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Alexis Davis
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Actor History
September 28, 1996 to Present
Susan Diol
November 2001; March 13 and 14, 2002 [temporary replacement]
Kristin Erickson
February 23, 2006 to February 27, 2006 [as a young Alexis]
Other Names

Princess Natasha Alexandra Mikkosovana Cassadine (birth name)

Alexis Davidovitch (name she was raised with)

Dobson (faked having an alternate personality)

Kristina Cassadine (faked having an alternate personality)


Born 1966 [medical records shown on Jul 11, 2002]

Revised to 1964 when it was revealed that Alexis was sixteen years old in May 1980 when she gave birth to her daughter, Sam McCall

Nikolas Cassadine honored his aunt by giving his son Spencer, the middle name Alexi.


Law License suspended for one year [Aug 16, 2016]

Attorney at Mason, Petrovich, and Miller law firm, which represents the Corinthos organization

Former District Attorney for Port Charles, New York

Former butler for the Quartermaine family (as "Dobson")


2183 Belleforest Drive, Port Charles, New York

Formerly 57 Lake Avenue, Port Charles, New York

Formerly at 122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers, Penthouse 2)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Julian Jerome [Feb 23, 2016]

Past Marriages

Jasper Jacks [married: 1999; divorced: 2000]

Ric Lansing [married: Nov 3, 2004; divorced: Fall 2006]

Julian Jerome [married: Feb 19, 2016 (shown: Feb 22, 2016); divorced: Sep 2016]


Mikkos Cassadine (father; deceased)

Kristin Nilsson (mother; deceased)

Kristina Cassadine (sister; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (half-brother; presumed deceased)

Stefan Cassadine (half-brother; deceased)

Valentin Cassadine (half-brother)

Anthony Cassadine (uncle; deceased)

Victor Cassadine (uncle)

Charlotte (niece)

Nikolas Cassadine (nephew; presumed deceased)

Spencer Cassadine (great-nephew)

Petros Cassadine (cousin)


Samantha McCall (daughter; with Julian; given up for adoption)

Kristina Davis (daughter; with Sonny)

Molly Lansing (daughter; with Ric)

Baby Girl McCall (granddaughter via Sam; deceased)

Daniel Edward Morgan (grandson via Sam)

Flings & Affairs

Julian Jerome (one-night stand as a teenager)

Edward "Ned" Ashton (engaged)

Sonny Corinthos (lovers)

Cameron Lewis (kissed; deceased)

Judge Farmer (flirtatious) [as "Dobson"]

Alice Gunderson (flirtatious) [as "Dobson"]

Garrett Floyd (affair)

Jerry Jacks (lovers)

Mac Scorpio (dated)

Shawn Butler (lovers)

Julian Jerome (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Altered records to make it appear that Katherine Bell was Stefan Cassadine's half-sister, Natasha [1996]

Attempted murder; helped Luke loosen the railing on a parapet at Wyndemere, in hopes that that Helena Cassadine would fall [May 4, 1998]

Assault; slapped Sonny Corinthos [Apr 6, 2001]

Assault; slapped Carly Corinthos [Aug 5, 2002]

Pushed Luis Alcazar off his penthouse balcony during an altercation; covered it up and let Jason Morgan and Brenda Barrett take the fall [Nov 22, 2002]

Faked the alternate personality of her late sister, Kristina Cassadine, to get by on an insanity defense [Feb 12, 2003]

Using her "Kristina" personality, threatened Cameron Lewis with a knife [Feb 17, 2003]

Attempted to stab Scott Baldwin but accidentally stabbed Cameron instead [Mar 14, 2003]

Pretended to have dissociative identity disorder to gain access to her daughter Kristina [May 14, 2003 to Jul 9, 2003]

Posed as a butler named Dobson to get access to Kristina [spring to Jul 2003]

Violated restraining order by holding Kristina during a hospital visit [Jul 30, 2003]

Broke into Ric Lansing's apartment and stole files that incriminated Sonny [Nov 23, 2004]

Took Kristina to London, in violation of custody order [2005]

Possession of marijuana, which she was using for medicinal purposes [2007]

Kicked off a plane for disorderly conduct [Jan 7, 2008]

Breaking and entering into a bar with Diane Miller [Jan 10, 2008]

Falsely confessed to a hit-and-run accident involving Claudia Zacchara (Alexis' daughter, Kristina, was actually the driver) [Jul 23, 2009]

Killed Kiefer Bauer when she hit him with her car; ruled an accident [Apr 5, 2010]

Covered up Julian Jerome's role in Duke Lavery's murder [May 2015]

Knew that Julian had ordered Carlos to kill Duke but withheld that information [learned May 2015]

Obstruction of justice; hid Julian's bloody shirt [Jun 2015]

Stole Leo Falconeri's pacifier [Oct 2015]

Ran a DNA test on Julian and Leo without Julian's knowledge or Olivia's consent [Oct 21, 2015]

Accessory to tax fraud; knew Julian intended to drive down profits and use Crimson for a tax write-off [Apr 2016]

Withheld evidence that proved Julian killed Carlos Rivera [May 2016 to Jul 2016]

Assaulted Julian [Jun 29, 2016]

Drunk driving; hit Julian with her car in parking lot then fled the scene [Nov 28, 2016]

Failed to report the accident [Nov 28, 2016]

Failed to disclose to Jordan that she was taking care of Julian [Dec 16, 2016]

Health and Vitals

Threatened by Luke Spencer in her own house [May 19, 2014]

Threatened with having her throat slit by Helena Cassadine (as Helena had done to her mother) [Nov 2014]

Held at gunpoint (along with Julian) by Morgan Corinthos [Sep 18, 2015 to Sep 21, 2015; Julian was held until Sep 22]

Held hostage, on her wedding day, at gunpoint in a chapel full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown from Feb 23-24, 2016]

Threatened by Dixon for getting out of her seat [Feb 19, 2016; shown Feb 24, 2016]

Manhandled and threatened by Sonny Corinthos [May 17, 2016]

Manhandled by Julian [Jun 8, 2016]

Manhandled by Julian again [Jul 7, 2016]

Tackled to the ground and kidnapped at dagger point by Julian [Jul 7, 2016]

Had the dagger held at her throat and threatened by Julian [Jul 7-8, 2016]

Had hallucinations of Julian Jerome when he really wasn't there [Aug 31, 2016]


Cell phone number is 716.555.0161

Brief Character History

Alexis originally arrived in Port Charles in 1996 to defend Kevin Collins for stalking Felicia Jones. She then defended Monica Quartermaine in the sexual harassment case that Dr. Dorman filed against her. Alexis remained in Port Charles to look out for the man she'd been raised to believe was her cousin, Stefan Cassadine. Alexis perceived Katherine Bell and her relationship as a threat to Stefan and his family, and she worked to convince Stefan that Katherine was his half-sister, Natasha, who had been believed to be dead. However, Stefan discovered her plan and wanted nothing more to do with her. To make matters worse, Alexis then found out that she was the real Natasha.

Helena had murdered Alexis' mother and threatened Alexis with the same fate should she not do Helena's bidding. Helena forced Alexis to defend Tony Jones for kidnapping, which cost Alexis her relationship with Ned Ashton as well as her job at ELQ. Alexis was desperate to get rid of Helena, and she teamed up with Luke Spencer. Together, they set a trap for Helena, but Katherine stepped into the trap instead and was presumed deceased. Stefan was accused of Katherine's murder, but Alexis defended him and revealed that she was his sister. She also mended her relationship with Ned, and their romance resumed.

When Alexis learned that Nikolas was not the prince, she felt betrayed that Stefan had kept the truth from her for so long. With the Cassadine fortune up for grabs, Alexis decided to go after it with the help of Jasper "Jax" Jacks. But when she almost ended up dying in a plane crash that Helena caused, she decided that the risk was not worth it. She then decided to concentrate on building a life away from the Cassadines by focusing of her profession and her relationship with Ned.

When Chloe Morgan appeared in town, she immediately became friends with Alexis and Ned, as well as Jax. Chloe's new friends stepped in to help her when she was in danger of losing her company if she did not marry within the month. Alexis suggested that Ned and Chloe marry in Las Vegas, and everyone agreed. However, Chloe's aunt arrived and claimed that a Las Vegas wedding did not qualify. In order to cover up the real plan, Jax and Alexis got married instead.

