The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on Y&R

Katherine sought Paul's help in discovering what her mysterious dreams about a baby crying meant. Gloria and Jill competed for William's affections. Devon was arrested for Carmen's murder, but the judge allowed him to proceed with his operation.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Jack was a bit taken aback when Victor suggested that Jack try a run for senate. Victor reminded Jack about the promises he'd made to John, telling Jack how proud his father would have been to see Jack's name in print. He also pointed out that Jack would add to the successes of the Abbott name. Victor fired compliments at Jack left and right, telling him that he was a great public speaker, that he was bright and personable, and that he had a knack with people because he knew how to motivate them.

Nikki walked in, and Victor told her that he was encouraging Jack to run for public office, announcing that Jack could easily become Senator Jack Abbott. Nikki, being quite honest with her opinion on the matter, told Jack that she didn't think he had much in common with most of his constituents and that he was too self-involved. Nikki also pointed out that not everyone was suited for public office. She added that a candidate had to be squeaky clean, so the Glo-Again scandal alone would be enough to sink Jack.

Victor, in feign defense, explained that Jack was not responsible for the death of the woman who had used the tainted face cream. He added that even the medical examiner wasn't sure what had happened to cause the woman's death. Nikki, continuing to play the devil's advocate, said the whole thing was moot, anyway, because Jack had no plans to give up running N.V.P. Jack seemed intrigued and encouraged by Victor's and Nikki's barrage of assessments mixed with criticism.

Before Jack left, he told Victor and Nikki that the election was a long way off, so a lot could happen between that moment and the election. After Jack left, Nikki and Victor congratulated themselves for their performances. Nikki observed that she believed she had seen the hook in Jack's mouth. Victor added that the hook was exactly where it needed to be.

As Nikki and Katherine were having lunch at the club, Nikki noticed that Katherine hadn't quite been herself. Katherine said she'd been depressed lately because she and Jill had had disagreements about Billy and that Jill blamed Katherine for Billy leaving town. Nikki asked Katherine if she was sick. Katherine assured her that the doctor had declared her disgustingly healthy for a woman her age but admitted that she really hadn't slept well lately because she had been having the same nightmare over and over again. Katherine told Nikki that she had a recurring dream about a baby, but she didn't believe it was guilt about Jill because Liz Foster had raised Jill, and Liz was good mother.

Nikki urged Katherine to get professional help. Nikki said that she knew what it was like to have subconscious memories haunt her. Nikki said that in her case, her problems had turned out to be a repressed memory, not nightmares, but she might have never known what was troubling her if Paul hadn't figured it out. Katherine confessed that she felt silly about the whole thing. Nikki had to go back to work, but before she left, she told Katherine to think about seeking help.

Later, Katherine visited Paul. Katherine told Paul that she'd been hearing a baby crying then having a terrible feeling that something was very wrong. Paul listened to Katherine's account of her nightmare, but he told her that he was a private investigator, not a therapist. Paul also told Katherine that it was very difficult to distinguish between a repressed memory and a dream. He explained that he was very busy working on Carmen's murder investigation, but seeing Katherine's desperation, he promised her that he would look into the situation.

Paul asked Katherine to tell him everything she could remember about her dreams. Katherine said that the dreams were very clear when they were happening but that they were hazy after she awakened. Paul explained that he'd have to examine all the specific details of the nightmares for clues to figure out where and when they were taking place. Paul advised Katherine to keep a pen and a pad near her bed to write down every single detail the moment she woke up from a nightmare.

Just before he left, Paul told Katherine that he couldn't promise her that he'd be able to solve the mystery but promised to give it his best shot. Later, Katherine ran into Lauren and Fen. Katherine inquired about Fen's sleep apnea. Lauren assured Katherine that Fen had not experienced an episode of apnea for quite some time since he had left the hospital, but Lauren remarked about how concerned Katherine has been lately about baby Fen's apnea.

Lauren's leisurely visit to Crimson Lights was almost cut short by Fen's fussiness. She tried to console him, but he continued to cry. However, when Jana held the crying baby, her soft cooing instantly settled him down. Lauren was amazed. She praised Jana's ability to soothe the baby and thanked her for helping out.

Lauren offered Jana a part-time position helping out with Fen. Later, Jana told Kevin about Lauren's offer, but Jana worried that she'd be overextended with the coffeehouse and the museum benefit. Kevin told her that he'd take care of the coffeehouse if she really wanted to help with Fen.

Gloria made herself over to look like Bardwell's late wife, but she was disappointed that Bardwell hadn't shown up at the support-group meeting. Bardwell had missed the meeting to spend the night with Jill in her room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Gloria was excited when Bardwell invited her to lunch, but her hopes for a budding relationship with Bardwell were somewhat stalled when Bardwell confessed that he'd missed the meeting to spend the night with a woman. He also admitted that he felt guilty about his first intimate relationship since losing his wife.

