One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on OLTL

Todd held a party to celebrate his freedom. Spencer followed Blair to the party. Antonio continued to try to convince Jessica to obtain custody of Brennan. Adriana's stalker continued to pursue his victim. Natalie and John discussed a way to prove Bo's innocence. David admitted his part in shooting Officer McBain.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Spencer enters Paige's hospital room to find that she and David are plotting against him. He tries to guilt David by bringing up how he bailed him out of jail because he is his brother and that he would hate to see him go to jail for a long time for shooting Thomas McBain. David reiterates the fact that he is going to plead guilty so that Spencer can no longer hold it over him as leverage. When Spencer starts in on Paige, she reveals that she told Bo how she assisted Spencer in delivering Margaret's baby. Spencer thinks she's bluffing at first but then tells her it doesn't matter since it will be her word against his and since her reputation has been tarnished, no will believe her. An angry Paige throws him out her room when he starts in on the planted evidence against Bo. Outside Paige's room, Spencer receives a call from the morgue attendant who wants assurance that Spencer is going to live up to his end of the bargain since he desperately needs the money for his ill sister's operation. Spencer gives his assurance and the morgue attendant assures Spencer that no one will hear the truth from him.

Blair is surprised when she returns to the penthouse to see that Todd has returned home. He tells her that although he slept alone, it felt good to be in his own bed. He inquires as to whether Blair was with Spencer. Blair hesitantly confirms that she was with Spencer but it's not what Todd thinks. When Blair doesn't elaborate, Todd kicks her out of the penthouse. She tries to gather some things for her and the kids but Todd refuses to let her take anything saying that he will forward her things. He also informs her that he is suing for full custody of Starr and Jack since he does not want them living under the same roof as Spencer. Blair insists that she and the kids will be staying with Dorian but Todd wonders for how long.

After fighting with Todd, Blair heads over to see Bo and sees him packing his things. She tells him that Todd threw her out of the penthouse because she was with Spencer. Bo tells her that it's ironic how she is trying to get evidence on Spencer for Todd but she is pushing Todd further away in the process. Blair agrees but tells him that she is not only doing this for Todd since she let a manipulative Spencer into her and her children's lives and now she has to make things right. She baits him with information that she has obtained but knows that he does not want to hear since he does not support what she is doing. Bo finally relents and Blair informs him that she overheard David confess to killing Tom McBain but that she will not testify against David until she has evidence on Spencer.

Rex recants for Bo how he and Adriana were attacked by her stalker at Dorian's. Bo wants to know how long Rex planned on keeping secret how the attacks had been escalating. Rex agrees that he needs help protecting Adriana but Bo informs him that there is nothing he can do now that he no longer has his badge. He tells Rex that he needs to talk to John and let the police take over the situation. Rex agrees to contact John but tells him that he is the best cop and man that Rex knows.

Dorian is stunned when Adriana fills her in on her stalker situation. She is afraid for Adriana especially since the stalker was bold enough to attack her at their home while Starr and Jack were right inside. Adriana tries to get Dorian to see how Rex protected her but Dorian's main concern is protecting Adriana and finding someone to watch over her. She does acknowledge that although she did not approve of Rex and Adriana's relationship, she is grateful that Rex was there to protect her and promises to thank him the next time she sees him. However, when Rex shows up at the house she yells at him instead for not informing her that Adriana was being stalked. Adriana steps up and tells her that it was her idea to keep Dorian in the dark against Rex's wishes. Rex promises a grateful Dorian that he will watch over Adriana. Behind Adriana's back Dorian hires Darryl to be Adriana's bodyguard and after she leaves, he makes a phone call thanking the person on the other end.

Michael finds it odd that they haven't received any calls from social services about potential adoptive parents for Thomas. Marcie reveals that they did receive a call about a family who wanted to see Thomas that day but she told them that they were too busy to set up the appointment. When Michael inquires about what they are doing that will keep them so busy, Marcie tells him that they have to go shopping. After going back and forth with Marcie, Michael figures out that Marcie has become attached to Thomas and does not want to see him go. As they are getting ready to go shopping, they spot David and Marcie tears into him for all the hurt that he caused her husband and his brother. David begs Marcie to not make a public scene but Marcie does not care and continues berating him. A remorseful David tells Marcie that he is truly sorry for all the McBains lost but Michael tells him it's too little, too late.

