General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 4, 2016 on GH

Jason and Sam were stranded on Cassadine Island with Nikolas, Ava, and a mystery person. Julian discovered that Alexis had worn a wire when he confessed to his crimes. Claudette tricked Maxie into hiring her.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 4, 2016 on GH
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Due to the Independence Day holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a recent General Hospital episode. The was a planned programming change and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the rebroadcast.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, July 5, and picked up where the Friday, July 1 episode concluded.

Claudette lures Nathan to her hotel room

Claudette lures Nathan to her hotel room

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie chatted about work as she and Dillon sat down for lunch, but she noticed that Dillon was distracted and questioned him about it. Dillon claimed that he was fine and changed the subject by asking where their new possible graphic designer was. As if on cue, a blonde woman walked up and introduced herself as C.J. Bolland. Maxie appreciated that C.J. had agreed to meet on the Fourth of July. Dillon suddenly realized that he'd forgotten the mock-ups in the office and excused himself to fetch them. C.J. smiled and wondered how Maxie got any work done with good-looking men like Dillon running around.

Maxie smiled and picked up C.J.'s résumé. Maxie was impressed with C.J.'s work history and asked why C.J. wanted to put down roots at Crimson. C.J. claimed that she liked the way that Nina had turned the fashion magazine around. Maxie sang Nina's praises, prompting C.J. to confess that she wanted to be part of the team and creative process. Satisfied, Maxie handed C.J. a menu and invited C.J. to order something.

C.J. noticed Maxie's engagement ring. Maxie gushed about Nathan and showed C.J. a picture of him. Maxie was curious if there was anyone special in C.J.'s life, but C.J. shook her head and assured Maxie that C.J. would have plenty of time to work. Maxie promised that no one at Crimson would expect C.J. to forego her personal life and added that C.J. might find someone among the good-looking men walking around. A short time later, Dillon returned and showed C.J. the mock-ups.

C.J. loved the mock-ups, but she made a few slight suggestions that she thought might improve things. Surprised, Dillon asked if Maxie had told C.J. what to say because Maxie had made the same suggestions earlier when he'd shown Maxie the mock-ups. Maxie had seen enough and hired C.J. on the spot. C.J. happily accepted the job, so Maxie invited C.J. to join everyone in the park to watch the fireworks. C.J. declined because she wanted to be well rested when she met with Nina in the morning.

After C.J. left, Dillon and Maxie agreed that they had liked C.J. a lot. Maxie thought C.J. was exactly what they'd been looking for and added that she hoped to kill two birds with one stone. Dillon was surprised when Maxie tried to play matchmaker by confiding that C.J. had mentioned that Dillon was handsome. Dillon made it clear that he didn't want to mix business with pleasure, but Maxie suspected that Dillon's objection had more to do with Kiki than with business ethics.

In the park, Morgan and Kiki spread out a blanket on the ground to watch the fireworks. Kiki unbuttoned her shirt to show off a festive bikini top, but Morgan looked away in shame. Kiki suddenly realized that he could see her scar from the gunshot wound and buttoned up her shirt, but Morgan promised that it hadn't been a reflection on her. He confessed that he felt guilty because he was the reason she'd been shot, but she refused to let him take the blame. Morgan relaxed, but Kiki sensed that something else was troubling him.

Morgan assured Kiki that everything was fine, so she let it drop and asked him to rub sunscreen on her back. Morgan caught the bottle and told her that he couldn't think of anyone else he'd rather be with. Kiki's smile faded as she recalled her kiss with Dillon at the Nurses Ball, but she pushed it away and challenged Morgan to race her to the snack stand. Later, they returned to their blanket with drinks. Morgan assured Kiki that she didn't have to abstain from beer because of him, but she confessed that it was for the best because she didn't want a repeat of Halloween when she'd been driving drunk and had run Carly off the road.

Morgan warned Kiki that things would be different because he couldn't drink and party like most guys his age, so he offered Kiki the opportunity to bow out of their relationship. He promised that he'd remain safe and sober if she decided to go, but Kiki simply kissed him.

In the hospital conference room, Nathan explained to Elizabeth that he'd been interviewing everyone who had been on duty because the medical examiner had ruled Dr. Mayes's death a homicide. Nathan revealed that Dr. Mayes had died of an overdose of derisifol, which indicated that the doctor had been attacked by the same person who had tried to kill Lucas. Nathan was curious what Elizabeth had seen, so she filled him in about how she had found Dr. Mayes, called out for help, and administered CPR. Nathan was intrigued when she told him that Franco had been the first to respond to her summons for help.

In the hallway, Liesl was outraged that she and Franco were under suspicion for Mayes's murder, but Franco suggested that she should be as used to it as he was. Liesl's anger dissipated as she acknowledged that Franco was right. Liesl offered to give Franco an alibi if he needed one, but he questioned if the offer stemmed from her need for one. Liesl didn't have an opportunity to answer because Griffin walked up to ask if Liesl or Franco had any idea how long the interview with Nathan would last. Griffin explained that he had patients to attend to, but Liesl reminded Griffin that he wasn't the only doctor.

Franco thought it was odd that he was the voice of reason and pointed out that a killer was lurking the hospital's corridors and murdering people without any discernable reason. Griffin thought the motive was obvious because the first two victims had been infirm, which suggested that the killer considered "himself or herself" an "Angel of Mercy." Liesl argued that both Lucas and Dr. Mayes hadn't been infirm. Griffin conceded that the pattern wasn't firm, but they knew for certain that Finn hadn't been responsible for the attacks, since Finn had been in jail when Dr. Mayes had been killed.

Franco's eyes narrowed with suspicion because he realized that Griffin had started working at the hospital right before the killings had started. Liesl wondered if Griffin was the Angel of Mercy, but Griffin suggested that they not accuse each other because it would create more problems. Griffin decided to check on some lab work and left. Liesl praised Franco for throwing off suspicion by accusing Griffin, but Franco questioned why she seemed worried about who looked guilty of the crime.

A short time later, Franco sat down to give Nathan a statement. Franco revealed that he'd gone to visit Heather at the time of the murder, but Nathan explained that there were 20 minutes unaccounted for between when Franco had arrived at the hospital and when he'd been seen by Elizabeth. Franco claimed that he'd gone to the cafeteria for a pudding pop, but Nathan requested a receipt as proof. Franco conceded that the cafeteria had been closed, but he had an agreement with a few of the workers who gave him free access to the walk-in freezer in exchange for him allowing their children to spend time in the art therapy room. Nathan was shocked that Franco's alibi was that he'd been stealing a pudding pop, but Franco reminded Nathan that crazy alibis were usually the truth.

Liesl saw Elizabeth at the nurses' station and advised Elizabeth to get back to work. Elizabeth pointed out that she was working and added that Liesl was no longer her boss. Moments later, Franco walked up. After Liesl left to talk to Nathan, Franco and Elizabeth fetched a snack from the vending machine and talked about Dr. Mayes's murder. Elizabeth questioned the timing of Franco's appearance, but he realized that she wanted to know if he'd killed the doctor and assured her that he hadn't murdered Dr. Mayes -- or any of the other victims.

