The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on Y&R

Dru and Phyllis both opposed Daniel and Lily's growing relationship. Brad resigned from Jabot. A stranger slipped into Michael's place and took several items. Ashley informed John that Kevin had saved John's life. Jill became the new CEO of Jabot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 11, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Nick is surprised to see Victoria when he goes to Phyllis' door. He tells her it's good to see her and they sit down and talk. Victoria shows him some of her paintings and Nick talks about Cassie. Nick asks Victoria how long she will be staying in town and she wonders if he really is asking when she will be leaving.

Brittany is talking to Bobby at the bar when Angelo shows up. Angelo mentions Bobby going back to the club and talks about their friend Vinny. Brittany doesn't appreciate Angelo trying to get Bobby involved with his old friends again.

Mac flirts with J.T. and he kisses her.

Michael tells Paul and J.T. that he wants them gone. Michael and Paul start arguing and Chris gets in the middle.

Devon sees Lily holding hands with Daniel and remembers when they once held hands. He comes by the table and mentions that they seem to be getting a little chummy. Drucilla sees Daniel and Lily together and goes over to the table. She tells Daniel to leave and that she doesn't want Lily and him to hang out together. Daniel is upset and when Phyllis shows up at the coffeehouse, she asks him what happened. When Daniel explains the situation to Phyllis, she tells him to get over Lily. Phyllis tries to tell Drucilla that she agrees with her.

Michael tries to comfort Gloria and Ashley and Gloria argue about John. Kevin goes to the door and finds John collapsed on the floor. He screams out for help and then calls 911. He tries to help John by covering his hurt leg with his sweatshirt. He pleads for John not to die. When the paramedics arrive, Kevin tells them what happened. Ashley shows up and hears her father moan Kevin's name. She runs after Kevin wondering what he's done to her father.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Gloria is sitting at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar and is approached by Jack who nastily tells her to enjoy her coffee now, as she won't be running a tab there much longer.

At the hospital, Ashley anxiously awaits news about John, when she sees Kevin. She immediately begins verbally attacking him, blaming him for John's accident. Kevin denies hurting John. Ashley has her phone and is ready to call the police. As Kevin begs her not to call, the doctor approaches Ashley with news about John. He also sets her straight about Kevin's involvement....he was the one who saved John's life.

Ashley approaches Kevin and tries to apologize. Kevin won't forgive her for accusing him and said she could have listened to him. She explains that she's just finding it difficult to let go of all the things he's done to her family.

Nick wonders how long his sister plans on staying. He tells Victoria he wishes they were close again....Victoria agrees. She asks if their father has given Nick complete control of the company. Nick assures Victoria that he indeed has control and wants Victoria to tell him she has no problem with him running the company. He reminds her that she lost her chance to help run the company when she left town. Their conversation turns back to when Nick turned Victor into the Feds, and she tells him that he didn't have to turn their father in. Nick then says he has to leave for home and check on the family.

Brad enters Nick's office but finds Victor there instead. He tells Victor he's resigning from Jabot. Victor surprisingly tells Brad that he wouldn't be opposed to Brad working at Newman Enterprises and asks him what type of position he had in mind. Brad replies that he would want to be head of a division or subsidiary....nothing less. Brad starts to question Victor about Dru's position, when Nikki enters the office. Victor tells Brad he will keep in touch with him....Brad leaves. Victor then tells Nikki that Brad came looking for a job. Nikki is very surprised and even more surprised when Victor says Brad is a good man. Nikki is against Brad working at Newman Enterprises and reminds him that Nick is now in charge of the company. Victor states that Brad would be a good candidate to head the cosmetics division.

Phyllis tells Daniel he must stop seeing Lily. He tells his mother that Lily makes him happy, and he won't stop seeing her. Phyllis explains to Daniel that being with Lily could prove to be dangerous because of what he and Kevin did to her at the rec center. She's worried about Dru finding out about that and asks Daniel if seeing Lily is worth going to jail.

Lily is at the coffee shop thinking about the unpleasant encounter with her own mother about Daniel, when Devon joins her. They discuss the situation of yesterday regarding her and Daniel. Devon tells her that maybe she should back off seeing Daniel since it bothers her Mother. Lily strongly disagrees. She tells Devon that she likes him and finally feels normal again.

Lily and Daniel meet by chance in the coffee shop, and say they have been thinking of each other, both appearing very serious.

