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The Jabot board voted Billy out when Ashley revealed that he'd embezzled from the company. At Nick and Sharon's wedding, Phyllis accepted Billy's proposal moments before Sharon exposed Nick and Phyllis' tryst. Billy threw Phyllis out and turned to Summer for sex. Sharon ended things with Nick.
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Ashley attempts to force Billy out

Ashley attempts to force Billy out

Monday, October 1, 2018

At Jabot, Lauren arrived for a meeting with Billy. Gloria refused to allow Lauren to enter Billy's office, explaining that a note she'd found on her desk instructed that no one was allowed to enter. Lauren attempted to get Billy's attention through the window, but Phyllis closed the blinds. Inside Billy's office, Phyllis said Billy should let her help instead of pushing her away. Billy replied, "You think I'm going to be able to replace half a million dollars that I borrowed from Jabot before anybody realizes that it's gone?"

Phyllis warned Billy that the board members could fire him for his unruly behavior at the bar. Billy pointed out that he was the last blood Abbott standing. Phyllis advised Billy to repay the money he'd taken from Jabot before a board member examined the company's financial records. Phyllis offered to lend Billy money from her savings account, but Billy refused. Phyllis said she loved Billy and wanted to help. Billy refused to allow Phyllis to crawl into a hole with him.

Billy ran into Lauren outside his office and requested they move their meeting to her office, and they left together. Jack arrived and told Phyllis he'd been unable to contact Billy and wanted to offer help. Phyllis replied, "There might be something you can do." Jack was shocked to learn that even after Phyllis and Billy contributed all they had, Jack would still have to chip in $250,000 to repay Billy's gambling debt. Phyllis acknowledged it was awkward of her to petition Jack to help Billy. Phyllis told Jack to consider helping Billy because they were brothers. Jack recalled that Billy had betrayed him. Phyllis cried that there was no one else who could help Billy.

Jack asked if saving Billy would truly help him. Phyllis said Billy had admitted he'd done wrong and had vowed never to do it again. Phyllis added that if he were alive, John Abbott would help Billy. Jack nodded that Phyllis was correct. Jack agreed to help. Phyllis seemed touched by Jack's selfless act. Jack said Billy was lucky to have someone to fight passionately for him.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci told Ashley she'd had a headache since her intervention plan had failed. Traci headed toward the front door and said she had something to do that just couldn't wait. After Traci left, Kyle emerged from the hallway and said Traci might have an even worse headache after she discovered that Billy had been embezzling. Ashley said, "Don't start." Kyle said Ashley could've ousted Billy from Jabot had she mentioned the embezzlement at the family gathering. Kyle asked Ashley if she had something to gain from keeping the tidbit of information to herself. Ashley said Kyle's callousness toward Billy disturbed her.

Kyle told Ashley that though he was grateful the family was determined to help Billy, he also wanted to save Jabot from the man who was stealing from it. Kyle suggested he and Ashley confront Billy privately. Ashley shook her head and said Billy would fight them, spiral downward, and end up so damaged that he might never recover. Ashley recalled that Traci had already tried things her way and failed. Ashley insisted they'd have to vote Billy out, so Traci could step in while Billy got the help he needed. Kyle sighed and shook his head in frustration.

After Ashley stepped out, Kyle phoned Gloria. Kyle asked Gloria what Billy was doing. Gloria became protective and offered Kyle few details. Kyle asked Gloria to transfer his call to the finance department. Gloria angrily denied Kyle's request. Gloria told Kyle he could phone Jabot's finance department himself. Billy happened by after Gloria hung up and expressed anger about an annoying caller. Billy told Gloria he'd handle anyone who gave her a hard time.

Gloria stopped Billy from entering his office and said, "You might not want to go in there." When Billy walked in his office, Phyllis was in tears, hugging Jack. Billy said, "Phyllis." Phyllis explained that there was a good reason she was hugging his brother. Jack said he was aware that Billy owed someone for extensive gambling debts, though he didn't know the details. Phyllis added, "Jack's agreed to help." Billy said there had to be another way. Jack praised Phyllis for being supportive of Billy and insisted his brother be man enough to accept help.

Billy admitted he was lucky to have Phyllis and Jack. Billy added, "I'll take all the help I can get." As part of the deal, Jack required Billy to seek help at a facility of his choice. Jack said he'd pay all expenses. Billy agreed, admitting he'd hit bottom. Jack said he'd transfer the money. Billy tightly embraced Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Victor joined Nikki for coffee. Nikki asked Victor to escort her to Nick and Sharon's wedding. Victor declined, expressing fear that his presence would cause trouble. Abby joined Nikki and Victor. Abby took Victor's hand and said that no matter what, she would want her dad at her wedding. Abby noted that she wouldn't be able to explain to her future children why her father hadn't attended her wedding, especially if he'd stayed away because of a business grudge.

Victor dismissed Abby's claim about the business dispute. Victor added, "Well, this goes much deeper than that." Nikki noted that so did the bond between parent and child. After Abby left, Nikki told Victor that he and Nick would have few chances to set things right. Victor agreed to attend the wedding. Victor added that he'd attend only as a favor to Nikki and Abby and to spend time with his grandchildren.

At the prison, Traci visited with Lily. Traci asked Lily how she was doing. Lily said she'd assumed she'd face claustrophobia, boredom, and frightening inmates, but what she hadn't considered was feelings of guilt. Lily added that she had nothing to do except think about her responsibility for Hilary's death and how the loss had hurt the family. Traci asked about Devon. Lily smiled and said Devon had visited, so she believed they'd be able to move forward. Lily praised Cane's resilience.

Traci explained that she'd had to cut her book tour short to handle a family matter. Traci cried that her plans to stage an intervention for Billy had failed. Traci asked Lily how she and her family had helped Neil conquer alcoholism. Lily said she'd prayed, expressed her love, and supported her father. Lily doubted her ability to offer sound advice, citing her behavior that had led to Hilary's death. Traci pleaded with Lily not to punish herself forever. Lily said her family, especially Devon, had kept her going. Traci replied, "If you can't count on your family, you can't count on anyone."

After Traci left, Mattie and Charlie visited. Lily said she'd enjoyed her visit with Traci because Traci reminded her of Colleen. Mattie expressed anger about Lily's unfair incarceration, but Lily noted that they should look ahead to the day they'd live under the same roof again. Mattie promised not to get in trouble for protesting again. Charlie felt compelled to admit that he'd been skipping school without Cane knowing. Lily cautioned Charlie not to jeopardize his future. Mattie admitted that Charlie had made a deal with Devon, agreeing to attend school if Devon visited Lily. Lily implored her children to be honest with her always.

Traci had coffee with Ashley at the Athletic Club. Traci said worrying about Billy had given her a headache she'd been unable to shake. Ashley insisted that after the intervention had failed, Traci would have to step in as CEO and remove the blood Abbott clause. Ashley added that Billy would have to be removed from office to keep him from destroying his life. Traci refused and said Billy would have to find a way turn things around on his own. Ashley warned that Billy would be ejected and humiliated if Traci didn't step in as CEO. Traci cried, "So, you're really going through with this?" Ashley said she didn't have a choice.

Billy panicked when he was unable to transfer Jack's money into Jabot's account. Billy cried that he was repeatedly receiving a message about his access being denied. Gloria burst in and said that Ashley had called a board meeting. Billy replied, "What's the agenda?" Phyllis, having read details from a text message on her phone, said, "You." Jack returned, having received the same text message, and asked what was going on.

Lauren and Abby arrived. Lauren said she'd been made aware of Billy's gambling. Jack explained that Billy had already agreed to seek help at a rehab facility. Jack agreed to vote in Billy's favor. Lauren indicated she would, too. Abby said she'd have to consult with her mother. Phyllis noted that Billy couldn't be removed unless Traci stepped in temporarily. Jack expressed doubt that Traci would step in.

