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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on GH
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Monday, November 18, 2002

As Alexis doubles over in pain in the park, she begs Alcazar for help, but the arms dealer just walks away. At the same time, as Luke gets ready to leave the Hospital after turning the Anger Management Group Session into a free-for-all, Scott suddenly reminds Luke that Luke is STILL under arrest. Cameron suggests that Scott release Luke into the custody of a psychiatrist - Cameron - and Scott agrees - over Luke's loud protests!

AJ runs into Jason and Courtney on the Docks and AJ accuses Jason of having ALWAYS intended to seduce AJ's wife. When Jason tells AJ that Jason believes that AJ is sick, AJ suddenly hits Jason but Jason quickly pins AJ against the wall in a choke hold, threatening to make AJ pay dearly. But Courtney begs Jason NOT to hurt AJ After Jason turns loose of AJ and leaves the docks, at Courtney's request, AJ confesses to Courtney that AJ deliberately provoked Jason to attack him so Courtney could get a good look at the cold ruthlessness of Jason when Jason is attacking someone. But Courtney tells AJ that she is tired of hearing AJ claim that Jason is the root of ALL of AJ's problems. AJ accuses Courtney of having had a secret yearning for Jason all along and AJ suggests that maybe Courtney should just go ahead and crawl into bed with Jason now. 'I just might,' Courtney retorts, as she storms away.

As Skye arrives at Brenda's cottage, she sees Jax and Brenda hitting the sheets. After watching for a few minutes, Skye runs away, sobbing. Skye returns to the Lake House and begins downing hefty shots of Vodka. After they hit the sheets, Brenda tells Jax how happy she has suddenly become. Later, Jax arrives at the Lake House and finds Skye snockered. Jax tells Skye that he is moving out and Skye rages at Jax for his hypocrisy, but Skye warns Jax that his love for Brenda will ALWAYS be haunted by Brenda's preference for Sonny!

After visiting Lily's grave, Sonny returns to his Penthouse and tells Carly that he loves her and appreciates that Carly and Michael are a part of his life. As Carly suspiciously asks Sonny if Carly stokes the same kind of fire in Sonny's heart that Brenda started, they are interrupted by Jason's arrival. Jason informs Sonny about his run-in with AJ and informs Sonny that, when Jason last saw Courtney, Courtney was on the pier, trying to straighten AJ out. Sonny leaves to confront AJ

After Scott agrees to release Luke into Cameron's custody, Cameron cuts across the Park on the way home and discovers Alexis doubled over in pain. Cameron announces that it looks to him like Alexis is in labor and Cameron rushes Alexis to the Hospital. When Alexis arrives in the Emergency Room, Alexis demands that the doctors find Ned. At the same time, Ned runs in to Alcazar. But, while Ned is threatening Alcazar, Ned gets a call from Bobbie, urging Ned to hurry to the Hospital, because Alexis is in labor. Ned manages to arrive at the hospital in time to coach Alexis through the birth of her daughter - Kristina. When Alexis's water breaks, Dr. Conklin informs Ned that they will need to proceed with the live birth because it is dangerous to leave the fetus in the womb after the bag of waters breaks. Ned tells Dr. Conklin to go ahead.

As Sonny arrives On the Docks, hoping to find AJ and Courtney, Sonny runs into Brenda, and Brenda tells Sonny that she plans to stay in Port Charles.

As Luke walks through the snow, following his release, Luke sees a girl who reminds him of Laura. She drops her keys in the snow and bends down to retrieve them - just as a speeding car roars around the corner. Luke pushes her away from the car, but Luke is hit by the car. When the girl asks if Luke is OK, Luke believes she is Laura. When the driver of the car stops to help Luke, Luke asks about the girl, but the driver says that he saw no girl!

Meanwhile, back at Sonny's Penthouse, Carly teases Jason about being seriously interested in Courtney, just as Courtney arrives to see Jason. Courtney overhears Carly insisting that Jason likes Courtney.

Back at the Lake House, when Jax assures Skye that he will give her a generous settlement, Skye informs Jax that there will be NO divorce!

