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Monday, August 20

Jamal met the bookstore owner and they talked about Vampires as he was on his way to get blood for Jack. Jamal told him that the head vampire was dead and was told that, if that were true, all the other vampires would have turned back to human if they haven't killed yet. Jack screamed as Caleb bit Livvie. Livvie welcomed Caleb with open arms so that Caleb could live. She wanted him to drink a lot of her blood. Jack sensed that Livvie had been bitten by Caleb. Rafe dragged Lucy into the cemetery and she screamed for help but nobody came to help her. She found out that they are related. He told her that she is a vampire slayer while Livvie wanted more and more of Caleb. Caleb transported Livvie back to wedding the house and she was in her wedding gown. Caleb told her that would be their home. Livvie told Caleb that she thought that Michael had killed him. Caleb said that the good priest would get what he deserves. Alison tried to tell Jack that Caleb is dead and Livvie is fine. Alison knew that Jack was getting worse and struggled to cut herself while telling Jack how much Livvie loves him. Jack asked Alison to look after Livvie for him because he knew he was going to die. Alison said that Jack will be able to do that himself as she asked him to drink the blood from where she cut herself. Jamal interrupts and gave Jack the blood that he brought back with him. Lucy wanted proof that she is a vampire slayer and was told by Rafe that the powers pass down from generation to generations. Lucy heard Rafe talking without him actually talking. She knew why Caleb was afraid of her. Rafe told Lucy that James wanted her dead. James put Kevin to sleep by blowing some kind of dust in his face and giving him some kind of wine to drink. Alison struggled to keep Jack alive by willing him to live. Jack says that if he drank her blood he wouldn't be able to stop and struggled for control. Caleb and Livvie became one as he slips a wedding band on her finger and they made love. Livvie said she would be Caleb's forever. Caleb tool Livvie, in her wedding gown, out to the woods and laid her on the ground. He said that if their love was real she would find her way back to him.

Tuesday, August 21

Rafe, Lucy and Kevin were locked in the same cell and Lucy filled Kevin in on her family history. James told them he planned to kill them. Eve enjoyed planning for the baby's delivery with Ian, ignorant of the danger their baby was still in. Jamal found Livvie dead but, when he brought Alison and Jack to her, she was gone. Karen told them that no progress had been made with Gaby. Ian went to the lab and Eve talked to Karen about how worried she was for Michael. James informed his captives he planned to end the Kovich line with their deaths. Jack blamed himself for Livvie's deadly path but Alison and Jamal prevail on him to keep trying. James informed Kevin that Caleb wasn't dead and that Livvie was with him. Kevin got furious and he, Rafe and Lucy planned their escape. Lucy asked to speak to James and was taken to him. Eve left a message for Michael to call her. Kevin worried about Lucy while Lucy told James she longed to become a vampire. As Livvie, reborn, searched for Caleb, Jack blamed himself for sending her to him. Livvie, waiting for Caleb, believed she was "home."

Wednesday, August 22


Lucy tried to convince James how much she wanted to become a vampire. He questioned her loyalty to her family, but she told him how intrigued she was by the possibility of being immortal and all of the associated powers. She tried to play up how valuable he would be to Caleb if they were a team. She then began to ask James too many questions about Caleb and his talisman. James began to get suspicious and asked Lucy how stupid she thought he was. He then went to he desk, unlocked a drawer and pulled out a syringe and told Lucy that it's contents had been extracted from Caleb and would turn her right there. She began to get nervous and tried to stall him. As he approached her with the needle she choked and told him that she didn't want to become a vampire and totally messing up her whole plan. He put the syringe down and told her that it really contained poison, and she had obviously failed his test. James had now decided that it was time for Lucy to die.

Kevin figured out that Lucy must have went to James to try to lure from him the secret of Caleb's talisman. He panic when he thought about the possibilities of loosing both Livvie and Lucy. He asked Rafe if he could communicate with her, but he told her that, unfortunately they had to be in the same room. He began screaming for the guard, and as the guard came to see what he wanted, Kevin clutched his chest and fell to the floor. A few moments later, after faking a heart attack and knocking out the guard, He and Rafe burst into the room where James had Lucy cornered. Kevin grabbed James around the neck and began choking him. Lucy stopped him only because he knew all about Caleb's talisman.

Livvie sat on the ground in the catacombs and began thinking of Caleb and all that he promised her. She woke up in the villa where Caleb was standing over her. He caressed her and told her that they were one now and had a bond that could never be broken. She replied that she would do whatever he said.

Jack refused to go along with Alison and Jamal to find Livvie. Alison told him that even if Livvie had been bitten, she would go to the person she loved. Jack told them that in his efforts to protect her, he had unknowingly sent her right to Caleb by telling her that he no longer loved her. Jack reasoned that the only way to save Livvie now was to cross over himself and become a full vampire. Jamal and Alison begged him not to go against all his has fought for, but he told him that he had to do this, tenderly thanking them both for some of the best times of his life. He willed himself to Caleb's villa and was sad to see Livvie there with him. Caleb prepared to fight, but Jack told him that's not what he came for; He had come to tell Caleb that he had won the fight for Livvie.