To make it appear that Ned and Chloe's impending marriage was real, Jax and Alexis needed to make it appear as though their marriage was also real. They even went so far as to move Alexis into Jax's penthouse. Jax and Alexis became good friends while married, as did Ned and Chloe. The four finally divorced when Chloe's Aunt Gertrude caught Chloe and Jax together. Alexis immediately, at Ned's request, moved the elegant promise ring he had given her from her right hand to her left, which made them officially engaged.

With Ned and Alexis happily and publicly together again, Ned decided to restart his music career as Eddie Maine. One night while on tour in Detroit, Ned returned to his hotel room with an interviewer and camera crew doing a story on "A Day in the Life of Eddie Maine." All was going well -- until Ned opened the door and found Alexis waiting on the bed for him, wearing nothing but a teddy and holding a rose in her teeth. Affectionately nicknamed "Eddie's Angel," Alexis could do nothing to escape the press, fan letters, Internet sites, and emails. Attempting to end the fiasco, Ned proposed to Alexis because he thought that if they were married, the press would leave them alone. Unfortunately, he was proved wrong when their private wedding in Belize was discovered.

Ned then decided that the best way to get rid of the press was to give them exactly what they wanted, a publicized wedding. After reluctantly agreeing, Alexis and wedding planner Elton arranged a big public wedding, complete with press. After many obstacles, they finally made it to the wedding day. As Nikolas escorted her down the aisle, Alexis began to have nightmares about becoming a Quartermaine wife, and she fled.

When Ned's cousin Emily Quartermaine became involved with Zander Smith, she arranged for Alexis to be Zander's lawyer, as he was in a lot of trouble with the law and with mob boss Joseph Sorel. Also, in exchange for his testimony against Sorel, Alexis' client, mob boss Sonny Corinthos, would give him protection in the event that Sorel tried to kill him. On the night that Zander was released from jail, Emily, Zander, Alexis, and Sonny were walking down the steps of the Port Charles Police Station when two gunmen dressed as police officers opened fire on them. Sonny jumped in front of Alexis, and he was hit instead of her.

At the hospital, Ned was relieved to see that Alexis was not hurt, and although he had not completely forgiven her for leaving him at the altar, they agreed to work on their problems. That didn't last long, though, and they continually fought. Ned felt that Alexis was choosing her career over him, and Alexis was trying to deal with her fear of commitment and marriage. They decided that the best thing to do was to call it quits with their four-year relationship and go their separate ways. After breaking up with Ned, Alexis channeled all her energies into defending client Sonny Corinthos against his various enemies. They lived across the hall from each other, and their similarly dysfunctional childhoods, along with a tendency to shut people out, caused them to bond.

In summer 2001, Alexis began searching for her long-lost sister, Kristina. Right before Alexis' mother, Kristin, had been murdered, she had asked Alexis to go hide with baby Kristina. Alexis had put the baby in the stables and had returned to the house, where Alexis had found her mother dead. Helena had murdered Kristin by slitting her throat. When Alexis went back to the stable, Kristina was gone. With Jax's help, Alexis located her, and they had a joyful reunion, although Kristina soon spent her every waking moment nagging Alexis about her love life.

The main man in that love life was Sonny. Alexis found herself being increasingly goofy and shy in his presence, being hypnotized by his manner and looks. She slowly realized she had fallen in love with him. He played games with her, teasing and flirting, but he had feelings for her as well. Finally, in May 2002, they could no longer contain their emotions and had sex. Unfortunately, Carly saw them and ran out then got into a car accident, which caused her death. Alexis and Sonny were guilt-ridden, and when Carly returned from the dead several days later -- she had kept her status quiet for a period of time after recovering but had told no one about it -- Sonny reunited with her.

Alexis stepped away from Sonny and his second chance with Carly. Then she realized she was pregnant with Sonny's baby. She planned to keep the pregnancy a secret while she contemplated her next move, but Ned accidentally learned of her condition. Alexis told him that the baby was Sonny's. Carly also found out Alexis was pregnant and confronted her about it. Alexis couldn't deny she was pregnant, and Carly figured out that Sonny could be the baby's father, since their one-night stand had happened a month or so before. Alexis told her eventually, but Carly agreed not to tell him because she feared that Sonny would want to be part of the baby's life, and since she was not able to conceive right then, it was a threat to her own happiness.

After Alexis resigned as Sonny's attorney, he learned she was pregnant, but Ned stepped in and claimed that he was the father of the unborn child. Although Ned was involved in a relationship with Alexis' sister, Kristina, they decided to continue the lie. Kristina was hurt by the news until she found a notepaper taken from Alexis' journal that said that Sonny was the baby's father. Kristina left to find Sonny at his warehouse and unknowingly walked into a bomb meant for Sonny. She was killed in the explosion.

Alexis blamed Sonny and his mob rival Alcazar for her sister's death. She was grateful that Ned had had the foresight to arrange for a false paternity test after Sonny wondered if he could be her child's father. Meanwhile, Alexis continued to try to take Alcazar down for the death of her sister. When Alcazar was exonerated of all charges, Alexis was devastated and later confronted him when she saw him in the park. Alcazar refused to accept guilt for her sister's death and told her that it was her fault for sleeping with Ned and making her sister go to Sonny for answers. Alexis started to get strong contractions and asked for Alcazar's help. Alcazar refused to help her and left her in the park alone. Alexis couldn't find her cell phone to call for an ambulance.

Psychiatrist Cameron Lewis found Alexis and took her to the hospital. She gave birth prematurely to a daughter she named Kristina. Her daughter spent weeks in the neonatal unit, but eventually Alexis was allowed to take her home. Once Kristina's health was stable, Alexis reconsidered her decision to name Ned as her child's father after she caught him kissing a mobster's widow. However, she was forced to allow Ned to remain in Kristina's life after he threatened to reveal Kristina's true paternity.

As time passed, Alexis became more unspooled and was arrested for Alcazar's murder. She claimed that she had multiple personality disorder and that her alter, "Kristina," was responsible for the murder. Cameron attested to her condition, although he realized she was faking. He kept quiet because of his feelings for her. Alexis was declared not guilty by reason of mental defect but paid a heavy price -- Ned was awarded custody, and Alexis had to face a long psychiatric treatment.

Alexis still ached to be close to Kristina. Ned was spending time with the unstable Skye, who hated Alexis and also desperately wanted a family of her own due to infertility. Alexis decided she had to keep an eye on her daughter's welfare. When the Quartermaine butler, Reginald, was injured, Alexis showed up in full drag, including beard, and claimed to be an experienced servant named Dobson. "Dobson" was hired and, over the next few months, looked out for Kristina, sparred with Skye, tried to convince Ned to give Alexis a chance at parenthood, and bonded with Emily. Cameron once again found out about the ruse because Alexis was missing her critical court-appointed therapy sessions, and he once again covered for her because of his feelings for her. Finally, Skye colluded with Alexis' therapist -- not Cameron -- and D.A. Scott to expose Alexis during a big dinner party. They announced plans to arrest Cameron for his part in the cover-up.

Alexis couldn't let a man who had done so much for her take the fall. She took off her disguise and admitted that she had faked a mental disorder without Cameron's knowledge. Scott couldn't get to Alexis because of double jeopardy laws, and Ned blackmailed him into leaving Alexis and Cameron alone. Still, Alexis wanted custody of her daughter, but a restraining order was taken out against her. Kristina was rushed to the hospital, and Alexis convinced Bobbie to let her hold the child while Bobbie shut off an alarm. Skye caught her and had her arrested. Alexis felt more isolated than ever and reached out to Stefan to help get her daughter back.

Eventually Alexis gained custody of her daughter again and began focusing on both her career and her daughter. With little time left for romance, Alexis was extremely irritated when she first found herself the focus of Ric Lansing's attentions. They were forced to work together as opposing counsel on a trial. Ric, already aware that Sonny was truly Kristina's father, made it a point to seek Alexis out and seduce her. Ric learned quickly that suffocating Alexis with kisses was a quick and effective way of silencing her constant ranting.

It was also at this time that Carly, who was looking at reconciling with her husband, Sonny, confronted Alexis. Carly wanted to tell Sonny that Kristina was his daughter so the couple could start over without any secrets, but Alexis begged Carly not to tell and pleaded with her from one mother to another. Carly agreed to keep Alexis' secret but had reservations. Eventually, the two became more than just enemies who enjoyed the occasional kiss, and a friendship formed.