At the same time, On the Docks, Sonny tells Brenda that Sonny believes that Brenda could NEVER be happy with Jax.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Skye and Jax's Cottage

Skye advises Jax that she will not be handing him a divorce. Skye compares Jax to Adam Chandler and Edward, claiming that he wants to throw money at her to get rid of her. She tells him it will cost him a lot more than money. Jax wants to know why Skye is doing this and she tells him she's the wronged party and she is mad. She tells him she is going to make his life as miserable as he's made hers. Jax downplays his lying, and maximizes Skye's saying her lies were unforgivable. Skye says everything Jax said was a lie and he never loved her. Jax has torn her life apart and she will not rest until she returns the favor. He will not live some blissful life with Brenda while Skye draws a breath. Jax thinks Skye has no say in whether he's with Brenda or not. He places all the blame on Skye, even though he's lied to her all along about Brenda. Jax leaves and Brenda crashes Skye's home. Brenda disavows her part in Skye's marital problem. Skye calls Brenda a lying slut. Brenda condescends to Skye about her sobriety, and Skye tells Brenda that she's a lying, manipulative whore and a bitch. Skye tells Brenda that she will make the divorce take twice as long and twice as painful, if it's the last thing she does. Brenda claims to have faced death a few times, and claims Skye is nothing. Skye pours herself another drink but tosses it down and cries.

The Docks

Brenda wants to know why Sonny thinks she won't be happy with Jax. He tells her she'll always be missing something with Jax. Alcazar arrives and wants to know why Sonny hadn't killed him on the plane while he had the chance. Sonny says he knows Brenda, and he wouldn't kill Alcazar in front of Brenda because of Brenda's mental problems. However, he will have someone else take care of it. Sonny questions why Alcazar sticks around PC with so many people wanting him dead. Alcazar is still obsessed with Brenda and won't leave town without her. Sonny alludes to Alcazar having an "accident", and tells Alcazar it's not a threat, it's a "heads up". While Alcazar is asking Sonny how he intends to have him killed, Taggert shows up and says if anything happens to Alcazar, he knows where to start looking. Jax arrives and wants to file kidnapping charges against Alcazar for taking Brenda. Taggert says Alcazar was "desperate", but his actions were not criminal. Taggert escorts Alcazar away from the scene. Jax wonders why Sonny isn't surprised about Brenda not having the disease, and Sonny tells him he knew already because Brenda told him. Sonny says that actually Skye told him first with Sonny understanding that Skye wanted Sonny to get Brenda before Jax got to her.

The Penthouse

Carly challenges Jason on his feelings for Courtney, then Courtney steps off the elevator and Carly departs. Courtney says she's there to throw herself at Jason. Courtney tells Jason that AJ told her he thought Courtney enjoyed being stalked, so she was there to throw herself at Jason. Jason reassures her that they both know what happened, she was being stalked, they like each other, and that's as far as it goes. He then tells her that his marriage is no more because Brenda isn't dying. Jason explains that they didn't even like each other and he married her out of pity for the disease she was supposed to have. After Courtney leaves, Jason goes to Carly's and asks her to pack Brenda's belongings. Brenda arrives to find her belongings packed and in the hall. Carly tells her she packed Brenda's stuff, no need for thanks, just go away. Jason tells her he'll file papers for their divorce or annulment tomorrow morning, since she's with Jax already.

The Street

Luke claims he pushed a blonde with a blue scarf and black boots was almost hit by a truck. After leaving GH, Luke goes back to the scene of the accident and finds footprints. He follows the footprints and finds a blue scarf.

GH Delivery Room

Alexis is complaining that Kristina is trying to be born too soon. Cameron is at her bedside as well as Ned. Dr. Bonds tells Alexis either the baby is born tonight, or the baby will be lost. Alexis is making a production of giving birth to a preemie. Dr. Bonds says they cannot do a caesarian because the baby is in the birth canal. Ned offers encouragement to Alexis to keep pushing. Alexis finally gives birth after much ado. The baby is whisked away to the Neonatal ICU for evaluation. Ned reassures Alexis that the baby is OK. Dr. Bonds tranquilizes Alexis to give everyone some rest. Alexis dreams that she's walking down the halls of GH and finds the Neonatal ICU where her dead sister, Kristina, is holding the baby. She sees both of them explode as Kristina did in Sonny's warehouse, then Alexis wakes up. Alexis tells Ned she needs to see the baby, so Ned takes her on a wheelchair ride. They arrive at the Neonatal ICU – Bobbie tells her the baby was having breathing problems. Alexis gets to see the "baby" (actually a doll) and starts crying telling the "baby" she's going to stay right there.