Franco was hurt when Elizabeth remained apprehensive, but she was curious why it mattered what she thought. He explained that he didn't want her to think that the person who had given her a toaster had killed people at the hospital. Elizabeth smiled and assured him that she believed him. "It was the toaster that clinched it," she explained.

Later, Franco bumped into Elizabeth in the park as she juggled trays of drinks and food. Franco managed to take the trays without spilling everything. Elizabeth appreciated the help and invited him to join her and the boys for the fireworks show.

In the hospital's conference room, Nathan told his mother that he needed a schedule of everyone who had worked at the hospital over the past six months. After Liesl left, Griffin entered the room. Nathan reviewed Griffin's file and saw that he'd worked in New York City and asked if Griffin had been a priest at the time. Griffin nodded, so Nathan revealed that he'd once lived in New York City with his ex-wife. Nathan was curious which parish Griffin had worked in because Nathan's ex-wife had frequently attended church.

Griffin was spared from having to answer the question when a nurse popped her head into the room to let Nathan know that Nathan had a call. Nathan excused Griffin and picked up the phone. Nathan frowned when he was told that a woman had called requesting to talk to Nathan at Metro Court about a police matter. Nathan ended the call and left, certain that it was one of Maxie's stunts.

A short time later, Nathan approached the hotel door and noticed that it was ajar. He slowly opened it and stopped short in the doorway when C.J. smiled at him. "Claudette?" Nathan asked with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Hayden arrived to give Finn his next dose of medicine. She handed him the vial through the jail cell bars and offered to inject it, but Finn assured her that he could handle it. He quickly filled the syringe and injected himself. Hayden watched and asked about his night. Finn assured her that he'd been fine thanks to her. Moments later, Tracy arrived and immediately questioned why Hayden was there.

Hayden claimed that she'd decided to do community service in the spirit of the holiday by visiting people in jail. Tracy didn't believe her, but Finn was curious why Tracy was there. Tracy announced that she had good news and revealed that Dr. Mayes had been murdered. Finn and Hayden were stunned. Hayden pointed out that Dr. Mayes had been a human being, but Tracy was unapologetic because she had loathed the man. However, Tracy conceded that the doctor's family might not agree that his death had been a good thing.

Tracy pointed out that Dr. Mayes's death meant that Finn couldn't have killed two patients and attacked Lucas. Finn agreed, but he reminded Tracy that he wasn't in jail for committing the crimes. Tracy expressed her gratitude for saving baby Edward's life and announced that she had enlisted the help of ELQ's attorneys to negotiate Finn's release. Finn doubted it would help, but Tracy was confident that her attorneys would prevail and went to check on their progress. Hayden admitted that Tracy always managed to get what Tracy wanted.

Hayden was curious what Finn intended to do about the shipments of medications if he couldn't get his job back. Finn explained that he'd have them shipped to the hotel, so she offered to continue to fetch the packages until Finn received them at the hotel. Finn objected because he didn't want Hayden to get into trouble. A short time later, Tracy returned with a police officer and informed Finn that he was free to leave. Tracy glanced at Hayden and added that she had no idea what Hayden's relationship with Finn was, but Tracy was willing to set aside their differences for Finn's sake.

Finn suggested that he, Hayden, and Tracy grab a bite to eat, but Tracy declined because she was on a mission to get him reinstated at the hospital. After Tracy left, Finn and Hayden went to the hotel so he could freshen up and feed his bearded dragon before treating Hayden to lunch in the restaurant. Shortly after Finn and Hayden sat down, his phone rang. After Finn ended the call, he told Hayden that his source had decided to stop shipping the medications because of Finn's arrest and the fear that the shipments would be scrutinized. Hayden was alarmed because she knew that Finn needed the medications to stay alive.

At the hospital, Tracy asked a nurse where to find Monica. Liesl overheard Tracy and offered to help. Tracy was livid and accused Liesl of wrongly persecuting Finn. Liesl argued that Finn only had himself to blame because Finn had engaged in "highly suspicious" behavior and had refused to take a drug test. Liesl informed Tracy that the hospital had been within its rights to suspend Finn as well as confiscate and destroy his research. Tracy was furious, but Liesl explained that Finn had worked with infectious diseases, so his work area had been "sterilized" using the appropriate procedures to avoid potential contamination.

Tracy insisted that Liesl had framed Finn and destroyed his work. According to Tracy, Liesl deserved to be in jail, but Liesl insisted that the evidence had pointed to Finn. Tracy was curious if Liesl had been referring to the illegal search of Finn's locker when Liesl had uncovered the syringe. Tracy vowed to get Finn reinstated and warned Liesl that Finn might take legal action.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura and Kevin invited Spencer to order lunch, but he was saving his appetite for a hot dog eating contest. Laura was surprised by Spencer's holiday spirit, but Spencer explained that he knew that Nikolas would want Spencer to "soldier on." Kevin praised Spencer for handling the loss so well. Spencer beamed and credited the support of his family for helping him get through it. Later, Laura and Kevin invited Spencer to have a bite of their hot fudge sundae, but Spencer declined because he wanted to win the hot-dog-devouring title. Spencer waved around a napkin to make a point and dropped it.

After Laura and Kevin left to fetch a fresh napkin, Spencer gave in to temptation and took a bite of the sundae. Nearby, Laura thanked Kevin for indulging her by having a session with Spencer under the pretext of spending the holiday with them.

In London, Jason spoke to Sam on the phone and asked about her flight home. Moments later, Sam approached his table as she told him that she'd decided to remain in England and help him. Surprised, Jason greeted her with a hug and a kiss. Sam smiled and explained that Alexis had assured Sam that Alexis had everything under control, and Danny was enjoying spending time with the Quartermaines. Sam added that it wouldn't last much longer, so they needed to wrap things up and get back home to their son.

Jason told Sam that he'd tracked Nikolas and Ava to a garden shed on Huxley Lynch's estate, but the couple had been gone by the time Jason had gotten there. Sam was curious why Jason hadn't picked up their trail at the hotel, so he filled her in about Hux's hired gunman. Sam wasn't surprised because she hadn't trusted Hux. Jason revealed that he'd lost Nikolas and Ava's trail. Jason and Sam discussed possible places Nikolas had gone to where Nikolas could blend in, retain his privacy, and take Spencer without raising questions.

Jason realized that Nikolas might have gone to Cassadine Island. Sam was skeptical because it would be the first place that anyone would look for Nikolas, but Jason pointed out that Nikolas would be counting on everyone to assume that he'd died from the fall and been swept out to sea. Sam decided to check the airport to find out if anyone had booked a flight to Greece or chartered a private jet. Jason used the time to place a call to Spinelli for help.

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas invited Ava into his home. The mansion was dark and the furniture draped with sheets as Nikolas told her that it had been built in the early 20th century when the Cassadines had fled Russia. Nikolas assured Ava that they had the compound to themselves because he'd dispatched the staff to other locations after his grandmother had died. Satisfied, Ava wandered around the house and admitted that she was impressed. Nikolas chuckled and told her that it was a shack compared to the homes his family had owned in Russia.

