanted to see her. Cane asked Genevieve to tell him about her secret bank account.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Genevieve was upset that Kevin had breached her confidence about the secret bank account she was keeping. Cane was angry with her for involving Kevin in something illegal. Genevieve defended herself, saying that she needed the money, which she'd gotten from Colin. Genevieve considered it her divorce settlement. Cane said that the Feds would find out what she was doing.

Genevieve declared that it was her account, and she wanted to stop the person who was stealing from her. Cane asked why Genevieve would risk a battle with Colin. Genevieve needed to know who was behind the theft, and she was unwilling to be a pauper. Cane believed his mother was just out for revenge, but Genevieve denied that.

When Cane said that he'd call the prison in Australia to check on whom Colin had been talking to, Genevieve informed Lily and Cane that Colin had been set free. Lily was freaked out that Colin was on the loose again. Genevieve admitted that she'd spoken with Colin because he'd called her to gloat about getting out. Genevieve said that she had no idea where Colin had relocated.

Later, Lily told Cane how worried she was that Colin would go after them again. Cane decided to call Christine to learn what she might know of Colin's release. Later, Cane told Lily that Christine had confirmed that Colin had been released. Cane added that Colin had been put on the no-fly list, so he couldn't legally enter the U.S. Lily feared that Colin would simply break the law to get his hands on the twins again.

Genevieve went to Crimson Lights to find Kevin, but he wasn't there. Genevieve left a message with Eden. Genevieve then used one of the public computers to check online and was upset by what she saw. In her hotel room, Genevieve angrily cut an expensive orchid. She then placed a call and told the person on the other end that he was a son of a bitch.

At the Abbott house, Jack was stunned when Ashley asked him to leave Jabot. Ashley was upset that Jack wanted to run both Jabot and Beauty of Nature, pointing out to her brother that it was a huge conflict of interest. Ashley insisted that Jack choose one company or the other. Ashley resented Jack's unilateral decision-making, but Jack defended his wanting to keep the companies separate.

Ashley demanded to know the real reason for Jack's decision and assumed he was on a power trip. Ashley felt that Jack was taking on too much, and she was determined to protect Jack. Ashley didn't believe that Jack cared about Jabot and was dishonoring their father's memory. Jack accused Ashley of projecting her anger at Tucker on him.

Ashley recognized that Jack was getting off on owning a company that had once been Victor's. Ashley also resented that Jack had used Abby in order to complete the deal for Beauty of Nature. Ashley contended that Jack was overcompensating for being in a wheelchair by trying to be in control of everything. Jack denied that, but Ashley said the idea of keeping the companies separate was a ridiculous idea.

Ashley warned Jack that she would go to the Jabot board to get Jack removed as co-CEO. Jack was shocked that Ashley would turn on him. Ashley asked Jack to step back and look at the big picture, but he refused. Jack dared Ashley to go to the board.

Michael ran into Paul at the coffeehouse and offered to buy him a cup of coffee. Paul congratulated Michael on his new job. Paul was grateful that Michael had hired Heather, too, but Michael thought Heather was the right woman for the job. Paul mentioned Tim's disappearance to Michael, and they discussed the case. Michael pointed out that Tim's case was outside his jurisdiction.

Later, Paul returned to Tim's apartment building and spoke with the landlady. Paul asked if he could go into Tim's room to look around. The landlady was reluctant because it wasn't legal, but Paul was anxious to find any clues about where Tim had gone. Paul appealed to the landlady's better nature, and she agreed to unlock the door for him. Later, Paul searched the apartment and discovered a bottle of pills. Paul saw they were for high blood pressure and wondered why Tim would have left without his medication.

Ricky told Daisy about his research on Phyllis for the book. Ricky had a lot of information, but there was no smoking gun. Ricky had hoped to interview Tim again, but he'd gone missing and was no longer of use to Ricky. Daisy wondered what he wanted from her, and Ricky asked Daisy to help with the research. Daisy refused until Ricky threatened her.

