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Daniel was framed for the murder of the fake FBI agent. Mac admitted to Billy that she still had feelings for him. Adam blackmailed a doctor to convince Ashley that she was healthy, even though she had suffered a miscarriage. Cane called the real Phillip in Australia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, June 8, 2009

At her home, Victoria lit candles to illuminate her living room after the power failed during a thunderstorm. Over the phone, Victoria told Jana that she was meeting with an art dealer. When Victoria heard her guest knock on the door, she promised Jana that she'd stall the dealer until Jana arrived to offer her assistance.

Victoria answered the door, and the man who had falsely proclaimed to Daniel that he was Agent Howard Aucker walked in. This time, the man identified himself as Thomas Balfour. Victoria told Mr. Balfour that she didn't usually conduct business for the Newman Foundation at home late at night. Stressing that Mr. Balfour's phone call had intrigued her, Victoria asked to see the painting.

Mr. Balfour warned that if Victoria chose not to purchase the painting, then she could not mention having met him or the having seen the painting. Victoria explained that the Newman Foundation did not operate under a shroud of secrecy. Jana arrived, and Victoria introduced Jana as an associate. After Mr. Balfour situated the painting on an easel, he announced that it was one of Terroni's masterpieces.

When Mr. Balfour saw Jana, he seemed surprised. Jana remembered her and Daniel's conversation with Agent Aucker about the imposter posing as an agent. Victoria crossly asked Mr. Balfour why he believed her foundation would purchase stolen property. Victoria reminded Mr. Balfour that a thief had stolen the Terroni painting from the Sheffer Museum near Pittsburg a decade before.

Mr. Balfour seemed stunned when Victoria threatened to phone the police. Mr. Balfour insisted that his aim was for the Newman Foundation to recover the art and return it to public exhibition. While Victoria examined the painting, Mr. Balfour whispered into Jana's ear. Jana froze when Mr. Balfour said, "You say one word about this painting being a forgery, and I'll make sure your friend Daniel never picks up a brush again."

Mr. Balfour claimed that the painting was worth one million, but that his client would sell it for $100,000 as a cash-only sale. Jana strongly urged Victoria to purchase the Terroni because the empty frame hanging at the museum beckoned for the painting's return. Victoria agreed to buy the painting after she gathered the cash. Mr. Balfour agreed to allow Victoria's assessor to appraise the painting before the purchase.

Mr. Balfour noted that the sale would take place in the alley behind Jimmy's Tavern. The unscrupulous dealer added that he would call the deal off if police were present. Victoria agreed to meet the dealer the following evening, and Mr. Balfour left. Victoria proclaimed Mr. Balfour to be a con artist and picked up the phone to call the authorities. Jana panicked.

Agent Aucker later met with Victoria after Jana left. Agent Aucker proposed that Victoria wear a microphone when she completed the sale to Mr. Balfour. Agent Aucker explained that the Department of Justice would supply cash for the sale and would ensure Victoria's safety with added security officers. Victoria agreed and said that she wanted the phony art dealer and his partners behind bars.

At his studio, Daniel perused a catalog of mug shots. Frustrated, Daniel told the real Agent Howard Aucker that he wasn't able to identify the imposter who had posed as the Department of Justice agent. Daniel told Agent Aucker that he was worried about his friends' safety, because the imposter made threatening remarks. Daniel seemed frustrated when Agent Aucker told him he'd have to undergo a polygraph test. Daniel insisted that he had nothing to hide.

Agent Aucker cast a suspicious eye at Daniel when Aucker claimed that Daniel was the only person who had seen the imposter agent. Daniel explained that Jana and Amber had also seen the imposter. Agent Aucker reminded Daniel that the thief who broke into Daniel's studio left no fingerprints, and Daniel was unable to identify the man from mug shots.

Daniel theorized that his assertion that a thief stole the painting was just a ruse designed to protect Daniel in case the forged painting sold for millions of dollars. Agent Aucker said coolly, "As good a theory as any." Agent Aucker indicated that he wouldn't help Daniel until the agent reviewed Daniel's polygraph results. Daniel seemed discouraged and helpless.

Jana arrived at Daniel's and told him about Mr. Balfour's meeting with Victoria. Jana added that Victoria didn't know that the painting was a forgery. Jana worried about Victoria's safety in light of Mr. Balfour's threats, and suggested they contact Agent Aucker. Daniel nixed the idea, because the agent would never believe them. Instead, Daniel planned to show up and confront Mr. Balfour before Victoria arrived to complete the sale.

Nikki arrived outside the Newman ranch and knocked on the door repeatedly. Nikki called out to Ashley. Inside, Ashley lay unconscious on the floor. Adam hovered over Ashley and pleaded with her to awaken. Adam panicked when he saw blood on Ashley's nightgown. Ashley remained limp as Adam carried her to bed. Adam changed Ashley's nightgown and tucked her snugly into bed.

Still standing outside the front door, Nikki phoned the ranch. Over the answering machine, Adam heard Nikki announce that she'd come to check on Ashley and would let herself in. Adam quickly scurried away. When Nikki entered, Adam suddenly appeared and pretended to have just awakened. Nikki said that she had knocked on the door repeatedly.

Adam told Nikki that Jack had taken Ashley out to eat. After Nikki left, Adam picked up a towel that he'd placed on the floor to cover a pool of Ashley's blood. As Adam frantically cleaned away the blood, he claimed that Ashley hadn't deserved what she had endured, but that Victor and Jack did. Adam heard Ashley call out for help. Adam rushed to Ashley.

Ashley complained of pain and asked Adam if she'd been on the stairs. Adam assured Ashley that she had simply had a nightmare. Ashley clutched her abdomen and cried that she was losing her baby. Adam insisted that Ashley was fine, and he offered to phone Olivia. Ashley said she didn't feel like talking to Olivia.