It was that friendship that helped Alexis stay strong while her daughter faced leukemia. The only cure for Kristina was a bone marrow transplant, with family members the likely matches. It didn't take long for the doctor to discover that Ned was not Kristina's biological father, though all the Quartermaines were tested. She refused to admit to the doctor that Sonny was Kristina's father but broke down and told Ric, who did not admit that he'd already known.

Ric was immediately tested but was not a match. Even after a confrontation with Carly, Alexis refused to tell Sonny that he was Kristina's father because she believed that a life as Sonny's daughter was as dangerous as a battle with leukemia. Alexis continued to search for other possibilities while her daughter's situation grew grim. It became clear that Sonny had to learn the truth, but Ric had other plans first. Ric proposed to Alexis, in hopes that their marriage would give Alexis leverage in a custody battle with Sonny, which was clearly going to happen. But there was a catch -- Ric refused to let the marriage be in name only; if they were going to get married, they had to truly try to make the relationship work. Alexis agreed.

At about the same time, Carly was admitting the truth to Sonny, even though she knew that her marriage would end with the confession. Sonny rushed to the hospital, where he confronted Alexis and learned of the impending marriage. Sonny was tested immediately and began making plans for Kristina to live with him after she left the hospital. With Ric's help, Alexis filed a restraining order to keep Sonny away from Kristina. In the meantime, all of Sonny's family was tested as possible donors. No one was a match, and things looked worse for Kristina.

However, Sonny's unborn daughter with Sam McCall could be the answer. The treatment involved harvesting the unborn child's stem cells, found in the umbilical cord. But Kristina didn't have time to wait for the child to be born, so Sonny approached Sam and asked that she consider a two-week early delivery. There was a ten percent risk to the baby, and Sam couldn't justify that risk and refused to help. While Sam understood that Kristina would die, she felt she had to protect her baby first.

When Alexis learned that Kristina's only hope had refused to help, she ran to the chapel, where she found Sam praying alone. Alexis pleaded with Sam at first, but Sam still refused until Alexis placed enough guilt on her that finally, in tears, Sam said she would do it. But just as Sam tried to tell Alexis she would do it, she collapsed in excruciating pain. The placenta had broken away from the wall, and Sam's baby would have to be delivered early. Ric comforted Alexis as she learned that Sam's baby had died, but he urged her to approach Sonny and ask for the lifesaving stem cells. Thinking of Kristina, Alexis worked up the nerve to ask the grieving father to save his other daughter, Kristina. After a heated discussion, Sonny agreed, and the transplant took place.

Kristina's health improved, and Alexis and Ric prepared to fight Sonny in court. Things went very badly for Alexis in court, but Sonny shocked her by agreeing to share custody. Alexis and Ric nearly split up after Alexis learned he had known Sonny was Kristina's father from the beginning, and she began to believe he was only using her to get to Sonny, but the two reconciled. Kristina, along with Sonny's other children, Michael and Morgan, was kidnapped not long after, but Ric never wavered in his faith in Alexis and convinced Sonny that Alexis had had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Alexis also learned she was pregnant with Ric's baby, which left her out of the search for Kristina because she needed to rest. Morgan and Kristina were rescued but were devastated to learn of Michael's death.

Fortunately, Michael turned up alive, but his presumed death and Kristina's kidnapping convinced Alexis that her daughter was better off without Sonny in her life. However, when she tried to fight Sonny on the custody, Ric would not go along with her. Alexis fled to London with Kristina, only to faces charges courtesy of Sonny when she returned. She joined forces with John Durant to take Sonny down and was thrilled to overhear Michael confess to Jason that he knew he'd murdered A.J., as it gave her leverage. After Ric learned that Alexis was draining the Cassadine accounts to take Sonny down, he washed his hands of her and drove the wedge even further between them when he insisted that Sonny hadn't murdered A.J.

Alexis was shocked to learn that Ric had been so adamant in fighting for Sonny because he had known Michael was the real killer and had wanted a chance to try again, but Ric couldn't trust that she was finally over her vendetta with Sonny, so they decided to divorce. Things hit a snag when their lawyers wouldn't help them divorce until after the baby was born, so Alexis began pushing Ric to cheat so they could get the divorce quicker. Their marriage took a turn for the better after Alexis experienced trauma in the hurricane and was barricaded at the Quartermaine mansion, with Ric in attendance. Both wanted to reconcile but still couldn't trust their feelings. Alexis was shocked to learn at Lucky and Liz's wedding that Ric and Reese had had a one-night stand while she and Ric had been estranged, but in the train accident that followed, Ric and Alexis were able to put all their differences aside as they welcomed their new daughter, Molly, into the world and decided to really make a go of their marriage.

Ric and Alexis both took ill with an encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles. Alexis received an early dose of the serum, enabling her to go home with the girls, but Ric remained ill. As Alexis worried that Ric wouldn't make it, she confessed a secret to him that she had never told -- when she had been sixteen years old, she had given birth to a baby girl, on May 11, 1980 -- Mother's Day. Mikkos had taken her to a private clinic in Chatham, Maine, then forced her to give her daughter up for adoption. With Ric's help, Alexis decided to search for her long-lost daughter.

Alexis found out that Sam McCall was the daughter she had given up when she'd been 16. Sam and Alexis had a rocky relationship, and they couldn't agree on Sam's relations with hit man Jason Morgan. In August of 2006, there was a city-wide blackout. After having a fight with both Ric and Sam, Alexis went home, only to find her husband and daughter having sex on her living room floor. In an attempt to keep Jason from seeing that, she made him take her to the hospital.

Alexis was diagnosed with lung cancer. Thinking she was going to die, she didn't confront Ric and Sam about what they had done, in order to keep her family together. Although Alexis initially refused chemotherapy, she agreed to it in the end. After confronting Ric and Sam, she asked Ric for a divorce and alienated Sam. Ric quickly took Alexis to court in order to get custody of Molly. He even went as far as to arrest Alexis for smoking medicinal marijuana.

While at Wyndemere, Alexis met a charming man who she knew as James Brosnan. Little did she know that James Brosnan was an alias for James Craig, the man who'd blown up the Metro Court. However, his true identity was Jerry Jacks, her ex brother-in-law. She became Jerry's lawyer as a favor to Jax.

Jerry pursued Alexis relentlessly for over a year. She resisted a relationship with him, only indulging in the occasional kiss. In June of 2008, Anthony Zacharra threatened Kristina in an attempt to pressure District Attorney Alexis into releasing his son. Jerry promised Alexis that he would protect her and her daughters, and they made love. Many people, including Nikolas, Ric, Diane, Jax, Carly, and the Port Charles Police Department, found out about it and expressed their disapproval. Alexis didn't care, however, and continued her affair with Jerry.

The mother-daughter relationship was still tenuous between Sam and Alexis when Sam flirted with Jerry. He told Alexis that Sam was pursuing him, and Alexis asked Sam to stay away from Jerry. Alexis found Sam and Jerry kissing in Sam's hot tub. Sam claimed she was trying to find proof of Jerry's misdeeds by stealing his PDA. Alexis believed Jerry instead of her daughter, and Sam was arrested when illegal drugs were found at her apartment. Jerry disappeared from Port Charles shortly after.

Mac Scorpio and Alexis worked together when a woman named Brianna Hughes was murdered. Brianna was Mayor Garrett Floyd's mistress, and evidence was found that linked the mayor to the crime. When Mayor Floyd was arrested, he publically announced Alexis was framing him. Mayor Floyd revealed he had slept with Alexis, and she wanted revenge against him because he would not leave his wife to be with her. Alexis claimed she had only slept with Mayor Floyd once, the night she'd found Sam and Ric together.

Kristina was most affected by having her mother in the spotlight, and she doubted her mother had only slept with Mayor Floyd once. Emails that had supposedly been sent by Alexis to the mayor were made public, and they painted Alexis as a scorned woman. The mayor's wife, Andrea Floyd, continued to publicly attack Alexis, and the women had numerous arguments. Andrea suggested Alexis had been jealous of Brianna and was the murderer. Andrea planted evidence that supported her claim.