GH Floor #2

Bobbie is concerned about Luke‘s possible injuries from being hit by the truck. The driver claims Luke did it deliberately as an insurance scam. Cameron shows up and tells Luke what for, with Bobbie indignantly asking just who Cameron is. Luke tells Bobbie there was a woman who was going to be hit by the truck, but Cameron dismisses it and the driver reiterates the insurance scam claim. Cameron insinuates to the driver that Luke is nuts. Luke still believes there was a woman who needed rescuing. Cameron tells Bobbie that Luke's grip on reality is tenuous. Bobbie goes to call Tony to see if he can examine Luke's injuries. Tony is available. Luke tells Cameron to get lost, or he will show him a real demonstration in being maladjusted. Bobbie is concerned about the big bruise on Luke's side from being hit, but Luke minimizes the damage. Bobbie relays that Lulu really misses him and he should visit her. Luke still wants to avoid his parental responsibilities by making excuses to not be around, but Bobbie doesn't buy it. Luke leaves saying he is going ghost hunting.

Nik's Cottage

Brenda badmouths Carly thinking Carly stole one of her possessions, the wedding ring that Jax threw onto the street the night he married Skye. Brenda said she found it and says its fate. They share a noisy kiss.

Carly and Sonny's Penthouse

Jason says all he cares about is that Brenda is out of his place. Sonny returns and needs to talk business with Jason. Carly leaves. Sonny tells Jason that if Alcazar turns up dead, Taggert said Sonny is the prime suspect. Jason says there are other ways to get rid of Alcazar, and Sonny says its time to use them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

As Alexis stands vigil over baby daughter Kristina at the neonatal ICU, Ned arrives and persuades Alexis to give herself a break and go with him to get a cup of coffee and a breath of fresh air. Alexis is reluctant to go, but finally agrees. However, when Alexis returns, she panics when she finds Kristina gone. When Alexis spots Alcazar near the neonatal ICU, Alexis grabs a pair of surgical scissors from a nearby cart and starts for Alcazar, but Ned prevents Alexis from attacking Alcazar. Shortly afterward, a nurse returns with Kristina, explaining that Kristina's incubator malfunctioned and they changed Kristina to a new one. When Ned assures Alexis that everything is fine, Ned is surprised when Alexis angrily flares at Ned for convincing Alexis to leave Kristina's side even for a second.

Courtney meets Carly and Michael in the Park and Carly offers to let Courtney babysit Michael so Courtney can get acquainted with her nephew. Carly and Courtney have a heart-to-heart about Jason and Carly admits that, while Carly believes that Courtney would be a better match for Jason than Liz Webber would, Carly also confesses to Courtney that Carly KNOWS that Sonny would NOT be happy if Sonny's sister became romantically involved with someone as tied to a dangerous lifestyle as Jason is. While Carly and Courtney are talking in the park, Carly suddenly hears a strolling guitar player who plays a familiar tune.

At the same time, Carly and Jason's former cell mate in Venezuela is released and his personal possessions are returned to him. As soon as he is released, he cleans up and shaves, then boards a private jet. While on board the jet, he checks out his gun to make sure it is in perfect working order.

Taggert and Jax arrive at Alcazar's Penthouse Suite with a restraining order, directing Alcazar to keep 500 feet away from Brenda. Jax warns Alcazar that Alcazar's contacts in high places will soon grow tired of covering up for Alcazar's crimes, so Alcazar's days are numbered. When Alcazar tells Jax and Taggert that their piece of paper means nothing to him, Taggert warns Alcazar against goading Sonny or Jax into going after him - and Taggert strongly suggests that Alcazar leave town. When Alcazar leaves his Penthouse, Jason lets himself in and begins photographing the Penthouse from every angle. While Jason is photographing Alcazar's Penthouse, Jason notices the way the open French doors lead out onto the balcony.

