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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on GH
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Johnny took Lulu hostage at the police station to keep her from confessing. While Mac and Lucky looked on, Jason stopped Harper from getting off a shot, which allowed Johnny to escape outside with Lulu. The mayor was just arriving as Johnny and Lulu reached the outdoors, so Johnny hijacked his car and the pair sped away. Lulu still wanted to confess, but Johnny said it was too late for that. Lulu continued to panic. When she insisted on calling the police, Johnny threw her phone away.

At Sonny's home, Claudia warned Sonny about his new business associate, Karpov. Sonny did not take kindly to Claudia's interference and ignored her concerns that Karpov was the front-runner for the ruthless Russian mafia. Claudia told Sonny that she thought that his dealings with Karpov were a way for Sonny to get back in the business, because she was sure that he missed the power and all that it implied. Sonny wanted to know why she cared. Claudia said that Sonny had been kind to her a few nights before and she just wanted to return the favor. Sonny thanked her for her advice and asked her to leave. Claudia received a call from Harper telling her that Johnny had escaped and demanding that she show up at the Port Charles Police DepartmentPCPD for an interview.

Johnny and Lulu ditched the car and made it to Manhattan, but Lulu kept blaming herself for all of Johnny's trouble. She continued to freak out and told Johnny he would have been better off never to have picked her up. He said on the contrary, she was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and as long as they were together he could handle anything. Then he told Lulu that he loved her. Lulu continued to panic and imagine the worst. Johnny kept telling her that he loved her and asked her to believe in him. Lulu calmed down long enough for Johnny to break into an abandoned building that Johnny told Lulu belonged to him.

Inside the PCPD, Jason was handcuffed and led into the interrogation room by Harper and Lucky. Harper accused Jason of being in collusion with Johnny because he had prevented Harper from shooting Johnny. Jason responded that he feared that Harper would miss Johnny and hit Lulu. Neither Lucky nor Harper appeared to believe him.

Maxie was overwrought and fearful that Lulu would spill the beans. At Jason's place, Spinelli held her and comforted her. Maxie pulled away, called him her best friend, and apologized for using him. Spinelli said he did not feel used. Then Maxie's phone rang. It was Mac alerting her to the escape and calling her down to the PCPD.

Carly and Jax were at home having their ongoing argument. She insisted that her mean-spirited actions were motivated by Kate's romantic pursuit of Jax. Jax insisted that there was no romantic pursuit, and even if there were, he was immune to it. Jax told Carly that because he loved her, he had only business, not social, dealings with Kate. Further, Jax said, he had a lot invested in Crimson that he could not afford to lose. He demanded that Carly not interfere in his business again. She agreed.

Kate was at Crimson with Clarice, who made a phone call to Jax and told him he was missing a crucial meeting. At Kate's instigation, Clarice pretended that she had twice spoken to Carly, who had promised to relay the info to Jax. As Clarice complimented Kate for taking off the gloves with Carly, Jax berated Carly for not giving him the messages, before dashing out of the house.

Back at Crimson, Jax arrived in time to conclude a critical deal with Roger Canfield. After the meeting ended and Roger was gone, Carly barged in and called Clarice a liar. Clarice produced a phone log and Kate backed her up. Carly was livid with righteous indignation. She threatened both Clarice and Kate with bodily harm. When she asked Jax to believe her, he did not. She stormed out of the office and Jax followed behind her. After they were gone, Clarice told Kate that she had taken a big chance to sabotage Carly. Kate agreed, but said it was worth it, because even though she wanted Jax to be happy, he could do better than Carly.

Kate then sent Clarice home for the day and called Sonny. She invited him to her place for champagne and an evening together before she left for Paris. Sonny told her that he had business dealings but he would try to make it later. After disconnecting from Kate, Sonny called Karpov to arrange a meeting.

Nikolas ran into Nadine at the hospital. She told him that Matt had asked her out on a date and she was going to use the opportunity to find out if Matt was involved with the counterfeit drug ring. Nikolas said it was too dangerous, but Nadine was sure she could handle it. Before they could argue further, Nikolas got a call about Lulu from Lucky and rushed off to the PCPD. Matt arrived for his date with Nadine as Nikolas got on the elevator.

