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Monday, May 28TH

Ian was pleased to see how well Arianna's recovery was going. Joe suggested that since Arianna was doing so well, maybe it was time for Ian to get his life back. Ian decided that Joe was right and he went in to see Arianna. She thanked him for saving her life and wished him luck with Eve. Ian didn't know where he should look for Eve first until he remembered the cabin. Though Eve was prepared to leave for a new adventure, she went back to the monastery and confessed to Michael that she had no clue how to start. She asked him if she could stay and help him with the restoration until she figured something out. Michael surprised her with his adamant refusal. He wouldn't give her good reasons for his denial though and Eve eventually got him to agree to let her stay for a few days. Alone, Michael prayed for Eve's safety and asked that nothing bad be allowed to touch her. Frank covered when Karen questioned his words of time travel. He was going to leave her alone to rest, but she didn't want to be apart from him. He sat beside her on the bed and told her a fairy tale that was remarkably similar to Frank's journey through time. Karen cried over the beautiful story and told Frank that it sounded strangely familiar. Livvie confided in Alison that Jack had been overly passionate in bed the night before. She became too embarrassed to go into greater detail, but Alison made her promise to tell her more later. Jack sauntered in and asked Alison if they had been talking about him. Their conversation was interrupted when Garcia and Andy came in for a cup of coffee. Alison was shocked by Jack's antagonistic attitude towards the cops and diverted his attention from them by teasing him about his wild night. Jack told her he would show her exactly how wild he was and he pulled her into a kiss. Just then, Jamal and Zach walked in. Jamal pulled Jack off of Alison while Zach slipped away after spying the cops. Andy asked if anyone wanted to press charges, but nobody did. Jamal couldn't believe that Jack would betray his friendship in such a way. Alison took it lightly, assuming Jack had been joking. Livvie, who had come in when Jamal hit Jack, was also stunned by Jack's behavior. Jamal told Jack that he didn't want his help with the race because Jack was acting too weird. Livvie confronted Jack and asked him what was going on. Jack had no idea what was wrong with him.

Tuesday, May 29TH


A grateful Arianna fervently thanked Karen for donating part of her liver and thereby saving Arianna's life. Karen told Arianna that she wouldn't have had the courage to do it if it hadn't been for Eve. Arianna revealed that Eve would find out about her sacrifice because Ian went in search of her. When Karen left, Gabriela came in and said she had placed a call to Victor. She asked if Arianna was sure about her plans and Arianna said it was time for her to begin her life.

Ian searched for Eve at the cabin, but was stymied when he could find no trace of her. He decided to look around the woods, thinking he would find a clue out there.

Lucy and Serena packed a picnic lunch and prepared to journey to the woods to secure the last of Serena's Ladybug troop badges. Lucy was a little put-off when everyone kept warning her that the woods were spooky and weird things had happened there. At the campsite, Lucy laid out the picnic and tried to help Serena, who pulled away from Lucy. She told her mother that she was tired of being treated like a baby when she was so close to her teen years. Lucy promised to be more respectful of Serena's age, but warned her that in private, she would still be Lucy's baby. As they tickled each other, a noise in the woods disturbed them. Lucy grabbed her purse and started beating a man as he came out of the bushes. It turned out to be Ian. He tugged her purse away from her and the stranger tarot card fell out. Lucy revealed that the card meant danger for him or someone close to him. Ian told Lucy and Serena to leave the woods because he felt that something was wrong.

Eve looked around the monastery for Michael, but he didn't respond to her calls. She had come with a question about one of the places he suggested needed her medical expertise. As she waited for him, cold air filled the room and Eve relit the candles when they blew out. She tried to get into another room thinking that Michael was inside, but the door was locked. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the door opened and Michael came out. He told her that he hadn't heard her calling and wouldn't let her see inside the room. He brought out a cradle that he had carved for her baby and told her that it would keep the baby safe in their travels. Eve didn't think she needed any protection, but Michael maintained that there was a lot of evil in the world and it didn't hurt to have a little extra help. Eve agreed, but wondered about his strange attitude.

