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Passions Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on PS
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Monday, April 11, 2005

As Beth is celebrating the fact that there is no more evidence of her involvement in Sheridan's kidnapping, Luis is agreeing to have a DNA test done on Marty-though he says if the test proves that Marty is Sheridan's son, that would mean Beth was involved in the kidnapping, and he can't imagine Beth being that evil. They go to Beth's house and Sheridan tells Beth that they are there to give Marty a DNA test. Beth is very reluctant to have the test done and says that it isn't necessary. And besides, she says, she doesn't want to wake Marty and drag him to the hospital at this time of night. Sheridan explains that they've brought the lab technician with them, who can perform the test without even waking Marty up.

Ethan is discouraged by how tight the security at the Crane compound is. There is hope, however-he points out the laser-activated alarms to Theresa and says that if they can hit the lasers with his laser pen, it might deactivate the alarms. He boosts Theresa up so she is high enough to hit the lasers with the pen and she manages to knock out the three alarms. She and Ethan get inside the wall, where they find a basement window to crawl into. Before they go in, they decide to split up once inside. They kiss and say "I love you," then crawl into the building.

Fox wakes up in a basement room with his hands tied behind his back and Monique standing guard over him. She informs him that this room will be his home-forever. Fox distracts her while he works on untying his hands. When another guard arrives to take Monique's place, Fox asks him to go get him a glass of water. While he is gone, Fox gets his hands untied and when the guard comes back Fox knocks him out and leaves the room. He is making his way out of the hall when he hits Ethan over the head, mistaking Ethan for a guard. Fox wakes Ethan up and asks what he's doing there, and Ethan explains. They fight past two guards on their way to find Gwen, Katherine, Theresa and Jane, but then Ethan is held at gunpoint by another guard and Fox is told that if he moves, Ethan dies.

Gwen talks with Katherine and decides that by staying at the compound or being on the run, she is denying Ashley her father and that the best thing to do would be to return to Harmony-but not yet, as Gwen says that if she sees Theresa anywhere near her baby, Gwen will kill her. Gwen is aware that Theresa is "Ashley's" biological mother, but says that Gwen is her mother in every other way. Theresa finds the nursery and reunites with her daughter for a few minutes before Gwen walks in and demands to know what the hell Theresa is doing there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

At the Crane compound, Ethan and Fox were discovered by guards, fought them, only to be captured by another guard. The guard had a hold of Ethan and Fox talked to the guard. Distracting him, Fox and Ethan overpowered the guard and when he went for his dropped gun, Fox went after him. They struggled for the gun. The guard hit his head and was knocked out. Fox asked Ethan which of the women he was choosing and Ethan said that could come after they rescued the women. Fox told him that the second the women saw him they were going to demand that he choose. Fox pressed the point, saying he shouldn't have brought Theresa. Ethan explained as we saw a flashback of Theresa barging onto the plane. Fox asked which it would be. Fox told him that no matter what he decides, he'd be there to support him. Upstairs, Gwen thanked Katherine for listening and told her it was a good thing Theresa was far away, because she didn't trust herself not to kill her. Gwen walked into the nursery and found Theresa with Jane. Gwen demanded Theresa give her daughter to her. Theresa said that Ethan was also there and Gwen said she'd probably hidden on Ethan's plane and now she was trying to steal him too. Theresa said they were both there to take their baby home. Gwen kept looking at a pair of scissors and Theresa asked Gwen if she was going to stab her again. Theresa said she was taking Jane back to live with her and her father Ethan. Gwen wanted to know how she was walking. She said Theresa probably was faking her paralysis. She told Theresa she was going to stop her and Theresa asked if that was a threat. Gwen grabbed Theresa and the scissors and promised to kill her this time. Katherine yelled at Gwen to stop. Katherine stopped the fight and Theresa accused Gwen of losing Ethan because of her being a psycho. Katherine took the baby and told Gwen not to do anything she'd regret. Gwen said the only thing she regretted was not killing Theresa earlier as she attempted to stab Theresa with the scissors. Katherine grabbed Gwen and got her to drop the scissors, convincing her it wouldn't do to be violent in front of the baby. Gwen said she couldn't do it. Theresa yammered on about how much trouble Gwen will be in and Gwen realized she had nothing to lose and pinned Theresa down.