After Ashley, Traci, and Kyle arrived, Billy moved to dispense with formalities and get to the issue at hand. Ashley, claiming she was most concerned about Billy seeking the help he needed, cast a no-confidence vote. Phyllis announced that Billy had agreed to seek help. Traci expressed relief. Kyle said it might take Billy months or years to get his addiction under control. Traci disagreed and insisted on giving Billy love and support. Those gathered in Billy's office began arguing among themselves.

Ashley interrupted and announced that Billy had stolen money from Jabot to support his gambling habit. Kyle pulled a document from his pocket, explaining that it provided proof that Billy had transferred half a million from the company. The board members looked stunned. Billy seemed unable to speak when Lauren and Traci asked him if the charges were true. Ashley broke the silence and called for votes of no-confidence in Billy. Billy looked as if he'd been cornered with no way out.

Mariah tells Sharon about Nick and Phyllis

Mariah tells Sharon about Nick and Phyllis

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

At Jabot, Billy twitched nervously as the board members cast their votes. Lauren prepared to tally the results, but Billy urged them to take a step back and think it through. He recognized that he'd made an error in judgment, but he pointed out that he'd had a plan to remedy his mistake before the meeting had been called. He invited the board to censor or fine him, but he argued that removing him was irrational. He added that only two people were eligible to be CEO, and Traci had made it clear that she would support him. Traci stood up and declared that she was willing to serve as CEO of Jabot.

Traci explained that she'd staged the intervention because the situation was serious, but she'd had no idea how deep Billy's addiction ran. She asserted that the Billy she knew and loved wouldn't steal from Jabot, and he needed professional help. Traci encouraged him to let them manage the office while he got healthy, and Billy surmised that Ashley would be in charge. Billy guessed that Ashley had convinced Traci that it was for his own good, and he sarcastically congratulated Ashley for getting what she'd wanted by finding someone more compliant to be her pet CEO. Traci protested that it wasn't like that.

Billy groused that Ashley had actively tried to sabotage every idea he'd had, including enlisting Jack to raise the rents on Jabot's chain of boutiques. Billy imagined that Ashley hadn't told Traci about that, but Lauren argued that none of it was relevant. Kyle taunted that taking money hadn't been Billy's smartest move. Billy countered that he'd tried to put the money back, but Ashley hadn't allowed him to make it right. Abby defended that her mom had been worried sick about Billy and that none of them were out to get him.

Billy admonished Ashley for turning to the one person who could have put her back in charge when she'd found out he was in trouble. Jack advised Billy to focus on beating his addiction. Billy acknowledged that he had a lot of work to do, but he spat that he would never sell out his own family for a job. Billy stalked out. Phyllis started to follow him, but Ashley reminded her that they had to vote to approve Traci as CEO. Phyllis firmly voted no before she walked out.

Lauren announced that Traci had been elected interim CEO by a vote of six to two, and the board applauded. Traci stressed that her role would be very temporary, and she thought that Billy would eventually agree that it had been the right thing to do. Abby and Lauren stepped out, and Jack lamented that he'd thought he'd been helping Billy to repay a bookie or a loan shark. Kyle clucked that it was a lot of cash to throw around based on faith, but Jack anticipated that it would be worth it when Billy got well.

Jack exited, and Traci questioned why Ashley had waited until that day to tell her that Billy had taken money from the company. Ashley claimed that she'd been hoping not to make it public, but she'd had no choice. Ashley imagined that Billy would never forgive her, and Traci hugged her. Traci left to get a cup of tea, and Kyle smugly remarked that it couldn't have gone better. Ashley retorted that she'd probably feel the same way if she had ice water running through her veins like he did.

Kyle requested that Ashley fill him in on her plans, and she was stunned by his lack of concern for his uncle. Kyle saw no reason why Ashley shouldn't want the top spot when she had five times the expertise and ten times the skills Billy had, and he suspected that Ashley had been just as satisfied by the outcome. Ashley felt sick that Billy's addiction was so bad that he'd stolen from his family's company, and Kyle urged her to make their family her prime focus. He anticipated that Jabot was about to become a meritocracy again, and anyone in the CEO chair would have to fight for it.

Later, Traci sat at the CEO's desk and sighed deeply as she looked at a framed photo of Jaboat. Ashley appeared at the door and understood that it was a different perspective from the chair. Traci envisioned using it for her next novel, but she didn't plan to write again until someone more qualified replaced her as CEO. Ashley promised that it would happen soon enough, and she handed over some contracts and pointed to where Traci needed to sign. Traci planned to take them home to look them over first, and Ashley volunteered to help after dinner.

Traci noted that Kyle would be there to help, too, but Ashley argued that she had more knowledge of how the company should be run. Ashley referred to Billy's warning that she would try to manipulate Traci, and Traci insisted that she was no one's puppet. Ashley recounted that the last time she'd tried to help, she'd been completely shut out, and they'd ended up with the mess they were trying to clean up. Traci expected to be out of the position as quickly as the board would allow, so Ashley didn't have to worry about a repeat of the situation. Ashley acknowledged that a job with that much power could be intoxicating -- even addictive.

Phyllis found Billy at the Athletic Club bar, and he grumbled that she didn't have to be there. She swore that she would always have his back, and her priority the next day was to reimburse Jabot with Jack's money. Billy was sure that Ashley would unlock the accounts unless she wanted to send him to prison, but Phyllis countered that it would be bad for the brand. Billy was fine with changing the company's name, since he wanted nothing to do with any of it. Jack approached and remarked that it was too bad that Billy was part of the family, and he promised to always look out for Billy for as long as Billy needed it.

Jack put Billy's drink on his tab, dryly noting that he'd add it to the $250,000 he'd forked over when he'd thought Billy's life had been in jeopardy. Phyllis argued that the point of the loan had been to undo the situation before anyone found out. Billy hoped Jack wasn't looking for repayment, but Jack merely requested a promise that Billy would get the treatment he needed, with Phyllis' help. Jack maintained that the entire family loved Billy and would do everything to help him quit gambling again, and he stepped away. Billy thanked Phyllis for getting Jack off his butt, but Phyllis agreed that Billy needed to be in a treatment facility.

Billy confided that he didn't like what he saw happening between Phyllis and Jack, since it seemed like they were forming an alliance. Phyllis contended that they both loved Billy, but Billy cited the look Jack had given her. Phyllis recalled that she'd played a large role in getting Jack off opioids, so Jack trusted her to get Billy past his addiction. Billy admitted that he was amazed when she was still there every morning when he woke up, and Phyllis vowed to be there for him when he got back from rehab and returned to Jabot. Billy doubted Ashley and Kyle would let him resume working there, but Phyllis suspected that Ashley would be busy keeping Kyle from staging a coup against her.

Billy imagined hiring Phyllis as the head of sales and marketing because she was so persuasive, and she wondered if she could convince him to go with her to Nick and Sharon's wedding that night. Phyllis recognized that the last thing Billy needed was Nick gloating over Billy's perceived failures, but she urged Billy to have a blast by showing everyone that he hadn't been crushed. Phyllis envisioned him returning to town, stronger than before, even though she'd be miserable without him while he was in rehab. They kissed.

Summer ran into Mariah on the Crimson Lights patio and begrudgingly promised that she'd be at Sharon's on time. Summer voiced surprise that Mariah wasn't already there, and she wondered if the wedding was off because Mariah had told Sharon that Nick had slept with Phyllis. Mariah reported that Sharon and Faith had simply gone shopping for shoes, and she ordered Summer to dial down the drama, since Mariah hadn't told Sharon about Nick and Phyllis' tryst. Summer suspected that the nasty little secret was burning a hole right through Mariah.