At the PCPD, Lucky questioned Jason about Johnny's whereabouts. When Jason said he did not know, Lucky accused him of not caring about Lulu's safety. Just then, Diane arrived and Lucky left her alone with Jason, who told Diane that Lulu had killed Logan. He told Diane the truth, that he had only pushed the detective to protect Lulu. Diane pointed out that even if Jason were telling the truth, the police would say that helping Johnny was an advantageous thing for him to do and would go a log way in bringing peace to the mob.

Outside, Maxie arrived at the station with Spinelli in tow. Mac demanded to know why she had visited Johnny. She told him that Johnny was a good guy and she did not believe that he had killed Logan. Further, she said, Johnny cared for Lulu and would never hurt her. Spinelli agreed, which infuriated the mayor. He demanded that Spinelli be locked up, even though Maxie gave Spinelli an alibi. Mac told Maxie to leave. She said not without Spinelli, so Mac let them both go.

Back at Jason's place, Spinelli and Maxie figured out that Lulu had smuggled in the gun that Johnny had used to escape. Maxie feared that Lulu's impulsive action would lead to Johnny's death and Lulu would become catatonic like her mother, Laura.

Nikolas arrived at the police station. Lucky told him that he was convinced that Jason had smuggled in the gun to Johnny and that it was no coincidence that Jason had arrived at the exact moment that Johnny had taken Lulu hostage. Inside the interrogation room, Jason wanted out, but an unsympathetic Diane said that at a minimum, he had interfered with a police officer and would have to spend at least one night in lockup.

Claudia also showed up. When Mac asked her about the gun, she blamed Lulu. The mayor chimed in and Claudia started making threats about lawsuits if Johnny was hurt. Mac was calm, cool, and collected when he told her that Johnny was considered armed and dangerous, and the police were authorized to use deadly force. He advised Claudia to tell Johnny to surrender if he got in touch with her.

Matt and Nadine went to a popular Russian restaurant for dinner. As they exchanged small talk, Sonny arrived for his meeting with Karpov. Sonny told Karpov that he could not accept Karpov's offer, but he could make one of his own. Sonny said he would give advice about trade routes and local law enforcement, but he did not want to be a representative. Sonny also insisted that Karpov leave Jason and his organization alone.

Jason got a visitor named Cody, who had worked with him when Jason did community service at the hospital. Diane was Cody's lawyer also. He dropped by with a tip for Jason about the Russian mob and their representative, Karpov. Jason expressed his appreciation and asked Cody to keep an eye on Karpov and let him know whom Karpov was meeting. Cody agreed.

Lucky told Nikolas that he was very worried about Lulu because she had appeared terrified when Johnny took her. Nikolas said that he was sure that Lulu was terrified, because she and Johnny had taken a huge risk. Lucky asked if Nikolas thought it was a scam, that Lulu was in on the escape with Johnny. Nikolas said that it was the only scenario that made sense. When Lucky disagreed, Nikolas said to think about it. Lulu had defended Johnny all along and breaking Johnny out was the kind of impulsive thing that Lulu would do. When Lucky said he could not believe it, a smiling Nikolas said, "Really?" And then asked how many times their mother had done the same thing for Luke.

Maxie was casting the worst-case scenario, that Johnny would be gunned down and Lulu would end up in a rocking chair next to Laura at Shady Brooke, when Claudia barged in and demanded Spinelli's help to locate Johnny before the police killed him.

Jax followed Carly home. She tried to apologize, but Jax was not interested. He told her he was packing and staying at the hotel until he could sort some things out. Jax aid he could not continue the eternal argument. He told her that he did not want to forget what he loved about her. She swore that she was not the liar this time-that Kate was. Carly was angry and hurt as Jax continued to insist that he was leaving her. She told Jax that they had built a life together and she would not give it up so easily.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trevor walked in Anthony's hotel room and found out Johnny had taken Lulu hostage and escaped in the mayor's car. Anthony was furious that Trevor was so clueless. Ric filled Trevor in on the situation, and Anthony started threatening his two lawyers. Anthony warned them that if his son didn't come back alive, they would both be dead. Ric wasn't impressed with Anthony's threats and said they were needed alive to get Johnny out of all this trouble. Once Ric left to go to the police station, Trevor told Anthony he brought it all on himself. Trevor had warned Anthony that Lulu was bad news, but Anthony had liked his son's relationship with Lulu and pushed them together. Anthony knew he had made a mistake and promised he would kill Lulu as soon as he found her and his son.

