General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 29, 2016 on GH

Paul was revealed to be the serial killer. Elizabeth had a brush with death. Hayden was arrested. Jason and Sam's wedding day arrived. Spinelli returned. Ava foiled Nina's attempt to adopt a baby. Franco learned Naomi's secret.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 29, 2016 on GH
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Dante entered his living room and found Lulu whispering on the phone about what had been recovered from the Crichton-Clark explosion. Frustrated at the lack of information, she hung up and saw Dante standing there, listening. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Lulu answered it to Robert. He revealed that Luke had asked him to visit Lulu and assure her that Luke was fine. As he entered the house, he continued that Luke hadn't been on Cassadine Island since "before the witch breathed her last breath."

Robert guessed that Luke would soon reach out to Lulu. Lulu explained that she loved her father, and she accepted that he needed to travel. Robert joked that he'd just heard the same speech from Robin. He also told Lulu that Luke wanted to warn her about Valentin. Dante assured Robert that Valentin was locked up tight, but Robert relayed that Luke was afraid that Valentin would escape from prison and pick up the Cassadine's vendetta against the Spencers. Dante had believed it when Valentin had said that his problem was with his own family. Robert promised to call with any updates.

Robert got up to leave, but Lulu stopped him, wanting a favor first. She explained to him the situation about her embryo and asked him to find out whether or not the embryo had survived the Crichton-Clark clinic explosion. He promised to research it for her, and he left. Lulu sheepishly asked if Dante was angry that she was harping on the embryo. He understood why she wanted the information, and he promised to be behind her no matter what.

Franco told Heather to "spill it" about what Naomi had been paying Heather to stay quiet about. "Her past with Jeff Webber and her little brat," Heather replied. She thought she'd said too much because she'd given Naomi her word that she wouldn't tell. Franco decided that he would ask her "hypothetical" questions, and she could tell him if he was close to the truth.

Franco figured out from Heather's vague directions that Jeff had been dating Naomi "on the side" after marrying Elizabeth's mother. Heather had found a positive pregnancy test in Naomi's trash and had confronted the woman about it. She revealed that Hayden was Elizabeth's sister. She continued that Naomi had hysterically begged Heather not to tell and had promised to pay Heather "monthly, forever" for her silence. Franco wanted to tell Elizabeth the truth because she had a right to know, but Heather begged him not to. He told his mother that he needed to be honest with Elizabeth, and he left.

Elizabeth called Jordan and said that she'd "come into some evidence" relating to Hayden. Finn walked by, and Elizabeth informed Jordan that she was at work and couldn't speak freely. She promised to visit the station after work and hung up. Jordan was looking at the photo of the cufflink when Andre hugged her from behind. He gave her a book that he'd dug out of storage about "collector currency." She appreciated it but thought there was no more research to be done on the cufflinks. She asked him to meet her at her place later. He happily agreed, and he left. Jordan thought she'd found her next lead.

At the Metro Court bar, Ava wanted to warn Hayden that Elizabeth was about to turn Hayden in to the authorities. Hayden coolly replied that Elizabeth had nothing to turn in. Ava hinted that Elizabeth had gotten her hands on Hayden's diamonds, and Hayden immediately concluded that she needed to leave town. However, realizing that she hadn't been arrested yet, she figured Elizabeth hadn't yet turned the diamonds in. Hayden left in order to stop Elizabeth "dead in her tracks." Just then, Ava's phone rang, and she wondered why the police station would be calling her.

A short while later, Ava entered the police station. Jordan wanted to talk to her about "a murder." Ava immediately thought of Paul threatening her with her incriminating recording. She reached for her phone in order to call a lawyer and mouthed off about Paul's office borderline harassing her. However, Jordan asked for Ava's expertise. She showed Ava a picture of the cufflink and briefly explained the situation. Ava remembered the Roman coin being popular in New York with Wall Street-types after the release of the movie 300.

Ava explained that a rich man would have the cufflink as a "trophy piece" to show off, and to show that he had power. She thought that she'd seen someone wearing the cufflink, and Jordan agreed, but neither woman could think of where they'd seen the jewelry. Jordan advised Ava to call if she thought of anything else. As Ava walked toward the exit, she stopped dead and thought about Paul getting dressed one night at her place. She remembered his cufflinks. "Oh, my God," she uttered.

Finn wondered why Elizabeth needed to visit the police station. She made up a story about having a housewarming gift to drop off to Dante. Finn had thought that Elizabeth had more information about the hospital killer. They commiserated about everyone being on edge and filing unnecessary complaints on each other because of the killer. Just then, Monica walked by, and Finn followed, citing his need to file a complaint against someone.

Andre glided past to complete a psychiatric evaluation on a patient as Monica responded to Finn. She thought that his life was none of the hospital's business, but Liesl had a point about how secretive he'd been. She commented on how disappointed Liesl was that Finn wasn't the hospital killer. Just then, they heard machines beeping from the room Andre had gone into only minutes before. They found him performing CPR on the patient.

A short while later, Finn covered the deceased patient's head with the bed sheets. Andre explained that he and the patient had been talking when the man had suddenly grabbed his chest and passed out. Monica instructed Elizabeth to call the morgue and then the police, and Elizabeth obliged. Because of the looks on Monica and Finn's faces, Andre asked in disbelief if they thought he'd killed the patient.

Minutes later, Paul arrived with the police and ordered a blood test on the patient to see if there were any drugs in his system. He instructed Andre to stay close, pending the results of the test. "Not without a lawyer," Andre shot back. "And I'm calling Jordan," he added. Finn tried to calm Andre down, and he thought that a lawyer was a good idea.

Hayden approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station and told Elizabeth about her "chat with Ava." She knew that Elizabeth had her diamonds, and Hayden wanted them back, "now." Elizabeth taunted that she'd wanted Hayden to disappear for a year, but Elizabeth was the one who got to make it happen. Hayden believed that Elizabeth had set things in motion for Nikolas' death by being a "pathetic liar." Elizabeth commented that Hayden could get a "family suite" in prison and get locked up with her father, and Hayden slapped Elizabeth across the face.

A wide-eyed Finn instantly separated Elizabeth and Hayden, instructing them to "get back to your neutral corners." He informed Elizabeth that she had to check in with Monica before she left. "Before I head to the station," Elizabeth added smugly, and she left. "You should have let me kick her ass," Hayden yelled at Finn, who reminded her that there were witnesses around. Hayden argued that Elizabeth wanted to destroy her. Finn vowed not to let that happen, but Hayden reminded him that he'd pushed her away, so she told him to leave her alone. He apologized for taking his bad mood out on her, but she didn't have time for him. She needed to make sure Elizabeth "keeps her mouth shut."

Elizabeth went into the conference room to see Monica but only found Paul. He told her that she was free to go, and she left. "Damn it, she saw me," he muttered after pulling a full syringe out from behind his back, and he urgently left the room.

Monica informed Andre that the results of the test were back, and there was no trace of the hospital killer's drug. It looked like the patient had been taking a kind of testosterone supplement that had affected his heart.

Franco arrived at the hospital and asked a nurse if Elizabeth was there. The nurse replied that she'd just replaced Elizabeth. Just as Franco walked away to look for her, Elizabeth turned the corner and pushed the down button on the elevator. When the elevator failed to arrive, she decided to take the stairs. When she got down one flight, the lights went out, and she dropped all her things. She turned on the flashlight on her phone and gathered her things. Just then, someone pushed Elizabeth down the next flight of stairs.

