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Monday, August 13

Michael was devastated over killing Caleb but Ian needed proof. Ian told Michael they would all go on with their lives - with his preferably far away and Michael agreed. Lucy and Kevin wound up at a tourist trap in Transylvania. Livvie pressured Jack to turn her but he refused. Livvie pretended to understand but prepared to go to Caleb. Lucy's relatives seemed to all reside in a cemetery which she and Kevin visited as someone watched. Lucy found a headstone for an ancestor with her name and promptly fell in a hole. Kevin returned from getting something from his bag and Lucy was gone. Jack found Livvie waiting for Caleb on the balcony and calling for him to take her with him as he'd promised..

Tuesday, August 14

Kevin pulled Lucy from the hole she had fallen into. They found the same inscription on a tombstone as on the necklace Michael had given Eve - "family is all." Chris injected Gaby with a "test formula" which knocked her out. Jack tried to make Livvie understand that being like him was horrible. Kevin got a message that Caleb was dead and they prepared to go home. A shadowy figure lurks outside Lucy's door. Livvie mistook Michael for Caleb and Michael told her Caleb was dead. Livvie refused to believe them even when Eve told her about her baby. Livvie collapsed with grief. Concerned about Gaby, Alison bravely went into the cage prompting Chris to follow and attempt to revive her. He finally agreed to take her to the hospital. Lucy suddenly couldn't breathe and passed out while Kevin was delayed in the lobby by a man who claimed to have information about the Koviches.

Wednesday, August 15


Chris and Frank rushed Gaby to the hospital. Karen was shocked when Chris tried to explain to her how Gaby became so ill. Fearing the worst she quickly paged Ian and Eve for help. They where equally surprised when then saw Gaby, and found out what Chris had been doing. Eve criticized Chris for putting another person's life at risk. After Gaby was stabilized, Ian, Eve, Karen and Frank approached Chris and told him that they needed to know what he had learned from his research to try to find an antidote to cure everyone that Caleb had infected. Chris told them that there was still much research that needed to be done, and suggested that they come up with a fake plague and quarantine the rooms of everyone affected to make it easier to keep their research private from the other doctors until they can come up with a cure for them. Karen was then interrupted by a phone call, and when she hung up she informed the others that Alan Quartermaine was coming up to visit, and he didn't sound happy.

Jamal sat by Gaby's bedside, feeling very guilty that he had trusted Chris to care for her. When she woke up, he told her that she had almost died. Still groggy, she told him that it would have been better if they had let her die. She didn't want to continue feeding off people to survive. Jamal promised her that they would find a cure, and she would have the happy life she deserved. Alison walked in and was was surprised when Gaby apologized for being so mean to her, and was grateful to Alison for helping to save her life.

Jack tried to comfort Livvie, but she refused to listen to him. After she went upstairs, Jack asked Michael for help. Michael told Jack about Caleb's struggles after Olivia's death, and how he tried hard to control his urges for a long time. He even agreed to live in confinement with Michael at the Monastery until the night he escaped and saw Livvie in the woods. He could no longer control his vampire urges. This confirmed Jack's fear that Livvie would always be in danger if he was around. Jack then asked Michael to watch over Livvie and keep her safe. He called Jamal and told him that it was time to end his life.

As Livvie slept, she had a vision of Caleb. She reached out for him, but Caleb told her that they could not be together because of Michael. Livvie woke up screaming and found Michael at her bedside. Frightened, She asked him if he was going to kill her, and he replied that he was only going to kill the part of Caleb that was still with her.

A stranger approached Kevin at he entered the hotel lobby and told him that he had information for him about the Kovich Family. Kevin began to argue with the man but the pulled away after getting a strange feeling that Lucy may be in danger.

Barely conscious, Lucy saw an image of a man in black coming into the room. He broke a window to give her fresh air. When she woke up, Kevin was sitting by her bed. She was surprised when he told her that her didn't save her. She knew how much Kevin wanted to get back to Livvie, but was not more determined than ever to find out her family history, and why someone wanted her dead. Kevin insisted that it was dangerous for her to be there and they needed to leave. They where interrupted by the bellman's delivery of flowers and a letter for Lucy. She cautiously opened the letter which was from a man who told her that it was time that they meet. She then turned the envelope over and saw that the wax seal was that of the Morley Family crest.

Thursday, August 16

Jack begs Jamal to kill him. Jamal refuses explaining that Chris, Ian, Karen and Eve are back at the hospital trying to come up with an antidote to help Hack, Gabby, and Emilio. Jack is afraid that the antidote may not last long and that the urges will come back later and that his only hope for Livvie to be safe is for Jamal to kill him. Jamal tell him that he would never be like Caleb and that he must have faith. He will stick by him but he won't kill him. Jamal explains to Jack that when he is "hungry" Jack has these feelings of desperation and he just needs to "feed". Realizing Jamal is not going to give him what he wants, he agrees to go get something to eat and heads out the door with a sidetrack up to Livvie's room to say goodbye.

Karen, Ian, Eve and Chris are awaiting the arrival of an upset Alan Quartermaine. They are not sure but don't think he knows what is going on. Chris doesn't want to hear what the guy has to say and turns to leave only to come face to face with Alan. Upset, he asks, why Gabby with no none medical history is upstairs, under guard with written order that NO ONE, nurses, doctors and chief of staff are allowed in there. Only the residents. As they all hem and haw for a quick answer, Ian told Alan that he deserves to know the truth. After explaining what is going on, Alan stands dumbfounded and can't quite decide what if any questions he has. He is shown proof of Gabby's condition and is satisfied that the residents know what they are doing. told them to continue with the experiment and that they never talked. He instructs a nurse outside the room that Gabby is to be moved to 8th floor lockdown and the guard is to remain. No one is to enter her room.

