All My Children Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on AMC

Dixie confronted Di. Janet locked Babe and little Adam in a bedroom. Adam and JR believed that Babe had kidnapped little Adam. Ethan died in the operating room. Erica and Greg feared that Josh knew the truth about his parentage. Kendall challenged Zach to make things right between them.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, February 20, 2006

As everyone works to rescue Zach, after hearing him call out for help, Simone begins yelling at Zach to leave Ethan alone, reminding him that Ethan refused to forgive him. She is distraught because Ethan's condition is worsening. The rescuers speed up their efforts when they hear Zach yell out that Ethan doesn't have a pulse. Julia eventually manages to slip down to assess the extent of Ethan's injuries. She finds a pulse, but it's weak, and she determines that he has a broken pelvis which has led to internal bleeding and injuries. Once Ethan is pulled from the debris he is rushed off to the hospital. Others soon follow, believing that Zach, Simone and Ethan are the last of the survivors. Alone, Tad sits amongst the ruins and reminisces about Dixie. Brooke soon joins Tad and as they talk, Tad announces that it is time for him to move on.

In the morgue Krystal emerges from unconsciousness. Adam initially believes he's hearing a ghost until Krystal tells him to take the cover off of her face. He is thrilled that she is alive. Krystal soon realizes that she's in a morgue and jumps to the conclusion that Adam is somehow behind it. Adam tries to tell her what happened but Krystal refuses to hear a word he's saying. She sets out to find the doctor who pronounced her dead. She intends to question him especially about Adam's possible involvement in her ending up declared dead. Krystal makes a scene in the ER until she sees JR walk in. She is devastated when JR tells her that he had come to the hospital hoping to find her but without success.

Janet finds Babe in the debris. She offers to help Babe but with conditions. With no other choice but to accept the offer, Babe agrees to Janet's terms. Babe promises to listen to Janet once she is rescued. Cleared of the debris, Babe reluctantly follows Janet to a nearby cabin. Janet slams the door shut moments before Jamie walks up. Jamie doesn't stay long. A rescue worker calls him away. Inside, Janet springs her trap. She tells Babe that she expects her to go along with her plans. To ensure Babe does, Janet gives her proof as she tells Babe that she has little Adam stashed away.

Di is staggered to find Dixie waiting for her at Wildwind. She quickly realizes that Dixie was one of the survivors from the Mardi Gras explosion. She is relieved to see that Dixie appears unharmed and asks her what she is doing in Pine Valley. As Dixie tells Di about what she saw unfold at the ball, Di grows increasingly nervous. Dixie notices and asks Di why she appears to be afraid. Di denies it and asks what possible reason she could have to afraid. Angry, Dixie answers, "You stole my life!" Holding nothing back, Dixie tells Di that had she known what Di would do with the details of her life that she had shared with her, she would never have let her in the door. Di has no excuses for her behavior and doesn't try to offer any. She tells Dixie that there is nothing she can ever say to Dixie that would make things up to Dixie. Dixie doesn't let Di off so easily. She demands answers. Di tells her how she came to Pine Valley and eventually pass herself off as Dixie. Dixie is unimpressed when Di concludes her story with telling Dixie that she stayed around to receive her punishment from those she hurt. Dixie asks Di if it was worth it. She points out that after a few months of pretending, all of Di's lies were exposed and everyone was worse off than they had ever been before Di's deception. Dixie then asks Di what she told the family about the baby. When Di tells Dixie that she told everyone that the baby had died, Dixie is even more angry with Di for putting the family through mourning for Kate twice. Exhausted, Di ends the argument for the time being by walking out of the room. She tells Dixie that the next move is completely up to Dixie just as Tad walks up to the front door of Wildwind.

Joe operates on Ethan in the hopes of saving his life but sadly, Ethan's injuries are too extensive and he dies. After Joe pronounces Ethan dead at 5:27pm, he goes out to break the news to Simone. Zach slips into the room to look at his son while Simone receives the news. She is devastated and rushes into the operating room to be with Ethan. When she sees Zach, she throws him out. Zach steps into the ER and faces Kendall who is watching him from across the room.