At the Wallace house, Mr. Bateman, the DNA lab technician arrived to take samples from Beth and Marty. Beth yelled out "no!" Sheridan asked Beth what she was afraid of and Beth stood there quivering. Beth said it was ridiculous. Sheridan asserted that it would be in her best interests. Beth told Luis she was sad that he let Sheridan treat her like this. She said she had no right. Luis said Marty is his child and he wants the test too. Beth said he was just humoring Sheridan so she didn't have to face facts. She's crazy and her baby was killed, and she needs to leave her and her baby alone. Luis asked why Beth was so upset. Beth said she was only protecting her baby like any mother would. She said she should be more understanding of Sheridan's condition but just because she's a Crane doesn't mean she can have everything she wants. Luis said this was the second time she'd turned down the test and wanted to know what she was hiding. (Edna stood to the side muttering about Bethie going down.) Sheridan it was because Marty is her baby boy. Luis told Beth that she was starting to look like somebody who was guilty. She said she shouldn't have to prove that their baby was theirs. She said it was too painful to have Sheridan trying to take her baby. Luis said they needed to take the DNA test and take it now.

At Tabitha Lenox's house, Tabitha let Julian and Eve in the door to take part in the confrontation with Whitney, T.C. and Liz. T.C. accused Eve for Whitney giving up his grandson for adoption. He asked her what Plan B was - "getting drunk and running over the baby like she did to him?" Julian told him that Eve wasn't responsible and T.C. went after him. T.C. and Julian fought and Eve and Liz pulled them off. Eve explained that she tried to keep Whitney from giving up the baby. T.C. asked Whitney what it was that made her give up her baby then. She said she had her reasons. T.C. said if it wasn't for Tabitha he wouldn't even know he had a grandson. Eve said she didn't call because T.C. told her not to ever call again. Liz started accusing Eve -- if it wasn't because of Eve, Whitney would have trusted her love for Fox and gotten married, and the baby wouldn't have been put up for adoption. Eve told Liz to stay out of it because it was none of her business and Liz countered that she is Whitney's aunt and when she marries T.C., Whitney will be her stepdaughter. Liz spewed more poison at Eve about all her lies and secrets from her past scarring Whitney and Simone. Julian drew Tabitha aside and told her that seeing this, he was convinced he wanted to be part of Endora's life. Tabitha told him that he'd made a mess of the relationships with all his other children, so she wouldn't allow it. A "downstairs friends" earthquake shook everybody up. Liz told T.C. they should leave since Eve and her lies wouldn't help anything. T.C. her loved Whitney and Liz said she did too then smirked at Eve. Eve told Whitney she should have talked to them first. Whitney said she did it for the baby's own good. As Whitney left, she told Tabitha that at least her parents were done fighting over her baby. Tabitha pulled out her vision bowl and saw what was happening on the waterfront -- Liz and T.C. whined about Whitney giving up her baby for adoption. Liz recommended that they adopt Whitney's baby so he could have the boy he always wanted. Julian and Eve moaned to themselves that it was like losing Chad all over again. Julian recommended that they adopt the baby. She asked the bowl who was going to end up with Whitney's baby. She decided this was another win for the dark side.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ivy tries to enjoy a romantic evening with Sam, but he's too focused on trying to bring down Spike and his new club. Meanwhile, Jessica feels uneasy about her tattoo of Spike's name and tells Spike he might be too old for her.

Backed into a corner, Beth reluctantly allows the lab tech to take Marty's DNA sample.

Fox questions Ethan about whether he's going to choose Theresa or Gwen. Fox theorizes about why Ethan loves each woman. In another area of the compound, Katherine is horrified as Gwen attempts to choke the life out of Theresa. Theresa gets the upper hand and knocks Gwen unconscious. Ethan and Fox arrive just as Katherine voices her fear that Gwen is dead.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