Gloria told Bardwell that she understood his feelings because of her relationship with John. She suggested that the new woman in his life could have mistaken his apprehension for feelings of ambivalence. She suggested that he send flowers to his lover. Later, Gloria confided her disappointment about Bardwell's relationship with someone else to Kevin. She told Kevin that Bardwell was the first romantic interest she'd had since losing John.

Later, Gloria visited Jill, whom Gloria rightly guessed was Bardwell's new lover. She made small talk with Jill regarding Mr. Kim. When Jill suggested they discuss business over lunch, Gloria informed her that she already had a lunch date with Bardwell. Gloria was watching when Jill received the lovely floral arrangement from Bardwell. A bit later, Gloria ordered an identical bouquet of flowers for herself and arranged to have them delivered to the office, and she made certain that Jill saw the flowers arrive.

At the hospital, awaiting Devon's surgery, Dru asked Neil if he believed that the district attorney thought that Devon had killed Carmen. Neil told her that Bardwell was desperate for a suspect, and he was angry that they had lied about their alibi. Dru said that they'd just have to deal with the situation after Devon's surgery was over because they had to direct positive thoughts to the success of Devon's cochlear implant.

When Dru, Neil, and Devon met with Dr. Lawton, who would perform the surgery for Devon's cochlear implant, he assured Devon that there was nothing to worry about. However, before Devon could be prepped for surgery, an officer arrested him for Carmen's murder and whisked him away. A distraught Neil and Dru were powerless to stop the arrest and worried that postponing the surgery would lessen the chances of success. Neil phoned Michael, who told Neil to stay calm and that he'd meet them at the courthouse.

Michael pleaded with the judge to set bail because Devon was an 18-year-old boy who stood at a critical stage of his impairment when surgery could help him regain his hearing. Michael added that restoring Devon's hearing could allow him to more easily understand the charges and the evidence against him, so he could better participate in his own defense. Michael once again begged the judge, citing that arrangements had been made and that the surgery team was standing by.

Before making a decision, the judge asked to hear from Bardwell, who recommend bond in the amount of $100,000 with the requisite 10% bail. The judge granted the request for bail with the requirement that Devon report to a pre-trial services officer daily after he was discharged from the hospital. Before Dru and Neil left the courthouse, however, Dru approached Bardwell and told him that he was wrong to think that her son was a cold-blooded killer. Dru accused Bardwell of attempting to crucify her son. She suggested that he could put an end to it all, but he was too stubborn to do so. Bardwell explained that he was going by the evidence.

Trying to get away, Bardwell wished the Winters family good luck with Devon's operation. Back at the hospital, Dru and Neil comforted Devon, who pleaded with his parents to believe that he was innocent. Later, however, Bardwell told Michael that he wanted to discuss a plea bargain regarding Devon. He recounted Devon's past arrest record and the fact the Devon was desperate to protect Dru as a mitigating factor. However, Michael told Bardwell that he couldn't possibly expect Devon to plead guilty to something he hadn't done just because there was a videotape that showed Devon at Carmen's door, and then it also showed him leaving when she'd never answered.

Michael explained that Bardwell's evidence was not exactly a smoking gun. However, while Michael was at the hospital, discussing the case with Dru and Neil, he informed them that skin matching Devon's DNA had been found under Carmen's fingernails.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

While Devon was in surgery, Dru and Neil contemplated the possibility that Devon had, in fact, killed Carmen. Later on, Neil and Dru wondered if someone was trying to frame them for Carmen's murder by putting her body outside Indigo. Devon got out of his surgery, and when he woke up, he couldn't hear anything and was upset that the surgery hadn't worked.

Gloria received a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving from House of Kim, thanking her for all her work. She was truly offended even though Kevin and Jana found it hilarious. Gloria told Michael and Lauren that Ji Min had treated her so poorly that he might as well be Jack.

Lauren couldn't get Fen to stop crying, so Gloria picked him up and made him stop crying quickly. Lauren was upset, and Jana could tell. Jana asked Gloria to look at her apartment with her and see if she had any decoration ideas. As they left, Lauren quietly thanked Jana for getting rid of Gloria for a while. Michael told Kevin that he thought Jack was secretly running Jabot.

Lauren told Gloria she didn't have to help with Thanksgiving, but Gloria insisted. She admitted that if she didn't help out, she might end up spending the whole day, thinking about John.

Jack told Phyllis to take off as much time as she needed to for her pregnancy. Phyllis was moved by the offer and didn't see Jack's ulterior motive. Later, Phyllis stormed into Jack's office and called him out on trying to get her to go away for a long time, as he and Sharon had planned the ad campaign behind her back. She told him that lies always caught up to people in the end.

Ji Min ran into Phyllis, and he saw the pictures she had in mind. He loved them and decided he'd go tell Jack who was boss. Ji Min told Jack that they would be using Phyllis' layout in the Asian market. Jack didn't like the idea, but Ji Min had the final say over that branch. Once Phyllis was gone, Ji Min and Jack congratulated each other on their good acting, and they felt it would at least temporarily dispel anyone's suspicions that they worked together.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kevin and Jana were hosting the homeless and hungry at Crimson Lights. Colleen, J.T., Brad, and Victoria also stopped by to help. J.T. privately told Brad that the investigation into Jana's background was continuing, but so far, the only thing he'd turned up was that she'd had a lot of jobs.

