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Passions Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on PS
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tabitha is complaining to Endora that she has to make breakfast the mortal way since Miguel has been complaining about her using magic. It appears as if Tabitha doesn't like the excess baggage that comes with being a mortal; for example, cleaning up after cooking and having to physically cook. She decides to use magic to clean up but is caught red handed by Kay. Kay tries to talk Tabitha out of practicing witchcraft. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is ungrateful since she rescued him from the pits of hell. She vows to find the letter Miguel wrote giving details to expose her as a witch, and then turns him into a toad. Tabitha is disappointed in Kay for giving into Miguel's demand. In addition, Tabitha accuses her of ignoring the women's movement; Kay is acting as if women have no say in making decisions. Kay accuses Tabitha of messing with her happiness, and Tabitha accuses Kay of betraying their friendship. A war broke out between the two witches. Tabitha leaves to go find Miguel's letter in order to destroy him. Kay strikes her with her magic, and it turns into an all-out witch brawl with spells flying back and forth. Miguel overhears and decides to check it out. He gets on their case about going back on their word re: using magic. He tells them both to live up to their oath not to use magic again. Tabitha and Kay agree, but Endora knows that Tabitha won't heed Miguel's warning.

Sheridan gets her wish; Luis is spending time with Marty, and Sheridan couldn't be happier. Fancy shows up at the cottage for her date with Luis, and Sheridan tells her to take a hike because her silly little fling with Luis is over. Fancy is on to her; she lets Sheridan knows that she is not going to stand by and watch her use Marty to come between her and Luis. Luis walks in and tells Sheridan and Fancy not to bring Marty in on their silly little games. Fancy is disappointed that Luis forgot about the tickets she bought for their date to a sold out hockey game. Luis apologizes and tells Fancy that his son, Marty comes first. Fancy decides to ask Luis why he abandoned her on New Year's Eve, and Luis explains. Fancy is satisfied but couldn't understand why Sheridan was in Luis' arms when she peeked in the window. Sheridan pretends to be outraged that Fancy was spying on them. Luis tells Fancy that holding Sheridan meant nothing to him, and Sheridan had a huge look of disappointment on her face. Luis tells Fancy that he missed out on his son's life so he wants Marty to be able to depend on him. Fancy also thought that she could depend on Luis, but it seems as if she cannot compete with Marty, so she walks out and tells Luis that she is tired of the current situation. Sheridan smiles as Fancy leaves. Sheridan tries to drive a wedge between Luis and Fancy by telling him that Fancy doesn't want to share Marty with him. Luis tells Sheridan that Fancy is the woman in his heart, now and forever. In addition, he tells Sheridan that what they had is over. Fancy returns and apologizes to Luis, in front of Marty, telling him that she does not want to come between him and his son. In addition, Fancy announces that she was able to get a third ticket for Marty. Luis and Marty are excited, but it annoys Sheridan.

Pilar is worried sick about Theresa, so she goes to Miguel to ask her whereabouts. She senses that Theresa is in danger. Meanwhile, Theresa is in Mexico trying to track down Juanita. She makes various calls, and each time she mentions Juanita's name, the other party hangs up. Theresa concludes that Juanita is indeed dangerous, but she doesn't seem to care. She wants to convince Juanita to end the feud with Pilar so that she can have a life with Ethan. Theresa receives a note underneath her hotel room door but becomes frantic before opening it. She finally opens it, and the note states that she should leave Mexico or die. At Juanita's house, a Senor Luis begs her not to kill him. Juanita pretends to be cordial and offers him something to eat, and as soon as Senor Luis was at ease, she kills him in cold blood. Apparently, Senor Luis stole from her. Juanita receives a call telling her that Theresa is in Mexico, and she gives out orders to kill Theresa. Theresa receives a call telling her where to find Juanita, but it seems as if it's a trap. Theresa is determined to find Juanita and states that she can't be as bad as Pilar mentioned.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While at the Crane mansion, in the living room, Viki receives a call from Alistair ordering her to kill Ethan, and Viki wonders if she can kill Ethan since he has been so nice to her. Alistair left a knife in a box, by the fire place, for Viki to use. As soon as Ethan and Esme enter the living room, Viki hides. Esme discovers her and offers her something to eat. Viki accepts. She imagines Ethan and Esme, making out, and all she wants to do is kill Ethan. Ethan returns from the kitchen with the food, and Viki raises the knife to his back. Esme returns, so Viki has to hide the knife. Esme and Ethan discuss each other's love lives, and Ethan advises Esme to keep to herself. Viki stays close by and watches them and constantly imagines that they are having a make out session. At one point, she drops the knife, and Ethan and Esme hear it, but she is able to hide it. Esme has to go upstairs to fetch something for Ethan and tells Viki to text her if she needs anything. Viki replies by speaking out loud, and Esme is excited to hear Viki speak. Ethan wants to take them to the book café to celebrate, but all Viki wants to do is to kill Ethan.