Ava saw a leather tome on a table, bearing the Cassadine family crest. Nikolas revealed the book was a recording of the Cassadine family history, but he advised her not to read it before bed because what she'd heard about the Cassadines was either true or sanitized for public consumption. Ava asked about Nikolas and his family. He admitted that he was considered the "white sheep" of the family. Ava agreed that he was a good person, but Nikolas reminded her that he'd faked his death. Ava wasn't swayed because she sensed a streak of decency in him that was a "mile wide."

Ava confided that she was a little jealous of Nikolas because she had dreamed about being a princess when she'd been a girl. Nikolas told her that it looked better on paper. Ava and Nikolas gazed into each other's eyes as sexual tension flared between them. The moment ended when Ava confessed that she was hungry. Nikolas promised to find something from the stockpile of provisions Helena had amassed when his grandmother taken up residence. However, Nikolas decided to check in with Spencer first. Ava tensed, but Nikolas assured her that he'd given his son a burner phone to prevent anyone from tracing the calls.

Moments later, Nikolas spoke to Spencer. Spencer was glad to hear from his father but explained that he couldn't talk. Nikolas realized that there were people around Spencer, but he instructed his son to pack a bag when Spencer arrived home because Nikolas intended to send for Spencer soon. After the call, Nikolas went in search of food. Ava sat down with the book and regretted that she couldn't read Russian because she imagined there were some interesting stories in the book. Ava was startled when she heard a loud thud.

Ava called out to Nikolas, but no one answered. Nervous, Ava reached for a fireplace poker and prepared to defend herself when Nikolas returned with a tray of food. Ava immediately told him about the noises, but he blamed them on a draft. Nikolas offered to take Ava to the wine cellar to pick out a bottle of wine. After Nikolas and Ava left, Jason and Sam carefully entered the living room.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura and Kevin returned as Spencer ended the call with Nikolas. Laura became concerned when she heard what Spencer had said and asked if he'd been talking to his father. Spencer claimed that he often called his father's voicemail to hear Nikolas' voice. Laura let the matter drop as she and Kevin offered to take Spencer to the park. Excited, Spencer dashed off. Kevin assured Laura that it was normal for Spencer to try to connect with Nikolas by calling Nikolas' voicemail, but Laura explained that it had sounded as if Spencer had actually been talking to Nikolas.

Alexis wears a wire as Julian confesses

Alexis wears a wire as Julian confesses

> Alexis wears a wire as Julian confesses

Alexis wears a wire as Julian confesses

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

At Metro Court, Nathan demanded to know why Claudette was in Port Charles. Claudette apologized for the "cloak and dagger stuff," but she knew that he wouldn't have met with her if he'd known that she'd wanted to talk to him, since things had ended badly between them. Nathan scoffed and told her that it was the understatement of the year. He started to leave, but she implored him to hear her out because there was something important he needed to know. Claudette acknowledged that he had every right to be angry, but she insisted that he owed her.

Nathan reluctantly closed the door. Claudette explained that she'd been unemployed for a while and had decided to expand her horizons because New York City had been too competitive. Nathan's expression filled with dread as Claudette revealed that she'd interviewed with a fashion magazine in town and had felt an instant sisterly connection to the young woman who had hired her. Claudette claimed that she'd been stunned when the woman had shown her a picture of her fiancé and Claudette had recognized Nathan. Nathan was certain that her job interview hadn't been random and warned her that whatever she had planned wouldn't work because he expected her to leave town.

Claudette assured Nathan that he was wrong. She refused to let the job slip through her fingers and asked when he had become cynical. Nathan reminded her that she'd lured him to the room, knowing that he'd thought Maxie had been waiting for him. Nathan questioned how many times Claudette had lied to him in the past. She admitted that she'd treated him poorly, but she insisted that they each had their flaws and good points.

Claudette confessed that Nathan was the hero she remembered, but he wasn't interested in her flattery or her attempt to reminisce about their past when she invited him to watch the fireworks show with her. Nathan informed Claudette that he'd told Maxie everything, but Claudette appeared skeptical. Nathan wasn't surprised, since she had no concept of honesty. He suddenly wondered why she hadn't been deported back to Canada. She explained that she'd sorted out her immigration issues and was eager to settle down and start her new job.

Nathan didn't trust Claudette because he knew that she thrived on chaos. She promised him that she wouldn't cause him trouble. "But I could," she added with a smile and reminded him that he'd shot a man. Nathan argued that she hadn't been innocent because she'd had an affair. He also reminded her that her lover had never stepped forward, but she pointed out that she knew who the man was. Nathan asked if the man was okay, so she assured him that her ex-lover had recovered.

Nathan was relieved, but he admitted that he'd always regret what he had done. Claudette reminded him that all three of them had made mistakes -- especially her. She assured Nathan that she was sorry for hurting him, but he didn't believe her because she'd threatened to cause problems for him. Claudette conceded that it had been wrong and added that she just wanted to make peace so she could live in Port Charles and work with Maxie. Nathan warned her that it would not happen because he didn't trust Claudette. She asked him to move past it because her faith had taught her that to "forgive is to be free."

Nathan informed Claudette that he was already free, and he wanted her gone. Claudette reluctantly agreed to leave in the morning, but Nathan wasn't satisfied. He told her to pack her bags because he intended to make arrangements for her to leave town before the night was over. After Nathan left, Claudette smiled. A short time later, Nathan returned to fetch Claudette, but he was stunned when Maxie opened the door.

On Cassadine Island in Greece, Nikolas ushered Ava into the wine cellar and invited her to take her pick of wines. Ava screeched with fright when she spotted something scurrying on the floor. Nikolas assured her that it had simply been a field mouse, but Ava argued that it had been a rat. Ava explained that she'd had a phobia of rats since childhood and recognized one when she saw one. She screamed and plastered herself against Nikolas when she felt something run across her feet. Nikolas chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and assured her that she was safe.

Ava looked into Nikolas' eyes as her fear gave way to sexual desire, but she pushed it away and told him to grab a bottle of wine because she was eager to get out of the wine cellar. Nikolas smiled and snagged a bottle as he followed her into the hallway.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam silently slipped into the living room and looked around. Sam noticed the platter of food. Jason wondered why Nikolas and Ava had left in the middle of eating. Sam suggested that the pair was hiding, but Jason doubted it because Nikolas had no idea that Jason knew that Nikolas was alive. Jason smiled when he and Sam heard Ava scream. Sam wanted to race to the cellar, but Jason decided to wait until Nikolas and Ava returned.

Sam was curious what Jason intended to do to Nikolas. He realized that she was afraid that he might turn violent and assured her not to worry. Jason admitted that he felt sorry for Nikolas because Nikolas had had more than most people and had thrown it all away.

A short time later, Nikolas and Ava returned to the living room as Ava asked about Nikolas' childhood. Nikolas revealed that he'd lived on the island until the age of sixteen. He talked about his Uncle Stefan, who had raised Nikolas, battled Helena, and overseen the family's finances. Nikolas handed Ava a glass of wine, and she toasted to "no more surprises." Seconds later, Jason threw open the French doors and entered the living room as a storm raged outside. Sam was close on Jason's heels.

