General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 27, 2016 on GH

Nikolas and Ava fled to Cassadine Island. Franco and Elizabeth kissed. Alexis took a pregnancy test to confirm that she was pregnant. Hayden helped Finn when he suffered a health crisis in jail.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 27, 2016 on GH
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Monica saw Tracy and Michael at the hospital and wondered why they were on the pediatric floor. She recognized that they were trying to block her from going into a certain room and demanded to know why. Tracy yanked Monica away to talk, and Michael went in the direction of the room. Valerie, in uniform, approached the sisters-in-law and made sure everything was all right. Monica assured Valerie that everything was fine and thanked her for the extra security around the hospital.

When Valerie was gone, Tracy disclosed that Finn was in the room, treating baby Edward. She added that she trusted Finn and asked Monica to "turn your back." Monica agreed that the baby's health was more important than the rules, and they went off together toward the room.

Inside the hospital room, Felix assisted Finn with the baby as Sabrina tearfully listed for Finn all the places she'd taken Edward. The list included Canada, the Grand Keys, London, Brussels, and Puerto Rico. She thought that she was being punished for her mistake of going off with Carlos, but Michael calmly reassured her. As Sabrina told Finn that Edward had been unlike himself starting the previous night, Liesl burst into the room, demanding that Finn "step away from the baby."

Liesl informed Sabrina of the suspicions surrounding Finn, but Sabrina insisted that her baby needed treatment. Liesl vowed to stop the "illegal actions," but Michael grabbed her as Felix opened a closet door, and they threw her in, blocking the door with a chair. At Finn's request, Sabrina listed all the solid foods that Edward had eaten but got on the phone to ask the nanny about any others. Just then, Valerie entered the room, threatening to arrest Finn if he didn't step away from the baby.

Valerie informed the group that Liesl had called 9-1-1, and as if on cue, Liesl banged on the closet door. As Valerie let Liesl out, Sabrina told Finn that the nanny had given Edward a taste of her yogurt, which had contained honey. Finn finally diagnosed Edward with botulism and instructed Felix on what medicines to get. Valerie directed Finn to get away from the baby, or she would have to restrain him. "You're gonna have to," he challenged while still working on the baby.

Sabrina pleaded with Valerie to let Finn do his job and save her son while Liesl argued against it. Felix returned with the necessary medication. After careful consideration, Valerie asked what Finn needed to do in order to save the baby's life, and he quickly explained it, adding that she could arrest him afterward. Valerie told him to "do what you need to do." Liesl loudly protested, but Valerie threatened her with a citation if she didn't leave the room with Valerie, so the two women left.

By the time Tracy and Monica entered the room, Finn was explaining to Sabrina that Edward would need to return for tests, but he thought that the baby would make a full recovery. "I'm to blame," he told Monica, and he asked that Felix face no consequences for helping Finn. Felix didn't think that Finn should have any consequences either. Sabrina said that she would always be grateful to Finn for saving Edward's life. Tracy wondered where he was going as he exited the room. "To jail," he smiled, and he walked straight up to Valerie. He thanked her for letting him do his job and allowed her to do hers. To Tracy's shock, Valerie cuffed Finn and read him his rights.

As Carlos observed, Julian remarked that he'd known that Alexis would easily make bail, but he wished she'd told him about her arraignment. She tersely replied that she didn't want his support or money, so he could leave. He refused to leave. Just then, Alexis thought she was going to be sick, so she ran to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Alexis tried to talk herself into getting Julian to admit to Carlos' murder while she recorded it on her phone.

"You're losing your touch," Carlos taunted, and Julian ordered him to leave. Carlos advised Julian that he could easily make Alexis' death look like an accident by way of poisoning. Alexis returned, and Julian offered to make her some tea, which she accepted. She looked at her phone and found that the battery was dead. Julian grabbed the phone to charge it for her. A short while later, he returned with tea and crackers. Carlos wondered if Julian had put in the "secret ingredient."

Julian asked Alexis about her case, which she explained was airtight. She explained that, aside from the murder weapon with her fingerprints on it, she'd had the means, motive, and opportunity, so Diane wasn't confident. When she got up to get her phone, Julian angrily muttered to Carlos that he hadn't put anything in Alexis' tea. "It's her life or yours," Carlos reminded Julian.

Alexis returned and stealthily hit record on her phone, and she put it down. Julian couldn't stand that he was losing her, and she replied that he'd lost her when he'd murdered Carlos. He revealed that he'd thought their life would be better without Carlos. She informed him that his children would turn on him if he allowed her to take the fall for him. She accused him of only caring about the fact that he wasn't in jail. She wanted to be alone, so she grabbed her phone and went upstairs to take a bath.

"A slip in the tub is better than poison," Carlos remarked. Julian refused to hurt Alexis and thought back to the last time they'd shared a bath. He thought that he could win Alexis back with a little time.

Upstairs, Alexis stood in front of the full bath. She took off her robe and, as she took a step, Julian grabbed her ankle. He pushed her head under the water and held it there. He broke away from the fantasy, and Carlos told him that he would grieve, but then he would be free. Carlos disappeared, and Julian headed up the stairs.

In a small town in England, Sam and Jason talked through their case in a pub. They speculated on how Nikolas and Ava had escaped. Sam regretted not getting a statement from Huxley about Nikolas being alive, but Jason doubted Huxley would have helped them. Sam turned on her tablet to check the news in Port Charles, and to see if there was any news about Jason or Nikolas. A shocked Sam flipped the tablet around to show Jason the front-page news about Alexis being arrested for Carlos' murder.

Sam wondered why no one had called her with the news. She urged Jason to say what they both were thinking: that Alexis was taking the fall for Julian for some reason. Sam wanted to go home to be with her mother but made Jason stay. She told him to be careful and warned him not to kill Nikolas. He promised to take Nikolas back to Port Charles. They shared a kiss, and Sam left.

A short while later, Sam was at the airport, and she and Jason exchanged "I miss you" texts. Sam texted Alexis and assured her mother that she was on her way home. Alexis, who was lounging in the tub, replied that Sam didn't need to return home. Just as Alexis set the phone back down and closed her eyes, Julian appeared behind her in the bathroom.

Nikolas returned to the cabin and assured Ava that there was no sign of Huxley. She bashfully asked what had happened the night before, because the last thing she remembered was drinking the liquor she'd found. "Nothing inappropriate," Nikolas said. He informed her that she'd spilled some on her shirt, so he'd given his shirt to her.

Ava wondered if Nikolas still planned to go to Amsterdam, but he replied that the destination had changed. He didn't want to tell her where, just in case there was a reward for information about him. She reminded him of how much they'd been through together. He told her that she could go home and be with her daughters. However, Ava didn't want to go home just in case Huxley found her. Nikolas discovered that Ava had been lying about not having the real statue and realized that she'd been trying to sell the fake one. He asked where the real statue was. "A safe place," she replied.

