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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on GH
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Monday, March 10, 2003

At the Grill, Luke interrupted Nikolas's meeting with his lawyer and demanded that Nikolas give him power of attorney over Laura's care. Nikolas reminded Luke that he and Laura were not legally married, and that Luke had not always acted in Laura's best interest. A furious Luke pushed harder for control, but Nikolas would not back down.

Jax and Summer hit it off. He offered to pay $1500 cash instead of the $1000 she had asked for. They were enjoying some champagne when they were interrupted by a phone call from Ned. When Jax hung up he told Summer that they would have to reschedule their "date." He said it wouldn't take long and asked Summer to wait at the bar for him. Summer was sitting at the bar when, to her contempt, Scott sat down next to her. Summer got a glimpse of Luke in the next room but was disappointed when he only smiled politely and left. Scott told her that she was wasting her time pining after a married man. Jax returned, but with Scott present Summer pretended not to know him. Summer left and went to Kelley's. She saw Lucky there, but he brushed her off. Her mood brightened when Brea's courier arrived with a note from Jax, saying he hoped to see her again. Luke passed by but decided not to go in when he saw Summer sitting at the counter.

Courtney and Jason made love. Courtney asked Jason why he came back to her, and Jason replied that he loved her and that he had to let her make her own choices. Jason's cell phone rang, and Benny told him to get over to the Cellar.

At the Cellar, Sam missed Sonny and instead shot Rick. As Rick collapsed to the floor, Sonny rushed Carly out of the room. Concerned for her and the baby's health, he insisted that Carly go to the hospital and be examined. Taggert interrupted them and asked Sonny who was after him. Carly and Sonny avoided Taggert's questions and left for the hospital. Sonny told Benny to find out who had done this. After Sonny left, Benny called Jason and told him what had happened. Upstairs at Kelley's, Liz and Lucky heard the commotion and ran down to the Cellar, passing Sam on the stairs. When Liz realized that Rick had been shot she ran to his side and called for a doctor. The doctor tended to Rick while they waited for an ambulance. Liz was stunned at Sonny's apparent indifference.

Jason and Courtney went to the hospital. Liz told Jason that he should have been hit, not Rick. Jason sent Courtney to the Grill, where she would be surrounded by people, to wait for a guard to take her to a safe place. Jason went to the Cellar, where he searched the premises and found tape in the women's restroom where Sam had hidden her weapon. Jason overheard Lucky telling Taggert that the only person he had seen was a woman running up the stairs on his way down. Pulling Lucky aside, Jason confided that the shooter could be a woman and asked Lucky for more details. Lucky told him that he had seen a young, African-American woman race up the stairs.

At the hospital, Sonny and Carly were relieved to hear that their baby was unharmed. Sonny continued to fuss over Carly until Liz walked up. Liz blamed Sonny for Rick getting shot then walked off. Liz went to Rick's room where Bobbi allowed a short visit. Carly arrived and told Liz that she needed to speak to Rick alone. Rick told Carly she would have been better off if he had died since the baby might be his. Out in the hallway, Liz again told Sonny that he was responsible for Rick's injury. Sonny asked Liz why she was suddenly so angry toward him, and she said that she finally realized that nobody near him is safe. Sonny went into Rick's room. He told Rick to take care of himself but showed no gratitude or concern. Back in the lobby, Carly expresses her relief that Jason had not been at the Cellar. Sonny told Carly that he fired Jason. Although Carly insisted that was a huge mistake, Sonny refused to let Jason continue his work since he couldn't stay away from Courtney as he had asked.

Ned pulled Faith aside and demanded to know where she got the money to set up the hit on Sonny. Faith denied it, but Ned was not convinced. He told her that he was not interested in violence and ended their partnership. Ned called Jax and told him to stop any financial attacks against Sonny that were in the works lest they tied to the hit against Sonny. Edward overheard Ned and Faith's interaction and realized that his money had paid for the hit.