Startled, Ava dropped her wine glass, but Nikolas remained calm as Jason gave Nikolas two options -- cooperate, or Jason would be forced to beat Nikolas and drag him home. Nikolas imagined that Jason would enjoy an altercation, but Jason admitted that he wouldn't because he'd once considered Nikolas a friend. However, Jason was determined to exonerate himself by taking Nikolas home. Ava pointed out that Jason and Sam didn't have any legal authority to force Nikolas to return to Port Charles, so Sam threatened to call the American embassy. Ava warned Sam that it would be a mistake because Jason was a fugitive, and Sam had aided and abetted him, which meant that both Jason and Sam would be arrested.

Sam was curious how Ava and Nikolas had ended up together, but Ava assured her niece that it had been a coincidence. Jason decided that they'd gotten off track and asked how Nikolas could have put his loved ones through the heartbreak of believing that Nikolas had perished. Jason insisted that Nikolas owed it to Nikolas' family to let them know that Nikolas was alive, but Nikolas doubted that Jason cared about Nikolas' loved ones. Jason realized that he'd have to find another way to prove his innocence and picked up a recent newspaper for Nikolas to hold up as Jason snapped a picture. Nikolas refused, but Jason threatened Nikolas with bodily harm.

Ava advised Nikolas to cooperate because she didn't want him to get hurt. Nikolas reluctantly held the newspaper up as Jason took the picture. Nikolas warned Jason that a picture wouldn't be sufficient proof, but Jason insisted that it would be a good start. Jason typed a text message and attached the picture, while Ava asked what Sam thought about Julian and Alexis having another baby. Stunned, Sam asked what Ava was talking about, so Ava told her niece about Julian's voicemail message.

Sam was eager to get back home, but Jason was frustrated because the text message hadn't gone through. Nikolas explained that Internet service was spotty on a good day, but the storm meant that no one would be able to get online or use their cell phones. Sam assured Nikolas that the boat that had dropped them off would return soon, but Nikolas doubted it because the currents around the island were treacherous. Jason looked outside and conceded that the storm was bad, and they were all stranded on the island.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny held Avery and asked if she was ready for some popcorn. Carly entered the living room and set a bowl of popcorn on the table as she talked to Avery about the fireworks. Sonny admitted that it was a great day because Avery's mother had extended the trip, which had given Sonny an opportunity to spend the holiday with Avery. "I want my mommy," Avery cried. Sonny and Carly assured Avery that Ava would be home soon. After Avery settled down, Carly and Sonny agreed that it was a special holiday because Morgan was out of the clinic, Kristina was working, and Michael was focused on ELQ.

Later, Carly cooed to Avery as Sonny returned to the living room. Carly immediately sensed that something was troubling him. He explained that he'd touched base with Anna earlier, and Anna had mentioned that Anna intended to get Julian to confess. Sonny admitted that he didn't know the details, but he suspected that Anna had asked Alexis to wear a wire. Sonny and Carly wandered out to the balcony with Avery as Sonny explained that Alexis needed Julian's confession to avoid going to trial.

Carly doubted that Alexis was equipped to trap a man into doing what Alexis wanted, but Sonny argued that Alexis was an attorney and trained to use words to get information from people. Carly insisted that Alexis loved Julian and might not be able to destroy him, but Sonny pointed out that Alexis didn't have a choice because she faced a murder trial if she didn't secure Julian's confession. Carly wondered what would happen if Julian turned the tables on Alexis, but Sonny doubted that would be easy because Sonny had let it slip to Julian that Alexis was pregnant. Sonny assured Carly that a baby changed everything.

Later, Sonny, Carly, and Avery enjoyed the fireworks show. After Carly put Avery in a playpen, Carly talked to Sonny about Dante and Lulu's new house. Carly suspected that Sonny had had a hand the fortunate turn of events. Sonny admitted that he wanted his son and daughter-in-law to be happy. Carly smiled and accused him of being a control freak. However, she loved him and appreciated the effort he'd made to minimize the violence in their lives.

After Sonny and Carly kissed, Carly decided to take Avery to bed. She urged Sonny to call Anna for an update because the sooner Julian went to jail, the sooner Sonny and Carly could focus on their lives. Sonny assured Carly that Julian's days were numbered, since Julian could no longer hide behind Alexis.

In the park, Julian met with Hammer, who handed Julian a package. Julian thanked Hammer because Julian was confident that the contents of the package would keep Alexis out of Pentonville. Hammer was glad that he could help. Julian confided that Alexis was pregnant and wanted to reconcile. Hammer was happy for Julian and congratulated his boss. Julian admitted that he looked forward to finally raising a child from birth with the woman he loved.

At Alexis' house, Alexis spoke to Anna on the phone. Alexis admitted that entrapment was not Alexis' area of expertise, but Anna reminded Alexis that it was the only way for Alexis to save herself. Alexis realized that she had to get Julian to confess to killing Carlos and ordering a hit on Duke. "No problem," Alexis added with heavy dose of sarcasm. Anna realized that Alexis was afraid and suggested they go through a checklist to calm Alexis' nerves. Anna asked how the wire felt, but Alexis complained that it felt like a wire taped to her body.

Anna decided to activate the wire and instructed Alexis to talk. Alexis complied and reminded Anna that there was a lot of potential for danger because Julian was a lunatic. Anna assured Alexis that Anna, Paul, and Jordan were parked a block away in a van and promised to do all in their power to keep Alexis safe. Alexis jumped when Julian knocked on the door. Anna advised Alexis to take a deep breath and wished Alexis good luck. Alexis ended the call and opened the door.

Julian handed Alexis a bouquet of red roses as he wished her a happy Fourth of July. Alexis admitted that she'd forgotten all about the holiday and invited him inside. Julian smiled and asked how Alexis had been holding up. She assured him that she was calmer and admitted that they needed to work things out for the sake of the baby. Alexis confessed that she'd been as surprised by the pregnancy as he had, so her emotions were all over the place. Julian regretted that he'd added to her stress by demanding that she take a pregnancy test, but Alexis acknowledged that the trust had been broken on both sides.

Julian explained that all he wanted was to repair the damage they had both done. Alexis promised that she was willing to try, but she was terrified of going to jail. Julian assured her that she need not worry because he had a solution to her problems. Alexis was stunned when he opened a package and pulled out the dagger used to kill Carlos, still sealed in an evidence bag. Alexis demanded to know how he'd managed to get the dagger, but Julian told her that it didn't matter because without the evidence, the police didn't have a case against Alexis. He assured her that he intended to destroy the dagger before the police realized that it was missing.

Alexis played along and thanked him. Julian hoped she realized how determined he was to hold onto her and what they had. Alexis confessed that she needed to know if he had framed her for the murder he'd committed. Julian assured her that he hadn't and added that he'd mistakenly assumed that he'd wiped the dagger clean. Alexis mentioned the handkerchief he had burned in the fireplace and his bloodstained shirt as they talked about the steps that Julian had taken to cover up his role in the murder. Julian promised Alexis that he loved her too much to ever try to set her up, but Alexis remained skeptical because he hadn't seemed concerned about her going to jail until she'd told him about the baby.