Finn questions Hayden about Liz's fall

Finn questions Hayden about Liz's fall

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Perks Coffee on the promenade, Nina and Nathan sipped on coffee and talked about Maxie. He confessed that he hadn't been able to talk to his fiancée because Maxie had been staying at Mac and Felicia's house and ignoring his calls and text messages. Nina had little sympathy for Nathan because she knew what it was like to have someone cheat on her, but he denied that he'd been unfaithful. Nina challenged him to look her in the eye and assure her that he didn't have feelings for Claudette. He evaded the question by accusing Nina of not going to bat for him, but she explained that she needed to know what was in his heart.

Nathan assured Nina that he loved Maxie and wouldn't have proposed if he hadn't wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He was frustrated because Maxie believed that he loved Claudette, but Nina wanted to know how he felt about his ex-wife. "Angry, regretful, ashamed," Nathan admitted. He realized that Claudette had played him because he'd only been a means for a green card. Nathan hated how he'd behaved when his marriage had fallen apart because he'd lost sight of who he was.

Nathan promised Nina that he was not in love with Claudette, so Nina urged him to make that clear to Maxie. Nathan admitted that he had no idea how because Maxie believed that he'd attacked Griffin out of jealousy because Griffin had kissed Claudette. However, Nathan had been angry because knowing Griffin had been Claudette's lover had made him relive the months of questions and doubts that had led to the night he'd caught his wife in bed with another man. Nina reminded Nathan that Maxie was insecure about Claudette. Nina knew what it was like to be in love with someone who was fixated on someone else, but Nathan assured Nina that Maxie meant everything to him.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Felicia sat in a booth as Maxie took apart a board that had been filled with pictures and fabric samples that she'd picked for her wedding. Maxie was certain it would have been the most beautiful wedding ever, but Felicia implored Maxie not to give up on Nathan. Felicia promised that Maxie could still have everything that Maxie had wanted -- and more -- but Maxie argued that Nathan was in love with Claudette. Felicia tried to take the board away from Maxie, but Maxie insisted that it was necessary to destroy it to help Maxie move on. Felicia argued that the whole thing was ridiculous because Nathan and Claudette weren't the issue.

Maxie disagreed because Nathan was her fiancé. Felicia smiled with satisfaction because Maxie still viewed him as her fiancé. Maxie reminded Felicia that Felicia hadn't seen Nathan's reaction to Griffin kissing Claudette or how Nathan had nearly ripped Griffin apart. Felicia pointed out that Nathan hadn't gone through with it because Maxie had gotten through to him. Felicia was confident that Maxie had a hold on Nathan, but Maxie believed that Claudette had one as well. Felicia advised her daughter to find a way to break that hold, but Maxie scoffed and sarcastically promised to get right on it.

Felicia encouraged Maxie to fight for Nathan and not take the easy way out by giving up. Felicia was curious how many times Nathan had called Maxie and sent her text messages, but Maxie sullenly admitted that she hadn't been ready to talk to Nathan. Felicia advised Maxie to sort through her feelings and figure out what Maxie wanted. Maxie confessed that she wished she'd never found Claudette's glove in Nathan's pocket because it had set everything in motion. Maxie decided that the glove had been a cursed object that had summoned Claudette into their lives. Felicia wanted to know what it would take for Maxie to believe in Nathan.

Felicia wondered if it would be enough for him to say that he loved only Maxie and wanted to marry her. Nathan walked in before Maxie could reply. Felicia smiled as she quickly excused herself to give Maxie and Nathan some privacy. After Felicia left, Nathan sat down and revealed that Mac had told him where to find Maxie. "Traitor," Maxie muttered under her breath. Nathan ignored the remark as he confessed that he'd been worried about Maxie, but she was skeptical because she was certain that he'd been too preoccupied with thoughts of Claudette.

Nathan conceded that Maxie had been right to question him about his feelings for his ex-wife because he'd realized that he still had unresolved feelings. Maxie became upset, but Nathan quickly added that he'd been carrying around the guilt of how his marriage had ended. Nathan explained that his ego had wanted revenge, which had prompted the attack. However, Nathan insisted that he loved and wanted Maxie. He pulled out his wedding ring that he'd held onto as a reminder of how stupid he'd been to marry Claudette, but he was finally ready to get rid of it without regrets or second thoughts. Maxie watched as he stood up, walked to the door, and tossed it outside.

Nathan returned and told Maxie that there was no going back for him because his heart was hers and no one else's. Maxie smiled as she reached for his hands and admitted that the white gold ring hadn't been right for him because he was more a platinum with a palladium coating type. Nathan smiled when Maxie added that she intended to give him the right wedding ring. Nathan promised that Claudette was out of the picture and kissed Maxie.

At the police station, Ava recalled seeing the Roman coin cufflinks on Paul during one of their trysts when he'd left her bed. Ava realized that Paul might be the serial killer and called Holt to ask him to get a passkey for Metro Court because she had to access one of the hotel rooms and search for something that might be extremely valuable. Ava arranged to meet Holt at the hotel and ended the call. "All right, Paul, let's see if I'm right about you," Ava said.

A short time later, Ava entered Paul's hotel room. She wore gloves as she closed the door and looked around. She recalled a time when she had talked to Paul about their secret assignations and Paul's insistence that no one find out. Ava had assured him that she knew him well enough to remain quiet, but Paul had warned her that she hadn't known the first thing about him. Ava shook the memory away and realized that Paul had been right. She quickly went to work searching the room.

Later, Ava realized that Paul wouldn't have been foolish enough to hold onto the incriminating cufflinks and slammed a nightstand drawer shut. She froze when she heard a thump. Ava checked behind the nightstand and found a pouch, which she quickly opened. She was shocked when she saw syringes and vials of derisifol neatly nestled inside.

At the hospital, Andre grumbled about having been a suspect in a patient's death. Monica admitted that she was relieved that the patient hadn't been murdered because it had cleared Andre of wrongdoing, and it was the last thing the hospital needed. Andre, Finn, and Monica were startled when the power suddenly went out. After the emergency power kicked in, Andre and Finn decided to check the floor to make certain that the patients were okay and the monitors and machines were running. Monica called the hospital's chief engineer to let Charlie know that the power had gone out on the tenth floor and to initiate an emergency protocol to determine the extent of the power outage.

Later, Monica wrapped up a call redirecting all ambulances to Mercy Hospital until the power was restored. Finn and Andre returned to the nurses' station to report that the patients were accounted for and safe. Finn and Monica worked together to manage the crisis as Andre went to check in with Charlie about the power outage. A short time later, Andre returned to report that the power junction on the floor had malfunctioned because someone had ripped out the wires. Monica was stunned and wondered who would do such a thing.

In the stairwell, Elizabeth turned on her phone's light when the power suddenly went out. Someone silently crept up on her from behind and shoved her down the stairs. Elizabeth landed at the bottom of the stairs, and blood trickled down her face. She moaned and rolled over onto her side as her eyes drifted closed. Moments later, she stirred when she heard a door close and the sound of approaching footsteps. Elizabeth looked up and saw Hayden. Hayden froze until she heard Franco enter the stairwell and call out Elizabeth's name.

Hayden called to Franco as he rounded the corner and saw Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs. Alarmed, Franco rushed past Hayden to check on Elizabeth. Elizabeth tried to get up, but Franco urged her not to move. He gently asked her what had happened. Elizabeth looked at Hayden. "I-I think," Elizabeth weakly began before her eyes drifted closed. Franco ordered Hayden to get help, so Hayden ran up the stairs.