Heather arrived and wondered why Daisy was there. Heather informed Ricky that he had to move out immediately. Ricky couldn't believe Heather was being so autocratic and said he had rights as a tenant. Heather pointed out that Ricky was an illegal sublet, and she was the legal tenant.

Daisy left, and Ricky accused his sister of being vindictive. Heather confessed that she was indeed getting back at Ricky for having taken those incriminating photos of Heather with Adam. Ricky believed that Heather was being unreasonable. Heather was ready to have the police throw him out of the apartment if he didn't leave of his own volition. Ricky tried to appeal to her as a brother, but Heather just laughed in his face.

Later, Ricky was packing when Paul stopped by the apartment. Ricky complained about Heather's cruel treatment, but Paul wasn't sympathetic to Ricky. Paul asked Ricky why he'd been to Tim Reid's apartment. Ricky said that he was writing a biography about Phyllis and had interviewed Tim for the book. Ricky asked Paul if he knew where Tim had gone. Paul said he intended to find out. Paul walked out, leaving Ricky to continue to pack. Alone, Ricky fumed and threw DVDs against the wall.

Daniel went to see Phyllis, and she said she was feeling better. Daniel didn't want Phyllis to be alone with Nick out at the ranch. Brody, the building's doorman, went to Phyllis' apartment to return a bracelet that he thought belonged to her. Daniel recognized it as Daisy's, and Brody explained that he had seen a woman lose it outside Phyllis' door when he'd been looking at the security footage. Daniel wanted to see the film.

When Phyllis and Daniel watched the video, they realized it had been filmed at the time that Phyllis had suffered the miscarriage. Daniel and Phyllis watched as Daisy stood outside the door. Phyllis believed that Daisy had heard Phyllis calling for help and had done nothing. Phyllis said she'd started screaming in pain right after Daisy had left the apartment. Daniel asked Phyllis to send a copy of the video to his computer then he left.

Daniel went to see Michael and informed him that Phyllis had lost the baby. Daniel declared that he wanted Daisy back in jail, and he showed Michael the security footage, thinking it was the evidence needed to do just that. Daniel explained that Daisy had walked away while Phyllis was having the miscarriage. Michael was disgusted by what he saw on the video, but there was nothing he could do without audio to go with the tape. Michael wanted to act, but his hands were tied. As D.A., Michael needed more evidence. Daniel was disappointed. Michael wanted to visit Phyllis, and Daniel agreed that it was a good idea.

After Michael left, Daniel texted Daisy and later met her at the coffeehouse. Daniel gave her the bracelet and told Daisy that she'd lost it outside of Phyllis' apartment. Eden watched the argument between Daniel and Daisy. Daniel informed Daisy that he knew she had stood outside the door of Phyllis' apartment while his mother had suffered a miscarriage. Daisy denied that she'd known Phyllis was in trouble.

Daniel forced Daisy to watch the footage, and Daisy claimed that she hadn't been able to hear anything in the hallway. Daniel believed Daisy was lying. When Daisy tried to touch him, Daniel told Daisy to keep her hands off of him. He said he'd find a way to get Daisy out of his life. Daisy left in tears.

Michael went to see Phyllis and comforted her over losing the baby. Phyllis said she'd never expected to have another baby, but she had gotten caught up in the excitement. Michael hugged her close and told her it would be all right. Michael made her some tea, and Phyllis said that she yearned for some quiet. Michael told Phyllis that Tim Reid had gone missing. Phyllis was baffled.

Michael wondered if Phyllis had known that Tim had planned to leave town. Phyllis was in the dark. Michael congratulated Phyllis on marrying Nick again. Michael also knew about the security video, but he explained that it wasn't enough evidence.

Phyllis was frightened for Daniel and Lucy because Daisy was dangerous. Legally, Michael didn't have enough evidence to punish Daisy. Phyllis blamed herself for having drawn Daisy back to town. Phyllis said she had only one thing to do; she had to get Daisy Carter out of their lives permanently.

