The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on B&B

Taylor tried to convince Ridge that Brooke and Thorne could be in love. Giovanni invited Rick on a location shoot featuring Kimberly, and Amber accused Kimberly of gawking at Rick the whole time. Tawny spotted Becky in Venice and chased her into a bell tower.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, January 10, 2000

was wise to convince Rick to leave Amber a note and go and watch Kimberly's photo shoot. Brooke still thinks Amber is hiding a secret so explosive that it could blow Rick and Amber's marriage apart. Ridge confronts Brooke about having Thorne stay in her room. Brooke lets Ridge know that she heard him arguing with Taylor through the walls. Suzanne is incredulous that Amber is in Europe and hasn't called Becky. Amber is about to call Becky when Tawny tries to convince her that she has more important things to think about on her trip than Becky. After the photo shoot in the Piazza San Marco, Rick thinks briefly about going off and having some fun with Kimberly, then thinks better of it. Kimberly points out how miserable he is. Giovanni isn't happy that Rick has upset Kimberly. Amber reminds Kimberly that Rick is hers, and Kimberly fires back that it's only because of the baby. Tawny answers when Becky calls, and resists any suggestion Becky makes about visiting or speaking with the baby. Becky realizes the only way to see her son is to go to Venice.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Suzanna goes to see Becky to talk her into going to Venice only to find that she is packing to go. After talking to Tawny, she is angry at her attitude and asks Suzanna how she has the nerve to talk to her that way. Suzanna is happy but once she learns that she isn't planning on bringing Eric back to Paris with her, she warns her that she will probably be bonding with the baby and it will hurt doubly to just leave him there. Will you be able to do it? Suzanna asks.

Kimberly continues with the little quiet digs at Amber until Amber erupts just as Rick and Giovanni are in hearing distance. As the men separate the women, Amber gets all the blame. Of course, Amber apologizes but still insists to Rick privately that Kimberly hasn't given up on ruining her marriage.

Taylor is still angry at Ridge and begins to call her children to tell them that Mommy is coming home. Ridge is able to change her mind for the moment but she isn't happy. Ridge tells her that she will be responsible if anything should happen to his mother and she didn't stay to help him.

Thorne takes Brooke on a trip around the city and they end up in a very beautiful and romantic spot where Thorne gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. Brooke is happy to say yes and he gives her a large diamond engagement ring.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Tawny feels uncomfortable after her phone call with Becky, but is happy to see how much Amber and Rick are enjoying themselves in Italy. Brooke tells Thorne that she loves him, and accepts his marriage proposal. They both agree that they will never forget this moment. With much hesitation and guilt, Taylor agrees to go through with the plan to break Thorne and Brooke up with Ridge.

Ridge insists that Thorne and Brooke are not really in love, and that it's time that someone woke them up to those facts. Taylor's frustration grows because she thinks Ridge is continuing to let Brooke control their lives. At the restaurant, Brooke can hear Taylor's raised voice. Ridge tells Taylor that like it or not, they are putting Eric's plan into action now.

On the train, Becky looks forward to spending some time with her son. Amber and Rick are about to make love when the baby wakes up. They have a wonderful time playing and spending some time with their son. Amber tells Rick that this is the greatest day of her life.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Thorne makes an emotional toast to Brooke. Taylor refuses to do anything until Ridge admits that it is a personal issue with him regarding Brooke and Thorne, not just about his mother's health or his father's plan.

Sally wants Eric to tell him what Brooke and Thorne are really doing in Venice. Eric insists that Thorne's future will always be with Macy, not Brooke. Taylor tells Ridge that it's a slap in the face to her the way he's getting all worked up over Thorne and Brooke. Thorne wonders if Ridge is jealous, admitting that it bothers him in which Ridge could believe that he still has a hold on Brooke.

As their voices rise, Thorne decides to stop them from making a scene. Taylor tells Thorne that she's tired of playing games and that Thorne has a right to know what is really going on.

Amber sings a song to Rick and Eric. Tawny is shopping when she thinks she catches a glimpse of Becky in the crowd. Becky arrives at the hotel and tells the manager she wants to surprise Rick and Amber. Thorne tells Brooke that Ridge and Taylor are having a major meltdown.

Friday, January 14, 2000

Becky knocks on the door, but before Amber can answer it, Tawny appears in the hallway. Becky takes off with Tawny on her heels.

Sally breaks it to Macy that Thorne is involved with Brooke again. Sadly, Macy points out that Thorne would not be the first man, or the last, to give in to Brooke's seduction and she eventually drops every man whose name isn't Ridge. When Sally tells Macy that Thorne is in Venice with Brooke, she decides that she has to go there and talk to him before he ruins his life.

After Taylor walks out, Thorne tries to talk to Ridge, who is obviously upset. Ridge becomes angry with Thorne, insisting that he is responsible for the whole situation.

Tawny pursues Becky across the plaza. When she finally catches up to her, Tawny tells Becky that she has made a big mistake. Amber and Rick are planning a romantic gondola ride and they wonder why Tawny hasn't come back to watch Eric.

Brooke hears the arguing continue in Ridge and Taylor's room. After Taylor slams out, Ridge knocks on Brooke's door and asks if Taylor is in there. His voice cracking, Ridge tells Brooke

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