General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on GH

Carly was horrified when she woke up bed with Ric. Courtney was kidnapped. Alexis was revealed to be Alcazar's killer, so Cameron took steps to have Alexis institutionalized.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on GH
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Monday, February 17, 2003

"Kristina" threatened Cameron with a knife, admitting she had killed Alcazar and vowing to "protect Alexis" at all costs. When Alexis snapped out of it, she was horrified to hear that her alter ego had committed murder. She panicked that her baby would be taken away and begged Cameron to keep quiet. He warned her that she needed to check into intensive therapy right away before "Kristina" did any more damage. Giving Alexis a tender hug, he promised to wait and try to help Alexis address her illness before figuring out what to do about the crime.

Jax told Brenda in front of everyone that he couldn't marry her because he knew about her kissing Sonny. He had waited all night and morning for her to tell him about it, but she hadn't, and he couldn't marry her if he didn't trust her. Brenda tried to convince him that it was a goodbye and that she had told Sonny to be as happy as she was with Jax, but Jax resisted her. Brenda admitted she would always love Sonny; Jax could not accept that. Humiliated, Brenda told Jax he should not have ended their engagement in such a public way, especially after her similar wedding with Sonny had led to her nervous breakdown.

She said that because he had done such a cruel thing, she no longer wanted to marry him either. Brenda walked out and returned to her suite as Skye looked on. Skye entered Brenda's suite while Brenda was gathering her things and said Brenda had deserved what had happened. Brenda replied that Jax needed someone he could trust, and that certainly wasn't Skye. Brenda left, and a few moments later, Jax arrived, annoyed to see Skye there. He guzzled champagne while Skye told him that Jax had outrageously high standards, and even Brenda couldn't live up to them anymore.

At the club, Sonny told Jason that something had to be wrong for Carly to run off like she had. While they tried to figure out where she had gone, Courtney walked about and blasted Sonny for kissing Brenda. Jason ordered the club closed and asked Courtney to leave so he could speak to Sonny alone. When Sonny admitted to kissing Brenda, Jason criticized him for hurting Carly after Jason had reassured her over the years as to how much Sonny loved her. Sonny insisted that he did love Carly and that he and Brenda had been saying goodbye.

Sonny left to find Carly. Checking back at the penthouse, he ran into Brenda, who was waiting for Jason. They shared their misfortunes that had occurred since their kiss. Sonny empathized but explained that Carly was everything to him and that he had to go find her and let her know. Courtney went back to the club after Sonny had left and tried to reach Jason, but he continued to push her away despite her best efforts.

Meanwhile at Jake's, Faith's employee drugged Carly's drink. As the drug took effect, he attempted to leave with her, but Ric showed up and made him leave. He took Carly to a hotel room, where she passed out on the bed. Ric stroked her face and neck tenderly as she lay there.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Jax encountered Edward at the docks. He offered to support the effort to take down Sonny, but Edward pretended not to know much about it. He told Jax he couldn't blame Sonny for hurting Brenda because he had done that himself by ending their relationship in such a public way.

Sonny held a broken bottle against Ned's neck and demanded to know where Carly was. He backed off when Faith pulled a gun on him but not before telling them he would kill them both if they had anything to do with Carly's disappearance. After Sonny left, Faith told Ned that she had ordered her employee to drug and rape Carly, but Ric had interfered. Ned was furious and told her that move had been suicidal.

Carly was astonished to wake up beside Ric in bed. She asked Ric what had happened, and he said that she had thrown herself at him, and he hadn't been able to resist her advances. Enraged, Carly told Ric he had taken advantage of her and threatened that Sonny would kill him when he found out. Ric tried to coerce Carly into not telling Sonny, but Carly vowed to do just that. She dressed and went to the waterfront, where she phoned Jason to meet her.

Back at the penthouse, Jason was with Sonny when Jason received the call. On Sonny's demands, Jason told Sonny where Carly was so he could meet her himself. When he arrived, he told Carly that he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her, not Brenda. Carly yelled at Sonny not to lie to her because she had seen him and Brenda with her own eyes and knew he still cared for her.

Courtney defended Jason to Liz, who insisted that Jason was dangerous and capable of hurting Ric. Later, Faith went to the club and made indirect threats to Courtney, who asked her to leave. Liz went to Ric's room and caught him loading a gun.

