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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, March 4, 2002

At Java, the family reunion continues. Bonnie's father Duncan congratulates his daughter and her ex-fiancé Ian on their impending nuptials. He gives Bonnie a big hug and says, "Scotland is a cold place without you." Stepping back and beaming with pride, he says, "This family will finally have some class." Bonnie sheepishly smiles and tartly says, "Don't look to Ian." Isaac is out of earshot and wonders what's going on so he moves closer. Duncan turns to Isaac and says, "Barkeep, a round of your best champagne." Bonnie stops him and introduces Isaac as the "someone special" in her life. Duncan sizes Isaac up and says it looks like Bonnie doesn't know what she wants anymore.

Jessica is beeped in the middle of a date with Ben and they both head to the station. In the interrogation room, Margo and Simon are trying to figure out where Julia took Jack. Simon reminds her Julia was a nurse and that gives Margo an idea. Maybe she hired an ambulance to help transport Jack to wherever. While Margo calls her father-in-law, Dr. Hughes to get an ambulance manifest, Simon gets a call from Katie. He tells Katie he'll be home later. He hangs up and asks Margo for help with keeping his work secret from Katie. She agrees and they part ways. Jessica tells Margo that the Mayor doesn't want to wait until tomorrow morning to arraign Barbara. "She wants it done tonight." Jessica turns to Ben and says it's probably going to be a long night and unfortunately he should go home. Ben has other ideas and pulls her into the interrogation room, closing the blinds once they're inside.

Barbara and Paul argue about James' intentions. Paul is blinded by anger and is playing right into James' hands. Barbara recoils and states the obvious, "I've hurt you." "You've hurt Rose...and Carly and Emily." Feeling attacked, she says, "And you're father has hurt me." "He's not my father." "Then why do you hate him so much? Trust me! Let me help you with this." Paul says he's not going to take her with him to meet James. She suggests she could hide out in the shadows to supervise. If there's trouble, she could call the police. Paul didn't buy it. Babs plays her trump card, "The only chance you have is to offer him me in return." Paul stops, looks at her, and says, "If he wanted you, he would have taken you already." Paul heaps more guilt on a wounded Barbara saying Jenn is leaving town for a modeling gig in Japan, and Social Services has been by investigating Will's welfare. Paul tells his mother that if anything should happen to him, Will is to go to either Bob & Kim or Tom & Margo. Barbara doesn't put up much of a fight after Paul threatens legal action to get what he wants. Wanting to get back in her family's lives, she agrees to Paul's demands.

At the old boathouse, James, seemingly talking to himself, plots his evening. He will call Paul later, but he also wants to make sure Babs tags along for the ride. He then holds up a card, the King of Spades, and asks if Hal understands. Hal robotically says yes, then runs off to do his masters bidding. James smirks and says, "Nothing like a party to lift ones spirits."

Katie heads to the station to talk with sister Margo about Simon. Margo deflects her questions by counseling her to give Simon some space. She tells Margo about the check she found. Again, Margo tells her to "trust him" and leave him alone.

At the hospital, Simon gets the ambulance manifest from Dr. Hughs and also signs his half million-dollar check over to the Burn Unit. Bob declines the check and tells Simon he can only accept it if he and Katie donate it together. Simon says he'll be back.

James calls Paul at the appropriate time and tells him he wants to see both he and his mother at the old boathouse. Babs again says she's going along, but as Paul walks out the door, he tells her she has to stay with Will until the babysitter arrives. Defeated, Babs stews around the house until she can't stand it any longer. She grabs her purse and opens the door to follow Paul. To her great surprise, Hal is in the doorway. He says hello, and "I'm here to take you into custody." Barbara asks for just a few hours to attend a meeting. Once Hal finds out the meeting is with James, he turns a blind eye and let's her go. Will comes downstairs and is thrilled to see his dad and asks how long he'll be around. Hal hugs Will and says, "Dad is home to stay."

Margo interrupts an impromptu picnic Ben set up for Jessica in the interrogation room. She tells Jessica to go home because she doesn't expect to see Barbara tonight. Duncan pops in furious about Bonnie's choice of a boyfriend. Both Jessica and Ben defend Isaac's character and convince Duncan that Bonnie has made an excellent choice. Duncan trusts Jessica and returns to Java to give his blessing. Bonnie returns the coronet to Ian, thanks him for the memories, and tells him to hit the road. She gives her father a hug good-bye, then is left alone with Isaac. She sits down with her back turned to Isaac. She fumbles with something then stands up wearing the stunning earrings Isaac gave her earlier. Bonnie at last says, "I love you." They both smile and hug.

Back home, Simon finds Katie getting ready for bed. She's still mad at him for holding out on her and keeping secrets. He nuzzles her neck which seems to distract her, until she blurts out, "Why did Monique give you that check?"

At the boathouse, Paul arrives right on schedule. Daddy says, "There he is now. My bouncing baby boy." Paul scowls and says, "You're dealing with me." "It won't be the same without your mother. I had so many things planned." "Tell me where Rose is!"