Alexis seemed more unstable when she confessed to being the driver in a hit-and-run. Kristina had run Claudia Zacchara off the road, and the accident killed Claudia's unborn child. Alexis confessed to protect Kristina, and eventually the charges were dropped. Alexis was also cleared as a suspect in Brianna's murder when Robin Scorpio found evidence that proved Andrea Floyd was the killer.

Alexis was set up on some dates with Mac Scorpio, courtesy of Robin, Maxie, Molly, Sam, Kristina, and Diane. The group arranged for Mac and Alexis to spend some holidays together and encouraged them to go on a few dates.

While Kristina encouraged Alexis to spend time with Mac, Alexis encouraged Kristina to spend more time with her boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer, instead of her brother Michael. Kristina ran away with Michael to Mexico after Claudia's car accident. Alexis regretted her decision to support Kristina's relationship with Kiefer after she learned Kiefer had been abusing Kristina.

Kristina was severely beaten and taken to the hospital. Originally, Kristina claimed Ethan Lovett had attacked her, but Kristina refused to allow Alexis to press charges against him. Shortly after Kristina was released, Alexis found Kristina unconscious on the floor. Alexis raced Kristina to the hospital. Unbeknownst to her, Alexis hit Kiefer on the way to the hospital, and he was killed. Kristina admitted Kiefer, not Ethan, had abused her. Kristina said she'd covered for Kiefer at first because she'd feared retaliation from him.

Mac was very understanding when Alexis was charged with the hit-and-run accident that had killed Kiefer. She was given community service, which outraged Kiefer's parents. They decided to file a lawsuit against Alexis. Diane agreed to represent Alexis. Kiefer's father, Warren Bauer, continued to harass both Alexis and Kristina and threatened to force Kristina to testify at the trial. Alexis was grateful to Mac, Michael, and Ethan when they protected Kristina from Warren when he went on a shooting rampage in the hospital. He had verbally threatened Kristina and aimed a gun at her before he was shot and killed.

Alexis continued to be concerned with how Kristina dealt with the effects of the abusive relationship with Kiefer. Sonny and Alexis often disagreed on how to best help Kristina. Both Molly and Kristina were involved in a bus crash on their way to a ski trip. Kristina was treated for hypothermia, while initially Molly seemed fine. Molly suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder following the crash, and Alexis helped Molly receive treatment.

Sonny and Alexis disagreed again on how to parent Kristina after Kristina accompanied Ethan Lovett to the Dominican Republic. Molly accidentally led Sonny and Alexis to believe that Kristina planned to marry Ethan, which prompted Alexis and Sonny to fly to the Dominican Republic to take her home. Kristina was actually assisting Ethan in obtaining a divorce from his wife, Maya Ward. Although Alexis and Sonny did not agree on how to handle Kristina's crush on Ethan, they threw a joint party to celebrate Michael and Kristina's high school graduation.

Kristina continued to pursue Ethan, but Alexis was more concerned with Sam's relationship with Jason after the two became engaged. Alexis initially discouraged her eldest daughter from marrying Sonny's mob enforcer, but she set her concerns aside and wished Sam and Jason the best. She remained angry with Sonny, though, after he tampered with Jax's plane, resulting in Jax's presumed death.

Alexis set her anger with Sonny aside briefly when Kristina passed out after experiencing ongoing bouts of dizziness and neck pain. Alexis was stunned to learn that Kristina required surgery to remove a bone fragment that was pressing on an artery. Molly hypothesized that Kristina's injury could have been sustained months before when Sonny had caused Johnny Zacchara's car to explode while Kristina had been in close proximity. The cause of the injury could not be pinpointed, but Kristina recovered in time to join Alexis and the rest of the family at Sam and Jason's wedding reception.

At the wedding reception, Alexis saw Kristina speaking to Kate Howard about a career in the fashion industry. Alexis did not want Kristina to forgo college to work at Kate's magazine, Crimson. Alexis joined forces with Sonny and convinced him that it would be best if Kristina left Port Charles, and he arranged for Kristina to be accepted into Yale.

While Kristina moved on to Yale, Diane decided to pursue her writing full-time and suggested that Alexis take over as legal counsel for Sonny. Alexis refused until Sonny reminded her that she owed him, and she was forced to become his attorney even though she still blamed him for Jax's death. Her anger eventually shifted to Carly when she learned that Jax was alive and that Carly had known for months yet had allowed everyone to grieve.

As Alexis was kept busy at work representing the Corinthos organization, she was also busy with her two daughters that remained in Port Charles. Sam revealed that she was pregnant but did not seem enthusiastic about it and was reluctant to tell her mother why. Meanwhile, Molly made a new friend named T.J., and together, they hosted an underage drinking party at the lake house. Molly's friend took the blame for the party, and Alexis forbade Molly from spending time with him.

The troubles Alexis had with her other daughters were placed in perspective with Kristina's unexpected return from Yale. Kristina arrived with a camera crew and announced that she had dropped out of college after she'd learned that her parents had used Sonny's leverage to gain her acceptance. Kristina threatened to cut all ties with her family if they did not agree to support her new venture, a reality show entitled Mob Princess.

Although Alexis was not thrilled with Kristina's new project, her attention shifted to Sam after Molly revealed that Sam believed she was not pregnant with Jason's child, but with a child conceived by rape. Shortly after Alexis learned the details of her grandchild's conception, she helped Sam deal with the loss of her child. Sam gave birth to a son in a motel room during a storm, but the baby was presumed dead. Alexis rallied her daughters together around Sam as they held a funeral for the baby. Sam's struggles continued after the death of her child as she and Jason drifted farther apart, and she decided to live with Alexis.

While Sam's relationship faltered, Alexis discovered that Molly had a relationship of her own. She accidentally happened upon Molly and her boyfriend, T.J., and was furious to realize that Molly had disobeyed her instructions to stay away from him. Eventually, the teens and T.J.'s guardian, Shawn, convinced her to allow Molly and T.J. to date as long as they adhered to specific ground rules. Alexis and Shawn bonded over a game of strip pool while the teens were on a date elsewhere.

After Alexis spent more time with Shawn, she started thinking about him romantically. Around the same time, she developed a dangerously high fever and was hospitalized. Alexis recovered from her mysterious illness and was flattered to learn that Shawn had remained close while she'd been ill, and she agreed to go on a date with him. Their date was postponed when Jerry Jacks returned to town and poisoned the water supply with a deadly toxin. However, Alexis did not have to worry about the effects of the toxin because her mysterious illness had actually been the result of an inoculation that Jerry had injected into her so she would be spared.

Even though Alexis was safe, her loved ones, including Sam and Molly, had been exposed, and she feared for their safety. She also worried about Shawn after Jerry knocked him out while he kidnapped her and tried to take her away from Port Charles. Shawn found Alexis and rescued her from Jerry.

Alexis was grateful that Kristina had been out of town during the crisis until she learned that Kristina had been in Las Vegas and had married Trey Mitchell, the producer of her Mob Princess reality show. Kristina explained that she had married Trey as a favor to his father and that they planned to annul the marriage. Alexis and Sonny believed that Trey had taken advantage of Kristina, and their suspicions were confirmed after Trey's father was revealed to be an enemy from Sonny's past.

Alexis handled Kristina's annulment then helped Sam navigate through her feelings for Jason. All the Davis women were thrilled when Sam's son was revealed to be alive, and she reunited with Jason. Sam's happiness was short-lived due to Jason's presumed death, and Alexis tried to offer support to her eldest daughter, but Sam pushed her away.

Instead, Alexis offered her support to Sonny as he dealt with the loss of Jason and the loss of his fiancée Kate to her alternate personality, Connie. Alexis worked with Sonny to find a way to legally commit Connie/Kate for psychiatric treatment. She was dismayed to learn that when the legal system had failed, Shawn had helped Sonny take matters into his own hands. Alexis begged Shawn to stay away from Sonny's organization and admitted that she cared deeply for him. The feelings were mutual, and they decided to take their relationship to an intimate level.

Alexis and Shawn professed their love for one another, but Alexis was unable to deal with Shawn's increasing role within Sonny's organization. She forced him to choose between her and Sonny. Alexis remained resolved to her ultimatum, even after Shawn elected to continue his work for Sonny, and she ended their relationship. Although Alexis was heartbroken over the end of her liaison with Shawn, her focus turned to Sam and her grandchild, Danny. Sam's son was diagnosed with leukemia and required a bone marrow transplant. While searching for donors, Sam wondered if her father could be located, and she questioned her mother. Alexis tearfully admitted that as a teenager, she had naïvely experimented one night with alcohol and an older boy whose name she did not know. Her pregnancy with Sam was the result of that night, and she had no way to track down Sam's father.