At the door, Hayden bumped into Paul. Paul was surprised when he saw her and questioned what she'd been doing in the stairwell. Hayden explained that Elizabeth had been injured and needed help, but Paul tried to block her from leaving as he began to pepper her with questions. Annoyed, Hayden pushed past him and ran to the nurses' station to grab Finn. Hayden quickly told Finn, Andre, and Monica about Elizabeth's fall and dragged Finn to the stairwell. Andre went to look for Griffin, while Monica called for an emergency response team.

In the locker room, Griffin stepped out of the shower and dug through his bag. "Looking for these?" Claudette flirtatiously asked as she held out his boxers. Griffin and Claudette were startled when the lights suddenly went out. Claudette fished out her cell phone and turned on the light as Griffin asked if Claudette had been responsible for the power outage. Claudette denied it but suggested that perhaps it was a sign from God that Griffin had been stumbling around in the dark since he'd walked away from her. Griffin believed it was a sign that darkness followed Claudette wherever she went.

"Ouch," Claudette replied. She conceded that she wasn't an angel, but she was hurt that Griffin thought she was a force of darkness. Griffin changed the subject by asking for his boxers. Claudette handed them to him. Griffin told her to leave, but she refused because she insisted that they had unfinished business to discuss. Claudette wanted to talk about their kiss, but he denied kissing her. She argued that it had been a mutual kiss and proof that he still had feelings for her, but he made it clear that he regretted the kiss.

Claudette was tired of Griffin's self-inflicted misery because she doubted that God would want him to continue punishing himself. She urged him to allow himself to have some relief, but he assured her that he'd been fine until she had barged back into his life. Claudette wondered if she had ever truly been out of his life because his kiss had suggested otherwise. She noticed how hard he'd been trying to avoid looking at her, which she believed was a sign that he still loved her. Griffin took her hand and put it on his scar as he told her that the only thing he felt when he looked at her was the pain of being shot and the scar that had been left behind.

Claudette confessed that she'd expected the scar to be bigger, but Griffin was disgusted because he'd sensed disappointment in her tone. Claudette ignored the accusation and acknowledged that it was clear that he hadn't fully healed. Griffin assured Claudette that he still had a calling, but she didn't believe him and asked if he'd ever questioned why the priesthood had let him take a leave of absence without putting up a fight. She was certain that his superiors had seen that he'd had strong feelings for her. Griffin told her that she was wrong because she was a selfish person who lied and only cared about what made her happy.

Claudette promised that she could be a better person with Griffin at her side, but he wanted to know why she'd sought out Nathan. Claudette became evasive, but Griffin wanted an answer. She admitted that she'd gotten into trouble but quickly added that she could get through it with Griffin's support. Griffin challenged her to prove that she was a better person by being honest, but Andre entered the locker room to fetch Griffin before she could reply.

At Perks Coffee, Felicia bumped into Nina. The two women recognized each other and talked about Nathan and Maxie's troubles. Nina assured Felicia that Nathan loved Maxie, but Felicia admitted that he'd been wrong to parcel out the truth about Claudette to Maxie a bit at a time. Nina couldn't disagree, but she reminded Felicia that Maxie had also made mistakes. Nina admitted that she thought Nathan and Maxie were good for each other -- and for Nina. Nina realized that it might sound selfish, but she'd been rooting for Nathan and Maxie because she wanted to believe that two people who loved each other could make it work.

Felicia promised Nina that Nathan and Maxie would be fine. Moments later, both Felicia and Nina received text messages informing them that Nathan and Maxie's wedding was back on. Felicia and Nina hugged as Claudette walked up and saw them.

In the hospital's stairwell, Franco quietly offered Elizabeth words of encouragement and reminded her of her sons. Franco prayed to God for help and promised to be the man that Elizabeth deserved. Moments later, Paul approached Franco and feigned concern for Elizabeth as he asked what had happened. Franco mentioned that Hayden had been with Elizabeth when Franco had arrived. Seconds later, Finn arrived to check on Elizabeth.

Finn asked Hayden to get a neck brace and backboard, so Paul followed her to the nurses' station to question her about what she'd seen. Hayden explained that she'd gone to the stairwell when the power had gone out and that she'd found Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs.

In the stairwell, Griffin and Andre arrived as Finn finished an initial examination. Finn told Griffin that Elizabeth had suffered head trauma, multiple broken bones, and decreased breath on the left side, and that her pulse was weak. Franco quickly added that Elizabeth had been conscious, and he asked if she would be okay. Andre assured Franco that they would do everything possible to save her.

Later, Finn approached the nurses' station as Paul questioned Hayden. Hayden was eager for news about Elizabeth, so Finn revealed that a team of doctors was working on her. Monica asked Finn to supervise Elizabeth's care while Monica dealt with the power outage. Paul questioned Monica about it and promised to call the police when she told him it had been an act of sabotage. Paul ordered Hayden to stay put because he had more questions, and he left to make a call. After Monica left, Finn questioned Hayden about Elizabeth's fall.

Hayden became defensive when she realized that Finn suspected her of foul play. Finn reminded her that he'd seen her slap Elizabeth and that Hayden had gone after Elizabeth, vowing to make certain that Elizabeth kept her mouth shut because Elizabeth had damaging information on Hayden. Finn promised that he was Hayden's friend and wanted to help, but Hayden saw doctors rush past her with Elizabeth on a stretcher. Hayden stopped Franco to ask for an update. Franco wasn't fooled because he knew that Hayden would be better off if Elizabeth were dead.

In the locker room, Monica looked for a doctor, unaware that Paul silently approached her from behind with a syringe in his hand.

Ava blackmails Paul

Ava blackmails Paul

> Ava blackmails Paul

Ava blackmails Paul

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Alexis read a text message from Diane explaining that Diane had to work late and asking to reschedule drinks for the following evening. Alexis put the phone down without replying and rooted through her purse until a man approached from behind and placed a drink on the bar. "Here's to you, Mrs. Jerome," Julian said as Alexis looked up and stared at him with disbelief. Rattled, Alexis demanded to know what he was doing out of jail and asked if he had escaped, but he ignored the question and told her that they were meant to be together.

Alexis decided to leave, but Julian grabbed her hand to stop her. She ordered him to let her go, but in the blink of an eye, Tracy was standing where Julian had been. Alexis frantically looked around as Tracy let go of Alexis' hand and asked who she'd been talking to. Alexis explained that Julian had been there, but Tracy insisted that it was impossible because Julian was in jail. Tracy pulled out her phone and called the police station to confirm that Julian hadn't escaped. After Tracy assured Alexis that Julian was in jail, Alexis and Tracy sat down for a glass of wine.

Tracy gently asked how long Alexis had been hallucinating. Alexis admitted that she'd been living a nightmare since the night Julian had tried to kill her, but Tracy wondered if there had been any other incidents like the one at the bar. Alexis shook her head and attributed it to a bad moment. Tracy was curious if Alexis' fight with Kristina had been another bad moment, but Alexis insisted the TMI article had been misleading. Tracy reminded Alexis that it was imperative for Alexis to remain strong and testify against Julian. Alexis admitted that Tracy sounded like Sonny because he'd advised her to pull it together.

Tracy hated to agree with Sonny, but Alexis couldn't afford to collapse on the witness stand, regardless how much Julian had humiliated and undermined her. Tracy pointed out that Alexis was an attorney and knew exactly what to say to make certain that the jury returned with a guilty verdict. Alexis admitted that she was genuinely worried about falling apart when she testified because Scott would be certain to question her about the length of time it had taken Alexis to tell the truth about Julian. Tracy pointed out that Paul had Julian's confession on tape, thanks to Alexis, but Alexis remained uneasy because she didn't look forward to reliving Julian's attempt on her life.