Nikolas was angry that Ava had risked his life as well as her own. She reminded him that he wasn't innocent himself, as Jason was being blamed for Nikolas' murder. He revealed that he'd tried to frame Hayden. He planned to get to his destination then call for Spencer. Nikolas urged Ava to give Huxley the real statue, but she didn't want to and refused to tell him the reason why.

Ava wondered where Nikolas was going to go and if she could go with him. He wanted to be alone, but she thought that going back to Port Charles herself wouldn't be good for him, since she knew "too much." He accused her of blackmail, but she only asked what his decision was.

Later, Jason arrived at the empty cabin. He looked around and found the empty bottle of liquor and a familiar earring.

Sonny tells Julian that Alexis is pregnant

Sonny tells Julian that Alexis is pregnant

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In the park, Kristina left Parker a voicemail message asking Parker to return the call. Kristina acknowledged that she'd sent previous text messages and had left several voicemail messages, but Kristina promised that she didn't want to rehash the past. Kristina explained that she had wanted to talk to Parker about Alexis' arrest. Kristina was unaware that Aaron had walked up and had overheard Kristina mention Parker's name. Kristina was startled when Aaron greeted her and asked who Parker was, but she tried to change the subject when she noticed that he was wearing swimming trunks and asked about his afternoon. Aaron wanted an answer because he feared that Parker was special to Kristina.

Kristina assured Aaron that Parker wasn't an ex-boyfriend. Aaron relaxed, but he promised that he wasn't the jealous type. He confided that his ex-girlfriend had called him the previous day because her dog had run away, and she'd been upset. Aaron conceded that there had been a moment when he'd felt a familiar spark, but then he'd recalled why they had ended things. Kristina appreciated Aaron's honesty and explained that things had been complicated between her and Parker, but it was in the past. Satisfied, Aaron let it drop and changed the subject by offering to take her home. After Kristina agreed, Aaron went to change.

A short time later, Aaron returned to fetch Kristina. Aaron and Kristina engaged in flirtatious banter that ultimately led to a passionate kiss until Kristina abruptly pulled away and nervously told Aaron that she'd drive herself home. She claimed that it might be better for her mother if it was just Kristina. Aaron worried that he'd done something wrong, but Kristina assured him that everything was fine. Aaron asked when he would see Kristina again, but she didn't know and asked him to send her a text message.

Meanwhile, Alexis set her cell phone down next to the tub after exchanging text messages with Sam. Alexis leaned back and closed her eyes as she relaxed in the tub. Julian quietly entered the bathroom and slowly approached his wife with his hands outstretched ready to attack Alexis, but she sensed his presence and turned to look up at him. Alexis appeared oblivious to what Julian had been about to do as she managed to turn her phone's recorder on and told him that the bath had helped.

On the porch, Sonny peered through the front door's window and rang the doorbell. In the bathroom, Alexis was surprised that they had a visitor because she hadn't been expecting anyone. Julian suggested that it might be their daughter, but Alexis told him that Sam was on a flight returning from London. Alexis got out of the tub and pulled on a robe as she asked why Julian was in the bathroom. Julian assured her that it could wait. After Alexis left the bathroom, Julian let out a pent-up breath and questioned what he'd been about to do.

At the front door, Alexis warned Sonny that it wasn't a good time for a visit, but he ignored her as he entered the house and asked why Alexis continued to protect Julian. Sonny wondered what kind of man would let his wife take the fall for a crime she hadn't committed. Alexis ignored the question and ordered Sonny to leave, but he refused because he was determined that Alexis do the right thing for their daughter's sake. Sonny couldn't understand why Alexis would allow Julian to cause Kristina tremendous pain, but Julian entered the living room and accused Sonny of hurting Kristina by mistreating Alexis.

Sonny was outraged that Julian was in Alexis' home, but Julian reminded Sonny that Julian and Alexis were married. Julian added that Alexis didn't owe Sonny any explanations, but Sonny refused to back down. The two men exchanged insults and heated words until Alexis intervened and ordered Julian to leave. Shocked, Julian warned Sonny that it wasn't over. After Julian stormed out, Sonny demanded to know what Alexis had been thinking because Julian was dangerous. Alexis assured Sonny that Julian wouldn't hurt her, but Sonny disagreed.

Frustrated, Alexis explained that she'd been trying to get Julian to confess to Carlos' murder. Surprised, Sonny realized that Alexis had finally seen Julian for who he truly was. Alexis pointed out that the evidence against her was strong, and Julian had an alibi, so she needed to get a recording of Julian confessing to killing Carlos if she hoped to clear her name. Sonny thought it had been a risky move, but Alexis was confident that Julian would never hurt her. Sonny insisted that the only way for Julian to remain safe was to shut Alexis up permanently.

Alexis reiterated that Julian would never kill her -- especially since he'd be the prime suspect. Sonny argued that Julian would rather be a prime suspect than an incarcerated killer, but Alexis refused to believe that Julian would harm her. Sonny disagreed because Julian was a coward who lacked any kind of code of honor. Alexis laughed at the idea that Sonny's "code" somehow elevated Sonny above other criminals. Sonny argued that he'd never hidden behind women and children, nor had Sonny betrayed the people who had risked their lives for him.

According to Sonny, he only had his word, but Julian didn't even have that. Alexis resented the lecture from Sonny because they each lived in glass houses. However, she admitted that she needed to find a way to salvage her life and revealed that she had something to tell Sonny.

A short time later, Kristina arrived home as Alexis sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and silently wept. Alexis stood up, wiped away the tears, and apologized to Kristina for allowing Julian into their lives. Kristina didn't blame Alexis, since Julian was Sam's father, but Kristina hated that Alexis had been arrested for Julian's crime. Alexis suggested that they focus on finding a way to prove her innocence and try to "keep it together." Kristina worried about her mother, so Alexis admitted that she felt physically sick to her stomach. Kristina hugged Alexis and promised that they would find a way out.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dante and Lulu toasted to their new home and everything their future would entail. Lulu sipped on sparkling cider, but Dante noticed that Lulu appeared troubled. Lulu admitted that it was hard to celebrate a new home and the prospect of having another baby when she was worried about Nikolas. Lulu conceded that she and her mother had been clinging to the hope that Nikolas was alive, but for Lulu, the hope had been diminishing over time. Lulu wondered what Dante's professional opinion was. He reluctantly admitted that Nikolas had likely perished.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears, but she appreciated Dante's honesty. Lulu decided that she needed to find a way to get in touch with Lucky to tell him about Nikolas' disappearance, but she wanted to remain in denial a bit longer because it broke her heart that she might have a child who would never know Nikolas. After Lulu pulled herself together, Dante and Lulu stood to leave. They bumped into Sonny as he exited the elevator. Sonny noticed that Dante and Lulu were dressed up and asked if it was a special occasion.

Dante and Lulu revealed that they would soon be closing on their dream house. Sonny congratulated the couple and offered to stop by with steaks for a cookout once Dante and Lulu moved in. After Dante and Lulu left, Sonny called Max to confirm that Julian was at the bar as Max had reported and to ask Max to thank Diane for everything she had secretly done on Sonny's behalf for Dante and Lulu.