Barbara walks into James' view and he says, "There she is now. My beautiful wife. Let the festivities begin!"

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Confronted by Katie, Simon finally admits that Monique is dead and that the check he received is an inheritance. Simon confesses that he married Monique in Las Vegas after knowing her for three weeks because he was in debt and needed her money. He reveals that he was never divorced from his "ex-wife" who, after they were married, discovered he was a fraud. However, before she could take him out of her will and divorce him, she died in a boating accident. This is supposed to explain why he doesn't want the money, however Katie thinks that they should cash the check.

Rose finally awakes at the spa and is terrified to discover that she has been wrapped like a mummy. Libby assures her that she is arranging for her escape via a casket. The only problem is, Libby has made it look like Rose is Mrs. Marble... who is dead. Libby thought Mrs. Marble was suppose to be sent back home to family only to find out she wasn't going anywhere but six feet under.

Later, Margo confronts Hal about why he hasn't brought Barbara in and asks about his odd return. Jennifer takes note of Hal's strange actions at home though Hal tries to assure her that he is fine. Meanwhile at the boathouse, while holding a lantern close to Barbara at the boathouse, James takes great pleasure in teasing Paul about Rose. He finally shows a piece of paper listing Rose's whereabouts along with a taped confession of everything he has done since coming back to Oakdale. But as he taunts them, he sets the items on fire. Barbara tries to stop him but manages only to knock James out, and knocking the lantern on the floor, setting the boathouse on fire again as James' head hits the table. Paul rushes back inside and pulls his unconscious father to safety. Hal and Margo show up at the boathouse after Paul calls 911, Hal rushed to James and an EMT gives Hal the card James had on him at the time. Hal tells them to make sure James lives. If not they will have to answer to him.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Abigail and Adam tell Jake and Molly they are going to Al's Diner. Molly is concerned but Abigail tells her she is fine. Tom comes in and tells them that the trial is set for two weeks. Adam and Abigail say it isn't enough time. They leave to go to Al's and Jake thinks they should follow them. At Al's, Billy has arranged for them to meet with Brandy. Brandy doesn't want to help Abigail. After some careful prodding by Billy, Brandy says she saw "the other woman" in Nick's life but it was only one time and the woman was wearing a scarf and glasses. No one notices that there is a woman in a nearby booth wearing a scarf to cover her face.

Simon finally finds the name of the ambulance company that transported Jack. He also convinces Mitzi to speak with Craig and tell him what she knows. Mitzi gives Craig her contact, Pierre's, phone number. Mitzi tells him, "Don't do Jack dirty." Craig and Simon realize that Molly was never at Carly's apartment and figure it must have been Julia.

Meanwhile, at Carly's place, Julia tells Jack she is pregnant. He says it is too early to tell but she says she knows because in the past she has had horrible dreams about hearing a baby crying and not being able to find it. Last night, she says, it was a beautiful room with a beautiful cooing baby. Julia sees this as a sign that she is pregnant. She tells Jack that nothing comes without paying a price and that he gave her a baby but he will have to pay with his life. Later, Julia finds a baby names book and says the baby should be named James because he is responsible for their reunion. Jack tells Julia that she is responsible for it. He then brings up Barbara and Julia begins to get upset. She asks Jack if Barbara hates her. "No," says Jack, "she hates herself." Julia starts to chant over and over again, "I am responsible for my own choices." She grabs a piece of glass from a broken picture frame and holds it to Jack's throat. She orders him to say that Barbara's accident wasn't Julia's fault. Finally, Jack does say it and she drops the piece of glass. Jack manages to grab the piece of glass, when Julia isn't looking, and begins to free his hands. He convinces Julia that she should apologize to Barbara. Julia gets excited with thoughts of seeing her old friend Barbara and decides to go see her. She says she is supposed to kill Jack but that, "it can wait." After she leaves, Jack quickly finishes freeing his hands and then his legs. He tries to walk but stumbles. Then, the door opens and Jack hides behind it. Julia sees the empty chair and screams. Jack grabs her from behind but she is able to kick him and get free. Jack is laying on the ground in pain and Julia says she will kill him, perhaps with a hammer. He grabs her leg but she "zaps" him. She then holds the "zapper" to his head and says she will electrocute him. Suddenly, Craig walks in and says, "Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Julia tells Craig to get lost and then he can have Carly all to himself. Jack wakes up and tells Craig not to listen to Julia. Craig looks at Julia and sticks a cloth in Jack's mouth.

