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Monday, August 6

Chris told Gaby that her blood test results were back and that they were very interesting indeed. Gaby told Chris that she could give him the fame and fortune that had always eluded him and that he so desperately wanted. Eve was rushed into emergency with labor pains. Karen was told the story about a vampire being in Port Charles. Eve and Ian told Karen that his name was Caleb and that he was Michael's brother.

Kevin and Lucy were en route to save Livvie from Caleb's evil plans. Jack arrived just as the minister said, "Is there anyone here who objects?" and, of course, Jack did. Livvie rushed to Jack. Jack told Livvie that Caleb couldn't kill him with her in the room, and she wouldn't leave. Lucy tried to comfort Kevin by telling him that Livvie loved him, and they would arrive in time to save Livvie. Kevin blamed himself for not protecting Livvie better.

Livvie told Jack that she would be reborn into everlasting life by marrying Caleb. Jack tried to warn Livvie that being a vampire wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Jack told Livvie that Caleb had made him a vampire, and he had been trying to be careful with her. Livvie responded by telling Jack that he hadn't trusted her enough with the information about him being a vampire, so she would marry Caleb, who loved and understood her.

Gaby tried to lure Chris by undoing her top to expose her breasts to entice him. She told Chris that the two of them together could make an unbeatable team. Chris looked very interested. Meanwhile, Eve was sobbing on Ian's shoulder because she knew that Caleb was behind these labor pains. Karen told Ian that all the test results were fine and that the problem was in Eve's mind, which could be just as dangerous for Eve and the baby. Karen told Frank the vampire story. They concluded that was why Gaby had been acting so strangely.

Caleb looked deep into Livvie's eyes, and she was transformed into believing him once again. Just then, Caleb and Jack began to hit one another, and Jack was hurled against the wall, knocking the wind from him. Livvie was concerned about Jack, but Caleb had her looking into his eyes, and she seemed to forget all about Jack. Just then, Kevin and Lucy burst in. Jack grabbed Livvie and took off. Lucy followed after Kevin ordered her to do so. Kevin and Caleb met face-to-face.

Tuesday, August 7

Kevin and Caleb argued at length about Livvie. Kevin said Caleb would never marry his daughter; Caleb didn't know what love was, but Jack did. Kevin swore it wouldn't happen, but Caleb told him it would. Kevin was not afraid of death, but Caleb said he'd turn him then Kevin himself would deliver Livvie to Caleb.

Jack tried to make Livvie remember their love, to no avail. Lucy got worried about Kevin and went to help while Jack took Livvie home. Lucy arrived just as Caleb approached Kevin, but, when she touched Caleb, he stopped and acted frightened. She and Kevin ran.

Eve was terrified for her child, although all her tests were normal. Karen tried to reassure her. Ian went to take Eve home, but she wasn't in her room. She was in the chapel, praying for help, when Michael arrived. She told him he had to choose -- her or his brother.

Lucy and Kevin wondered why Lucy had affected Caleb so strongly. She wondered if they could be related.

Wednesday, August 8

by Jill

Eager to get a ride, Kevin stepped out in the middle of the road to flag down Eager to get a ride, Kevin stepped out in the middle of the road to flag down a huge semi. The driver gave them a ride to a restaurant so they could make arrangements to get home. While they waited, Kevin and Lucy continued to discuss the possibility of Lucy being of vampire descent. Kevin then saw someone using a laptop computer and posed as an FBI agent to have access to it.

Kevin began tracing Lucy's family tree, but was quickly frustrated by error messages. He then gave up when he lost his connection. He left to phone Victor, and Lucy gave it a try. She was able to reconnect and trace the family back to Eastern Europe. She was then astonished when she found that her great, great, great-grandmother was from Transylvania.

Eve told Michael that she knew he could stop Caleb, and when he told her that he couldn't do anything that time, she told him how she had overheard his prayer confessing that he had fallen in love with her. He first denied it, telling her that he loved her as a friend. Eve told Michael that she could not get Caleb's threats out of her mind and that he had to help her protect her baby. As she began to cry, he hesitated, but then he hugged her to try to comfort her. Michael apologized to Eve and confessed to her that her was in love with her. He looked up and saw Ian standing in the doorway of the chapel.

Alison and Jamal went to the lighthouse to see Livvie. A brainwashed Livvie told them how wrong they were about Caleb, that he was kind and gentle and had even taken her mother to see her. Jack, Jamal, and Alison could not believe it when she told them that Rachel was fully recovered and had even given her blessing to Livvie's marriage to Caleb. Desperate to break Caleb's spell, Jack took Livvie to see Rachel at the sanitarium.