Nikki declares war against Sharon

Nikki declares war against Sharon

Friday, June 15, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Avery and Paul discussed the missing person story, and Paul informed her that Tim had been Phyllis' therapist. Avery wondered why he hadn't mentioned it earlier, and he explained that he had been investigating Ricky's possible connection to Tim's disappearance. She questioned whether Paul believed that Ricky had done something to Tim. Paul disclosed that he had spoken to Tim's neighbor and had learned that Ricky had been there, and Ricky had subsequently confirmed that he had been digging up dirt for his book about Phyllis. Avery realized that Paul didn't believe Ricky, and Paul felt that there was too much that didn't make sense.

Paul revealed that he'd found prescription blood pressure medication at Tim's apartment. Avery noted that it didn't prove a connection to Ricky, but Paul found it suspicious that Tim hadn't taken the medication with him. Avery contended that Ricky wouldn't want the person who could provide dirt on Phyllis to disappear and that Tim might have left on his own. Paul admitted that his feelings for Ricky could be clouding his judgment, and Avery reminded him that Ricky was a cutthroat journalist who was willing to do anything for a story. Paul hated that he believed that his son could hurt someone -- or worse.

Nick dropped off his suitcases at the penthouse, and Phyllis said that she'd never get tired of him returning home. She informed him that Daisy had heard Phyllis screaming from outside the door and hadn't done anything to help. Nick was livid that Daisy had ignored Phyllis' pleas, and Phyllis wondered when Daisy's reign of terror would end. Nick offered to call Michael, but Phyllis was aware that Michael couldn't do anything. Nick vowed not to let Daisy get away with what she'd done.

Avery stopped by to check on Phyllis and noticed Nick's suitcases. Nick explained that he was moving in, and Avery was surprised, since she'd assumed that they would hold off until after the wedding. Phyllis revealed that they had gotten married the prior evening. She apologized for excluding Avery, but Avery happily congratulated them. Phyllis struggled for words, and Nick excused himself to run errands. Phyllis became tearful and admitted that she had lost the baby. Avery rushed to Phyllis' side and took her hand.

Avery was glad that Nick had made Phyllis go to the hospital, and Phyllis called him amazing, because she knew that he was also hurting but not showing it. Phyllis said that Nick had been really looking forward to the baby, and Avery agreed that she had been, too. Phyllis blamed Daisy for cheating them out of the experience, but she wanted to change the subject. Avery mentioned the story about Tim's disappearance.

Phyllis asked if the police knew anything more about Tim, and Avery was intrigued that Phyllis referred to her former therapist by his first name. Avery revealed that Ricky had visited Tim, and Phyllis wasn't surprised, because Ricky had threatened to write a scathing book about Phyllis. Avery disclosed that Paul was worried that Ricky had something to do with Tim's disappearance. Phyllis admitted that Tim knew many of her secrets and that she had gone to see Tim to find out if he'd told Ricky anything.

Avery wondered if Tim had said anything about leaving town, and she worried whether Ricky had done something nefarious. Phyllis blurted out that she had paid Tim to leave because he knew some things that she didn't want in Ricky's book. Avery asserted that Phyllis was protected by doctor-patient confidentiality, but Phyllis was relieved that she had simply paid Tim's price. Avery questioned what Phyllis didn't want Ricky to find out.

At home, Daniel watched the video of Daisy again, and Daisy entered with Lucy. Daisy spotted the video and demanded to know why he kept watching it. He remarked that the way a person moved said a lot about their thoughts. Daisy maintained that she'd been contemplating going back to apologize for her argument with Phyllis. Daisy pleaded with him to listen to her, and he bluntly asked for the truth.

Daniel prepared to leave, and Daisy became irritated that he wouldn't give details about where he was going and when he would return. She nagged that they were married, and she reminded him that she and Lucy were a package deal, so he'd lose both of them if he walked out. Daniel spat that Daisy was lucky for anything he gave her after everything she'd pulled.

