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Monday, July 2

The candles are lit for a romantic evening with Gabriela who is lusting after Caleb. She remembers vividly her first encounter through a flashback. There is a knock at the door and she rushes to answer it only to find Joe there. She is disappointed to say the least. Joe is worried about Gabriela and how she is changing right before his very eyes. He can't believe that she is so convinced that this mystery man is Mr. Right after only meeting him once. Gabriela told Joe that he must leave and while shoving him out the door she scratches him. Joe is stunned but keeps telling her that he loves her. Gaby, however, shouts for him to stop.

Jamal and Alison try to revive Chris, who had been bitten by Jack! Jamal sees the teeth marks on Chris but Chris is thankful that he didn't break the skin. They question Chris as to what really happened there and Chris admitted that he tried to give Jack a sedative but that Jack wouldn't let him. Chris now knows that he must try and help Jack but he is unsure of what to do for him. Chris told Alison and Jamal that they don't know how to handle Jack any better than he does.

Later, Jamal heads to a supernatural bookstore and told the clerk the story about Jack. He asks the clerk for a possible explanation for his friend's behavior. Jamal muses that it sounds like his friend is a zombie. The clerk replies that there's "no such thing" as a zombie; what he had described, though, sounded like a vampire.

Jack told Caleb to stay away from Livvie. Caleb told him about the night he turned him into a vampire too. They show Caleb attacking Jack in the woods and sucking the blood from him. Caleb welcomes him to the family and reminds him the blood transfusion that he had and how he felt more alive after receiving it. Caleb told Jack that he made him a vampire but Jack is understandably suspicious. Caleb also says that he wants to make Livvie his bride. Caleb told Jack that he doesn't like the term killing but instead calls it "harvesting" to satisfy his hunger. He also told him that his first kill will make his transformation complete. Livvie comes to and Alison and Jack help her to her feet while Caleb looks on but nobody can see him but Jack knows he is still there. Alison and Livvie leave but are not getting along because of Jack. Alison says she needs to get away from Jack for a while because that is what Jack ask for. Livvie says that Alison is her best friend and she loves Jack and needs to help him to feel better again. Alison wants to take Livvie home but they turn around to go back. Caleb told Jack that he is his protégé and warns that there will be dire consequences if he doesn't leave Livvie alone.

Tuesday, July 3

Gaby discovers that she has a newfound appetite for the taste of human blood. Meanwhile, Jamal does more research into the legend of the vampire. In the woods, Caleb advances on Jack with fangs bared but Livvie's reappearance forces the creature to instantly retreat. Kevin becomes concerned when Jamal rebuffs his offer of help. Gaby waits impatiently for her new man to keep his promise and come back to her. Jamal asks Jack straight out if he's become a vampire. Frank bids an emotional farewell to his brother as Joe takes his leave of Port Charles. Alison attempts to convince Livvie to keep her distance from Jack. Later, Livvie tearfully confides her troubles to Kevin. Jamal is floored when Jack confirms his worst fears. As Jack suddenly doubles up in pain, Jamal hesitantly offers him a pint of packaged blood he stole from the hospital. Caleb returns to Gaby and once again sinks his teeth into her neck. Livvie agrees to move into the lighthouse for an extended visit with her dad.

Wednesday, July 4

by Jill

While enjoying a night alone, Lucy experienced a weird feeling and decided to consult her tarot cards for help. She uncovered the stranger card as well as a card about a baby boy. When she couldn't figure out what the connection was, she turned on the television to distract her. A telephone psychic was advertising her skills and Lucy kept it on to listen. She was stunned when she was able to predict exactly what Madame Alicia predicted. Her shock intensified when Madame Alicia said that she was connecting to someone and couldn't shake the image of a baby boy. At the cabin, Eve stroked her wedding dress and told Ian that she wished she didn't have to give it back to Michael. Ian suggested that she put it on one last time, but she decided to let her memories suffice. As she sat on his lap, she felt the baby move. Ian placed his hand on her belly and they laughed in delight when the baby kicked. Caleb returned to the monastery and flipped out when he saw that Olivia's wedding dress was gone. Michael explained that he had let Eve wear it when she married Ian. Caleb warned Michael that he would destroy Eve if he didn't have the dress back immediately. Michael hurried to the cabin and reluctantly asked Eve for the dress. He told them that the dress had special meaning for Caleb and Eve gave it back. When Michael left, Ian and Eve mused over Michael's strange relationship with Caleb. Uneasy about the potential danger, Ian suggested that they return to Port Charles. Jamal and Jack were reeling over the incontrovertible proof of Jack's condition. Jack's first concern was protecting Livvie--from himself, from finding out the truth, and mostly, from Caleb. Livvie and Alison came in as Jack mentioned Caleb and she asked how Jack knew him. Jamal covered and said that he had told Jack about Caleb. Jamal and Alison left them alone to talk. Jack demanded that Livvie stay away from Caleb, but he didn't tell her why he was so adamant. Livvie promised to keep Caleb at a distance and refused to let Jack keep pushing her away. They made love, but Jack was clearly still disturbed by everything he knew about himself. Alison told Jamal that since the mystery with Jack was almost over, they should think about re-opening the bike shop because they lost a lot of money. Knowing the real truth, Jamal said he didn't think that was such a good idea. He told Alison that he wanted to spend more time with her, when in truth, he was afraid for her safety.