JR returns to the site of the ballroom explosion to look for Babe.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Zach left Ethan's room and saw Kendall. She tried to approach him, but he walked away. Simone was inconsolable as she left Ethan's room. Ryan wanted to take Kendall home, but she said that she had to see Zach and Simone. Reggie arrived and told her that Erica was in surgery. Ryan insisted and he took Kendall home. At home, Ryan held Kendall as she sobbed for all those hurt by the blast.

Zach went to the morgue and told Ethan through the tears, that he was sorry.

Julia told Simone that she too loved a wonderful man and lost him. Julia said that she would survive, but it would take a long time.

Krystal told Adam she was going to find Babe. Adam told her she had to stay at the hospital and she said that he didn't give a damn about Babe. Adam admitted he didn't care about Babe, but he sure cared about her.

As J.R. continued his search for Babe, Amanda came into the wreckage. She asked how she could help, but J.R. screamed at her to get out. Jamie came back to the blast and asked if he had seen Amanda. J.R. said that Amanda had been there, but he kicked her out. He told Jamie to get out too. Jamie said that he hoped Babe woke up one day and realized what kind of man J.R. really is. Krystal and Adam showed up and said that an EMT had seen Babe. Just then, Winifred showed up and said that Little Adam was gone. J.R. got a text message saying that Babe had taken Little Adam and that he would never see them again. Janet then locked her in and told Babe that they were not even close to being done.

As Janet drove Babe to an undisclosed location, Janet talked about Natalie and Trevor. Janet tried to start a game of "I Spy", but Babe was too concerned about Little Adam. They arrived at Trevor's old fishing cabin and Little Adam was in the other room. Babe told Janet that she and J.R. were going to marry again, but Janet said she didn't know how she felt about that. Janet told Babe that she was the root of all Amanda's problems. Babe promised that she would make it up to Amanda, but Janet didn't believe her. Babe said she would offer Amanda a job at Fusion, and that she would talk to Jamie and tell him that Amanda was not to blame for everything. Janet then told Babe that she was responsible for the explosion.

Tad knocked on Di's door to check on her. He told her he would go but she invited him inside. Tad gave Di the lowdown on everyone's whereabouts. He said that he had been revisiting ghosts. Di asked if the ghost was Dixie (as Dixie listened in from the other room) and Tad said that it was. Tad spilled his guts to Di about Dixie. Di went to make coffee and told Dixie that the next move was up to her. Di came out with coffee and left a cup for Dixie. Di told Tad that she wanted to earn a place in his heart and he kissed her. As Tad was leaving Di suggested that they go out on a date. After a few good one liners, Tad said he would see her tomorrow night. He kissed her goodnight and she told him she couldn't wait for tomorrow night. When Di went to find Dixie, she was gone.

Amanda returned to the warehouse to find Janet, but of course she was gone. Amanda thought back to when she lived at home with Janet and Trevor. She remembered the fights between her mom and dad about Janet not taking her medication. Amanda remembered that Janet made her swear that she would never again have her committed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Josh warns Tad to stay out of his life. As the two trade words, Joe is standing nearby listening. After Josh walks away, Tad turns to talk to Joe. He is surprised that Joe seems so accepting of Josh and the things that Tad suspects him doing. Joe reminds Tad that regardless of what Josh may or may not have done, he is family. He goes on to tell Tad that he sees quite a bit of Jeff in Josh. Tad realizes that Joe wants the truth to come out about Josh and warns Joe that it's not their secret. Erica clearly did not tell Josh that he is her son so it is best that they respect her wishes. Joe agrees but feels that it would be best if the truth came out soon.