Adam placed Ashley's bloodied nightgown into the fireplace with a poker. Ashley approached Adam and vehemently insisted that what happened wasn't a dream. Ashley visually remembered falling down the stairs and told Adam that he had been there. Ashley recalled that she had been wearing a different nightgown. Tearfully, Ashley shined her flashlight into Adam's face and asked, "What have you done to me?"

Ashley demanded that Adam explain how she had changed her nightgown while sleepwalking. Adam insisted that he had not noticed anything out of the ordinary and had not heard her fall. Ashley cried, "You reached your hand out and tried to catch me." Adam explained that Ashley's dream about falling meant that she was insecure. Ashley insisted that the events seemed too real. Shaken, Ashley decided to return to her bed. After Ashley walked away, Adam buried his face in his hands in desperation.

In Sharon's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Sharon reminisced after they made love. Nick said, "It feels so right being here with you." Sharon agreed and said that it felt like a dream. Nick told Sharon that he couldn't wait to live with her and their baby and begin their new life. Sharon told Nick that she had never loved anyone as much as she loved him. Sharon worried about Phyllis and Summer. Nick insisted that enduring an unhappy marriage would hurt Phyllis more. Sharon voiced concern for Jack and vowed to be honest with him.

After Phyllis and Jack made love at the tack house, both said that they didn't regret what they'd done. Phyllis said that she had tried her best to save her marriage, but that Nick had left her for Sharon. Jack said that he remained hopeful that their respective marriages would work out even though the situations seemed bleak. Phyllis thanked Jack for supporting her.

Jack told Phyllis that he hoped Nick would soon come to his senses and realize what a wonderful wife Phyllis was. Jack vowed to fight for Sharon, and he pressed Phyllis to fight for Nick. After Jack left, Phyllis gazed at her wedding band and remembered Nick's vow on their wedding day to love her as long as they both lived.

Daniel arrived at the tack house and noticed that his mother was crying. Phyllis admitted that Nick had left her and returned to Sharon. Daniel comforted his mother, who insisted she was fine. In the next breath, however, Phyllis cried that she didn't want her marriage to end. Daniel reminded Phyllis that she would have advised him to fight for his partner if he were in the same situation. Phyllis smiled and told Daniel that he was right.

In her suite at the club, Mary Jane cut a photo taken of her standing next to Phyllis. As Mary Jane held the cutout of Phyllis, she recalled seeing Jack and Phyllis making love on the sofa at the tack house. Mary Jane pasted Phyllis' photo onto a scrapbook page titled, "My Enemies." Mary Jane carefully placed Phyllis' photo between photos of Victor and Sharon. As Mary Jane smoothed the newly pasted photo of Phyllis, she warned, "So you're after Jack, too. That's a big mistake. You have no idea who you're dealing with."

Mary Jane joined Jack at the club bar. She ordered chardonnay and another round for Jack. Jack seemed distracted and admitted that he had a lot going on. Mary Jane said she had thought about heading home. Jack admitted that Mary Jane's absence would be Jabot's loss. Without much reaction, Jack simply told Mary Jane to let him know after she made a firm decision.

Mary Jane pressed Jack to share what bothered him. Jack declared only that he'd had a rough day. Jack remained distant. Mary Jane aimed to hang onto Jack, so she invited him to take his drink to her room. As Jack and Mary Jane climbed the stairs, Nikki entered the club and saw the cozy couple together. Nikki was confused since, she believed Jack was with Ashley.

Inside Mary Jane's room, she pulled off Jack's necktie and proposed that they play a game. Mary Jane pushed Jack onto her bed and tied his tie around his eyes. Mary Jane boldly announced that she was in control as she took a pair of scissors from behind a pillow and placed the blade against Jack's cheek.

Suddenly, Mary Jane snipped the tie loose. Jack seemed startled to see Mary Jane brandishing scissors. After Mary Jane removed her blouse, she announced, "Time for your prize!" Jack asked, "No more sharp objects?" Mary Jane responded, "Only if you beg me." Mary Jane plastered her lips against Jack's and rolled his body on top of hers.

After Mary Jane and Jack made love, Jack quickly dressed and prepared to leave. Miffed, Mary Jane offered to stay in Genoa City. Without emotion, Jack urged Mary Jane not to change her plans on his account. Jack added, "This was fun, but I don't want to keep you from doing anything that's important to you." Mary Jane begged Jack to stay, but he gave her quick peck on the cheek before he breezed out the door. After Jack left, Mary Jane seemed deflated, and groaned crossly.

Nikki encountered Jack leaving the club and asked about Ashley. Jack was confused when Nikki asked if he'd taken Ashley home. Jack explained that he hadn't taken Ashley out anywhere. Nikki told Jack that Victoria had asked her to check on Ashley. Without explaining further, Nikki left. From the bar, Nikki phoned Adam and left a message. Nikki said, "Adam, I know you lied to me about Jack being with Ashley tonight. Where is she?"

An exuberant Phyllis arrived at the club and told Jack that she was ready to fight for Nick. Jack tried to quell Phyllis' frenzied enthusiasm. Phyllis realized by Jack's disheartened demeanor that Nick was in Sharon's suite. Phyllis dissolved into Jack's arms. As Jack ushered Phyllis away, she glanced up the stairs longingly. After Jack and Phyllis walked away, Mary Jane emerged from the shadows of the landing and watched.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sharon was afraid that Jack would be worried that she didn't return home. Nick said that Jack knew why. Sharon asked if Nick had any regrets. Nick said that he didn't regret anything with Sharon, but he hoped that someday Phyllis would be able to forgive him.

Phyllis woke up and told Jack that she wished everything had been a dream. She thanked him for following her home. Phyllis told Jack that he was a good man. Jack joked that he was only good when he was not being bad.

When Jack left Phyllis' house, Mary Jane was hiding in the bushes outside. She said that if Phyllis wanted to steal her man, she'd better "think again, Red."

