One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on OLTL

Todd took a dehydrated Blair to the hospital. Duke and Adriana searched for Asa. Viki offered to help Dorian, but Dorian didn't like the terms. Jen moved out of the place she shared with Riley when he didn't believe her. Daniel made secret phone calls. Antonio accused R.J. of stealing ten thousand dollars from him, but Jessica found a large sum of money in her purse.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, March 28, 2005

John and Evangeline hang out at her place while she recuperates, but she urges him to go do what he wants to do - work on Hudson's and Julie's murders. When Nora arrives with chicken soup Van tells John that he's been relieved. "Keep your door locked" he instructs her as he leaves for work. "Stay out of evidence rooms!" she retorts, and they both grin. Van tells Nora about John being locked in the evidence room with (of course!) Natalie. Nora mentions that Daniel pulls disappearing acts too, and doubts John's claim that nothing happened between him and Natalie. Van explains that John feels responsible for Nat and that if there anything more to it, he'd tell her. The two women talk about marriage; Van speculates that she might reevaluate her long-time opposition to getting married, but that she and John have issues to work out first.

When John arrives at the station Natalie wants to talk about their time together in the evidence room, but he demands the files on Hudson and Julie and brushes her off while to get down to work. When she delivers the files to his office Nat insists on talking, announcing that the incident in the evidence room may have not meant anything to him, but it was a big deal to her. While she expressed her gratitude to him, he doesn't reveal what he knows about Cristian's identity. John goes back to Van's apartment, just in time to hear a little of the "marriage" conversation.

Kelly and Viki have a cordial chat and reminisce over Kelly and Kevin's wedding photos. "Can you and Kevin be friends again?" Viki asks. Maybe, says Kelly.

Starr and Kevin arrive at the police station right before Dorian and David and they all demand news about Blair. Dorian lights into Kevin, ordering him to leave Kelly alone. Their argument continues while Starr and David go in search of donuts. Later, David reassures Dorian that he'll tell her if she "goes over the line." After Kevin takes Starr home, David has a heart-to-heart talk with Dorian about her warfare with Viki and her family. Viki arrives and overhears Dorian express her love for Blair. Sympathetic, Viki walks in and suggests they call off their vendetta but Dorian is infuriated and they argue over the embezzlement charges. Viki realizes that her attempt to be conciliatory was a mistake and warns Dorian that she "knows what she has to do." She informs D that she's hired an investigator to find out who forged the check. If your' not guilty you'll get a public apology; if you are you'll pay. David urges her to accept Viki's offer, but she reassures him that she's been practicing Viki's signature for years.

The murderer turns over photos of Hudson and Julie with "X" drawn over their faces. Then he runs his finger over Marcie's book cover photo, tracing an imaginary "X." Then he packs up his souvenirs and walks away.

Michael tries to calm down Marcie and insists on staying with her. Marcie reminisces over a photo of the Love Gang, and worries that they are targeted. "Who would want to do this to us?" she wonders, and is too upset to celebrate the arrival of her first royalty check. Michael stays and eventually Marcie feels better, but he feels rejected when she doesn't realize how he feels about her. A jumpy Marcie hears a prowler.

Bo works frantically to get to Todd and Blair off the ledge of the clinic while Todd coaxes a terrified Blair back to the nearest window. While a landing bag is set up on the ground, Bo works to get them back inside. Blair is dizzy and sinks down on the ledge. David and Dorian overhear Bo on the radio talking about Blair's ability to stay on the ledge. Blair and Kevin fall.

Kelly and Kevin take care of Jack and Starr and have a warm family moment. After the kids are in bed, they kiss.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just as the air bags are put into place, Todd pulls Blair towards Bo and safety. They are only steps from the window when Blair teeters, loses her balances, and plummets from the ledge, pulling Todd along with her! Bo watches in horror as they land safely on the air bags. Ambulances and medics are standing by, but Blair is so happy to finally be rescued and in Todd's presence that she denies any checkups for the time being. Bo has a car escort the reunited couple to the police station.

Kevin and Kelly are making out and preparing for more when Viki walks in on them. Their embarrassment is cut short when she tells them that Blair has been rescued. Starr and Jack run in, unable to wait even a moment longer to get to the police station. Viki, Kevin, Kelly, Starr, and Jack arrive at the station, where they join an anxious Dorian and David. Bo arrives a little ahead of Todd and Blair and encounters Nigel, who requests a minute of his time. Nigel reveals that Asa chartered his private jet and disappeared without a word to either Nigel or Renee. At first Bo thinks Nigel is covering for Asa, but he comes to believe the butler. Meanwhile, Todd and Blair arrive and are joyously reunited with their families. Dorian could not be happier to have Blair safe and sound, but she watches angrily as Todd soaks in the glory of his wife's return. Before Dorian can get carried away, David whisks her home, but not before she promises to show up at Blair and Todd's first thing in the morning. "Call first," Todd says to an embittered Dorian.

At the diner, Natalie tells Carlotta that she went to St. Jude's and lit a candle for Cristian. John intrudes on their conversation. As Carlotta waits on customers, John and Natalie discuss their situation. Natalie tells him that she needs to accept things as they are, which includes the fact that he is not single. Carlotta is uneasy about their interaction, and when Natalie leaves to check up on Blair, Carlotta confronts John about his interest in her daughter-in-law. John says that he feels obligated to Natalie, and Carlotta raises her voice. Natalie overhears their conversation as she is about to leave the diner, and she demands that Carlotta back off from John. Natalie tells Carlotta that she loves her and appreciates her concern, but that she needs to leave John alone.