At Crimson Lights, Michael relayed to Kevin that Daisy had ignored Phyllis' cries for help. Kevin condemned Daisy for constantly bugging him about giving her a second chance while she continued to do unforgivable things. Daniel arrived. Kevin felt guilty about Daisy's actions, but Michael and Daniel assured Kevin that it wasn't his fault. Kevin commented that Daisy seemed to get away with everything. Daniel became depressed at the thought of being married to Daisy until Lucy turned 18.

Kevin wished he could help, but Daniel insisted that Kevin wasn't to blame. Kevin regretted that he and Daisy had Tom for a father, but he felt lucky to have Gloria. Daniel acknowledged that Phyllis could drive him crazy, but she had always been there for her kids, and it hurt to think of her suffering helplessly while Daisy had done nothing. Nick called and asked Daniel to meet him at the Athletic Club. Daniel thanked Kevin for listening, and he left. Kevin looked thoughtful then headed out.

Kevin confronted Daisy at her and Daniel's apartment, but she reasoned that he hadn't heard her side of the story. Kevin pointed out that she'd been caught on video, and Daisy played the tape for him. She argued that there was no sound, and that all the video showed was her thinking about apologizing to Phyllis after their argument. Kevin was skeptical, but Daisy insisted that she was telling the truth. She whined that everyone was trying to make her out to be a heartless monster, but no one could prove that she had knowingly walked away from a distressed Phyllis.

Daisy realized that Kevin would never trust her, but she believed that people were capable of change, as long as they had someone to believe in them. Kevin advised that she had to pay her dues, and it had taken him years to make up for his own misdeeds. Daisy pointed out that Michael had stood by Kevin when no one else had, and without Michael's support, Kevin never would have achieved the things he had. She wished for a brother like that.

Kevin agreed that he'd be nowhere without Michael, and he acknowledged that there was nothing that proved that Daisy had heard Phyllis call for help. He volunteered to stand up for her and be "her Michael" -- unless he found out that she was lying. Daisy hugged him and gushed that someone finally believed her.

Heather entered her apartment, and she discovered that Ricky was still there. He curtly apologized for disappointing her again. She reluctantly offered him more time, but he handed her the key and headed toward the door. She stopped him and wished that they could stop fighting, but he simply stated that he was doing what she'd asked. She suggested that they call a truce, and he halfheartedly said that would be nice. Ricky left.

At Crimson Lights, Ricky asked Troy, a police officer, about Tim's case. Troy reported that it appeared that Tim had simply vanished. Ricky requested that Troy keep him in the loop, because he needed an awesome story to pay his rent, since Heather had kicked him out of her apartment. Troy was surprised that Heather planned to return to her old place, since it had been her safe house after some dirty cops had tried to kill her with a bomb. Ricky listened with interest.

Heather locked her door on her way out to pick up lunch. Ricky watched her leave and used a spare key to access her apartment. He angrily mused that she hadn't wasted any time making it look like he had never been there. He took out a spy camera from his duffel bag and planted it in a covert spot. He then took a wrapped gift from his bag and placed it on a table. He remarked to himself that it wasn't what Heather wanted, but it was exactly what he wanted her to have. He left.

Michael and Paul ran into one another at the Athletic Club, and Michael reported that his colleague in Kenosha had said that there had been no signs of foul play regarding Tim's disappearance. Paul mentioned his own trip to Kenosha, but Michael was distracted because he received a call. Ricky approached Paul, who noticed Ricky's bags, and Ricky announced that he had just moved out. Paul asked if Ricky was okay, and Ricky commented that while he'd been bummed at first, he felt that things would work out better than he'd thought.