Summer started to send a message to Victoria to tell her that there was no need to go to Sharon's, but Mariah argued that she'd never said she'd spill the beans. Mariah accused Summer of dragging her into it on purpose to get Mariah to be the one to bust up the wedding, but Summer countered that Mariah had been eavesdropping. Mariah blasted Summer for having no human sympathy, but Summer contended that she'd be in Fairview if she lost it every time her parents botched something up. Summer asserted that her parents' problems were their own, and she encouraged Mariah to see it that way, too. Summer warned that Mariah had to make the call soon, since the wedding was that day. Mariah walked out.

Lola helped Rey haul boxes into the coffeehouse, and she demanded that there be less chat and more work. He griped that she sounded like their mom, and she said she'd slap him if her hands weren't full. Arturo entered and asked what was up with the boxes, and Rey revealed that he'd signed a lease to rent the apartment upstairs. Arturo noted that it sounded permanent, and as he headed upstairs, Rey nonchalantly confirmed that it did.

Later, Rey returned to the coffeehouse and observed that Arturo hadn't raced out the door as soon as Rey had turned his back. Arturo pushed to know whether the lease meant Rey planned to give up his life in Miami and accept a permanent gig with the police department. Rey invited Arturo to ask whatever he wanted if Arturo helped unpack the rest of the car. Rey stepped out, and Arturo warned Lola that Rey was trying to manipulate them again. Lola implored Arturo to relax and help carry in boxes, and she teased him for spending too much time with Abby and not enough with free weights. He jokingly questioned who was doing the manipulating.

Lauren and Abby arrived to decompress over coffee. Lauren conceded that Billy had admirable qualities, but consistency wasn't one of them. Lauren requested Abby's support to show Ashley what a key asset Fenmore's was, and Abby agreed. After Lauren exited, Abby watched as Rey thanked Arturo for the heavy lifting. Abby greeted Lola but hesitated to disturb the men when they appeared to be getting along. Lola boldly called out for her brothers to see who was there.

Abby asked Arturo if he'd had a breakthrough with his brother, but Arturo said he just wanted answers about Rey's plans to stay in Genoa City. Arturo inquired about the board meeting, and Abby wished that she could go live on her own private island. He teased that she'd miss him too much, and she offered to take him along. They kissed, but she reminded him that they had a wedding to get to. She admitted that she was actually looking forward to the optimism and romance of it, as well as two hours on the dance floor with an exciting, gorgeous man. Arturo playfully asked if he knew the guy, and they kissed again.

Later, Rey dropped off a pastry box at Lola's table to thank her for helping him and getting Arturo to pitch in. Lola was glad to have seen them together like normal brothers, and she implied that it didn't have to be a one-time thing. After Rey headed upstairs, Kyle greeted Lola and commented that his day just kept getting better. He crowed that a long-term project had gone exactly as he'd hoped at work, and he looked forward to a possible promotion. She informed him that her day had also been amazing, since something she'd been hoping for years had happened. He invited her to celebrate that night, but she told him that she already had plans. She mentioned that she was free the following evening, but he claimed that he'd be busy shampooing cats at the shelter. She grinned.

Sharon and Faith returned to the cottage after buying Faith some new shoes for the wedding. They were surprised when Nick appeared, and he explained that while he'd stayed the night at the Athletic Club, he'd forgotten something at home. He indicated that he'd found a gift from Neil at the door with apologies for missing the wedding. Nick suggested that Sharon open it, but Faith thought they should wait until after the wedding. Sharon sent Faith upstairs to start getting ready, and she lamented to Nick that Faith still didn't trust that everything would work out.

Nick realized that Faith wanted to be happy and hopeful but couldn't let herself do it, and he vowed not to disappoint her. He pledged to make everyone see just how real it was that time, and he and Sharon embraced. Nick found his cufflinks and said he was out of excuses for hanging around. Sharon flirtatiously offered to give him one, and she planted a kiss on him. He gushed that he couldn't wait to be her husband, and she cooed that they belonged together and always had.

Faith returned downstairs with Christian and indicated that the boy kept asking about the rings. Sharon mentioned that Mariah had volunteered to keep Christian entertained, but Nick was happy to fill in. Sharon headed upstairs with Faith to get ready. Nick prepared to head over to Jack's to put on their monkey suits once Christian was done with a snack.

Mariah hovered outside the door when she overheard Nick telling Christian how proud and excited he was for the new life he and Sharon would give their family. Nick couldn't wait for Christian to see their new house, and he thought Adam would love knowing that Christian had the happy, amazing life that Adam had always wanted for him. Nick continued that it was all he'd ever wanted for his family, and it was why he was doing so many big things and working so hard. Nick envisioned that everything would be perfect as long as they were together, and he proclaimed his love for the boy and hugged him.

Mariah entered and apologized for being late, and Nick sent Christian upstairs to choose a toy to take over to Jack's. Nick recognized that he hadn't had much time for anything else but work, but he wanted to take a few minutes to talk to Mariah. He thanked her for everything she'd done for the wedding, and she sympathized that a lot of people hadn't been shy about their lack of support for Nick and Sharon. He couldn't blame them for having doubts because of their pasts, but he'd learned something from all his relationships.

Nick intended to be the partner he wished he'd been from the beginning, and Mariah suggested he put that in his vows. She prodded as to whether there was any unfinished business with the other significant women in his life, but he adamantly stated that he was in 100 percent. Mariah referred to everything he and Sharon had been through together, but he assured her that there was nothing to worry about, since that time would be forever. He headed upstairs to check on Christian.

After Nick and Christian left, Mariah asked if Faith was excited about the wedding, and Faith halfheartedly replied that she was. Mariah conceded that she wasn't a fan of waiting for the ceremony and being trampled by tipsy women when the bride threw the bouquet. Faith said she loved weddings, and her parents were always marrying other people or one another. Faith recognized that her parents seemed happy, and she wanted it to stay that way, but she couldn't believe it would because it only made it worse when something bad happened. Faith felt that people should be sure before they got married, and a torn Mariah agreed.

Jack met Nick and Christian at the Abbott mansion and apologized for being detained by an unavoidable family emergency. Nick was relieved to see his best man. Jack applauded Nick for taking something broken and making it beautiful again, and he swore that he wouldn't miss it.

Meanwhile, at the cottage, Sharon returned downstairs and poked fun at herself for spilling nail polish all over the floor, but she was glad that she'd saved her dress. Sharon couldn't imagine anything so horrible, and Mariah stammered that she didn't know where to begin or what to say. Sharon wondered if Tessa had done something. Mariah bemoaned that she didn't want to do it to Sharon, especially on that day of all days, but she'd heard something that she didn't know how to handle. Mariah explained that she'd been going back and forth after talking with Faith, and Sharon assumed that Faith was the one with the prenuptial jitters.

Mariah sobbed about the broken promises and broken homes, and Sharon considered it sweet that Mariah was thinking about Faith's feelings. Sharon assured Mariah that she was an amazing big sister and daughter, but Mariah blurted out that she'd heard something about Nick and Phyllis. Sharon turned away and steeled herself, and Mariah whimpered that she didn't want to do it to Sharon. Sharon reeled when Mariah revealed that Nick and Phyllis had slept together just a few weeks earlier.

Sharon is missing on her wedding day

Sharon is missing on her wedding day

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

At the Abbott house, Jack couldn't get over how calm Nick was on his wedding day, but he was very happy for Nick. Nick told Jack that he was determined to make the day perfect. After Nick had gone to check on Christian, Phyllis and Billy arrived. Billy assured Jack that he would check into rehab the next day. He also thanked Jack for loaning him the money to pay back Jabot.

Jack told Billy that he only wanted to help Billy. Billy interrupted to say that Jack's help was appreciated, but Ashley wanted to have him booted out of Jabot. Jack said it was a complicated situation, but Ashley always did her best for Jabot. Jack said that, like Ashley, he believed something needed to change. Billy claimed that Ashley had only thought about herself and that she'd resented him from the beginning.