Mary Jane knocked on Phyllis' door. When she asked Phyllis how she was doing, Phyllis said that she didn't want to talk about it in front of her daughter. Mary Jane asked if Nick had returned home. Phyllis said he had only been home to tell her he was leaving her.

When Nick knocked on the door, Phyllis was upset that he had knocked like a stranger. Mary Jane excused herself to leave. Summer's teacher showed up to give Summer a ride to school. The teacher said she was a huge fan of Restless Style. She wished she had a love story like Phyllis and Nick's to share.

Nick told Phyllis that he still had feelings for her. Phyllis said Nick being there was a mistake. She wanted him to leave.

When Sharon returned to the Abbott estate, Jack said he hadn't heard Sharon return. At first Sharon lied and said that she had gotten home late, but admitted that it was a lie. Jack said that Phyllis had told him that Nick left her and he had put two and two together.

Sharon was surprised that Jack could forgive her. Jack said that he didn't want to drive Sharon out of his life. Jack said that he had taken a chance and lost. He said that if the baby turned out to be his, he would be a father to his child. Sharon felt the baby kick for the first time and let Jack feel. A heartbroken Jack said that he had to go.

Jack went back to see Phyllis. When Phyllis hugged Jack at the door, Mary Jane was watching. Jack told Phyllis that the baby moved when he talked to Sharon. Suddenly a bird crashed through Phyllis' window.

Daniel talked to Jana on the phone and told her not to let the fake Aucker sell the painting. He tried to leave his house, but Amber arrived and said he wasn't going anywhere. She said that she had designed an outfit for his eyes only. They made love and, after Amber fell asleep, Daniel snuck out. Amber woke up and wondered where Daniel was going.

The detective put a wire on Victoria. J.T. walked in and wondered what was going on. Victoria told J.T. that she was helping the detective catch a forger. J.T. said that Victoria was not going to do that. He told the detective to take his things and leave.

Victoria was adamant about helping the detective catch the forger. J.T. told Victoria to think about her family first. Victoria said that if there were any kind of danger, she would be out of there. J.T. said he was going with her.

As J.T. was leaving, he caught Mary Jane hiding in the bushes.

Adam asked Ashley if she was doing okay. Ashley said that she was tired. She hoped to feel better when Victor returned. Ashley told Adam that she was feeling anxious; she wasn't feeling the baby as much. Adam said that he had called a doctor friend from Harvard to check on her.

Adam heard a knock on the door and thought it was the doctor. Nikki walked in and demanded to know why Adam had lied about Ashley being out. Adam said that Ashley hadn't been feeling well. Nikki said she was going upstairs.

Nikki noticed that there was a towel on the floor. Adam worried that there might be blood on the towel. Nikki didn't notice the blood and gave it back to Adam. The doctor arrived and Adam took him upstairs.

Nikki was skeptical about the doctor Adam had brought over. The doctor said that he was a professional obstetrician. Ashley said that she wanted to know if her baby was okay. The doctor checked on Ashley and said that everything was fine. He went upstairs to tell Adam that Ashley had a miscarriage. Adam said that if the doctor wanted to keep his tenure, he would do exactly what Adam said.

Nikki told Adam that she would be back to check on Ashley. Adam said that he was perfectly capable taking care of Ashley. When Nikki left, she called Victor. She said she had something very important to tell him about Adam and Ashley.

Victor had a meeting with a specialist to try to help Adam with his blindness. The specialist was thankful for Victor's contribution.

Ashley thanked Adam for having the doctor examine her. Adam said that he was glad he got Ashley through it. Victor returned home and wondered what Adam had helped Ashley through. Ashley lied and said he had helped her through a bad time of missing him.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Invited by Billy, Chloe showed up at the Abbott mansion. He claimed to have gotten his act together, and said that he wanted to work things out with her. Chloe said that he might feel that way momentarily, but, in reality, he probably hadn't changed. She told Billy that she wanted to be the person who made him laugh ≠ and then reminded him that he was probably laughing at their wedding, right after he had slept with Sharon. Billy asked Chloe what he had to do to get her to agree to a reconciliation. Chloe said that perhaps there was no chance that Billy could ever get her back.

Chloe joined Katherine at the Athletic Club and told her that she wasn't sure what to do about Billy. Chloe said that she had thought that Billy had it in him to pull himself together for Delia's sake ≠ until Chloe had learned that Sharon might be carrying Billy's child. Katherine was shocked to learn about Sharon's pregnancy, and told Chloe that trying to change Billy would be a big mistake. She added that Chloe had no control over Billy ≠ and that nothing Chloe did would make any difference.

Katherine wondered if Chloe had any self-respect. Chloe said that she didn't have much ≠ after all, she wanted to run back to Billy after learning that he had slept with her matron of honor. Katherine said that she would act as Chloe's sponsor for her "Billy addiction," and to call her when she was tempted to "fall off the wagon."

Billy ran into Mac on the Crimson Lights patio, where she was going through a scrapbook she had found in the attic of the Chancellor mansion. The scrapbook contained photos of Billy and Mac from when they had dated years earlier. They admired the pictures of themselves at the prom. Mac told Billy to try to reconcile with Chloe, because Delia needed her father. Billy wondered why Mac had the scrapbook with her in one of Billy's hangouts. He accused Mac of sending confusing signals to him.

Mac said that the scrapbook contained a bunch of "cheesy" high school memories. Billy countered by saying that it contained their love story. Billy said that he could see in Mac's eyes that she still had strong feelings for him. Mac admitted that Billy was right. Billy couldn't believe that Mac was finally being honest with him. Mac reminded Billy that he was married, and that she was in love with Raul. She said that neither of them was available ≠ that they were just having residual feelings.

Chloe stopped by Crimson Lights, spotted Billy and Mac on the patio, and listened in as Billy told Mac that Chloe had said that their marriage was over. Billy said that made him available. When Mac insisted that she wasn't available, Billy told her that if she couldn't hide her feelings from him, then she wouldn't be able to hide them from Raul. With Chloe still listening, Billy held up the scrapbook and told Mac not to forget what they once had ≠ and could have again. Before Billy left, he told Mac that he was sure that she would do the right thing. Chloe began to call Katherine for advice, but then changed her mind and left the coffeehouse.

