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Summer Ann Newman Abbott
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Actor History
Elara and Rhea Kerwin
Bianca and Chiara D'Ambrosio
Samantha Bailey
Lindsay Bushman
Hunter Haley King
October 15, 2012 to January 2013, recurring; February 2013 to June 2016, contract; June 2016 to December 15, 2016, June 4, 2018 to October 15, 2021; contract, a few guest appearances after
Bayley Corman
October 2, 2018 to October 31, 2018; temporary replacement
Allison Lanier
May 17, 2022 to Present; contract

Born Dec 18, 2006

Morphed into a 16-year-old teenager in June 2012

Celebrated birthday Dec 21, 2012

Nick mentioned that Summer was 18 in February and August 2013

Summer mentioned that she was 19 in June 2014

It was mentioned that she was 20 in Feb and May 2015

Celebrated twenty-first birthday Dec 18, 2015

Other Names

"Baby Girl"; nickname by Phyllis when she was a baby

"Super Girl"; nickname by Nick

"Brittni" FacePlace alias

"Snowflake"; nickname by Mariah


Creative director for Marchetti Fashion a division of Jabot Cosmetics

Former president of JVC

Former marketing head at Jabot Cosmetics

Former social media head at Jabot Cosmetics

Former social media influencer

Former marketing Executive at Jabot Cosmetics

Former Newman Enterprises executive ran Newman with COO Victoria

Headed real estate for Newman Enterprises in Dubai under Victor

Worked for Fenmores as head of a Fenmore’s/Jabot synergy project

Former intern at Newman Enterprises

Attended Genoa City University

Former model for Jabot Face of Fashion

Former intern at Jabot Cosmetics

Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy

Former camp counselor


Abbott Manor

Marital Status

Married to Kyle Abbott [Married: ~Oct 8, 2021]

Past Marriages

Austin Travers [Jul 3, 2014 by judge, Jul 14, 2014 in church; widowed Feb 18, 2015]

Kyle Abbott [Married: Mar 15, 2019; divorced June 2019]


Phyllis Summers (mother)

Nicholas Newman (father)

Lydia Summers (maternal grandmother)

George Summers (maternal grandfather) (deceased)

Nikki Newman (paternal grandmother)

Victor Newman (paternal grandfather)

Cora Miller (paternal great grandmother; deceased)

Albert Miller (paternal great grandfather; deceased)

Unknown name Reed (paternal great grandmother; deceased)

Nick Reed (paternal great grandfather; deceased)

Cassidy "Cassie" Newman (half-sister by Nick's adoption; deceased)

Daniel Romalotti Jr. (half-brother; son of Phyllis with Brian Hamilton)

Noah Newman (half-brother; son of Nick and Sharon)

Faith Cassidy Newman (half-sister, daughter of Nick and Sharon)

Christian Andrew Newman (half brother; son of Adam and Sage)

Victoria Nicole Newman (aunt; daughter of Victor and Nikki)

Victor "Adam" Newman (uncle; son of Victor and Hope)

Abby Newman (aunt; daughter of Victor and Ashley by sperm theft)

Faith Colleen Newman (aunt; miscarriage daughter of Victor and Ashley)

Dylan McAvoy (uncle; son of Nikki and Paul Williams)

Avery Bailey Summers Clark (aunt; sister of Phyllis)

Matt Miller (paternal great uncle; brother of Victor)

Dr. Casey Reed (great aunt; sister of Nikki)

Lucy Carter (niece; son of Daniel and Daisy)

Eve Howard (paternal cousin; daughter of Victoria and Cole Howard; deceased)

Reed Hellstrom (paternal cousin; son of Victoria and J.T. Hellstrom)

John "Johnny" Abbott (paternal cousin; Billy's son adopted by Victoria)

Riley Newman (paternal cousin; miscarriage son of Adam and Chelsea)

Connor Adam Newman (paternal cousin; son of Adam and Chelsea)

Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott (paternal cousin; daughter of Victoria and Billy)

Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor (nephew; son of Abby and Chance by Devon’s sperm)


Harrison Locke (stepson son of Kyle and Tara Locke

Flings & Affairs

Fenmore Baldwin (kissed)

Kyle Abbott (dated, kissed)

Austin Travers (lost virginity to)

Kyle Abbott (lovers, 2015)

Luca Santori (lovers, 2016)

Pax (lovers, 2018)

Billy Abbott (one-night stand 2018)

Theo Vanderway (lovers 2019, 2020)

Kyle Abbott (lovers, 2020-2021)

Health and Vitals

Went into a coma from a peanut allergy reaction as a toddler; came out of the coma with brain damage that affected her speech; was cured by therapy

Suffered only bruises in car accident that killed Adam and Chelsea's unborn child (2012)

Congestive heart failure after taking Viva-Surge; regained consciousness with no heart damage

Partial liver donor to Lola Rosales (2019)

Crimes Committed

Caught spiking her drink with alcohol by Ronan; was turned over to her parents (2012)

Vandalized Ronan's car with a bat; he did not press charges (2012)

Caused an accident by driving recklessly, that killed Adam and Chelsea's unborn child (2012)

Stole Jamie Vernon's wallet to get information about him; later returned it to Ronan saying she had found it

Bullying of Jamie Vernon; got off with community service

Possession of fake ID and using it to enter a bar under age (2013)

Car theft; charges dropped (2018)

Brief Character History

In 2006, Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers became attracted to each other, and began a steamy affair. Nick's wife Sharon found out, she and Nick separated. Phyllis turned up miraculously pregnant after doctors told that she could never conceive again. She admitted to Nick that the baby could also be Jack's, so Nick took a paternity test. Although no one ever saw the results but Nick, he informed Phyllis that he was the father, but that he intended to stay with Sharon and their son Noah. Phyllis was disappointed, but insisted she could raise their child alone. Jack was disappointed too since he'd always hoped for a reconciliation with Phyllis and a child of his own to raise from birth.

But after Nick told Sharon about the pregnancy, they were divorced. Nick and Phyllis eloped in New Mexico, and returned to Genoa City married and looking forward to the birth of their daughter. On her way to the hospital for a caesarean because her baby was in the breech position, Phyllis and Jack became trapped in the Newman elevator, and Phyllis went into labor. Fearful that the baby would not deliver normally and die, Phyllis implored Jack to cut the baby out of her using a nail scissors. But Jack ended up turning and delivering the baby, who was later named Summer Ann. Jack developed a close bond with Summer, and set up a nursery for her at Newman Enterprises, where Jack and Phyllis both worked.

