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Monday, July 23

Lucy and Kevin again told the police that Jack and Livvie are missing. Livvie woke up in an unfamiliar house, in unfamiliar clothes as Caleb came to welcome her to "their home." Jack found himself in an electrified cage in Chris' lab. He tried to talk Chris into letting him go. Emilio survived but remained in bad shape. Gaby was angry and defensive. She told Alison and Jamal she and Emilio had a fight. Livvie asked what Caleb meant by their house; they don't know each other. She said she liked the house - but how did she get there? Caleb told her she fainted. Livvie asked if Caleb is a vampire. Jamal and Livvie couldn't get information from Gaby. She was angry and told them no one knew what "he" may do to Livvie. Kevin insisted there had to be a reasonable explanation for everything. Lucy tried to get him to open his mind to all the possibilities. Livvie told Caleb she needed to be in PC with her family but Caleb said she wasn't happy the previous night. Chris taunted Jack until Jack nearly broke out of the electrified cage. Gaby was horrified by feeding off her brother. Lucy and Kevin looked for clues and she found empty bags of blood. Livvie asked to go home but Caleb asked her to stay a week and give him a chance. Chris thought he killed Jack - but was wrong.

Tuesday, July 24

Horrified to realize that Lucy was right about Jack's transformation into a vampire, Kevin furiously confronts Jamal. Meanwhile, at the lab, Jack bares his fangs at his frightened brother, who tries to fend him off with a hammer but only serves to further enrage his attacker. Oozing charm, Caleb coaxes Livvie to give him seven days and nights to make her the happiest woman on earth. When she invokes her boyfriend's name, however, Caleb instantly drops the charm and snarls at her to forget Jack. Jamal and Alison explain to an astounded Kevin and Lucy how their pal returned from the dead with a taste for human blood. Caleb again tries to cajole Livvie into believing that her family and friends don't deserve her love or loyalty. Chris finally manages to escape from Jack's clutches and once again locks his brother in the electrified cage. Dazzled to realize that he may have stumbled upon the secret of eternal life, Chris begins to salivate at the thought of the millions he'll make. Livvie admits to Caleb how long she's yearned to be part of a normal family. Alison and Jamal show Kevin the cave where his daughter has been meeting with the new man in her life.

Wednesday, July 25

by Jill

Gaby had just given an unconscious Emilio another unit of blood, apologizing to him, and telling him that it was the least that she could do for him after she had taken so much from him. Karen walked in and questioned what Gaby was doing, since she had not ordered any more blood. Gaby quickly apologized and told Karen that she must have misread his chart because she had been so worried about her brother. Karen told Gaby that she understood, and suggested that Gaby take a break while she was with Emilio. Ian and Eve came in to check on Emilio's condition and Karen told them what Gaby said had happened. Other than him only having half of his normal blood supply, everything else was checking out OK, and Karen did not know what was wrong with him. Suddenly, Emilio opened his eyes, grabbed Ian and began attacking him. Karen and Eve quickly began filling a syringe to sedate him. Eve was surprised when Karen told her to double that amount of sedative, but Karen told her to do it as Ian struggled to keep Emilio pinned to the floor. Once sedated, Karen called for help to restrain him and they went out into the hallway to figure out what had happened. Gaby came back to his room and wanted to know why they where all outside of Emilio's room. Karen told her that he had awaken agitated and that he needed to be sedated. Gaby remarked that she better stay with him in case he woke up again. Karen began to compare his behavior to that of Jack and Judge Corwin's and wondered if there was a connection. Ian suggested that they compare blood work, and Eve said that she would talk to Kevin because Judge Corwin was his patient. Karen then decided to take Gaby off of Emilio's case.

Still sedated, Gaby talked to Emilio, and demanded that he wake up. He then slowly opened his eyes and she told him that she needed to know if she was adopted. He confessed to her that with so many boys, they all wanted a little sister, and that she was family; It didn't matter that she had been adopted. Gaby then knew why she had been able to feed off of Emilio, but then she wondered who her real family was.