Julian explained that he'd killed Carlos to make certain that Carlos didn't roll over on Julian and to keep him away from Alexis. Alexis admitted that it was hard to accept that he had killed Carlos for her, but Julian reminded her that Carlos would have told the police that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke, which would have destroyed everything. Julian explained that he needed to know that she understood why he'd done what he had. Alexis assured him that she did. Pleased, Julian went to hug Alexis, but she jerked away. Alarmed, Julian asked what was going on.

In the van, Anna, Paul, and Jordan listened to Alexis and Julian's exchange. They were surprised when Alexis questioned Julian about the dagger. Jordan stepped out of the van to call the station. Moments later, Jordan returned to the van to confirm that Julian had managed to steal the dagger from the evidence room. Jordan pointed out that they could arrest Julian for evidence tampering, but Anna wanted to wait because Anna was certain that Alexis was close to getting Julian to confess. Paul agreed with Anna.

Reluctantly, Jordan resumed listening to Alexis and Julian's conversation. Anna was thrilled when she heard Julian confess to Carlos' murder, but she asked Jordan to wait because Anna was certain that Julian would also talk about Duke. Anna smiled with satisfaction when they heard Julian confirm to Alexis that he'd ordered the hit on Duke. Jordan left the van with a promise to return when she had secured an arrest warrant. As they anxiously waited for Jordan, Anna and Paul listened to Alexis and Julian.

Julian threatens to kill Alexis

Julian threatens to kill Alexis

Thursday, July 7, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina was working on her laptop at the bar when Curtis walked up and greeted her. Nina returned his smile as he sat down and asked if she'd been working. Nina nodded, prompting him to broach the subject of the real men issue she had planned. He admitted that he had a difficult time understanding her concept of objectifying men. Nina smiled because the point was to make men feel the way that women had for an eternity. Curtis conceded that it was a great idea and agreed to be on the cover of Crimson if she was still interested.

Nina explained that she'd decided to put Julian on the cover. Curtis was surprised because Julian had sabotaged the magazine, but Nina couldn't think of a sweeter punishment than to have Julian -- naked and on his hands and knees -- gracing the cover of her magazine in newsstands across the country. Curtis warned Nina to be careful, but she was confident that Julian would cooperate because she had provided Julian with an alibi for the night of Carlos' murder. Nina assured Curtis that she'd told the police the truth, but she'd been fuzzy about the timeframe.

Curtis advised Nina to "lawyer up" and stay on the good side of the law because Julian was not worth getting in trouble over. Nina assured him that she would keep what he'd said in mind. Satisfied, Curtis changed the subject and chatted about his job search. Nina realized that she could use his skills and offered him a job with the promise of a generous salary and all work-related expenses paid. Curtis readily agreed, but he was curious what she wanted him to do. Nina instructed him to be at Crimson in the morning, and she would fill him in.

In the park, Aaron and Kristina relaxed on a blanket as they gazed at the stars. Aaron pointed out that the fireworks show was over and people were leaving, but Kristina asked to stay because she didn't want their night to end. Aaron smiled as Kristina kissed him. After the passionate kiss ended, Kristina thanked him for a wonderful evening and the delicious food because she had loved the fried chicken and potato salad. Aaron wondered if she'd pay for the food, but Kristina frowned as she asked if Aaron had used her as a taste tester.

Aaron quickly explained that he'd asked because he'd wanted everything to be special for her. Kristina was touched and assured him that he'd succeeded. She confided that she loved the fireworks show because her father anonymously donated the money for the show every year. Aaron was curious why Sonny didn't want anyone to know, so Kristina carefully explained that her father was "allegedly" the most powerful mobster on the eastern seaboard. Aaron confessed that he'd already known about Sonny because he'd searched the Internet about him after Kristina had introduced Aaron to her father.

Kristina appreciated Aaron's honesty but assured him that her father made a point of keeping his business separate from the family. Kristina admitted that she liked Aaron a lot, but he had doubts because he sensed that she'd been holding back a piece of herself. Kristina conceded that he was right because she couldn't believe that someone like Aaron was interested in her. Aaron kissed her to assure her that his feelings were genuine. Kristina smiled and suggested that they go to his place.

A short time later, Kristina and Aaron entered his small basement apartment. Aaron assured her that he wouldn't be mad if she'd changed her mind and wanted to leave because he didn't want her to feel pressured or regret being with him. Kristina appreciated the offer, but she promised that she wanted to stay. Relieved, Aaron kissed Kristina. After they made love, Kristina fell asleep. Aaron carefully got out of bed, fetched a glass of water, and returned to the bed.

As Aaron gently brushed a strand of hair from Kristina's face, she softly whispered Parker's name. Aaron's smile faded as he pulled away. Kristina woke up and accepted the glass of water Aaron handed to her. She realized something was wrong and asked what was troubling him. Aaron told Kristina that she'd said Parker's name in her sleep and questioned if she was truly over Parker. Aaron admitted that he cared for Kristina and needed to know if she had feelings for someone else.

Aaron promised that he wouldn't judge Kristina if she wasn't over her ex, but he wanted them to be honest with each other. Kristina admitted that Aaron was a refreshing change from her past relationships, which had always been messy -- including the one with Parker. However, she agreed that he needed to know the truth.

At Metro Court, Nathan was stunned when he saw Maxie in Claudette's hotel room. Maxie was equally surprised to see Nathan and asked what he was doing there. Nathan was furious as he approached Claudette and demanded to know what she had told Maxie. Alarmed, Maxie quickly introduced Crimson's new graphic designer "C.J. Bolland," but Nathan revealed that "C.J." was his ex-wife, Claudette. Shocked, Maxie looked to Claudette for an explanation. Claudette claimed that she'd started using her initials a few years earlier, but Maxie was curious why Claudette had changed her name from Beaulieu to Bolland.

According to Claudette, she had wanted a fresh start and had decided a name change would be a good first step. Claudette promised that the job interview with Crimson had been a coincidence, but Nathan didn't believe Claudette because she had lured him to the hotel room, pretending to be Maxie. Claudette insisted that she hadn't had a choice because she knew that he wouldn't have agreed to meet her if he'd known the truth. Claudette told Maxie that she had wanted to be up-front from the start because Claudette desperately wanted to keep her job at Crimson. Claudette promised that she had moved on with her life, but she suspected that Nathan hadn't because he continued to hold onto his anger.

Claudette suggested that the universe had put Claudette and Nathan together because he needed closure, but Nathan wasn't fooled. He was certain that Claudette had applied for a job at Crimson after she'd seen Nathan and Maxie's engagement announcement online. Maxie cut in to ask what Claudette had in mind to give Nathan closure. Claudette admitted that she had no idea how she and Nathan could find closure, but Maxie thought it was interesting that Claudette would need it, since Nathan had given Maxie the impression that Claudette hadn't loved Nathan. Claudette pointed out that Maxie had only heard Nathan's version of their marriage, but Maxie refused to let Claudette plant seeds of doubt.