By 2010, the tables were turned, and Nick left Phyllis when he got Sharon pregnant. Patty Williams attempted to frame Phyllis by making Summer have an allergic reaction and go into a coma by kissing her with peanut butter on her lips. After seeing Nick so distraught over his daughter Summer being in a coma, Sharon realized that Nick needed to be there for Summer and Phyllis. Summer came out of the coma, but with brain damage affecting her speech. Summer’s obsession with watching the video of their wedding made Nick realize how much he really loved Phyllis and wanted them to stay together, even marry her all over again. After their remarriage, Phyllis took Summer to Switzerland for expert help with her recovery from her disability. After she returned to Genoa City, Phyllis quit her job to stay home and spend more time with Summer.

In 2012, Summer showed up at Nick and Phyllis' remarriage aged to a teenager. Not long afterward, she was sent to camp to be a counselor to not have to deal with Daniel's arrest for suspicion of murder. Summer returned home to find her mother, Phyllis, arrested for attempted murder of a federal officer (Christine Blair from back in 1994). Nick tried to send her to New York to live with Noah, but Summer refused and convinced Nick to stand by Phyllis with her.

Summer reacted to hearing that her mother was having an affair with Detective Ronan Malloy by spiking her drink with alcohol, but Ronan caught her, and took her home to her parents. Nick decided to move out and move back to the former tack house at the ranch, and Summer left with him. Later, Abby convinced her to give her mother another chance, but when she entered Phyllis' penthouse, she discovered Phyllis and Ronan getting hot and heavy on the couch, so she left unnoticed. Summer then vandalized Ronan's car, saying that she hated them both. Nick told Ronan he would be after him next if he pressed charges, to let Nick handle Summer. Summer disappeared with Fen, and they hid out in the skating rink, spent the night there, and kissed the next morning. After they were found, and another altercation with Phyllis, Summer took off in her car. Driving recklessly and in tears, she collided with Adam and Chelsea, then ran into a tree, totaling her car. Summer was devastated when Chelsea let her know that the accident had caused Chelsea to miscarry. Phyllis was freed on after her case was dismissed on a technicality, and Nick filed for divorce. Still mad at her parents, Summer went to Avery to get her help to file for emancipation.

After observing Ronan with a teenage boy at Crimson Lights, Summer stole the kid's wallet and quizzed him discovering that he was Jamie Vernon, a juvenile delinquent who was being mentored by Ronan. Using a fake FacePlace profile as "Brittni", Summer friended Jamie and got him to admit he had been arrested for breaking into his dad's girlfriend's house and trashed the place because she ruined his family. When Fen discovered Summer posting it online to get back at Ronan, Fen accused her of bullying and begged her to stop. After confiding in Ronan, Jamie unfriended "Brittni," and Ronan told Phyllis he suspected it was Summer. Phyllis tried to get close to Summer again, but failed, so she enlisted her sister Avery's help. Avery made cupcakes with Summer, and she seemed to bond with her, helping Summer to realize that emancipation was not a good idea. Summer encouraged Avery to get serious with her father Nick.

Noah found out about her bullying Jamie, and cautioned Summer about her irresponsible actions. Summer went to Jamie and assured him that she was not "Brittni" or like the rest of the kids who picked on him. Fen accused her of faking it, but she claimed she actually liked him. Summer came on to Fen again to try to get him not to rat her out to their parents, and Fen reacted by pulling away and telling her he didn’t really like her very much. But Fen jealously took over taunting Jamie due to Summer and his father Michael's sudden interest in the boy. Phyllis found out that Summer had been skipping school, and they came to an understanding after Phyllis related how she had left home when she was too young, and that she didn't want Summer to have the life she had by heading down the same path. For her birthday, Summer received a new car from Nick and an infinity charm necklace from Phyllis, and everything appeared to be forgiven.

Jamie's father was arrested for a hit and run DUI, and causing an injury. Once his father went to jail, Jamie would have no one to live with, and would be headed for foster care. Hearing about this, Fen became jealous, sure that his parents would take the kid in. Later, while talking with Summer, Jamie kissed her. Jamie was put in a group home, and Michael discovered Jamie had been beaten up by his roommates, but was unable to persuade a judge to intercede. Fen saw Summer hugging Jamie again over his injuries and went off on them, telling Jamie that Summer was his FacePlace stalker Brittni, causing Jamie to pack his things and disappear. Michael confided in Paul how concerned he was that Fen was heading toward becoming another Ricky or young Michael or Kevin, being so full of rage. Paul tried to reason with Fen and convince him that Michael loved and wanted to help him.

Jamie was found unconscious after falling from a roof and Fen's camera was found at the scene. Jamie regained consciousness and was released, but he refused to tell anyone what had happened. Jamie told Summer that she and Fen were both responsible for everything that had happened to him. Summer apologized, explaining that by bullying him as Britni she had only been trying to get back at Ronan, but now realized it was pretty dumb. Then after a verbal fight between Fen and Jamie, Jamie decided to press charges against Fen, and Fen was arrested for assault. After Fen was bailed out by Lauren, he decided to run away. Summer picked him up hitchhiking, and talked him into going home.

After Paul found Jamie attempting to jump from the same roof, he convinced Jamie that he could help him make things better. Jamie admitted that he had lied and had been attempting suicide that night on the roof with Fen, and the changes were dropped against Fen. Jamie told Paul about being bullied by Summer and Fen, so Paul visited Phyllis and let her in on what had been going on. Phyllis and Summer had a heart to heart, and they seemed to be on the road to understanding that they were so much alike. Much to Fen's relief, Ronan was granted guardianship of Jamie and he moved to Washington, D.C. to live with Ronan after apologizing to the Baldwins for all the trouble he had caused them. Summer happened upon Jamie and Paul on their way to the airport and apologized to Jamie and wished him well.

Abby warned Kyle that Summer had crush on him, but he wouldn't believe it. Meanwhile Summer wrangled a job as an intern at Jabot working with Jack to be close to Kyle, and pumped Jack for information on Kyle. Unable to get Kyle to pay attention to her, Summer arranged for him to walk in on her without her blouse, claiming that she had spilled coffee on it. Kyle was mortified and tried to turn away, finally giving her his jacket to cover herself – just as Phyllis walked in on them. Phyllis saw through Summer's ruse and sent Kyle away. Phyllis told Summer that she wanted her first time to be special, that Kyle had no feelings for Summer, and she would only get hurt. Phyllis asked Summer, "How many times have you said you did not want to be like me?" and told her to back off. Afterward Phyllis told Nick about Summer's bullying of Jamie, and that she was going to be doing community service for it that summer.

