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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on GH
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jason and Carly board the plane to come home and Carly tells Jason that they should start working together. Jason points out to her all the bad ideas she has had in the past and tells her that he worries about her too much to work with her. She takes that as a compliment, of course. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman packs an envelope with a letter and one vial of antidote and sends it to General Hospital.

Sonny tells Emily that he's worried that she's not ready to be intimate because of the rape. Emily insists that she has feelings for him, and that in itself is improvement. Emily convinces Sonny that she's ok, and they make love in the guest house. Afterwards, they go back to the main house to check on the kids. Carly and Jason call to check in and tell Sonny that they are on their way back home. Liz also calls from the hospital to tell Sonny that Courtney has had her little boy. The kids wake up after the phone calls and come downstairs. Sonny tells them about their new cousin and then both he and Emily take the kids back up to bed. Sonny comes back downstairs to talk to Carly when she gets there. When she sees Emily she realizes that Sonny and Emily slept together.

The baby is taken to the NICU at the hospital, while they attempt to stabilize Courtney. Jax comes to check on Courtney and she tells him she wants to name their little boy John Michael, after their fathers. Jax comes clean with her and tells her that he had her followed and switched the second set of paternity tests also. The baby's real father is Nikolas. Courtney is furious and wants to talk to Nikolas right away. Jax warns her that when she tells Nikolas the baby is his, the baby will be at risk from Helena. She doesn't care, though. She thinks that she and Nikolas can figure things out with his grandmother. She falls asleep, but when she wakes up she seems to make peace with Jax. When Nikolas comes in, she says her final words to him and then dies.

At the hospital, Alexis is doing worse but still gets up and tries to help Sam. She is delirious and Alexis tries to answer the questions she has for her own mother. Ric comes in and tells Alexis she is doing all she can and she needs to get back in bed. When Sam wakes up later, she asks Alexis what happened. Alexis tells her that she was trying to find out a secret from her mother, and Sam tells her that any secrets her mother may have had died with her. Later, she wakes up again and is relieved to find Jason there. Jason promises that he isn't going anywhere.

Robin and Patrick go to the nurse's lounge to try to rest a little in between shifts. He tells her that they should be off on an island somewhere, and she makes a joke about him always hitting on her. Liz comes in to give them updates, and they notice that Robin is hunched over on the bench. Patrick goes to check on her and realizes she has a fever. He carries her out of the room and insists that she get her own room. When Robert realizes that his little girl is sick, he is furious. He comes in and tells her that she should have gone home when he told her to, but Patrick tells him to back off and let her rest. Robert leaves, and Patrick and Robin both relate to how their father's have abandoned them. When Patrick leaves the room, he finds a package with a note in it. He takes it to Robert, who reads the note while Patrick finds the vile with the antidote in it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Liz and the Dr. work on trying to revive Courtney, but they are forced to give up and pronounce her dead. Nikolas asks Jax what Courtney was about to tell him, but he doesn't tell him that he is the real father of baby John. He instead tells him that Courtney told him he loved him and that should be enough. Meanwhile, Liz calls Emily and tells her the news about Courtney. Liz wants Emily to be the one to tell Sonny. Emily interrupts Carly and Sonny to tell them the news. Sonny was getting ready to tell Carly that he and Emily had slept together, but he doesn't get the chance after he hears the news from Emily. All three go to the hospital where Emily goes to the chapel to comfort Nikolas. After Sonny says goodbye to Courtney, he goes to the chapel and apologizes to Nikolas for treating him and Courtney badly about their relationship. Then he goes to tell Mike that his daughter is dead. Mike doesn't take it very well and demands that Sonny get out of his hospital room. Carly goes to say goodbye to Courtney and promises her she will take care of her son. Then she goes to the NICU at the hospital to be with Jax. She tells Jax that they need to get the baby out of the incubator so that he will get to know her and his father.

When Robin finds out the antidote Patrick is about to give her is the only one they have, she refuses it. Robert is upset, but he can't convince her to take it. The next two people in line are Danny and Alexis. Sam tries to convince Alexis to give it to Danny, but Ric tells Alexis that her children need her. Alexis decides to go ahead and take the antidote. Holly, the mysterious woman, calls Robert at the hospital and tells him that one more vial of antidote will cost him $1 Million. When Luke finds out what's going on, he decides to team up with Robert to help.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sam stays by Danny's side as he dies. She first realizes she is losing him when he says he is cold. She tells him to say hi to his niece. Right before he dies, he tells Sam that he thinks he can see baby Lila. When Sam gets back to her room, she screams at Alexis until her head starts hurting and she collapses. Monica comes in to check on Sam and tells Jason that he is worried she won't make it through the night.