Wednesday, May 30TH


Karen persuaded Joe to release her from the hospital. Frank made her comfortable at home. He remembered that he still had her locket and returned it to her as Scott and Rhonda walked in to visit. Scott thanked Frank for taking such good care of Karen and told him that they would be visiting for a while if he wanted to take a break. He agreed that it would be a good time to leave for a while. Rhonda saw the locket in Karen's hand and told Karen how proud Caroline would have been for what Karen did, and the person she has become. She laughed and told them that she almost didn't go to the dance the night Karen was conceived, but that a friend who had been helping her through all of the things that had been going on in her life had also encouraged her to go. Scott asked Rhonda who the friend was and she told him that it wasn't anyone he would know, he wasn't from Port Charles; he was from the future. Hearing this intrigued Karen because of the time travel story that Frank had told her in the hospital. She asked more about this friend and Rhonda said that she didn't remember very much, he had dark hair and ironically enough, his name was Frank.

Frank took flowers to Caroline's grave. He told her how sorry he was that he wasn't able to save her from the accident. He went on to tell her how proud she would have been of Karen, and that Karen is living out many of Carolyn's own hopes and dreams. He told her how difficult it was to keep his time travel journey to himself. He did not want to keep it all a secret, but was afraid something would come between them if he told her the truth. Frank then promised Caroline that he would always take care of Karen.

As Jamal was getting his bike ready for the race, Alison questioned his decision to not let Jack and Livvie come. Jamal told her that he had enough to worry about during the race and didn't need additional distractions. Alison became more nervous went someone gave Jamal a ribbon to wear during the race in memory of another driver who was killed while racing. Jamal assured her that everything would be OK, and she asked him if they could go for a ride before the race. Jamal took Alison out for a great ride. They stopped along the road and Alison told Jamal how wonderful the ride was but needed to do one thing before they headed back. She then went over to Jamal's bike, pulled out a part, and hurled it across the road. In shock, Jamal asked her why she had done that and Alison told him that there may be a race, but that he was not going to be in it.

Ian was about to give up on finding Eve when Granya "came" to visit him. She encouraged him not to give up now, he had come so far already. She told him to keep following his heart, and with a final check mate in their chess game, he when back out to find Eve.

Thursday, May 31

Following a drive into the countryside, Alison throws Jamal's keys away to prevent her boyfriend from entering the race. Meanwhile, back at the track, Jack decides to fill in for his missing friend despite vehement objections from a dismayed Livvie. Eve thanks Michael again for the beautiful hand-carved cradle he made. Showing Eve some research he did on a poor rural community deep in the Appalachian mountains, Michael suggests that his new acquaintance could be the answer to a prayer for the people of the isolated hamlet. Karen begins to wonder if Frank's fairy tale about time traveling might not be the real McCoy after all. While searching for Eve, Ian happens upon the old monastery in the woods. Jamal explains to a tearful Alison why he has to race for Zach's team. Eve pens a farewell letter to Ian.

Friday, June 1

Michael wishes his visitor godspeed and Ian departs just as Eve finishes her packing. Mary gives her older son some well-timed advice when Frank ponders a problem of the heart. A frightened Livvie fills Alison and Jamal in on how Zach forced Jack to enter the race. Meanwhile, Sam reminds Jack via the radio that his girlfriend's life will hang in the balance if he screws up. Karen asks Frank if his "fairy tale" has any semblance of truth. Eve confides to Michael how certain she was that she and her baby's father were destined to be together forever. Though her boyfriend shrugs off her persistent questions, Karen is astounded to discover a photo of an adult Frank standing next to his young, pregnant mother. Jamal overpowers Zach's goon, then gets on the radio and warns Jack to throw away the contraband he's carrying. Frank finally admits to Karen how he traveled back through time to ensure that the woman he loved would be born. Kneeling in the chapel, Eve prays that Ian will be safe and happy. Zach and his gang speed off in hot pursuit of Jack while Jamal races to help his friend. Ian and Eve are blissfully reunited.

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