Alan arrives at the Lake House and discovers Skye unconscious, surrounded by Vodka bottles and with a gash on her forehead. When Skye revives, Skye tells Alan that Skye saw Jax and Brenda in bed together at Brenda's cottage. Then, later, Brenda arrived at the Lake House to gloat about her renewed affair with Skye's husband. Alan worries that Skye might have a concussion and rushes her to the Hospital. When Alan asks if Skye wants Alan to call Jax, Skye tells Alan to go ahead. However, when Alan arrives with Skye at the Hospital, Jax meets them, but Skye appears to be angry that Jax showed up. Skye tells Jax about Brenda's visit, implying that Brenda came to gloat over her bedroom antics with Jax, but Jax believes that Skye's story is just a ploy for sympathy. Skye warns Jax that Jax has indulged in a romantic fantasy for four years but that fantasy will eventually disintegrate when Brenda leaves Jax for Sonny - again! Alcazar overhears Skye and hints to Jax that Skye lured Brenda into a position to be kidnapped by Alcazar. When Skye blurts out that she did NOT know that Alcazar intended to kidnap Brenda, then tries to cover her tracks by asserting that no one can believe anything that Alcazar says, Skye is dismayed when she realizes that Jax is prepared to believe EVEN Alcazar rather than Skye!

While Courtney is babysitting Michael in the Park, AJ suddenly arrives and tries to talk to Courtney. AJ again tries to apologize to Courtney, but Courtney angrily decides she does NOT want to listen to anything AJ has to say and gets ready to leave with Michael. However, as Courtney is preparing to leave with Michael, Jason suddenly arrives. Courtney tries to explain that it is NOT what it looks like - Carly left Michael with Courtney and AJ just happened to walk through the park - but Jason angrily warns Courtney that it can NOT happen again - EVER! AJ bristles at Jason's angry tone with Courtney and warns his brother NOT to take Jason's hatred of AJ out on Courtney. But Jason accuses AJ of trying to use Courtney to get at Michael and AJ storms away in disgust. After AJ leaves, Courtney asks Jason if Jason believes that AJ married Courtney JUST to get Michael back and Jason confirms Courtney's suspicions. Courtney breaks down in tears and cries on Jason's shoulder.

When Ned has trouble understanding WHY Alexis is so angry with Ned for talking Alexis into taking a little time away from her vigil beside Kristina, Alexis tells Ned that Alcazar was there in the park when Alexis went in to labor and Alcazar left her there - alone and in pain - and refused to do anything to help. Ned finds Alcazar and, pinning the arms dealer against the wall, Ned threatens to throttle him. But Bobbie and Jax pull Ned away from Alcazar and Jax tries to convince Ned that Alcazar is NOT worth wrecking Ned's life - just for revenge.

When Edward arrives at the Hospital, Alan informs his father that Jax has left Skye for Brenda. But Alan is surprised when Edward informs Alan that Edward knows all about it because Brenda has already brought Lila up to speed on all of the facts. Edward tells Alan that, since Brenda is NOT really dying, Brenda is having her marriage to Jason annulled and has re-united with Jax. Edward announces that Edward is throwing a party for Brenda and Jax at the Quartermaine Mansion and Skye is NOT invited! But Skye overhears Edward gloating at the return of Brenda and the resulting failure of the marriage of Edward's granddaughter to Jax.

Before leaving the Hospital, Alcazar runs into Jax again and Alcazar warns Jax that, if Alcazar can NOT have Brenda - no one will!

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Brenda dresses up for her surprise from Jax. They share an intimate moment that is ruined when Skye shows up at Brenda's cottage. She informs Jax that she has contacted her lawyer and that she is refusing to grant him a divorce and if he tries to force her to divorce him she will prolong it as long as possible. She calls Brenda a slut among other names and tells Jax that she will not allow her to be happy with Jax as long as she is around to stop the divorce. She threatens to smear Brenda's name in the press and in court if necessary. Jax tells her to leave Brenda alone but Skye tells him she won't. Brenda is hurt by her words even though she acts like she is dismissing Skye. After Skye storms out of the cottage, Jax comforts her. Brenda tells him that part of her understands how Skye feels since she used to be just like her once. Jax tells her not to blame herself for what happened. Jax takes Brenda to her surprise.