Faith met up with Sam at the Grill's bar and was surprisingly calm despite the failed hit. Sam told her that she knew a crowded bar was no place for a hit, and that it would have been successful had she been permitted to do it her way. Faith paid her the money regardless, and ordered Sam a glass of wine. After drinking the wine, Sam collapsed on the floor. Courtney, sitting nearby, ran to her aide. Jason walked in and pulled Courtney in the next room, grabbing Sam's purse. Courtney asked what he was doing, and Jason pulled a gun out of Sam's purse. He told Courtney that Sam was the shooter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Ned went to Faith's suite and showed her the front page newspaper article about the shooting. He berated her for putting him in danger and for ruining his own plans for Sonny. Faith tried to seduce him, but Ned grabbed her by the throat. Faith reached for a pair of scissors. Ned took them and told Faith she would need more than that when Sonny came for her.

At General Hospital, Cameron told Alexis he was kidnapping her and encouraged her to go along with his plan. He told the guard that he was trying a radical new treatment method. The reluctant guard gave in when Alexis pretended to start panicking. Cameron slipped Alexis out of the hospital and took her to the gatehouse to visit Kristina. Alexis was very grateful to hold her baby and promised Cameron she would return the favor by helping him reconnect with Zander. Ned arrived and questioned Cameron's judgment taking Alexis out of the hospital. Cameron reassured him that it was fine and took Alexis back to the hospital without anyone noticing her absence. Back at the hospital, Alexis told Ned that she was afraid something bad was about to happen.

Edward went to see Ned at the gatehouse and told him the gardener had informed him of Alexis's visit. He told Ned it was not good for the baby to have her unstable mother around. Ned told him that Kristina would never live under Edward's roof and to stop trying to control her.

At the Cellar, Sonny told Carly that he had arranged for Leticia to take Michael to the island and that he wanted Carly to go with them. Carly said she would only go if he went with her, that she needed him by her side during the pregnancy. She refused to go when Sonny said it was impossible for him to go with them.

Scott grilled Courtney about being at the Grill when Sam collapsed, implying that she was somehow involved in the death of her brother's would-be killer. Jason came to her defense and told Scott to back off. When the autopsy report came in declaring Sam's death due to natural causes, Scott had no choice but to let them leave.

Jason went to the Cellar to tell Sonny that Faith had hired the shooter. Sonny asked Jason if he was still with Courtney. When Jason replied that he was, Sonny reminded him that he no longer worked for him. Jason refused to leave Sonny unprotected, but Sonny told him that he had taught him everything he knew and had survived before Jason came around. Jason insisted that he was not being disloyal by loving Courtney and that he could keep them all safe, but Sonny became more angry and told him to leave.

Courtney went to the hospital and, seeing Ric through the window of his room, became emotional thinking it could have been Jason. Carly arrived and told Courtney that she couldn't think that way and live full of fear. Carly told her about how she had turned Sonny into the FBI trying to get him out of the business. Courtney was surprised to hear that Sonny had been able to forgive such a thing. Jason arrived back at Courtney's apartment to find her baking cookies. He laughed that he had always told Brenda to make herself useful and bake some cookies when she was living with him during their marriage. Courtney said she thought Brenda hadn't minded being married to him as much as she pretended to. Jason told Courtney that he had made his own choice, but that actually Brenda had told him to go back to her. They shared a tender hug. Jason told Courtney that Sonny had fired him for getting back together with her.

Liz visited Ric in his hospital room. She could not believe it when Ric told her he still intended to pursue a job in Sonny's organization. She said she was making that same mistake with him that she had with Jason, thinking that he would realize the danger and back away, but then she apologized for telling Ric what to do when they weren't even in a real relationship. Carly walked in, and though Liz wanted her to leave so as not to upset Ric, he asked Liz to give them a few moments alone. Carly asked Ric what he expected in return just for crossing the room at the wrong time and getting shot. Ric said he only wanted what he was due.

Monica and Alan were furious to hear that Edward had hired a renovator to build a nursery in the mansion. Edward defended his actions and said he was only acting in the baby's best interest. Later, Edward met Faith at the grill. He demanded that she find a way to get Ned back since he had paid her to be seen in public with Ned as a couple. Edward told Faith to mind her own business when she asked why he wanted them together. He reminded her that he had plenty of evidence that she had hired the shooter, and though he didn't want to use it against her, he would if she didn't do as he told her to.