Katherine ran into Mac at Crimson Lights. She asked Mac if everything was all right. Mac said that she wished she could be more of an impetuous, impulsive, and selfish type of person. Katherine said that type of person was never happy for long. Katherine blurted out that she knew that Mac was still in love with Billy. Mac said that she couldn't help herself. Katherine said that Billy couldn't stop hurting those who loved him, and that Billy wasn't the kind of man that Mac should be involved with. Katherine suggested that Mac try a good, solid man.

At the Hellstroms', J.T. was with Mary Jane, trying to find out why she was wandering around the Newman property. He tried to call the tack house to verify Mary Jane's story that she had been visiting Phyllis. J.T. was unable to reach Phyllis. Mary Jane apologized for intruding on the Hellstrums' privacy. J.T. told Mary Jane to leave, and suggested that the next time she wanted to wander around the property, she should have Phyllis accompany her.

When Mary Jane returned to the Athletic Club, Paul was waiting for her ≠ he said he still had some questions for her. Mary Jane said that she was too busy. Paul said that if he didn't want to talk to her, he would turn her in to the IRS. Paul said that he had been doing some research into her past, and had learned that she had "come into being" just a few months earlier, when she was issued a social security number, some credit cards, and the large cash deposit that made up the bulk of her bank account. Paul asked Mary Jane where the cash had come from. She told him that was none of his business.

Paul told Mary Jane that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to set up a phony identity for her ≠ and he wanted to know who it had been. Mary Jane told Paul that, initially, she found his interest in her odd, but said that it had gotten to the point where his questioning was creepy. Before she went upstairs, she accused Paul of stalking her.

Nina met with Cane at Crimson Lights to get some background information for her screenplay. Nina told him that Violet Montgomery, the woman who Cane thought was his mother, intrigued her. Cane said that he knew very little about Violet ≠ that she had died when he was very young. Cane was reluctant to talk about his childhood, so Nina changed the subject to Amber. Nina wondered why Amber was so reticent to answer questions about Amber's role in reconciling Cane with Jill. Cane didn't understand Nina's questioning ≠ he reminded her that the film was going to be about Katherine, and not about him. Nina said that she was just following the drama.

Nina told Cane that if she didn't know any better, she would have thought that Cane was hiding something. Cane said that if he didn't know any better, he would have thought that Nina was trying to dig up information on her late husband, the presumed Phillip Chancellor III. Nina admitted that she had been in love with Phillip, and that he had been her whole life. Nina said that she wanted to hunt for the truth both for herself and for her son, Phillip IV. When Cane said that Nina would probably just hit a dead end, Nina commented on how strange it was that she hadn't been able to find out anything about Violet Montgomery. Before he left, Cane said that he had no more information for Nina.

Nina met up with Paul at the Athletic Club. She told him that she had some questions about Violet Montgomery, and she knew that Paul had investigated Violet when Katherine had revealed that she had switched Jill's baby with Violet's. Paul said that he had learned that Violet had taken Cane to Arizona, but died just after she and Cane relocated. Paul told Nina that Cane then went to live with his Uncle Langley in Australia. Nina was shocked to learn that Cane was in Genoa City, working as a bartender at Indigo, when Katherine had made her revelation. Nina was thrilled when Paul offered to let her look at his files on the case.

Later, Detective Wallace approached Paul at the Athletic Club. He told a stunned Paul that Mary Jane Benson had filed a complaint against him for stalking and harassment. The detective told Paul that he had to take him to police headquarters for questioning.

In her room at the club, Mary Jane petted her stuffed cat, and talked to it about how much trouble Jack, Sharon, and Paul were becoming. She told the cat that she had become upset earlier that day, and had killed a bird. A cackling Mary Jane said that she had promised never to do that after what she had done to the cat. She asked for the stuffed cat's forgiveness.

Cane called his alleged Uncle Langley in Australia and told him that Nina was becoming very suspicious. Cane said that he didn't want to give up the life he led in Genoa City. Langley told Cane to relax ≠ he said that Nina would probably hit a dead end in her investigation and give up. Cane replied, "Your wife hasn't forgotten about you, Phillip."

At Jimmy's Bar, a nervous Victoria told Agent Aucker that the imposter Aucker, who Victoria knew as Mr. Balfour, hadn't contacted her. Jana entered the bar. A few seconds later, Amber and Kevin, who had followed Jana, walked in. Kevin and Amber demanded to know what was going on, and who Agent Aucker was.

Jana told Kevin and Amber that Daniel was trying to get the painting back from Balfour. Jana introduced Kevin and Amber to Agent Aucker. Amber told Aucker that Daniel was there, and that it was Aucker's responsibility to keep Daniel safe. Aucker told Amber that if she didn't stop interfering, he would have her arrested for obstructing his investigation.

Aucker approached Victoria and told her that if Daniel was in the alley, Daniel would probably scare Balfour away. He urged Victoria to go to the alley and meet up with Balfour. Victoria picked up the briefcase containing the $100,000 and headed out to the alley.

In the alley, Daniel yelled for Balfour to show his face. Balfour emerged from the shadows. Daniel told Balfour to give the painting back, or he would take it. Balfour pulled out a gun and pointed it at Daniel.

Daniel refused to leave the alley. Balfour said that he would shoot Daniel, and enjoy doing it. Daniel said that he couldn't imagine Balfour making a business deal with Victoria Newman while standing over Daniel's dead body. Balfour received a call from Victoria and he told her that he was in the alley. Balfour told Daniel that it was time to leave, but Daniel said that he wasn't leaving. Balfour said, "It's your funeral." Suddenly, a mysterious masked man jumped out and threw Balfour on the ground. The masked man then ran away, leaving Balfour on the ground, bleeding.

