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Passions Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on PS
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Monday, April 17, 2000

Ethan and Chad don phony moustaches and Italian accents to make Whitney and Theresa giggle as the "waiters" serve them a special dinner in the cabin. T.C. explains to an uneasy Pilar how a certain bird statue has his normally even-tempered wife all frazzled. Meanwhile, Julian intervenes to prevent Ivy from reporting the theft of the wooden bird to the police. After learning how Eve made off with the prize he's been trying so hard to find, Julian feigns complete disinterest in front of his wife but later rushes out to find Dr. Russell. Back in the relative safety of Sheridan's Parisian apartment, Luis and his companion quickly fall back into a familiar pattern of quarreling to cover up how much they care. Chad confides to Whitney how he helped engineer Ethan's romantic evening with Theresa. Later, Ethan entertains his appreciative guests with an Elvis impersonation. As Roger and Pierre begin breaking down the door, Luis and Sheridan hurry out the window and crawl onto a ledge. Ethan coaxes Theresa into singing a duet with him as a wary Whitney looks on.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Luis and Sheridan are walking on the balcony when Roger and Pierre come they tell her that she is gonna die, and its over for her. But Luis takes her quickly and swings her around the corner. Pierre yells at Roger for not shooting but he says he didn't have a clear view. So he says they'll follow them. Luis and Sheridan are continuing to walk when all of a sudden Sheridan falls but Luis is still holding her hand. She finally gets up and they continue walking. Luis and Sheridan get to the balcony were the window is and they try to open the window but it is locked and barricaded. Sheridan says that the hotel is going through renovation. So then Luis says they will just have to ambush them like they did to Luis and Sheridan. So Luis gets ready to go and Sheridan tells him he can't that if anything happened to him she would just die. Luis looks at her all confused and then of course she lies and says because she would feel bad for Pilar and she would feel guilty. Just then Luis looks over and sees a thin black cable, so he starts to yank on it so it becomes free, just ask Roger and Pierre come. Luis picks up Sheridan and tells her to hang on as he hangs on to the cable and swings across. Just as he swings Roger and Pierre come and they start shooting at them but they keep swinging so then Luis pushes hard and Sheridan and him fly through this window of these two old people who have this stuff all on their faces so they get up and Luis asks Sheridan if she's okay and she goes yeah then they start to go out and the old people are like this hotel is horrible. So Luis says no its our fault not the hotels I'm sure its great here, we're sorry and everything so just as they get out of the room Roger and Pierre are just coming from up the hall more. Pierre says that its over for them, and they look at each other. Just then the old guy comes out and says you two are still there and then sees Roger and Pierre with guns and runs in his room so Sheridan and Luis run to another section and go into this room and lock the door. Pierre and Roger start shooting at the door, and they say she is dead, but Pierre says that they should probably check on her because miss Sheridan has 9 Lives. So they open the door and no one is there, and they say we will get you miss crane you will be dead. Then the camera focuses on this little passage way in the room behind the towels and behind this little thing is Sheridan and Luis and they both look at each other.

The Ski Cabin:
Ethan and Theresa are still singing the song. And they both look at each other like they are in love. Meanwhile Whitney is mad and Chad is smiling, Whitney says that she has to stop the music, and Chad goes along saying that she should let true love take its course instead of ruining it, and trying to push it away. Then it goes to Ethan and Theresa and the song ends with Theresa saying "kiss me" Ethan then leans his head in to kiss Theresa and just as they are about 5 inches form each other Whitney yells in wow! That was great and Chad agrees saying that Theresa can sing. So she says thank you and Ethan says singing with her was like flying. Then Chad goes over and says they should sing another one and Whitney goes no its getting kinda let they should get to bed. But then Theresa looks at Ethan and he says that yea maybe they should get to bed its kinda late. So Theresa agrees, and then Whitney says that her and Theresa will clean up but Ethan says no. He says he will clean up because Whitney should stay off her leg, of course Whitney disagrees but Ethan insists, and that she should just stay out there with Chad. So Theresa and Ethan go clean up while Chad and Whitney talk... Chad tells Whitney that she should stop trying to keep them apart, and she says that he should stop trying to push them together when it is only going to hurt Theresa. He says that he is doing the exact opposite. He says it is obvious they are in love. He also says that he can tell that Theresa knows what true love is by the way she is singing, and that she loves very deeply. He says that Whitney doesn't have that type of passion in her to know it, she says he doesn't even know anything about her, Chad says she is jealous of Theresa, saying that she doesn't have anything inside her to feel that type of passion and turns around...just then Whitney starts singing to Chad. He looks shocked! He says she has a very special talent but that she needs experience in order to be phenomenal. He asks her where she learned to sing do her parents sing. Whitney says she doesn't think so. Chad said that she could be a real professional but Whitney disagrees, and says that her first love is tennis. Chad says he just got excited and that he thinks that Whitney singing could change the world. But still Whitney says that tennis is her one priority. So Chad gets mad and says go back to tennis, how are you gonna change the world by hitting the ball at a damn net! Whitney starts to cry and get all emotional, and says that he is such a jerk and she can't believe he is such a jerk. Chad says yeah I am a jerk. She starts to leave the room but Chad stops her and says that he is sorry, and that he wants to play a song for her. So he puts in a jazz song, that a women sings. Whitney starts to cry because she thinks its so beautiful, and so full of emotion. So Chad grabs her hand and they intertwine fingers and look into each other's eyes...