Faith entered her suite and found Sonny sitting at her table. He told her to sit. Though she denied any tie to the shooting, he coldly told her that she had been sloppy using the same method to kill both her grandmother and the shooter and then offered her a glass of sherry.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

In Faith's Hotel Room, without wearing gloves, Sonny holds the glass of sherry out to Faith and demands that she drink it - but Faith refuses. As Sonny warns Faith that she can go easy or go hard, but she WILL be going, Faith protests that she is too small-time to be the one who ordered a hit on Sonny. Sonny warns Faith NOT to tell herself that Sonny would NOT murder a woman! Sonny informs Faith that, while Faith missed - Sonny will NOT miss! As Sonny tells Faith that she IS going to die, Benny arrives and intervenes. Sonny informs Benny that Benny CAN say anything in front of Faith, because she is going to die any way. Benny tries to inform Sonny that Benny found out that the payoff to the hit woman came from Miami. As Faith continues to tell Sonny that Sonny is about to kill the wrong person - Sonny reminds Faith that Sonny will NOT get his hands dirty but WILL see to it that Faith IS removed! Later, Faith visits Scott at the Port Charles Police Department to protest her innocence in the shoot-out - and also informs Scott that Sonny is using the shooting at the club as an excuse to threaten to murder Faith. Scott informs Faith that, IF she had been smart enough to tape Sonny threatening her, Scott would have a reason to go after Sonny. But, without any proof that Sonny actually threatened Faith, the only thing Scott can offer to the mob widow is the assurance that Scott WILL go after Sonny if Faith ends up mysteriously dead! Meanwhile, at the apartment they share, Jason assures Courtney that Sonny can NOT order Jason to stay away from Courtney. But, when Courtney asks if Jason plans to end his career as a mob hit man now that Sonny has turned his back on Jason, Jason announces that he will NEVER do that! As Jason explains to Courtney that he once tried to quit the business, but discovered that Sonny's business was the only life that Jason knew, Jason receives a desperate call from Benny, who announces that he needs to meet with Jason immediately at Kelly's, because Sonny is out of control!

At the Hospital, when Carly visits Ric, Carly declares that Ric was NOT being heroic when he was shot - just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. But Ric accuses Carly of wanting him to leave and take the knowledge of their night together with him. Carly warns Ric that Ric needs to be worried about how far Carly would be willing to go to protect her husband! Ric protests that he is truly Carly's friend and just wants what is best for her, but Carly refuses to believe Ric. Ric admits that all Ric wants is access to Sonny's money and power so that Ric can make all of them VERY rich! But, when Ric argues that he COULD be a valuable asset to Sonny as his attorney, Carly refuses to listen. In spite of Carly's warnings, Ric remains convinced that being shot has proven his loyalty to Sonny.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Edward stops by Alexis's room to complain about her visit to the Gate House to see Kristina. Edward proclaims his opinion that Alexis is a danger to Kristina. When Alexis shouts at Edward to get out, Cameron intervenes and orders Edward to leave. As Edward leaves, Alexis orders Edward to stay away from Kristina. After Edward leaves, Cameron reminds Alexis that, IF she can NOT keep her emotions under control, Alexis will end up sinking her OWN case in Court! In the meantime, Scott hauls Zander into the District Attorney's office and threatens to trump up some new charges against Zander unless Zander helps Scott dig up dirt on Alexis! But Zander refuses, reminding Scott that Alexis has saved Zander's bacon many times in the past when no one else cared about Zander. Later, Zander visits Alexis to give her a heads up about Scott's effort to lean on Zander in an attempt to squeeze out information about Alexis's defense. Zander warns Alexis that Baldwin is out for blood and that, IF it gets bad, Cameron WILL bail because Cameron can NOT handle failure! Zander encourages Alexis to have a back-up plan and find another shrink to help prove her innocent. But, when Cameron arrives, and demands to know WHY Zander is there, Zander calmly announces that he just warned Alexis NOT to trust Cameron! Zander is surprised when Alexis suddenly expresses her confidence in Camereon. When Zander leaves, he runs in to Gia and informs Gia that Alexis is in deep trouble. At the same time, Alexis asks Cameron if trusting him was wise. Later, at Kelly's, Zander confides to Gia that he is afraid his father will tank Alexis's case. Although, for Alexis' sake, Zander hopes his father has changed. Meanwhile, Cameron assures Alexis that she CAN trust Cameron. Shortly afterward, Scott arrives in Alexis's room and announces that he believes Alexis is faking and Scott plans to prove it, tomorrow - in Court! When Alexis protests that her attorney asked for a delay, Scott announces that the request has been denied!