Through hypnosis, Alexis remembered that the name of Sam's father was Julian, but she'd never known his last name. Around the same time, a man named Derek Wells arrived in Port Charles and was a bone marrow match for Danny. Throughout the donation process and Danny's recovery, Alexis and Derek shared a flirtation while Sam investigated the identity of her father and learned that his name was Julian Jerome. As Alexis and Sam digested the news that Sam's father had been part of the Jerome crime family, Derek Wells publicly revealed that his name prior to entering the Witness Protection Program had been Julian Jerome.

Both Alexis and Sam were stunned by Julian's admission and angered by his betrayal. Sonny explained that Julian had to hide his identity in order to attack Sonny's organization. Sonny threatened him, but Julian reminded everyone that Danny's life could depend on him if the cancer were to return. Sam and Alexis begged Julian to bank his bone marrow, but he refused. Alexis verbally attacked Julian for putting Sam and Danny in the middle of a mob war, but Julian silenced her with a kiss.

As Julian continued to encroach on Conrinthos territory, Sonny discovered that Julian took orders and received financial backing from an unknown partner. When Ric returned to Port Charles, Sonny asked Alexis to flirt with Julian to learn if Ric was behind the Jerome organization. Alexis agreed but quickly gave in to her feelings for Julian, and they became lovers. She stood by Julian after he named Ric as the head of the Jerome organization, and she supported Julian's decision to leave organized crime.

While Alexis wholeheartedly believed Julian's statement about Ric, her daughter Molly believed Ric's claim that Julian had set him up. Molly openly accused Julian of lying, and she refused to reside with her mother as long as Alexis remained involved with him. Both Alexis and Molly were shocked when they received news that Ric had been killed during his attempt to flee police custody. As Molly grieved for her father, she was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of her friend Rafe Kovich. While Alexis struggled to fix her relationship with Molly, Julian suggested that he and Alexis no longer be seen together in public but meet in secret instead. Alexis agreed, unaware of Julian's true motives.

Alexis met Mickey Diamond and realized he'd been trying to switch organizations. She advised him that Julian had cut ties with the mob. Mickey flashed a smug smile.

Alexis took Molly, T.J., and Danny home from the hospital. A short time later, a bomb that had been placed in Alexis' mailbox exploded. Alexis advised Julian they'd been at Sam's penthouse to get Danny's toy truck, and everyone was safe. Molly was upset, thinking she'd forgotten to blow out a candle. Alexis assured her the fire wasn't Molly's fault, and it was under investigation.

Alexis realized that Julian had not left the mob. She sent him a text confirming that they were over and asking him to leave her alone. Julian arrived at the penthouse to play with Danny. Alexis advised that because Julian was still in the mob, there was no chance for them.

Alexis bumped into Ned and surprised him by suggesting that they go out on a date. She admitted she'd been trying to avoid Julian. Ned reminded her that she'd avoided marrying him by running out of the church. Alexis regretted that she'd hurt him. Ned agreed to go out with her but hoped Alexis didn't intend to use him as a pawn to make Julian jealous. Julian arrived and thought Alexis was dating Ned to make him jealous. Julian said that Ned could never love her the way he did.

Alexis questioned Patrick about the investigation into Patrick's crash. Patrick advised that Luke might have been involved. Spencer had seen Luke talking to a mystery man. Alexis recalled Julian receiving a text and disappearing for quite some time. Later, Ric confirmed he'd seen Julian with Luke.

Alexis asked Julian if he'd been reporting to Luke and shared that Ric had seen them together. Julian reminded her that Ric had been the head of the Jerome organization, and the man Julian answered to was not Luke Spencer. Later, Sonny told Alexis that Julian had threatened his family, targeting Michael in retaliation for Ava's disappearance. Alexis advised Sonny not to kill Julian -- Danny's only hope if his cancer returned. Sonny fired Alexis. Alexis advised Sam that Julian hadn't met Luke on the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Sam said Tracy had seen Julian and Luke in the stables. Alexis slapped Julian and told him she knew he'd been reporting to Luke, and they were through.

Alexis told Ned that Tracy wanted controlling shares of ELQ to give to Jerry in exchange for Luke's freedom. Alexis accused Julian of lying to her too many times and of working with Jerry Jacks. Julian confessed he hadn't seen Jerry Jacks in over a year but admitted he'd helped Jerry get medical care after Jerry had fallen from the Metro Court Restaurant's terrace.

Alexis advised Duke to testify against Sonny, but Duke said that Scott had a video confession of Sonny admitting he'd shot A.J. Alexis advised Duke that a good district attorney would want corroborating evidence, and Duke's testimony would provide that. Duke refused to testify against Sonny. Alexis warned Duke that she might not be able to work out a deal for Duke, but Duke refused to budge.

When Julian was arrested, Alexis said she wouldn't represent him legally and wanted nothing to do with him until he could be completely honest with her. Julian assured Alexis he loved her and was ready to provide her with names. Julian admitted he'd met his boss at the stable the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Julian said that someone had taken Luke's place, and the man everyone believed was Luke Spencer wasn't really him. Alexis asked Anna to release Julian because he'd been held for nearly forty-eight hours without being charged with a crime.

Alexis and Julian went to Miscavige, determined to free Luke, and were shocked when Helena greeted them. Julian had no idea who the woman was. Helena admitted she'd be pleased to slit Alexis' throat the way she'd slit Alexis' mother's. When Julian advised Helena to back off, Helena laughed, advised him he was in over his head, and left. Alexis told Julian who Helena was.

Alexis and Julian saw Luke had been confined to a straitjacket. Alexis released Luke and confessed that she'd feared that Helena had killed him. Luke said he'd convinced Helena that he could still be of use to his double. Luke accused Julian of being in league with the man who'd taken over Luke's life. Julian said he'd get Alexis and Luke out without any interference from the staff. Julian admitted he'd had to work with the impostor because the impostor had attempted to kill Lucas and hadthreatened the lives of everyone Julian loved, and he'd had to protect his family. Alexis freed Luke and advised him to tell Anna what had happened.

Alexis told Molly that Molly had been right about Ric. Ric had not been the head of the Jerome organization; the impostor had been. Molly was angry and said Ric might not have died had Alexis agreed to represent Ric. At the police station, after Julian had been arrested, Anna told Alexis in confidence that Ric was still alive.

Alexis told Julian that Ric was alive and that his death had been a ruse to flush out Julian's boss. Ric had entered the Witness Protection Program to keep his family safe. However, Ric had vanished, and Alexis demanded to know if Julian knew anything about Ric's disappearance. Julian denied any involvement and admitted he hadn't known that Ric was alive. Alexis asked if Cesar Faison had taken Ric, but Julian told her that Faison wouldn't risk being captured. Julian asked Alexis to get him out of jail. Alexis refused and walked away. Alexis wondered how Julian had made bail, since his assets had been frozen, and she accused Julian of being back in the business. Julian admitted he had nothing to lose, and he walked away.

In the hospital, Alexis told Julian she was confident in her ability to resolve his legal issues. Alexis advised Julian that she'd spoken to Scott and had gotten the charges against Julian dropped.

Alexis agreed to represent Michael in the custody hearing for Avery. Michael warned Alexis that because Sonny was Avery's biological father, Sonny would fight fiercely for Avery. Michael felt he had a good chance, since the judge hadn't dismissed Michael's petition for custody. Alexis warned Michael that he might never reconcile with his family if he went through with the petition. Alexis advised Michael to prove that Sonny was dangerous and how Sonny had deliberately put his children in harm's way.

At the custody hearing, Alexis asked Sonny whether any of his children had been in danger while in his care, referring to the time Sonny had shot Carly in the head while Carly had been delivering Sonny's youngest son, Morgan. Alexis asked if each of Sonny's children had been physically and psychologically damaged and asked how Sonny could guarantee the same thing wouldn't happen to Avery. Alexis asked how Avery would benefit living with Sonny if Avery would be in constant danger. Michael was awarded custody.