Kyle walked out of his shower to find Summer naked in his bed. He asked her to get dressed, and told her he thought of her as family, as the little girl with her dolls. When Summer was not dissuaded, Kyle told her he was involved with someone else, and that she was too young. So Summer's friend Courtney Sloane gave her a makeover to show him she was no longer a kid. Kyle did a double-take when he saw Summer, but still told her no.

Phyllis returned from a romantic trip to Istanbul with Jack, ready to move in with him. Summer approved, hoping it would mean that she could live where Kyle lived, at Abbott Manor. Claiming to want to be close to Phyllis and put off by Avery's presence in Nick's life, Phyllis asked Jack if Summer could move in too, and he reluctantly agreed.

Lily came up with a Jabot Face of Fashion marketing campaign called "Dare to be Different" for Chelsea's designs using unknown models, and it was approved with Lily working with Tyler. Tyler suggested Summer as their model. Chelsea forgave Summer for the death of her unborn child, saying that they were both getting a second chance. Tyler offered Mason Wilder a modeling job. All were impressed with the test shoot with Mason and Summer. Summer celebrated by going to The Underground with her friend Courtney using a fake ID. She was caught by Tyler, who cautioned her that she would be jeopardizing her new job. Then both Noah and Nick arrived, and they were busted.

After Nick overheard Summer confiding in Avery about wanting Kyle to be her first sexual experience, he went ballistic on Kyle. As Summer told her mother how Nick over-reacts to the very idea of her and Kyle, Nick pulled Summer's paternity results from a locked box. After all those years, it turned out that the test results had been inconclusive due to a contaminated sample, so Nick took another test.

Summer accepted a prom date from Fen, but ditched the prom, dragging Fen to a party she had set up at her mother's penthouse instead. Everyone was drinking, and they played truth or dare. As a tipsy Fen completed his dare to kiss Summer, Kyle burst in to rescue Summer after receiving a text. Phyllis, who had just moved out of Jack's, arrived at the penthouse to find Kyle punching Fen in the mouth. She sent the other kids home and called Nick, Michael, and Lauren. Calling her irresponsible, Nick took away Summer's car, asking her if she had forgotten that her sister Cassie's drunk-driving death anniversary was only the next day. Kyle asked Summer to dinner, and they kissed good night when he took her home afterward.

When they realized that Summer was experiencing some of the same things that had led to Cassie's death, Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis had a heart to heart with Summer. They explained to her, with the help of an email from Daniel, how alcohol and obsession with an older boy had not only led to Cassie's death and broke up her parents marriage, but haunted Daniel to this day, and affected Lily as well when she was sent away to boarding school. Summer seemed to learn from it, and only days later she was requesting birth control pills from a doctor. Summer planned her first sexual encounter with Kyle for her high school graduation night. Following Summer's graduation, she and Kyle went to dinner at the athletic club, and Summer suggested they get a room. Kyle talked her out of it, saying they were rushing things. Phyllis left to attend a focus group on eyeliner in Chicago, taking Kyle with her to keep them apart. Phyllis came on to Kyle, and after one kiss, Kyle called things off with Summer. The next day, Summer said goodbye to Faith, texted Kyle, and ran away to Chicago. When Kyle realized how much he had hurt Summer, he called her and apologized, asking her to return, and they would be together again.

Meanwhile Phyllis was confronted by Jack who had overheard Kyle and Abby discussing the kiss between Kyle and Phyllis. After the others had left, Phyllis explained that she was just trying to break them up, then went on to tell him why by breaking the news that Jack was Summer's father. In Chicago, Nick was telling Summer the same. Jack was moved to tears, remembering how he had delivered Summer and watched her grow up from afar. Phyllis admitted that she had only known for a month, and had been waiting for the right time, afraid it would send him into a relapse. Although Phyllis begged to stay, Jack threw her out. In Chicago, Summer took it hard, then realized it meant that she and Kyle were half brother and sister. As Jack reached for a drink, the spirit of John Abbott kept Jack from relapsing into addiction. In Chicago, Summer refused to go home with Nick, so he left when Phyllis arrived.

Back in Genoa City, Kyle arranged to get Billy's club after hours, invited Summer, and gave her an armload of yellow roses, begging her to start over. Summer had to be the one to tearfully tell Kyle that they were brother and sister. Kyle walked out upset, unable to deal with it.

Nick went to see Jack who punched Nick after Nick said that he was sorry. Jack yelled at Nick that he not only stolen Jack's time with Summer, but he had stolen Summer's past, and he hoped that maybe there was hope for a future between Jack and Summer.

Next Summer went to Jack and they both tearfully exchanged their feelings of how much they had always cared for each other, and hope for a future as father and daughter.

A few days later, Nick and Avery found Phyllis unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell during the MS gala. Later at the hospital, Phyllis was still unconscious when Dr. Costner informed Jack, Nick, and Avery that Phyllis had a blood clot pressing on her brain requiring surgery. The surgery was performed, and was successful. Daniel was notified in Europe and said he was on his way home. Nick finally found Summer hiding out at the penthouse, and had to tell her that her mother needed her at her side to help her fight for her life. Phyllis regained consciousness with Jack at her bedside, but she got so agitated, she had a convulsion, and lost consciousness again. Tests found a contrecoup injury, a bruising on the frontal lobe, and that Phyllis had lapsed into a coma, from which she may never regain consciousness. Daniel arrived too late. While Summer, Avery, and Jack were content to sit by her side and wait months or years for Phyllis to wake up, Daniel did some research and found a facility on an island off the coast of Georgia where the best neurologists were having some success reviving coma patients. All were adamantly against it until Daniel convinced Michael, Lauren, and Summer who convinced Jack and Nick, then Nick convinced Avery to allow Daniel to take her there to give her the best shot at recovery.

Amid all the crisis, Summer was thrilled to see the first print ad for the line, 'Chelsea Lawson by Jabot' which featured Summer and Mason Wilder as the models.

While playing fairy princess with Faith, Summer discovered that Sharon wore the same lipstick that was found by the police in the stairwell after Phyllis' fall, and Nick wondered if maybe someone may have been there with her when she fell.