Meanwhile, Theresa and Ethan are cleaning up, and Ethan says he can feel the love and the air tonight, and that something will happen tonight that they'll never forget. Theresa looks at him and asks him what he means, he says he means about Whitney and Chad. Theresa looks a little hurt. He says that he thinks that Whitney and Chad are going to realize that they are in love with each other. He says who did you think I was talking about? Theresa says she knew he was talking about Whitney and Chad. Ethan mentions they would make a great couple, and Theresa agrees. Theresa asks Ethan if he thinks that Whitney loves Chad he says maybe not as much as Chad. But Ethan says it is so great to see two people who belong together belong a couple. Theresa says its fate, if two people belong together then they will be together. Theresa starts to cry and Ethan comforts her and says that she will end up with the man she is supposed to be with, she just has to give it time.

The Mansion:
Julian tells ivy to forget about that bird statue because she will never find anything. Ivy tells Julian that what is in that bird she could only use to embarrass him a bit, or take away some of his power and money. Julian asks her point and she says that there is someone who can take that all away from him, someone like T.C. Ivy says that if TC ever found anything about Julian and eve in that bird statue he would kill him! Julian tells her that she can believe what she wants, and that she will never get the best of him because he is a Crane!! Ivy said that secrets don't remain secrets forever and eventually it will come out. Then Julian asks later on if ivy would like some company in bed tonight. Ivy says the only thing she wants to know is when he first met Eve. Julian flashes back to when they first met and Julian was going to a jazz play I don't know the name. And he walks in and the manager comes up to him and eve took his breath away and Julian asks who she is and the manager says she is a new singer. So Julian says to send over his best champagne to her, so he goes over there and asks to sit next to her, she says okay and they introduce themselves. Then it shows eve singing at the club. Ivy then snaps Julian out of his day dream. Ivy asks him if Eve was just another innocent girl that he seduced? Julian says he is in too good of a mood to let ivy get to him. So he says goodnight, and leaves. So Ivy goes over to the wall and pulls out the pictures of them. And looks at one and says bad dr. Russell, and then looks at another and says bad Julian....

The Russells:
Just as TC was opening the bird eve yells no. He asks what's wrong and she says that she just didn't know it was so easy to open it. Then she tells him she loves him, and that ever since she met him her life as been better. So Eve says that she wants to go upstairs and make love. But TC says that he wants to see what in the bird first. TC goes to look in the bird and nothing is there. And eve is happy, (of course we know who has the pictures if you read before this) So he says he feels bad that she went through all that trouble for him. So TC goes out of the room and eve says to herself that she is happy that there are no pictures now no one will know about her past, just as TC comes in. And he says he just put the pieces together and he thinks he knows what she was talking about when she was talking about her past, and that they need to talk about it right now. TC thinks that Eve was trying to get him to open up about his past, and TC says that eventually he will tell her everything one day. But he promises its nothing horrible. And he tells Eve she has nothing to worry about in her past because she is perfect. So Eve and TC go upstairs and they start kissing on the bed when TC gets up and to put music on to set the mood. So he puts music on and Eve remembers it form the night she sang in the club when she met Julian. So she gets up and turns it off and says that the mood is just right, and he doesn't have to make it any romantic than it already is. They make love, and Eve is still thinking she has nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Luis and Sheridan were hiding from Pierre and Roger. Pierre and Roger hear a noise and as they were pointing the gun at Sheridan and Luis, a mouse came out. The thought that was the noise they heard so they walked away. Luis and Sheridan had a conversation about her track record with men and how she would never be happy. She wanted to get out of their hiding place because she has a phobia with mice. As she opened the door, someone put a gun to her face, but it was one of the local police. They went to the police station and as they were waiting, one of the local police is involved with Pierre and Roger.

Ethan and Theresa were having a conversation about love and going for what you want. They decided to go to bed and continue the conversation tomorrow morning. Theresa couldn't wait and was going to tell Ethan that she loved him. She over heard Ethan talking to Gwen and telling her how much he loved her.