Jax, Nikolas, and Carly all stand bedside by baby John. The doctor tells Jax that he needs to take blood from the baby to make sure he is ok and doesn't have the virus. Jax at first doesn't want to put baby John through the pain of having blood taken, but then Carly convinces him to do so anyway. Before Nikolas leaves, Jax starts to tell him about John's paternity. He changes his mind and just tells him that he wants Nikolas to be a part of baby John's life. Later, Carly comes into the NICU to see Jax crying at John's bed. Jax tells Carly that baby John has the virus and the doctor doesn't think he will survive. Carly tells him not to believe the doctors. They will give John all the strength he needs to survive.

In an attempt to learn more about the virus and what they are dealing with, Robert pulls Jason aside. Jason doesn't want to give any information to Robert, though. Luke convinces him to give Robert any information that he may have, though. Luke manages to get the million dollars and he and Robert go to stake out the place where they left the money. They see a mysterious lady enter and start to put a vial down. Shots are fired and when the smoke clears, the lady is gone, along with the vial. Robert is disappointed, but Luke seems to think that she will contact them again to get her money.

While working at the hospital, Liz continues to get phone calls from Lucky's phone but there is no one there on the other end. She tries to get any information she can from Carly, while Patrick takes her blood in an attempt to develop a cure. Carly tells her that she is sure Lucky is fine. The labs did everything they wanted to with Lucky, so they would have no reason to kidnap him again. Patrick is worried about Liz, but she brushes him off. Liz goes to the nurse's quarters and throws her phone down and collapses in tears. She hears Lucky's voice, and turns around to be greeted by Lucky.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jax and Carly get upsetting news from Baby John's pediatrician. He tells them that John has the virus and is getting weaker. Jax doesn't know how he can help the baby. Carly tells Jax he needs to not give up on his "son" yet and that Baby John needs to know that he is there and wants him to live. Sonny comes by to watch his nephew through the window of his room. Jax tells him that the baby has the virus and is getting weaker. Nikolas comes by to see Jax and the baby. Nikolas is told that the baby has the virus and is dying. Nikolas goes in to see the baby. He leaves again. Jax looks for him later to tell him the truth: he is the baby's real father. Nikolas is not around and later gets discharged from the hospital after getting a clean bill of health. Alan finds him and tells him he must leave the hospital now that he is well. Nikolas refuses to leave while Courtney is still in the morgue and Baby John is still in the hospital. Alan tells him he must leave now. Nikolas gets upset and throws a bunch of cups of pills on the floor in a bit of temper.

Sam gets weaker by the minute. Patrick warns Jason that she is showing the same symptoms that Danny did before he died. Jason lashes out at Patrick for not being able to help her. Sam wakes up and tells Jason not to blame Patrick for what is happening to her. Jason calms down but is still on the verge of tears watching Sam get sicker. She complains of not being able to breathe well. Soon after her monitor goes off and a doctor and nurse come in to help. Sam stabilizes after she is given oxygen to help with her breathing. Sonny comes by to see Jason. He tells Jason that Baby John has the virus and is dying. Jason tells Sonny that he is afraid Sam is dying as well. Sonny tells him he needs to stay by her side and fight for her to live. Sonny is informed by Liz that Ric wants to see him in his room. Jason goes back in her to sit with her. She wakes up later and tells him that she has been having some strange dreams. She also tells him that she never knew perfect love until she met him and fell in love with him. Jason knows she is trying to say goodbye and is having a hard time letting her go. She asks him to hold her hand.

Alexis gets home from the hospital. She is thrilled when there is a knock on the door and she answers it to find Kristina and Molly there with Emily. Emily tells her that Sonny called and thought she would want to see the girls now that she is home. Alexis tells Kristina that she is her hero for calling 911 when she and Ric were sick. Alexis spends time with her girls. She cuts a locket of hair from Molly's head to add to her photo album as a memento. She explains to Kristina that she did the same thing when she was a little baby, cut a piece of hair to remember her as a baby. Kristina notices another ribbon inside a jewelry box that has a locket of hair in it and asks Alexis if that is her locket of hair. Alexis is surprised by her find and is speechless. Meanwhile, Sonny goes to see Ric. Ric tells Sonny what is on his mind in case he doesn't make it. He tells Sonny that he is sorry he didn't try to get to know Sonny better sooner instead of judging him and being jealous of him for being raised by their mother when he wasn't. Sonny also tells Ric that he wishes he tried harder to see where he was coming from and tried to be a better brother instead of pushing him away. Ric asks Sonny to look out for Molly just like he would his own daughter, Kristina -- even if Alexis would hate it. Sonny promises to do that for him.