Meanwhile, Edward tries to throw AJ out of Brenda's party but Monica won't let him. AJ informs Edward that he is working for ELQ again and Ned shows up to confirm it. Edward is not pleased and criticizes Alan for having children who can't stay married to their spouses more than a year. AJ tells Alan and Monica that he plans on keeping his marriage together and blames Jason for why there are problems. Monica tells him to keep Jason out of it. Mac, Felicia, and Scott arrive to the party early so Brenda's surprise isn't ruined. The Quartermaines grill Mac and Scott about why they can't stop Alcazar and put him away for good once and for all. Mac and Scott don't know what to do and feel that their hands are tied concerning Alcazar at the moment. They hear noise coming from the front of the mansion near the front door. They all hurry into the foyer to surprise Brenda when she comes in. However, they are surprised themselves when Skye comes in the door and sarcastically thanks them for their warm welcome. She makes remarks about Brenda and Jax being behind them and on their way.

Brenda is surprised by the party but is quickly dismayed when she sees Skye and then Alcazar comes in through the kitchen entrance. He tells her that he still plans to leave Port Charles with her. She gets in his face and tells him that despite the fact that he still thinks he can get away with doing what he wants without being sent away, she won't hesitate to come after him herself. Alcazar is visibly upset and tears fall down his face. He refuses to leave right away. Monica orders him out of her house immediately. Mac tells him to leave quietly now or he will arrest him on trespassing charges. Alcazar leaves.

Meanwhile, Sonny had informed Jason that Alcazar may show up to Brenda's party considering how obsessed he is in getting Brenda back. He gives Jason orders to follow Alcazar to the party and make his move. Jason shows up and throws something at Alcazar's limo to get the driver's attention. The driver comes out of the limo to investigate one of the front tires. Jason comes up from behind him and uses chloroform to knock him out. He drags his unconscious body to the bushes and steals his hat to wear. He gets inside the limo to disguise himself as the driver and wait for Alcazar. Alcazar shows up outside and gets into the limo. He orders Jason to take him back to his hotel immediately. Skye gets into the back of the limo and tells Alcazar she is coming with him to the hotel. Alcazar doesn't stop her and tells Jason to take them both to the hotel. Jason realizes who is in the limo and curses but does what he says, with his gun next to him. As they drive off, AJ watches the limo take off with a curious look on his face.

Meanwhile, Sonny's preoccupation with business upsets Carly. Sonny reassures her that he doesn't care what Brenda does with her life and with whom since she is his wife and he plans to spend the rest of his life with her. Carly is reassured for awhile but a call from Benny interrupts their night at Luke's club. Earlier in the evening, a mysterious man shows up at Sonny's penthouse and asks to speak to Sonny. Max, Sonny's bodyguard informs him that Sonny doesn't meet with strangers unless he has been introduced by one of his associates or friends first. The man tells Max that a friend of his is an associate of Sonny's and recommended that he meet him. Max refuses to let the man enter Sonny's place and tells him that his friend will have to call and set up a meeting with them outside of his home. The man doesn't argue with him and leaves quietly.

He shows up at Luke's club and sits at the bar observing Carly, Sonny, and Jason who joined them earlier for a drink before heading off to follow Alcazar. The man continued to watch them all evening. Jason had approached Liz at her table while she was sitting with Lucky. He told her that Brenda was no longer sick or dying from a disease and that their marriage will be dissolved soon. Liz tells Jason that she doesn't think it would work out between them anyway and that she really doesn't want to hear about his life anymore. Jason accepts what she says but is hurt by her words and heads back to his table. Lucky asks her about her relationship with Jason now. She tells him that they don't have a relationship anymore. Lucky wonders about Luke's new shrink Cameron and how good he really is since Scott recommended him to the court for Luke to see. Liz tells Lucky to give Cameron a chance to help Luke since it is better than Luke going to prison and destroying his life anymore. Lucky agrees to give the shrink a chance.