Alison and Jamal stood alone in the woods fearing what would happen to Jack. Jamal tried to console Alison, but she tearfully told him that this experience had changed their lives forever.

Thursday, August 23

After Ian told Eve to go home, Karen questions Eve as to what is bothering her. Eve explains that it is her fault for sending Michael mixed signals of her feelings and that she is worried about his welfare. He helped her in every aspect including killing his own brother. Karen told her to call. She says her calls have gone unanswered and is worried he is beside himself with grief. She fears Michael has done something drastic. Kevin threatens James death as Lucy tries desperately to call home to let them know Caleb still lives. James knew all along, Michael didn't kill Caleb and led them on believe he was dead. He laughs at them and their threats. They demand James tell them what is keeping Caleb alive. Jack told Caleb that he has won. Caleb knows this and wants to know what is really behind Jacks admission of defeat. Jack says that Caleb wanted him to be a vampire and that is why he is there; it is more torture never seeing Livvie again then it would be to be a vampire. Livvie doesn't care anymore why Jack has come to them she just wants him to leave. Caleb told her Jack has a "master plan."

Eve knows it took a lot out of Michael to kill his brother and there is no one to help him with his grief. Karen tries to reassure Eve that Michael being a priest wouldn't do anything foolish like killing himself. Karen told her to give him some space; he needs to come to grips with what he did by himself. Eve leaves for the monetary looking for Michael, leaving Karen to tell Ian that she had to run an errand and wouldn't be long. An orderly told Ian that someone is trying to get to the patients in lockup, Ian runs to help. Jack told Caleb he has no underlying plan. He knows he can't fight Caleb and he wanted him to turn anyway. Caleb skeptical of Jack asks him why he wants to be with Livvie when she is now married to Caleb. Upset with the news, Jack just looks on in disbelief and Caleb confirms what he said. They are married in all aspects. Jack says that he figures the only way to be near Livvie, since he can't have her, is to serve Caleb. Caleb told Jack he must be tested and his first test is to watch Caleb as he makes love to Livvie.

The Garza family priest, Armando, is trying to get into the lockup when Ian arrives. Asking who he is and what he wants Father Armando would like to see them, he thinks he can help. He knows there illness is more than just physical and that the answer is in the bible. Ian told him he is not qualified to help but the good father insists on knowing what is going on. As Ian prepares to tell him that strange forces have invaded Emilio and Gabby, Father Armando asks is it vampires and has anyone else been harmed? Ian surprised that the priest knew about vampires told him of Father Michael and his brother. Ian told of the necklace Michael gave them to protect Eve and the baby. Father Armando told him that it would be odd for a priest to use such magical forces such as a "talisman", and is skeptical of Michael. Kevin told James he is so tempted to kill him but knows he has the secret they need. Rafe says they should read his mind, which makes him nervous. If James will not tell them the secrets, Kevin lets him know he has no problem beating the truth out of Michael. James told them that Michael will always protect Caleb. Kevin begins to destroy the house. Kevin proceeds to destroy the house looking for clues. Livvie told Caleb she doesn't want to make love in front of Jack. That what they, she and Caleb have, is special and she doesn't want to share it with anyone, not even Jack. Caleb feels she is still trying to protect Jack. She warns Caleb that the more Jack sees their love, the more determined he will be to get her away from him. Caleb told Jack that for Livvie to finish crossing over she needs to make her first kill. Caleb knows that if Jack makes his first kill and crosses over he will continue to get stronger and eventually take on Caleb. So as not to have this problem, he informs Jack the Livvie will make Jack her first kill.

Caleb told Livvie to kill Jack. Livvie told herself she can do this but looks to Jack and whispers to him "go". Jack, standing firm, offers Livvie his throat as she approaches. Caleb demands that she do it now, she gets to Jack and then backs off saying she can't do it. Caleb infuriated with Livvie yells at her she must obey him, he trusted her. Livvie says she would do anything but this. She doesn't understand why, she chose Caleb to be with and that's all that matters. Caleb screams, "You swore you would never betray me, you lied." and he disappears. Livvie calls for him to come back. James in a struggle with Kevin is pulled off by Rafe and falls against the desk with the poisoned needle sticking out. He has fallen on the needle and lies dying saying I will take my secrets to the grave, they will never find out the secret to Caleb and his talisman. He dies. Eve walks in on a praying Michael and went to see if he is all right. Michael jumps to his feet startled. Eve wonders what is wrong. Livvie is angry with Jack for coming and ruining everything. As she cries for Caleb she asks Jack why he couldn't stay away. Jack is the reason for Caleb leaving. Jack told her he didn't leave because of him; he left because of her love for Jack.