Summer felt she was hurting Nick as she and Jack began to try to get to know each other better. And Victor pressured her to be a Newman, no matter what the DNA said. Summer felt the need to get away, so Victor offered her a stay at the Newman owned resort in the Bahamas. But she accepted a trip on the Abbott jet to Georgia to be with her mother instead.

Summer returned in time for Nick's wedding, and Kyle talked her into going. But Nick got stood-up at the altar by Avery. Summer went to Nick to console him, and they agreed to meet for dinner. On her way, Summer got a call from Oliver the L.A. photographer inviting her to come to L.A. and meet some people about working there. Arriving at the club, Summer walked in on Victor and Jack with Jack offering to walk away from Newman, if Victor would give up turning Summer against him and let him bond with his daughter. Summer yelled at them both for using her as a bargaining chip, Nick arrived, yelled at them some more, and they left. Afterward, Summer confided in Courtney, Kyle, Avery, and Jack that she was ready to go to L.A. to escape the Abbotts and the Newmans.

Summer visited Fen in prison where he was serving a sentence for drugs, and Fen shocked her with the knowledge that his dealer Raven had told him that Summer's best friend Courtney was her biggest customer. Summer told Noah, and they both realized how little they knew about Courtney, that she never spoke of her family, nor had either of them met them. Summer confronted Courtney, and she denied it. Having never shown any signs of drug use, Summer believed her. But Noah was still skeptical. Later after Summer saw a message on Courtney's phone from someone named Zach, Courtney admitted that he was a family member who was messed up.

Jack and Summer went to see Phyllis on Thanksgiving, but returned disappointed, making it home in time for the Abbott Thanksgiving, and were joined by Ashley, Abby, and Tyler.

Worn out at a photo shoot, Summer took an "energy drug" from fellow model Esmeralda, had a reaction, and called Fen for help. Fen, who was on house arrest with an ankle monitor, came to the shoot but was arrested. Sharon discovered Summer, who had fallen down some stairs. Summer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and Esmeralda had to give Dr. Rayburn the drug to help save her. Summer regained consciousness with Nick holding her hand, with no permanent heart damage.

Summer visited Fen in prison to thank him for risking his freedom to save her life. Fen said the only way she could repay him was to stay away from drugs. Afterward, Summer met a man in the park named John Darwin who told her he was a life coach and gave her his card for "The Path", should she ever need any help. Summer confided in Noah and later in Sharon that she seemed to have no direction in life, had quit her modeling job. Summer visited John in his hotel room hoping to find "her path", filled out a form, and let John snap a photo of the two of them together. During Summer's next visit, Nikki showed up telling her that he was a criminal named Ian who preys on young girls, and made Summer leave. Her father, Nick, later explained that Ian Ward was the man who had run the cult and taken advantage of Nikki decades ago. Ian was later arrested for extorting money from Nikki to leave town. Chaperoned by Jack, Summer later visited Ian in Washington D.C. where he was being held awaiting trial, and thanked him for taking advantage of her which caused her to find herself – someone stronger than she realized, who would turn to family not a sick stranger, a family who loves her for who she is. Summer decided to move into Abbott Manor, and Jack sold Phyllis' penthouse, putting the money into a trust.

Summer was shocked when Courtney admitted that she had been an undercover cop who had attended high school with her to arrest the people who were selling drugs to students. Summer forgave her for the lies she had told, and they agreed to return to being best friends again.

Arriving at Crimson Lights, Summer ran into fellow-model Esmerelda being sweet-talked by Ian who had been set free after a mistrial. Summer broke in and told Esmerelda not to listen to the fraud. Ian angrily accused Summer of defaming him.

Summer began to get close to Austin Travers, the cameraman for Avery's cooking show. They eventually kissed and both began confiding in each other. Summer told him she was upset to see Jack getting closer with Kelly, feeling that he was not being loyal to Phyllis. Austin told her that he understood, that he had lost his mother unexpectedly a few years back. He commented that he resented defense attorneys who get guilty clients off. Summer tried to get Austin to make love to her, but he said that he had come to Genoa City to do a job, had a short term lease, and would be leaving soon. Not long afterward, Summer heard that Avery had been held hostage by Austin, police chief Paul Williams had been shot, and Austin was on the run and had been shot leaving the scene. Austin called Summer asking her to meet him, and she did. He wanted to say goodbye, but Summer wanted to go on the run with him, as Austin doubled over in pain from the gunshot wound in his shoulder. Summer texted Jack that she was okay and wished him happy father's day.

Summer and Austin caught a bus heading for Canada and spent the night in a motel with Austin sleeping on the couch. The next morning Summer texted Nick and Jack, "I'm all right. I know what I am doing. Love you both." Summer bandaged Austin's wound while he tried to talk her into going home. But Summer was adamant in going with him into Canada, and convinced him to take her virginity. While Summer took a shower, Austin slipped out, and the police were at her door shortly afterward. As Summer was talking with Nick by phone, Austin was turning himself in, in Genoa City.

Arriving back in Genoa City, Summer claimed that there was something special about Austin, that she knew he was "the one", admitting to Avery that they had made love but had used protection. Summer begged Avery to defend Austin, and Avery explained that she could not because she was the victim, but she agreed to give Austin legal advice until they found him an attorney. Summer turned down both Jack and Nick's offers and went home with Avery. Summer refused to give up on Austin, claiming to be in love with him. When Jack turned Summer down to bail out Austin, she went to Nick, who also said no. Summer called the still-unconscious Phyllis, and told her that she had fallen in love.

Paul's life was saved by a partial liver donation by his son, Dylan McAvoy. Avery's partner Leslie took over his case and got Austin out on bail using money Summer obtained from her trust fund. Summer told Austin she was in love with him, and would never turn her back on him. Austin said that he cared about her, but she needed to face the truth, that he could go to prison for years, and he didn’t want to see her get hurt. Summer came up with a solution in the style of her mother. And when Jack found them together at the Abbott lake house, they shocked him by announcing that they were married. Jack accused Austin of being after her money or keeping Summer from testifying against him. Summer said she was the happiest she had ever been, and accused Jack of only wanting to spoil it. Jack spoke to D.A. Christine to arrange for Summer to be arrested for fraud.

Summer decided they should be officially married in a church and invited Noah and Courtney to stand up for them. Sharon said she felt she owed it to Phyllis and helped Summer get ready, and Faith was the flower girl. Sharon convinced Nick to walk Summer down the aisle, but Jack arrived, and they began again with both Jack and Nick walking her down the aisle, and Summer and Austin were married again. Detective Harding arrived to arrest Austin for fraud, but Jack talked him out of it with everyone swearing the couple loved each other and no fraud was being committed.