Ricky informed Paul that he had checked into his new home, and he hoped that Heather was happy and safe at her place. Paul wondered what he meant, and Ricky referred to the prior bomb threat. Ricky noted that Heather had returned to her job, and he pointedly remarked that some people held grudges. Paul questioned whether Ricky was one of them, but Ricky stated that he had no hard feelings, and that he'd even left a housewarming gift for Heather. Ricky creepily said that he'd give anything to see the look on her face when she opened it, because it would blow her away. Paul made a quick exit.

Heather spotted the gift box and read the card, which stated, "No hard feelings, Sis. Love, Ricky." She opened the gift and found a music box inside. Paul burst in with two police officers and screamed for her not to open it. His cry startled her, and in an effort not to drop the box, she accidentally opened it. It began to play a simple melody. Paul explained to Heather that Ricky had implied that the gift was a bomb, and he held her close.

Ricky perused his file on Phyllis, and he examined a credit card statement from December 1994. He noted that she had paid for a rental car for one day in Genoa City, and he found it odd that she had no repair expenses for her own vehicle at the time.

Daniel arrived at the Athletic Club and asked Michael if he'd seen Nick, and Michael mentioned that he'd spoken to Nick earlier. Nick entered, and Michael noted that he didn't look happy. Daniel and Michael expressed condolences about the baby, and Nick implored Michael to do something to hold Daisy responsible, but Michael's hands were tied. Nick and Daniel agreed that theirs weren't, and Michael warned them against such talk in his presence.

Michael reiterated that he could no longer bend the law like he had in the past. Nick argued that they had the video that showed Daisy had walked away, but Michael lamented that they had no proof that Daisy had heard Phyllis. Michael proclaimed that he wanted to see Daisy behind bars because she had also kidnapped and tortured Lauren. He expressed frustration that even as district attorney, he couldn't do anything to put Daisy away. Daniel opined that they would only be rid of Daisy if she somehow disappeared.

Victor led Sharon into the Newman stables with his hand over her eyes. He removed his hand and cried out in surprise when he saw that the horse he'd purchased for her wasn't there. Victor contacted the police and wanted to go to the main house to wait for the officers to arrive, and Sharon suggested that she stay in case the horse returned. Victor departed, and Nikki appeared with the horse. Sharon spat Nikki's name. "I didn't think you'd mind if I rode him first. That sort of thing doesn't seem to bother you," Nikki quipped.

Sharon stroked the horse and hoped aloud that the "mean old bag" hadn't hurt him. Nikki defended that she had simply taken him for a ride, and Sharon sweetly replied that he was a racehorse and that he wasn't accustomed to carrying that much weight. They exchanged barbs, and Sharon called Nikki a drunk and suggested that she head over to Jimmy's. Nikki retorted that it would give Sharon the chance to earn another horse. Sharon taunted that Nikki didn't have enough prowess to earn herself a donkey. They scuffled in the hay.

Nikki called Sharon a trashy wannabe and dumped a bottle of water over her head. Sharon dunked Nikki's head into a bucket of water. Nikki shook powder all over Sharon, who called her a jealous lush. They lunged for one another, and Victor and a police officer found the women struggling on the ground. Victor and the policeman pulled the women apart, and Nikki yelled for Victor to let her go because she wasn't done with Sharon.

Nikki and Sharon continued to hurl insults at one another, and Victor barked for them to shut up. Nikki instructed the officer to arrest Sharon for assault, and Sharon retorted that she wanted him to arrest Nikki for stealing the horse. The officer declared that they both had the right to press charges, and he placed them both under arrest.

Michael called Lauren to ask her to meet him at the Athletic Club, and he was surprised when Victor approached and asked for a favor. Michael coolly said that Victor could ask, and Victor reported that Nikki and Sharon had been arrested and were in jail. Michael was shocked when Victor requested that Michael delay the arraignment.

Nikki complained when she and Sharon were placed into the same cell. Sharon anticipated that Victor would bail Sharon out, and Nikki cattily wondered what Sharon would have to do in return. Sharon retorted that it would be something that Nikki couldn't do. Nikki rolled her eyes in disgust.

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