Tracy was confident that Alexis would impress the jury and promised that Paul was a skilled attorney who was lucky to have Alexis as a key witness. Alexis appreciated Tracy's words of encouragement, but she changed the subject and asked why Tracy was there. Tracy explained that she'd had a disastrous lunch with Dillon and Paul, so she and Dillon had decided to grab a drink until Dillon had been called to work. Tracy had decided to check on Alexis when she had seen Alexis talking to herself. Tracy empathized with Alexis' situation because Tracy had been involved with several duplicitous men in the past. Tracy knew that Alexis was angry, but she promised that things would get better, and testifying would be the first step.

Tracy's phone rang. After she excused herself to take the call, Alexis sighed and rubbed her temples. She tensed when she heard Julian assure her that she would never testify against him. Alexis faced the vision of Julian and promised to take the stand, but Julian argued that they were meant to be together. Agitated, Alexis insisted that the hallucination was not real. Julian vanished when Tracy returned and called out Alexis' name.

"What's happening to me?" Alexis tearfully asked. Tracy calmly explained that Alexis had had too much to drink on an empty stomach, and she decided to call a cab. Tracy advised Alexis to drink a big glass of water, take two aspirin, and get some rest. Tracy also urged Alexis to take a nice relaxing walk in the morning to breathe. Alexis vowed to pull herself together and take Julian down.

In Paul's hotel room, Ava was stunned when she opened the small pouch that she'd found hidden behind the nightstand. It was filled with syringes and vials of derisifol. Ava realized that Paul was the hospital killer, but she had difficulty believing it because she couldn't understand why he'd go on a murder spree.

In the hospital's locker room, Monica called out for a doctor as Paul silently crept up on her from behind, armed with a deadly syringe. Monica looked around for the doctor as Paul continued to follow her. He ducked out of sight when her phone rang and she answered it. Monica asked Charlie for an update on the power outage as Paul slowly moved toward her with deadly intent. Paul's attack was foiled when his cell phone suddenly beeped. He managed to slide his hands into his pocket and hide the syringe as Monica turned around.

Monica was startled when she saw Paul but instantly relaxed and ended the call with Charlie. Paul apologized for giving Monica a fright, but she assured him that she was fine and thanked him for all he'd done during the crisis. After Monica left, Paul pulled out his cell phone and saw a text message from Ava. It was a picture of him getting dressed after one of their trysts. He immediately called Ava to ask why she'd sent the picture, but she insisted that they meet at Perks Coffee right away. Paul slid a cap on the syringe, wiped it down, and dropped it in the trash can as he walked out.

In Paul's hotel room, Ava ended the call and smiled. "Turnabout's fair play, Paul," Ava said as she zipped closed the medical kit and dropped it into her purse. A short time later, she met Paul on the promenade. Paul demanded to know why she had called, but she carefully reminded him that they were in public, and he couldn't kill her. Paul frowned as he asked why he would.

Ava told Paul about Jordan's request to talk to her about a murder case, but he assured Ava that her confession to Connie Falconeri's murder would remain out of the hands of the police provided Ava testified at Julian's trial. Ava refused to testify against her brother and added that Paul would never use the recording of her confession against her again. Paul advised Ava not to call his bluff, but she smiled smugly as she told him about helping Jordan identify a pair of Roman coin cufflinks. Ava admitted that she hadn't realized where she'd seen them until after Jordan had left. Paul refused to react as Ava confirmed that she'd seen them on him.

Ava warned Paul that the sex tape she'd made of them that night showed a clear image of Paul wearing the cufflinks. Paul downplayed the video and asked why he would kill people at the hospital. Ava admitted that she had wondered the same thing and had decided to take a look around his hotel room for an answer. Paul was outraged, but Ava warned him that he should be more concerned about what she had found. She pulled the medical kit out of her purse, unzipped it, and showed him the contents as she explained that the cufflinks were ultimately irrelevant because she had the murder weapon with Paul's fingerprints.

Paul insisted that he had a prescription for the medication, but Ava closed the pouch and dropped it back into her purse as she reminded him that the medication was only used for surgery. Ava questioned what Paul's endgame was but decided to let the police sort it out because the cufflink and medical kit were sufficient proof of Paul's guilt. Paul cut to the chase and asked what Ava wanted. He assumed the flash drive of her confession, but she admitted that it would be worthless, since he'd likely made copies. Ava explained that Paul's continued silence would be part of their overall agreement then added that she expected Julian to be set free.

At the hospital, Hayden asked Franco if Elizabeth would be okay. Franco angrily told Hayden to stop feigning concern because they both knew that she'd be better off if Elizabeth died. Finn was outraged by the suggestion, but Hayden encouraged Finn not to worry because everyone knew that Franco was "nuts." Franco was surprised that Hayden would try to antagonize him, but Finn wanted to know the reason behind Franco's attitude. Hayden realized her error and desperately tried to drag Finn away, but Franco informed Finn that Elizabeth had evidence that could send Hayden to jail for a long time.

Franco told Finn about the diamonds and explained that they proved that Hayden had committed fraud and theft. After Franco left, Finn questioned Hayden, but she was offended that Finn had believed "that nut job" over her. Finn demanded an answer, but she argued that she didn't owe him anything because he'd made his feelings for her clear the previous day. Finn promised that he wanted to help Hayden and apologized for what he'd said because she had risked everything to save his life. Hayden softened when Finn confessed that he didn't want her to leave town, so she told him that she was in a lot of trouble, and no one could help her. Finn decided to take her somewhere private to talk.

Meanwhile, Monica and Jordan approached the nurses' station as Monica filled Jordan in about the power outage. Jordan was surprised when Monica mentioned that Paul had been on the scene, but Monica explained that she had called Paul when a patient had died under suspicious circumstances. Monica added that a blood test had later ruled out a derisifol overdose, but Paul had been on hand during the power outage. Jordan wondered if Monica was certain that the serial killer hadn't struck again, but Monica promised that she'd ordered an autopsy on the patient.

Satisfied, Jordan explained that she'd been looking for Elizabeth because Elizabeth had been expected at the police station. Franco stopped when he overheard Monica tell Jordan about Elizabeth's accident. Franco disagreed with Monica's assessment of the fall and revealed that Elizabeth hadn't been alone because he'd found Hayden standing over Elizabeth in the stairwell. Franco added that Hayden hated Elizabeth, and he walked away without elaborating.

Moments later, Franco stopped Griffin to ask about Elizabeth. Griffin admitted that it was too soon to tell, but he warned Franco that she was not out of the woods. Frustrated, Franco wanted to know the seriousness of Elizabeth's injuries, but Griffin insisted that they would need to wait until all the tests results were back. Griffin promised that Elizabeth was in good hands because everyone cared about her and wanted the best for her. Griffin added that she was under constant watch, and they would have answers soon.

In the locker room, Hayden admitted that she'd confronted Elizabeth about the diamonds, which was why Hayden had slapped her. However, she assured Finn that she hadn't tried to kill Elizabeth. Finn believed her, but he questioned her about the diamonds. Hayden explained that the gems had been all that she'd had left when Raymond had been sent to prison. She admitted that she'd taken the diamonds as a fallback, but she had never sold any. Finn accused her of being either completely selfish or clueless.