Rather than let Summer live with Austin at his unsafe apartment, and knowing Summer's aversion to living in Phyllis', Jack gave them one of his apartments rent-free instead. Austin was determined to find a job, and he happily spotted one for a cameraman. He remarked to Summer that his mother had bought him a camera for his tenth birthday to get him away from video games, and he'd turned it into a career. But Austin's crime lost him that job. Austin wandered into The Underground and filled out an application, but was shocked when Nick walked in and he realized it was Nick's bar. Nick stopped him from leaving, was impressed with his resume, and hired him.

Concerned about his trial being only a week away, Austin began trying to live in the moment in the time they had left together, pre-celebrating holidays like Christmas. Summer just wanted to run away again, but Austin talked her out of it.

With Austin's trial a day away, Summer decided to celebrate Valentines Day, showing Austin how much she loved him, she gave him a day planner already marked with dates she felt confident they would make together. Austin was overwhelmed, telling Summer that she gave him hope, made him happier than ever thought possible, and wishing they had met sooner.

Thanks to Avery's letter to the judge forgiving him, and Paul's refusal to testify at the trial, Austin was given deferred adjudication with a fine and community service. Afterward Austin admitted to Summer that he had only married her to help his case, but assured her that he had fallen in love with her since. Having no money to pay Austin's fine, Victor released some of Summer's trust fund so that she could pay it for him. Nick gave Austin a job at The Underground, and Austin found a second job as a lifeguard at the GCAC rooftop pool.

Summer and Austin celebrated with a dinner party, inviting Kelly and Jack. Jack broke the news that he had said goodbye to Phyllis and that Kelly had moved in with him. Summer tearfully accepted it, but said that she still would never give up on Phyllis.

Summer, Faith, Mariah, and Noah were pleased when Nick and Sharon decided to remarry and asked them to be a part of the wedding. Just before Sharon and Nick were pronounced man and wife, everyone was shocked when Phyllis interrupted the wedding, walked down the aisle, was embraced by Summer, and collapsed. Afraid that she was going to expose her big secret, Sharon ran off, and the wedding was never completed. It turned out that Phyllis had woken up from her coma, stolen a nurse's scrubs, and hitchhiked home from the Georgia hospital. Phyllis woke up in Genoa City Memorial with Summer at her bedside. Austin was crushed when Summer took off her wedding ring and introduced him as her friend after being cautioned not to tell Phyllis anything that may upset her. But Ashley managed to expose the fact that they were married. Phyllis was shocked and demanded an annulment, but Jack talked her into giving Austin a chance. Jack was livid after discovering that Victor had been responsible for Phyllis' recovery, putting her on an experimental drug by tricking Summer into signing consent forms. But Victor gloated that he had managed to do what Jack could not, and everyone should be thanking him.

Tired of being in the dark, Phyllis hacked into Jack's laptop and checked GC Buzz for the goings on over the past year. Phyllis confronted Summer with her discovery that her new son-in-law Austin had held Avery hostage and nearly killed Paul Williams. Summer pointed out that Phyllis had almost killed Paul Williams herself once, so she should understand how people can change. Avery defended Austin to Phyllis as well.

Jack tearfully broke it to Summer, that she was not his daughter after all, and that Sharon had tampered with the paternity test results. Summer would not believe it at first, then they hugged and cried together. Summer said that she could not have made it thru the year without him. Jack said his heart was breaking, that Summer had filled a corner of his heart he did not know was empty, and he would miss her. Summer assured Jack that they would still see each other all the time, and would be okay, that she had Austin. As Summer told Austin about her new parentage, it occurred to her that the lie had kept her and Kyle apart. Later Abby brought it up, and Summer said she had called Kyle and they had discussed it, but that she was married and happy with Austin.

As a Christmas present for Phyllis, Summer and Austin made a video of all the events she had missed, including their wedding, Katherine's memorial service, and Delia's and Adam's deaths. Phyllis was very touched by it all.

At a loss for what to do with her life, Summer decided to take Jack's advice to go back to college. Summer returned to The Underground just in time to catch Mariah throw herself at Austin and kiss him. Kevin got her out of there, and Austin explained that he had done nothing to entice her.

Summer was there when a building inspector came by the Underground saying he had been there three times about the building's structural problems, had left word with Austin for Nick to call, and was threatening to close it down. Summer finally dragged Austin over to Nick's to tell him. Austin claimed it had slipped his mind while he was working on his "real job" for Joe. Nick was furious, reminding Austin that he had hired him when no one else would, and so long as Nick was paying him, bartending was his real job. Nick called a repairman to fix things immediately, left Summer to babysit with Faith, and met him there. Austin was upset with Summer for not defending him, but Summer agreed with Nick, that Austin had messed up, so they fought. Nick returned, told Austin he would not fire him, but his negligence was inexcusable. Austin was angered, quit his job, and walked out.

Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, Austin, and Fenmore each received unsigned invitations to a Valentine Day party at Abbott cabin. After they arrived, they deduced that Abby was the hostess since she was the only Abbott there. Abby admitted that she had not wanted to be alone, and that they would never have come had they known. Austin accused Summer of hoping she had been invited by Kyle. The group played a drinking game, "Never have I Ever", but when someone said "committed murder", Austin left the room upset. He told Summer it had reminded him of his mother. Courtney arrived, telling them that a snowstorm had closed the road behind her. Fen put a party drug in the punch which knocked everyone out, and they woke up to find Austin missing. They opened an armoire, and Austin's body fell out with blood on his head. Courtney tried to revive him, but declared him dead. Noah hugged a distraught Summer who suddenly remembered that she had hidden a brass bookend behind a sofa cushion, pulled it out, and screamed when she saw blood on it. Summer feared that she had killed Austin, but they reminded her that she could not have picked him up and stuffed him in the armoire.