Robert takes out his frustration on Luke for not being able to catch the mysterious woman who has the antidote and got away. Luke notices a chocolate wrapper on the ground. He picks it up and something about it is familiar to him. Robert thinks he is wasting more time fixating on some chocolate wrapper but Luke sees it as a potential clue. Robert and Luke compare notes on what they observed happened earlier when the gunshots started and the woman took off and left the money. They noticed that she seemed to disappear under the pier and that she seemed to know where she was going which could be reason to believe she was once a local there. Lucky shows up and only sees their backs. He tells them to put up their hands and not to move. Luke recognizes Lucky's voice and tells him to give it rest. They turn around. Robert is curious when Luke seems to talk so familiarly with Lucky and tells Lucky to stop the cop nonsense and give him a hug. Lucky hugs Luke. Luke introduces Lucky to Robert and informs him that Lucky became a cop. Robert finds great humor and irony in that and makes a joke about it. Lucky looks at Robert and recognizes who he is. Luke jokes that Robert isn't quite as dead as they thought. Robert fills him in with what happened. Lucky thanks Robert for trying to help but makes it clear that he is in charge of this case. Robert is impressed with Lucky. They go back to the hospital. Carly sees them huddled together talking. She approaches them just as Robert asks Lucky something about Jason discovering something at the lab. Carly thinks Robert is trying to point a finger at Jason. Luke stands between Carly and Robert and tells her that no one was pointing fingers at Jason for anything and tells Robert that Carly is Bobbie's daughter. Luke has the chocolate wrapper in a plastic envelope as evidence for Lucky to have tested at the police lab for possible forensic evidence. Carly looks at the wrapper and chastises Robert and Luke for bungling up the meeting at the docks. She tells them that they are pathetic and need to do a better job getting the antidote. She storms off. Robert doesn't like her too much and tells Luke he is glad she is a member of his family and not his own. Luke believes that Carly knows something she isn't telling them about the brand of chocolate wrapper he showed her. Luke tells him he wishes sometimes she wasn't his niece. A nurse informs Luke he has an urgent phone call from someone. Luke answers the phone and notices the voice is disguised so it must be their mystery woman. Holly tells Luke that he and Robert didn't follow directions when she said she wanted Robert to come alone to the docks. Luke asks her what she wants. She tells him she will give him one more chance. She tells Luke that she wants Robert and him to meet her outside the "Floating Rib" that evening to try to make the exchange. She asks for more money for the antidote this time. Robert silently agrees to the meeting. Luke tells him what she said. Luke tells Robert that the "Floating Rib" has not been around in years and is now a tattoo parlor. They agree that whomever called them hasn't been in Port Charles in years. Later, Carly talks to the hotel manager while she is at Metro Court. She tells her about the chocolate brand. The manager confirms that they are the only hotel that sells that brand of chocolate. She also gives Carly useful information about someone checking into the hotel recently with a foreign passport as I.D. and that she is staying in a room under some other man's name. Carly gets the passkey for the room. She investigates the room. She finds a closet full of new clothes with their price tags still on them. She takes out a suitcase and looks inside to find a woman's clothes inside. She hears someone getting ready to come inside the room and she hides. Holly returns to her room. She opens up the briefcase containing vials of the antidote. She shuts the briefcase as Carly spies on her from the closet. Holly locks the briefcase of vials inside a cabinet and leaves the room. Carly leaves the closet and tries to get into the cabinet but realizes it is locked up. She leaves the room and goes out in the hallway. She calls Jason and tells him she found out where the antidote is and that she needs his help and that the briefcase is locked up in one of the hotel rooms. Jason tries to find out more but hears a muffled sound and no answer from Carly. He calls for Carly to answer but Carly is knocked out on the floor outside Holly's room with her cell-phone near her.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Carly is knocked cold during a frantic call to Jason. Sonny promises his grateful brother he'll take care of Molly like one of his own. Alexis has another flash of memory about the baby girl she gave away years ago. Jason rushes to the Metro Court but finds Carly and the antidote gone, along with the extortionist and her goon squad. Patrick cautions Mac that the virus has weakened Maxie's heart. Meanwhile, Dillon brings Jesse to Maxie's room for a visit. Emily helps Sonny calm an agitated Sam as her fever continues to rise. Jason shows Luke the clue Carly left behind. Aboard the Haunted Star, Carly learns that her captor is the widow of Cryleum's late CEO. Against Ric's wishes, Liz summons Alexis to her husband's bedside when his condition deteriorates. Patrick commiserates with Lainey after finding her crying in the doctors' locker room. Luke and Jason manage to free Carly but their target escapes with the antidote. After her boyfriend and her sister depart, Maxie turns to Lucas for help granting a final wish. A grieving Mike confides to Patrick how much he regrets the mistakes he made with both of his children. Robert is stunned to recognize the extortionist as a woman from his past. Sonny urges Sam to fight for her life but she begins to slip away.

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