At the bar, Julian knocked back a drink and asked for a refill as he looked at his hands and recalled the chilling moments he had contemplated killing Alexis. Julian appeared shaken, but he pushed the feeling away when Sonny walked up. Julian asked if Sonny was stalking him, but Sonny reminded Julian that Carly owned the hotel. Julian decided to leave and threw some cash on the counter, but Sonny wondered what kind of man let his "pregnant wife" wrongly take a fall for murder. Stunned, Julian asked Sonny to repeat what Sonny had said. "Alexis is pregnant, you son of a bitch," Sonny growled.

In the park, Dante tried to comfort Lulu as she cried about Nikolas. Dante suggested that Lulu ask Lucky to return to Port Charles, but Lulu explained that Lucky was a nomad like Luke and spent a lot of time in Africa, helping young children. Lulu thought it would be selfish to expect Lucky to drop everything to hold Lulu's hand. Lulu also admitted that having Lucky around would only make Lulu miss Nikolas more because Nikolas had been the brother that Lulu had always been able to count on to help -- including donating his bone marrow when she had needed it.

Dante felt terrible for Lulu because he knew that Nikolas' passing was a huge loss to her. Lulu tearfully admitted that she wanted to honor her brother by naming their baby Nikolas if it was a boy and Nicole if it was a girl. Dante assured Lulu that he supported the idea.

In the English countryside, Jason entered a garden shed on the Lynch estate to look for possible clues that Nikolas and Ava had been there. Jason found an earring and was about to leave when a man appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Jason was doing there. Jason held up his hands and explained that he'd been looking for two people. Jason showed the man a picture of Nikolas as he filled the man in about Nikolas' alias and the possibility that Nikolas had been with a blonde woman. The man revealed that he hadn't seen Nikolas or Ava.

Jason started to leave, but the man suddenly pulled out a gun and aimed it at Jason. Jason realized that the man worked for Huxley and intended to kill Jason so there wouldn't be any witnesses to what Hux was up to. The man confirmed that Jason was right and demanded to know where Jason's partner was. Jason revealed that Sam had already returned to the United States. Jason suggested that they try to work things out peacefully, but it was merely a ruse to get the man to lower his guard long enough for Jason to spring into action.

After a brief scuffle, Jason managed to secure the gun. Jason ordered the man to the floor and quickly bound the man's wrists behind the man's back with a zip tie. Jason helped the man into a chair and told him to deliver a message to Hux. Jason vowed to kill Hux if Hux -- or anyone associated with Hux -- went near Jason or Jason's loved ones. Jason added that Hux was to forget about Nikolas and Ava. Moments later, Jason tucked the gun into the back of his waistband and left.

At the airport, Ava questioned how Nikolas had managed to charter a private plane. Nikolas reminded her that money talked, but Ava was confused because she thought that Nikolas had faked his death because of financial woes. Nikolas cryptically explained that he'd had a small reversal of fortune thanks to something that Hayden had given him. Ava was intrigued, but Nikolas refused to elaborate. Ava let the matter drop because she was eager to get out of the country.

Nikolas informed Ava that he had no intention of taking her with him. Ava reminded Nikolas that her life was in peril if she remained in England, but Nikolas argued that she could hide from Hux anywhere in the world. Ava disagreed because she would not be safe until the real Weeping Naiad statue had been sold. Nikolas asked for details about her plans, but Ava explained that the plans were still "fluid." Ava thought it was fortuitous that she'd run into Nikolas when she had, but she was worried that Nikolas might be tempted to return to Port Charles before she was safe.

Nikolas assured Ava that it was not possible, but Ava disagreed. She pointed out that he could clear Jason's name by concocting a story about a masked intruder breaking in and Nikolas suffering amnesia from the fall. According to Ava, Nikolas could claim that he'd been picked up by a freighter and had worked on the ship until his memory had slowly returned, but Nikolas pointed out that people would want to know the name of the freighter. Ava suggested that he refuse to divulge the name of the freighter because the people who had helped him had dabbled in illegal activity. Nikolas conceded it was a good cover story, but it wouldn't matter because his troubles in Port Charles wouldn't disappear simply because he'd vanished for a while.

Ava noticed the time and asked when the plane would be ready, but Nikolas didn't want Ava settling on Cassadine Island because her illicit activity might draw unwanted attention. Ava promised that the sale of the Weeping Naiad would be legal, but Nikolas reminded her that she'd be working with a high-profile buyer. Ava changed tactics and confessed that she enjoyed Nikolas' company because even though they'd known of each other, they hadn't crossed paths until the flight to London. Nikolas reluctantly admitted that he liked talking to Ava, too, and agreed that she could fly to Greece with him. Moments later, Nikolas received a text message informing him that the plane was ready.

Griffin talks to Anna about his past

Griffin talks to Anna about his past

> Griffin talks to Anna about his past

Griffin talks to Anna about his past

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian refused to believe that Alexis was pregnant because he was certain that his wife would have told him. Sonny regretted dropping the bombshell, but Julian was determined to get some answers and stormed off.

At Alexis' house, Alexis thought about the recent times she and Julian had made love, but she pushed the memories away and gently rubbed her stomach. Moments later, Alexis picked up a photo album from her desk and carried it to the living room. She flipped through the pages of snapshots of her with her daughters through the years. "I can do this," Alexis assured herself, but her attention flew to the door when Julian suddenly banged on it. Alexis slowly crossed the room and opened the door. Julian immediately cut to the chase and asked her about the pregnancy.

Alexis confirmed that she was pregnant, but she hadn't seen the point of telling Julian because he'd set her up to take the fall for his crime. Julian was confident that Diane would get Alexis acquitted, but Alexis' temper flared because she'd already spent 24 hours in jail. She ordered him to leave, but he refused because he wanted to talk about the baby. Alexis warned Julian that it wasn't in her plans to have a baby in prison, but he was hurt that she'd have an abortion to spite him. Alexis clarified that she didn't intend to terminate her pregnancy, but she resented how Julian acted like all he'd done was forget to take out the trash.

Alexis was furious because Julian had married her under false pretenses and had betrayed her in the worst way possible, so she was determined to find a way to keep him away from their baby if she was sent to prison. Julian assured her that he'd never hurt her, but she scoffed because he already had. Julian insisted that he loved Alexis, but she was unmoved and told him that their marriage was over. Julian argued that Alexis' pregnancy had changed everything, but Alexis wasn't interested in hearing what he had to say unless he planned to confess the truth to the police. Julian explained that he needed something from Alexis first and pulled out a home pregnancy test from his back pocket for Alexis to take.

At Greystone Manor, Carly worked online and chuckled because she'd booked another wedding at the hotel. She was delighted that Mayor Lomax's refusal to use the hotel as a venue for public functions hadn't impacted the hotel's business. Moments later, Morgan walked up and handed his mother a bouquet of pink tulips to thank her for everything she'd done for him. Carly appreciated the gift, but she suspected there was more to her son's good mood. Morgan admitted that he was happy because Kiki had given him another chance. Morgan told Carly about his decision to break up with Kiki -- careful not to mention Ava's name -- and seeing Kiki and Dillon kissing backstage at the Nurses Ball.