Friday, August 24

Father Vicente prays by Gaby's bedside with Ian looking on. Gaby questions why the good father is even bothering to help her, she feels she is too far gone. Eve begs Michael to tell her what is wrong, she has been worried since he didn't answer her phone calls. Michael apologizes for making her worry, he has found a way to deal with what he has done to his brother. He has turned to God. Eve says she is the cause of everything that has happened between him and his brother. Kevin desperately tries to revive James but Lucy and Rafe tell him it's too late. Upset that he has died with all the Morley secrets they try to figure out where they could possibly be hidden. Jack tries to convince Livvie that Caleb is finally gone because of their love. Livvie insists that Caleb will return for her. Jack cannot get it into her head that everything she wants and thinks is because of Caleb. Caleb is upset because she showed a will of her own.

Jack told Livvie that Caleb only wants to posses her, have her under his control and "that" is not love. She is strong enough to fight him. Believing that she still wants Caleb, Jack continues telling her that if she really wanted Caleb she would have killed Jack when he told her to. When Livvie disobeyed Caleb's order he realized she still loved Jack, and that is why he left. Their love is real and stronger than any illusion Caleb could give her. If their love was so strong and real why did Jack leave? Jack answers because he was afraid he would hurt her. He never stopped loving her and he never will. If Caleb can give her what she needs then why did he leave her. Caleb's love is an empty love. Jack told her to feel deep within her heart, when she is alone and there are no voices around, what does she feel. She reaches into her soul and discovers that it is Jack that she loves, she takes the wedding ring off and lets it fall to the ground, they kiss and are transported back to the lighthouse. Michael insists that Eve leave immediately. Eve asks why she can't stay, is it because of his feelings for her. Michael told her it's because he can't have feelings for her, he's a priest and has devoted himself to God, but because of his thoughts and feelings for her he has begun to question his calling in life. Eve told him he should never doubt, he has done wonderful things to help her and the baby. She is glad that he is in her life and that they were both wrong and misunderstood each other. She lets him know that she feels partially to blame for the tension between them. The love she has for Michael isn't the same as for Ian, she fell in love with the goodness in Michael and the person he is. Michael told her not to blame herself, she should have been able to come to him for help without him misunderstanding her intentions and falling in love with her.

Father Vicente told Gaby to pray, although she feels lost to the dark side. He tries to let her know that it was the evil around her that did these terrible things and not her. Ian asks if she wants to get better and she nods yes. Michael thanks Eve for opening her heart to him. It means everything; no one has ever felt that way about him before. Eve told him because he devoted his life to protect Caleb he never had the chance for that. Michael insists now that Eve leave, she afraid to leave him alone but he replies "I'm never really alone". Eve assumes he is referring to God. They promise to keep in touch and say their goodbyes. Michael feeling a presence turns to find Caleb. He thought Caleb had been destroyed, but Caleb told him he was only weakened never destroyed and that Eve has really twisted his mind if he couldn't tell the difference. Tired of hearing Michael whine about Eve Caleb taunts him that he will never posses her. Eve may not be "in" love with Michael but she does see him and love him for the person he is. Caleb conjures up illusions and lies and then makes them fit into his own world. Caleb has never been really loved, not like the love Jack has for Livvie or Eve has for Michael. Livvie is afraid that if she gives into Jack's love again he will push her away. Jack says that pushing each other away is what endangered them in the first place. Loving each other will save them and destroy Caleb. Kevin is destroying the house while Lucy is waiting for some sign to tell her where the secrets are hidden. Rafe announces that he has found a key around James neck. They try to remember what happened before James dies. Realizing James became protective when Kevin was at the bookcase, they figure the answer is somewhere in the bookcase. Kevin went back and starts throwing things around and pushes against some books. The bookcase flies open and a door appears.

After making love, Livvie and Jack talk about what has happened. They realize that their love is real and together they can fight Caleb. Livvie is sure that Caleb will come back and that she won't be able to fight her feelings for him.. If she trusts in their love they will beat him. After leaving Gaby with a crucifix and prayer Ian begins to question Father Vicente about Michael. When Father Vicente asks the name of the priest that helped him, Ian told him Michael Morley. Father Vicente is surprised and says Michael came to him and asked to be a priest but didn't want to go the conventional way(take the time). Ian says he had him checked out but Father Vicente is sure he just got the answers that Michael planted. Kevin, Rafe and Lucy find a hidden room behind the bookcase. In it is a book enclosed in glass. Rafe opens it with the key and they find they are looking at the Morley Family Tree. They begin to look up Caleb and Michael. Kevin has found Caleb's name but not Michaels, anywhere. He suddenly realizes that Caleb and Michael are one. Michael taunts Caleb saying that he will never have Livvie because she loves Jack. But Caleb yells that she 'will' be back. Michael laughs which infuriates Caleb and he grabs Michael by the throat. Caleb told Michael it must be hard knowing he will never have Eve, that the only way he will ever have her is to become like him. Michael told him that knowing Eve sees the good in him is enough. Caleb backs off. They are arguing when Eve walks back in and overhears the yelling. She walks into the room where they are arguing only to have Michael yell at her to leave immediately, Caleb is there. Worried and frightened, she looks around and asks, "Where is he?" Michael, turning around, says "Right here, Eve. How could you miss me?" Michael has become Caleb.

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