Nick returned and heard part of the conversation. Phyllis claimed that they'd been discussing the wedding and that they all wanted the best for Nick. Nick knew Phyllis was covering and didn't pursue the actual topic of conversation. Nick told Billy that if Billy was there to throw another punch at him, he should have at it. Billy said he was there to wish Nick the best.

Jack said he was going to check on Dina, and Billy left to get ready for the wedding. Alone with Nick, Phyllis asked how he was doing. Nick said he wished Noah was there. He assured Phyllis that he had no intention of telling Sharon about their one-night stand. He said what had been done couldn't be undone, and it would remain in the past. Phyllis said that their fate also was in other peoples' hands.

Nick told Phyllis that Summer had promised him that she wouldn't say anything, but he felt that Kyle was the loose cannon. He said that Kyle had many enemies, including within his own family. Nick and Phyllis hoped that Kyle would remain silent. Phyllis wished Nick all the happiness in the world, and she left to get ready for the wedding.

Nick was sitting on the sofa, writing out his vows, when Jack returned. Jack read what Nick had written and said that Nick's vows were beautiful and that Sharon would love them. Nick said that he and Sharon had been through "so much" together, and they had a lot of history. He said that between home and Dark Horse, it felt like it was the first time ever that everything had fallen into place. Jack said that he'd known Nick for a long time, and he'd never seen him so "awake." Jack teased that the golden rule for the wedding day was never to disappoint the bride, and they left for the church.

At home, Sharon was deeply hurt after Mariah told her about Nick and Phyllis. Mariah was concerned about Sharon's reaction to the revelation of what Nick had done. Sharon assured Mariah that it was all right and that she wasn't about to fall apart. Sharon told Mariah not to be worried about her -- she needed a few minutes to think and figure out what was next. Sharon asked if perhaps Mariah had misunderstood, but Mariah assured Sharon she hadn't because she'd heard Summer talking to Kyle about Nick and Phyllis sleeping together.

Sharon told Mariah that Summer loved to cause trouble. Mariah said that Kyle had confirmed that it had happened, and he'd seen the evidence. Sharon claimed that Kyle was no better than Summer. Mariah said she had believed Kyle. She said that she'd given it some thought, and the incident with Nick and Phyllis had happened on the day Sharon had taken off her engagement ring. Sharon said she'd been upset because Nick had pretended to be J.T., and she recalled that Nick hadn't been home that night.

Sharon asked Mariah how many people Summer had told. Mariah confirmed that Summer hadn't said anything to anyone. Sharon asked if Mariah had talked to Nick about it. Mariah said she hadn't wanted to talk to anyone about it, but she felt that Sharon deserved to know. Sharon said she was grateful, but Mariah said she hated that she'd hurt Sharon. Sharon said that Mariah hadn't been the one to hurt her. She said that Nick had done it again. She said that Phyllis and Nick's last affair had broken them.

Sharon told Mariah that she didn't believe it had only been one night. She said that Phyllis couldn't devote herself to anyone because she constantly lied and cheated, then they had a secret, and she was left on the outside. Sharon said that had been the reason she'd lost Nick before. Sharon was terrified it would happen again. Sharon said that she had to be brave and move forward.

Mariah told Sharon that Nick more than likely hated himself for what had happened. Sharon said that perhaps things weren't over between Nick and Phyllis. She said that Phyllis was Nick's weakness, and maybe it would never be over. Mariah said she didn't want to sound as if she was siding with Nick, but she had the impression that it had been a one-time thing. Sharon barked back that it had been a one-time thing a long time before.

Mariah told Sharon that Nick had mentioned that after Cassie had died had been the last time he'd been with Phyllis. He said that he'd been a wreck. Mariah suggested that perhaps the one-night stand had happened because he'd been a wreck because he'd thought he'd lost Sharon. Mariah said that Nick loved Sharon as much as Sharon loved him. Mariah added that Nick and Sharon had been different people back then, and they had both admitted that. She said that Sharon and Nick could be together if Sharon chose to forgive Nick.

Sharon asked if Mariah thought she should let Nick go and say enough was enough or if she should believe that Nick had made a mistake and only wanted her and no one else. Mariah didn't have an answer for Sharon, but she apologized for telling Sharon about what she'd heard. Sharon said it would have been much worse had she heard it after the wedding. Mariah offered to go to the church and tell everyone the wedding had been postponed, but Sharon stopped her and said that the wedding was going to proceed because that was what she wanted. Mariah asked if Sharon was certain because it was a big step. She felt that Sharon needed time to think about it.

Sharon said she was grateful that Mariah had told her the truth. She wanted Mariah to be at the church and stand up for her as her bridesmaid and her daughter because that was what she wanted. They were going to pretend that conversation had never happened. Mariah said she loved Sharon and would always be there for her, but she felt that Sharon needed to take some time to think about the situation.

At that moment, Summer arrived at Sharon's to perform her bridesmaid duties. Summer asked if everything was all right, and Mariah said that everything was a go. Sharon smiled sweetly and said things had never been better.

While Sharon fixed Faith's hair, Mariah warned Summer to keep her mouth shut about Phyllis and Nick and to stop chatting about it in public, where anyone could overhear. Summer asked what difference that would make because it didn't matter. Sharon and Nick's marriage wouldn't last.

Mariah told Sharon it was time to put on her wedding dress, but Sharon told Mariah, Faith, and Summer to go to the church. She said she'd arrive later. She needed some time alone. Summer and Faith left. Mariah stopped at the door and turned to give Sharon a pleading look, but Sharon gave Mariah a reassuring nod. Mariah left.

At the Athletic Club, Abby updated Victoria about Billy then disconnected her call. Arturo complimented Abby on how lovely she looked. Abby and Arturo discussed Nick and Sharon's wedding. Abby admitted that she'd given Sharon a lot of grief in the past, but she marveled at Sharon's capacity for forgiveness. Abby said she loved a good wedding because they were full of love, hope, and commitment, but she quickly assured Arturo she'd been referring to other people's weddings.

Arturo informed Abby that he was not a believer in marriage. He said a contract didn't guarantee that couples would stay together. Abby asked what their relationship was. Arturo said he believed in romance, and he was happy to be with her. He said that if people were in love and devoted to each other, then they stayed together. He said that someone could be married and still be lonely. He said that to him, it was about the couple and not the contract.

Victoria was at the church, and she greeted Phyllis and Billy when they arrived. Victoria told Billy that she'd heard what had happened to him at Jabot. Billy accused Victoria of believing that he'd had it coming, but Victoria said he'd misinterpreted her look because it was concern for him. She said that he needed to be healthy for their children. Billy accused her of judging him; Victoria responded that she wasn't judging him but merely concerned about him. Victoria said she knew how bad things could be when Billy drank and gambled, and it always ended in him losing his job.

Billy told Victoria he knew he'd been a jerk, but he also knew what he needed to do. He said he was ready for rehab, and he apologized for the way he'd been acting. Victoria said she'd known it had been the addiction talking and not him. Billy acknowledged that he hadn't been around for the kids lately, but he promised he'd spend more time with them after rehab. Victoria said she was proud of him.

Victoria greeted Jack, Nick, and Christian when they arrived and commented on how handsome they all looked. Nick grumbled that he should have planned a dawn wedding because he wanted to see his bride sooner than later. Victoria said that was how Nick should feel on his wedding day.

Victoria told Nick to keep his happy mood because she had a surprise for him. She pointed at Victor and assured Nick that Victor came in peace. Victor greeted Nick, and Nikki said she'd invited Victor because she didn't want him to miss the happy occasion. She thought Nick would appreciate the gesture. Nick and Victor shook hands, and Victor commented that it was too bad that Noah couldn't be there. Nikki said they'd take lots of pictures and send them to Noah.