Hayden acknowledged that it sounded bad, but she hadn't met anyone who'd been impacted by her father's crimes. Hayden explained that she had believed that the diamonds had vanished and had panicked when she'd been told Elizabeth had them because Hayden had lied to the Feds about the gems. Finn reluctantly conceded that Franco had had a right to be suspicious of Hayden because she'd had an angry confrontation with Elizabeth and slapped her fifteen minutes prior to Elizabeth ending up at the bottom of a set of stairs.

Hayden denied hurting Elizabeth and confided that she had intended to blackmail Elizabeth into returning the diamonds. Finn demanded details, so she told him about the hit man that Nikolas had hired and Elizabeth being an accessory after the fact. Hayden admitted that she was a blackmailer, liar, and schemer, but she assured him that she was not a murderer. Finn and Hayden tensed when Jordan rounded the corner and approached them.

Jordan revealed that she had a few questions about Elizabeth's fall. Hayden claimed that she'd found Elizabeth in the stairwell and had been about to fetch help when Franco had arrived. Jordan was curious about Hayden's movements prior to the power outage, but Finn quickly provided Hayden with an alibi by telling Jordan that he'd been apologizing to Hayden for an argument they'd had the previous day. Jordan warned the pair that she might have more questions, and she left. Hayden was curious why Finn had helped her, so he admitted that he didn't think she had pushed Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Franco stopped Griffin to ask for an update as orderlies pushed Elizabeth's gurney past them. Griffin explained that Elizabeth was being taken to a private room. Franco wanted to sit with Elizabeth, but Griffin asked Franco to wait until she'd been settled in. Franco relaxed because he wanted to be on hand to assure Elizabeth that her boys were fine when she woke up and asked about them. Griffin was surprised because he'd heard about Franco's reputation and how some believed his reformation was an act while others believed it was genuine. Griffin was inclined to believe the latter.

Griffin left to consult with a specialist on Elizabeth's case. He went to the locker room and washed up as he spoke to Dr. Fields on the phone. After he ended the call, Griffin went to toss a paper towel in the trash can, but he spotted a syringe. He used the paper towel to pick it up and left. A short time later, Griffin approached Monica at the nurses' station to let her know what he'd found in the locker room. Griffin assured her that he'd dropped the syringe off at the lab for testing. Monica thanked Griffin, but he shifted gears to ask about Elizabeth. Monica revealed that she'd been on her way to check on Elizabeth, and Griffin tagged along.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Franco sat at her bedside and quietly implored her to wake up. He reminded her that there was more to life than "toast." Elizabeth softly groaned as she began to stir. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at Franco. He smiled but quickly told her to rest when she suddenly winced. Elizabeth wanted to know what had happened and worried about her boys. Franco assured her that Cam and Aiden were with Audrey, and Jake was at a sleepover. She was surprised that he'd talked to her grandmother, but Franco smiled and suggested that they discuss it later.

Elizabeth cried out when she moved. Franco explained that she'd taken a fall and admitted that he'd been terrified when he'd seen her injured at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled and assured him that she was still there. Moments later, Monica and Griffin entered the room to check on her. Monica confessed that Elizabeth had given everyone quite a scare and asked how she felt. Elizabeth complained of soreness, so Griffin promised that they'd have the test results soon and added that Dr. Fields would be checking on her.

Monica assured Elizabeth that they would take good care of her because everyone wanted Elizabeth healthy. After Monica and Griffin left, Franco admitted that it was amazing to see how many people genuinely loved Elizabeth, including Monica, who didn't like anyone. Elizabeth asked about her fall. Franco told her what he'd seen and asked what she remembered. Elizabeth recalled having an argument with Hayden and being slapped, but Finn had intervened.

Elizabeth told Franco that she'd stopped off at Monica's office and then had headed to the staircase because the elevator had been too slow. She explained that she'd been in a rush to get home to fetch the diamonds to give to Jordan when the power had gone out. Franco tensed when Elizabeth suddenly recalled feeling a pair of hands push her down the stairs and realized with horror that Hayden might have tried to kill her. Jordan stood in the doorway and had heard what Elizabeth had said.

At the nurses' station, Griffin reported to Monica that the lab had confirmed that the syringe he'd found in the locker room had been filled with derisifol. Griffin suspected that the killer had orchestrated the power outage to cover his tracks.

Hayden is arrested for attempted murder

Hayden is arrested for attempted murder

Thursday, September 1, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Sonny talked to an associate named Oz about Julian's case. Sonny wanted Oz to keep a close eye on Julian until Julian was convicted. Oz assured Sonny that the case against Julian was airtight, but Sonny warned Oz that anything could happen. Sonny feared that Julian might get desperate as the trial approached and instructed Oz to make certain that Julian didn't reach out to Alexis.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sabrina entered the bar, pushing Teddy's stroller. They were relieved that the teething baby had fallen asleep once they had walked in and suspected that the noise had soothed Teddy. Sabrina suggested that she and Michael grab a bite to eat for fuel because she was certain they would be up all night with Teddy. She glanced around and noticed Sonny sitting at a nearby table, so they approached Sonny as he finished up his meeting with Oz.

Michael and Sabrina chatted with Sonny about Jason's upcoming wedding to Sam, and Joe entered the bar. Joe smiled when he spotted Sabrina and walked up to say hello and check on his nephew. Sabrina smiled awkwardly as she introduced Joe to Sonny. Joe immediately recognized the name because Sonny had returned Carlos to Port Charles "to be killed." Sonny explained that he'd intended for Carlos to face justice. Joe acknowledged that Carlos had hurt a lot of people and had deserved to pay for the crimes he'd committed.

Joe assured Sonny that he was sorry if Carlos had caused Sonny or his family pain then deftly shifted gears to ask for a private word with Sabrina. Sabrina left Teddy in Michael's care and joined Joe at the bar because she wanted to clear the air. Joe was pleased because he hoped to spend more time with Teddy. She assured him that it wouldn't be a problem, but she made it clear that all they'd ever be were two people who cared about Teddy and nothing more. Joe promised that he respected her decision -- and her commitment to Michael.

At the table, Sonny sensed that Michael was troubled. Michael looked away from the bar as he explained that Sabrina's history with Joe went back further than her relationship with Carlos. Sonny suspected that Michael was still jealous about Carlos because Teddy's existence was a result of Sabrina's betrayal with Carlos. He advised Michael to find a way to let go of the resentment and not allow it to build up. After Sabrina returned, Sonny decided to head home. Sabrina sat down and told Michael about her talk with Joe.

Michael admitted that seeing Joe had caused a lot of old feelings to return. Sabrina regretted hurting Michael, but she promised that she'd always loved him, even when she'd been with Carlos. Sabrina assured Michael that she wanted a future with him, but she needed to know if he could truly forgive her. Michael told her that he was prepared to make the effort because he refused to let the past get in the way of what he had with her and Teddy. Sabrina smiled as she leaned forward and kissed him.

At the bar, Sonny stopped to have a few words with Joe. Sonny explained that Carlos had caused a lot of trouble when he'd interfered with Sonny's family. Joe promised that he was not Carlos. Sonny conceded that Joe might be right, but Joe had an uncanny resemblance to his brother, so Sonny warned Joe not to make the same mistakes that Carlos had.

At Greystone Manor, Carly ended a call with a reminder that the person was sworn to secrecy. Nelle entered the living room and mentioned that she'd heard the tail end of Carly's conversation. Carly smiled and explained that she was hosting a wedding the following day and wanted to keep the details secret because it was a low-key affair. Carly asked about Avery, prompting Nelle to reveal that she was looking for The Very Hungry Caterpillar because Avery refused to go to sleep without a bedtime story.