Inside the bar, Amber, Jana, and Kevin were afraid that the Feds thought that Daniel was a criminal. J.T. showed up, and, when he learned that Victoria was in the alley, ostensibly alone, he ran out after her. Back in the alley, Daniel asked Balfour, "Who did this to you?" Before he died, Balfour answered, "You did." Victoria approached the scene, yelling for Mr. Balfour.

Daniel ran off. Victoria heard the footsteps and thought that it was Balfour who was taking off. She spoke into her hidden microphone and told Aucker that Balfour was fleeing. Victoria began screaming when she saw Balfour's lifeless body on the ground. J.T. ran to Victoria, just as the masked man pushed a pile of crates on top of the Hellstroms.

An unharmed J.T. tried to dig Victoria out from the pile of crates. Without being seen, the masked man took both the painting and the briefcase with the cash and ran off. J.T. had an unconscious Victoria in his arms and began screaming for help.

Inside the bar, Aucker called someone on his cell phone and told them that the "whole thing went to hell," and that he needed an ambulance sent. Kevin, Jana, and Amber were frantic that Daniel had been injured. Before he ran outside, Aucker told the group that Daniel hadn't even been in the alley.

Victoria was wheeled into the ambulance. An agent told Aucker that the money was gone. Aucker apologized to J.T. J.T. told Aucker that if Victoria died, he would be going after Aucker.

Amber, Kevin, and Jana returned to Daniel's apartment, and were relieved to find Daniel there, unharmed. They told Daniel that he had given them a scare. Daniel said that it wasn't over yet. He turned off the apartment's lights and said that he was in serious trouble.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

J.T. waited alone in Victoria's hospital room ≠ Victoria had been taken down to radiology for some tests. Nikki joined him and wanted to know what had happened to her daughter. J.T. told her that a stack of crates had fallen on Victoria in the alley behind Jimmy's Bar. Nikki wanted to know what Victoria was doing in the alley. J.T. briefly outlined the art forgery sting operation to Nikki. A doctor showed up in the room with good news for Nikki and J.T. ≠ Victoria had regained consciousness and wasn't showing any signs of disorientation. The doctor told them that because of Victoria's history of head trauma, they were planning to run a CT scan.

At the Newman ranch, Victor thanked Adam for caring for Ashley while Victor was away on business. Adam said that, in light of what Victor had done for him, he had been happy to do it. A wobbly Ashley joined them in the living room. Adam remembered Ashley falling down the stairs.

Victor asked Ashley if she was having problems. Ashley said that she and the baby were fine, but that she was still upset by her most recent nightmare. Nikki called Victor to tell him that Victoria was in the hospital. As Victor rushed out, Adam assured Victor that he would look after Ashley.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Jana explained the art forgery scheme to Kevin and Amber. They told Kevin and Amber that Balfour, who was the imposter Agent Aucker, had offered to sell Daniel's forgery to Victoria, and that Victoria had called the Feds. Victoria had agreed to wear a wire to entrap Balfour. Jana continued that she had told Daniel that Balfour was going to meet Victoria to finish up their deal in the alley behind Jimmy's. Daniel said that he had gone to the alley to try to retrieve his painting, and that someone wearing a ski mask had killed Balfour in the alley. As the group tried to decide what to do, Agent Aucker showed up at the apartment.

Aucker asked Daniel where he had been that evening. Daniel lied, saying that he had been in his apartment. Aucker thought that was odd, since Jana, Kevin, and Amber had gone to Jimmy's looking for Daniel. Aucker told Daniel that he was on his way to the hospital to interview Victoria, who was his only potential witness in a murder investigation. Daniel asked Aucker if Victoria had seen anything in the alley. Aucker thought it was strange that Daniel hadn't asked who was murdered. He added that perhaps Daniel already knew who the murder victim was.

Aucker showed Daniel a morgue picture of Balfour. Daniel said that Balfour was the guy who was impersonating Aucker. Aucker asked Daniel if he had any knowledge as to why Balfour ended up being shot in the alley, but Daniel claimed to have no information. Kevin, Jana, and Amber claimed that they didn't know anything about the shooting. Before Aucker left, he warned the group that they would be in trouble if he could prove that they were lying. After Aucker was gone, a nervous Daniel realized that the only thing he could do was to tell Aucker the truth.

Paul and Heather had a drink at the Athletic Club. Heather asked Paul how things had gone at the police station. Paul said that thanks to his friends in the department, plus having a daughter who was the assistant district attorney, he was treated well. Heather told her father that stalking was a serious charge. Paul explained to Heather that he had been digging for information on Mary Jane, and then suddenly he was hauled off for questioning by the police. Paul said that because of Mary Jane's overreaction, he was positive that she was hiding something.

Paul brought Heather up to speed on his investigation of Mary Jane. He told Heather how Mary Jane hadn't existed, at least on paper, until a few months earlier. Heather asked Paul if he was investigating Mary Jane for a client, but Paul said he was doing it for himself. He said that he knew Mary Jane from somewhere, although Mary Jane had claimed that she and Paul had never met. Paul went on to say that Mary Jane's answers to his questions just seemed "off," and that she often contradicted herself.

Mary Jane and a man approached Heather and Paul's table. The man served Paul with a temporary restraining order -- Paul had to stay ay least 500 feet away from Mary Jane. Heather looked at the restraining order and told Mary Jane that the order was just temporary ≠ until Paul had a chance to tell his side of the story. Mary Jane told Paul that, since she was staying in a room at the Athletic Club, he had to leave. As Mary Jane smiled, an incredulous Paul left the club.

At the hospital, Victor asked J.T. how he could allow Victoria to go alone into a dark alley to meet a criminal. J.T. apologized, and explained that he had planned to accompany Victoria to the alley, but that he had been delayed because he had caught a prowler, Mary Jane Benson, on the Newman ranch. J.T. said that he thought she was harmless, so he sent her away with a warning not to wander around the ranch by herself. Victor said that he would have a talk with Mary Jane.