Maxie revealed that she knew that Nathan and Claudette's marriage had been a "green card marriage" and that Nathan had fallen in love with Claudette, but Claudette had been unfaithful. Claudette was forced to admit that it was true, but she added that perhaps that was why their paths had crossed. Claudette insisted that she'd learned from her mistakes and was embarrassed that she'd hurt Nathan, but he didn't believe her. Claudette switched tactics and reminded Maxie that Claudette and Maxie had clicked during the job interview. Maxie acknowledged that Claudette was right but added that Maxie hadn't known that "C.J." was Claudette.

Claudette begged for a chance to prove herself and suggested that giving Nathan closure could be Claudette's wedding gift to Nathan and Maxie. Nathan wasn't satisfied and demanded that Claudette leave town because she'd pushed him to do things that he'd never thought possible. Nathan refused to give Claudette that kind of power again, but Claudette insisted that they'd both made mistakes. Claudette reminded him that his mistake had been irrevocable. Nathan smiled because Claudette had given Maxie a glimpse of who Claudette really was.

Claudette argued that Nathan hadn't matured, either, because he remained reckless and dangerous, and he talked without thinking. Nathan accused Claudette of being untrustworthy, but Maxie decided that she'd heard enough and suggested that she and Nathan leave. Claudette was surprised when Maxie told Claudette to be prompt for work the following morning. Nathan couldn't believe that Maxie hadn't rescinded the job offer, but Maxie explained that she needed time to absorb everything. Maxie thought perhaps Claudette had been right about the universe providing Nathan with an opportunity for closure before the wedding. Claudette assured Maxie that Maxie could ask her anything because Claudette was an open book, but Nathan wanted Claudette gone.

After Nathan and Maxie left, Claudette sat on the edge of the bed, smiled victoriously, and flipped off her shoes. Next, Claudette unpacked her bags and pulled out a wedding picture of her and Nathan. Claudette hugged the picture as she flopped down on the bed with a big smile.

In the park, Nathan stopped Maxie to ask why she'd agreed to let Claudette keep the job. He didn't want her making the mistake of trusting his ex-wife because he was certain that Claudette's appearance in Port Charles hadn't been a coincidence. Maxie agreed that Claudette was hiding something because Maxie had recognized the desperation in Claudette. Maxie opened up about her checkered past with Lucky when she'd fed his drug addiction and faked a pregnancy to win him away from his wife. Maxie regretted what she'd done to Lucky and assured Nathan that she'd seen Claudette's true colors when Claudette had alluded to Nathan shooting Claudette's ex-lover.

Maxie was certain that Claudette had meant it as a threat, but Maxie feared that firing Claudette would send his ex-wife straight to the police. Maxie refused to risk Nathan losing his job and possibly going to jail. Nathan conceded that she was right, but he was curious what Maxie intended to do. Maxie wasn't certain because it was clear that Claudette had a plan, but Maxie was mystified what Claudette hoped to gain. Maxie explained that an ex-wife only showed up if she hoped to win her ex back, but Claudette hadn't loved Nathan.

At Alexis' house, Julian questioned why Alexis had pulled away from his touch when he'd tried to hug her. Alexis nervously blamed it on hormones and nausea. Julian appeared to believe her and assured her that all that mattered was that they had talked things out and knew exactly where they stood with each other. Julian offered to get Alexis something to help settle her stomach, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Julian remained concerned and suggested that they call a doctor because he feared that she was sick.

Julian touched Alexis' forehead to check for a fever, but he was surprised that she wasn't cold or clammy like most people who were nauseous. Julian's hand slid to cradle her chin as he noted that she seemed fine. Alexis claimed that she needed to sit down and dashed to the sofa. She blamed her jitters on the pregnancy and being overwhelmed with everything -- including Julian stealing the dagger from the police evidence room. Julian wandered over to the package and quickly slid the dagger out and slipped it into the back of his waistband as Alexis rambled about calling to check on Kristina.

Julian urged Alexis to relax and offered to make her a cup of chamomile tea to help calm her nerves. Alexis thanked Julian and watched him disappear into the kitchen. She immediately spoke into the wire to let Anna, Jordan, and Paul know that she had a bad feeling and intended to leave. Alexis grabbed her purse and ran for the door, but Julian silently raced up behind Alexis and covered her mouth before she could scream. The teakettle whistled as Julian quickly located the wire taped to Alexis, ripped it off, and crushed the microphone. Terrified, Alexis kneed Julian in the groin and tried to escape, but Julian managed to knock Alexis off balance and jumped on her as she landed on the ground.

In the surveillance van, Anna and Paul listened to Julian and Alexis' exchange with growing trepidation. Anna wondered what was keeping Jordan, but Paul reminded her that it was midnight and a holiday. Anna argued that they had procedures in place to handle emergencies, but Paul urged her to have patience. Anna and Paul continued to listen as Alexis grew increasingly agitated. Anna insisted that they needed to arrest Julian before he realized that Alexis had betrayed him.

Moments later, Jordan entered the van and informed Anna and Paul that she hadn't secured an arrest warrant because Judge Chua hadn't been available. However, Jordan promised that she had left everything with a police officer to give to the judge as quickly as possible. Anna's fears were realized when the computer flashed a message that the wire had failed. Anna and Jordan jumped into the front seats, but the van wouldn't start when Anna turned the key.

A short time later, Anna, Jordan, and Paul entered Alexis' house with several police officers. The police officers fanned out, and, on the floor, Paul found the wire that Alexis had worn. Jordan decided to issue an APB for Julian and Alexis. Anna was filled with dread when she located the empty evidence bag from the police evidence room because she realized that Julian intended to kill Alexis with the dagger.

Meanwhile, Julian held a dagger to Alexis' throat as he marched her to a deserted area on the piers. He shoved her against a wall and pressed the dagger threateningly to her throat as he warned her that he'd kill her if she made any noise. Alexis' eyes filled with tears as Julian revealed that he'd known she'd betrayed him when she'd pushed him to confess a second time. He explained that he'd gone to the kitchen and called an associate. Julian bragged that his people had easily found the surveillance van and disabled it.

Alexis warned Julian that he would only make things worse if he hurt her, but Julian argued that things couldn't get much worse for him. He was furious that she had turned on him instead of trusting him to secure her freedom. Julian ranted about how he'd tried to change for Alexis and had given her all of his love. Alexis tearfully begged him not to kill her and reminded him that he'd be the prime suspect. Julian revealed that he intended to make certain that Alexis' body was never found, but she reminded him of their daughter. Julian insisted that Alexis had set the wheels into motion by not honoring their wedding vows, but she pointed out that he'd kill their baby if he murdered her.