At the cottage, Brenda packed her things. Skye arrived and told Brenda that the cottage was half hers under the divorce settlement, and she would be selling it. After Brenda left to see Ned, Skye made arrangements to donate the cottage and all its contents to charity. After saying goodbye to Ned, Brenda went to Jason's apartment. When he arrived and saw her there, he expressed his condolences for her and Jax's failed wedding.

Brenda asked Jason to help her get to Europe. Jax knocked at the door. Brenda motioned to Jason to let him in. After Jason left, Jax handed Brenda an envelope with a check for a million dollars and asked her not to return to Port Charles.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

On the docks, Sonny pleaded with Carly to believe that Carly was the only woman Sonny wanted. Carly eventually accepted Sonny's version of events, and they headed back to the penthouse together and hit the sheets. After Sonny went to sleep, Carly flashed back to waking up with Ric in a motel room. When Sonny woke up, the mob boss declared that he wanted to take Carly down to the Speakeasy and enjoy Carly's fantastic new club.

At Kelly's, Liz demanded to know why Ric was packing a loaded gun. Liz suggested that if Ric was planning on some gun play developing between Ric and Sonny, Ric would be wise to plan to leave town as soon as possible. Ric hinted that he had something important to do in Port Charles that he could not share with Liz. When Liz asked Ric if he was some kind of federal agent investigating the mobs in Port Charles, Ric replied, "Do you think that if I were a federal agent working undercover, that I would tell you?"

When Liz tried to change the subject and began to quiz Ric about his family, Ric again evaded her questions. Ric told Liz, "I am close to the end here. My trail is just a little blocked by a stone wall, surrounded by an electric fence, and guarded by killer wolves...I have come too far to turn back now!"

In the Speakeasy, Faith warned Courtney that, eventually, all mighty empires fell -- and Sonny's empire would also fall, just like all the others. Jason spotted Courtney and Faith's intense discussion and ordered Faith to leave. Jason then warned Courtney that she needed to leave town for a while, but when Courtney learned that Jason would not be going with her, she refused to even consider leaving. As Jason warned Courtney that Faith might try to use Courtney to get to Sonny, Mike arrived and demanded a few moments to speak to his daughter -- alone.

After Jason left, Mike told Courtney that Mike realized that Courtney had been seeing Jason. When Courtney insisted that she loved Jason and could not bear to be separated from him, Mike told Courtney that Courtney reminded Mike of Sonny's mother, Adela. Mike confided that all of Adela's family and friends had warned Adela that Mike's first love had been gambling, and Adela would always rank second in Mike's priorities. However, Adela had insisted that love would be enough to carry them through the rough patches. Mike observed that, sadly, Adela's family had been right, and Mike's addiction to gambling had ruined all of Adela's plans for happiness.

Mike warned Courtney that Jason was addicted to Jason's job with Sonny, and nothing would ever be more important to Jason than the work that Jason did for Sonny. Mike reminded Courtney that Jason had been little Michael's father for the first year of that boy's life. But Jason had still stepped back and turned both Michael and Carly over to Sonny when Sonny had wanted them. Mike warned Courtney that Courtney would never be first in Jason's life.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda told Jax that he could keep his million dollars, because Brenda would never agree to stay away from Port Charles. Brenda accused Jax of trying to make her feel like a prostitute. Jax blasted Brenda for trying to make Jax feel guilty about Brenda's great love for Sonny. Brenda accused Jax of seeing her as a prize he needed to win away from Sonny rather than as a real person that Jax actually loved. Jax retorted that he knew that he would always be Brenda's second choice after Sonny and declared that Jax knew that Jax deserved better than being a stand-in for Sonny.

When Jason arrived, Brenda told Jax to take his money and donate it to a battered women's shelter, so Jax could find a new damsel to rescue. After Jax left, Jason also offered Brenda a safe Swiss bank account, insisting that Sonny had nothing to do with that money. Jason insisted it was only a loan, and Brenda agreed to use the account only if she could pay Jason back. Then Brenda broke down and cried on Jason's shoulder. Jason took Brenda to the airport and waited with her for her flight.

As Brenda complained that she always had "these really bad wedding days," Jason suggested that the next time, Brenda should think about doing it the way Brenda and Jason had in Las Vegas -- minus the wedding. When Jason left, he told Brenda to call him if she needed anything. Brenda told Jason that he needed to fight to be with Courtney if Courtney was truly the great love of Jason's life.