Natalie and John enjoy a no work breakfast together where they discuss Vince Jones. John tells Natalie to stay away from him to which she agrees. When Natalie asks if she can tag along with John for forensics experience he tells her no stating that business and pleasure should not be mixed. They are interrupted by a call on Natalie's cell phone. It is Vince Jones demanding that she meet him at the café in Angel Square as soon as possible otherwise he will have to go to John to arrange a meeting. Natalie agrees and then lies to a skeptical John about where she is headed. When she arrives, Vince tells her that he has found a way that she can pay him back for helping her identify Tom's killer. John heads over to the station where Bo informs him that someone recently overheard David confess to killing his father.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

John presses Bo to tell him who overhead David's confession but Bo refuses for fear that the informant's safety will be compromised if their identity is revealed. John is furious claiming that he has a right to know. Bo agrees which is why he told him the information in hopes that he will be able to use it to find more evidence against David. Bo asks John if bringing David to justice is more important to him than bringing Spencer down. When John remains silent Bo tells him that he thought so and asks John to trust that any information that he receives, he will pass it along to him. John tells Bo that he trusts him but just can't stand it when someone he cares about lies to him.

Natalie meets with Vince at the diner who claims that he wants some information regarding forensics. Natalie can't believe that he interrupted her time with John in order to ask about her field and advises him to take a class if he wants to learn more. When Vince asks her out on a date, Natalie reminds him that she is with John. Vince wants to know if she told John about their meeting. Natalie didn't tell John because Vince advised her against it. Vince feels that since she has already lied to John she can do it again to meet him for a platonic dinner meeting. When Natalie refuses, Vince tells her that soon she will be the one to seek him out. At the station, Natalie reveals to John that she lied when she told him she was going to meet her lab partner. She went to meet Vincent instead. A furious John threatens to end the relationship should she ever lie to him again.

Todd meets with Evangeline hoping that she will help him fight Blair for full custody of Starr and Jack. Evangeline is disappointed that all Todd can do with his second chance is strike out at those who hurt him. Todd tells her that he wants to go back to being the man who people feared and envied. Evangeline refuses to help him take children away from a decent and loving mother in the name of revenge. Todd makes a crude remark about Evangeline's blindness in his anger. A hurt Evangeline drops her papers on the ground and yells at Todd to leave her alone when he tries to help. Todd apologizes for his insensitive remark since Evangeline is the last person that he ever wants to hurt. Evangeline tries to get Todd to admit that he still loves Blair so that he can deal with his feelings but Todd refuses saying that he has no love for Blair anymore.

Spencer offers to let Blair and the kids stay with him now that Todd has kicked her out of the penthouse. Blair turns him down stating that his place is too small for four people and that Todd would use it against her to gain full custody of their children. Spencer balks at Blair's concerns stating that times have changed and no judge would use their living in sin against her. When Blair continues to shoot down the idea, Spencer asks her to marry him which would solve her problem. Blair initially declines saying that the children have already been too much but then she breaks down and confesses that she is not ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

Kelly and Starr have a discussion about Blair, Todd, and Spencer. Starr is still angry with her mom for choosing the man who framed her dad. Kelly advises Starr that she's not sure if her mom and dad will be able to reconcile this time. Blair returns and tells Starr and Jack that they will be staying with Dorian since the penthouse belongs to Todd and he is now staying there since being released from the hospital. Starr wants to go home and disrespects Blair in front of her brother. Blair sends Jack into the house and tells Starr that no matter how angry Starr may be with her, she is still her mother and will not allow her to disrespect her. Starr decides to take matters into her own hands and calls Todd to tell him that Blair is being mean to her and telling her that she can't go home.

Bo goes to visit Paige while Matthew is visiting with Asa and finds Spencer waiting in her room. He tells Bo that Paige has been taking down for more tests. Bo informs Spencer that he knows he framed Todd and then framed Bo but Spencer dismisses his accusations as baseless. Bo reveals that Paige told him everything and that he will not rest until Spencer pays for everything he has done and neither will Todd who has a tendency to operate outside of the law.