Sonny saves Alexis from certain death

Sonny saves Alexis from certain death

Friday, July 8, 2016

At the hospital, Spencer sat on an exam table and moaned as he clutched his stomach. Laura had little sympathy for him because he should have expected it when he had entered the hot dog eating contest. Kevin gave Spencer a thumbs-up for winning. Spencer groaned and threatened to sue because he was certain that he had food poisoning, but Laura assured Spencer that it was a simple stomachache. Spencer asked for the medal he'd won and put it on when Laura handed it to him. He told her that he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

Laura told Spencer to rest and stepped into the hallway to talk to Kevin. Laura admitted that she'd been taken aback by Spencer's attitude about death. Kevin conceded that it had seemed a bit cavalier, but Laura thought it was odd for a boy who'd lost his father. Laura was certain that her grandson was hiding something because one minute, he'd been talking to Nikolas as if Nikolas were alive, and the next, he'd been gorging himself onstage and soaking up the attention. Kevin agreed that it was troubling. Laura hated being suspicious of her grandson, but she was determined to get to the bottom of things.

In the hospital room, Spencer noticed that it was time to check in with his father. He called Nikolas, but it went to voicemail. Spencer was disappointed and told his father that he'd taken a big risk in calling because Laura and Kevin had been hovering over him. Spencer asked if his father had gotten the picture of his victory and told Nikolas that he looked forward to seeing him soon. Spencer quickly tucked the phone under his leg when Kevin returned and told Spencer that Spencer had been cleared to leave. Kevin shifted gears by claiming that he was concerned about Laura and thought perhaps it might help if Laura could follow Spencer's lead and talk to Nikolas' voicemail.

Kevin suggested that Spencer loan his phone to Laura, but Spencer saw through the ploy and reminded Kevin that Laura had Nikolas' phone number on her own phone. Laura returned to announce that it was time to leave. She picked up Spencer's clothes for him to change into, but a phone slid out of a pocket. Kevin was surprised because he realized that Spencer had two phones. Spencer denied it, but Kevin told Laura that he'd seen Spencer hide a phone. Laura checked and quickly retrieved the hidden phone.

Spencer claimed that it was the first phone that Nikolas had given him, and Spencer had held onto it for sentimental reasons, but Laura saw the call log and noticed that Spencer had been calling and receiving calls from one phone number. Spencer decided to "plead the fifth." Undaunted, Laura asked what would happen if she hit redial.

On Cassadine Island, a violent thunderstorm raged outside as Ava finished off a glass of wine in the living room and asked Jason if "the prisoner" would be permitted more wine. Jason invited her to help herself. Nikolas glanced at the cell phone left forgotten on the table next to the bottle of wine as Sam assured Ava that Nikolas would be taken into police custody once the storm had passed in the morning, which meant that Ava would be free to do as she pleased. Nikolas suggested that Jason and Sam set up a videoconference with Jordan to prove that Jason hadn't killed Nikolas so they could go their separate ways, but Jason made it clear that it wasn't an option. Nikolas warned Jason that it would be a mistake, but Jason laughed at the threat.

Nikolas explained that Helena would not allow Jason to take Nikolas away, but Sam reminded Nikolas that Helena was dead. Nikolas scoffed because someone as evil as his grandmother had too much hate inside to truly let go of the mortal realm. Nikolas thought Sam and Jason had been fools to return to Cassadine Island after Helena had cursed Sam. The electricity crackled as Nikolas asked Sam if she could feel Helena in the walls and the howling winds. Sam and Ava appeared uneasy and jumped when the lights suddenly went out.

After the lights flared back on, Nikolas was gone. Nikolas raced to the wine cellar, shut the door, and desperately looked around until he spotted a flashlight. "Thank you, Grandmother," Nikolas said as he turned on the flashlight. Meanwhile, Jason told Sam to stay with Ava and went in search of Nikolas. Ava warned her niece that Julian wouldn't be happy when he learned that Sam had sided against her own blood, but Sam didn't care because Julian had killed Carlos and let Alexis take the fall. Sam realized that Ava hadn't heard about Alexis' arrest.

In the wine cellar, Jason saw Nikolas on the ground and bleeding from a head wound. Jason checked for a pulse and was relieved that Nikolas was alive. He helped Nikolas to his feet and took him back to the living room. Ava was horrified when she saw Nikolas and assumed that Jason had struck Nikolas, but Jason denied it. Nikolas dropped into an armchair and told Ava that he had no idea what had happened to him. After Jason and Sam retreated to a corner to talk, Ava scolded Nikolas for abandoning her, but he assured her that he'd intended to return for her.

Ava was surprised when Nikolas showed her the phone that he'd swiped from the table when he fled. However, she wondered what good it would do them if they couldn't use it. Nikolas explained that he would wait for a lull in the storm and contact his allies to ask for help. Nearby, Jason and Sam talked about Nikolas' injury. Jason was certain that it hadn't been an accident, which meant that someone was on the island with them. Outside, a mystery person spied on Jason and Sam.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny told Carly that he had information about Josslyn's donor kidney. He handed her a file on a woman named Ramona Danvers, but Carly didn't recognize the name. Sonny revealed that Carly knew Ramona as Theresa Adams -- the administrator of Josslyn's transplant team. Sonny explained that, after the transplant, Theresa had quit her job, moved across the country, changed her name, and bought a big house, fancy cars, and a country club membership. Sonny was certain that Ramona had supplemented her income with the organ-selling ring and had cashed out, but Carly was curious why Theresa would change her name to Ramona.

Sonny suspected that something had spooked Ramona and suggested that perhaps it was connected to Jake. Sonny was certain that Ramona could shed some light on it, but Carly appeared hesitant because Jax had told her that some things were better left in the dark. Sonny assured Carly that he would back off if it was what she wanted, but Carly was conflicted because she thought that she owed it to Josslyn to get a complete medical history in the event that there were complications down the road. Sonny smiled with satisfaction when Carly agreed to pursue the investigation. He signaled to Aldo, who stepped forward with Ramona in tow.

Later, Carly thanked Ramona for agreeing to talk to her and apologized for Sonny's abrupt departure. Ramona pointed out that she hadn't been given a choice about the meeting, so Carly cut to the chase and questioned her about Josslyn's kidney transplant. Ramona claimed that she didn't recall it, but Carly didn't believe her because it had been the last transplant that Ramona had overseen before leaving town. Ramona insisted that she didn't know anything about black market organs, but Carly assured Ramona that she was neither recording their conversation nor a police officer.

Ramona remained reluctant, so Carly vowed to make Ramona regret not cooperating. Ramona assured Carly that it hadn't been about the money -- not completely. Ramona insisted that she'd done a lot of good and had saved lives, but she had no idea who the organ donors had been. She explained that someone would contact her when an organ became available, and she would take care of the paperwork when it was delivered.

According to Ramona, everything had been fine until Josslyn. She revealed that she'd always dealt with the same guy, but things had been different with Josslyn's case. Ramona explained that children's organs were particularly rare, and she'd been surprised when a woman had shown up with a kidney for Josslyn. Ramona hadn't wanted any part of the transaction because the woman had nearly "scared the soul" out of Ramona, but Carly asked what the woman had looked like. "Older, blonde, rich, cold," Ramona listed. Ramona added that the woman had been accompanied by two men who'd been pure muscle and intimidating.