Agent Aucker questioned Victoria after she was returned to her hospital room. Victoria said that, in the alley, she had yelled out Balfour's name, and then heard someone running ≠ after that she discovered Balfour's body and was knocked out by the crates. Aucker told Victoria that the briefcase containing the money was missing, so there must have been someone else in the alley. Victoria insisted that she hadn't seen anyone else.

Victor, Nikki, and J.T. returned to Victoria's room. Victor was incensed that Aucker was questioning Victoria so soon after her injury, and had J.T. escort Aucker from the room. Out in the hallway, Aucker received a call from Daniel. Daniel and Aucker agreed to meet at Jimmy's.

Later, in the hallway, Paul arrived to comfort Nikki. Paul told Nikki that Mary Jane had taken out a restraining order against him. Victor said that it was the second time that he had heard Mary Jane's name within the previous hour, and that obviously the woman was a nuisance. Nikki spotted Victoria's doctor and went to speak with her. Nikki and the doctor went to Victoria's room, and found Victoria cuddling with J.T. The doctor reported that Victoria had suffered a minor concussion, and that she would be able to go home that evening.

After receiving the good news about Victoria, Victor and Nikki spoke in the hallway outside of their daughter's room. Nikki informed Victor that strange things had gone on at the ranch while Victor was away on his business trip. Nikki told Victor that there had been a violent storm and that Victoria had called her and asked her to check on Ashley. Nikki went on to say that she knocked at the front door, but no one answered. She told Victor that, after using her key to enter the house, she encountered Adam, who had told her that Ashley was out with Jack. According to Nikki, Adam was lying, as she had just seen Jack, alone, at the Athletic Club. When Victor asked why the maid hadn't answered the door, Nikki told him that Adam had given the maid the night off.

Nikki said that she returned to the house later to confront Adam, only to find a Dr. Taylor examining Ashley, who had been suffering from cramps. Victor said he didn't know a Dr. Taylor, and that he would have a background check done on him. Nikki said that she felt bad that Adam was going blind, but that there was something about him that she didn't trust. Victor said that he would check her story out.

Paul and Nikki went to Crimson Lights. He told her that he wasn't concerned about the restraining order ≠ that it added spice to his life. When Paul said that he was going to continue to investigate Mary Jane, Nikki said that she didn't want to be married to a convict. Paul said that he wouldn't violate the restraining order, but that he was more determined than ever to find out why Mary Jane became upset whenever he asked her a question.

In her hotel suite, Mary Jane spoke to a picture of Paul, saying, "Why can't you just leave it alone?" She was about to add his picture to the "My Enemies" page of her scrapbook, but, as she began sobbing, she told Paul's picture, "I just can't do it. I don't want to be enemies with you."

At Jimmy's, Daniel, Amber, Jana, and Kevin met with Agent Aucker. Daniel admitted that he had gone to the alley to get the forgery from Balfour before Victoria did. Aucker accused Daniel of being Balfour's accomplice, and hypothesized that Daniel killed Balfour in order to get all of the money. Daniel told Aucker about the mysterious masked man who had shot Balfour, but Aucker told Daniel that the only fingerprints found on the gun were Daniel's.

Daniel said that his prints were on the gun because he had picked it up and tossed it across the alley so that Balfour, in his dying moments, couldn't retrieve it and shoot Daniel. Daniel said that he would take a lie detector test, and swore that he knew nothing about the briefcase containing $100,000. Jana insisted that Daniel was an honest person, but Aucker reminded the group that Daniel had been charged with vehicular manslaughter, and, a few years after that, was involved in the disappearance of a large amount of money and the suspicious death of Plum. Aucker said that a guy was dead, and that Daniel's fingerprints were on the murder weapon, making Daniel a prime suspect.

Aucker warned Daniel not to leave town, and told him that if the $100,000 came into Daniel's possession, Daniel was going to jail for a long time. Daniel said that there was nothing to worry about ≠ and that the money wasn't Daniel's problem. At Crimson Lights, a person wearing a glove and carrying a briefcase in his or her gloved hand, snuck inside the kitchen and placed the briefcase on a shelf.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley told Adam that she could feel the baby kicking. She placed Adam's hand on her stomach and asked him if he could feel the kicking. Adam lied and said that he could.

Adam summoned Dr. Taylor to the ranch and asked him how a woman who had a miscarriage could feel a baby kicking. Dr. Taylor said that Ashley had definitely miscarried ≠ and that she was suffering from a hysterical pregnancy, in which her body was following her mind's delusion that she was actually pregnant. The doctor explained that some women actually went through hysterical labor and experienced hysterical births.

Adam asked the doctor what they should do. The doctor said, "Not we ≠ you. You've got to stop this before it goes any further." Ashley entered the living room, saw Dr. Taylor, and told him how sweet it was for him to return for a follow-up visit.

Ashley mentioned that she couldn't wait for Victor to meet Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor asked Ashley if she could bring him a cup of coffee. When Ashley left the living room, Dr. Taylor expressed his fear of being "squashed like a bug" by Victor Newman. Adam told the doctor not to worry about Victor, and said that if Dr. Taylor didn't do what Adam told him to do, Taylor's career and reputation would "go down the toilet."

After Dr. Taylor left, Victor returned to the ranch. He had questions about the goings-on at the ranch during the night of the storm. When Victor asked Adam why he had told Nikki that Ashley had gone out with Jack, Ashley defended Adam by saying that she and Jack had discussed leaving the ranch, and that Adam must have simply misunderstood. Victor wondered why Ashley hadn't told him about her cramps. Ashley said she hadn't wanted Victor to worry. When Victor asked Adam why he had called Dr. Taylor, rather than Olivia, Ashley defended Adam again, saying that she had specifically asked Adam not to call Olivia.