The rest of the family arrived, and Summer asked to speak with Nick privately. Summer told Nick she loved him and assured him that his secret was safe with her. She promised she wouldn't stop the wedding. She wanted Nick to be happy and admitted that it wasn't her call how he lived his reality. Nick said he loved her, and they hugged.

Billy told Phyllis that the Newmans always portrayed a picture of the perfect family whenever there was a photo op. Phyllis said she was surprised that Victor had been invited, but if Nick could shake Victor's hand, she could bury the hatchet and be pleasant, as well. Phyllis said she was proud to be there with Billy, and they kissed. Summer interrupted their kiss and asked how Phyllis had been able to persuade Billy to attend Nick's wedding. Billy said all Phyllis had needed to do was ask. He apologized to Summer about the things he'd said to her. He admitted he'd been drunk and out of control.

After Summer left, Billy told Phyllis that he was grateful that she'd stood by him. Phyllis said that Billy was everything she wanted. She said she loved him, and she'd always stand by him. Billy knew Phyllis meant it, and they kissed.

Nick asked Mariah why she wasn't with the bride, drinking Champagne. Mariah said that Sharon hadn't arrived yet. She said that Sharon had needed some time alone to do her bridal thing.

Mariah took Tessa aside. She told Tessa that she'd told Sharon about Nick and Phyllis. She said that Sharon wanted to go ahead with the wedding, but she'd needed some time alone. Sharon didn't want anyone to know that she knew about Nick and Phyllis. Mariah was upset that Sharon hadn't taken time to think about the situation, and she was worried because Sharon wasn't at the church yet. Tessa advised Mariah to mingle with the guests and to pretend all was well.

Abby and Arturo arrived. Abby told Nick that she'd helped in persuading Victor to attend the wedding. Abby and Arturo excused themselves to say hello to Nikki and Victor. After Abby and Arturo had greeted them, they left. Victor commented with disdain that he was surprised that Abby was still with Arturo, and Nikki agreed.

The minister approached Jack and expressed his concern about the bride's lateness. He told Jack that he was running out of time because he had another wedding to oversee later. Jack reassured the minister, and he asked Mariah where Sharon was. Mariah offered to run home and check on Sharon. She said that perhaps the zipper had gotten stuck on the wedding dress, and she left. In the meantime, Nick called Sharon and left her a voicemail message asking where she was.

Summer told Tessa that she was certain that Mariah hadn't said anything to Sharon about Nick and Phyllis. Sharon had been all smiles when Summer had arrived to help Sharon dress for the wedding, but in light of the current situation, Summer wondered if perhaps Sharon knew. Tessa said that sometimes a delay was just that -- a delay. She walked away.

Victor grumbled to Nikki that Sharon hadn't arrived yet, but it was no surprise. Nikki said that Sharon would've done anything to get Nick's attention and to keep it. That had never changed, and it never would.

Elsewhere, Phyllis told Billy that it was classic Sharon to keep everyone waiting. She wondered if Sharon expected Nick to go home and coddle her. Phyllis said that Sharon was a piece of work. Billy said that Sharon might have had a wardrobe malfunction and was probably on her way, but Phyllis countered that Sharon had a cell phone and could have called.

Billy reminded Phyllis that Sharon had gone through hell to be with Nick, and he knew Sharon would be there. He said that Nick had proven himself to Sharon just as Phyllis had proven herself to him. Billy said that a wedding had to happen after rehab, which was his way of proposing to Phyllis. Phyllis was stunned.

Nick was very concerned because he hadn't been able to reach Sharon, and Mariah wasn't answering her phone. At that moment, the church doors banged open. Mariah had returned. She said that Sharon wasn't at the house, and she had no idea where Sharon was.

Sharon exposes a huge secret at the wedding

Sharon exposes a huge secret at the wedding

Thursday, October 4, 2018

At the church, Nick led Mariah away after she'd announced that she hadn't found Sharon. Phyllis groused that the witch had stood Nick up, but Billy pointed out that they didn't know that yet. Victor questioned why Sharon would be a no-show after everything she and Nick had gone through to be together, and Nikki exchanged a glance with Victoria. Nikki figured that no one knew what went on in "that woman's" mind.

In the vestibule, Mariah informed Nick and Jack that she'd checked the entire cottage and that both Sharon and her car had been gone. Mariah guessed that Sharon had run out to get a pair of shoes, but Nick was skeptical, given that Sharon had an entire closet full of shoes. Mariah speculated that Sharon had spilled something on her dress, and Jack suggested that Sharon's car had broken down. Nick argued that the excuses didn't explain why Sharon hadn't returned his calls, and Mariah theorized that Sharon had forgotten to charge her phone in the excitement of the day. Jack urged Nick to give it more time, and he went to tell the minister that there would be a slight delay.

Nick apologized to the guests and swore that it would be just a few more minutes. Nick asked Mariah if Sharon had seemed upset or like she'd been having second thoughts. Mariah carefully worded that Sharon hadn't said that, and Nick demanded to know Sharon's state of mind. Mariah reported that Sharon had been calm and looking forward to the wedding. "Then why isn't she here?" Nick queried. Nick left another message for Sharon, begging her to call him and tell him that she was on her way.

Phyllis and Summer approached, and Nick wondered if one of them could tell him what was going on. Summer asked why her parents were looking at her, and Phyllis reasoned that they knew how Summer felt about Sharon. Summer swore that she hadn't said anything about Nick and Phyllis' fling, but Nick worried about Kyle. Summer was certain that Kyle had been too busy with his own family imploding, and she inquired about what Mariah had said. Nick relayed that according to Mariah, Sharon had been happy. Phyllis thought it didn't sound like Sharon knew about them.

Nick wondered why else Sharon wouldn't be there, and he requested to speak to Phyllis alone. Summer stepped away, and Nick pushed for Phyllis' insights about why Sharon wasn't there. He pleaded that he needed a friend and that Phyllis knew Sharon. He acknowledged that it looked bad, and Phyllis noted that it had to be something very serious if Sharon had decided to bail. Phyllis advised him not to go there and to give it a little time. Nick anxiously looked at the church door when it opened. "You're here!" he exclaimed. "I haven't missed the wedding, have I?" Noah asked with a grin.

Faith excitedly hugged Noah, and he observed that she'd grown. She told him just to wait until he saw Christian, who was asleep. Nick recalled that the wedding hadn't been on Noah's calendar, and Noah conceded that he couldn't have made it without a little help. Jack revealed that he'd sent his jet to pick Noah up, and Noah explained that he hadn't wanted to say anything in case he hadn't been able to make it. Jack relinquished his duties as best man to Noah, and Nick imagined that Sharon would be happy to see her son. Noah asked where she was.

Abby worried that Sharon would break Nick's heart, and she lamented that she'd thought that time would be different. Arturo optimistically stated that maybe it would be. Abby wished she could sleep through all of it like Christian, since she hated to see Nick hurt like that again. She told Arturo that Nick's last wedding to Sharon had been a bust and that Phyllis' sister had stood him up, and she bemoaned that the day was supposed to be happy.

Tessa asked if Mariah had talked to Noah, but Mariah was preoccupied with why Sharon wasn't there. Mariah blamed herself for telling Sharon about Phyllis and Nick, and she imagined that Sharon was either freaking out or that she'd already decided to stand Nick up. Tessa said there was no use trying to second-guess what was going on, and there was no point in worrying. Mariah recognized that she should be thinking happy thoughts, but it wasn't easy, especially with Noah across the church. Tessa realized that he didn't know about them, and she cautioned that they couldn't keep it from him forever.

Nick introduced Noah to the minister. Victoria remarked that it had been a long time since Nick and Noah had seen one another, and Victor mumbled that it was a pity that Noah had returned for a wedding that wouldn't happen. Victor proclaimed that he was only saying what everyone was thinking, but the question was why Sharon had stood Nick up.