Kay couldn't sleep so she was talking with Simone. Kay finally realized the Miguel really loves Charity. Kay and Simone walked over to the cabin where Chad, Whitney, Ethan and Theresa were staying. As Simone peeked through the window, she say Chad putting Whitney to bed.

Chad and Whitney almost kissed while listening to a love song. When the song ended, Whitney started arguing with Chad telling him the he was trying to seduce her. They finally decided to go to sleep, but neither Whitney nor Chad could sleep. Whitney went to take a shower and she ran into Chad. Chad changed he bandage, picked her up and then put her to be.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Timmy mixes up a special batch of martimmys in an effort to cheer his princess but Tabitha remains in a deep funk. Charity clams up when Miguel wonders why her latest vision has her so rattled. A devastated Simone jumps to the obvious but inaccurate conclusion when she spots Whitney wearing nothing but a towel and clinging to Chad. Julian fires wildly at an apparent intruder, then is stunned to realize that his "victim" is none other than his wife. Tabitha explains to a sobbing Timmy why she must take her own life now that she's failed so miserably in her quest to eliminate Charity. Kay tries to console Simone, who cries to think that her own sister stole away the man she loved. Unhurt but annoyed, Ivy berates her husband for shooting blindly into a dark room. Eve thanks God for sparing her the pain and embarrassment of having T.C. discover the truth about her blemished past. Simone barges into the Cranes' cabin and bitterly accuses Whitney of betrayal. Ivy listens in on an urgent phone conversation between Julian and Eve.

Friday, April 21, 2000

Ivy telephones Eve, who answers thinking that it is Julian once again. She toys with Eve who is certain that Ivy has no evidence on her past with Julian. Finally angered by Eve's smug attitude, she tells her that she does in fact have the pictures that Julian took of Eve. She states that she opened the bird and found the photographs before Eve stole the bird. This sets Eve on edge just as T.C. walks into the kitchen. He tells her that he will come to cook breakfast for her after he showers. Eve continues with Ivy as T.C. leaves the room, stating that she does not believe that she has any information and that she is only stating this to get Eve's help in getting Sam back. Finally Eve hangs up on Ivy. Ivy scans the photograph into her computer as Julian walks in. She eventually sends the photo to T.C. by email. As Eve convinces herself that Ivy was only bluffing, T.C. goes unsuspectingly to his computer and begins to download the photograph from the Internet.

Timmy and Tabitha:
Tabitha is still determined to end her life. Jumps off the rock trying to hang herself as Timmy unsuccessfully tries to stop her. Just then the tree branch breaks sending Tabitha falling to the ground. Once again feeling like a failure, Tabitha decides to drown herself in the Lodge's hot tub. She sets off in search of the hot tub where she sees Miguel and Charity kissing. Then noticing that Charity is unhappy, they sneak in closer to listen to their conversation.

Charity and Miguel:
Enjoying each other's company, Miguel and Charity express their love for one another again. Remembering when they first met and how Charity always smiles when Miguel walks in a room. Miguel says that he hopes she continues to smile at him when they turn 80, since they will be together forever. This prompts Charity to remember her vision of seeing Miguel ask Kay to marry him. Miguel begs Charity to tell him what is wrong and she finally tells him what she sees, unaware that Timmy and Tabitha are listening in. Miguel tries to tell Charity that it would never happen because her loves only her, but they are both still confused by the vision.

At the Cabin:
Simone is still angry with Whitney after finding out from Kay that she had a romantic dinner with Chad, Theresa and Ethan. She accuses Whitney of chasing after Chad behind her back. Kay leaves the room. Meanwhile, Theresa explains to Chad that she could not tell Ethan how she feels about him, because she overheard him talking to Gwen on the phone, expressing how much he still loves her. This brings Theresa to tears just as Ethan enters the room. He asks her why she is crying and Chad intervenes, saying that cinders from the fire were caught in her eyes, making them water. Ethan falls for the excuse and takes her to the kitchen to deal with it. Kay then walks in and tells them about what happened to Miguel and Charity. Theresa uses the opportunity to go see how Miguel is going. Ethan agrees to this only if he accompanies them. They head off leaving Whitney, Chad and Simone alone in the cabin. Simone places herself next to Chad as he sleeps and Whitney looks on.

Back at the Hot Tub:
Theresa, Kay and Ethan meet Charity and Miguel in the hot tub. Charity leaves with Kay and ends up telling her, her earlier vision "" that she and Miguel would be together. Kay tries to hide her pleasure. Meanwhile, Miguel explains to his sister what happened. Theresa in turn urges Miguel to ease Charity's fears, saying that True Love lasts forever. Ethan then steps in and says that he doesn't really believe this, remarking that even though you may build your life around one person, if another (the one you are destined to be with) turns up, it changes everything---it is FATE!

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