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Passions Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on PS
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Monday, March 4, 2002

Luis sits at the Book Cafe remembering the good times with Sheridan. Hank tells him to take another look at Beth. He tells Luis that Beth would be good for him. Luis says that Theresa's suicide attempt made him take a good look at his life. He says that no good can come from wishing for something that was not meant to be.

On the island, Sheridan works as a waitress for Liz at the hotel. She is clumsy and it is obvious to Brian that she has never waitressed before. Brian covers for Sheridan's mistakes, hoping that Liz will keep her on. Liz tells Sheridan to take a break. Brian takes Sheridan down to the beach for a picnic. Sheridan falls asleep. She dreams about being on the Titanic once again. She sees the young officer who was in love with her. She cannot place his face. (She is unaware that it is Brian.)

When Ethan shows up at Theresa's door, she gushes, believing that Ethan came back to her. He tells her once again that after everything she has done, they can never have back what they once had. He tells he is just concerned for her, that is all. Theresa runs to her bedroom and locks the door. She says to herself that she just cannot take it anymore. Then Zombie Charity appears to Theresa, disguises as Julian. He tells Theresa that she is going about getting Ethan back all wrong. He says she is acting like a silly love struck teenager. The image of Julian tells Theresa to go about getting Ethan as he instructed in the plan he told her in hell. Theresa hears Ethan take a call from Gwen on his cell phone. She says to herself she cannot lose Ethan to Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa he is staying until her mom or one of her brothers show up. Using the zombie's plan, Theresa says no. She does not want Ethan to stay. Theresa tells Ethan she will not be doing anything else to put her life or her baby's life in danger. She acts mature and tells him that she wants to put the broken pieces of her life back together. She says she needs to move on without him and find someone she can share her life with. Theresa reminds him that seeing him everyday is hard on her and she needs a chance to heal. She tells him, out of sight, out of mind. Ethan does not seem to like Theresa's new resolve.

Chad goes to see Whitney. She lets him in the house and they sit for a heart to heart talk. Chad tells Whitney that she should do something for herself, just once in her life. He begs her to toss everything aside and run away with him. She tells Chad that he can't leave town. She says that their house is his home. He tells her no. That it was never his home and he must leave. Whitney does not want to see him leave, yet will not commit to leaving with him.

The old scroll makes a crying noise. Timmy recognizes the cry. It sounds like his cry. Tabitha warned him that he would feel hurt now since he is a real boy.

Sheridan wakes up late and runs to the hotel. She is sure she overslept and missed setting up for the lunch crowd. She is worried that she is going to lose her job. She sees that Brian is there, once again covering for her. She tells Brian that it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. His act of kindness endeared him even more to her as she looks at him smiling.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Grace and Eve have a heart to heart talk about Julian and Chad. Eve is convinced that Chad or one of his buddies slipped Whitney drugs. Eve says it was like reliving her awful past with Julian all over again. She swears that she will not let anything like that happen to her baby girl.

Whitney and Chad are talking about their future. Chad tells Whitney that if she were honest with herself, she would realize that her true passion is singing, not tennis. Whitney fantasizes about being a singer and winning an award. She has Chad by her side. Chad tells Whitney that they could have a really fantastic life if they just take off and run away. Whitney agrees and they hug. Chad is unbelieving and euphoric.

Julian (Zombie girl) appears to Theresa once again in order to give her one final push is carrying out her plans for Harmony. "Julian" tells Theresa that he did not see who shot him that night in the cannery. He asks his "wifey-poo" if it was her. He then tells her he does not care who actually killed him. He wants her to stick to the plan, which is brilliant. Theresa says she cannot go through with it. "Julian" produces the signed contract. He tells her if she breaks the contract she will suffer the worst horrors of the dammed.

As Whitney goes to pack, the phone rings. It is Eve calling to check on Whitney. Eve reminds Whitney that her family is always there for her. She tells Whitney be aware of friends who say they have her best interests at heart. She says that her family will always love her. After hearing her mother on the phone, Whitney rethinks her decision. She says that her parents want what is best for her. Whitney orders Chad out of the house and out of her life for good this time.

On the island, Sheridan makes a mess of her job at waitressing. She is hurt that she cannot do the job. She feels that if she can make a go of the job, it will validate her as a person. Brian tells her that it's silly to put so much emphasis on a job. He begs Liz to keep Sheridan on even though she has ruined every order she touched.

Julian (Zombie Charity) shows Theresa some horrors that she will face if reneges on her contract to carry out his dastardly plan for Harmony. (This includes being forced to eat Grace's tomato soup cake.) "Julian" gets to Theresa when he shows her Ethan and Gwen sharing a cozy dinner.

Luis goes to buy Theresa flowers. He tells Hank that he dropped the ball where Theresa was concerned. He says that Theresa can't keep her head in reality when her brother is dreaming that his dead fiancÚ will come back to life.