Chris continued to taunt and tease Jack as her grew weaker inside the cage. He told him that he would only give Jack enough blood to feed, and not grow stronger. Jack told him that he was signing Livvie's death sentence by keeping him locked up, and asked Chris what he was going to do about it. Chris replied that he wasn't going to do anything and then told Jack that he was leaving for a few minutes but would be back. Jack was furious with Chris and knew he had to find a way out. Chris returned, still making crewel remarks to Jack as he walked into the room but was shocked to see the door to the cage opened and all of the blood gone. Jack appeared from behind and told him that he had helped himself to dinner and was feeling much better. Terrified, Chris tried to reason with Jack, but Jack told him that it was too late for that. As Chris ducked to try to escape, Jack grabbed him by the neck.

Kevin told Lucy that he had found Livvie's Jacket in Caleb's catacombs and Lucy told him that he must have her alone. She then told Kevin what she had found out about Chris taking a sudden leave of absence and visiting the blood bank before he left. Kevin told her that he was sorry that he had doubted Lucy's intuitions and wished that her could crawl into her head to figure out what to do next. Just then Lucy had a strange vision. Kevin told her to concentrate and she told his that she kept having flashbacks of Rachel at the place where she tied them up and took them to. Kevin realized that Lucy was referring to the laboratory and told Lucy that he wasn't going to question her intuition any longer, and they quickly headed for the lab. As they walked in they found Jack strangling Chris.

Livvie gave Rachel a hug and told her that she couldn't believe she was really there. Rachel told her that Caleb has made it all possible, because it was what Livvie had wanted more than anything. Livvie then became sad because she was afraid that Rachel wasn't cured. Rachel told her that she was all well, and it was now there time to be together. She also told her that the family curse that had plagued her, her Aunt Grace and her Grandmother was now broken, and that Livvie would always have the balanced mind and heart that she had right now. Rachel told her that she couldn't stay now, but very soon, she would be back for good. She told Livvie to believe this with all her heart, and wait there with Caleb until she returned. After Rachel left, Livvie rushed to Caleb's arms thanking him. She told him that since he gave her the thing that she had most wanted, she would now give him what he had asked for and would stay the week with him. Caleb continued to charm Livvie and told her that now he wanted to share something else very special with her and began kissing her neck.

As a nurse cared for Rachel, who was lying silently in a hospital bed staring blankly at the ceiling; she sympathetically commented that it was such a shame that Rachel hadn't even left her room since the day she had been brought in.

Thursday, July 26

by Jill

Caleb coyly evades Livvie's question about how he managed to make Rachel suddenly appear before her. Lucy and Kevin are horrified to find Jack squeezing the life out of his brother with his bare hands. Outraged to learn that her adoptive family lied to her for years, Gaby begins searching for her birth parents. Lucy finally convinces Jack to let Chris go. Afterwards, Jack locks the gasping doctor in his own cage and departs with the others to hunt for Livvie. Caleb confides to his new Olivia how he lost his first love on the very eve of their wedding. Gaby snarls at Jamal and Alison when they try to warn her that her stalker is probably a serial killer. Following their rough encounter with the surly nurse, Jamal whispers to Alison that Gaby has apparently become another victim of the vampire's curse. Caleb encourages Livvie to call home and make her family understand why she's chosen to stay with him.

Friday, July 27

Hoping Gaby will lead them to Caleb, Jamal and Alison tail the nurse and are puzzled when she heads straight to the office of an adoption agency instead. At the old monastery, Jack searches for clues to Livvie's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Caleb hints to an intrigued Livvie that he's about to reveal his true self. Kevin informs Eve and Ian that Michael's twin brother is a vampire. Jack guesses Caleb's motive for pursuing Livvie after unearthing the portrait of the first Olivia. Gaby is shocked by the contents of the file on her blood relatives. Lucy warns an incredulous Eve that Caleb desires the child she's carrying. Gaby icily informs Jamal that she is his sister. Caleb shows Livvie his fangs and is pleased when she doesn't recoil in horror. While snooping through the basement of the monastery, Jack stumbles over another one of Caleb's horrifying secrets.

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