Matthew has a touching visit with Asa. When Matthew inquires as to whether Asa is going to die, Asa takes him on a trip through Buchanan history. He tells him how he started off with nothing but a horse and when oil struck he quickly took a job at the ranch and ended up becoming the owner. He tells Matthew that he loves him and that he is made of tough stuff and no matter what Matthew decides to become when he grows up, his family will always stand behind him.

Antonio fills Jessica in on how he watched Norman Leeds die. He tells Jessica that she no longer has to be afraid with Leeds out of the way but Jessica is still afraid that Tess will come back any day to claim her baby. Antonio tries to assure her that this will all be over soon and that the two of them will finally be able to raise their girls in peace but Jessica knows that it won't be that easy. He becomes concerned when Jessica has a memory of her time with Leeds but just as quickly as the memory came, it also leaves which makes Jessica even more concerned about her future.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

After Evangeline explains that everything appears differently in the dark, Cris is eager to see the world through her eyes. He blindfolds himself and stumbles around, crashing into things, until he reaches her. She finds him both crazy and supportive, she laughs. She finds it breathtaking when he teases her by running a paintbrush over her body, until she realizes he's using his left hand. It's not the one he normally paints with.

Blair denies hating Todd when he stops at Dorian's to see his children. Jack is reluctant to go with his father and Todd accuses her of turning his son against him. He advises her that he plans on suing for custody of the kids and is planning on getting his entire life back. He also mentions that he'll hate her forever; he's angry about her sleeping with Spencer. Blair assures him that she won't be moving in with Spencer but that it's complicated. She plans on getting on with her life as well, she tells him. When he grabs her and kisses her he claims to be checking to see if he still has feelings for her. He doesn't at all, he's proud to say. When Starr and Jack leave with Todd, Blair retorts that she knows Todd is lying and that she'll nail Spencer and make everything all right.

Claudia hides while Nash meets with her father. She hears his threats against Brennan while Nash responds that he's done everything that Reston has asked him to do. He's left his family behind in Llanview. When Claudia trips on something in the dark, Nash is quick to mention the mice lurking around after the fire. When he leaves, Claudia admits that she has the proof she wanted about her father and that she'll do whatever it takes to stop him. Later, Nash grabs the bed and suggests that Claudia sleep on the floor. When a sleeping Nash calls out, Claudia quickly slips into bed with him and the two begin to make love.

Dorian shows up at Asa's place during a family party for Brennan. Though Viki and Clint try to get her to leave, Jessica welcomes her and thanks her for helping Tess. She pretends to have ordered a gift for the baby that didn't show up and excuses herself to order one with a backdate on the order. Viki admits that she's not integrated and will make plans to start therapy again. Jess is shocked to actually see Niki attempt to come out as Viki fights her with all she's got and wins. Niki is no longer needed and so she was able to win; she also has faith in herself as well as support from family and strength. Unfortunately though, Niki and Tess will always be a part of them, she explains to Jess. Dorian offers to lend an ear to Clint if he wants to talk about Duke.

Rex makes big plans for the evening ahead with Adriana but is called to the country club for a lead regarding Bo. He meets with an old friend of his and requests information on who worked on the phony documents that caused Bo to take a leave from the police department. She refuses to divulge any info without something from Rex.

Adriana promises Rex she'll wait at the diner for him and grabs her laptop to get some work done. The stalker cuts up a picture of her and Rex and adds the half with Adriana to a bulletin board. He finds her at the diner and watches her from outside. Finally, he walks in behind her, as she is intent on what she's doing.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Adriana's stalker gets dangerously close as she sits alone in the diner. Neely advises Rex to cough up some cold, hard cash if he wants information on who framed Bo. Though Cris denies being hurt, Evangeline senses that her favorite artist is having trouble using his right hand. A guilt- stricken Viki explains to Jessica how she ignored the warning signs and assumed Niki Smith was gone years ago. Insisting that Tess was right to blame her, Viki apologizes to her daughter for not stopping Niki in time. Antonio promises Clint he'll never lie to Brennan about her family ties. Nash finally awakens and is irked to find Claudia hungrily embracing him. Natalie gives John a possible lead on how to prove Bo's innocence. Adriana is horrified to discover a photo of Rex with a knife stabbed through it. Jessica assures her weeping mother she understands full well what she went through with Niki. Nash warns Claudia not to badmouth Tess ever again. Several residents of Llanview receive mysterious text messages summoning them to the country club.