Noah hugged Nikki and Victor, but he wasn't sure his grandfather was glad to see him after the way he'd bailed on Newman to work for his dad. Victor admitted that he would have preferred to hear the news from Noah personally, but he respected Noah's decision. Victor added that the door was always open at Newman, but Noah insisted that Dark Horse was where he belonged. Victor wished him luck because he would need it.

Jack informed the minister that the bride was expected at any moment, and he wondered if the minister could adjust his schedule. The minister thought he could get someone to cover his next engagement, but there was another service scheduled at the church later that day. Jack expressed confidence that Sharon would be there before then. Billy approached Jack and wondered why Sharon had gone AWOL, but Jack hoped to be toasting to the happy couple soon.

Nikki joined Phyllis and Victoria in the vestibule, and Phyllis inquired whether there had been any word from the runaway bride. Nikki reported that Sharon hadn't responded to calls or text messages, and Victoria recalled that Sharon had tried to tell them that it had been too much to keep a huge secret from Nick. Nikki figured that Sharon would have just told him, and Victoria wondered if Sharon planned to tell him later.

Phyllis speculated that Rey had convinced Sharon to turn herself in, and Victoria worried that Sharon had confessed to the police. Nikki rationalized that there could be any number of reasons Sharon wasn't there, but Victoria didn't like any of them. Nikki suggested that they wait it out and see, but Victoria scoffed at the idea of trying to pretend everything was fine. Nikki argued that as far as they knew, everything was. Victoria hoped it stayed that way for Nick's sake. "For all our sakes," Phyllis added.

Faith asked Nick if her mom would be there, and Nick recognized that she was old enough for the truth. Nick admitted that he didn't know what was going on or why Sharon wasn't there, and Faith inquired whether he thought Sharon was on her way. Nick believed that Sharon was, but Faith lamented that something always went wrong with them being happy. Nick promised that their happiness would last that time, and Faith whimpered that she just wanted her mom to show up and her parents to get married. Nick put his arm around her and said he did, too.

The minister warned that they had to get started soon if there was going to be a wedding. Jack swore that he'd let the minister know as soon as the bride arrived, but Victor clarified that it was if the bride arrived. Jack chided Victor for wanting to see his own son's happiness destroyed, and he reminded Victor of what Nick did when he was crossed. Nikki led Victor away to check on Faith.

Mariah hugged Noah and declared that he was just what she needed as a freaked-out maid of honor who'd lost the bride. Noah questioned why Tessa was there, and Tessa mentioned that she worked for both Sharon and Nick. He was stunned that both of his parents had given her jobs, and he apologized for not keeping in better touch with Mariah. He indicated that Dark Horse was a much better fit for him than Newman, and Mariah was thankful that he could tear himself away from his busy schedule to join them. He inquired about GC Buzz, and Mariah informed him that it was great but that she missed Hilary.

Noah surmised that Tessa was no longer with Hamilton-Winters, and Tessa revealed that she'd had to leave town, so she'd quit. He pointed out that she'd returned, and she remarked that it was the closest thing she had to home. Mariah changed the topic to London, but Summer interrupted to invite Noah to hit some clubs together while he was in town. Noah suggested that Mariah and Tessa join them, but Summer rambled that "Juliet and Juliet" were still in the phase of staying home and staring into one another's eyes.

Summer realized from Noah's reaction that he hadn't known the women were a couple, and Mariah sarcastically thanked her for taking care of it. Mariah defended that she hadn't known how to tell Noah, but she hadn't thought it was the time or place. Noah found it hard to imagine what that might be, and he abruptly excused himself. Mariah looked pained.

Victoria asked Nick if there was anything she could do, and he asked her to tell him it was a bad dream. He wondered what had happened, since everything had been going great earlier that day, but it had all fallen apart once he'd gotten there. Victoria insisted that she didn't know anything, and he theorized that perhaps it was like the bachelorette party, where Sharon had disappeared, but it had turned out to be nothing. He imagined what crazy Sharon-like reason she had for not being there, like finding a lost puppy on the side of the road. Nick envisioned Sharon walking through the doors with a puppy, but he'd settle for her walking through them at all.

Billy commented that Sharon knew how to liven up a wedding, but Phyllis argued that Nick didn't deserve it. Billy pointed out that he'd never gotten an answer to the question he'd asked earlier. Phyllis chalked his proposal up to him being high on wedding fumes, and she let him off the hook. Billy wanted to make the high a permanent state, but Phyllis countered that he didn't have to marry her to do that. He stressed that he wanted to, since he wanted them to be together forever. He swore that they could have a spontaneous, unpredictable life unlike any marriage they'd ever known. He implored her to say yes, but she asked for some time. He agreed as long as her answer was yes, and they embraced.

Victor questioned what he and Nikki were still doing there when they knew Sharon wasn't going to show up, but Nikki insisted on waiting because Nick or their grandchildren might need them. The minister said he had to start preparing for the next event, and Nick thanked him for being patient. Jack pulled Nick aside, and Nick accepted that he was out of choices. Nick asked for everyone's attention and thanked the guests for being there for what he'd hoped would be a happy day that they'd all share together. Nick continued that it didn't look like there would be a wedding, but Mariah received a text message and yelled for him to wait.

Mariah ordered the bridesmaids to follow her and instructed Jack to find the minister. Nick told the guests to forget everything he'd just said, except that he was really glad they were there. Moments later, Abby proceeded down the aisle, followed by Summer, Victoria, and Mariah. Faith helped Christian to the altar as they tossed flower petals, and Christian handed the rings to Noah.

Sharon appeared in a gorgeous, flowing dress and stoically headed down the aisle toward Nick. She handed her bouquet to Mariah and faced Nick, who asked if she was okay, and she nodded. Sharon apologized to the guests for keeping them waiting, and she vaguely explained that she'd run into a small problem but wouldn't go into the details. Sharon proclaimed that she was there if Nick was ready, and he replied that he was more than ready. The minister began the ceremony.

The minister called it a celebration of Nick and Sharon's devotion and love to one another, and he looked back at what they'd shared and overcome to get to that moment. He declared that it was time to look forward to the future that they would share together as husband and wife, and he prompted them to share the vows that they'd written. Nick said he'd fallen in love with Sharon the first time he'd laid eyes on her, and he'd known she'd been the one. He acknowledged that it had never been easy for them, but they'd found their way back to one another. He remembered the first time she'd told him that she loved him, and he'd thought how lucky he was.

Nick said he prayed every night that he would wake up and find out that Sharon still loved him, and he couldn't believe that he was the luckiest guy in the world. Nick admitted that he didn't know how they'd done it after everything they'd gone through, from '90s hair to questionable fashion choices. He noted that they had beautiful children together who they loved, and they had shared a devastating loss but had also experienced more joy together than he'd ever thought imaginable. He cited the numerous times they'd been together and apart, but they were back to where it had all started.

Nick thought it was different that time because he and Sharon had changed, and they were wiser and smarter. Nick knew for a fact that they were better off together than apart, and there wasn't anything that they couldn't get through. Nick wasn't sure where life would take them, but he knew it would be okay if they were together. "Yes," Phyllis firmly whispered to Billy in response to his proposal.

Nick recited his vows to Sharon to take her as his wife, and he promised to be faithful to her, body and soul. He pledged to love, honor, and cherish her from that day forward until the day he died. The minister turned to Sharon, who retrieved her written notes from Mariah. Sharon gushed that Nick's words had been really beautiful, but she didn't know if she could speak as eloquently. Nick was sure that whatever she'd written was beautiful, just like her.