Pretty visits Alistair in the hospital and gives him a few choice words for ordering Spike to kill her. Alistair tries to enlist her help in breaking up Luis and Fancy, but Pretty tells Alistair that she refuses to help him, ever again. Alistair tells her that he never meant for her to get hurt and never expected her to fall for Luis. In addition, he tells her that if she wants Luis, she can have him, but first, she has to help him get Fancy under his control again. Alistair further manipulates her by telling her that Luis is the only man that has made her feel like a woman, and that's all Pretty needs to hear. She tells Alistair that they are partners again, and Alistair whispers, in her ears, his instructions. Meanwhile, Luis, Fancy, and Marty are that the hockey game. Fancy makes sure to tell Luis that she hopes to become close with Marty because she wants to be a part of his life. Luis asks Marty how he would feel if he and Fancy were to get married, and Marty seems to be ok with the idea. While Luis and Marty are engrossed in the game, Fancy sees the lights go dim and suddenly hears a creepy voice that says, "score!" Luis notices Fancy's uneasiness and asks what's wrong. Fancy tells him that she hears the voice of the devil and thinks something evil awaits her. Luis tells her that it's Alistair. Fancy asks Luis to reassure his love for her, and he tells her that he loves her and nothing will tear them apart.

Pilar receives a call from the airline for Theresa and learns that Theresa is in Mexico. Juanita orders a hit on Theresa and grows restless as she awaits word that Pilar's daughter is dead. Theresa prepares to find Juanita and destroys almost everything that connects her to Pilar, including her passport. She accidentally drops a family photo on the floor while she accepts a call from Pilar, and Pilar tells Theresa that her plans to get Ethan back will never work because Juanita is insane. Theresa refuses to listen to Pilar and thinks that deep down Juanita must have a good heart since she was such a dear friend to Pilar. In addition, Theresa thinks that she has garnered experience from Crane Industries that she can use on Juanita. Pilar warns her again, and tells her that Juanita will torture her children before killing them. She won't stop there. She will also kill Miguel and Luis' children. Theresa tells Pilar that Juanita will never know that she is her daughter since she burned all evidence connecting her to Pilar. Pilar tries to reason with Theresa by telling her that Juanita will torture her into telling her who she is and then kill the rest of her family. Theresa tells Pilar that she would rather try because she cannot live under Gwen and Rebecca's constant threats. Pilar reminds her that she will at least be alive and her children will be safe. Theresa fears for her children's safety and decides to go back Harmony. Meanwhile, Juanita tells herself that she lives to see Pilar and her family tortured. She then receives a call about Theresa, and she gives the order to kill Theresa because it's God's will.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Theresa heeds Pilar's warning and tells her mother she will leave Mexico right away, but Pilar reminds her that her passport has been destroyed. Theresa will have to find another way. At that moment, Juanita arrives at the hotel with her hit man, searching for Theresa. As Theresa is escaping from the killer, she runs smack into Juanita!

Pretty is more determined than ever to make Luis hers and knows she has to get both Fancy and Sheridan out of the picture. Pretty and Sheridan are both put off by seeing Luis, Fancy and Marty on TV, bonding as a family at the hockey game.

Tabitha is frustrated at doing household tasks the "mortal" way due to Miguel's no magic edict. If she can just find the standby letter Miguel wrote exposing her as witch, she could be done with him and his rules once and for all.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, January 18, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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