At Brenda's cottage, as Skye and Coleman indulged in a steamy kiss, Skye pulled away and reminded Coleman that her objective was to be a damsel in distress to attract Jax's attention. When Skye and Coleman went to Kelly's later, just as Coleman observed that Skye was getting her life back in control because of Coleman, Skye suddenly spotted Jax approaching and began to read the riot act to an astonished Coleman. Jax jumped to the conclusion that Coleman had been harassing Skye, and Jax ordered Coleman to stay away from Skye.

Later, Jax and Skye walked on the docks, and Jax reported that Brenda was leaving Port Charles. Jax asked Skye about the woman that Skye had seen in Alcazar's suite the night of the murder, but Skye evaded the question by claiming that she was waiting for Felicia to get back to Skye about a new lead. When Skye asked Jax why he was at Kelly's, Jax admitted that he had been trying to get in touch with Carly to see if Carly needed a business partner in case Carly really was splitting with Sonny.

Later, Faith tracked Coleman down at Kelly's and told Coleman that she wanted revenge on Sonny right away and wanted Coleman's help to get hold of Sonny's sister. Coleman asked Faith to tell him what the payoff would be for Coleman.

When Sonny and Carly arrived at the Speakeasy, Carly noticed that Liz and Ric were already there. Carly tried to keep Sonny and Ric apart, but Ric walked over and apologized to Carly, explaining that he had left the club earlier the previous night because he'd had a little project of his own to work on. Carly told Ric not to worry about it. When Sonny left to take a phone call, Ric observed that Sonny and Carly had apparently made up, and Carly informed Ric that Carly planned to stay mum about their little tryst at the motel. Carly also warned Ric that if Sonny ever found out that Ric and Carly had spent the night together, Sonny would kill Ric. After Carly left, Ric promised, "No complications from my end, at all."

When Jason returned to his penthouse, he found Courtney waiting for him. Courtney explained that she had waited until after Sonny and Carly had left for the club. Courtney told Jason about Mike's theory that Jason was addicted to Jason's job for Sonny. However, Jason insisted that he was only worried that the fallout from Jason's work for Sonny would prove dangerous to Courtney. Courtney once again refused to listen to Jason's warnings.

On the docks, Skye assured Jax that she had no objection to getting involved in a plan to get even with Sonny and reminded Jax that they had originally bonded over their mutual distrust of the mob boss. As Skye and Jax agreed to go back to being good friends, Brenda sat alone at the airport and remembered the events of her most recent return to Port Charles. Brenda remained deep in thought, even when one of the airline employees informed Brenda that she would need to hurry if she wanted to make it on board her plane on time.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Jax had a run-in with Sonny on the docks. Sonny called him a loser for humiliating Brenda at the altar after already tossing his wife aside for her. Jax blamed Sonny for his failure to marry Brenda and accused him of kissing Brenda to keep some hold on her. Jax threatened to take him down. Sonny told him to try it and see what happened.

Meanwhile, Scott asked Skye to appear at his office. Taggert didn't like it that Scott was ordering him to place a small microphone inside her coat when she got there while he distracted her, since they hadn't gotten permission for a wiretap. Scott accused her of killing Alcazar and said that he didn't believe she had seen a dark-haired woman leave his room. Skye insisted she wasn't lying, and she would go out and find the evidence to prove it, unaware that there was a wire in her coat. Skye found Jax on the pier and told him that she had seen Alexis leave Alcazar's room and that she wasn't lying to him.

Scott and Taggert had technical problems and didn't hear Skye and Jax's conversation. Jax told Skye not to tell anyone, especially the cops, what she had seen until he got back to her. Jax headed over to see Alexis at her place. Alexis had gone to General Hospital to find out about her daughter's welfare from the nurse. Cameron explained that he hadn't said she couldn't see her baby but rather that she couldn't take the baby home yet.

Alexis worried about what would happen if she turned into her other personality while with the baby. Cameron told her he would stay with her while she saw the baby. Alexis was home when Jax got there. He told her that the police were probably going to arrest Skye sometime that week and that they were already interrogating her without a lawyer. Alexis told him she would probably be able to stall the police until at least the summer.

Jax told Alexis that Skye remembered seeing Alexis at Alcazar's room after he had been murdered and that Skye thought Alexis had done it. Alexis turned into the other personality when he told her that. Jax noticed the change and wondered what was going on with her. The doorbell rang, and she answered it. It was Cameron, who she threw out of her place as well as Jax.