At Kelly's, pretending to be Maxie, Georgie calls Lucas and asks him to meet her at Kelly's. But, when Lucas arrives, he lets Georgie know that he recognized Georgie's voice and knows that Maxie did NOT call! Georgie is devastated when Lucas announces that he is interested in another girl and will never see Maxie as more than his friend. Georgie tearfully gathers up all of her belongings and bolts out the door of Kelly's!

Elsewhere at Kelly's, Benny reports to Jason that Sonny is out of control - that Sonny went after Faith in the mob-widow's own hotel room - and Sonny's visit to Faith would be recorded on surveillance cameras all over the hotel. Benny warns Jason that Sonny's judgment is VERY bad right now and that Sonny is taking a lot of reckless chances and will NOT listen to anybody. Jason promises Benny that Jason will try to keep Sonny safe while keeping his distance, but there is nothing that Jason can do now to get through to Sonny. Explaining that Sonny will not even talk to Jason, Jason instructs Benny NOT to bring anything to Sonny except absolutely necessary business. Jason informs Benny that Faith probably WAS behind the shoot-out, but it would be a disaster if Sonny tried to go after Faith on his own! Jason tells Benny that Benny can call Jason if Benny notices Sonny taking any more risks - especially where Faith is concerned!

When Sonny arrives at the Hospital, Bobbie reminds Sonny to be careful where Carly is concerned. Later, at the Nurse's Station, Liz spots Courtney arriving with cookies to see Ric and Liz demands to know if Courtney plans to show her gratitude to Ric by hopping in bed with Ric the same way that Courtney hopped into bed with Jason. As Liz and Courtney argue about Courtney's intentions where Ric is concerned, Liz accidentally knocks the cookies out of Courtney's hand and Bobbie splits the angry women up before their argument gets out of control. As Courtney picks up the cookies, Edward shows up and urges Courtney to consider convincing Jason to visit his family from time to time. But Courtney just walks away. Later, when Courtney returns home, she fills Jason in on Liz's suspicions and Edward's opinions.

When Sonny visits Ric's Hospital Room, Ric expresses his opinion that being shot for Sonny proves Ric's loyalty, but Sonny merely offers Ric a check or cash to compensate Ric for the inconvenience of his bullet wound. Meanwhile, Carly stops by to visit Bobbie and discovers that Sonny is visiting Ric. At the same time, Ric informs Sonny that Ric did NOT jump in front of a bullet for money, but Sonny insists that Ric just got in the way of the bullet by accident. Ric observes that he apparently has NOT passed Sonny's test for loyalty yet and suggests that, instead of writing a check or giving him money, Sonny could just put Ric on retainer as Sonny's attorney. But Sonny only declares that he will think about it. After Sonny leaves, Carly slips in to see Ric and finds Ric unhooking himself from all of his tubes. Ric angrily declares to Carly that, obviously, nothing Ric could ever do would ever be good enough to earn Sonny's trust. Carly is stunned when Ric asks her what it WOULD take to earn Sonny's respect!

Later, at the Penthouse, Carly asks Sonny if Sonny still believes that Ric is working some kind of agenda and Sonny expresses his opinion that Ric is spinning the whole shoot-out to his advantage. But Sonny admits that Ric IS a smart lawyer and that Sonny MIGHT be able to use some of Ric's expertise. However, as Sonny appears to be moving closer toward trusting Ric, Carly points out that Ric is, after all, only an attorney. Courtney pleads with Sonny to get Jason back to handle the increased security threat - but Sonny refuses to even consider the idea.