Carly recalled seeing the book on the terrace, so Nelle went to fetch it. Moments later, Bobbie arrived and apologized for not getting back to Carly sooner. Bobbie explained that her phone had been on the fritz, and she hadn't heard Carly's voicemail message until earlier. Carly assured Bobbie that it was fine and introduced Nelle when Nelle returned from the terrace. Nelle assured Carly that it was fine to tell Bobbie how they had met.

Relieved, Carly told Bobbie that Nelle was Josslyn's kidney donor. Bobbie was delighted and happily thanked Nelle for the gift of life, but Carly explained that Nelle didn't want to make a big deal of it. Nelle quickly excused herself and went to the nursery. Bobbie was curious how Nelle had ended up helping out with Avery. Carly assured Bobbie that Nelle was qualified because she'd been a teacher's aide. Carly felt bad that Nelle had lost her job and confided that she'd decided to offer Nelle a job as Avery's nanny, but Bobbie objected.

Bobbie revealed that she was perfectly willing to watch Avery. Carly explained that she needed a full-time nanny, and it would be a time-consuming job, but Bobbie was happy to do it. Bobbie regretted that she hadn't been able to raise Carly and wanted an opportunity to show Carly how much she loved her by sharing that love with the little girl that Carly considered one of her own children. Touched, Carly hugged her mother.

Later, Nelle reported that Avery had fallen asleep. Nelle offered to stay a few extra days to help out, but Carly assured Nelle that it wasn't necessary because Bobbie had volunteered to take care of Avery. Nelle smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. Carly imagined that Nelle was eager to get home to find a new job, but Nelle admitted that she'd already put in several applications. However, Nelle doubted that she'd be hired as a teacher's aid, since it was the beginning of a new school year, and the selections had already been made. Nelle assured Carly that she would find another line of work to make ends meet.

Moments later, Sonny arrived home. He was surprised when he saw Nelle, but she explained that she was on her way out. She told him that he had an amazing family then turned to Carly and promised to stop by before leaving town. After Nelle left, Cary told Sonny about Bobbie's offer to watch Avery. Sonny was pleased because Bobbie was family and someone he trusted. Carly noticed the time and suggested that they get to bed because the florist would be arriving early in the morning.

Sonny knew that Carly was concerned about Nelle. Carly admitted that she wanted to help Nelle because Nelle had saved Josslyn's life, but he insisted that Nelle was not her responsibility. After Sonny left to check in on Avery, Carly grabbed her phone and called Nelle. Carly explained that she had some ideas about Nelle's job hunt.

At Metro Court, Jason and Sam entered a hotel room as they talked about Molly's extravagant ideas for the wedding. Sam was grateful that Molly had agreed to watch Danny for the night to give Jason and Sam some time alone. After they deposited their bags on the floor, Jason and Sam snuggled on the bed. Jason asked if she wanted to watch a movie, but Sam admitted that she was starving. Jason grabbed the menu, but none of the gourmet selections sounded appealing.

Jason retreated to the hallway to place an order and returned to let Sam know that their food would be delivered in thirty minutes. Sam was disappointed because she and the baby were hungry. Jason smiled and joined her on the bed to tell their unborn child that he intended to marry Sam the following day. Sam revealed that Molly had been concerned about Jason and Sam spending the night before the wedding together because it was considered bad luck. Jason asked if Sam was superstitious, but she shook her head and added that she thought their night together would be good luck.

Later, Jason placed a bag of food on the bed. Sam's face lit up because she recognized the aroma of food from the Noodle Buddha. She opened the bag and was touched that he'd remembered to order cold sesame noodles because they were her favorite. Jason grinned and admitted that he also remembered that their second wedding would be a few days short of the fifth anniversary of their first wedding. Sam smiled as she confessed that she wouldn't mind celebrating two anniversaries because it would double her presents. Jason chuckled and asked what the traditional gift was for a fifth wedding anniversary.

Sam looked it up and laughed because it was wood. Jason picked up the chopsticks. "Happy anniversary," he said and invited her to make a wish. Sam beamed with joy as she and Jason made a wish and pulled the chopsticks apart. After they finished eating, Jason noticed that she had sauce on the side of her mouth and playfully licked it away. He groaned with annoyance when his phone suddenly rang, but he picked it up.

Jason decided to let the call go to voicemail when he saw it was Franco. A short time later, he listened to the message and told Sam that Franco had wanted to talk to him about Elizabeth. Jason decided that it wasn't important because Elizabeth had ended things with Franco. Sam didn't want to talk about Franco and kissed Jason. Jason and Sam fell to the bed and made love. Afterwards, they read their fortune cookies and were delighted when one read that they would live happily ever after.

In the hospital's locker room, Hayden relaxed when Finn assured her that he didn't think she had pushed Elizabeth because it wasn't Hayden's style. Hayden admitted that it sounded like Finn cared about her. To her surprise, he confessed that he did, but he warned her that he would deny it if she told anyone. Hayden was disappointed with the timing because she had to leave town before she was arrested. Finn warned her that she would be a fugitive, but she insisted that it was her only option.

Hayden decided to splash some cold water on her face and ducked around the corner to find a sink. Finn saw a nurse named Eileen approach a locker and asked if there had been any news about Elizabeth. Eileen revealed that Elizabeth was awake, stable, and hadn't suffered any serious injuries. Finn smiled with relief as Eileen walked away. Hayden returned and admitted that she'd overheard Finn talking to the nurse and knew that he'd been hoping to find out if Elizabeth had talked to the police. She warned him that she didn't intend to stick around to find out, but he was curious where she planned to go.

Hayden explained that she would visit her mother because Naomi knew a lot of good attorneys who might be able to help if charges were filed against Hayden. Hayden decided to go home to pack, so Finn offered to give her a lift.

Outside Elizabeth's hospital room, Jordan listened as Elizabeth theorized that Hayden had pushed Elizabeth down the steps to stop her from going to the police. Jordan entered the room and admitted that she'd heard what Elizabeth had said. Franco was happy to see Jordan, but Jordan asked if Elizabeth was up to giving a statement. Elizabeth agreed and told Jordan how she'd ended up in the stairwell and had felt someone push her when the lights had gone out. Elizabeth recalled seeing Hayden right after the fall, but Jordan was curious if Elizabeth knew for certain that Hayden had pushed her.

Elizabeth conceded that she hadn't seen Hayden push her, but Franco insisted that he'd found Hayden staring at Elizabeth with a blank expression that had given him the "creeps." Jordan wondered why Hayden would follow Elizabeth down the stairs instead of fleeing after she'd pushed Elizabeth. Franco suggested that perhaps Hayden had wanted to make certain that she'd succeeded in killing Elizabeth and had intended to finish the job if she hadn't. Elizabeth added that she'd had an altercation with Hayden minutes earlier when Hayden had slapped her, but Jordan was curious if anyone else had seen the incident.

"Yes, I did," Eileen answered from the doorway. Elizabeth smiled with relief when Eileen told Jordan about the slap and Hayden's threat to shut Elizabeth up. Jordan asked Eileen to wait at the nurses' station because Jordan needed to get a formal statement. After Eileen left, Jordan confirmed that she had enough cause to pick Hayden up for questioning. Jordan promised to keep Elizabeth updated and left. Elizabeth admitted that she was surprised because she knew that Hayden had hated her but not enough to kill her.