At the Bennett house, Ivy talked to Sam on the phone while he was at Spike's club. He said he'd be home as soon as he took care of the low-life club owner. He asked about Jessica and Ivy said she was in the living room with her on her cell phone. Meanwhile Jessica was on her cell phone arranging to get together with Spike later that night. Ivy asked Jessica who she was flirting with on the phone and Jessica refused to answer saying that she didn't have to tell Ivy anything because Ivy answered to her now and if Ivy didn't stay on her good side she'd have her dad call her mom to come home. Then Jessica flounced out and slammed the door. Sam got home and ranted to Ivy about Spike keeping up good appearances at his club, but he knew drug use and underage girls in back rooms would still go on. He decided to go check on Jessica in bed and Ivy yelled "No!" He asked why he couldn't go look in on his own daughter. She told him Jessica had finally gotten to sleep and should be left alone. He decided to check on her in the morning and thanked Ivy for being a help to him. He said he didn't know what he'd do without her. She said he'd never have to find out.

At Spike's club, Sam reminded Spike that he'd be on top of his club. Spike said there should be a citizen review board for cops who take the law into their own hands. Jessica arrived and told Spike that she was hoping they could go out to a movie and dinner. He told her that was kid stuff. He grabbed her hard on her wrist and took her into a back room. She wasn't sure she wanted to do that, but he forced himself on her and his buddy shut the door.

At the park, Luis and Sheridan discussed the ramifications of Beth being Sheridan's kidnapper. He asked her if she were convinced and she said she's never been more sure of anything in her life. Sheridan accused him of not believing her and Luis said he found it hard to believe Beth could do this since he's known her since high school. Luis struggled with wanting to believe Sheridan or at least not send her over the edge into craziness while not wanting to believe Beth could do anything bad to him or Sheridan. He asked if she thought Beth had pretended to be pregnant. He reminded her that Gwen had been suspicious and had gone to Beth's doctor and found that Beth was pregnant. Sheridan said she wasn't sure how this was all possible, but what about the DNA test? He said Beth was just being overprotective. He said Beth didn't have a devious bone in her body and Sheridan replied that desperate people did desperate things and then whined about not doing the DNA test sooner. Luis asked if she blamed him. Sheridan said she didn't blame him. She was just glad they were doing the tests to finally prove that Marty is hers. Luis didn't want her to be hurt if he's not. She said even Marty knows she's his mom. Luis scoffed and said it was because she breastfed and Sheridan said that was another point in her favor. Sheridan asked him if he thought she was crazy. Luis said it wasn't that he didn't want to believe her.

At the Wallace house, Beth said Luis couldn't fall for all of Sheridan's ranting and raving. Her mother reminded her Sheridan was right and that Luis was a cop so he could tell the bad guys from the good and her house of cards was going to tumble down and not to expect home cooked snacks because she was getting out of Dodge. Edna told her to be thankful she had as much time with Marty as she did. Beth whined that she loves him. She doesn't care what she has to do, she won't let them take Marty. Beth told her she wasn't going to buy into Edna's negativity. She said she is Marty's mother in all the ways that are important. Doesn't what she's done for him count for something? Edna reminded her that they wouldn't look kindly at her attempts to kill Marty's mother to get Luis. Beth asked for help and Edna said they were sunk without the brains of the operation - Precious. She decided to look on the internet for somebody to make her fake passports. Edna reminded her that was her idea. Edna said she was glad Beth was only plotting kidnap this time and not murder. Beth said wrong again. She was going to kill Sheridan on her way out of town so that later when Luis forgave her they could be a family. Edna said to just take Marty and run. Beth said if she can't have Luis, Sheridan can't either. She's saving her a life of pain and sorrow. She'll forgive Luis if he apologizes. They'll live happily ever after.