At the same time, Ric waits outside Faith's room until a hotel clerk announces to Faith that her bodyguards need to be finger-printed and register their weapons at the desk if they are going to continue standing guard in the corridor. As Faith gives permission for her guard to accompany the clerk to the front desk, Ric enters Faith's room and holds the mob-widow at gunpoint. Ric tells Faith that Ric believes that Faith IS the one responsible for Ric being shot the previous evening. Ric then tells Faith that he can either kill her in retaliation or use the situation to his advantage. Faith is stunned when Ric suggests that Faith needs a partner and Ric might be interested. Faith is even more shocked when she realizes that Ric wants Sonny dead as well. But Ric replies: "Killing Sonny would be too easy! I want him destroyed!"

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Carly argues with Sonny about firing Jason when he needs him the most right now. Benny comes by and tells Sonny that the five families have requested a meeting with him. Ric tells Faith that Sonny fired Jason and that it is the perfect time to go after him. Faith isn't sure whether to believe him. Ric tells her that killing Sonny would be too easy and that he wants to destroy him instead. Ric tells her he plans to get inside Sonny's organization by gaining his trust and taking advantage of Jason's absence. Ric shows up at Sonny's penthouse just as Sonny is ordering an ambivalent Benny to go to the meeting to represent him in his place. Benny doesn't want to go but Sonny gets upset and orders him to obey his orders or he is fired. Ric offers to go with Benny to the meeting since he is a lawyer and is more of an expert on negotiations. Sonny ignores Ric and tells Benny to go. He tells Ric to go and do his work with Carly and her club. Sonny leaves the room. Carly tells Ric that Sonny doesn't trust him and to leave it alone. Ric tells her that she needs to convince him otherwise and sort of threatens to tell Sonny about their night together. Carly tells him to stop playing games with him and that she will do anything to protect Sonny. Ric informs her that Sonny sent Benny to go to the meeting of the five families alone. Carly really becomes concerned for Sonny and the bad decisions he has been making. Meanwhile, Courtney and Jason share an intimate moment when she shaves his face in the bathroom. This leads to them making love. Carly interrupts them by banging on the door. Jason answers the door. Carly apologizes for barging in but tells Jason that Sonny sent Benny alone to the meeting of the five families. Jason becomes very concerned since under more normal circumstances he would be going to the meeting to represent Sonny. He calls Sonny and tells him that Carly told him that he sent Benny alone to the meeting. He tells him he is going to go to the meeting for him instead. Sonny tells him he can as long as he is no longer with Courtney and plans to break it off again. Jason tells him he can't do that but still wants to help Sonny. Sonny refuses his help. Sonny asks to speak with Carly. He tells her to get home now. When she gets there he accuses her of interfering in his business after she promised him she wouldn't do that again and that she went behind his back anyway. Carly tells him she did it because she is concerned about him and the bad decisions he is making by firing Jason and sending Benny alone. Meanwhile, Benny shows up with one of Sonny's bodyguards. The five families aren't happy about this since Sonny is who they expected to see. Faith shows up and starts to come on to Benny and berate him. She tells him that the five families are going to retire Sonny and take over all his territories. Benny tries to keep a cool head but starts to sweat profusely and appears weak. He tells the families that Sonny has no plans to retire his business and give him his territories and that if they want to meet with him they need to set up another meeting. As he walks away, he starts to have chest pains and collapses to the ground. Sonny's bodyguard warns Faith to back off. The five families aren't happy with her and warn her not to antagonize Sonny like that again. Sonny's goon calls 911 and leaves Benny on the floor. Jason finds him and tries to comfort him. Benny tells him that Sonny is in trouble and needs his help. Benny dies in his arms just as Sonny shows up. Jason angrily tells Sonny that he shouldn't have sent him alone and he is to blame. Sonny is speechless.