Tabitha warns Timmy of the impending doom that the zombie has set in motion.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Theresa confides to Whitney about her suicide attempt. She tells Whitney that she felt so empty when Ethan told her they were finished forever that she just could not stand the thought of living any more. She admits what she did was foolish. Theresa assures her friend that she will not be trying anything like that again. She also confides to Whitney that she descended into hell and was tormented by a demon that turns out to be Julian Crane. Theresa explains about Julian having a plan for her to get Ethan back but it involves innocent people getting hurt. Whitney asks Theresa if she is going to go along with the plan. Theresa does not give her friend a straight answer. Zombie girl and Tabitha watch through the window, hoping that Theresa will say yes.

Brian continues to cover for Sheridan who is turning out to be the worst waitress in history. She upsets two older women and Brian charmingly smoothes everything over in order for Sheridan to keep her job.

Luis insists that he must keep a closer eye on Theresa. He feels that she will end up getting into more trouble unless he does.

David, John, Sam, Grace and Ivy converge on the hospital. Eve is ready to do the DNA test on John. Rebecca is watching in the wings. David and Ivy go at each other and almost let their secret liaison slip out. David covers but leaves Sam suspicious. Sam lays it on the line to David. He tells David that if John turns out not to be Grace's son, he will make David pay dearly.

Eve once again refuses to help Ivy and change the DNA test results. Ivy calls her henchman, Marty. She tells Marty that it is time for phase two of her plan. She said that phase one was slipping Whitney drugs and that he needs to get to the hospital with phase two. Ivy says to herself that it is just the thing to get Eve to change her stubborn mind. Chad confronts TC at the hospital. He tells TC that he has some things that he needs to say to him and will not leave until he does.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Chad tells TC that he may have come from the streets but he is a good person. He tells TC that he learned it from him. He plans on getting his life together, working hard and proving to him and Eve that he can turn his life around because he loves Whitney and wants them all to be proud of him. Chad asks for another chance. He says he just wants to prove to TC that he is a good man. He says he'll come back to TC after he gets what he wants by working hard and then he'll accept TC's apology.

Brian sweet talks and charms the ladies in Liz's restaurant so Sheridan can keep her job. Liz is so impressed by Brian that she does agree to let Sheridan stay on. Sheridan is angry to find that Brian has once again stepped forward to save her. Sheridan tells Brian that she loves him.

After hearing about Theresa's suicide attempt, Whitney then tells Theresa about her night. She retells all that she can remember from her drug induced state. She says that she sang and came on to Chad and now her parents hate him and they can never be together. Theresa tells Whitney that she too has noticed how passionately Whitney sings but does not have that same passion on her face when it comes to tennis. Theresa gets upset when Whitney tells her that she refused to run away with Chad.

Ivy calls Marty for her insurance that will keep Eve in line and change the DNA results.

Eve corners David and he admits that he is working for Ivy. He begs Eve to understand and gets to her heart when he tells her if she ever regretted something so horrible from the past that she would do anything to keep it hidden. Eve says she understands but will never again compromise her principles.

As Ivy is ordering Marty to hurry, Rebecca sneaks up behind her. Rebecca keeps baiting Ivy about how her plan will soon be exposed.

Eve takes the DNA samples from John and Grace.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Luis apologizes to Theresa for not being there for her the night before. Theresa swears that she will never again try to kill herself. She tells her family that she is making a clean break with Ethan and that she wants to get her life back on track. Luis wants to take his family to the Seascape to celebrate Theresa's new start.

Zombie girl looks in the window on the scene. She feels that Theresa needs another push in the "right" direction on taking her up on the evil plan so she can get Ethan back and start the zombie's plan for evil coming into Harmony.

Theresa asks Luis if he would do something he knew was wrong to get Sheridan back. She is still undecided about following the zombie's plan. Tabitha intervenes and on a pretense visits Theresa. She tells Theresa that she lost her true love and past up a chance to get him back by not doing something she knew was wrong. She tells Theresa that she has lived to regret that decision.

Ivy gets a package from Marty which she feels is her insurance to get Eve to change the DNA results. Rebecca and Eve cannot believe that Ivy is so cool and not nervous over the results.

Sam offers to take his family to the Seascape for dinner to help relieve the stress of the day.

Rebecca tells TC that he did the right thing by getting Sam to go after DNA results. TC calls Rebecca a nasty piece of work. When she turns to leave, he pulls her by her red hair and tells her he has some things to say to her. He calls her selfish and cold. He tells her for the record she thought she was using him by going on about John and the DNA test. He confides that he hates the Cranes but he feels bad about what may come out of the results, unlike her. He says that he had the idea about the DNA test in his head and that she did not use him like she was trying to do.

Brian and Sheridan grow closer as he teaches her how to be a good waitress and keep her job at Liz's.

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