Morgan rushed to assure Carly that everything had worked out despite a few awkward moments when Dillon had stopped by Kiki's apartment. Carly questioned if Kiki and Dillon had been dating, but Morgan explained that Kiki had sought him out at the hospital to tell him that she wanted Morgan, not Dillon. Morgan added that he intended to talk to Dillon about staying away from Kiki because Dillon had trouble respecting boundaries, but Carly worried that things might not truly be settled between Morgan and Kiki if Morgan felt compelled to have a chat with Dillon.

In the park, Dillon thanked Kiki for agreeing to meet him. He admitted that it had been a mistake to step aside for Morgan because Dillon hadn't been ready to give up on Kiki without a fight. Kiki tried to tell Dillon about her decision to work things out with Morgan, but Dillon cut her off by acknowledging that Kiki and Morgan had been through a lot. However, Dillon didn't think it meant that Kiki and Morgan belonged together because the relationship had been filled with a lot of drama that had harmed both of them. Kiki became defensive, but Dillon pointed out that she'd been shot, and Morgan had ended up in a psychiatric facility.

Dillon confessed that he admired Kiki because she had many wonderful qualities. Dillon insisted that she deserved to be with someone who made her happy. Kiki suggested that Morgan might be that person, but Dillon disagreed because Kiki and Morgan wouldn't have been starting over for the "two hundredth time." Dillon thought Kiki and Morgan should go their separate ways and suggested that she give Dillon a chance. Kiki assured him that he was a great guy and promised that the right girl was out there for him.

Dillon refused to believe there wasn't a small part of Kiki that was drawn to him and tempted by the possibilities of a relationship with him. Kiki insisted that she couldn't do it, but Dillon warned her that she'd be doing everyone a disservice if she reconnected with Morgan out of a sense of obligation. Kiki explained that she cared deeply for Morgan, but Dillon suspected that she was drawn to the chaos that surrounded Morgan. Dillon asked Kiki to consider an alternative and kissed her.

Carly walked down the path in time to witness the passionate kiss between Dillon and Kiki, but Carly quickly ducked out of sight before she was spotted. Moments later, Kiki pulled away from the kiss and told Dillon that it was wrong for them to kiss. Dillon didn't want to pressure Kiki, but he asked her to think about what he'd said. After Dillon left, Kiki stood up and started up the path until she saw Carly approach. Carly demanded an explanation about the kiss.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan warmly greeted his father at the bar. Morgan admitted that he was there to see Kiki, but he was glad that he'd run into Sonny because Morgan needed a job. Sonny offered Morgan a job at Sonny's new coffee shop, which would open in a few weeks on the promenade. Morgan thanked his father for the opportunity because Morgan was eager to get his life back on track, especially since Kiki had agreed to take Morgan back. Sonny appeared concerned, but Morgan admitted that he needed Kiki.

Sonny advised Morgan to take things slowly. Morgan assured his father that Kiki loved Morgan as much as Carly loved Sonny. Shortly after Sonny left, Dillon entered the restaurant. Dillon was surprised when he saw Morgan, but Morgan explained that he was there for Kiki. However, Morgan wanted a chance to talk to Dillon because Morgan thought it would be best for everyone if Dillon stayed away from Kiki.

At the apartment, Maxie held a wedding dress in front of her as she admired it in the mirror. Maxie was startled when Nathan suddenly arrived home. She quickly tried to hide the dress behind her and ordered him to close his eyes. Maxie instructed Nathan to keep his eyes closed as she disappeared down the hall with the dress. A short time later, Maxie returned to the living room and asked how much of the wedding dress he'd seen. Nathan sheepishly confessed that he'd seen enough to know that it was a beautiful dress. Maxie was upset because she'd loved the designer dress, which had been sent to her from a little shop in Lisbon.

Nathan assured Maxie that she could keep the dress, but Maxie insisted that it was bad luck, and she didn't want anything else to jeopardize their special day. Nathan felt bad for ruining the dress for Maxie, but Maxie vowed to find a new dress that would be just as perfect. Relieved, Nathan kissed Maxie. After the kiss, Maxie revealed that she'd been upset about him seeing the dress because they'd already faced a lot of obstacles, and she didn't want to tempt fate. Nathan regretted that he hadn't told Maxie about Claudette sooner, but Maxie admitted that she was tired of hearing his ex-wife's name.

Maxie changed the subject by informing Nathan that their wedding announcement had been posted online. Nathan smiled but pointed out that they still had to pick a wedding date. Nathan and Maxie sat down to look at the month of July. They settled on a date that had sentimental meaning to both of them.

At the hospital, Anna entered an examination room, looking for Griffin because she wanted a word with him. She asked if it was a bad time, but he assured her that it was fine. Anna appeared skeptical because he seemed troubled. She offered to listen if he needed someone to talk to, but he wondered if they were still friends. Anna was disappointed that he'd ask, but he reminded her that she had strenuously objected to him granting Carlos last rites. Anna conceded that she hadn't been happy about Griffin's decision, but she'd realized that she didn't have to understand why Griffin had forgiven Carlos, since Griffin had had his own reasons.

Griffin thanked Anna and smiled when she added that she wanted to remain friends in part because he was Duke's son but also because Griffin had been supportive. Griffin was relieved, so Anna seized the opportunity to ask why he hadn't mentioned that he was a priest when they'd first met. Griffin was curious how well Anna knew Nathan. She admitted that she'd hired Nathan and that she and Nathan had worked together. Anna also recalled that Nathan had had an impressive record with the New York Police Department and that Nathan had quickly risen through the ranks to become a decorated detective.

Anna added that Nathan had also been kind to her when she'd hit a rough patch and reminded Griffin that Nathan was engaged to Felicia and Mac's daughter. Griffin confided that he'd been pulled into a situation with Maxie and Nathan, which Griffin feared he'd mishandled. Anna was curious if Griffin had romantic feelings for Maxie, but he shook his head and assured her that he hadn't forsaken his vows, despite taking a break from the church. Anna broached the subject of why Griffin had stepped away from the church and was stunned when he revealed that it had involved a woman who had turned to him for guidance because of an uncaring and distant husband.

Griffin confessed that he'd allowed himself to be seduced. Griffin took full responsibility for breaking his vows, but he admitted that things had ended "horribly" with the woman because, in the end, she had lied about her husband. Anna worried that Griffin might have gotten into trouble, but he cryptically explained that the rest of the story was between God, him, and his confessor. Anna assured Griffin that she'd be there for him if he wanted to talk, but Griffin shifted gears by asking about Alexis' arrest. Anna admitted that she was frustrated because she knew that Julian had killed Carlos.