As Marcie talks to the police, Michael apprehends the intruder: it's Nick. Michael and Nick nearly come to blows as Michael yells at him, accusing him of killing Hudson and Julie. Nick breaks down, confessing that he loved Julie. They had been dating for three months, and that's what he came to tell Marcie. Michael is still suspicious, but Marcie persuades him to cool down so they can listen to Nick. Nick tells Marcie that he didn't want to come to her given the way he treated her over the summer. Marcie reminds him that she cares about him and that he can come to her whenever he needs to. After Nick leaves, Marcie breaks down about writing The Killing Club. She feels the murders are entirely her fault, in spite of Michael's protestations. Michael insists on spending the night on the couch, and Marcie runs to fetch him a pair of his old sweats.

As music plays, the citizens of Llanview are shown: Viki, alone at Llanfair, reflecting on Ben; Natalie alone in her bed, torn about John; John at the police station, looking at Natalie's name plaque; Bo, at the scene of Blair's rescue, determined not to let Asa go unpunished; Blair and Todd, home together at last, in their bed. Starr and Jack run into the room and jump on their parents' bed: the Manning family is together again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blair is awakened from a sound sleep by a nightmare about Margaret and leaves Todd a little uncomfortable when she asks him about Margaret. Blair grows so frenzied talking about Margaret that she literally passes out. Todd brings her to the hospital, when Paige tells her that Blair is suffering from exhaustion and needs plenty of rest.

Matthew tells Nora that he's worried about her marrying Daniel but tells her not to cancel the wedding on account of his opinion. Daniel is incensed to learn that the evidence he planted framing Jen has been destroyed. Bo and Daniel get into another war of words, which Nora, again, stops from going any further.

Riley tells Jen how Rex destroyed the incriminating bank deposit slips. Jen packs her bags and goes to Rex. At the same time, Duke arranges to retrieve Asa and bring him back home to Llanview.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

As Nora prepares for her bridal brunch, Riley shows up at her house, utterly devastated. He informs Nora that Jen walked out on him and he doesn't think she's coming back. Nora reiterates her feeling that someone could possibly be setting Jen up for Paul's murder. Kelly arrives to escort Nora to the bridal lunch, and Daniel comes out to talk with his son. Daniel tells Riley he knows how hard it is to fall for someone who is not as good as you believe them to be. The men bond over the Rappaport women, then Riley leaves to get ready for his duties as best man. Finally alone, Daniel accepts a call from someone he refers to as "baby." He tells the caller he won't be able to see her until after the wedding ...

Kelly brings Nora to the Palace for her bridal brunch, organized by Renee. Also in attendance are Viki, Natalie, Evangeline, and one surprise guest: Rachel! Nora is thrilled to see her daughter, but things get out of hand when Lindsay stops by the table to "congratulate" Nora on her pending nuptials. Lindsay makes several snide comments about Nora's track record with men and also damns Evangeline for hanging out with Nora, who Lindsay believes is trying to ruin Jen's life. Nora accidentally spills juice on Lindsay and reveals to her that Riley and Jen have just broken up.

An enraged Lindsay makes her way to Rex's apartment, where Jen has spent the night. Although Rex managed to trick Jen into making out with him (she was half asleep, dreaming he was Riley), things went no further. However, he has almost persuaded her to leave town with him under assumed names, when Lindsay bursts in and puts a halt to the crazy plan. Jen reluctantly agrees to stay in town and attend Nora's wedding with Matthew.

Back at the bridal brunch, Renee cleans up the mess from the spilled juice and appears more flustered than circumstances call for. Viki and Kelly get her to admit that she is actually upset about her husband fleeing Llanview without so much as a word to her. Viki convinces her that Asa will be in touch soon, and is simply hiding out because he knows how much trouble he's in over Blair's kidnapping. Kelly, Viki, and Renee bond over the fact that between them, they have married three generations of Buchanan men! Meanwhile, Evangeline and Natalie have trouble making small talk, but end up agreeing to never engage in any brawls a la Lindsay and Nora.

Jessica has bowed out of the bridal brunch with the excuse that she has "something to do." After Viki and Kelly have left Llanfair, she opens a piece of mail with a postmark from Australia. The message inside says "I give up," and Jessica believes it to be from her stalker. She has no idea that the letter was really sent by Logan, who was following instructions from Tess. Jessica goes to Antonio's to deliver a rocking horse as a present for Jamie to enjoy once she is returned to her father. Jessica also shows Antonio the note from her "stalker," and he in turn tells Jessica about the ten thousand dollars that he believes R.J. stole from his account. Jessica is doubtful that R.J. would steal the funds; when Antonio goes to change for the wedding, she discovers an extremely large amount of cash in her purse.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Nora fights a severe case of cold feet on her wedding day. Daniel speaks to his lover on the phone. Matthew asks Bo to stop the wedding but Bo says he can't do that. Bo later arrives at Nora's room. John and Natalie are easy with each other at the wedding. Evangeline sees John and Natalie together. Antonio is curious when a man calls Jessica's cell phone. Jessica breaks into Tess and sneaks out of the wedding.

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