Erica has disturbing dreams of the past triggered by Tad's revelation that Josh is her son. When she wakes up, it's to find Greg standing in her room. He quickly reassures her that her family is doing well and then begins asking her questions, specifically what she meant when she told him that he had taken her child. Erica is momentarily startled, but covers it quickly. She turns the question around to avoid answering him. Greg takes the bait and starts talking about the distant past when their paths crossed. Just then Josh walks in with a huge bouquet of flowers. He is not pleased to see his father in the room. Things become quite tense as all three try to avoid saying what is really on their mind. Tad comes to the rescue when he stops by for a visit. As soon as Josh and Greg leave, Erica relaxes for the first time. She tells Tad about how uncomfortable things were with Greg and how suspicious and pushy he was. Tad listens as Erica then tells him about the things she discovered while trapped with Josh. She is finally able to admit that he is her son, having seen so much of herself in him during their time together. When Tad asks her what, she plans to do. Erica is only sure of one thing. She wants Greg Madden to pay for what he did and to make sure that he doesn't go anywhere near Kendall. As for telling Josh that he is her son, Erica is unsure and asks Tad to help her decide.

Outside of Erica's room, Josh has harsh words for Greg. Joe overhears them and jumps to the wrong conclusion. When Greg walks away, Joe approaches Josh and tells him that he's happy that the truth is out and offers to help him. Josh is confused by Joe's words and offer. Frustrated, Josh asks for clarification. Realizing that Josh doesn't know the truth about his parentage, Joe quickly covers. He tells Josh that he knows he's having job difficulties and checked into his background. After learning that Josh went to medical school and had high board scores, Joe decided to offer him an internship at the hospital. Josh is quite surprised.

JR informs everyone that he received a text message from Babe, telling him that she has taken their son and left town. Adam and David believe him but Krystal and Jamie have their doubts. Krystal tries to convince JR to not jump to any conclusions until they return to the mansion. She is certain that Babe is there waiting for them. Jamie and Aidan decide to find Amanda. At the mansion, things turn from bad to worse as Krystal confirms that some of Babe's clothes are missing as are little Adams and one of his favorite stuffed animals while Adam discovers that his safe is missing $5,000.00.

Amanda leaves a frantic message with Trevor's voicemail. She tells him about the explosion and her fear that Janet is out of control. Worried that he hasn't returned any of his calls, she begs her father to call her back as soon as possible. Amanda becomes even more distressed when Jamie and Aidan track her down to the warehouse. While Aidan searches the area, Jamie outlines the evidence they have accumulated against her mother. When they point out to her that Ethan's death makes Janet a murderer, Amanda has had enough. She defends her mother, claiming that she's not a murder but neither Jamie nor Aidan are convinced. Jamie tries to make Amanda how crucial it is that Janet to be found immediately. He tells her about Babe and little Adam. Amanda is hurt that once again, it's all about Babe. Angry, she tells him that she wished she had never fallen in love with Jamie and then storms out of the warehouse.

Babe slowly realizes just how trapped and isolated they are when Janet refuses to give Babe her cell phone to answer JR's call. Janet soon makes her plans known. She plans to keep Babe there until she learns her lesson which entails Janet telling Babe all about Amanda's life so that she can see Amanda for the wonderful person she is. Babe plays along until she has an opportunity to seize the upper hand with Janet. Unfortunately Babe acts too quickly and Janet is able to stop her. Livid that Babe would try to pull a trick on her, Janet begins talking about karma. She tells Babe that the last time Babe's bad karma made her mad, the ballroom exploded. She warns Babe not to push her too far or the same thing will happen again. After Babe changes, Janet resumes her lessons and talks about Amanda. Babe soon loses patience being docile and decides to intimidate Janet into giving her the keys to the car. The results are disastrous. Janet locks Babe in the bedroom with Little Adam. Babe looks for a way to escape. She tries to pry boards off of a window but is unable to work them loose. Realizing that there is no way to escape, Babe walks over to Little Adam's playpen and tries to reassure him. She tells him not to worry: daddy will find them soon.

