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Monday, September 17

Lucy and Kevin are keeping their engagement a secret. Ian called and asked for Kevin's help. As Jack and Alison searched for Livvie in the catacombs, they found her bracelet. Gaby and Jamal had a chat in the chapel while someone looked on. Alison found the box hidden in some rocks and was nearly bitten by the snake which Jack killed and took back with them without retrieving the box. Chris told Lucy he'd never lose interest in vampires. Ian asked for Kevin's help with Eve. Livvie made it to the hospital and was delirious, babbling about Caleb. Lucy called Jack and he and Alison rushed to the hospital. Strangely, The snake was from Australia and Chris worked on an antidote from the venom. Jack tried to comfort Livvie, begging her to stay with him. Jamal sensed someone spying on him and Gaby. Livvie went into respiratory arrest and Chris fought to save her.

Tuesday, September 18

Jamal caught Valerie following him. As Chris worked on reviving Livvie, she dreamed that Caleb was calling her to the cave and the music box. Eve told Lucy that Caleb was back and out to get all of them. Eve was alarmed by the mysterious mobile and tried to find out where or who it came from. Livvie dreamed of the box opening and, as the anti-venom was ready to be administered, screamed but regained consciousness. Alison was worried about Jamal. Valerie told Jamal that she'd had to give Hope, her baby, up for adoption. Ian tried to reassure Eve that Caleb couldn't have sent the mobile. Eve agreed to go to her room but confided in Lucy she was just playing along. Jack told Livvie there was no music box but she insisted. As soon as Livvie was alone, she left her room. Valerie came to PC due to a letter she'd received which she thought was from Jamal. Lucy was convinced there is something evil around them. Livvie went to see Daniel and was transfixed by the mobile but the infant was not in his crib.

Wednesday, September 19

Alison is relieved to discover that the young woman in Jamal's arms is only Valerie. In the hospital nursery, Livvie told an edgy Ian that Caleb must have snatched the baby out of his crib. Kevin arrives with news about Daniel's disappearance, sending Ian flying off in a rage. Meanwhile, Jack tries to convince Livvie that her visions of Caleb are all in her mind. At the loft, Eve thanks Lucy for helping her get her newborn safely home. Ian storms in and demands to know from Eve where she gets off making unilateral decisions about his son. Gabi overhears her brother and Valerie quietly discussing the night they spent together. A trembling Livvie begs Kevin to help her regain her sanity. Lucy finds Jack boarding up the entrance to the catacombs. He vows to make sure Livvie never has any thoughts of Caleb again. After the two leave, a strong wind sends the boards falling to the ground, opening the entrance to the cave again.

Thursday, September 20

Eve believes her fears of Caleb are keeping him alive. Ian tired of the whole fiasco told her that Caleb has won and walks out. Kevin questions Lucy about her and Jack entombing Caleb in the catacombs. Lucy told Kevin she was getting strange vibes while there. Livvie is afraid she is going crazy. Jack told her they will get their lives back. It will take time. As she hugs Jack, trying to feel "safe" she stares at the candles that seem to be mysteriously "blown" out.

Lucy told Kevin she feels things are still out of balance. Some type of evil is coming. Kevin is worried she may be right and that they should take care of it. Jack told Livvie to relax. He takes her in his arms and tries to convince her they will be fine. He falls asleep. Livvie looks at the candles that have been lit again by some strange way and eases out of Jacks embrace. Caleb's voice calls to her to come.

Ian returns to have a heart to heart with his son. He explains to Daniel that his mother will always be over protective of him. Eve awakens to hear him. Eve told Ian she is not sorry for bringing the baby home early, just for the way she did it. Ian makes her promise not to do anything without consulting him first. Lucy, with candles blazing and her book open, tries to contact the great beyond. Kevin yells at her to stop for her chant is inviting evil into their home. As she explains this is the only way for this to work she told Kevin that she feels an evil force all around. Kevin looks up to see a shadow cross in front of the mirror and then break. Jack is "awakened" by a Livvie dressed in red trying to seduce him. Jack begs for her but she can't be found. She is playing a cat and mouse game with him. It appears that Jack is dreaming. Livvie, back in the catacombs, is looking for the box to prove her sanity.