Jax asked Cameron for an explanation about why Alexis was acting so strangely and referring to herself in the third person. Cameron told him that Alexis was suffering from a split personality. Jax didn't believe him until Cameron explained what had happened. Jax realized that Alexis had killed Alcazar without knowing it, since she had been the other personality at the time. Jax said he needed to try to stall things until they could help her out of the situation. Cameron agreed to do what he could.

Jax found Skye had been waiting on the pier for him all that time. She asked him what he had found out and worried that she would be charged with murder if he didn't do something. By that time, Scott and Taggert had fixed the technical problem with the microphone and overheard Jax tell Skye that the cops couldn't find out that Alexis had killed Alcazar yet. Scott and Taggert were shocked by the revelation.

Meanwhile, Cameron managed to get into Alexis' apartment while she was in the other personality. He promised that he and Jax would protect Alexis and make sure no harm befell her. "Kristina" warned him that if it was a trick and any harm happened to Alexis, he would never see Alexis again.

Carly was uneasy around Ric while they worked at the club. Sonny showed up. Carly was happy to see him. Ric tried to get a job with Sonny again as his attorney. Sonny didn't like Ric's pushiness and said that he wasn't interested in hiring him as his lawyer and that Ric worked for Carly.

After Sonny left, Ric suggested to Carly that she somehow persuade Sonny to accept his offer to work for him or maybe he would have to tell Sonny about their night together. Carly told him that if Sonny found out about their night together, Ric would be a dead man and wouldn't be able to run from him. Later, Sonny stopped by the club again while Ric wasn't there. Carly told Sonny that he should give Ric a chance and hire him as his lawyer, since Ric had done good things for them.

Jason watched outside Kelly's as Coleman approached Courtney at the counter. He wasn't pleased to see it but didn't go inside and stop him either. A.J. walked around and saw Jason standing outside, looking into Kelly's. He started a fight with Jason, who hit him first. Ned went outside and stopped the fight.

Ned sent A.J. on his way and then asked Jason if what A.J. had said about Sonny ordering him to dump Courtney was true. Jason didn't deny it. Ned offered him a job at ELQ if he ever decided he'd had enough with Sonny's organization. Jason thanked him for his concern and warned Ned to stop his vendetta against Sonny before he got hurt. Jason went into Kelly's and sat at a table. Courtney approached him, but he turned her away and asked for another waitress.

Later, Jason left a tip and paid his check. Courtney told him that love conquered all, and she hoped he felt the same way. Meanwhile, Faith sat at Kelly's, watched Courtney, and made arrangements to use her to get to Sonny and Jason.

Lucky ran into Liz at General Hospital after he dropped off some papers for Bobbie. They talked about their classes, and he told her about his breakup with Summer. Liz advised him to not let Summer push him away and that he should not give up on her yet. Meanwhile, Summer went to see Luke at his club. Luke asked her to go with him to a roadhouse outside of town for some fun. She agreed to the date.

Summer told Luke that the outside world was very cold to her, and she was afraid to get into a relationship with someone. Luke told her he had felt the same way until he had met Laura. Summer didn't think she would ever find that with someone. Summer went home and found Lucky waiting for her outside her appointment.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Lucky apologized to Summer for pushing her to be in a relationship with him after they had slept together. Summer told him that she didn't want to risk caring about him. He asked her out on a date to show her some special place with a train. She turned him down and told him she had plans. Lucky asked her if it was with the old guy, still not aware that it was with his father. She told him that her relationship with the other man was platonic.

Lucky went to Kelly's to meet with Nikolas. Nikolas gave him an update on their mother's condition. Lucky didn't like Nikolas' negative prognosis on Laura's condition. Nikolas said that even Luke had accepted the reality of Laura's condition and had moved on with his life. Lucky said Nikolas was wrong and went to confront Luke about it.

Meanwhile, Summer met Luke at his club before they went on their date. Summer told him she couldn't keep playing the fantasy for him anymore and that she needed to have her own private life. Luke guessed it had to do with the guy she was dating. She told him it did in a way and asked him if they could still be friends and hang out together without her playing the Laura fantasy for him. Luke told her that he would like to be her friend and hang out together. He told her to be in a relationship with the other guy if she wanted to. Luke put on some music and they danced. Lucky walked in and was upset and surprised to see Summer and Luke dancing so intimately.

Sonny asked Carly why she was trying so hard to convince him to hire Ric as his new attorney. Carly explained that Ric had been good to her as a friend and had helped her with her new club so much that she thought he would be good for Sonny. Sonny asked her where Ric was so he could talk to Ric alone. Carly thought Sonny was seriously going to consider hiring Ric as his lawyer. However, when Ric went out to see Sonny, Sonny asked what Ric had on his wife to get her to try so hard to persuade Sonny to hire Ric.