At home, feeling betrayed and angry, JR places a call. He orders a search party to find Babe and his son, telling the caller not to involve the police. He goes on to tell him that he doesn't care what they do with Babe but he wants his on returned home where he belongs.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Adam continues to try to convince JR that the right way to track Babe down is with the police. JR wants none of it, insisting that since his men were the ones that found her when she absconded to New Orleans, they can certainly find her again. Then, as Krystal approaches and listens in, JR reveals that his highest priority is his son, and that he doesn't care what happens to Babe. The doorbell rings, and before either of them can respond, Krystal dashes to the door and finds Tad on the other side. She closes the door behind her so that they can talk outside, and she begs him to find her daughter before the Chandlers have a chance. She then cautiously invites him in, and admits that she hopes Babe did kidnap her son again. Tad is appalled but Krystal offers a redefinition and says that if Babe kidnapped Little Adam, she is in control. Any other scenario is too horrible to picture. She then begs Tad to help her, in spite of Babe's history, because they would be more compassionate than the Chandlers ever would. Tad reluctantly agrees, and Krystal quickly snaps up his offer. She then asks Tad to take care of JR and Adam and takes off to follow up on a hunch she has. He turns and walks in on Adam ranting about how Babe could have already left the country with a fake passport. Tad diminishes Adam's stance as expert in the situation, and offers the help of a real private investigator. JR tries to blow him off, but Tad reminds him that Little Adam is a part of Dixie's family, and he wants him home just as soon as he can. They continue to throw around a few more theories, but in the end JR is convinced that Babe has done him wrong and that the winner will take all. With his eyes on the prize, he confirms that he will do whatever it takes to get his son back. Tad tells him that he had better hope that his son is solely with Babe if not, she could be in the hands of a lunatic, along with their son. Just then, Jamie enters, and having heard his father's last statement, confirms this last theory.

After a night of fitful sleep, Babe rises and makes a promise to her son that they will be home by lunch. Janet bursts into the room, and announces that she hopes Babe got up on the right side of the bed. Babe apologizes and tells her that she was just worried about her family and wanted to get Little Adam home. Janet informs her that her empty stomach might have also been a problem one that will be solved by the breakfast she is preparing. They move into the shared area of the cabin, and Babe asks when they will be headed out to enjoy the beautiful day that awaits them. Janet crushes her hopes by saying that they would be staying put because there are many things that still need to be done. Janet serves up some oatmeal, much to Babe's dismay. Babe questions why Janet won't be having any, and Janet tells her that she has a history with it, and now never eats it. Alarmed, Babe stops Janet as she tries to feed Little Adam, fearing that the food was somehow tainted. Janet tells her that she is being paranoid, and eats a mouthful herself to prove it. She chokes it down, saying that while it's disgusting, it's hardly poisonous. Babe tells her that they will wait until they get home to eat, but Janet refuses to let that fly. She offers up a box of cold cereal, unopened, and some milk as an alternative. Babe tries to accept it graciously, but she is too agitated to hold her composure for long. She continues to ask when they are going home, and this only irritates Janet. Janet tells her that she is coming across as ungrateful, and that if that is the true, they will start all over until she gets it right. Frustrated, Babe reminds Janet that she already looked at the scrapbooks, promised to talk to Jamie about giving Amanda another chance and will give her a job at Fusion. What else is there to do? A short time later, after they have taken a nap, Babe asks again if they can leave. Janet tells her that the only place she will be going is to her room with an attitude like that. She then asks if Babe thinks returning home will net her fanfare and showers of love. She assures Babe that it won't happen, as she has set it up to make Babe look like she kidnapped her son all over again. Babe realizes that Janet used her phone somehow to deceive the people back in Pine Valley and she demands details. Janet explains that she sent a text message to JR, casting the worst possible light on Babe. Babe is blown away at the lengths Janet will go to, and begs to know why. Janet tells her that had she been paying attention instead of throwing tantrums and trying to steal keys, she would already know Janet's motives: Amanda is hurting, and everything can be traced back to Babe. Therefore, if Amanda isn't happy, Babe won't be either. Janet insists that she will rub Babe's nose in her misdeeds until she learns her lesson, and Babe barely manages not to lash out. Then, in an epiphany, Babe starts to play Janet's game and tells her that she is absolutely brilliant. Caught off guard, Janet flushes with pride, even though she is unaware of what she is being praised for. Babe admits that she just realized that Janet set it up so that Babe is away from Pine Valley and Amanda can live the life she deserves, while at the same time providing Babe with the opportunity to be the best mom ever. She tells Janet they can both have exactly what they want all Janet has to do is release her captives. Janet isn't so sure about this, but Babe tells her that she doesn't want to go back to Pine Valley she wants to kidnap her son for real.