Meanwhile, Luke follows the footprints in the park and waits around hoping to find the mysterious blonde woman he saved. A homeless man is close by and Luke offers him part of the park bench to sit and offers him some liquor to warm up with from his flask. The man takes the drink with his own cup and talks to Luke. Luke asks him if he has seen a blonde woman around who wears a blue scarf and is young. The man remembers seeing a woman of that description come through the park a few times. Luke grabs a woman who fits the description but finds out it isn't her. Cameron watches Luke from afar. He comments to Luke about accosting women in the park. Luke refuses to accept that the woman is a figment of his imagination. He shows Cameron the blue scarf and mentions the footprints in the snow that came from where the truck hit him and went into the woods near the park. Cameron tells Luke that the only person he is hurting with his delusions is himself and that he is using his delusions to be close to Laura who is in a world of her own right now. Luke doesn't agree with him and calls him a quack.

Cameron shows up at Luke's club to meet Lucky. He tells Lucky that Luke isn't getting better despite what Bobbie said and if anything he is getting worse. He tells Lucky and Liz that now Luke is seeing women who look like Laura and thinking he saved this one blonde woman's life by stepping in front of a moving truck. He tells them that the driver never saw any woman only Luke. Lucky becomes concerned and finds Luke at the park. Luke insists that the woman exists and that he saved her life. He tells Lucky he'll call him if he needs to be bailed out of jail and tells him to go on with his own life and leave him be. Lucky leaves him alone for now. Luke sits on the bench and sees another blonde woman with a blue scarf walk by him. This time he goes and grabs her and tells her she is that woman. The woman looks at him with a startled look.

Friday, November 22, 2002

In the Park, Luke finally finds his mystery woman. She reluctantly thanks Luke for saving her life and finding her scarf. Luke tries to coax her into telling him her name and, after Luke explains that he owns Luke's Place and tells her about the way that he recently lost his wife, Laura, the mystery woman finally tells him that her name is Summer. Later, Luke meets Cameron in the park and tells the shrink that he met his 'mystery woman', that she is NOT a figment of his imagination and her name is Summer. But Cameron continues to believe that Luke is projecting his fantasy of Laura onto an innocent bystander. Later, Lucky catches up with Luke in the park and informs his dad that Cameron believes that Luke is fantasizing about finding someone who resembles Laura. But Luke assures Lucky that the woman that Luke saw was NO fantasy - and that the one who has a mental problem is Cameron!

At Kelly's, Liz arrives for work and confides in Courtney that Luke's psychiatrist believes that Luke is getting worse. Then Liz confesses that Liz ran into Jason at Luke's Place earlier and Jason tried to explain that his marriage to Brenda will soon be ending because Brenda is not dying after all, but Liz still backed away from a potential relationship with Jason because Liz believed that Jason's 'work' was too dangerous for Liz to ever be able to accept.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Brenda apologizes to Ned because of the way that Alcazar ruined the party, but Ned assures Brenda and Jax that Alcazar will eventually pay for his crimes.

At the same time, at the neonatal ICU, Alexis confides in Cameron that Alcazar was present when she went into labor - and that the arms dealer just walked away in spite of Alexis' pleas for help. Later, Alexis tells Ned that she believes that SOMEONE needs to make Alcazar pay for his crimes, and Ned assures her that someone will. Later, when the nurses come to tend Baby Kristina and find her alone, they remark that it is unusual to find the baby without one or both of her parents standing vigil near her incubator.

Later, at Luke's Place, as Sonny takes a cell phone call from Benny, Jason and Carly's old cell mate from Venezuela overhears. Since Sonny and Carly are trying to be seen in case they need an alibi, Carly suggests that they go past Kelly's and see Courtney. When Carly tells Sonny that Courtney is feeling a little foolish for ever having believed AJ, Sonny questions HOW Carly would know for sure HOW Courtney was feeling about anything.