Moments later, Griffin entered the room to share the results of the tests. Elizabeth was concerned because she had expected Dr. Fields, not a neurosurgeon. Griffin explained that Dr. Fields had been called away on an emergency and had asked Griffin to step in because he was familiar with the case. Griffin revealed that Elizabeth had suffered a mild concussion. Elizabeth asked if the pain in her side was her spleen.

Griffin confirmed that Elizabeth had suffered a contusion to her spleen, so they wanted to monitor her through the night, and if everything checked out, then she could go home in the morning. After Griffin left, Elizabeth asked to use the phone because she wanted to call Audrey. Franco handed it to her and was surprised when she asked for privacy. Franco left and called out to "Doctor Handsome-man-of-God" as he approached the nurses' station. "Speaking," Griffin replied with a good-natured smile.

Franco wanted assurance that Elizabeth would be okay. Griffin advised Franco to talk to Dr. Fields but admitted that they would have to wait and see. Franco returned to Elizabeth's hospital room as she wrapped up her call with Audrey by asking her grandmother not to tell the boys that she was in the hospital because she didn't want her sons to worry. After Elizabeth ended the call, she urged Franco to get some rest. Franco sat down in the chair next to her bed and assured her that he would sleep like a baby there. Elizabeth smiled and reached for his hand.

On the promenade, Finn poured alcohol into Hayden's cup then his own. They toasted to running away from problems and took a sip. Finn wanted to know about Hayden's plans, but she refused to expose him to possible aiding and abetting charges. Finn assured her that he wanted to help because she had helped him when he had needed it. Hayden explained that it was what friends were for and shifted gears to encourage him to visit Tracy because Tracy cared about him.

Finn admitted that he didn't want Hayden to leave and gently kissed her. The romantic moment was shattered when Jordan walked up and informed Hayden that Hayden was under arrest. The police officer who handcuffed Hayden noticed the suitcase and realized that she'd intended to flee. Hayden was confused why the local police had arrested her instead of the Feds, so Jordan explained that the crime was in her jurisdiction. Confused, Finn asked what Hayden was being charged with. "The attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber," Jordan answered.

Ava dashes Nina's hopes to adopt a baby

Ava dashes Nina's hopes to adopt a baby

Friday, September 2, 2016

In the park, Ava left a voicemail for Paul, warning him that he'd better not be avoiding her because she would hate to tell the world about his nefarious activity at the hospital. She advised him to call her back because she wanted to discuss the game plan for the day. Ava glanced at her computer tablet that was open to the Port Charles Press featuring a headline that jury selection for Julian's trial would begin later that day.

Elsewhere in the park, Nina nervously asked Curtis about the woman he'd arranged for her to meet. He assured her that Bridgid wanted to give her baby up for adoption, but Nina was worried that her past might pose a problem. Curtis offered her words of encouragement and reminded her that the subject of money would be about Bridgid's expenses, not payment for services rendered. Nina assured him that she understood. Satisfied, Curtis admitted that it would be a good thing for everyone -- most importantly the baby.

Moments later, a very pregnant young lady walked up and introduced herself as Bridgid. Curtis decided to give Nina and Bridgid privacy and quickly slipped away. Nina and Bridgid smiled awkwardly and admitted that they were each nervous. It broke the ice, so they sat down and talked about the baby. Nina smiled when Bridgid revealed that it was a girl, and she wanted the best for her daughter. Nina promised that she would love the baby with all her heart, and her daughter would want for nothing.

Nina noticed Bridgid suddenly smile when the baby kicked. Bridgid agreed to let Nina feel it, but Ava walked up and immediately ordered Nina to get her hand off the pregnant young woman. Bridgid was shocked as Nina and Ava argued, and Ava realized that Nina intended to adopt a baby "off the books." Ava decided that Bridgid was entitled to know the truth about Nina and told Bridgid how Nina had injected Ava with a labor labor-inducing drug when Ava had been eight months pregnant and kidnapped Ava's newborn daughter. Horrified, Bridgid told Nina that the meeting had been a mistake, and she fled.

At the hospital, Paul stopped to check his phone when it chimed. He sent Ava's call to voicemail then continued with his mission.

Elsewhere, Michael and Sabrina talked about Julian's upcoming trail as they waited for Monica. Sabrina admitted that she was nervous about testifying because she didn't want to relive the nightmare, but Michael assured her that it would be fine and would allow her to move forward. Sabrina smiled when Monica walked up. Monica explained that she couldn't attend Jason and Sam's wedding because things were hectic at the hospital, and it would be wrong to slip away for a couple of hours in the middle of all the chaos.

Monica asked Michael to wait until after the wedding to not to mention to Jason and Jake that Elizabeth was in the hospital to Jason and Jake until after the wedding, but Michael had no idea what she was talking about. Monica told Michael and Sabrina about the attack in the stairwell, but she assured them that Elizabeth hadn't suffered any serious injuries and was expected to make a full recovery. Concerned, Sabrina decided to skip the wedding and visit her friend.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Franco sat in a chair and watched Elizabeth sleep. He softly asked if she was awake and smiled with satisfaction when she didn't reply. He was amazed that she managed to look beautiful asleep in a hospital with terrible lighting and a tube under her nose. Franco talked about the terrible injuries she might have suffered from the fall and vowed to make the culprit who had hurt her pay. "Even if it's your sister," he quietly added. Elizabeth stirred and slowly opened her eyes.

Elizabeth smiled and asked if Franco had said something. He returned the smile and told her that he'd been talking to himself. Elizabeth winced with pain as she shifted, but she was eager to know how her children were. Franco assured her that Cam and Aiden were with Audrey, and the babysitter would pick Jake up from the sleepover. Relieved, Elizabeth thanked Franco for everything, but he admitted that Audrey and Monica deserved all the credit. Elizabeth asked if Franco had spent the night in the room. He confirmed that he had because Liesl had pulled some strings.

Elizabeth started to talk about the fall and Hayden's role in it, but Franco urged her to let the drugs do their job and to rest. Elizabeth immediately relaxed. Shortly after Franco left, Sabrina arrived with a stack of magazines for Elizabeth to read to help pass the time. Elizabeth thanked Sabrina, but Sabrina wanted to know why Hayden had pushed Elizabeth down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth explained that it was a long and unpleasant story, but she was glad that Hayden was locked up.

Moments later, Nathan and Paul entered the room to question Elizabeth about the incident. Elizabeth was curious why the district attorney was there, but Paul smoothly explained that it was a high-profile case, and he wanted to make certain that everything had been done by the books. Nathan asked about Elizabeth's altercation with Hayden and the minutes leading up to Elizabeth being pushed down the stairs. Paul tried to take advantage of Elizabeth's drugged state by suggesting that she'd gone directly to the stairwell, but Elizabeth's eyes narrowed because she recalled going to Monica's office, where she'd caught Paul going through Monica's desk.

Sabrina frowned, but Paul quickly reminded Elizabeth that he'd been looking for a pen. He pushed the flashback of holding the syringe away and watched Elizabeth closely as Nathan questioned her about being pushed down the stairs. Elizabeth told Nathan that she hadn't seen her assailant, but she recalled Hayden standing over her moments after the fall. Monica entered the room and announced that Elizabeth had had enough for one day and ordered Nathan and Paul to leave. Sabrina's eyes narrowed with suspicion as Paul wished Elizabeth well and left.

Monica noticed the bag attached to Elizabeth's I.V. was empty and grumbled about being short-staffed. Sabrina assured Monica that her nursing license was valid and offered to help out with Elizabeth's care. Grateful, Monica thanked Sabrina. Elizabeth revealed that Audrey had told Cam and Aiden about the fall, but not they hadn't told Jake, who remained in the dark. Monica assured Elizabeth that Michael would break the news to Jake after Jason and Sam's wedding. Elizabeth was surprised because she hadn't realized that Jason and Sam were getting married.