Sharon called Nick her best friend, partner, lover, and father of her children. She recognized that together they'd shared great joy and endured deep sorrow, and it had made them better and stronger. She recalled that they'd been together and apart and back again more times than she could count, and she stood before him that day, bursting with love and gratitude that out of all the millions of people in the world, he'd chosen her. She considered it to be a perfect fit when she slid her hand into his, like they'd been made together.

Sharon said Nick really got her, knowing not to speak to her before her first cup of coffee in the morning and remembering that she liked extra pickles on her burger. She praised him for knowing exactly what to say to soothe her and when to say nothing at all. She declared that he was her north, her heart, and her everything, but she suddenly struggled for words. Sharon tore her notes into pieces and recounted that she'd written her vows the night before, but she opted to tell him what she was thinking and feeling straight from her heart. The pieces fluttered to the floor as the guests exchanged concerned glances.

Sharon reflected back on Nick's proposal, when he'd said they were meant to be together and that he didn't want to live his life without her. She continued that he'd wanted to spend his whole life making her feel loved and special because she was his one true love, and she'd believed him when she'd said yes. Sharon had believed that all the bad stuff was behind them because they'd both learned from their mistakes, and things would be different that time because anything was possible for them. She hadn't been sure that they'd make it to that day, but he'd convinced her that what they had was worth fighting for.

Sharon remembered Nick's assertion that there was nothing they couldn't overcome as long as they were honest with one another. "But you weren't, Nick. You weren't honest," she choked out as she fought against tears. Over his protests, she announced that she had considered not showing up that day, but she was glad she had, since she wanted to see the look on his face when she told him she couldn't marry him.

Nick cried that Sharon didn't mean that, but she asserted that she meant exactly what she'd said, unlike his meaningless words. She ranted that his sacred vows had been a joke, since he'd lied to her, his children, and everyone when he'd stood up there that day. She spat that he couldn't love, honor, and cherish her while cheating on her with Phyllis. Sharon hissed that she knew he and Phyllis had slept together, and Nick guiltily looked down. "You and Nick?" Billy incredulously asked Phyllis.

Billy throws Phyllis out and turns to Summer

Billy throws Phyllis out and turns to Summer

Friday, October 5, 2018

At the church, Nick emphatically apologized and swore that he'd never meant for it to happen, and Sharon spat that he clearly hadn't meant for her to find out. Phyllis prompted Billy to go outside and talk privately, but he questioned why they should go when there was nothing clandestine about it. Billy waited for her to deny it. Sharon hissed that Nick and Phyllis had lied and assumed they'd get away with it.

Mariah offered to take Sharon home, and Noah said they should deal with it without an audience. Billy demanded to know when it had happened, and he taunted that Phyllis had never been shy before. Phyllis confirmed that it had happened when they'd been broken up, but Billy incredulously noted that they'd only been apart for two days. Sharon reported that she and Nick had only been apart for one night, but it had been enough.

Billy applauded Sharon's good work, and he announced that he'd just asked Phyllis to marry him while they'd been waiting for the wedding to start. Billy hoped everyone appreciated the ironic timing of Phyllis saying yes literally moments before Sharon exposed the secret. He declared that Nick and Sharon's wedding wasn't the only one that wasn't going to happen, and he thought he owed Sharon one. Nick implored Sharon not to listen, and he reached for her arm. She shook him off and yelled not to touch her, and she smacked him across the face.

Billy complimented Sharon's swing, and he snarled that it was his turn as he charged at Nick. Various guests jumped in to stop a fight. Nick pressed Sharon to leave with him, but she snapped that she'd heard his pathetic excuses the last time he'd cheated, so she didn't need to hear them again. Jack tried to talk Billy down, but Billy bellowed that it was ironic that he was upset that Phyllis had cheated on him, given how they had gotten together.

Billy inquired whether it had been a one-night stand or an illicit affair. Victoria attempted to intervene, and Billy acknowledged that he hadn't been the best husband, but he felt entitled to answers. Phyllis explained that it had been one night that she and Nick had immediately regretted, and Nick insisted that he and Sharon talk about it. Billy testily questioned whether Nick really thought he could talk his way out of it, and he lunged at Nick. The minister ordered Billy to leave, and Sharon ran out as Nick chased after her.

Victoria apologized to the minister on Nick's behalf, and the minister invited the remaining guests to stay to catch their breath until he had to set up for the next wedding. Victor could only hope that the next service was better than that one. Nikki scolded him for having no sympathy, but Victor insisted that he was sorry, especially for how it affected his grandchildren. Victoria bemoaned that Faith was devastated, and Victor crowed that he'd known the wedding wouldn't take place. Nikki clucked that she'd thought it would have been because of something Sharon had done. Victor blamed Nick, but Victoria chimed in not to forget Phyllis' part.

After Victor headed out, Nikki asked if Victoria had had any idea that Billy had planned to propose to Phyllis. Victoria hadn't, but she had assumed Phyllis loved Billy, and she was sure Billy had thought so, too. Nikki cited that the upside was that Sharon likely had no interest in revealing anything about J.T. to Nick, but Victoria contemplated whether Phyllis and Sharon would turn on one another out of spite. Nikki anticipated that they would protect themselves by keeping as much control over their lives as possible, and Victoria hoped she was right. Victoria inquired whether Nikki thought Nick could convince Sharon to forgive him, but Nikki suggested that they get out of there without answering the question.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo wondered if Abby needed something stronger than coffee, but she wanted to keep her head straight. She guessed that he'd never been to such an awful wedding, and she lamented that she had watched her brother's life blow up and hadn't been able to stop it. Arturo remarked that Nick was definitely cursed with weddings, but Abby noted that a curse happened to someone, whereas Nick and Phyllis had caused their own troubles. She understood why Sharon and Billy had lost it.

Arturo sensed some history with the parties involved. Abby compared it to pouring a truckload of salt in a wound, and Arturo realized that he'd given Nick too much credit for being a nice guy. Abby thought Nick deserved to be barraged with insults, and she questioned why guys did stuff like that. Arturo fretted that there was no way to answer without getting into trouble, and he implored her not to be so tough on Nick because people made mistakes. Abby conceded that she'd been there a few times herself, but she thought there were some mistakes one couldn't just take back.

Abby wished that just one of her loved ones would get a happily ever after, and Arturo commented that things worked out if people were meant to be together. She joked that she owed him for subjecting him to even more family drama, and he remarked that going out with her was unpredictable, but he had never liked boring. She bet he couldn't wait to get home and out of his suit. He figured that he'd planned to wear it all day, and they had somewhere else to be -- a wedding date. He didn't want to be cheated out of drinking tequila and hitting the dance floor with her, and he had the perfect place in mind.

Sharon burst into the cottage, followed by Nick, Mariah, and Noah. Sharon asked what part of not wanting Nick near her he didn't grasp, and she commanded him to stay away from her. He appealed to her to face it together, but she ordered him out of the house. Mariah stressed that she was on Sharon's side, but she pointed out that Sharon couldn't run away from it. Noah lectured that he'd never been so disappointed in Nick.

Noah asserted that an apology wouldn't cut it, but he urged Sharon to listen to Nick. Noah added that Sharon should have handled it some other way than showing up after everyone had been worried, only to sabotage the wedding and humiliate Nick and Phyllis in front of a crowd, including the kids. Mariah told Sharon to pull it together before Faith and Christian got home, and Sharon agreed to have a conversation about where to go from there. Mariah mentioned that the kids were with Tessa, who would drop them off once everything was clear. Mariah and Noah headed out.

After Sharon changed into sweats, she coldly told Nick to talk if he wanted to talk. He recognized that he had one shot, but she scoffed at the idea of there being words that would make her forgive him. He repeated that he was sorry, but she pointed out that he'd said that the last time he'd had sex with Phyllis. Nick swore that his life with Sharon and their kids meant everything to him, and she recalled that he'd had Cassie's death as an excuse the last time. Nick acknowledged that there was no excuse for what he'd done, but he'd found Sharon's engagement ring on the desk.