Del shows up in Di's room with a cup of coffee and finds her anxious and fidgety. He inquires as to what is bothering her and, out of the blue, she asks if he loved Dixie. He tells her that he did, and not just because of the whole kidney thing. Di then asks if he loves her too, especially since she also gave a kidney. Del starts to pull her chain, but then admits that of course, he loves her as well. He becomes more curious and wonders if she is suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress ailment. Di vacillates, both physically and emotionally, between trusting Del enough to tell the truth, and keeping Dixie's secret. Del finally grabs her so that she will stop pacing, and then asks her to confess. She takes one direct look into his eyes and spills the beans. Stunned, Del takes a seat and ponders aloud why Dixie wouldn't come to him. Di tells him that she asked their sister all such pertinent questions but to no avail. She then fills him in on having Dixie in the house when Tad showed up to check on her. She tells him that when she went to get some coffee, she returned to find that instead of flinging herself into Tad's arms, Dixie stayed in hiding and later disappeared. Di admits that she doesn't know what to do. Del advises her to tell, because a secret this big in a place like Pine Valley is bound to blow. Further, if it does and people find out that she knew about it, Del thinks the town will shred her again. Del tells her that she is so concerned about the promise she made and doing the right thing, but she is forgetting that the people that love Dixie deserve to know the truth. Finally convinced, Di agrees to reveal the secret but in her own way. She swears him to secrecy and then stalks out, prepared to follow through on her decision.

Jamie tells the room that he believes Janet Dillon is behind the disappearance of Babe and Little Adam. JR refuses to be taken in, especially because Babe did the same thing before. Jamie goes on to say that Amanda knew about the blast before it happened and tried to get everyone out. He says that it doesn't take much to connect Janet to the blast through her daughter. Adam demands proof and Jamie tells him that at this moment, Aidan is chasing them down. Unsatisfied, Adam says they have enough facts and leads. Tad thinks they are headed in the wrong direction, and that they need to consider all angles. JR flashes back to how angry Babe was at the party when he refused to agree to joint custody, and reiterates that he thinks Babe is indeed on the lam. Jamie is amazed that Babe and Little Adam could be in real danger, and all JR can focus on is bringing the pain to his ex-wife. Before they can go around again, Di shows up. Adam is less than thrilled at her presence, but she ignores him, saying that she is glad that everyone she was looking for had already gathered together because she has something to tell them. She doesn't get the chance because her mere presence dredges up ire in her nephew, and reminds him that he now thinks that Babe is just as big of a con as Di. Neither Tad nor Jamie can believe that either Chandler hasn't learned from their mistakes yet. Jamie addresses his brother directly when he reminds JR that while both he and Babe are crazy about each other again his current actions make it painfully obvious that JR doesn't deserve Babe. He takes off, and Tad follows close behind, although Di tries to stop them. Adam, outraged at such flagrant words from the Martins, stalks off to his study to call in a few favors. JR tells Di that she should take the hint and leave as well, but Di refuses saying that she wants to help. JR reminds her that she didn't care the last time, so there is no reason for this time to be any different. Di tells him that she will stay there and find some way to help, whether he likes it or not. JR tells her that he doesn't want her he only wants his son. He admits that he doesn't want to lose his son and Di fills in the end of his sentiment: like he lost his mother. She reaches out to comfort him, but JR jerks away. He tells her to stop trying to be like his mother and follows by saying that she can't help him no one can. Di thinks a moment, and then tells him that he's wrong.