Later, Adrian entered. When he tried to strike up a conversation with Rebecca about her past efforts at recovering art, Colleen asked Victoria to get her some tea for her scratchy throat. Rebecca used the opportunity to walk away with Victoria. Colleen asked Adrian not to question her grandmother, who wasn't comfortable talking about her past or the work she'd done. Adrian was confused but agreed. Shortly afterward, the Carltons left for Thanksgiving at the ranch.

Nikki and Victor had given Miguel the night off, so they'd been preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. When Nick and Phyllis got there, Noah noticed that Nick had made Sharon's favorite salad. Later, the Carltons arrived, and the family sat around in the living room, telling what they were thankful for. Phyllis noticed that Noah looked sad, so she said she was grateful that her little girl was going to grow up with such great big brothers as Daniel and especially Noah. Noah then said he wanted to eat, but Zapato had pulled the turkey off the table. Nick and Brad went out and got chicken for the family meal.

At Neil and Dru's house, Devon knew everyone was trying to keep the mood upbeat so he wouldn't think of the charges against him for Carmen's murder. But he and Daniel talked privately, and Daniel said he understood how terrified Devon was. He'd been there, too, when he had been falsely accused. He told Devon to talk to him anytime he needed to.

Sharon and Jack woke up in the Abbott house alone together. Ashley and Abby were spending Thanksgiving with Traci in New York. The couple went by Dru and Neil's for a drink, and Sharon and Dru were able to have a conversation without the others. Sharon thanked Dru for understanding that she felt alone on the first Thanksgiving since her divorce and that she'd be missing Noah. Dru said she just wanted to keep her family together.

Katherine and Jill went to the club to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Both women apologized for the way they'd been treating each other. Jill said she was just upset about Billy, but she shouldn't have taken it out on Katherine. Katherine said she hadn't been sleeping, and Nikki thought Katherine's guilt about giving Jill up might be surfacing. Jill pointed out that she'd forgiven her mother long before, but Katherine said maybe she hadn't forgiven herself.

Jack and Sharon also went to the club to get dinner, and they sat down to have a drink with Katherine and Jill. But when Jack said he thought Devon might be covering for Dru, who could have killed Carmen, Sharon got upset and left. Jill and Katherine shook their heads as Jack regretted that he'd upset Sharon and left a few minutes after she did.

Sharon went to Crimson Lights and stared tearfully at Cassie's photograph. As she'd confessed to Dru, it was hard for her to forget all the Thanksgivings she'd spent with Nick and the Newman family. When Adrian walked onto the patio, he was willing to leave Sharon alone, but she said she was okay. They introduced themselves, and Adrian said his family was very scattered, and he'd decided against traveling during the holidays. Sharon admired him for using his time to help hand out dinners to the homeless.

Jack went home, where his father's ghost confronted him. John pointed out that Jack had gotten everything he'd wanted. He'd kicked Gloria out of the family and the house after cheating her out of her inheritance. He'd secretly bought Jabot. Yet there he was, alone during the holidays. John told Jack that he felt sorry for him. Later, Jack decided to call Sharon and apologize, but she was already at his door. She said she'd been upset about other things and had overreacted to his comment about Dru. She had turkey sandwiches so they could celebrate Thanksgiving together.

After Jack and Sharon were gone, Devon showed Lily and Daniel the apparatus that was part of his cochlear implant. Dru and Neil cautioned him that it might take a while for him to be able to hear anything. Later, the Winters family ate their Thanksgiving meal, but Devon was so solemn that no one was talking. Dru finally said the best thing they could do was help other people. The entire family went to the coffeehouse to help feed the homeless.

After Esther left Crimson Lights, where she'd been helping serve food, she went to the club to meet Jill and Katherine. Jill admitted that she'd invited William Bardwell to join them. But after waiting for him, Jill finally gave up, and the women ordered without him. When Esther noticed how sad Jill was, she reached over and took her hand, and Katherine looked on with a small smile.

Lauren had cooked Michael his favorite pie to surprise him, but Gloria had another disaster in the kitchen and burned it up. Lauren was frustrated with her mother-in-law, but she felt sorry for her, too, because she knew Gloria missed John. After Lauren told Michael that Gloria liked William Bardwell, Michael made a call to the D.A. He promised not to discuss any business if William would stop by his apartment. He knew it would cheer up Gloria.

By the time William arrived, Kevin and Jana were also there. Gloria was thrilled to see William. When she begged him to stay for dinner, William agreed, although he hadn't been planning to stay more than a few minutes.

Michael ended up saying a prayer before dinner that included all the people who'd lost their lives and homes because of Hurricane Katrina. William was surprised to hear that Michael's grandmother had died there. Gloria didn't offer much information about her first husband, obviously uncomfortable discussing her past around William.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

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