Griffin advised Anna to have faith. She assured him that she had faith -- in the legal system. She conceded that it was flawed, but it was the finest in the world. Anna also had confidence in her investigative abilities and promised to make Julian pay for his crimes. Griffin hoped she was right because he wanted justice for his father, and he wanted Anna to finally move forward. Anna explained that she had to build a case against Julian first.

After Anna left, Griffin recalled the night he and Claudette had made love.

Meanwhile, Claudette read Nathan and Maxie's wedding announcement online then zoomed in on Nathan's face.

Across town, Anna stopped by Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Sonny picked up on Anna's hostility and reminded her that they were on the same side. Anna worried that Sonny would take matters into his own hands, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary because Julian had taken the bait.

Alexis takes a pregnancy test

Alexis takes a pregnancy test

Thursday, June 30, 2016

At the police station, a police officer pointed to Finn's jail cell, but Hayden frowned because she didn't see Finn. The police officer advised her to look closer and left. Hayden slowly approached the bars and gasped with concern when she saw Finn huddled in a corner, shivering and rocking as he furiously scratched his arms. Hayden called out to him several times until he slowly pulled himself up and staggered to the cell's door to ask why she was there. Her expression clouded with concern, but she told him that she'd stopped by when she'd heard about his arrest for treating a "colicky" baby.

Hayden decided that Finn needed medical attention, but he assured her that his attorney would have him out soon. Hayden wasn't satisfied and asked if his condition was due to police mistreatment. Finn blamed it on his disease as he stumbled to the cot and curled up with a blanket. Finn explained that he hadn't had a dose of medications since the arrest. Hayden was outraged, but Finn admitted that he couldn't request the medications because they weren't approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Hayden worried that the drugs weren't safe, but Finn argued that his only alternative was to die.

Hayden was hopeful when Finn mentioned that there had been a promising therapy. She suggested that he use his connections as a doctor to become a part of the clinical trial, but he explained that it wasn't possible because the funding had been cut, and the research foundation had collapsed. Hayden sobered because she realized that he'd been referring to his research project and the ramifications of her father's Ponzi scheme. She was more dismayed when Finn revealed that he'd been working on a cure rather than a treatment for the deadly disease. Hayden pulled herself together and asked who Finn's dealer was, but he confided that he received the drugs from a "pharmaceutical friend" who lived overseas and added that there was a package waiting for him at the hospital. Finn objected when Hayden decided to fetch it, but she ignored him and left.

A short time later, Finn leaned against the cell's bars and cried out as in agony. Eventually, a police officer delivered Finn's meal. He glanced at Finn and told Finn to "holler" if Finn needed medical attention. Finn ignored the offer of help and quietly told himself that he could get through it. Later, Finn was sprawled motionless on the cell's floor.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tensed when she saw Franco talking on the phone. He signaled to her to wait as he wrapped up the call, but she panicked and tried to flee into the elevator when she recalled the kiss they had shared. Franco darted to the elevator and stopped the door from closing as he casually greeted Elizabeth and asked about the toaster. Elizabeth played along, but quickly excused herself because she had to get to work. Franco wondered if she intended to keep him at arm's length because of their kiss. He admitted that he'd be disappointed because he would miss their chats.

Nearby, Nina eavesdropped as Elizabeth conceded that the previous night had been "mutually gratifying." Nina's expression was filled with hurt as Franco asked if Elizabeth had been referring to their talk or the kiss. Elizabeth made it clear that she didn't want to discuss the kiss because she didn't want anyone to find out. Nina had heard enough and approached Franco and Elizabeth to ask what they'd been talking about. Elizabeth quickly excused herself and scurried to the nurses' station as Franco questioned why Nina was at the hospital.

Nina admitted that she'd grown tired of waiting for Franco to answer her text messages and had sought him out to get an answer to her proposition. However, Nina realized that Franco had been "busy slurping nurse Elizabeth's milkshake." Franco denied it, but Nina informed him that she'd overheard his conversation with Elizabeth. Franco assured Nina that he hadn't had "sexual relations with that woman," but Nina didn't believe him and decided to ask Elizabeth. Franco stopped Nina and explained that he'd gone to Elizabeth's house to drop off a toaster as a housewarming present.

Franco added that he'd talked to both Jake and Elizabeth, but he promised that he'd left. Nina wondered why he hadn't replied to her text messages, so he admitted that he'd needed time to think and had wanted to talk to her in person. Nina asked for an answer, but he didn't have a definitive one because he didn't know how beneficial it would be for them to become friends with benefits. Nina admitted that she was willing to offer Franco more, but he seemed hesitant. Nina realized that he wasn't interested, but he told her that she wasn't being fair because she'd had more time to figure things out than he'd had. Nina asked Franco to be honest because she was certain that he had already started something with Elizabeth.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth watched the exchange between Franco and Nina. Amy walked up and admitted that it was like watching reality television. Elizabeth appeared annoyed, but Amy continued to gossip about the editor-in-chief of Crimson "crushing" on a "psycho" like Franco. Elizabeth scowled at Amy, but Amy assured Elizabeth that Franco was sexy in a "dark and dangerous" way when he wasn't acting like a "goofball." Amy thought someone as smart as Nina would know that he was someone to look at but not touch. Amy added that watching Nina was like seeing a child running with scissors. Amy didn't know whether to intervene to save Nina or let Nina stab herself.

At the elevator, Franco accused Nina of blowing things out of proportion, but Nina resented the implication that she was crazy and exaggerating things. Nina demanded to know if Franco had feelings for Elizabeth, but he remained silent. Nina realized that she had her answer, but Franco insisted that he was still getting over his breakup with Nina. Nina didn't believe him because she suspected that he'd been interested in Elizabeth for quite a while. Nina reminded him that he'd flown to Boston to deliver a bike to Jake and had escorted Elizabeth to the Nutcracker gala. Nina thought it was ironic because their relationship had fallen apart because of his refusal to have a child with Nina, but he seemed willing to be a father to Jake.

Franco argued that Nina was wrong, but she was certain that Franco was drawn to Elizabeth and Jake because he hated Jason and wanted to take them away from Jason. Nina became increasingly upset as she realized that Franco considered Elizabeth and Jake a bigger prize than her. Nina assured Franco that she wouldn't stand in his way because, despite everything, he had a special bond with Jake. Franco assured Nina that she was wrong, but he admitted that he and Nina no longer connected the way they once had. Nina agreed -- she had outgrown him.

At the nurses' station, Amy was surprised that Franco and Nina were still arguing. Amy hoped that it wouldn't turn violent because Amy had seen enough of the police for one day. Elizabeth asked what Amy was talking about, prompting Amy to tell Elizabeth about Finn's arrest. Nearby, Hayden ducked out of sight when she overheard Nina tell Franco that she could navigate her own life. Nina realized that Franco needed to feel like a hero, which was why he wanted to help Jake and was drawn in by Elizabeth's neediness. Nina's temper flared when he defended Elizabeth, so Nina made it clear that she was done. Nina wished Franco well and hoped that he got exactly what he was looking for.