As David emerges from his cabin to retrieve the morning paper, Dixie watches him from behind a large evergreen. He almost goes back inside, completely unaware, when Dixie unwittingly makes a noise. His attention alerted, David calls out to see who it is, mistakenly thinking it's his daughter. David starts to look around, but before he can uncover Dixie, Krystal shows up and asks if he had seen Babe. David admits that he hadn't, but that he would clue her in if the contrary were true even though she is sleeping with the enemy. Dixie continues to watch them from her hiding place until they move the conversation inside. Di dares to move closer so that she can continue to listen in. David continues to be obstinate, saying that if Babe thinks enough of him to call, he might just send her the money she needs to stay way from Pine Valley, especially considering that life here isn't so great. Krystal rails at him, saying that the Chandlers will not stop until they hunt her down like a dog, and that life on the run is not what is right for their daughter. They continue to argue, and as Dixie listens, David angrily denounces JR for all of the horrible things he'd done concluding that the last of his heart died with Dixie. He tells Krystal that she shouldn't want someone like that for their daughter, but Krystal tells him that she just wants to find Babe and Little Adam before the Chandlers do and bring them home. She then notes that David doesn't care about Babe, Krystal or Little Adam his sole purpose is to rain misery on the Chandlers. Infuriated, she stalks out of the house, barely leaving Dixie time to hide herself again. David approaches the door, unaware that his once upon a time love was standing mere feet away.

Ryan stops by Wildwind and when Julia answers the door, he asks if Simone had woken up already. Julia informs him that she never went to sleep, and they go into the living room. Upon spotting Ryan, Simone unleashes a fresh batch of tears. Ryan hugs her in an attempt to offer comfort and, when they part, she looks to Ryan for validation that Ethan's love was real. Ryan tells her that, without a doubt, Ethan worshipped the ground that she walked on, and she made him feel a love unlike any he'd ever known before. Simone manages a brief smile at that, saying that Ethan always told her it was just the two of them and now, it's just her with a funeral to plan. Ryan tells her that he stopped by the funeral home to take care of some of the basics, and that they are waiting for her to sign off on everything...whenever she is ready. She thanks him for being a wonderful best man and best friend, and then says that she is going to go and clean up. Before she does, she also thanks Julia for all that she had done for her, even though they didn't really know each other. Julia tells her that she has been where Simone is now, and therefore knew the kind of help she needed. With that, Simone heads upstairs, leaving Julia and Ryan alone. Julia tells him that he said all the things that Simone needed to hear, and asks if he suffered any collateral damage. Ryan takes her words to mean physical scars, but she clarifies that she wants to know about the outcome of Kendall finding out about Zach's betrayal. Ryan admits that Kendall is still reeling, and that he is unsure where she will land. Julia reminds him that Zach's decisions are not his fault. Perhaps not, but Ran admits that the fallout Kendall's breaking heart was completely caused by him. Although Julia reminds him that Zach was the one who betrayed Kendall and that Ryan was just the messenger, Ryan tells her that he did it with the knowledge that it would go straight through her. He then reveals that he should know everything about Kendall by now, but he saw new things about her when they were trapped after the explosion. He tells Julia that although she was angry at Zach and gave him hell for what he did, she still surprised him by being able to laugh and tell a joke or two. He goes on to say that Kendall thought they needed to get back together, and although Julia thinks it's crazy, Ryan, knowing that it would be mostly about revenge, isn't so sure. Ryan admits that if he were with Kendall, he could protect her. Julia is amazed that Ryan would even consider Kendall's proposal, seeing as how it is completely obvious that Kendall is using him. Ryan knows as much, but as the mother of his child, he feels a sense of obligation. Julia thinks that Ryan is an amazing friend, and they agree that the whole situation is complicated. Ryan finally admits that he started the whole chain of events by faking his own death, and insists that he will not let his son or the mother of his child down ever again. He decides to let her get back to taking care of Simone, and takes his leave.