Brittany is at her apartment thinking about receiving the new baby blanket, when there's a knock at the door; it's J.T. and Mac. They give Brit a plant as a housewarming gift. She invites them in and thanks J.T. for the blanket. He looks perplexed, as he didn't send her the blanket. Brittany tells them Bobby is now working as a bartender at the club. She shares how happy she is, how much having the baby means to them and how important family is for both of them. When Mac asks about all her dreams of becoming a singer, Brit replies they are on hold now....and maybe forever. Mac and J.T. have to leave. Brit and J.T. embrace as Mac unhappily looks on. After her friends leave, Brit stares curiously at the baby blanket.

Michael, Paul and Chris are at the office embroiled in a huge argument, one trying to talk louder than the other. Christine gives Michael an ultimatum, yelling that if Paul goes, she will also leave. Paul fires back at Michael that he's the perpetual liar. Christine breaks in, stating that she thinks they can all make it work together and asks the two of them if they can give it a try; Paul agrees. Michael begrudgingly agrees, muttering that they will need to give him a wide path.

Jack and Jill are at the club. Jill orders champagne to celebrate her appointment as CEO of Jabot. Jill asks if it's a done deal, and Jack said the board still has to approve it. Jack then receives a call on his cell phone; it's Ashley telling them John has had an accident. Jack hurriedly leaves Jill at the table, telling her he'll call her later.

Jack arrives at the hospital where Ashley tells him their father has broken his hip and was accidentally stabbed with a letter opener. Jack then notices Kevin and wants to know what he's doing here. At that moment Gloria rushes in as Jack and Ashley are about to visit John. Gloria firmly tells them she is going in to see him first and tells the doctor she's his wife. The doctor agrees to escort her in first.

Nikki and Victor are still discussing Brad working for Newman Enterprises. Nikki reminds Victor of their bad history with one another and further reminds Victor that Dru is presently the head of the cosmetics division; he replies back that she's not qualified. The door then opens, and in walks Victoria! They are shocked. Victoria embraces both her parents. Nikki and Victor are elated that their daughter has finally come home....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Neil told Drucilla that she needed to have more faith in her ability to do her job and not be intimidated by the Newmans' problems. Drucilla said she had to come up with something great to impress them. However, not only was Phyllis a problem at work, she was encroaching on their personal life as well. When Drucilla explained that she didn't want their daughter dating Phyllis's son, Neil said that she might be overreacting. It didn't seem like Phyllis and Daniel were the problem; it was Dru who was being overly protective. Dru reminded him of the bad judgment Lily had shown in the past and said that Daniel was friends with Kevin. That was enough to make her doubt his character.

Daniel told Lily that they could still be friends, but maybe they should slow things down. It wasn't as if they were dating. Lily was hurt and asked why his mother hated her so much. When Daniel insisted that Phyllis didn't hate her, Lily couldn't understand his reason for giving in to their mothers. Daniel said he was doing it for Lily as well as for himself and left the coffee house. Sierra and Devon were sitting on the patio so that Sierra could help him with his schoolwork. When they saw Daniel leave, they could tell that something was wrong and went inside to talk to Lily. Lily asked Devon to walk her home. As soon as they got in the door, Drucilla tried to talk to them, but Lily was ignoring her. When Drucilla questioned Lily's attitude, Lily told her mother that she'd gotten her way. Lily and Daniel were finished before they'd even gotten started.

Kevin told Ashley and Jack that he knew they didn't want him at the hospital, so he was leaving. Jack forced himself to thank Kevin for saving John's life. After he left, Kevin went to Michael's office, where Lauren was trying to make Michael stop worrying about his mother and his brother. Both of them were startled by the blood on Kevin's clothes, especially after they found out it was John's. Kevin told them that he hadn't done anything to John. In fact, he'd found him bleeding and nearly unconscious at the foot of the stairs in the Abbott house. He'd called the paramedics and stopped John from bleeding to death. He said the experience had changed something inside him. No matter what was going on between John and Gloria, Kevin hadn't wanted him to die. Michael told Kevin that he was proud of him.

Gloria tearfully told John that this accident wouldn't have happened if she'd been at home. She apologized for the way she'd handled everything in the past and vowed that she would stay by his side to take care of him while he recovered. There was nothing she wouldn't do to help him get better. John maintained a stony silence while Gloria talked, and when she finally begged him to say something, John asked her to leave. She wondered if she should call Traci, but John told her that Ashley could take care of that.