Meanwhile, Hayden approached the mail basket at the nurses' station, but she was forced to hide when Elizabeth and Amy returned. Hayden wondered why she couldn't escape Elizabeth and snatched a set of scrubs to change into.

Moments later, Elizabeth approached Franco to ask if he had explained things to Nina. "No, she explained things to me," Franco answered and walked away. Nearby, Hayden approached the nurses' station and quickly searched for Finn's package. She found the envelope, but Elizabeth suddenly appeared and demanded to know what Hayden was doing.

In the park, Carly confronted Kiki about the kiss between Kiki and Dillon. Kiki promised that it wasn't how it had looked, but Carly didn't believe Kiki and questioned Kiki's intentions toward Morgan. Carly reminded Kiki that Morgan had been through a lot, but Kiki assured Carly that Kiki would always be there for Morgan. Carly wasn't satisfied because Carly wanted Kiki to be honest with Morgan about where Kiki and Morgan stood. Kiki explained that she'd gone through a difficult period after the shooting, and Dillon had helped Kiki to reclaim her life.

Kiki claimed that Dillon was a good friend, but Carly wondered how close Kiki and Dillon truly were. Kiki admitted that she and Dillon had been on the verge of becoming something more than friends until Morgan had asked Kiki for another chance. Kiki explained that she'd had fun with Dillon, and it could have developed into a romance, but nothing had happened because Kiki was with Morgan. "That's how it is, and that's how it's going to be," Kiki added.

Pleased, Carly apologized for being harsh. Carly admitted that she could understand if Kiki wanted someone else, but Carly expected Kiki to be honest with Morgan because Morgan had pinned his future on Kiki. Carly acknowledged that it was a lot of responsibility, but Kiki had to love Morgan enough to do the right thing and make a choice that Kiki could live with.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan told Dillon to stay away from Kiki because Morgan and Kiki had worked things out. Dillon explained that he would back off if it was what Kiki wanted, but Dillon needed to hear it from Kiki. Morgan insisted that Dillon would be a distraction, but Dillon wondered how being friends with Kiki posed a problem. Morgan admitted that he knew that Dillon wanted more from Kiki than friendship, but Morgan and Kiki had a past and a future, while Dillon and Kiki had neither. Dillon agreed to bow out if Kiki asked him to, but he wanted Morgan to agree to do the same if Kiki wanted to pursue a relationship with Dillon.

Frustrated, Morgan accused Dillon of inserting himself in the middle of relationships, including Dante and Lulu's marriage. According to Morgan, Morgan and Kiki were good together, but Dillon questioned that because Morgan had betrayed Kiki with Ava on multiple occasions, and Morgan had gotten Kiki shot. Dillon was curious if Morgan had any idea how difficult Kiki's recovery had been, but Morgan assured Dillon that Morgan was fully aware of what he had put Kiki through. Morgan insisted that he'd learned from his mistakes, but Dillon doubted that Morgan would pressure Kiki into a relationship if that were true. Morgan and Dillon continued to argue as Dillon suggested that Morgan feared that Kiki would choose Dillon.

Tensions mounted when Dillon patted Morgan's shoulder. Morgan shoved Dillon away, but Dillon refused to back down. Moments later, Kiki arrived for work and saw Morgan and Dillon arguing. She immediately approached them and asked what was going on. Dillon told Kiki about Morgan's demand. Kiki surprised Dillon by siding with Morgan and agreeing that it would be best for everyone if Dillon stayed away from her.

Morgan reminded Dillon of Dillon's promise to walk away if Kiki chose Morgan. Dillon wished Morgan and Kiki the best of luck and left. Morgan breathed a sigh of relief and admitted that Dillon had gotten into Morgan's head by making Morgan wonder if Morgan was good for her. Kiki assured him that he needn't worry and hugged him, but her expression clouded with sadness as Morgan held her.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny assured Anna that Julian had taken the bait when Sonny had let it slip that Alexis was pregnant. Sonny was certain that Julian was at Alexis' house at that very moment. Satisfied, Anna reminded Sonny that the rest was up to Alexis, but he wondered if Alexis could get Julian to confess to killing Carlos. Anna pointed out that it was the only way for Alexis to avoid going to jail for a crime that Julian had committed. Sonny worried about Alexis being around a "psycho killer" like Julian, but Anna urged Sonny to have patience because Alexis would need time to wear Julian down.

Anna acknowledged that the plan wasn't foolproof, but it was the best they had. Sonny feared that Alexis was in danger because Julian might figure things out before Alexis could get a confession. He reminded Anna that Julian had been willing to use Danny as a "human shield" to protect himself and would readily sacrifice Alexis. Anna conceded that they were like pawns on a chessboard, which was why they needed to stay three steps ahead of Julian. Sonny agreed, but he was concerned because, ultimately, Julian was only interested in "saving his own ass."

Anna advised Sonny to let things play out, but he reminded her that it would be up to him to break the news to Alexis' daughters if anything were to go wrong. Moments later, Carly arrived home. Anna decided to head out. After Anna left, Carly sensed that she'd walked in on something important, so Sonny explained that he and Anna had been working on a plan to resolve the situation with Julian. Carly offered to help if Sonny needed it but changed the subject to tell him about Kiki and Dillon's kiss and Carly's chat with Kiki. Sonny insisted that they needed to trust Morgan to figure things out for himself.

At Alexis' house, Julian asked Alexis to take a home pregnancy test to confirm that she was pregnant. Alexis informed him that she had nothing to prove and had never intended on telling him about the pregnancy. Julian wondered why Alexis was hesitant to take the test if she was pregnant. Alexis agreed to take the test after he cleared her name by confessing. Julian explained that he needed confirmation of her pregnancy first. Resigned, Alexis took the kit and went to the bathroom.

A short time later, Alexis stared at the stick as Julian knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. Alexis refused to answer. Julian returned to the living room and called Ava. He left his sister a voicemail message asking her to return his call because something had happened that he might need her assistance with. After Julian ended the call, Alexis entered the living room and handed him the pregnancy test. Julian looked at the two lines on the stick and asked what it meant. Rather than answer him, Alexis tossed him the box.

Julian smiled with delight when he realized that Alexis was indeed pregnant. Alexis clarified that nothing had changed between them because she still faced a lifetime rotting behind bars because of a crime he had committed. Julian promised that Alexis would not go to prison, but she pointed out that the only way to ensure it was for Julian to confess. Julian assured Alexis that juries were always sympathetic to pregnant women, and she could use the pregnancy to her advantage. Alexis was livid, but Julian was confident that Diane could punch holes into the prosecution's case before Alexis went to trial in a few weeks.

Disgusted, Alexis realized that Julian had no intention of confessing. Julian reminded her that their child had been conceived in love, which he thought was an encouraging sign. Alexis felt sick with disappointment, so Julian urged her to get some rest and left. Alexis flopped down on the sofa and closed her eyes. A short time later, she was startled when she opened her eyes and saw Anna standing at the end of the sofa.