As Zach sits and stares blankly in his condo, someone knocks at his door. The rapping comes again and yet he continues to sit. Unwilling to be ignored, the door opens and Kendall comes in uninvited. She offers condolences about Ethan and asks what he plans to do. He has no answers, so she asks him if there is anything he needs or anything she can do. Zach thinks a moment, and simply tells her that following her instincts and leaving was the right thing to do, because he hurts the people he cares about. He tells her that Ethan figured it out early on, but he didn't deserve the fate he was dealt. On the other hand, Zach feels that he got what was coming to him he deserved to lose his son. Kendall vehemently rejects that statement, if only because she knows that Zach truly loved his son. Zach reveals that Ethan died to get away from him. Zach recounts how he apologized to his son, told him that he loved him and how proud he was of him, and how he begged for forgiveness. He then tells Kendall that the last words Ethan said to him were, "I'll never forgive you." Kendall can tell that knowing his son died hating him was killing Zach piece by piece inside, and she moves in close to wrap him in a comforting embrace. He lets it linger but for a moment, and then he withdraws, ostensibly to add more ice to his glass. Kendall asks what he thinks about her should she forgive him for his role in the blackout, or do they have to wait for another building to fall on their heads? Zach maintains that just as he was no good for Ethan, he would be no good for her. He places the decision in her hands by asking if his love for her made her life better or worse. She hesitates, and Zach tells her that she has her answer. She asks if they are just supposed to leave things like that, and he tells her that there is no other way around it. Hurt, she defiantly tells him that she is thinking of getting back together with Ryan. Zach chuckles and this infuriates Kendall. She tells him that there is nothing amusing about her idea and that it's all his fault anyway. She tells him that Ryan was supposed to share his life with Greenlee and his child, and she was supposed to be with Zach. However, because of his stunt, Kendall blames Zach for blowing apart all of her hopes and dreams for the future. Zach considers this for a moment, and then tells her that she should do what she needs to do and if it involves Ryan, so be it. Kendall attacks him for giving up on them so easily, and asks if Ethan's death meant nothing. Zach visibly flinches and says that it meant a great deal. Kendall says that if she were to believe that, she would not be wrong in expecting him to do or say something that would make a difference. Neither of them knows what that is, so Kendall asks if they were wrong to ever try being together. Zach tells her that he was only wrong about who he thought he could be to her. After a moment, Kendall tells him that he never answered her question what is he going to do now? Zach, mired in grief, simply states that he will have another drink. At a loss for what else she can do, Kendall grabs her things and heads for home. She stops before opening the door and, with tears streaming down her face, she quietly admits that she still loves Zach. On the other side of the room, Zach admits that he still loves her too.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Erica sits by Jackson's side in a wheelchair as he lay unconscious. She tells him that they are lucky to be alive, but she can still hardly believe that Josh, the man who has tried to destroy her, is her son. Erica admits to Jackson that she is not sure if she should tell Josh the truth about his paternity. After all, Josh hates her and the effects of the news could destroy so many lives. She tells Jackson how much she needs him right now

Josh tells Greg that no longer has any say in his life, especially since Greg ratted out Josh to Erica. Greg even suggests that Josh should leave town, but Josh brags about Joe offering him an internship. Greg is silent at the news and asks Josh why Joe wants him around. Josh claims it is because he saved Erica's life with his quick-thinking medical skills after the blast. Greg thinks that Josh should leave because everyone hates him, but Josh turns the tables, claiming he has Babe, Danielle and other Fusion folks who like him.

Babe tells Janet that if she lets her go, she really can escape with her son and keep Janet's reputation intact. It would make Amanda seem like such a saint and everyone would no longer hate her. Janet seems impressed with Babe's plan, but wonders why she hasn't mentioned JR. Babe answers that the plan will leave JR completely broken and suffering forever. Janet tells Babe that she has seen her and JR kissing it up, but Babe explains it was just a scheme. She was going to marry him, divorce him and then get custody of their son, but now, thanks to Janet, Babe no longer has to be with JR to get what she wants. When Babe promises to never forgive JR, Janet tells her that she and Trevor have had their share of problems, but always make it through. Babe claims that Trevor is probably a better man that JR -- after all, JR let her take a fall for running down Amanda. Babe explains that about the how JR was drunk, which leads Janet to spill that she set the fire at the bar that night. Janet tells Babe that Babe gave Amanda trouble too, so why should she go unpunished? After all, if she lets Babe go, she won't suffer. Babe claims that saying good-bye to her family forever will be a pain that never leaves her. Leaving Krystal would be the worst pain ever, because like Janet and Amanda, they are best friends. After putting on their warm coats, Janet lets Babe and Little Adam go free.