Jack and Ashley found out that John was better, but his hip was broken and he needed hip replacement surgery. Jack was angry about having to wait to see his father while Gloria was in the room. Before Jack could interrupt her visit with John, Gloria emerged from the room. Jack went to see his father, and Gloria told Ashley that John wanted her to call Traci. Ashley then told Gloria there was something she needed to tell her about Kevin. Gloria braced herself for another of Ashley's criticisms, but Ashley told her it wasn't about that. She thought Gloria should know that Kevin had saved John's life. Thrilled, Gloria wanted to tell John. If something happened to him in surgery, she didn't want him to die thinking the worst of Kevin. But Ashley told her that she and Jack needed that time with their father before he was taken into surgery. Gloria could talk to him later.

Jack and Ashley told John about his need for surgery and how sure they were that everything would go smoothly. John thanked his children for being there for him, and they told him they'd be right by his side through it all. When it was time for John to go into surgery, Jack and Ashley walked out of his room and stared at Gloria, who was watching them.

Sharon was surprised to hear that when Nick had gone to Phyllis's to talk to her about work, he'd found Victoria staying there. Nick said things had gone much better with his sister than he would have anticipated. There were a couple of awkward moments, but Victoria seemed to have become a different person when she was in Italy. She hadn't shown any interest in coming home, and Nick was sure this was just a visit. Sharon found it hard to believe that Victoria had come all that way for only a brief visit. Nor did she think Victoria would leave without seeing her parents, and when she did, Victor and Nikki would pull out all the stops to make her stay. Nick was sure that Victoria would go back to her life in Italy.

Nikki and Victor were thrilled to see Victoria and a little concerned when they found out she'd been home since the night before. Victoria said she hadn't been sure how coming home was going to make her feel. Her parents were a little confused about her mixed feelings, and Victoria reminded them of how tense things had been when she left. Victor told her that he'd made peace with Nick; he'd done his time for the bribery; and he'd helped organize the rec center, but it was obvious that Victoria's uppermost concern was Newman Enterprises. She couldn't believe her father had really put Nick completely in charge, but Victor insisted that it was true. Victoria said that he couldn't possibly think Drucilla Winters could fill her shoes. Dru didn't have enough corporate experience. Victor said it didn't matter; that was Nick's decision to make. Victoria hotly questioned why Victor was just going to sit by and let Nick make bad business decisions.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Victoria is uncertain whether or not she wants her old job back at Newman. She tells her parents that she was happy in Italy and almost wishes she never opened the door when they showed up. Now she misses her family and doesn't know what to do. Nikki suggests they have a special dinner to reunite the family again.

Nick tells Sharon that he wants to spend some time with Victoria before she goes back to Italy. He is pleased when Nikki calls to have them come over for dinner. During dinner Nick toasts to Victoria. He says that he missed her.

Jack and Ashley tell Gloria that when their father comes home they want her to move out. Gloria says she will do that only if they move out too. They think she is crazy. Gloria tells Jack that he and Ashley better get used to her because she's going to be there for John for a long time.

Lauren sees Michael and Kevin at the coffeehouse looking depressed. She tries to cheer them up and suggests to Michael that they take a vacation somewhere special with his winning lottery ticket. As Lauren and Michael make plans, Kevin sees Daniel. Kevin tries to talk to Daniel but Daniel is angry with him. Daniel thinks its Kevin's fault that he can't see Lily anymore. He says that if Lily's family digs into his past they might find out about Alex and the set up he planned for Kevin. Neil sees Kevin and Daniel and asks to speak to Kevin alone. Neil tells Daniel that if he plans to be friends with Kevin he would rather not have Daniel be friends with Lily.

A mystery man breaks into Michael's apartment and begins stealing things.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Mac was studying in the loft, but she kept being distracted by J.T. The two of them began to talk again in the flirtatious way they had earlier that day. Mac chided him for not being a better student, and J.T. said he remembered all his Spanish from high school. When Mac tested him with a sentence in Spanish, J.T. smiled and kissed her. Afterward, he said, "I like the way you kiss, too," and Mac smiled at him.

Tom continued to look around Michael's apartment, taking note of a picture of Michael with Lauren and picking up things and putting them in his pocket. Later, he sat alone in a diner and looked at the newspaper article about Kevin winning the lottery. He muttered that Kevin had been living the good life and doing well for himself.