Anna apologized, but Alexis worried that Julian might have seen Anna. Anna assured Alexis that she had waited until Julian had left. Anna was eager to find out if Alexis had gotten a confession from Julian. Alexis shook her head and admitted that Julian had been careful not to say the words they needed to hear, and Alexis feared that Julian would notice that the cell phone was recording their conversations. Anna suggested that Alexis wear a wire the next time.

At Metro Court, Julian left Ava another voicemail message asking her to disregard his previous message because he had great news. Julian smiled as he told his sister that he was going to be a father again.

T.J. confronts Jordan about Shawn

T.J. confronts Jordan about Shawn

Friday, July 1, 2016

Heather was escorted into a dingy waiting room for a visit with Franco. After the guard removed her restraints, he retreated to a corner to keep a close eye on her. Heather was disappointed that Franco didn't have another painting for her, but she offered to dole out more advice if he needed it. Franco explained that he and Nina were over because he refused to pass his "damaged" DNA on to another generation. Heather was hurt, but he assured her that it was a reflection on him, not her.

Heather insisted that Franco was a genius, but she dropped the subject of grandchildren to find why he was there. Franco was curious what Heather knew about Elizabeth. Heather tensed as she wondered why he was asking. Franco evaded the question by opening up about his breakup with Nina. He admitted that he and Nina had grown apart because of their different ideas about having children. Heather's eyes narrowed as she asked if he'd had an affair with Elizabeth.

Heather snickered because she imagined that Franco and Elizabeth's family connection had to be a little confusing, since Heather's eldest son -- Steven Lars -- was Elizabeth's half-brother. Franco reminded his mother that Elizabeth and Franco were not biologically related because they each had different parents, but Heather found it interesting that he'd given it that much thought. Heather conceded that Franco might not be having an affair with Elizabeth, but Heather suspected that he wanted to. "I don't know -- maybe," Franco admitted. He explained that Nina had forced him to examine his feelings for Elizabeth, and he'd realized that he was attracted to her.

However, Franco quickly added that his past with Elizabeth was messy because he had once kidnapped her youngest son. Heather conceded that it complicated things, but Franco added that he and Elizabeth worked together and had forged a friendship, and Jake was his art therapy student. Heather asked if Jake was as talented as Franco, but Franco carefully shifted the focus away from Jake by asking about Elizabeth's father. Heather smiled because she hadn't thought about her ex-husband in years. She recalled that Jeff Webber had been handy around the house -- he had been able to start a car with a paper clip and spool of thread.

Franco was impressed, but he wondered if Heather knew anything about Elizabeth. Heather shook her head because Jeff had met Elizabeth's mother years after Heather and Jeff's marriage had ended. Heather noticed that Franco seemed sad, so he admitted that he was preoccupied because he didn't know where he'd get his next meal. Heather was surprised because she'd thought that Franco and Nina had been living "high off the hog," but he explained that it had been Nina's money. Heather realized that he'd sold her "sandwich paintings" because he'd been broke, and she offered a solution to his problems.

Franco was shocked when Heather revealed that she had 1.5 million dollars in the bank because a man had made her an offer she "couldn't refuse." Franco worried that she had done something illegal, but she assured him that she had simply kept silent about something the man didn't want anyone to find out. Heather agreed to give Franco the money if he promised to continue to paint because she wanted him to channel his energy in a productive manner. Franco cryptically told her that he'd found a new way to do that, and he left.

In Jordan's office, Valerie asked if she had done the right thing by delaying Dr. Finn's arrest until he'd finished with the young patient. Jordan explained that part of their job was making judgment calls, and she assured Valerie that the situation had been handled perfectly. Relieved, Valerie's smile brightened when Curtis arrived to pick her up. Valerie bragged that she'd made her first arrest. Curtis was eager to hear all about it over dinner and ushered her out the door.

Moments later, T.J. entered his mother's office and demanded to know why she hadn't told him that Shawn was his father. Stunned, Jordan quickly closed the door and asked who had told T.J. T.J. angrily revealed that he'd overheard Curtis and Jordan talking about it. Jordan was surprised that T.J. had known for several days, but he angrily informed her that she was focusing on the wrong thing. T.J. was furious that he'd caught his mother in another lie. His temper flared when Jordan admitted that she didn't have any regrets.

T.J. felt sorry for both Jordan's husband and Shawn because both men had been in love with a liar. Jordan resented the harsh words and reminded her son that she deserved some respect as his mother. T.J. scoffed at the idea of respecting someone who had continuously lied to him throughout his life. He pointed out that he was an adult and was entitled to the truth, but Jordan insisted that she'd only been looking out for T.J. T.J. wondered how lying about Shawn had been good for anyone, but Jordan refused to apologize because she had done what she'd thought was best.

T.J. wasn't satisfied with Jordan's answer, but she assured him that he'd understand the desire to keep a child both physically and emotionally safe once he had children of his own. Disgusted, T.J. stormed out. Jordan wiped away her tears and called T.J. She left him a tearful voicemail message begging him not to do anything rash. Jordan admitted that T.J. had every right to be upset, but she didn't want him to do anything that he might regret. She asked him to text message her to let her know that he was safe and added that she loved him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valerie offered Curtis words of encouragement because she thought he deserved to work for the Port Charles Police Department, but he didn't hold out much hope because Jordan hadn't been thrilled with the idea of hiring him. Valerie changed the subject by confiding that she'd suggest they skip the meal, but she was starving. Curtis quickly called the waiter over to take their order.

Later, Curtis saw T.J. enter the restaurant and called out to him. T.J.'s expression was stormy as he approached the table and announced that he was there for a drink. Curtis realized that something was wrong, so Valerie excused herself to give Curtis and T.J. some time to talk. After Valerie stepped away, Curtis ordered T.J. to sit and talk. T.J. angrily revealed that he knew the truth about Shawn and that Curtis wasn't T.J.'s uncle. T.J. started to rant about Jordan's lies, but Curtis insisted that T.J. was being unfair because Curtis was to blame.

Curtis reminded T.J. that T.J. was a man and needed to act like one. Offended, T.J. asked what that meant. Curtis urged T.J. to try to see things from Jordan's perspective because her intentions had been good. T.J. disagreed because she had sent T.J. to live with Shawn without telling T.J. that Shawn was T.J.'s father. T.J. wondered if Shawn even knew, but Curtis advised T.J. to give Jordan an opportunity to tell T.J. the whole story. After T.J. marched out, Valerie returned to ask if everything was okay. "No," Curtis answered.

Meanwhile, Julian entered the dining room as he left a voicemail message for Ava about the pregnancy. Nina sat at the bar and overheard Julian, so she asked who was having a baby. Julian ended the call and joined Nina as he revealed that Alexis was pregnant. Nina remained silent as she downed half her drink. Julian wondered if she intended to congratulate him. Nina pasted on a smile and assured him that babies were wonderful, but she was curious if Alexis would be having the baby in prison.