JR tells Di pretty bluntly that he can't stand her, from the look of her face to the sound of her voice. Di tells him that JR has not lost as much as he thinks he has. JR tells her that his mother is dead, his son is missing and he will never consider her family. Di tells JR there are many things he does not know, which leads JR to say she is right because he has no idea where is son is. When Di tells JR she has something to tell him, JR claims he will never trust her or anyone else ever again. The only person who deserved his trust is dead, JR adds. Di tells him Dixie loves JR so much, but JR dismisses maternal actions, claiming it is a slam on Dixie's memory. JR gets a telephone call from one of his goons to inform him Babe has been spotted going into a cabin. JR rushes off without giving Di any explanation.

Dixie hides in the corner while David goes outside to check on the noise he heard. He calls for Babe, but goes back inside when he a phone call. The other side of the line is empty as David thinks it is Babe. Dixie leaves and goes into an abandoned cabin, where she thinks about Di urging her to tell her family she is alive. Dixie remembers visiting JR in the hospital shortly after he was born, while JR approaches the front door. He kicks the door in and searches for Babe. He kicks things around and calls out for his mother to help him if she can hear him. In another room, Dixie watches her son.

Di goes to see David, but he is not interested unless she has news about Babe. Di tells him she was talking to JR and he took off quickly, meaning it may be about Babe. Di probes David about Dixie and Tad's breakup, but David thinks it is just a way to get into Tad's bed. David tells Di that Dixie was unlike her - she was a kind, sweet and loving women. Di tells David that Dixie may not be as perfect or saintly as he thinks. David is shocked at Di's behavior, given the fact that his daughter and grandson are missing. Di tells David that Jamie believes Janet took Babe and Little Adam.

Ryan calls Kendall to check on her, but gets no response because she is at Zach's place. Kendall tells Zach that they both love each other, but part of her is so confused and torn. When she asks what they should do next, Zach tells her he can't make decisions for her. The only way she can stop being miserable is to stop loving him, Zach says. When Kendall asks him if he can ever stop loving her, Zach reminds her that he will love her until the day he dies. Kendall is confused by his answer - does he mean give it a second try or call it quits? Ryan goes to Kendall's home, but sees her inside of Zach's house and walks away. Zach asks Kendall what she needs to hear to make her feel better. She tells him she needs to hear whatever it will take to make her trust him again. Kendall tells Zach that he ruined her life and when the truth comes out, he acts like it is no big deal. She storms out of Zach's house and runs into Ryan. Kendall tells him she wished he had stormed into Zach's house to save her from making a fool of herself.

After Kendall is gone, Zach remembers many of the happy times he and Kendall shared. Myrtle comes over to see him and offers her sympathy for Ethan's death. Myrtle says she knows about the black-out, but is not going to ream him for it. She admits that it seems fair for Zach to lose Kendall, but not Ethan. Zach wonders why Myrtle cares about him, so she answers it is because like Kendall, she loves him.

Kendall goes to the hospital to visit Erica, who is back in her room. Erica asks Kendall what's wrong so Kendall tells her that the engagement is off. Erica is sorry for Kendall's pain, but Kendall knows her mother was no fan of Zach. Erica admits she never liked the man, but once Kendall has her child, she will understand that a mother hurts when her child hurts. Over time, Kendall will smile, laugh and heal from Zach's betrayal, Erica adds. Kendall is touched by her mother's words and they share a chuckle just thinking about how they used to despise each other. Kendall leaves and Erica calls someone to immediately come over. Kendall tells Ryan at the hospital that she would like him to move in with her. Josh comes to see Erica, at her request.



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