Daniel said goodbye to Trevor, the Crimson Lights barista who was moving to Oklahoma. When Kevin approached Daniel afterward, Daniel told him that Neil had confronted him about their friendship. As long as Daniel was friendly to Kevin, Neil didn't want Daniel around Lily. Kevin apologized, and Daniel admitted that he, not Kevin, was the one responsible for what had gone wrong between Lily and Alex. But Kevin's negative influence on his life still frustrated him. After Kevin left, Devon showed up to get coffee for himself, Lily, and Olivia. Daniel asked him how Lily was doing, and Devon coldly assured him that Lily was fine. She was already getting past her feelings for Daniel, and she had her family, including him, to help her through it. Daniel said that was good; he just wanted to know that Lily was okay.

Kevin went to ask Neil not to blame Daniel for Kevin's past mistakes. Kevin appreciated that Daniel had been one of the few people in Genoa City who'd been willing to give him a chance when he started making positive changes to his life. But they weren't that close. Neil wasn't buying it and wanted to know why Kevin was being so helpful to someone who wasn't a close friend. Lily came in, and Kevin took that opportunity to leave. Lily asked Neil why he'd been there. Neil said he wasn't sure, but something was up between Kevin and Daniel. He now agreed with Dru. He didn't want Lily anywhere near Daniel Romalotti.

Christine went to Michael's to apologize. She wasn't sorry for telling Michael and Paul to put their differences aside, but she hadn't wanted things to be as tense as they were. She then asked Michael how Kevin was doing. Michael said that Kevin couldn't get a break. He told her about Kevin saving John's life and how that hadn't made any difference in how the Abbotts felt about his brother. After Christine left, Kevin came home in a bad mood. He told Michael that no matter what he did to make things better, he only made them worse. Sometimes it seemed he'd never change people's attitudes toward him, even though he was himself a better person. Michael told him not to be impatient. He knew from experience that acceptance didn't happen overnight. Kevin assured him that he wasn't going to stop therapy. And no matter how things were between their mother and John, Kevin felt really good about saving John's life. The brothers wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a father like John instead of Tom. But Kevin said that wasn't the way it was. Michael agreed and said all they could do was move forward.

Dr. Walker told Ashley, Jack, and Gloria that John had come through the surgery fine. He was going to have a long and difficult recuperation however, and he'd need all of their support to get through it. Ashley insisted that she be the one who stay the night with John. Later, when Ashley was talking to her father, John told her that he'd had a dream about Kevin hovering over him. Ashley told him that hadn't been a dream; Kevin really had been there. When John wondered what Kevin had done to him, Ashley said Kevin hadn't hurt him. Kevin had been the one who called for help and saved John's life.

Although Gloria had wanted to stay at the hospital, Jack talked her into letting him take her home. The two of them were appalled by the sight of John's blood in the foyer. Gloria begged Jack to work with her to take care of John. She had no intention of being anywhere but by his side, and it would be better if John could come home and get well in a peaceful house. Jack seemed moved by her sincerity and her genuine regret for the pain she'd caused his father. Later, he sent her upstairs to bed because they were both getting upset as they cleaned up the blood.

Cassie and Noah were thrilled to see their Aunt Victoria, and as the Newman family enjoyed a special homecoming dinner prepared by Miguel, Victoria couldn't stop looking around at her family. Later, after Sharon took the kids home and Victor and Nikki went upstairs, Nick and Victoria had a talk. Victoria said that it had felt good for all of them to be together as a family without anyone arguing, but Nick said they really weren't a normal family; that was a fantasy. Nick seemed eager to hear Victoria say that she was going back to Italy, but Victoria wanted to know why he'd put Drucilla in charge of the cosmetics division. She clearly wasn't qualified. Nick said that what Dru lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. Victoria said the timing was interesting, since Nick had made Dru the permanent offer at the same time their parents were visiting Victoria in Italy. Nick wondered if she was going to stay in town and challenge him. Victoria said the only thing she was certain of after talking to him was that her life needed to go in a new direction.

Jill went to the Abbott house to ask Jack how John was doing. She'd heard the news about his accident while she was at work. Jack wondered why she was at Jabot so late, and Jill said she was catching up. She assured him that she was going to be a great CEO for Jabot; Jack could focus on his other work at Chancellor and give all the time he needed to his father to help with John's recovery. Jack agreed that he and Jill would make a good team and promised to talk to her first thing in the morning. After Jill left, Jack was startled when Victoria showed up at his door. Victoria wanted to know if the CEO position that he'd offered her was still open.

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