Noah, Mariah, and Kevin suggested a cover-up to protect Summer. Courtney refused to be a part of it, as it would make her a dirty cop, but they talked her into it. The guys put Austin's body outside in the snow as if he had fallen, and his blood on a nearby rock. Mariah suddenly remembered seeing Austin and Abby kissing earlier. She confronted Abby who admitted the kiss, but swore that nothing had been going on between them. Mariah pointed out that if Summer had seen them, it would have been a perfect motive. Courtney called the police but lost the cell signal before she could tell them why. Fen went out to get a ladder to support their story, and discovered Austin's body was gone. When the police arrived, they were told that Kevin had fallen from the roof trying to shovel off the deep snow, Austin had gone for help, but had never come back. As the group left for town, they wondered if Austin was really dead, or if someone else had killed him and taken the body. The sheriff thought they had located Austin alive, trapped in a ravine, but it turned out to be Kyle who had come up to surprise them. Later that night, police broke the news to Summer that they had found Austin dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car, and Summer identified the body in the morgue.

Noah, Abby, Kyle, Mariah and Kevin comforted Summer as she watched Austin's videos on his laptop. One was of Austin telling Summer that rather than roses and candy Valentines, he needed to give her an apology. Saying that he did not like himself much lately, and there was something she needed to know. But he never finished, as Summer had interrupted him. Phyllis took on the chore of arranging a memorial service for Austin.

During Austin's memorial service, Summer suddenly remembered an argument she had witnessed while drugged that night at the cabin. Austin and Abby were admitting they were having an affair. After Summer thanked everyone for giving Austin a second chance, she glared at Abby and shouted, "YOU slept with my husband!" All eyes turned to Abby, who was mortified and ran out. Summer was left alone pounding on Austin's coffin and berating him for what he had done to her, the only person who ever believed in him.

Summer later remembered arguing with Austin about seeing him kissing Abby, she had tried to leave, Austin grabbed her wrists, and they struggled. Next thing she recalled, she had held the bookend, but she dropped it. When she picked it up again it was all bloody, so she conjectured that someone else had hit Austin.

Summer and her friends returned to the cabin following Austin's memorial service, and the armoire was opened to reveal "I know what happened here" written in lipstick on the mirror inside. Abby threatened to go to the police with the truth. After viewing some of the deleted videos which Kevin had found and unencrypted on Austin's laptop, they began to believe that someone had killed Austin to keep their interview from being made public. Abby and Summer realized that Austin had been using both of them to get dirt on the Newmans and Abbotts for his exposé.

Kyle tried to comfort Summer, telling her that she was the reason he had returned to town, that he wanted to be her protector to keep her from getting hurt again. Kyle kissed Summer, telling her that he needed her in his life.

Due to Austin's death, Noah began to realize that Courtney was the best thing to every happen to him, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. The wedding was arranged for Chancellor Park, with Summer and Nick standing up for them. When Courtney did not show up at the wedding, the young people all received a mysterious text asking them to meet her at the Abbott cabin. The group found Courtney dead in her wedding gown in the armoire at the cabin. A note in her hand said, "I warned you. Stop digging." The police showed up, and the group had to admit Austin had been murdered to explain Courtney's. Paul interviewed each and was appalled that none had come forward about Austin's murder, but understood that they had been threatened. No one in the group was arrested, but were told to keep their mouths shut, so the murderer would assume the police still thought Austin's death had been an accident. Summer was horrified and heartbroken to lose both her husband and best friend to murder.

Kyle escorted Summer to the benefit honoring her aunt Avery at the GCAC, then took her home where they made love for the first time. Noah walked in on them, looking for Summer to commiserate over Courtney. He left, upset with their behavior.

Kyle arranged a private dinner date, renting the GCAC rooftop deck with dinner prepared by a TV chef, hired a well-known singer/piano player, and gave Summer a diamond necklace. But Summer reacted by accusing Kyle of having changed, and not liking it. Summer explained that they had both come from money, but they had never been about the money, and walked out.

Fen suddenly returned from college and gathered his friends who were involved in the murder at the cabin. He admitted that prior to Austin's murder, he had been about to flunk a class, hacked into the college computers, and gave himself a passing grade so he could still get into law school. Fen had received an anonymous text blackmailing him into picking up a package containing the drug to spike the punch. Paul traced the DNA from the package to a wanted criminal named Marco Annicelli who used to head a South American drug cartel. The FBI got involved, and claimed the DNA did not match.

Abby, Summer and Kyle visited Tobias Gray in the hospital after he had crashed his car, asking why he was following them and what he knew about the murders. Tobias said, "You need to know...Austin..." and died. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mariah snuck into Tobias' place where they found a 3D printer, fingerprint molds, and the stolen GCPD hard drives. Kevin turned in an anonymous tip, but told Paul that he thought everything had been planted by the real killer. The FBI stepped in and matched the DNA originally thought to be Marco's, to Tobias. Paul closed the case, so Kevin leaked his theory to GC Buzz who published it. To keep it viable, Mariah secretly posted as the killer, "Catch me if you can or watch me get away with murder." Kevin was arrested for obstruction.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer became lovers. But Summer feared that their battling families would end up tearing them apart when they had to choose sides.

Summer told Kevin, that upon hearing Detective Harding's ringtone, she recalled hearing that same ringtone and seeing Harding in the cabin the night of Austin's murder. Noah found Harding on the GCAC rooftop and accused him of killing Austin and Courtney. Harding pulled a gun on Noah, but Dylan intervened, as Kevin and the gang watched via surveillance cameras. Harding admitted he had been paid to keep secrets, not to kill anyone. Paul arrived, and Harding warned Paul to let him go or he would kill Dylan. Paul was about to lay down his gun when Dylan jumped Harding, the gun went off, and Harding was killed.

Kyle began working in New York City temporarily, and was rarely seen other than at family gatherings. He and Summer continued their long-distance romance.

Summer finally decided that she wanted to work at Newman. She mentioned it to Victor's partner, Luca Santori, and he promptly hired her part time as an intern. Victor forced his programmer Natalie to move in with Summer so Summer could keep an eye on her because he suspected she was working with the competition. On Valentines day, Luca gave Summer champagne to celebrate her new job. Luca wanted Natalie's program, Pass Key. When he tried to get the demo from Natalie, Summer threw him out. On Victor's orders, Adam escorted Luca to the airport to see that he left town, never to return. But Luca showed up at Summer's apartment, and she let him stay.

Victor was arrested for kidnapping Jack and replacing him with an imposter named Marco for months, but Summer refused to believe it. She was the only family member who visited Victor in jail and vowed to stand by him. But Summer was shocked when everyone testified at his trial that he had finally gone too far, and listed the repercussions of his actions, including the fact that Marco had killed Summer's husband Austin. Phyllis also asked her how she could stand by a man who had hired Marco to take advantage of her own mother. Victor was convicted to 10 years in prison, leaving Summer alone and confused, turning to Luca for support. They ended up making love.