Alexis talks with Cameron before her murder trial begins. Cameron tells her that he will help make sure she is hospitalized awhile and then free to raise her daughter. Dara represents Alexis and tells her that she is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity and that Cameron will recommend hospitalization. Meanwhile, Edward meets with Scott at his office and gives him some kind of information. Scott asks him what is in for him. Edward tells him that he doesn't want his great-granddaughter to be raised by a crazy unstable woman like Alexis. Ned waits for his new nanny to show up so he can go to the courthouse for Alexis' trial. A woman shows up late and tells him that the nanny he originally hired called the agency to tell them she had the flu and she is the replacement. Ned accepts her explanation. After Ned leaves, the woman calls Edward to tell him the plan is in motion. Jax shows up for the trial to support Alexis. Skye shows up and tells Jax she came because of him and also to support a fellow "boarding school brat" like herself. Nikolas tells Zander to leave when he plans to go in and support Alexis. Gia doesn't appreciate Nikolas' high-handedness. Gia informs Nikolas that Cameron Lewis is Zander's father. Nikolas makes a snide comment that Alexis is in even worse shape than he thought if Cameron and Zander are related. Zander defends his father and tells him that at least his father isn't a psycho like his grandmother. Cameron approaches them and overhears Zander defend him to Nikolas and makes a comment. Nikolas apologizes to him for making the comment. After Gia and Nikolas walk off, Cameron tells Zander that he is touched that Zander defended him to his friends. Zander tells him that Nikolas is not his friend and warns him not to bail on Alexis if things don't work out for her at trial. The trial begins with Dara questioning Ned about Alexis' erratic behavior in public. Ned corroborates that he spotted Alexis dressed like Kristina on the docks. Scott cross-examines Ned but isn't able to shake his testimony. Dara questions Cameron as an expert witness. He testifies that Alexis suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and that she didn't know that she had killed anyone since she was under the influence of her other personality. Scott cross-examines him and insinuates that Cameron is dating Alexis and therefore is not an unbiased expert. Dara surprises Scott by calling him to the stand. The judge allows it. Dara makes some valid points by getting Scott to admit reluctantly that Alexis wasn't acting herself when she held him at knife point and that the Alexis he has known isn't a violent person. Dara calls Alexis to the stand. Dara acts aggressive with Alexis and catches her off-guard when she questions Alexis' behavior. Alexis goes along with her. When Dara becomes almost adversarial, Alexis pretends to go into the other personality for the jury to see. She tells the court that she had to protect her sister Alexis and her daughter from that man. Scott cross-examines her and tries to prove Alexis is faking it. Alexis continues to pretend she is the other personality and threatens Scott.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Scott cross-examines Alexis while she is pretending to be "Kristina." Scott accuses her of faking and tries to trick her into giving herself away. When Scott turns his back to go to his table, Alexis shocks the courtroom when she grabs a letter opener from his desk and lunges toward him with it. Cameron tries to subdue her and she stabs him in the hand by accident. Alexis is restrained by two bailiffs. Cameron asks the judge to call a recess so he can talk to his patient and calm her down and get "Alexis" to return. Scott argues that he should be allowed to continue to cross-examine Alexis. The judge reluctantly allows a short break and then allows him to re cross-examine her. Alexis apologizes to Cameron for accidentally stabbing him with a knife. Jax interrupts the hearing and blasts the judge for not calling a recess. She tells him to step outside the courtroom for awhile or she'll hold him in contempt of court. Skye sees him later and brings up the fact that he can't stop being the concerned friend like he claimed he could do with everyone. Alexis gets back on the stand and acts like "Kristina" still. Scott subtly motions to Edward. Edward makes a call to the nanny he hired. She calls Ned on his cell-phone. Ned is told by the nanny that something is wrong. Ned, unaware that Edward hired her and is scheming, believes something is wrong with the baby and rushes off to go home. The judge isn't happy with the cell-phone ringing in her courtroom and blasts Ned for interrupting the trial. Edward blurts out that Ned has a good reason for the phone call and that he needs to get to his baby, who is in trouble. Alexis reacts to this since it concerns her baby and calls out to Ned and asks him what is wrong with her baby. She realizes her mistake and tries to cover it up by still acting like "Kristina." Scott and Edward are pleased their scheme seems to have worked. Dara and Cameron argue with the judge that it is not unheard of for a patient with Multiple Personality Disorder to go in and out of different personalities. Scott and Dara give their closing arguments. The judge surprises everyone when she announces that she doesn't need to go deliberate that she has watched and listened to all the evidence and has made her final decision.