Ric told Sonny that he had nothing on Carly and that maybe she just wanted what was best for him for an attorney. Sonny said he has no interest in hiring Ric as his attorney and that he didn't care if Carly wanted to do business with him as long as it was separate from Sonny's organization. While Ric and Carly discussed business, Sonny ordered one of his men to do a more thorough and complete background check on Ric and explained why he was allowing Carly to do business with him.

Meanwhile, Carly asked Ric to admit he was really blackmailing her into getting a door into Sonny's business. Ric denied he was blackmailing her and said that keeping their secret was beneficial to both of them. Carly advised him to leave it alone and not try to push it with Sonny. She said that if Sonny found out about their night together, Ric would be a dead man. Ric told her to just keep things quiet and not overdramatize things, which was how she had gotten into the little mess with him to begin with.

Later, Carly almost told Sonny the truth about that night she had spent with Ric, even though she didn't really remember much of it. Sonny's cell phone interrupted them. Courtney finished her shift at Kelly's. As she was zipping her coat up outside of Kelly's, two thugs kidnapped her, sent her to a cabin in the woods, blindfolded her, and tied her up. Jason got a call notifying him that they had his "girlfriend."

Later, Jason got a call from Coleman, who used a device to disguise his voice to tell Jason where Courtney was. Jason found her at the cabin and untied her. He gave her his coat to warm up with and went to search the area around the cabin. He returned to inform her that the tracks led away from the cabin toward the highway, his tires had been slashed, and they couldn't get out of the woods right then. Jason and Courtney realized they had been set up to look like they had planned the rendezvous to be together. Coleman, also in a disguised voice, notified Sonny that Jason and Courtney were at a cabin together.

Faith Roscoe was behind the whole setup. Courtney told Jason that that kind of rendezvous would have been perfect for them under different circumstances. Jason rejected them ever being a couple in the future.

Scott tried to convince Taggert that Alexis had killed Alcazar like Jax had said on the microphone in Skye's coat. Taggert didn't believe that Skye was a credible witness, since she had a drinking problem and had already lied about seeing Brenda kill Alcazar. Scott replied that Jax wouldn't have said it was Alexis unless he was positive she had done it and was trying to protect her like he was doing with Skye. Scott said that they needed to get Alexis to confess to them that she had done it, and then they would have their killer.

Meanwhile, Cameron dealt with Alexis while she acted like "Kristina." She told him that it was her job to protect Alexis and that if he tried any tricks and tried to contain her, Alexis would never see the light of day. Cameron tried to appeal to her sense of doing what was right for Alexis by explaining that if she kept Alexis out of things, she could lose her baby and be diagnosed as insane, and then Ned could get her baby and raise it with the Quartermaines as family. Kristina thought about it. She transformed back into Alexis.

Alexis asked Cameron how long she had been gone again. Cameron told her too long. Alexis said she was scared, since she couldn't control when it happened. Cameron vowed to help her through it. He went to General Hospital and had one of the psychiatrists get him a form to fill out to have Alexis committed.

Taggert happened to overhear Cameron while he was looking at logs of when people signed in and out of neonatal intensive care to find out if Alexis had signed out around the time of the murder. Taggert asked Cameron about his committing Alexis into the psychiatric ward. Cameron refused to tell him under patient/doctor confidentiality. Taggert informed him that Alexis was their number one suspect in Alcazar's murder.

Scott showed up to see Alexis at her place just as she was leaving to go see her daughter. He told her that he was going to arrest Skye for the murder of Alcazar and that he had stopped by to tell her that he was going to make the charges stick "this time." Alexis didn't respond the way he wanted, so he mentioned that she had been at the hotel that night and had witnessed the body of Alcazar laying on top of the car under where his balcony was. He also mentioned that she had been wearing dark clothing and that Skye remembered seeing a dark-haired woman in a dark coat leave Alcazar's room in a hurry.

Alexis transformed into "Kristina" again and started to get into Scott's face. Scott told her that her bag of tricks wouldn't work and turned his back on her. She took the letter opener on her desk, pointed it near Scott's back, and warned him that she had killed Alcazar because he had killed her and threatened Alexis, and she would do it again to protect Alexis. Scott realized Alexis was crazy and not herself as she pointed the knife toward him in a threatening manner.

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