Carly sighed and, using her phone, quickly found a picture of Helena online, which she showed to Ramona. Ramona confirmed that Helena had been the woman who had delivered Josslyn's kidney and had paid handsomely for Ramona's silence. Ramona shivered as she recalled that Helena had wired the money into Ramona's bank account, even though Ramona hadn't given Helena the information. Carly asked if Helena had mentioned where the kidney had been found, but Ramona shook her had and suggested that Carly ask Helena. Carly explained that Helena was dead.

After Ramona left, she stopped in the hallway to call an associate and reported that she'd met with Carly. She added that Sonny had been called away, which had been for the best because she doubted that Sonny would have believed her story. Ramona promised her associate that Carly would never learn the truth unless the person decided otherwise.

In Aaron's apartment, Kristina told Aaron that he was entitled to know the truth about Parker. Aaron assured her that it wasn't necessary if she didn't want to talk about her ex, but Kristina admitted that she wanted to tell him because it was always in the back of her mind. Aaron promised Kristina that she could trust him. Kristina smiled because she wanted to believe him, but she'd had a terrible track record in the past for picking the wrong people -- much like her mother. Kristina explained that Parker had been her professor, not her ex.

Aaron was curious if Parker had wanted more, but Kristina shook her head and admitted that she'd been the one interested in having a relationship with her professor. Aaron realized it was the reason that Kristina had taken a break from college. Kristina nodded, but confessed there was more. Aaron assured her that it didn't matter unless she still had feelings for her professor. Before Kristina could answer, her phone rang. It was Molly. Molly tearfully asked Kristina to get home because something had happened to their mother.

At Alexis' house, Anna found the empty evidence bag that had held the dagger used to murder Carlos and showed it to Paul. Anna feared that Julian intended to use it on Alexis. Meanwhile, Jordan wrapped up a phone call with the police station and assured Anna that everyone was searching for Julian. Anna urged Jordan to warn the police officers to proceed with caution because Julian wouldn't hesitate to lash out at Alexis if he felt cornered. Anna and Jordan were startled when Molly suddenly appeared in the doorway and asked what was going on.

A short time later, Kristina arrived home. Jordan explained that Alexis had worn a wire and had gotten Julian to confess to his crimes, but Kristina and Molly didn't care because their mother was in danger, and they were desperate for Alexis to be found. Paul explained that it had been Alexis' decision to wear the wire, but Molly insisted that Julian was a psycho and might kill Alexis. Jordan swore on her life that she would find Alexis and return Alexis home. Anna added that everyone was looking for Alexis.

After the police had cleared out, Molly paced nervously. She was distraught because they hadn't received any updates, but Kristina promised that Jordan would call soon. "I hate that lying freak," Molly cried as she thought about Julian. Molly was furious that Alexis -- and Kristina -- hadn't heeded her warnings. Kristina reached for her sister and hugged her. Molly pulled herself together and went to her bedroom to call Ric because he might have some contacts at the police station who could give them an update.

Moments later, Aaron knocked on the door. Kristina assured the police officer guarding the house that Aaron was a friend and pulled him inside. Aaron was curious why the police were there, so Kristina explained that Julian had taken Alexis hostage. Shocked, Aaron promised to stay with Kristina as long as she needed him.

On pier 54, Julian had Alexis pressed against a wall as he told her that she'd left him no choice, but Alexis tearfully warned him that he'd kill their baby if he killed her. Julian accused her of lying about the pregnancy, but she reminded him that she'd taken the pregnancy test. Julian's anger mounted as he insisted that she'd found a way to fake the positive result. Alexis switched tactics and told him that she knew him, and she was certain that he loved her. Julian conceded that she had known him, and she had made him the best man that he could be, but she had also destroyed him, so the man she'd known was gone.

Julian softly kissed Alexis' cheek then sternly ordered her to march to the end of the pier. Alexis refused because she wanted him to look her in the eyes when he murdered her and dumped her body in the water. She angrily added that he'd have to look their daughter and grandson in the eyes, knowing that he'd killed her. Alexis warned him that Sam and Danny would hate him. "So be it," Julian callously replied.

"Freeze," Sonny ordered as he approached with a gun aimed at Julian. Julian threatened to cut Alexis' throat before Sonny fired the gun, but Alexis took advantage of Julian's distraction and knocked his arm away. Sonny sprang into action and tried to disarm Julian as Alexis jumped out of the way. As the men struggled, Julian appeared to gain the upper hand when he shoved Sonny against a wall and tried to pry the gun out of Sonny's hand. The tides quickly turned when Alexis picked up the discarded dagger and plunged it into Julian's back. Julian staggered back and collapsed.

Sonny checked for a pulse and determined that Julian was alive. Sonny picked up the gun and dropped it out of Julian's reach then reached for the knife but decided to leave it in Julian's back. Sonny turned to Alexis and helped her stand up as he urged her to pull it together because he didn't want her talking to the police when they arrived. Police sirens wailed in the distance as Alexis sobbed. Moments later, Anna and Jordan arrived on the scene, accompanied by several police officers. Sonny assured Anna and Jordan that he was unarmed and pointed to Julian.

Jordan called for an ambulance as Anna questioned Sonny about the knife in Julian's back. Alexis tearfully credited Sonny with saving her because Julian had intended to slit Alexis' throat with the same dagger that Helena had used to murder Alexis' mother. Sonny added that Julian had grabbed Sonny's gun and had charged at Sonny with a dagger. Sonny explained that he'd stabbed Julian during the altercation. Anna noticed the expression on Alexis' face as Alexis looked at Sonny.

A short time later, the ambulance arrived at the hospital, and Julian was rushed into a trauma bay. Sonny, Alexis, and Jordan were close behind. Paul stood in a corner and wrapped up a call with the mayor when he saw Anna walk in. Anna quickly filled Paul in about the events that had transpired on the pier. Nearby, Jordan urged Alexis to let the doctors check Alexis, but Alexis wanted to go home. Sonny offered to take Alexis, but she declined because she didn't want Julian to be left alone. Sonny assured her that Julian wasn't going anywhere. Alexis smiled sadly and thanked Sonny for saving her life.

After Alexis left, the doctor reported to Jordan, Anna, Paul, and Sonny that Julian had suffered significant internal bleeding, but he was stable and would soon undergo surgery to remove the knife and repair the damage. "So, you're saying he'll live?" Anna asked. "And pay," Sonny added.

Later, Sonny called to check in with Carly. She told him about her talk with Ramona and admitted that Jax had gotten his way in the end because Ramona hadn't been able to shed any light on the origins of Josslyn's donor kidney.

At Alexis' house, Molly returned to the living room to update Kristina. Molly revealed that Ric had heard that Julian had been taken into custody, but there hadn't been any word about Alexis. Kristina vowed to kill Julian if he had harmed her mother. Aaron offered to fetch Kristina and Molly tea or water, but Kristina asked for a scotch instead and requested one for Molly too. Shocked, Molly warned Kristina that their mother would have a fit. Kristina agreed and suggested that Alexis would psychically know and levitate home before Molly took a sip.

As if on cue, Alexis arrived home. Molly and Kristina ran into their mother's arms. Alexis assured her daughters that she was okay and promised them that Julian would not be a problem.

At the hospital, Julian's eyes fluttered open. "Alexis," Julian groaned. "We're not done," he whispered.

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