Alexis and Nathan arrived at Shadybrook and advised Nina that she'd been released from the institution. Alexis explained that a panel of judges had been assured that Nina hadn't been in her right mind when she'd kidnapped Ava's baby and that Nina wouldn't pose a threat to anyone. Alexis warned Nina that she had to show the judges she knew right from wrong and stay away from Franco, her accomplice in the kidnapping. Alexis advised Nina that before she was released, she'd have to meet with the judges. When Alexis and Nina arrived at the courthouse, Nina saw Avery and said, "Oh, my God, that's my baby."

Alexis advised Nina there was a hearing scheduled for the following day, and it was imperative that Nina prove that she'd made a full recovery. Nina told Alexis that she'd faked her breakdown at the last hearing because she hadn't wanted to be separated from Franco. In the courtroom, Alexis admitted to the judge that Nina had faked her breakdown in her last court hearing. Alexis felt that Nina could be a productive member of society, and Nina was released.

Alexis discovered that Julian had hired Jake as a favor to Sam. Alexis was concerned because Jake was dangerous, had almost blown up the Haunted Star, and had held Sam hostage. Alexis was skeptical when Sam explained that Jake had been under Helena's control and had actually saved her. Sam said Jake was a good guy and wouldn't let them down.

Julian confessed to Alexis that he'd ordered Duke's death. Alexis had believed that Julian would have made better choices. Julian refused to let their relationship end, but Alexis warned Julian that if he were thrown out by security, he'd be blocked from seeing his son.

In Julian's apartment, Alexis was packing her things. Julian arrived and told her that his son with Olivia had died. Alexis wondered if Ned and Olivia had lied. They'd gone to great lengths to keep Julian from his son. Julian told her he'd seen his son's ashes, and a clerical error had led to the baby's cremation. Alexis offered to sue the hospital. Julian refused and begged Alexis to stay because he didn't want to be alone. He surprised Alexis, telling her that he was done with organized crime. He didn't want to lose any more family and warned Alexis that his exit wouldn't be fast, but it would be final. Alexis agreed to stay with him.

Julian told Alexis that the officers who'd been assigned to keep an eye on the Jerome crime family had moved on to other targets, since the Jeromes had "retired." Alexis was happy because it confirmed that Julian had really left the mob. Julian had a couple loose ends to tie up but had taken all precautions to quit without creating problems.

Alexis told Sam that she'd been working on a motion to have Michael reinstated at ELQ. Alexis confessed that she was disappointed in Nikolas. Sam told Alexis that Sonny's shipment had been hijacked, and Julian might have been involved. Alexis said Julian had been under Luke's thumb, but Luke wasn't forcing Julian to cooperate anymore.

Alexis accompanied Julian to see Jordan. Jordan showed Julian two photographs of men she suspected of hijacking Sonny's shipment. Nathan said one of the men was dead, and the other had vanished. Jordan asked if Alexis thought that Sonny had been behind a shooting. Alexis said it was unlikely since Sonny had alerted Jordan to the suspects, and he had always been careful to cover his tracks in the past. Alexis defended Julian on the highjack charges, and Julian was released on bail. Sonny warned Alexis that Julian was playing her for a fool. Alexis assured Sonny he was wrong.

When Denise had been exposed as Ava, Alexis asked why Julian hadn't shared the information with her. Julian said he'd had to stay loyal to his sister but regretted not telling Alexis sooner. Julian apologized, and Alexis accepted his apology.

Alexis was called when Nina was arrested for killing Silas. Alexis told Nina that Franco had confessed to killing Silas. Alexis instructed Nina to plead not guilty and to keep quiet for the remainder of the proceedings. When Alexis asked that the case be dismissed because Franco had confessed to killing Silas, Nina jumped up to defend Franco. Later, it was discovered that Madeline had murdered Silas.

As Alexis was about to leave her home, Morgan was at the door with a gun pointed at her and Julian. When Morgan screamed for Julian to put down his gun, Alexis pleaded with Julian to comply. Julian dropped his gun and kicked it away. Morgan accused Julian of being complicit in Sonny's shooting. Alexis told Morgan that if he shot Julian, she'd be a witness, so Morgan would have to shoot her as well. Morgan told Alexis to hand over her phone and leave. As Alexis opened the door, she ran into Michael and blurted out that Morgan had a gun and wanted to kill Julian. A gunshot rang out. Michael managed to defuse the situation, and Alexis rushed to Julian's side. Alexis begged Julian to go into hiding until it was safe for him to return to Port Charles, but Julian refused.

Alexis advised Paul they needed to discuss Julian's case and that she and Julian had a "personal relationship." She asked Paul to drop the charges against Julian and insisted that Julian had been framed. Paul promised to review Julian's case.

Alexis asked Julian to move in with her, but Julian cautioned her because his future remained uncertain. Moments later, Alexis spoke to Paul on the phone and told Julian the charges against him had been dropped, since the only witness had died.

Julian told Alexis about his encounter with Olivia and Olivia's decision to adopt a baby. Alexis found the timing of the adoption too convenient. Alexis saw Olivia at the bar and congratulated her on the adoption. Alexis commented about how fast the adoption had happened. Olivia said it had been a closed adoption facilitated by the parish counselor. Alexis offered to check any legal documents, but Olivia assured Alexis that everything was fine. After Olivia left, Alexis scooped up the baby's pacifier with a napkin and dropped it into her purse.

Alexis went to get cleaned up for dinner and heard Julian on the phone, saying, "Time is of the essence. If anything goes wrong, there will be consequences," and he hung up. Alexis was shaken.

Brad gave Alexis the DNA results, and Alexis asked Brad not to mention it to anyone.

Julian took Alexis to a house that looked like her old lake house and told her that he had bought it for her. Alexis realized that Julian's secretive calls had been about the house. Alexis was deeply moved and reminded Julian that it would be their home.

Alexis told Julian she'd had a DNA test done on Olivia's adopted baby, and the results confirmed that the baby was Julian's son, Leo. She advised Julian to petition the court for an emergency hearing to request custody of Leo. Alexis warned Julian that a confrontation with Olivia would validate why Olivia didn't want Julian in Leo's life.

Nikolas told Alexis of Helena's death and assured Alexis that Helena was really dead. Alexis began to sing and dance about the wicked witch being dead.

At the Nutcracker Ball Julian asked Alexis to marry him, and she accepted.

Alexis was offended when Olivia was arrested for breastfeeding Leo in public. Mayor Janice Lomax said Olivia had been arrested for verbally assaulting her, and Olivia could have breastfed the baby in private. Alexis reminded Janice that it was legal to breastfeed a child in public. Janice argued that Olivia had attempted to provoke an attack on a public official. When an officer started to take Olivia to lockup, Alexis instructed him to stop because Alexis was Olivia's attorney.

In the interrogation room, Alexis painted an accurate scenario of what had transpired and how Janice had harassed and publicly shamed Olivia for breastfeeding Leo in public. Alexis warned Janice that there were laws in place to protect a woman's right to breastfeed. When Leo became fussy, Alexis gave Leo to Olivia with a blanket to cover Leo and took pictures of Olivia nursing Leo. Alexis advised Janice that Alexis would file a lawsuit on Olivia's behalf against the state because Mayor Lomax had violated Olivia's rights and broken the law.

Alexis and Julian wed and became Mr. and Mrs. Jerome. The moment was destroyed when Dixon burst into the church, fired a warning shot, and told everyone they were his hostages. Dixon told Sonny that Morgan was to blame for the hostage situation. Sonny tried to defuse the situation. Alexis begged Dixon not to kill a wheelchair-bound Sonny in front of his daughter. Julian offered Dixon five million dollars to leave them unharmed. Dixon took Kristina, and when Dixon's back was turned, Sonny stood up, disarmed Dixon, and knocked him to the ground. Alexis thanked Sonny for saving Kristina.

Alexis arrived at Wyndemere for Helena's will reading. Alexis was given a large music box that played Madame Butterfly when it was open. It had been the last song her mother had sung before her death. Inside the box was a Madame Butterfly program and two knives. Helena's will explained that the dagger had been used to slit Alexis' mother's throat and that Alexis' mother had gotten what she'd deserved.