Livvie was confused by the nurse's comment about Rachel never receiving visitors and that Estelle has even stopped going because Rachel's condition had not improved. Livvie entered the room and found Rachel lying in her bed in a catatonic state. As Livvie tried to talk to Rachel, she was disturbed to see Rachel so unresponsive after "seeing" her well and looking better than ever just the day before. Jack opened his arms to comfort her, but she angrily walked past him and out of Rachel's room.

Jamal went to visit Gaby, taking with him some of his mother's pictures. She let him know that she was not happy to see him. He told her that family was family, and he would stand by her no matter what. He showed her a picture of him as a young boy and told her that he was sorry they hadn't gotten to grow up together. She coldly asked him what she was supposed to do with a bunch of old pictures. He told her that it didn't matter what she did with them, but like it or not, he would be back. She ignored him and pretended not to care about the pictures but then went over to get them as soon as Jamal had left.

Thursday, August 9

Eve and Michael were surprised when Ian failed to become upset upon hearing Michael confess his love for Eve. What Ian did do was lay into the priest for his inability to keep his brother under control. As Ian skirted the issue, Michael realized that Ian wanted him to end the threat to Eve and their baby by killing Caleb.

Later, Eve embraced Ian and thanked him for being so understanding. Jamal discussed with Alison his earlier confrontation with Gabriele and the two argued about how to deal with his vampire sister. When she warned him that he was going to be hurt by her, Jamal accused her of not caring anything about family.

Jack, Lucy, and Kevin tried to convince Livvie that she was simply a substitute for Caleb's first dead love. Refusing to believe them, Livvie accused Jack of making Rachel sick again and promised to return to Caleb the first time she could escape from her friends and family. Lucy realized that she might be the key to stopping Caleb and agreed to go to Transylvania with Kevin. Michael faced off with his brother.

Friday, August 10

Lucy and Kevin were off to Transylvania to find Lucy's roots and explore the possibility of her being related to Caleb. Kevin and Lucy were still unsure of what it was that made Caleb "afraid" of Lucy but were sure they could find the answers in Transylvania. Lucy had mixed feelings about finding out her roots. She was happy that she had found out that she did have ancestors but not so sure about the fact that they might be vampires. Lucy told Kevin that if he wanted, he could leave. Not knowing what they would find, Lucy was afraid Kevin might not care for her family history. Kevin let Lucy know that it didn't matter what they found; he would always care for her.

Landing in Transylvania, Kevin and Lucy asked for help with their luggage. The porter asked for their claim check and gave Lucy and Kevin a long, interested look. Lucy was sidetracked after looking at the porter. They left to wait for their luggage as the porter rushed to the phone and informed the person at the other end that "she" had arrived. The porter was told to keep an eye on them. A mysterious hand with the family crest ring hung up.

Eve and Ian saw a sonogram showing them that the baby was all right. While waiting for Ian to get the car to go home Karen tried to convince Eve that she needed to calm down. Her mental state was what was going to harm the baby. Eve tried to tell Karen that she couldn't calm down as long as Caleb was alive and trying to take her baby. Karen suggested that she live with Ian and Eve to help with the baby and pregnancy.

Eve said no; she couldn't put anyone else's life in danger. Ian agreed until Frank walked in and stated that both Karen and he would stay at the apartment with them. They would all fight Caleb. Karen was left alone for a few minutes when someone showed up to talk to her. She was startled to see who it was.

Jack kissed Livvie to try to get her to return to him. She was still under Caleb's spell and was determined to leave. Jack begged Livvie to remember the love they had once had. Livvie was beginning to give in and kissed Jack again. Livvie begged Jack to make love to her and help her to forget Caleb.

Livvie wanted Jack to give her everything that Caleb had promised. She was convinced that being a vampire was the only way to live. Jack was fighting his feelings to make love to Livvie but lost and became a vampire. Livvie was more determined than ever to get Jack to bite her. She swore that if Jack did that for her and gave her the eternal life they wanted together, she would forget everything and everyone that loved her -- even Caleb.

Caleb, laughing at Michael's threats of death, questioned Michael if he was there to beg for Eve and her baby again. Caleb told him to turn and leave. Michael questioned why Caleb was hiding in the basement of the church. He asked if the wedding had not taken place. Caleb stated there had been a minor setback, but all would be his eventually. Michael sensed something was wrong and questioned Caleb as to what or who had frightened him; he had seen him that way before and knew he had been weakened.

Michael told Caleb that he knew Caleb has seen the future and that the end was near. Caleb laughed Michael off and asked him if he'd promised Eve he would kill Caleb for her. Caleb reminded Michael that he couldn't actually get rid of Caleb. Michael informed Caleb that his reign of terror was over and to prepare to fight. Caleb laughed and agreed with Michael; one of them would not survive.

Eve looked up and found a messy Michael standing beside her bed. Michael looked at Eve and told her that he had chosen between her and his brother -- he had killed Caleb.

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