Thursday, July 5

by Jill

Lucy told Kevin about her connection with Madame Alicia, and how the tarot cards kept revealing the stranger card followed by the baby boy card time after time. She even did it for Kevin, and the same two cards came up once again. She told him that she was going to meet with Madame Alicia to find out more. Kevin was paged with an emergency call and asked if she would stay with Livvie until he returned. With the stranger card in hand, Lucy went to answer a knock at the door. She opened it to find Caleb claiming that he was lost, asking to look at a map or use the phone. Lucy was very disturbed by Caleb's presence and quickly turned him away.

Gaby was daydreaming about her recent visit with Caleb. When Karen and Frank tried to talk to her she bluntly told them to stay out of her affairs. In her rush to leave, Gaby bumped into another nurse, dropping the folder that she was carrying. As Frank bent down to help her pick up the contents he found a paper with Caleb's name written all over it. After Gaby left, Karen told Frank that her guess is that Gaby is keeping Caleb such a secret because he is probably married.

Unable to get past Lucy, Caleb returned to Gaby for help in getting to Livvie. Caleb angrily warned Gaby not to continue to tell people about him. She told him that she was just telling Frank and Karen how special he made her feel. Caleb then began to charm Gaby and told her how bad he wanted to be with Livvie, and that she was going to help him. As Gaby went to Kevin's door to talk with Livvie, Caleb waited in the bushes.

Ian and Eve returned to Port Charles, and invited Karen and Frank over to tell them their good news! Karen filled them in on what had been going on especially with Joe leaving town, and the mysterious new man in Gaby's life. Eve also concluded that he must be married since Gaby is keeping him such a secret.

Sam went to the hospital to talk to Chris, sharing with him that she feared that she would be Jack's next victim. Chris warned her to stay away from Jack. When he suggested that she leave town she told him that she was broke, and asked Chris if he would help her out. Chris told her that maybe they could help each other.

Jamal tried to talk to Jack about how that could protect Livvie from Caleb. With a wooden stake and mallet in hand Jack told Jamal that he was going to kill Caleb himself. Jamal warned Jack of the danger in that, but Jack was determined to stop Caleb at any cost. Jack knew that this meant that he would have to kill someone else first, and when Jamal asked who that was going to be Jack told him that he wasn't sure, but it would be someone who deserved it. As Jamal tried to keep Jack from leaving, Jack became angry and threw him against the wall knocking him out. Walking out into the alley Jack ran into Sam. Jack snickered and told Sam that he was just talking about her, and started walking towards her.

Friday, July 6

Gaby talks her way into the lighthouse on the pretext of offering Lucy her apology for her inappropriate behavior at the Nurses Ball. At GH, Karen performs an ultrasound for Eve and Ian. Lucy phones the psychic she saw on cable TV and sets up a meeting with Madame Alicia. Gaby told Livvie about the mesmerizing new guy in her life. Sam shakily assures Jack she won't cause him any more trouble. Later, Jack told a relieved Jamal that despite his thirst for human blood he let Sam escape unharmed. Gaby's description of her "soul mate" rings some hauntingly familiar bells for Livvie. Meanwhile, Michael tracks his brother down at the cave but Caleb calmly informs the priest he cannot stop what has already been set in motion. Ian and Eve are thrilled to see the first images of their unborn son. Jamal and Jack return to the occult bookstore in hopes of learning some way to stop Caleb which won't involve the destruction of innocent lives. Caleb explains to a horrified Michael how he and Olivia will make Eve's child their own. Lucy's tarot cards give her reason to worry about the Thornharts' blessed event. Livvie is drawn back to Caleb's lair.

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