At the Crane compound, Gwen told Ethan to do what was fair and just say whom he chose. Theresa asked him who he was going to spend the rest of his life with and he just stood there between them, looking from one to the other. Theresa reminded him that he's her baby's father and Gwen yelled at her that it's because she killed her babies. Theresa told him not to let her bully him. Gwen listed all the rotten things Theresa did. Katherine tried to calm them down. Ethan and Fox said they should get out of there before more guards arrived. Theresa taunted Gwen saying that Ethan would choose her because he loves her. She told Gwen that the only reason Ethan married her was because she had been pregnant and now that she wasn't Ethan would be free to follow his heart. Gwen asked why then was he married to her and Theresa said it's because he's a good man. Theresa pleaded her case once more pointing out that Gwen couldn't give him children. Fox and Katherine stood on the sidelines bemoaning the nasty turn this was taking. Fox reminded them that they needed to go, and then rescinded himself asking Ethan to tell them whom he chose before they left. Ethan said he'd decided. He said it was difficult and that no matter whom he chose somebody would be hurt. Theresa was sure it was her, but Ethan said he chose to respect the vows he made with Gwen in church. Theresa, holding Jane broke into bitter tears. She said it can't be true! She asked him how he could walk away from her and their child for another woman and their love. She knew that he loved her. Ethan told her that the other woman is his wife and he loved her. Ethan had Fox take the baby and then pulled Theresa away to explain himself to her. She asked him how he could walk away from Jane and he promised to spend time with Jane. Theresa said he couldn't do that if they weren't a family. He said she was missing his point. He loved his wife. Gwen told Katherine how happy she was that Ethan loved her. Theresa told him there was still time; he could change his mind. Fox pulled her away and comforted her and told her she was strong and would get through this.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Simone barges into Whitney's room and demands to know why Whitney gave Simone's nephew up for adoption. She accuses Whitney of being even worse than Eve. Whitney defends herself by saying she gave up her baby to protect him from a horrible secret. Simone asks what secret and Whitney lies that she gave him up for adoption so he wouldn't have to live with the shame of everything that has happened to the Russell family-she wanted to give him a fresh start. Simone calls her selfish and storms out of the room. In the hall, Simone says there's only one thing to do and she has to do it.

Liz and TC go to the adoption agency and pick up the adoption application for Whitney's baby. They bring the papers home with them, fill them out and send them back to the agency, making their application one of three for the Russell baby. At the mansion, Eve is worried that Liz and TC may have come up with the same idea they did, to adopt their grandchild, but Julian assures her that Liz is too selfish to be saddled with a child. Eve is also worried that her upcoming trial will affect their chances of adopting their grandson. Julian tells her the Crane money and power will take care of that.

Spike and Jessica are lying in the bed in the back room of his club. He gets up and tells her she has to clear out and make room for the other guys. At the Bennett house, Sam is still seething at the idea of Spike being allowed to open another club. He goes to headquarters to see if he can find an alias that Spike might have used to commit crimes before. Before he leaves he tells Ivy to check on Jessica. Ivy calls Jessica's cell phone and warns her that she was just barely able to stop Sam from discovering that Jessica sneaked out. Ivy asks her to come home and Jessica tells her to stop trying to chaperone her, and she'll come home when she feels like it. Spike returns to the back room and tells Jessica she has to leave NOW. She does, but only after taking the cigarettes and lighter from the room. As soon as she is gone, Spike takes another girl to his back room. Jessica goes home and crawls in her bedroom window, where Ivy finds her. Ivy is horrified when she sees Jessica's "Spike" tattoo and realizes that Jessica has been spending time with him, the man who let Randy hurt Jessica. Jessica insists that Spike loves her, and when Ivy tells her he is using her, Jessica slaps her and shoves her out of her room. When Jessica is alone, she takes the lighter and burns herself.

At the compound, Fox shuts down the security system so they can get off the island while Theresa vows that she will never let Gwen take Jane away from her. Theresa says that Gwen has no legal rights to Jane, and Gwen says that no court in the world would let Theresa keep the baby after all she's done. After some deliberation, Ethan decides that Theresa can keep Jane as long as the feud between Theresa and Gwen finally stops. He says that since he convinced Sam to drop the charges against Gwen and because he and Gwen never pressed charges against Theresa for assaulting their surrogate, the slate is now clean. Fox tells them the plane is ready to leave, and Gwen, Ethan and Katherine leave Fox and Theresa alone for a few minutes. Theresa reveals her plan to Fox while they are alone with Jane-she says she will re-file the charges against Gwen for attempted murder, kidnapping and fleeing the country. She says while Gwen is in prison, she will have Ethan; she wants those years with Ethan, even if they're not married. She is confident that she will have Ethan, Jane, and Little Ethan. On the plane, Ethan tells Katherine to come back to Harmony with them, and then she can leave, instead of staying a prisoner on the compound. Ethan assures Gwen that they will have a family, but she says that Theresa will find a way to stop them.

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