At Olivia's trial, Lomax urged Olivia to drop the lawsuit before it was too late. Alexis advised Lomax that it was against the law to stop a mother from breastfeeding in public. Alexis started her opening argument and said public breastfeeding was legal in New York, and the problem arose when there were no consequences set up for when that law was broken. Alexis asked Olivia to recap the events leading to Olivia's arrest. Lomax took the stand and claimed she had no objections about breastfeeding but felt it wasn't suitable in a public place.

In closing arguments, Alexis argued that there were no consequences, especially for elected officials, when the law allowing breastfeeding in public was broken. Suddenly, women entered the courtroom, breastfeeding their babies. The judge yelled for order and claimed the courtroom wasn't an appropriate place to feed babies and asked why they couldn't do it in the bathroom. All the women in the courtroom took off their shirts, including Alexis. Nina announced that she was recording the hearing for Crimson. The judge ruled in Olivia's favor.

Julian told Alexis that Carlos was alive. Alexis panicked because she knew Carlos would cause problems for Julian, and she feared Julian would be in danger if Carlos spoke to Sonny.

When Carlos was caught and returned to Port Charles, Julian asked Alexis to defend Carlos so that Carlos and Julian wouldn't go to jail. Alexis agreed to do it. Later Alexis informed Carlos that Julian had asked her to defend him and advised him not to take Paul's deal. Alexis advised Paul that the case against Carlos was circumstantial, hence the offered deal. Alexis advised Carlos not to talk to anyone without her. Alexis didn't want Carlos to testify against Julian. Sonny warned Alexis that defending Carlos to protect Julian would bite her "in the ass."

Alexis learned that a witness had stepped forward and identified Carlos as Duke's killer. Alexis read Hale Garrett's statement and saw that he'd had a history of drug abuse. Alexis advised Carlos that a witness had stepped forward. He'd heard Julian's name and said he'd seen Carlos shoot Duke. Carlos threatened to take Julian down if Alexis didn't find a way to get him out of trouble. Alexis assured Carlos she would discredit the witness.

Alexis later found Hale Garrett unconscious in the parking garage with a syringe stuck in his bloody arm. Hale died in the hospital. Anna accused Alexis of killing Hale to protect Julian. Alexis was cleared after the autopsy ruled out foul play. Alexis asked Julian if he'd had anything to do with Hale's death, and Julian denied it. Alexis became suspicious when she recalled putting Hale's statement into her briefcase. She asked Julian if he'd looked at the papers in her briefcase when she'd gone to check on Leo. Julian denied it, but Alexis continued to have doubts.

Alexis later learned that after Carlos' escape, he'd been found gravely injured on pier 54 and rushed to the hospital. Alexis felt Julian hadn't been surprised to hear about Carlos. Alexis knew Julian had the most to gain if Carlos died. She begged Julian to tell her he hadn't sent any of his associates to kill Carlos. Julian assured her he hadn't sent anyone. Alexis' doubts about Julian's complicity persisted, especially after Carlos died.

Jordan questioned Alexis about Julian's whereabouts. Alexis assured Jordan that she had locked up Julian's gun long before Carlos had been shot. Jordan advised Alexis that Carlos had been stabbed with a sizeable blade, and the weapon had not been found. After Jordan left, Alexis retrieved Helena's dagger and looked at Julian with dread and accusation. Alexis was suspicious about the timing of the witness' death and Julian's look of panic when he'd heard that Carlos was still alive.

Julian admitted stabbing Carlos and claimed the dagger was clean. Alexis searched Julian's jacket, found a bloody handkerchief, and accused Julian of cleaning the dagger with it. Alexis blamed the death of two people on Julian trying to save himself. Alexis realized that her choice to stay with Julian, knowing his crimes, made her complicit in everything. Julian burned the handkerchief and said it was damage control. Later, Alexis offered to take care of a plastic bag that contained Julian's shirt with Carlos' blood on it. She hid it deep in the back of a cabinet.

Alexis hired Diane. Diane said that Alexis couldn't be forced to testify against her husband. Alexis worried about protecting herself. Diane promised to broker a deal for Alexis. Alexis advised Diane that she intended to turn Julian in.

The following day, Diane said Alexis' only hope for working out an immunity deal and still practicing law was to turn Julian in sooner rather than later. Diane realized that Alexis was going to warn Julian and said it was a bad idea. Alexis assured Diane that Julian would never hurt her. Alexis was aware of the legal consequences if she didn't report Julian's crime. Later, Alexis went to the cabinet to retrieve Julian's blood-stained shirt, but it was gone. Alexis froze when Julian appeared holding the bag and asked if she'd been looking for the shirt. Alexis advised Diane that she would not be turning Julian in because the evidence was gone.

Lucas thanked Alexis for allowing him and Brad to get married in her home. Later, Alexis told Julian she couldn't play the adoring wife while Lucas and Brad got married. She wanted Julian to leave and never return. The police arrived with a search warrant while the wedding continued. Nathan found Helena's dagger and told Alexis that it would be tested. After the wedding, Alexis told Julian their marriage was over, and Julian could take comfort in knowing he wouldn't go to jail for Carlos' murder, since all the evidence had been destroyed. A short time later, Nathan arrested Alexis for Carlos' murder. Only her fingerprints had been found on the weapon.

Alexis asked Julian if he intended to confess to killing Carlos and accused him of setting her up. Julian promised that he would never put her in harm's way because he loved her. Alexis told Julian the police had found Carlos' blood and her fingerprints on the dagger. Alexis urged Julian to confess if he really loved her. Alexis reminded Julian that their marriage was over.

When Diane arrived, Diane assured Alexis that Diane would establish reasonable doubt, and Alexis would go free. Alexis was granted bail because she wasn't a flight risk.

Alexis agreed to wear a wire to get Julian's confession. Anna, Paul, and Jordan would be a block away and would keep Alexis safe. Alexis told Julian she was pregnant. Julian wanted proof, and Alexis gave it to him. Alexis told Julian she would not give birth in prison. Alexis accused Julian of betraying her in the worst possible way and said they needed to work things out for the baby's sake. Julian assured Alexis that he had a solution. Julian opened a package and pulled out the dagger used to kill Carlos, still sealed in an evidence bag. He assured Alexis he would destroy the dagger before the police realized it was missing. Julian admitted he'd killed Carlos because Carlos would have told the police that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke, and that would have destroyed everything. When Julian hugged Alexis, she jerked away.

Alexis ran for the door, but Julian caught her. He found the wire and ripped it off. Julian was in a rage and told Alexis that her body would never be found. He accused Alexis of setting the wheels in motion by not honoring their wedding vows. Alexis said he'd kill their baby if he murdered her.

Julian took Alexis to pier 54 and threatened to cut her throat with Helena's dagger. Sonny arrived. Alexis took advantage of Julian's distraction and knocked his arm away. While Sonny and Julian struggled, Alexis picked up the dagger and stabbed Julian in the back. Julian staggered and collapsed. When the police arrived, Alexis credited and thanked Sonny for saving her life.

Alexis knew she'd have to face the American Bar Association for her role in everything that had transpired with Julian. Alexis and Diane knew the ABA was interested in reviewing Alexis' breach of ethics. Alexis' license was suspended for a year with her suspension to be reviewed in a year for determination of whether to reinstate her law license or revoke it permanently.

Sonny was with Alexis when Nina arrived and told them about Julian's attempt to escape. Sonny advised Alexis he would deal with Julian. After Sonny left, Nina told Alexis that Julian believed that Alexis was still in love with him and that he might prevail in court and win back the family he'd lost.

Alexis was with Molly and Kristina at Metro Court when a reporter from TMI approached and questioned Alexis about Julian and her suspension from the New York Bar Association. Alexis said "No comment" and advised him she was there to have dinner with her daughters. He left, sat at the bar, and watched Alexis. Alexis and Kristina got into an argument over Parker, and when Kristina tried to storm off, Alexis grabbed her arm. The reporter took a picture of Alexis grabbing Kristina's arm.

Jordan showed Alexis the picture of Alexis grabbing Kristina's arm, which was on the TMI Web page. Jordan advised that a source at TMI had given Jordan a heads-up that a detailed article would be online shortly. Alexis insisted the situation had been taken out of context. Jordan asked if it had been Alexis' deliberate attempt to discredit herself as a witness at Julian's trial. Alexis was shocked and assured Jordan that no one wanted Julian to go to jail more than Alexis.

