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Monday, October 22

Chris spotted Karen as she came off the elevator and wanted her to get some blood taken to see what was going on inside of her. Karen resisted at first even though Chris threatened to go and tell Frank that she is infected with vampire blood. Karen then relented and took the blood test. Rafe tried to tell Kevin that Caleb was still causing trouble in Port Charles but Kevin wouldn't listen to him.

Ian told Frank about the problems between him and Eve and asked him to help him find information on the computer that will confirm his story but they couldn't find anything that will back him up.

As she came out of a Ian's room Lucy spotted Christina and tried to chase her but a bellhop got in her way and Christina was gone. Livvie went to see Eve on the pretense of looking for a sweater and Eve asked her to look after Daniel while she had a quick shower. Livvie started to hear that music in her head and noticed that there was a message on the machine and changed it. Livvie told Eve that Jack and her split and Eve told Livvie that she and Ian have split as well. Kevin threatened to throw Rafe off the bridge and accused him of causing all the trouble in Port Charles. Rafe tried to tell Kevin that Caleb was still in control but Kevin was angry and shoved Rafe just as Lucy came running up to them on the bridge and told Kevin that she saw Christina. Kevin didn't believe her. Eve heard the message on the machine and called Scott to get a restraining order. Chris got back Karen's blood work and is alarmed that she might be mutating. Ian came to see Eve and she handed him the restraining order and asked him to leave the apartment. Rafe tried to get Lucy to go after Kevin and tell him exactly what she saw but she was angry at Rafe too and didn't listen. Rafe then asked for help from his boss above as he got an idea to use his imagination to set the people on the right track in Port Charles.

Tuesday, October 23

Rafe had an idea and explained it to his boss. The broken couples were very sad, their faith smashed. Rafe was granted permission to try. One by one he visited his friends reminding them of the love they missed. Eve dreamed she woke up in Ian's arms with a book, "Tainted Love," in her arms and an older Danny running around happily. Her and Ian's future as it was meant to be. Separated, they reaffirmed their love for each other. Lucy and Kevin shared a dream of the day before their wedding and recalled what they knew and believed. Jack dreamed of proposing to a graduating Livvie and the possibility of joy and love their future could hold. The rest will be up to each of them. Kevin found Lucy looking at the stars and gave her his jacket. They agreed that anything was possible.

Wednesday, October 24

Thanks to a little angelic help from Rafe, lonely souls all over Port Charles take a few tentative steps towards healing their broken hearts. As they compare notes, Eve and Ian are surprised to learn that they've had the exact same sweet dream. Meanwhile, Lucy and Kevin agree to discuss what tore them apart in hopes of finding their way back to one another. Caleb taunts Rafe about his pathetic attempt to aid the humans through their dreams. Ian begs Eve to believe that someone altered the message he left on her answering machine but she grows frightened again and hangs up on him. Lucy reminds Kevin that their troubles really began when he started listening to some cruel lies about Ian. Jack explains to Livvie why they can't be together until she gets well once more. Rafe suggests to Caleb that they both back off and let the mere mortals thresh out their problems for themselves. Ian finally persuades Eve to meet him in the park. Rejecting Rafe's challenge, Caleb sets himself upon a new course of action guaranteed to bring the most pain to the parents of Port Charles.

Thursday, October 25

Eve meets Ian in the park with Danny. Ian explains to Eve that he intends to find out who is trying to destroy him. He told her that he loves her and they both must fight for their love. He hands her the restraining order, she looks at him, asks how they got this far and decides to rip it up. They make up and as they turn to go, Eve discovers that Danny has been taken.

Keving told Lucy that he has come over to her side and sees that someone or something is trying to hurt certain people in Port Charles. Lucy shows him the bulletin board with the names of the people that help destroy Caleb and that seem to be the ones being hurt. Kevin see where she is going with this and says that they need to get everyone together and find out what is going on. While out of the room, Lucy receives a phone call from Christina.

Jack told Alison that Livvie spent the night in the apartment and has asked Jack for his help. Alison told Jack that he does still love Livvie and that he wants things to work out. Jack wants to help but doesn't know where to begin. He did tell Livvie to talk to her father, maybe he could help her in some way. He feels that everyone that helped in Calebs demise might benefit from talking with Kevin. Alison receives a phone call from a friend, whom, she told Jack, can help her find the people that adopted Val's baby. Jack told her to drop it and not to mess up what she has with Jamal. She agrees and went with Jack to see Livvie. As they go into the room they discover that Livvie is gone. Jack finds a note on the bed which told him that she, Livvie, has changed her mind and doesn't want his help. They discover the back door open and at this point a "bat" flies out of the room.

Livvie awakens to find Caleb by her side. She told him that she doesn't want him there any more that she is staying with Jack. Caleb told her she is better off with him but if that is who she chooses than he is gone. But not before he told her how everyone treated her, by locking her up, her mother lying to her and Jack telling her she's too psycho. As he turns to leave, she begs him to stay. He asks her why and she answers that he is the only one that was ever there for her. He kisses her and told her that he will stay.

Livvie is walking away with Danny in her arms.

Friday, October 26

by JON

Kevin is the voice of reason as Lucy told him that Christina called. He told her that she has been targeted by the evil like everyone else, but she doesn't accept it and runs out of the lighthouse to find Christina. She went to the park, and relive the night that Julie took Christina from Frank. As she talks to Kevin, she sees a little girl run past and calls out to "Christina". Unfortunately, it isn't her. When Kevin leaves to get Lucy something to drink, Christina appears to her.

Alison assures Jack that it wasn't a bat that flew out of his room. She says that it must be easier to blame Caleb than to accept that Livvie left him of her own free will. Jack says that he won't make the mistake of loving Livvie again, since it is clear that she doesn't want him. They go to the Recovery Room, where Valerie just gave Jamal a picture of her daughter, Hope. Alison told Jack that she wishes Valerie would leave Port Charles. Jack told her to forget what Livvie said about Jamal possibly being Hope's father. Alison imagines a future where Jamal is married to Valerie and is a real father to Hope. Later, Jamal gives Alison his wallet to buy supplies for their dinner with Jack. When she opens it, she discovers Hope's photo. She wonders why Jamal has a picture of Valerie's baby. Jack agrees to help Alison find out whether or not Jamal is Hope's father.

Both unaware that Livvie is hiding him it the bushes, Eve calls the police as Ian looks for Daniel. When it's clear, Livvie takes Daniel out of the park and puts him in a hotel room, telling him that he'll "be happy here with his daddy". Ian told Eve that he believes Ann-Marie is responsible for the kidnapping. Eve went home in case there is a ransom call. She receives a call telling her where Daniel is. When she goes, she discovers Ian already there with the baby. As he told her that he also received a call, a bellhop enters and hands a dumbfounded Ian the airline tickets he "requested" for him and his baby. Eve sees a packed baby bag, and accuses Ian of trying to kidnap 'her' child.

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