Newman sued Jabot for stealing Pass Key, and Summer was pressured by Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie to not testify that they had conspired to double deal Pass Key between Billy and Victor. Summer lied to the police, but later felt guilty and told Victoria the truth, which led to Jack and Victoria agreeing to share profits from Pass Key.

Kyle returned to Genoa City because of Abby's miscarriage and apologized to Abby for being such a bad boyfriend, hoping she would give him another chance. But Summer let him know that she had moved on with Luca. Kyle warned Summer about Luca, reminding her what he had done to Marisa, then he returned to New York City.

Luca began advising Summer on the Newman energy company crisis in order to make Victoria see her as more competent. Luca eventually moved in with Summer. Summer finally began to doubt Luca's sincerity, so she and Victoria staged a disagreement during which Summer was fired. Luca confessed that he had been using her to get ahead at Newman, but had fallen in love with her. Summer confessed the staged firing, and that she loved him too. They vowed to Victoria and Nick that they stood united, despite what Victor would think after he was released from prison and back in charge at Newman.

First day back at Newman as CEO, Victor resolved the Newman oil crisis with one phone call, sent Victoria and Nick on vacations, and Summer became the new preferred sibling, despite her loyalty to Luca. back in charge at Newman.

Summer thought she might be pregnant, but three pregnancy tests proved negative. Luca proposed, Summer accepted a huge diamond ring, and she began planning a wedding. Luca implicated Victoria's boyfriend Travis to Victor in the Newman oil spill crisis. Victoria traveled to Manzanilla to ask Travis to return and convince Summer that Luca was a fraud. Travis refused, but he showed up unexpectedly and exposed Luca as the oil well saboteur. Summer got mad and left. Back at their apartment Summer asked Luca to be honest, did have anything to do with oil disasters? Luca admitted that he did it as part of a plan to prove himself at Newman, and suggested that they fly away together. Summer told Luca to turn himself in or she would. Luca was restraining Summer from calling the police as Jack entered. Jack was able to get Luca to let Summer go by pleading to remember his love for her, and called the police. Before Luca was sent back to Spain, he said goodbye to Summer, admitting it started out a con but that he did fall in love with her. Summer told Luca she could never hate him.

In March 2017 after a prolonged absence, Phyllis mentioned that she had allowed Summer to take a semester off from college to travel.

In June of 2018, Summer returned home from Atlanta after a two year absence driving a flashy Italian sports car, and she was promptly arrested for car theft. Summer swore her former boyfriend, Pax, had given it to her to keep her from telling his wife Poppy about their relationship when she wanted out. But Summer had no title, it was returned to him, and the charges were dropped. When Phyllis refused to buy her another one, Summer admitted she had burned through her entire trust fund in her absence. Victor gave her the pick of his fleet of cars. It was awkward with the three of them living together, but Phyllis refused to move out, preferring to keep an eye on Summer. Phyllis got Summer a job heading up a Fenmore’s/Jabot synergy project. Summer was not pleased when Jack added Kyle to the project.

Summer began spending a lot of time with Billy and kept coming on to him. Billy did all he could to avoid being alone with her. One night, Billy got a frantic call from Summer who had been playing high stakes poker and needed him to bail her out. Billy played poker for her, and won back the $10,000 she said she owed. Then he found out she had lost her entire trust fund to gambling which had started in Belize. Billy’s old nemesis Sinead showed up and taunted him into playing. He ended up losing the company yacht “Jaboat”. Returning the next night to win it back, he lost even more. Billy submitted a fake invoice for repairs on Jaboat and used the money to win the yacht back. But as he was raking in his winnings, Phyllis showed up. She was livid that he had returned to gambling and told him they were through. Summer took the opportunity to offer herself again, but Billy refused. Billy managed to win Phyllis back.

Summer made a bet with Kyle that she could get Billy into bed. If she won, she would get Kyle’s classic car, and if he won he would get sex with Summer. Summer discovered that Phyllis had slept with Nick during her breakup with Billy. Nick bribed Summer with cash to keep quiet. Summer plotted to catch Billy alone at a Philadelphia trade show. Kyle told Phyllis. She confronted Summer, they fought viciously with Summer telling Phyllis that everything wrong with her she learned from Phyllis. Phyllis sent Summer a text from Billy: “Meet me on Jaboat instead of Philly.” Summer found herself trapped on Jaboat for a weeklong cruise with no cell or wifi. When Billy returned, he was confronted by Phyllis. Billy admitted Summer had acted inappropriately with him, but he had never been interested. They decided it was time to move out of Summer’s penthouse, and Billy and Phyllis moved to Abbott Manor. Summer returned livid, threatening Phyllis she would tell Sharon about her night with Nick. Phyllis told her to go ahead, that Summer was smarter than that if she could not tell that Billy was not into her.

Months later, one night Billy came onto her, and they had sex. Billy went into rehab the next day for his gambling addiction. Summer expected they would have a relationship when he got out, but he burst her bubble by telling her that it had been only revenge sex against her mother for cheating on him with Nick.

Victor offered Summer the position of running real estate in Dubai directly under him. Phyllis forbade her to take it. Summer let Kyle know that she wanted him again, but he wanted Lola. So Summer took the job. She hadn’t been there very long when Victor disappeared to avoid being arrested for J.T’s murder, and never made it to Dubai to mentor her. But when she returned to Genoa City it was said that she had been very successful there even though Victor had abandoned her. After Victor returned and was arrested and jailed, Summer was transferred back to assist Victoria the acting CEO to run Newman. She moved in with the newly reunited Nick and Phyllis in Nick’s new lake house. After the two split up, Summer remained living at the house with Nick. Summer claimed she had changed and was willing to respect Kyle’s boundaries. But she inserted herself into his life, upsetting Lola all over again. Kyle found Lola floating in the Abbott pool in freezing temperatures and rescued her. Still in a coma, she needed a liver transplant to survive. Everyone got tested, and only Summer was a match and possible donor. Kyle begged Summer to do it, promising her anything, even marrying her. Summer said she was not the type of person who could be blackmailed into a loveless marriage; then tried to convince Kyle he still loved her. He went along with it, and she agreed to help Lola if Kyle would marry her for a year, and if not happy, they would divorce. Kyle agreed but would not have sex with her. Summer then made him publicly propose on one knee at the athletic club. They were married the day before surgery which both Lola and Summer came through fine. Kyle tearfully told Lola the truth, how it was the only way he knew would convince Summer to donate. Kyle said he loved her and was willing to make the sacrifice to save her. Lola said she thought Kyle still loved Summer, that she was grateful, and sent him to his bride. Both sobbed after they parted. The next day Lola thanked Summer but said she hoped to never see her again. Kyle and Summer told Jack, Phyllis and Nick the truth. Nick gave the newlyweds his land on the lake for the house he never had built for him and Phyllis. Until then they were living at Abbott Manor. Summer was thrilled when she was allowed to join a Jabot rebuilding meeting among Jack, Billy and Kyle. She and Kyle were full of ideas about bloggers, social media, and giving them a box of samples, let them go online, and report. Jack offered Summer a marketing job, working with Kyle which she eagerly accepted. They contacted Theo Vanderway, agent for social media influencer Nazanin, and Summer schmoozed them into working with Jabot.