Alexis was having a drink at the Floating Rib when she heard, "Here's to you, Mrs. Jerome." Alexis turned and asked how Julian had escaped. Julian said they were meant to be together. When Alexis attempted to leave, Julian grabbed her hand to stop her, but when she blinked, she saw Tracy standing where Julian had been. Tracy let go of Alexis' hand and asked who Alexis had been talking to. Alexis said Julian had been there, but Tracy said that was impossible because Julian was in jail. Tracy asked how long Alexis had been hallucinating. Alexis admitted she'd been living a nightmare since the night Julian had tried to kill her.

Tracy reminded Alexis that she couldn't fall apart on the witness stand regardless of how much Julian had humiliated and undermined her. Alexis admitted she was concerned about falling apart while testifying. She knew Scott would question her about how much time it had taken for Alexis to step forward and tell the truth.

Tracy stepped away to take a call, and Alexis tensed when he heard Julian telling her that he knew she'd never testify against him. Alexis faced Julian's image, and he told her they were meant to be together. Julian disappeared when Tracy returned.

At Julian's trial Alexis told Diane that it was the end for Julian. When the trial began, Judge Lasser called a short recess. Alexis learned that the warrant for the wiretap had been issued for 2813 Belleforest Drive, not 2183 Belleforest Drive, which meant the evidence collected at Alexis' home was illegally obtained and thrown out. On the stand Alexis became rattled and incoherent. She grew extremely agitated and kept looking at Julian. She told Julian to stop looking at her. Alexis' testimony fell apart, and Julian was found not guilty.

At home, Alexis saw Julian and wanted to know what he was doing there. Julian said he was free and asked where else he would be. Alexis woke up in her living room and saw empty wine bottles. Later, Alexis saw Julian in the living room. He'd used his key and was surprised she hadn't changed the locks. Julian gave her signed divorce papers and asked if Alexis had choked on purpose at his trial to save him. Alexis said she hated him with every fiber of her being, and they were finished. Julian said that no matter the distance she put between them, including the divorce, they'd always be connected.

Valentin arrived at Alexis' home, and Alexis made it clear he wasn't welcome there. Valentin reminded her they were family whether she liked it or not. He offered her a consulting job, clearing up the family estate and proving he was entitled to all the Cassadine holdings. He said Nikolas had legitimately surrendered everything to Valentin. Alexis refused because he'd killed Nikolas.

Valentin reminded Alexis that they were both Mikkos' bastard children, cast off because he'd feared Helena's wrath. Valentin insisted they both deserved to inherit everything. Alexis reminded him that their father had been an unrepentant misogynist and had made sure that women wouldn't inherit the Cassadine estate. Valentin was willing to share his inheritance with those who had been cast out. Valentin agreed to leave town if Alexis could prove that the estate was rightfully Spencer's.

Alexis met with Diane and asked Diane to review Valentin's documents, which had been translated. Diane confirmed that Mikkos had rewritten his last will and testament just before his death, leaving everything to his eldest living son, regardless of whether the son was legitimate or not. Laura arrived, and Alexis told her that Valentin was the rightful owner of Wyndemere and all the Cassadine holdings.

Alexis woke up in a rundown motel room. She realized she'd gotten drunk with a stranger in the roadhouse and desperately tried to recall what had happened. Alexis recalled how the stranger had become nervous when she had talked about Franco. The stranger had made an excuse and left. Alexis was relieved that she hadn't slept with the man. Jax arrived, and she admitted she'd had too much to drink. Jax threatened to call Alexis' daughters because it was clear she was spiraling out of control and needed some kind of intervention. Alexis threatened to expose his secret about Josslyn's kidney transplant. Jax begged Alexis to pull herself together.

Alexis received a text from Diane stating that the review board might take a look at Alexis' suspension in the New Year.

Alexis's family gathered at her home for Thanksgiving. Alexis became increasingly anxious and after dropping a bowl of whipping cream, offered to go to the store for more. Alexis wound up at Gene's Roadhouse, where she was shocked to encounter Julian. Julian expressed his concern about Alexis' drinking. Alexis reminded Julian of the restraining order and demanded that he leave. Julian agreed to leave, but he threatened to call Sam first. Alexis was insulted and accused him of robbing her of her good name, her career, and her dignity.

Alexis slipped out of the roadhouse when Julian's back was turned, got into her car, and locked the doors. Julian ran out after her and demanded that she open the doors. When she wouldn't, he stood in front of the car. Alexis intended to go in reverse, but when she stepped on the gas, the car lurched forward, striking Julian and knocking him out. Alexis called 9-1-1 and stayed with Julian until she heard the sirens, then left before help arrived.

Jax visited Aelxis. She told him about running Julian down. Jax called and learned that Julian was alive. Jax wanted Alexis to check herself into rehab, but she wanted to notify her family before she did that. She vowed she wouldn't let Jax down. The following day, Alexis received a call from Julian. Julian wanted her to visit him. He felt she owed him that much.

At Kelly's, Alexis poured a miniature bottle of alcohol into her coffee while looking to see if anyone had seen. Anna arrived and told Alexis that she'd reenlisted with the WSB and was working as a special agent. Anna asked Alexis to provide Anna with information about Valentin. Alexis gave Anna everything she knew about Valentin and asked Anna to nail Valentin to the wall for killing Nikolas.

Alexis saw Julian in the hospital, and Julian revealed he knew she'd been the hit-and-run driver. Julian threatened to report her to the police and to the bar association. Alexis demanded to know what Julian wanted. Julian promised to keep her secret, provided she took care of him after he left the hospital. Alexis reminded him that he'd held a knife to her throat and that taking care of him would not lead to reconciliation. Julian pointed out that the alternative would cost her a career and her freedom. Alexis reluctantly agreed and asked him for his discharge paperwork.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was against having Alexis look after Julian. When Ava offered a Bloody Mary to Julian, Alexis advised her to go ahead if she wanted Julian in a coma, since pain medication and alcohol shouldn't be mixed. When Alexis and Ava continued to bicker over Julian, Ava realized that Alexis had been the hit-and-run driver. Ava accused Alexis of being a drunk when she accidentally spilled the contents of Alexis' purse, which contained mini liquor bottles. Ava threatened to go to the police.

Jordan arrived to question Julian further about the hit-and-run. Jordan asked if Alexis wanted the restraining order lifted because Alexis was violating her own restraining order. Alexis insisted she had only stopped by to pick up a photo album, thinking Julian was still in the hospital. Alexis saw a strange reaction from Julian when Jordan questioned him about his van being in front of Kelly's the night Morgan had died.

At home, Alexis spiked her coffee with a generous splash of liquor. When Julian arrived, Alexis advised him he'd be sleeping on the couch. Julian said he was there to help her, but Alexis suggested he stop blackmailing her and leave. Julian refused. Alexis was worried that Julian's presence in her home would jeopardize her law license being reinstated.

Alexis overheard Julian say that he'd been asking questions about the van parked in front of the Floating Rib, but Winston Rudge had persuaded him to drop it. He also reminded the caller that he'd cooperated for the sake of his children despite what it had cost him. He was very clear on what was expected. Alexis wanted to know who Julian had been talking to. Julian skirted the answer and said that if he had a chance to do things over, he never would have had Duke killed, and Carlos would still be alive with his son.

Julian asked how he and Alexis had gotten to that point. Alexis reminded him that it had been his fault. When Julian admitted it and apologized, Alexis said she wished it mattered. Julian told her that after Alexis had hit him with the car, he'd thought he was dying, but the sound of her voice had brought him back. He was alive because of her, and he hoped it mattered. He said Alexis was his heartbeat, and they kissed.

Later, Alexis assured Julian him the kiss would never happen again, and there was no hope for reconciliation. When Julian said he was worried about her, Alexis asked if he'd worried about her when he'd held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. Julian admitted he'd been wrong and apologized, but Alexis said she wished it mattered. She was infuriated when Julian said he loved her.

When the doorbell rang, Alexis told Julian to hide. Winston Rudge asked to speak to Julian, stating he and Julian worked together. Alexis left but hid at the top of the stairs. She heard Winston warn Julian that the evidence against Alexis would be turned over to the police if Julian failed to hold up his end of the bargain. She heard Julian warn Winston not to hurt her. After Winston left, Alexis demanded to know if Julian had be conducting business under her roof. Julian denied it.

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