Friday, July 30, 2006

Todd welcomed all his guests to his "thank you for my life" party at the Country Club, predicting a night no one would ever forget. He told his big sis Viki not to worry, that this was just a thank you party, that's all. He then thanked each guest, one by one. To Viki: "You must have gotten all the good genes." Starr: "You are the toughest nut in the room. You are the only person who never questioned if I was innocent or not." Todd offered to help David prove he (David) was innocent. Todd said they probably both hated Spencer equally. Spencer and Blair arrived. Viki turned to Natalie and said, "Now this is beginning to make sense." Blair was annoyed that Spencer had followed her there. Todd made a public thank you to Evangeline. "You have more heart than any lawyer has had. You are a good person." Evangeline assured him that he didn't have to do this. "I know how you feel," she said. Todd got a dig at (though backhandedly) to Blair as he went on and on about Evangeline, saying she never abandoned him. Todd turned the focus to "my former wife and her illustrious boyfriend Dr. Love." Viki tried to stop Todd from going on. Todd awarded Blair to Spencer, "as a consolation prize," but he couldn't have the rest of his life or his family.

Blair and Spencer started to dance, though Blair made eye contact with Todd. Todd danced with Evangeline, and narrated what was happening — Cris appeared to be jealous and Blair was shooting him looks. David danced with Adriana and both agreed they wanted the other to be happy. Rex and Adriana left the party, though we clearly saw that the stalker was watching them. Natalie begged David to admit to shooting John's father. David told John he had shot his father. Ricky got mixed messages re: Todd. Starr was so proud of him but Cris warned Ricky not to trust Spencer.

Spencer caught Blair on his computer. She immediately claimed to be looking something up on a Web site. Spencer asked for details about what she was looking for, and she managed to cover up. Blair immediately said she certainly wasn't spying on him. Blair got that text message from Todd and immediately tried to leave. Spencer commented that he didn't feel as connected to Blair as before. Blair admitted that things have changed with Todd being back in the picture but promised him that noting would affect "us." The two kissed.

Clint visited Dorian, who was delighted to see him smile. The two talked about all the dramas in his life lately. Clint hoped to focus on the living. He pointed out that Dorian and Viki loathe each other. Dorian rattled off what she didn't like about Viki. Dorian wondered how Clint could start over (romantically) with Viki holding him hostage. Clint claimed he wasn't pining over Viki. Dorian said that drove her crazy. Clint kissed her. "You stubborn, edgy woman," he said as the two began passionately kissing again. Clint agreed there wouldn't be any more dancing (around the issue of their relationship) and then he left, with Dorian practically out of breath.

Matthew asked Bo for the truth regarding his being off the job. Matthew said, "You mean you are being framed, like Starr's dad." Bo smiled, "Well, it's not that bad." Matthew visited Nora and Bo popped in to see Paige. Paige explained to Bo why she didn't level with him. "We can't change what we've done, we can only change what we can do now," Bo assured Paige. Bo asked Paige to help him get Spencer. Paige's face lit up when Bo hinted that they might be able to start anew. Bo added that he can't get past all her secrets and admitted he's unforgiving. Both admitted they missed their "friends" a.k.a. each other. Paige added if they can't forget the past how can they even think about a future. Paige didn't think she deserved a second chance. "Maybe we both do," Bo said.

Matt visited Nora, who was sitting in a wheelchair. Matt shared with his mom that Bo was in trouble. Nora suggested that the two guys take care of each other. R.J. smiled as he watched her try to talk. R.J. brought her some presents including an iPod filled with songs, all "legally downloaded." Nora wanted to go home to make it up to Matthew. R.J. gave Nora a pep talk. Nora wondered why he cared. R.J. went in for a kiss, a longish kiss on the lips.

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