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Julie Morris-Devlin
Actor History
Lisa Ann Hadley (June 1997 to June 15, 2000; December 24th, 26th-28th 2001)
Former Intern at General Hospital
Marital Status
Single/Annulment (Chris Ramsey)
Past Marriages
Chris Ramsey
Bennett Devlin (father; deceased)
Nicole Devlin (mother)
Buddy Devlin (brother; deceased)
Christina Baldwin (daughter)
Flings & Affairs
Frank Scanlon
Crimes Committed
Lied to Frank about her family history
Serial Killer; she killed a number of residents including her own father; but she denies it and says that Cooper brainwashed her into thinking she did it.
Kidnapping; fled with Christina Parting Words

"Oh, God. I love you, Chris. You will always be my prince."

Brief Character History

Julie Morris-Devlin initially appeared to be a very determined and sincere young woman. She came from a family of doctors, but was more interested in making it on her own.. Her brother killed himself when she was 14, and she became very fearful of guns after that.

Frank eventually forgave Julie for lying to him about her family. She did deal with some pain and suffering when Greg Cooper kidnapped her and attempted, unsuccessfully, to perform his brand of plastic surgery. She had other problems after this when she discovered that the father, Bennett Devlin, had an affair with fellow intern Eve Lambert. These problems only got worse once her mother, Nicole, discovered the affair, and then had an affair with another intern, Chris Ramsey. Julie finally realized that she had to let them solve their own problems, and let them concentrate on their own lives. Even after Julie flew into a rage over the news that Bennett had slept with her brother's fiancé shortly before Buddy's suicide, she seemed to move on. She appeared concentrated on her own life, especially her relationship with Frank.

However, she murdered a number of people after that, using murder techniques from Kevin Collin's book, General Homicide. Then (before she was caught)she slept with Frank and became pregnant. She didn't allow anyone to know she was pregnant, by stuffing a pillow under her shirt, and then acted insane and thought she was really pregnant. (She was really pregnant, everyone thought she wasn't because she had a pillow under her shirt but she acted insane and stuffed the pillow under her shirt to cover her pregnany up!)

She escaped from Ferncliff (the mental home) to give birth to her baby, Christina, Chris brought her into the world. Chris convinced Julie to return to Ferncliff, she did, while Chris took the baby, gave it to Janell and Janell made up a fid that the baby's real mother was her friend's sister and the mother took off and she didn't know who the mother was. Christina was then found and raised by Scott and Lucy.

Julie was acquitted of John Kanelos's murder and released from Ferncliff. Julie's assertion that she was NOT the General Homicide killer turned out to be true. Greg Cooper confessed to brainwashing Julie into believing she was the murderer. He confessed this to Kevin Collins after stabbing him, and believing that Kevin would die.

Julie and Chris genuinely fell in love, and Julie was reinstated at the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Rachel Locke's (who had been crucial in Julie's acquittal and release) public outburst, Lucy learned Julie was Christina's mother; a bitter custody battle ensued. Julie got visitation rights, but they were terminated. Around this time, Julie learned that Chris had lied to her about several important matters involving Rachel and DV Bordisso. They reconciled, but nothing could ease her depression when the judge granted custody of Christina to Scott.

While Frank was visiting with Christina in the park, Julie knocked him unconscious and took Christina. Staging their deaths in a car crash bought her the time she needed. Scott and Lucy especially were devastated; their marriage never recovered. In a goodbye letter, Julie thanked Chris for making her dreams come true, and signed her father's patents to DL-56 over to him. She couldn't take him along because she didn't want to end his love of being a doctor. Shaken, Chris removed his wedding ring and abandoned any efforts to think of others besides himself.

In June 2001, Julie proved the impact she still had on so many lives by sending Lucy a card for Christina's birthday. Christina was doing fine, and Julie thought Lucy would want to know that. Julie being Julie, she included a postscript which said the letter couldn't be traced.

In December of 2001, Julie returned to Port Charles briefly. She was dying of a terminal illness and decided to give Christina back to Lucy. Her only request was that Christina eventually be told about her and how much she loved her. She gave Lucy a suitcase of items - a favorite book of Julie's with notes written in the margin, love letters from Chris - to show Christina when she was older. Lucy agreed and assured Julie Christina would know of her.

Chris discovered Julie was in town and begged her to reunite with him. He was devastated to learn of her disease. After a final night of sleeping in his arms, Julie woke up to discover Chris had arranged for himself, Julie and Christina to run away. She gently said no, and also refused to let him be with her in her final weeks, because she didn't want to be remembered that way by him. Julie told him she had never stopped loving him and always would, but he had to move on with his life, that he would eventually find another. Putting her fingers to his lips, she said goodbye for the final time, leaving town with her nurse to die in peace.

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