Ashley told Victor that the baby had kicked earlier that day. Victor said he was sorry that he wasn't there to feel it. Ashley went up to bed. Victor asked Adam why he had given Bonnie, the maid, the previous night off. Adam explained that Bonnie was a newlywed, and he had thought that she might want to enjoy the thunderstorm with her new husband.

Victor said that he was sure that Adam meant to be kind, but that he no longer wanted Adam and Ashley to be alone together in the house. Victor said that he wanted someone else there at all times, in case help was needed. After Victor went up to bed, Adam said to himself, "Sorry, Victor. We're doing things my way now."

Friday, June 12, 2009

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe returned from shopping to find Billy feeding Delia. Billy was surprised that the baby was giggling and smiling already, and he asked Chloe if she had videotaped those magic moments. Chloe commented that if Billy had been there, he would have seen his daughter's firsts in person. Chloe needled Billy, suggesting in the future he might be there for Delia's first steps if he wasn't making love to another man's wife. Billy mentioned to Chloe that Sharon had left Jack and that Jack couldn't even look at Billy anymore. Chloe remembered when the Winters and Chancellor families treated her like that, right after Delia was born.

Mac told Cane on the phone that she could close the bar for him. To herself, Mac wished that she could be another kind of person, someone more adventurous and exciting. Mac put her hair down, unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and approved of her new, saucy look.

When Mac went downstairs, she was surprised to see Billy and Chloe in the living room. Mac overheard something about Jack. Chloe told Mac that Sharon had left Jack. Mac exited to go to the bar, and Billy questioned Chloe about what she'd said to Mac. Chloe explained to Billy that she had no intention of telling Mac that Billy had slept with Sharon.

Billy kissed Chloe goodbye and thanked her for letting him see the baby. Chloe assured Billy she wasn't playing games anymore; she was Chloe 2.0 version, with no tricks up her sleeve. He left and Chloe picked up her cell phone, saying to herself, "Like hell I don't."

At Jimmy's, Billy walked in and watched as Mac tried to do bar tricks with a bottle. Billy took the bottle out of her hands before she hurt herself. Billy said that for just one night, he didn't want to talk about relationships and marriage; he just wanted to talk about the weather or anything else. Mac agreed to keep things light.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Chloe snuck into Mac's room and looked through her closet. Chloe found Mac's wardrobe boring, but then took down a box. Inside were Mac's souvenirs from high school. Chloe started to read Mac's scrapbook. When Chloe read Mac's notes from September 2000, a date with Billy at Crimson Lights, Chloe became interested.

Another note was about Billy and Mac at Jack and Phyllis' wedding. In the note, Billy talked of marrying Mac and then going on a six-month honeymoon. Mac wondered if they'd globetrot the rest of their lives, but Billy wanted to settle down in Genoa City. Mac asked if they'd live in the Abbott pool house, but Billy promised to never ask his wife to live like that. Chloe was depressed when she read that Billy wanted a house with a picket fence and 2.5 kids, and all because he wanted it with Mac.

Billy was still at the bar and Mac again tried to impress a customer with a bar trick. Billy said Mac was too serious about having fun. Mac reminded Billy of the karaoke CD they made in high school to the song "Smile Like This." Mac remembered how nervous and uptight she had been when she sang back then, but she had changed so all she wanted was to sing as loud and as off-key as possible. Billy smiled and offered to show her how to do the bar trick. Billy put his arms around Mac and, as they got close, she got nervous and pulled away. Mac walked into the back room.

When Mac returned, Billy was putting the stools up on the bar for the night. Mac asked Billy what he would do again if he could go back to high school. Billy said he would hold on to his dreams. As he got ready to say goodnight, the song "Smile Like That" started on the jukebox. Mac thought that the universe was trying to tell her something. Following her impulse, Mac kissed Billy with passion.

Chloe read in Mac's scrapbook that Billy had said the only girl for him for all time was Mac. Tearfully, Chloe pondered Billy's words. Delia's crying roused Chloe, and she cleaned up Mac's stuff and left the room to check on her baby.

At the club, Mary Jane told a client, Mr. Vanderwood, how available she was to serve him. Jeffrey overheard Mary Jane and then asked her if she would be interested in doing public relations for him. Mary Jane said she was not interested in the small-time work Jeffrey had in mind. As Mary Jane walked away, Gloria went to Jeffrey's side and asked what he had learned about Mary Jane. At the bar, Gloria ordered water for them both, because they were too broke to continue stalking Mary Jane at such expensive places. Jeffrey scowled and said if he were right about Mary Jane, they would be able to order anything they like very soon.

At the Abbott house, Sharon was carrying down the last of her luggage as she prepared to move out. Sharon looked around and remembered a playful popcorn fight with Jack from movie night. Jack entered the foyer and was upset to see Sharon's bags all lined up. Sharon apologized for not being gone already. Sharon was sorry she had hurt Jack and wanted to avoid doing it anymore. Jack told Sharon he forgave her and would do it all again. Jack asked Sharon to stay, but Sharon said it was goodbye.

Later, Jack helped Sharon with a heavy box, reminding her not to lift. Sharon recalled the popcorn fight with Jack. Reminiscing about the bad movie they watched together, Jack again asked Sharon to stay. Jack explained that he was offering Sharon complete freedom, a no-strings-attached arrangement. Jack asked if Nick could offer her the same thing. Sharon said she would miss Jack, but that Nick was her life.

Michael was visiting Phyllis and told her about Kevin's therapy and how he was doing. Michael realized that Phyllis wasn't really paying attention. Michael demanded that Phyllis talk to him about what was going on with her. Phyllis didn't want to talk, because she was not ready to give up on her marriage to Nick.

Michael offered to invite Lauren over and rent some videos and share some wine so that Phyllis wouldn't be alone. Phyllis was grateful, but told Michael to go home and keep his marriage intact. As Michael reached for the front door, Nick entered the house. Michael blasted Nick for showing his face at Phyllis's. Phyllis appreciated Michael's gallantry, but asked Michael to leave.