In the park, Ava was unapologetic as she told Nina that actions had consequences. Nina demanded to know when Ava would pay for her actions because Ava had murdered an innocent woman, seduced a troubled young man, and ruined Nina's marriage and life. Ava insisted that telling Bridgid about Nina had been the right thing to do, and her conscience was clear. Ava started to walk away, but Nina grabbed Ava's hand. Nathan saw the confrontation and managed to pull his sister away before the argument turned violent.

Nathan demanded to know what was going on, prompting Ava to tell him about Nina's attempt to buy a baby. Nina accused Ava of being a hypocritical liar and promised that -- somehow, some way -- her transgressions would return to bite her. Ava bragged that no one had ever been able to prove anything against her, but the same couldn't be said about Nina. Nathan was forced to hold his sister back as Ava sauntered away. Incensed, Nina threw herself into Nathan's arms and cried.

At Metro Court, Jason and Sam woke up in bed together and snuggled. Sam was delighted that she wasn't nauseous, which she decided was a good omen. Jason grinned and kissed her passionately. After they made love, Sam admitted that she was starving and suggested they have breakfast in bed. Jason reminded her that they didn't have time, but Sam confessed that she'd be perfectly happy to get married at the courthouse later. Jason made it clear that it wasn't an option and added that he had a surprise waiting for Sam.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny escorted a man to the terrace. Carly greeted Marty and thanked him for booking the wedding at the last minute. She showed him where she wanted him to set up then led Sonny inside. Sonny worried that Carly had gotten carried away, but she promised that everything would be simple because she wanted the day to be about Jason and Sam. Moments later, Michael and Jake arrived. Jake appeared skeptical that people could get married in a house, but Carly explained that couples could marry anywhere that was special for them.

Sonny added that he and Carly had been friends with Jason and Sam for a long time and considered them family. Michael took Jake outside to burn off some energy as Alexis, Kristina, Molly, and Danny arrived. Alexis noticed glasses of Champagne on the sideboard and quickly helped herself to a flute. Danny was curious when his parents would arrive, but he quickly became distracted when he saw his brother. Carly offered to let the boys play outside until the wedding started. Jake wanted to play on the trampoline, but Sonny made it clear that Milo would have to supervise.

After Jake and Danny ran outside, Michael and Kristina decided to track down Milo. Molly was impressed with the decor and complimented Carly. Carly was pleased that she'd decided to go with a summer casual theme because it suited Jason and Sam. Carly excused herself when the doorbell rang, but her smile faltered when she saw Jason and Sam. Jason was decked out in a black tuxedo, while Sam wore a sparkling white gown with an empire waist and black beaded strapless top.

Jason and Sam realized they were overdressed when they entered the living room and saw everyone dressed in colorful summer dresses and casual suits. Jason revealed that he had a black shirt and slacks in the car, but Sam despaired because she didn't have anything to change into. Kristina confessed that she'd picked something up for Sam to wear because she'd been afraid that Sam would show up in a tT-shirt and jeans. After Kristina and Molly whisked their sister away to change, Sonny saw Alexis pick up a flute of Champagne.

Later, Carly asked Michael how the "officiate" had been holding up. Michael admitted that he was nervous. Alexis entered the living room to announce that Sam was almost ready. Sonny followed Alexis to the bar to ask what was going on between her and Kristina. Alexis revealed that she and Kristina had reached a fragile peace. Sonny shifted gears and mentioned the jury selection for Julian's trial, but Alexis was determined to focus on her daughter's wedding and walked away with a new glass of Champagne

Later, Marty took pictures of Jason and Sam posing with their loved ones. Alexis beamed with pride as she offered Sam some words of wisdom. Jason told Sonny what Sonny's friendship meant to him. Touched, Sonny assured Jason that he loved him like a brother. Jason and Sam took family pictures with Danny and Jake then posed for several photographs that ended with a kiss as their loved ones cheered. Eventually, everyone went inside, and Jason announced that he had a surprise for Sam.

Jason led Sam to the foyer as Sonny called out that they were ready. Sam squealed with joy when Spinelli ran down the stairs and greeted her with a warm hug. Spinelli revealed that Jason had asked him to officiate the wedding, so he'd taken a thirty-minute an online course and had been ordained the previous day. A short time later, everyone took their places as Sam appeared in the doorway and prepared to walk down the aisle.

At the nurses' station, Finn instructed a nurse to make certain Hayden's file was delivered to the police station because Hayden had been treated for a gunshot wound to the head, and the file detailed her medical history and the medications she'd been prescribed. Finn walked away and called Curtis. He left a voicemail message explaining that he needed to talk to Curtis about "a mutual friend."

In the interrogation room, Hayden sat in the chair and slept with her head on the table. She dreamed about her tender kiss with Finn and the arrest. She jolted awake and was disappointed to realize that it had been real. A police officer entered the room and opened a file. Hayden asked to make a call, but he reminded her that she'd had her call the previous evening. Hayden demanded that she be taken to a jail cell because she needed sleep, but the police officer explained that she had to be checked out before they could transfer her. Confused, Hayden asked for an explanation, but he ignored her and left.

Meanwhile, Franco told the desk sergeant that he wanted to see Hayden, but he was denied access because visits were restricted to lawyers and family. Franco claimed that he was Hayden's attorney, but the police officer recognized Franco Baldwin and warned him that it was a felony to give false information to an officer of the law. Moments later, Finn walked up and announced that he was Hayden's physician. Finn was given permission to visit Hayden, but Franco called out to Finn and told him to let Hayden know that Franco had had a very interesting conversation about her family that she would want to know about. Finn doubted that Hayden would want to talk to Franco, but Franco promised to wait.

Finn entered the interrogation room and quickly handed Hayden two tablets. Hayden was happy to see him but curious what he'd given her. Finn admitted that they were antacids, but he'd noted in her medical file that they were a drug she'd been prescribed since she'd been shot that needed to be administered by her physician. Hayden thanked him, but he wanted to know how she'd been holding up. Hayden assured him that she was better because he was there, but he insisted that she didn't belong in jail. Hayden thought it was ironic that she'd been arrested for a crime she hadn't committed.

Finn urged Hayden to have faith, but she reminded him that she knew someone -- Shawn -- who'd been paying for a crime he hadn't committed. Hayden acknowledged that she hadn't hidden her hatred for Elizabeth, so she doubted that anyone would believe that she hadn't tried to kill Elizabeth. Finn hoped that Elizabeth would remember that Hayden hadn't pushed her, but Hayden was certain that Elizabeth had deliberately lied. Finn disagreed, but he assured her that he'd been working on a contingency plan. Moments later, Finn received a text message from Curtis and told Hayden that he had to leave.

Finn encouraged Hayden to remain positive then shifted gears to tell her that she looked very pretty. In the squad room, Finn called Curtis and told him that Hayden was in trouble.

Nearby, Franco informed Naomi that Hayden had been arrested for trying to kill her sister. Naomi denied that Hayden had a sister, but Franco decided to cut to the chase. He revealed that he knew that Jeff Webber was Hayden's father because Heather had told him. Naomi quickly recovered from the shock and assured Franco that no one would believe Heather because Heather was crazy. Franco agreed, but he was confident that people would believe him. Naomi warned Franco that he'd shatter Elizabeth's illusions about her parents' perfect marriage if he told her about Hayden.

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