Eve and Ian make up from their fight. Ian told Eve it's time to move on with their lives. Eve proclaims her love for Ian, but other thoughts are on her mind. As Lucy and Kevin clean up the broken mirror, Lucy told Kevin that evil is in the house. Kevin told her he did feel the evil but it couldn't harm them for some reason. He leaves to check on Livvie. A knock at the door startles both of them. Lucy, anxious to find out who it is, is stopped by Kevin telling her that he will answer the knock. They open the door.

Livvie stops seducing Jack and told him she's must go back to her husband, Caleb, and leaves a heart broken Jack. As Livvie opens the box, nothing appears -- no smoke, no music and no ring. Convinced she is crazy, she turns and walks out only to be called back by a transparent Caleb, telling her she isn't crazy ---he's back!

Friday, September 21

Eve looks on as Ian is playing with baby Daniel. She apologizes once again to Ian for running out of the hospital with the baby and bringing him home without him. She realizes she took away the most important day of Ian's life, bring home his wife and son. Kevin and Lucy open the door to see Rafe. Inviting him in, Rafe told them that he "felt" they needed his help against evil. Jack told Livvie she can't go back to Caleb. He begs her not to leave him. Livvie thinking she is crazy can't believe Caleb is there. Caleb explains to Livvie that he's not exactly alive but he isn't exactly dead. Livvie wants to know why he is there. Caleb informs her that because she listened to the music box, and was the only one that heard the music, she is the one that brought him back.

Ian carrying Daniel and all his gear told Eve to follow him. He wants to reenact the coming home of the baby. As they enter the apartment they introduce him to all the things that will happen to him as he grows. Ian presents Eve with a bouquet and a speech of how much he loves her. Kevin asks Rafe if he senses evil in the house. Lucy explains to Rafe that it couldn't possibly be Caleb because they killed him. Rafe still feels the evil and hunts around the house for clues to where it is. He sees the broken mirror on the wall and asks what happened. Lucy explains that they conjured up the evil forces and Rafe told her she has no clue as to what she is doing. Livvie told Caleb she doesn't want him back. She loves Jack. Caleb laughs it off telling her that she still craves him. Everything they were together. She demands he tell her what he wants. Caleb wants revenge.

Lucy asks Rafe how she is making things worse. He reminds her that she must be very afraid of what she is doing. It's not as simple as she thinks. Just to prove to her that she doesn't know what she is doing, Rafe asks her to tell him where the evil is. Show him. She hunts around the room but cannot tell him the exact area of the evil forces. Jack chases after Livvie in his dream begging her not to go back to Caleb. Livvie told Caleb he can't hurt the people she loves. She knows he can feel love because of Michael. Caleb told her that Michael is no more. She asks him what he is going to do. Caleb responds that he is not going to do anything. That the people she loves are going to destroy themselves. He will plant seeds of doubt in their minds and they will fall apart. And as they grow weaker he will become stronger. Livvie warns Caleb that she will tell everyone of his plan but Caleb threatens her with silence.

Ian and Eve having a quiet moment are startled by a thunderstorm that is getting worse. A loud clap of thunder that sounds like it hit the house awakens the baby. Eve looks upset. Watching the storm approach, Lucy is visibly frightened by what Rafe has told them. Lucy asks him how they can get rid of the evil. He told her to feel the evil. As they stand silent, they feel the evil presence in the room. Lucy and Kevin ask Rafe how to fight it, but Rafe, still in somewhat of a trance travels the room and ends up in front of the broken mirror. He places his hand on it and chants "You have no power here...." The mirror went back to normal. Jack desperately searches for Livvie. He comes across a path of rose petals and follows it finding a blood soaked nightgown. Thinking that it is Livvie's he screams, fearing she is gone. Livvie told Caleb he won't win. That she will warn all. Caleb informs Livvie that she will not remember anything that they have discussed and when he returned she will return to him. Death will not come between them. They will have the life he wants with their child. It is just a matter of time before they are together again. Livvie screams and wakes up both her and Jack. Jack tries to comfort Livvie telling her they both just had bad nightmares. Livvie knows she has had a bad dream but can't remember anything that happened.

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