Sharon barked not to dare lay it on her, and Nick explained that it had gutted him to think that they were through. She argued that he hadn't talked to her or asked her about it, and he recounted that he'd looked everywhere for her and thought she hadn't wanted to be found. He insisted that he'd believed his life had been falling apart. She pointed out that her life was doing so at that moment, and she questioned whose bed she should jump into. Sharon contended that he was supposed to be in love with her, but he'd felt sad when he'd found her ring, so he'd had sex with Phyllis instead of calling a friend or drowning his sorrows.

Nick defended that it hadn't been planned, but Sharon asked if it had ever occurred to him that choosing Phyllis would punish Sharon in the worst possible way. She envisioned him having banked-up lust from wanting Phyllis over the years, but he swore that he wasn't carrying a torch for his ex. Sharon thought Nick had had to know how betrayed she'd feel when she found out, and he replied that he hadn't been thinking. He asked what he could do to fix it, and she wondered how he hadn't even thought about her when she couldn't even have a cup of coffee without thinking about him.

Sharon inquired whether Nick had kissed Phyllis, and he reluctantly confirmed that he had. Sharon cried that it made things worse, and Nick vowed to spend the rest of his life proving himself to her. She tearfully pondered what was wrong with them, since they hurt one another with terrible lies and secrets and forgave one another, only to do it again, wishing and hoping things would be different. Nick swore that it would be, but Sharon decided that they needed to accept that they would never get it right and that there wouldn't be a next time for them.

Nick refused to accept that it was the end for him and Sharon, but she huffed that he didn't get to make that decision. He believed that they could fix things if they started over, but she flatly said no. He encouraged her to give it a chance, but she noted that the way he was talking was part of the bigger problem -- the new version of himself that he was so proud of. She ranted that he wanted her to go along with everything he wanted because he thought it was right for them, but he'd pretended to be J.T., built Dark Horse without a word to her, and bought a new house when she'd told him she wanted to stay there.

Sharon continued that Nick expected her to accept his apology for sleeping with Phyllis, and he wanted her to just take his word that he'd never do anything like that ever again. He swore that he wouldn't, and he said he was sorry if he'd ever made her feel like her feelings and opinions didn't matter because they did. He promised to do whatever she wanted to make things right, but she honestly didn't think he could. He argued that they loved one another, so anything was possible. She admitted that she still loved him, but she couldn't be with him because every time she looked at him, all she saw was Phyllis. Sharon refused to put herself through that pain and heartache again.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah couldn't fathom how Sharon and Nick had gotten to that place when they'd seemed so solid. Noah called his parents spectacularly talented at imploding their relationship, and he thought his dad had learned by then that he couldn't keep a major secret hidden. Mariah confessed that she'd been the one who'd told Sharon about the tryst, and she wondered if she'd screwed up. Noah assured her that he would have done the same thing. Mariah was relieved to know he wouldn't hold it against her, but she suspected that he still had a big problem with her relationship with Tessa.

Mariah admitted that she should have told Noah about Tessa, but things had been bad between Mariah and Noah when he'd left town. Noah recalled that the wounds had still been fresh then, but he didn't blame Mariah for the way things had ended with him and Tessa. Mariah asked if he still loved Tessa, and he confided that he'd gotten over it in time, but he didn't want Tessa to do the same thing to her. Mariah insisted that she was happy, and Noah understood how much it meant to her to fall for someone. Noah sincerely wished her the best. Mariah received a text message from Tessa about Faith.

Later, Mariah and Noah returned to the cottage with Faith. Mariah told Sharon that Faith had wanted to go home and that Tessa was still watching Christian. Sharon said she was ashamed of her behavior earlier, and Faith asked where her dad was. Sharon replied that he was upstairs after they'd had a long conversation, and Nick appeared on the stairs with his bags. Sharon assured Faith that they were still a family, even though Nick and Christian were moving out.

Nick apologized that it had to be that way, and he swore that they would all help Faith through it. Sharon expected Faith to still see her father and brother all the time, and Nick anticipated that Faith would really like the new house. Faith wailed that she'd known it would happen, since Nick made promises about being a family, but he ruined it every time. She ran upstairs, and Noah went after her. Nick asked Mariah to let Tessa know that he was on his way to pick up Christian, and he headed to the door. He turned back and vowed not to give up on Sharon, and he walked out. Mariah comforted Sharon.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis protested that Billy couldn't keep ignoring her, but he intended to do just that. Jack tried to referee, but Billy questioned whether Jack had been in the mood for conversation when Phyllis had cheated on him. Jack stepped out of the room, and Phyllis reiterated that she and Billy had been broken up. Billy recalled that she'd wanted to get back together, and she'd had to know that the only way that they could have made it long-term was if she'd confessed. She conceded that she should have told him, and he figured that she'd planned to hold onto the secret for the rest of her life, which he considered ballsy after how she'd reacted to his secret with Summer.

Phyllis argued that she hadn't told Billy because it had been a terrible mistake, and she'd wanted to be back together. Billy accused her of wanting to protect Nick, but Phyllis insisted that she'd done it because she hadn't wanted to hurt Billy. She asserted that she'd shown that she loved him by standing by him and accepting his proposal, but he growled that she'd made a fool out of him. He recounted that he'd said nice things about how he didn't deserve her and her loyalty, but she clearly didn't feel the same way about him, since she'd put Nick ahead of him by not telling the truth.

Phyllis countered that Billy's life had spun out of control because of his gambling, but Billy retorted that it hadn't been her responsibility. He had thought that he'd be okay after he'd hit bottom because he'd had her, and she swore that she was still there. He reached out to touch her face, and she threw her arms around him. He coldly stated that she was usually smarter than that, and he wondered how she couldn't see that their relationship was dead. He declared that they were done, and he ordered her out of his house and his life.

Billy went upstairs and returned with a suitcase. He announced that he'd taken the liberty of packing Phyllis' things to give her the experience of being thrown out, just like she'd done to him. She asked if everything they had was worth nothing to him, and he suggested that she call Nick, who was probably looking for a roommate. Phyllis insisted that it wasn't over, and she pledged to fight for him and them with everything she had. Billy walked to the door and tossed her suitcase outside, and she exited. He slammed the door behind her.

Billy informed Jack that he'd tossed Phyllis out. Jack asked if he was okay, and Billy was surprised Jack cared, since it was one "hell of karmic payback" after what Billy and Phyllis had done to Jack. Billy figured that he was getting what he deserved, but Jack urged him to think about what Johnny and Katie deserved. Jack stressed that Billy needed to focus on getting help to put his life back together. Billy agreed to go to rehab as planned, but he needed to get out of there to clear his head. Jack watched Billy go.

Billy joined Summer at the Athletic Club bar and was pleased that she'd agreed to meet him. Summer expressed sympathy about how her parents' personal business had been put on display. Billy reasoned that it had been for the best, since at least he knew the truth. Summer voiced surprise that he'd reached out to her, and she mentioned that she'd thought about calling him and her mom, but she hadn't wanted to interrupt. Billy divulged that he'd told Phyllis that it was over between them, and he imagined that she needed some time to herself.

Billy added that he'd wanted to tell Summer in person that she was right -- Phyllis wasn't the woman for him, but Summer knew what he needed. Summer chugged her drink and asked if he was saying what she thought he was saying. He seductively stated that he hadn't been able to give in to temptation before, but he was free to do as he pleased. He put his hand on her thigh and suggested that they go back to her place, since he thought she wanted it just as much as he did. He offered to walk away, but he said it was her call.

In a hotel room, Phyllis sat in bed, despondent. She swigged from a bottle of liquor and sobbed as she considered calling Billy. Meanwhile, at Summer's apartment, Summer and Billy kissed passionately and began to have sex.

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