No longer able to carry on the charade of marriage with Summer, Kyle asked her to divorce. Summer was devastated, but agreed, knowing that his heart and mind was always on Lola. It killed her to see the two of them mooning about, so in love. She considered quitting her job, but Phyllis convinced her to fight for it. Summer reported to Jack that Kyle was not keeping up his end of their business partnership, skipping out on social engagements with clients to be with Lola. Seeing that Summer was carrying the load and yet successful, Jack reassigned Kyle.

Summer reported to Jack that Kyle was not keeping up his end of their business partnership, skipping out on social engagements with clients to be with Lola. Seeing that Summer was carrying the load and yet successful, Jack reassigned Kyle.

The Jabot Collective launch was wildly successful, and Theo was there to celebrate. Phyllis crashed the party on the arm of Adam and wished them all to get exactly what they deserved. Summer and Theo partied hard and ended up having sex and spent the next day together sharing their hangovers. Theo left for Austin, tired of a drunken Summer obsessing over her exe. Phyllis took her home, and Summer spent the night there, saying “Drunk Summer loves you, sober summer still working on it.” But Summer again felt betrayed by her mother when Phyllis used Summer’s password to steal information from the Jabot server. Theo returned to town and began working freelance for both Abby and Devon, and they became close again. Summer decided to become a social media influencer.

Summer was devastated by the news that her grandfather Victor had died from an overdose of his medication. She suffered through the funeral with help from both Kyle and Theo. But when it turned out to have been a hoax to get Adam to admit he had doubled Victor’s meds, she was livid to have been the only family member left out of the plot. They were afraid she would tell her mother, who would tell Adam. She turned to Theo for support. Theo was then informed that he was an Abbott, Theo’s father being the lovechild of Dina and Stuart Brooks. Theo was asked to join Jabot taking Summer’s job as head of social media, and Summer became head of marketing. Later Kyle negotiated with Jack to become Co-CEO with him instead. Theo proved successful, coming up with Jobot-jies, a Circe Brands partnering deal, and with a Korean Skin care line.

Theo and Summer broke up when she realized she was still unable to get over Kyle. And at some point Kyle suddenly decided he had really loved Summer all along, and told Lola they were over. Kyle and Summer became inseparable, at work and away. Lola began confiding her heartbreak in Theo. During a winter storm, Lola and Theo were stuck at Society with no power. They cuddled up together to keep warm, and ended up in a passionate kiss. Meanwhile Summer and Kyle were returning home, the car slid on ice, and landed out of commission. They walked to Society and joined Lola and Theo riding out the storm.

Although Jack warned Kyle and Theo to let go of their animosity, for the good of Jabot, it never happened. Jack finally gave them a challenge, a week to come up with a plan to rebrand Jabot. After discovering that Theo had hired Jabot secretary Kendra to look for dirt on Kyle, Summer and Kyle plotted to set them up to find the Jabot Back to Basics presentation that Jack had made 15 years ago. When Theo presented it to Jack as his own, Jack fired him. Kyle’s presentation “Welcome to the Future of Jabot” won. Jack made Kyle Co-CEO with him.

Theo disclosed to Sally that Kyle had an affair 4 years earlier with Tara Locke, wife of Ashland Locke, a dangerous rich guy with a world-renowned reputation of vengeance. And that both men were still unaware that her 3-year-old son Harrison had been fathered by Kyle. A paternity test proved it was true. Sally let Kyle know the information would stay between them so long as they peacefully coexisted. Kyle had to tell Summer before she found out otherwise. It wasn’t long before Tara arrived in town wanting Kyle to protect her and Harrison from Ashland who had found out. She and Harrison moved into Abbott Manor. Ashland divorced Tara and was ready to kill Kyle until he found out that he had cancer and was dying. After falling in love with Victoria Newman, Ashland decided to let Kyle get to know Harrison. Jack also became very close with his grandson.

Summer and Sally Spectra were both vying for president of JVC, but Lauren chose Summer. Summer and Kyle became secretly engaged using a knotted cherry stem for a ring. Nick found out and promised them the house he had been building for him and Chelsea as a wedding present. Kyle and Lola finally got divorced and Kyle and Summer made plans to elope. But Kyle woke up the night before the wedding, Summer was gone, and she only left a vague note. She returned a month or so later saying she couldn’t handle being a mother to Harrison. Summer suddenly got an offer to become creative director with Marchetti fashions in Milan, accepted it and left town. Thanks to Phyllis, Kyle found out later that she had been coerced by Sally to take the job and leave town so Sally could get Summer’s job at Jabot and have a chance with Kyle. Kyle moved to Milan with Harrison to be with Summer. They had a small civil ceremony wedding in Milan attended by Newmans and Abbotts that fans never got to see. They made a brief appearance at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding in Tuscany just days later.

Seven months later while visiting in Genoa City, Summer admitted to Kyle that Marchetti fashion was in financial trouble, likely her marketing expertise was why they hired Summer. Summer proposed to Kyle that Jabot buy out Marchetti and get back into the fashion business, allowing Angelina to continue working from Milan but allowing Summer to return home to Genoa City. Jack researched it and agreed to the deal. Kyle and Summer moved back to Genoa City and Kyle became CEO of Marchetti.

Phyllis and Jack broke up due to her display of jealous in front of Diane. Summer became concerned that Phyllis was about to kill her and suggested Daniel ask Phyllis to visit for awhile. On her return Summer insisted that Phyllis and Diane call a truce, but Phyllis had a hard time with it and Diane kept baiting her, only being nice when Summer was around.

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