Julian was confident that his wife wouldn't be convicted of killing Carlos because the case was circumstantial. As Julian and Nina talked, Julian confided that his marriage was on the rocks, but Nina promised that the baby would fix things. She advised Julian to be supportive, especially since Alexis had the stress of a high-risk pregnancy to deal with. Julian and Nina sipped their drinks as their gazes drifted to Curtis and Valerie. Nina was certain that the couple would have sex later that evening and admitted that she missed the feeling of not being able to wait to be alone with a lover because no one else mattered.

Julian confessed that he did, too, and wanted it back. Nina wondered if Julian had an issue being with Alexis because his wife was pregnant, but Julian shook his head. He revealed that Alexis had said some horrible things to and about him, but he'd readily run back to his wife if she gave any indication that she wanted him. Seconds later, Julian's phone rang. Nina decided that it was a sign and left.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was shocked that Anna wanted Alexis to wear a wire, but Anna thought it was the best solution because it would be too obvious and awkward for Alexis to keep pulling out her phone whenever Julian and Alexis talked. Alexis reminded Anna that Alexis couldn't manage to keep it together without throwing Julian out of the house, but Anna insisted that Alexis would have to find a way to win back Julian's trust. Alexis laughed because her husband didn't even care that Alexis would have to stand trial. Anna suggested that Alexis up the stakes by telling Julian that she wanted him back, but Alexis doubted that Julian would believe her because she had made it clear that she didn't want Julian near the baby.

Anna explained that Julian was arrogant enough to believe that Alexis was still in love with him and encouraged Alexis to use his ego against him. Alexis doubted that it would work. Anna was curious how Julian had justified Alexis standing trial. Alexis' tone turned bitter as she explained that Julian thought Alexis had a better chance of being acquitted because of the pregnancy. Alexis was certain that Julian would be glad when she was convicted for his crime, which was why Alexis worried that it was too dangerous to wear a wire. Anna offered to arrange 24-hour protection, but Alexis remained hesitant.

Anna talked about the night that Carlos had died and how Anna had been certain that Carlos had intended to name Julian as his killer. Anna thought it was wrong that Julian might get away with the crime at Alexis' expense, but Alexis blamed herself for the mess she was in. Anna disagreed -- it was on Julian because he had put the hit on Duke and had stabbed Carlos. Alexis felt responsible and apologized to Anna. Alexis revealed that Julian had confessed to ordering the hit on Duke after Anna had confronted Julian in the hospital, but Alexis had rationalized everything and married Julian anyway.

Anna's eyes filled with tears during Alexis' heartfelt apology. Alexis wished that she'd done the right thing from the start because Anna would have had the justice for Duke that Anna had deserved. Anna doubted that Alexis could have stopped Julian from ordering the hit on Duke, but Alexis regretted looking away when she had learned the truth because it had made Alexis culpable for everything that Julian had done from that point forward. Anna reminded Alexis that Alexis still had a chance to make things right by wearing a wire.

A short time later, Alexis called Julian to tell him that she wanted to see him the following day because they needed to talk. Julian was surprised, but Alexis explained that she'd had an opportunity to calm down, and it was important that they reach some kind of resolution for the sake of the baby. Julian offered to stop by later that evening, but Alexis claimed to be tired and in need of rest. After Alexis ended the call, she asked if Anna had heard everything. Anna took the wire from Alexis as she confirmed that she had.

At the nurses' station, Hayden was dressed in scrubs and had her hair tucked into a cap as she riffled through the mail basket. Elizabeth appeared behind Hayden and demanded to know what Hayden was doing. Hayden was saved from having to answer when Dr. Mayes walked up and ordered Elizabeth to help with a patient. After Elizabeth left, Hayden grabbed Finn's package and took off.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Dr. Mayes approached the nurses' station as they talked about Dr. Mayes's elderly patient. Dr. Mayes felt bad for Mr. Sclafani because the patient always became agitated when the pain medications wound down. Dr. Mayes admitted that it was the part of being a doctor that he hated -- prolonging the life of someone in as much pain as Mr. Sclafani. Dr. Mayes thought it was torture to keep people like Mr. Sclafani alive. Elizabeth was taken aback by the doctor's remarks, but he didn't notice as he walked away.

Moments later, Elizabeth spotted Hayden heading to the elevator and quickly intercepted her because Elizabeth wanted to know what Hayden was doing in the hospital. Hayden wasn't in the mood to deal with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth didn't care because she'd caught Hayden skulking in the locker rooms a few days earlier and pointedly looked at the package in Hayden's hand that Elizabeth accused Hayden of speeding away with. Hayden insisted that it didn't concern Elizabeth and asked what it would take for Elizabeth to leave Hayden alone. Elizabeth wanted answers starting with why Hayden had been in Finn's hotel suite.

Hayden refused to answer, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Finn was a prime suspect in a slew of murders and Hayden had been known to commit fraud. Hayden decided that Elizabeth needed to get "laid," but Elizabeth ignored the barb because she'd heard Hayden promise to keep Finn's secret. Elizabeth realized that she was onto something when Hayden tensed. Hayden quickly ducked into the elevator before the door closed.

Later, Elizabeth checked on Mr. Sclafani. Dr. Mayes entered the hospital room and told Elizabeth that the "poor old guy" had outlived his "expiration date." Dr. Mayes revealed that Mr. Sclafani had a Do Not Resuscitate order on file and asked Elizabeth to let all the nurses on the nightshift know. Elizabeth agreed and left the room. "What the hell was that?" Elizabeth asked as she returned to the nurses' station.

A short time later, Elizabeth remained uneasy about what Dr. Mayes had said and decided to check on the patient. Her eyes rounded with shock when she opened the door and saw Dr. Mayes on the floor. "Code Blue," she yelled as she ran to check on the doctor. She quickly determined that he wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse, so she began CPR. She glanced up when she sensed someone standing in the doorway. Franco watched as Elizabeth desperately tried to save Dr. Mayes.

In the local jail, Finn was motionless on the floor until a police officer saw him and quickly called for help. Finn opened his eyes and assured the police officer that he was fine. Finn stood up and slowly walked to the bars as he explained that the worst was over, and all he needed was some sleep. The police officer reluctantly canceled the request for an ambulance and told Finn to rest. After the police officer left, Finn's legs gave out, and he slid to the floor, writhing in pain. "Hayden, help me," Finn softly cried out.

A short time later, Hayden arrived with the medications and a syringe. Finn explained that she would have to give him the injection because his hands were numb. Hayden balked, but Finn insisted that she was his only hope. Resigned, Hayden followed his instructions as she filled the syringe, prepared it, and then plunged it into a vein. After the medication hit Finn's bloodstream, his muscles tensed. Hayden expression filled with trepidation as she watched Finn until he slowly began to improve.

Finn credited Hayden with saving his life and thanked her for the help. Hayden admitted that she had a greater respect for nurses after injecting him with the medications but warned him not to say anything to Elizabeth. Finn chuckled and agreed. Hayden decided to leave the syringe with Finn and promised to return first thing in the morning to give him another dose. Finn assured her that he'd make it through the night because of her.

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