Nick wanted to know how Summer was doing and Phyllis said their daughter had trouble sleeping because Nick was not at home. Phyllis didn't know how to tell Summer than Nick had chosen his other family over them. Phyllis offered to let Nick see Summer when the sitter was there the next day. Nick wanted Phyllis to file for divorce, promising that he would not fight the divorce, and would give Phyllis whatever she wanted in a settlement.

Phyllis was insulted that he was bringing up divorce less than 48 hours after walking out on her. Phyllis told him to file the divorce papers because she wasn't ready to give up on the years they invested in their marriage. Nick said he felt bad and was sorry for causing Phyllis so much pain. Phyllis refused to play the weak woman for Nick, suggesting that was Sharon's specialty.

Nick said for the sake of their kids, he and Phyllis should avoid getting vindictive. Phyllis told Nick she was glad to hear that he felt bad and was in pain over what he was doing to her and Summer. When Nick's cell phone rang, Phyllis correctly guessed it was Sharon calling. Phyllis told him to get out. After he walked out, Summer entered and asked if Daddy had been there. Phyllis lied and said it was just the television.

On the phone, Sharon told Nick that she was all packed and ready. Jack overheard Sharon saying that she loved Nick. Nick's car pulled up in the driveway and Jack told Sharon her ride was there.

Nick entered the house and admitted to Sharon that his talk with Phyllis had not gone well. Sharon had second thoughts about their decision to be together. Jack listened from the other room as Nick convinced Sharon that people would be hurt by what they were doing, but it wasn't the wrong decision. Nick assured Sharon that they would get through it together, including getting a paternity test to determine if Nick was the father of her child.

Jack re-entered the room, saying hello to Nick. Jack promised not to make a scene. Nick told Sharon to get into the car. Jack didn't want to hear anything from Nick, but he did tell Nick to take care of Sharon. After Nick left the house, Jack made a call, saying he needed to see the person he was calling. A short time later, Jack arrived at Mary Jane's room at the club. Jack kissed her passionately when she greeted him at the door.

Jeffrey spied Jack and Mary Jane as they went into the room, and then rushed back to the bar to tell Gloria what he had witnessed. Jeffrey told Gloria that he believed Mary Jane was a high-priced hooker.

After having sex with Mary Jane, Jack was dressing quickly. He said he had business to attend to and couldn't stay. Mary Jane doubted Jack really had a midnight business meeting, and in her mind, she recalled seeing Jack making love to Phyllis a few nights before. Jack said he would see Mary Jane in the office in the morning, and then he left.

Mary Jane looked at her book of enemies and touched the photograph of Phyllis. Mary Jane made a phone call, pretending to be from Restless Style and canceled a reservation to shoot a layout the next day at the Mountain View Lodge. When Mary Jane made a second call to confirm the cancellation, she laughed to herself for the trouble she had created for Phyllis.

At Phyllis's, she and Summer were coloring. Phyllis used the opportunity to explain to Summer that Phyllis and Nick were having a problem and Nick was moving away for a while. Phyllis told Summer that her father loved her a lot and everything would be all right.

Noah rushed out of Crimson Lights, going past Lauren as he left. Lauren joined Eden, who had been having coffee with Noah. Eden said that Noah had to hurry to meet Sharon at the club. Eden told Lauren that Sharon was moving there because she had left Jack. Eden thought that Sharon was more of a drama queen that Eden was, and she hoped that whatever was happening with Sharon would not screw up Noah's life any further, especially since Sharon and Jack were also having a baby.

At the club, Sharon opened the door to her room and welcomed Noah in. Noah wondered why Nick was there, and Sharon explained that she and Nick were reconciling. Noah was confused, especially since Sharon had said that she and Jack were going to be together because of the baby. Sharon had to let Noah know that the baby might be Nick's. Noah insulted both his parents for cheating on Phyllis and Jack, respectively. He didn't think much of Nick or Sharon's antics and Nick warned Noah to watch his mouth.

Noah was ready to walk out, but Sharon insisted that they all stay and talk it out as a family. Sharon admitted that they had not been very good role models of late, but they were determined to redeem themselves in Noah's eyes. Nick asked Noah to meet them halfway as they tried to win back his respect. Noah asked if they were getting married again. Nick and Sharon couldn't say yes, which made Noah doubt their sincerity. Noah left, disappointed in both his parents. Sharon worried that too many people were being hurt by what Sharon and Nick were doing.

Eden was shocked to hear from Noah that Nick and Sharon were living together at the club. Noah said he wanted to get as far away from his parents as possible. Noah revealed to Eden that he had decided to file for emancipation. Rafe, Adam's lawyer friend, had told Noah that he could do that for Noah. Noah said he would sell his car and then get his own apartment. Eden could visit with him whenever she wanted, and Noah and Eden could have a normal life.

In their room at the club, Nick and Sharon looked at real estate brochures. Nick was determined not to waste any more time. Sharon unpacked the drawing Cassie had made of their family years before. Nick said it would be the first thing they hung in their new home. Nick kissed Sharon deeply, then Sharon pulled away and took Nick's hand so he could feel the baby kick. Sharon hugged Nick comfortingly and Nick said they would soon have their lives back together again. But when Nick looked at Cassie's drawing, he was reminded of Summer.

At Phyllis', Summer was playing dress-up with her mother. There was a knock on the door and Mary Jane appeared to tell Sharon that Mountain View had called to cancel the Restless Style shoot. Phyllis was beside herself when she heard how screwed up the shoot had become. Phyllis said she would have to go to the office immediately to fix things.

Mary Jane offered to sit with Summer for Phyllis. Phyllis kissed Summer goodbye after saying that Mary Jane would be staying with her until Phyllis returned from the office. Mary Jane offered to play dress-up with Summer because it was fun to pretend to be someone else. There was another knock on the door and Mary Jane opened the door to find Jack. Jack wondered what Mary Jane was doing at Phyllis'.

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