Michael told Livvie he is not there to hurt her. Livvie responds that Michael will never get her to hate Caleb. She refuses to listen to the man that killed him. Michael grabs her and told her she must listen to the truth, that she doesn't know Caleb. She went on to say that he promised her a wonderful life, at which point Michael joins in and repeats all that Caleb said to her. She looks at Michael in surprise as he continues. All that Caleb promised her, he says, was the exact same things he promised to Olivia; Caleb never really loved her... she was just there to replace the void of someone she resembled -- to right the wrong of killing his love. Michael went on, explaining that Caleb just wanted to destroy her life and urges Livvie to forget everything Caleb had said to her. Michael also insists that Livvie is better off without Caleb in her life. Michael feels he has accomplished his task and leave. After he does, Jack enters.

Livvie told Jack that she has come to her senses and wants him. Livvie hugs Jack saying she remembers their love and what it was like between them, but Jack told her that there is no going back. After all she has said and done they must go their separate ways. Livvie cries that she needs Jack to help her forget Caleb, but Jack sticking to his guns pushes Livvie away and told her that after all of this he no longer loves her. She tries to win him over with a kiss but he backs off and told her no. I don't love you anymore, and leaves. Livvie can't believe he's gone, and Jack, outside Livvie's door told her to have a nice life and that he will always love her.

Lucy packs a bag filled with "vampire protection" articles and listens to Kevin lecturing her about it being a bad idea to go to some strange house in the middle of the night "in vampire country." She has no idea who sent the message; it could possibly be the person who tried to kill her. Lucy rebuts that he could have been the person who sent the flowers and note to meet. There is no way she is going to wait until morning or go home and lose her chance to find out who she is and where her family came from. If Kevin wants to go home to Livvie by all means go, but she is staying. Kevin told her that he won't leave her there alone. Lucy heads for the door with Kevin in tow. They arrive at the house and knock only to have the door open. As they call out in the house for anyone, Kevin tries to convince her that no one is home, but Lucy feels a presence in the house. She pulls out her crystals for an answer, which reveal to her that it's time to leave. They bolt for the door only to have it slam in their faces. Screaming and banging on the door, they can't seem to budge it, Kevin told her to relax and give him some space to try. She backs off and into a gray-haired gentleman, who greets her with "Welcome, I've been expecting you."

Friday, August 17

Karen, Frank, Eve and Ian arrive home to celebrate the fact that they weren't fired from their jobs and that Caleb is gone. Kevin and Lucy confront the stranger asking why they were summoned to the house and why all the mystery. He told them that they are in a safe haven and free from harm from the villagers. Kevin and Lucy turn to leave but are warned, if they go, they may not make it home. Jamal assures Alison that all is well with Jack and Livvie. Overhearing them Livvie told both Jack has left. Livvie leaves, crying that she has nothing left to live for. Jamal not surprised Jack is gone, believes he has left to die. Jack has gone to the catacombs.

Their "host" gives Lucy and Kevin a tour of the grounds and invites them to stay over. told them that the villagers are extremely superstitious and believe that Lucy has brought mortal danger to their town. Lucy deduces that she is related to Caleb/Michael. Kevin insists on knowing the name of their "host." He says that his name is James Richfield, retainer for the Morley family. Richfield does not flinch at the mention of Caleb's name and confirms that he knows of Caleb and his "condition." Caleb was banned from the house years ago and left the town. Kevin believes that it was just recently that Caleb left. Richfield offers to get them transportation safely out of town in the morning. Alison and Jamal, racking their brains for where Jack would have gone, remember the catacombs and head out. Jack lies dying.

Livvie went to forest and talks to Jack out loud, remembering how happy they were and how sorry she is now for throwing it all away. He was right to leave, but the pain is unbearable. She has nothing left; he has taken her heart with him. Jack, in the catacombs, told Livvie he had to let her go and says good-bye. Livvie says good-bye. James told Kevin and Lucy they are free to go anytime but to remember they are in "vampire country" and that the belief in vampires is real there. They announce to James that Michael has killed Caleb. With a saddened look, James states it must have been difficult for Michael to do this. In light of this information he excuses himself to make arrangements. Kevin leaves to make reservations to go home leaving Lucy. While Frank, Karen, Eve and Ian celebrate their safety, Karen gives Eve a necklace. Ian takes off the necklace Michael gave her and replaces it with the new one. Livvie, leaving the woods, hears a noise, and calls out for Jack. As she turns, she finds a weakened Caleb stumbling through the bushes. He collapses at her feet.

Alison and Jamal find a dying Jack and plead with him to come back with them. He told them to let him go. Jamal leaves to get blood and Alison begs Jack to hang on. Caleb looks to Livvie and asks was he wrong to love her. With his eyes glaring into hers, he told her it doesn't have to end, she holds the key to what he needs. He begs her to make him strong again-to save his life.

As the show concludes, the song "Tainted Love" plays and viewers are shown clips of what is taking place with everyone at that exact moment in time. Karen, Frank, Ian and Eve are celebrating as Ian and Eve hold Eve's belly, grateful that their ordeal is finally over. Lucy, left alone, is kidnapped. Alison comforts a dying Jack. Livvie gives in to Caleb and exposes her neck to him. Caleb flashes his fangs and bites into Livvie's flesh. As he does, Jack screams.

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