At the hospital, Ben says that James has a hemorrhage in his brain and he is in a coma. He may or may not wake up from it. Paul says that James knows where Rose is and storms into James' room. He tries to "wake James up". John and Margo pull him off and assure him that security is very good in the hospital and that James will not be going anywhere. Margo tells Barbara she must go down to the police station. Hal says Barbara committed a crime and must pay like everyone else. Barbara agrees and goes with Margo. Hal says he will take care of security at the hospital. Paul is left alone and goes to James' room again. He holds a syringe and says, "One syringe full of air and this will all be over." He puts the syringe on James' arm but he doesn't go through with it. Then, Hal comes in and tells Paul he cares about the truth. Paul is angry that Hal was mean to Barbara. Paul tells Hal that he was the person that taught him how to care for other people. Hal showed him how a father should be and now it seems like Hal doesn't care about people. Paul says, "I don't see any difference between you and this monster." When Hal is left alone, he holds onto the King card.

At the police station, Barbara finds out that her hearing is postponed for another 24 hours. She begs Margo to let her go to the hospital because she knows that James can hear her. Margo says she has to first clear it with Hal. Paul comes to the station and says that Hal is more interested in James. Margo says Hal was nice to let her go to the boathouse. Margo realizes that Hal lied to her. The phone rings and it is John telling Margo to come to the hospital immediately.

Back at the hospital, Barbara, Paul, and Margo discover that James has disappeared – the whole bed and all the machines are gone too. Margo asks what happened to all the uniformed police she had on guard. Paul asks where Hal is.

Hal is shown with James who is still unconscious. Hal says, "You'll be safe here James. I promise."

Thursday, March 7, 2002

At Carly's, Craig convinced Julia that he is on her side. His suggestion to kill Jack at the boat landing by letting the car go down the ramp is to Julia's liking. Julia buys into Craig's lies. While making small talk, Julia announces to Craig that she is pregnant with Jack's baby. Craig delights in the news. Craig sends Julia outside to make sure the coast is clear before leaving the apartment. Craig immediately makes Jack aware that he is really there to rescue him. Relieved Jack goes along with Craig, but when Julia reenters Carly's apartment she realizes that Craig and Jack were confiding in each other. Julia zaps Craig and proceeds to leave with Jack. Before she does she zaps Craig one more time. Stunned and down, Craig is helpless. Simon enters, but he too falls prey to Julia's stun gun. Julia leaves with Jack in tow. She takes Jack to the boat ramp and after a futile attempt to plea for his life; Julia releases the brake on Craig's car, exits and lets the car roll into the river with Jack inside. The car quickly fills with water.

At Oakdale memorial hospital, Margo attempts to figure out why and how James Stenbeck disappeared. Margo questions Hal, who isn't too helpful. Eventually Hal tells Margo he is not the same person, because Emily is missing. Hal decides that he should be taken off the missing women's case. He tells Margo he is going to spend time in the police department's old storage units, and renovate them into offices, avoiding burnout. Hal actually has James stashed down there and needs an excuse to come and go.

Back at Carly's apartment, Simon comes to and attempts to wake Craig. He has no luck, zapped a couple of times, Craig is down for the count. When Craig finally awakens, he regrettably phones Margo informing her that he found Jack but that it might be too late to save him.

Paul and Lily discuss a disturbing dream Lily keeps experiencing. Lily sees Rose laying in a coffin. Both Paul and Lily agree they need to look to the future, when Rose comes home.

Rose awakens in the casket Libby put her in. Knocking on the coffin, as Libby suggested, Rose panics when she quickly figures out that someone is shoveling dirt onto the coffin. She continues to knock and scream until the man who is working the shovel opens the coffin. Distraught after seeing Rose come out or the coffin the man leaves. Soon after, the man and a friend return. They help Rose.

While conversing with Lily, Paul receives a cell phone call. It is Rose. She asks Paul to help her come home.

Katie returns home from a spending spree with Simon's inheritance. Dahlia enters and puts questions in Katie's head about Simon and his past. Once Dahlia leaves, Katie asks Lucy to borrow her I-book to research Simon's past.

Barbara insists on going back to Fairwinds, hoping Stenbeck comes for her. When she arrives home at Fairwinds a fire is burning in the fireplace. Assuming that James started the fire, Barbara calls out for him. To Barbara's surprise she finds Julia in a chair, asking Barbara to help her.

Friday, March 8, 2002

As Jack starts to sink into a murky, watery grave, Simon manages to pull him out and saves his life. At the hospital John tries to convince Jack to admit himself overnight just to make sure he is okay but Jack refuses, vowing to stop Julia from hurting anyone else. Meanwhile, Julia shocks Barbara when she surprises her at Fairwinds. Barbara insists that she call James, her benefactor. A frightened Barbara calls Margo instead and pretends that she's talking to James. Julia figures out her ruse and as Margo and Jack listen, Barbara screams as Julia menacingly grabs a fireplace poker. Margo and Jack rush to Fairwinds. Paul is thrilled when he receives a phone call from Rose who recounts her horrific moments as she faced certain death only minutes ago. Paul, Lucinda and Lily decide to fly to Belgium to bring Rose home. As the Worldwide jet prepares for takeoff, Craig surprises the other passengers when he arrives for the trip. Hal takes John aside and asks him to come with him to treat a friend.


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