Sonny and Jason deal with the death of Benny. Jason questions Sonny as to why he sent Benny to the meeting alone. Sonny doesn't have a reasonable answer. Jason suggests they work together before something else happens. An angry Sonny lashes out at Jason and suggests maybe next time it could be Carly or Courtney that dies. Taggert shows up at the warehouse. He questions them about Benny's death and how suspicious it looks since not only did Faith's grandmother just die but the hitwoman that was hired to kill Sonny. Sonny insists that Benny had a heart condition and died from natural causes. Taggert tells them they can answer his questions there or go to the station and answer them. He tells them that Faith went to Scott and asked for police protection claiming that Sonny threatened her life. Sonny refuses to answer any more questions from him. Ric shows up and overhears the conversation. He had just come from meeting with Faith about how they could destroy Sonny by taking advantage of Benny's death and the estrangement between Jason and Sonny. He plays lawyer and asks Taggert if he has an arrest warrant for Sonny or Jason. Taggert tells him he is only questioning them not arresting them. Taggert leaves when he realizes they aren't going to tell him more. Meanwhile, Courtney heads to Kelly's. She asks Liz if Ric is in his room. Liz makes a sarcastic remark about her bringing some cookies in to impress him and get him to protect her too. Courtney ignores her and sits with Carly. Carly tells her that Ric is not to be trusted and that Sonny doesn't trust him totally either. Courtney notices a change in her attitude towards Ric. She asks her why. Carly decides to confide in her and tells her that Ric has something on her and is blackmailing her into persuading Sonny to hire him to work for his organization. Carly tells her that she slept with Ric the night that she found Sonny kissing Brenda on the docks and how she only had a couple of drinks and woke up in a motel with Ric in bed with her and how she doesn't remember anything. Courtney asks her if she is afraid that Ric could be the father of her baby. Carly tells her she doesn't try to think about that night or that possibility. Sonny's bodyguard, Max shows up to tell them that he has to head to the warehouse and that something happened and Jason and Sonny are there. They go with him. When they get there, Sonny and Jason tell them that Benny is dead. Ric tries to suck up to Sonny but no one is impressed. Ric leaves them alone to talk. Sonny blames Jason for Benny's death since he wasn't around to go to the meeting like he would have if he had followed his orders. Courtney steps in and defends Jason. Sonny tells her that he is doing this to protect her life. Courtney reminds him that she is a big girl and can take care of herself. He turns on her and blames her for Benny's death also since she couldn't accept Jason's decision and started going after him until he caved in and took her back. Jason yells at Sonny and tells him to leave her alone and not talk to her like that. Jason explains that he still wants to protect him and help him. Sonny accuses him of being disloyal and not knowing the meaning of the word loyal. Jason approaches Sonny with a hurt and angry look. At Kelly's Ric tends to his stitches that had started bleeding through his bandage. Liz comes to his room to tell him something and notices the bloody bandage. She offers to tend to it for him but warns him she isn't a nurse like her grandmother. Ric lets her take a look and rebandage it. The two wind up kissing.

Luke tells Lucky about Nikolas' behavior and how he is trying to wrestle power of attorney for Laura's care from him. Lucky surprises Luke when he agrees that Nikolas should have power of attorney since Luke can't be objective and that he can't help Laura right now. Luke accuses Lucky of taking Nikolas' side as payback for dating Summer. Lucky tells him that he doesn't care anymore that he dated or is friends with Summer since he isn't seeing her anymore. Summer shows up and sees them together. She goes over to the payphone and calls one of her clients. Lucky approaches her and asks her if she is still hooking. She tells him it is her business not his what she does with her life. Nikolas shows up and asks Lucky why he hasn't figured out that she is still playing with the two of them. Summer tells him she isn't doing anything with them anymore. Luke ask Nikolas to stop acting like he is lord and manor over their lives. Nikolas makes an insulting remark that Luke has a way with the ladies and that one Laura has rejected him and the other he caused to go insane. Luke slugs Nikolas in the face. Lucky upsets Luke when he tells him that by hitting Nikolas like that he just makes Nikolas right all along about not being fit to be power of attorney. Meanwhile, Summer goes around the other side of Kelly's and meets with Nikolas who tells her she did what he had planned. She reminds him that she has been doing what he paid her to do from the beginning.

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