Back at the Quartermaine Mansion, as Edward fumes because SKYE ruined his party for Brenda, Alan informs his father that it would be nice if Edward could show a little compassion for the suffering his own granddaughter has been enduring. But Edward points out that BOTH of Alan's alcoholic offspring have managed to tank their marriages in less than a year. At that time, AJ returns to the house and reports to his father that Skye has already gone. Later, AJ asks Reginald who came in the limousine and Reginald reports to AJ that the limousine belonged to Alcazar.

At the same time, Jax and Brenda return to the Cottage and hit the sheets. Meanwhile, Skye and Alcazar return to HIS Penthouse suite on the fourteenth floor of the Port Charles Hotel for a nightcap. As Skye and Alcazar talk On the Terrace, Alcazar assures Skye that Brenda will NOT be with Jax for very long. As Alcazar suddenly kisses Skye, she lets go of her liquor glass and the glass falls fourteen floors and shatters on the pavement below.

When Sonny and Carly arrive at Kelly's, Courtney apologizes to Sonny for failing to listen to his warnings about AJ Carly and Jason's former cell mate from Venezuela follows Sonny to Kelly's, and, when Liz asks for his order, she recognizes him as the man who almost grabbed her drink earlier in the evening at Luke's Place.

Meanwhile, Luke arrives at Luke's Place and finds three women resembling Laura, holding up the bar. As Luke tries to strike up a conversation, Luke voices his suspicion that Cameron was behind the assembly - and Cameron comes out of hiding to confirm Luke's suspicion that Cameron had engaged all three ladies for Luke to project his fantasies onto. But Luke is NOT impressed. However, later in the evening, after the club closes, Luke is surprised when the girl who told him that her name was Summer suddenly arrives and asks Luke HOW he knew that her REAL name was Laura!

At the same time that Skye and Alcazar hit the sheets in Alcazar's Penthouse Suite at the Port Charles Hotel, Jason silently slips unnoticed in to the command center for the surveillance cameras of the Hotel, chloroforms the night watchman, and shuts off the video camera trained on Alcazar's floor.

Meanwhile, Brenda leaves Jax sleeping in bed and slips out of the Cottage - alone.

In the meantime, as Sonny and Carly talk to Courtney, AJ arrives and startles Sonny by guessing that Sonny is trying to be seen in public because something is going down tonight and Sonny wants to make sure he has an alibi. Sonny accuses AJ of making false accusations, but, after AJ goes into the kitchen to try to speak with Courtney, Sonny calls Jason and tells Jason that, since AJ is suspicious about something going down, they need to postpone the hit on Alcazar. In the kitchen, AJ tries again to apologize to Courtney, but Courtney just accuses AJ of using her to get to Michael.

At the same time, Jax awakens at the Cottage and realizes that Brenda is missing.

As Jason prepares to leave the Port Charles Hotel, he glances up and notices that, on one of the monitors, Jason can see Brenda headed toward Alcazar's suite. Jason starts up the stairway to intercept Brenda. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Stranger passes in the street below Alcazar's Penthouse Suite and steps on the broken glass from Skye's liquor glass, now covered by snow.

While Jason races up the stairs to try to prevent Brenda from entering Alcazar's Penthouse, Jax enters the building through the Lobby when a celebrating couple leaves for a party. Brenda's loud knocking on Alcazar's door wakes Alcazar - but not Skye. When Alcazar lets Brenda in, Alcazar tells Brenda that he will NEVER let her be happy with anyone else and Luis promises that either Alcazar will kill Jax - OR Jax will go to prison for killing Alcazar - but, either way, BRENDA will lose! When Alcazar tries to kiss Brenda, she struggles with him and loses her bracelet in the struggle. Then she runs out the door. But, as Brenda bumps into a dinner cart in the hallway, she discovers a steak knife, and picks it up, staring at it.

Skye is wakened by the sound of Luis and Brenda arguing in the next room, and woozily tries to get out of bed and struggles toward the door. In the meantime, Jason and Jax both rush up different flights of stairs in an effort to intercept Brenda BEFORE Brenda gets to Luis. Alcazar goes out on the balcony, then turns when he hears someone behind him. Alcazar recognizes the person who is moving toward the balcony and asks in an irritated tone of voice: "Now what?"

In the next moment, Alcazar free-falls fourteen floors, hurtling onto the hood of a car below.

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