Johnny took Lulu to his old music professor's apartment. It was a safe place when he was younger, and he knew the professor would be away for the summer. Lulu was still very upset that she had taken a human life. Johnny tried to remind her that Logan had barged in with an axe. She had only defended herself. Lulu was worried she would go crazy like her mother and wanted to confess. They were interrupted when someone knocked on the door. Johnny opened the door to discover a large man with tattoos and a gun. The professor was dead.

Claudia tried desperately to get Spinelli to start looking for Johnny, but Maxie pointed out that Jason was Spinelli's boss and wasn't there to give orders. Claudia asked if Spinelli would start searching for her brother if Maxie asked him. Claudia tried to bribe Maxie by reminding her about the deal they had made in the Crimson office. Maxie wasn't intimidated and told Spinelli about accepting Claudia's deal to sleep with Johnny. Spinelli was crushed, but he still was not going to help Claudia unless Jason gave him permission. Claudia left to go to the station to talk with Jason.

Meanwhile, Maxie asked Spinelli if he was disappointed in her. He said he could not judge her, and she said he reminded her of his sister. No matter what Maxie would do, Georgie was always there for her. Spinelli and Maxie talked about Georgie and how they missed her. Maxie got ready to leave, when Spinelli mentioned Jason's request for them to stay together. Maxie knew Mac would not let her stay at Jason's apartment, but she didn't think he would check his messages with all the chaos going on at the police station. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Mac soon knocked on the door and demanded Maxie come home with him in the police car. Maxie refused and said if she went home with him, she would immediately leave and sleep with the first bellboy she found at the Metro Court. Mac agreed to allow Spinelli to take Maxie home. As soon as Maxie closed the door at home, she turned the lights on and found the new doctor from General Hospital, half-naked, in her living room.

Nikolas came into the interrogation room and asked Jason for help. He knew Jason had helped find Emily when Zander had kidnapped her, and he was begging for Jason's help now that Nikolas' sister had been kidnapped. Jason said he didn't have any information that could help. He thought Lulu had brought the gun in, but Lulu was clearly terrified when she had left. Jason didn't feel anything was planned. Nikolas left the interrogation room and told Lucky what he had found out. When the mayor realized Nikolas had been in the interrogation room with Jason, he was furious. Nikolas reminded the mayor that his sister had been kidnapped in the mayor's car and the mayor needed to work on getting Lulu back.

Ric also showed up to try to talk to Jason, but Jason wanted nothing to do with Ric. He told Ric if he wanted to help he needed to get out. Trevor, Ric, and Claudia also showed up and everyone argued outside the interrogation room for a while, throwing accusations at each other. Anthony told Nikolas that his sister was headed down the same road as their mother, and Nikolas attacked Anthony. Nadine soon showed up after learning about the kidnapping while she was out with Dr. Hunter. She took Nikolas home and tried to get him to open up about what was going on. Nikolas said talking about it wouldn't help. He learned after Emily died that sometimes the worst thing possible really could happen.

Meanwhile, the Port Charles police, either unaware or uncaring, allowed Anthony to talk to Jason in the interrogation room. Anthony threatened Jason to do whatever was necessary to get Johnny back. Anthony left the room, and Claudia went in to beg Jason to allow Spinelli to search for Johnny. Jason said Claudia didn't need Spinelli's help. Johnny would soon call Claudia, and Jason needed to know when he called. Claudia agreed to tell him anything, as long as he promised to help Johnny.

Jax told Carly he was leaving her. She fought with him and tried her hardest to get him to stay. Carly thought Jax always tried to leave when things got tough. Jax said Carly never paid attention until he started to leave. Jax said he hadn't signed up for misery. Carly reminded him that sometimes misery was part of life. Their marriage vows had stated they would be there for each other for better or worse. Carly would stand by her vows. She asked him to kiss her before he left, and Jax kissed her very passionately. Carly said she knew he still loved her. Jax agreed that he did love her and he always would. Carly ran after him as he got in the car and drove away.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At the Scorpio home, Maxie freaked out when she saw a half-naked Matt in her home. She started screaming. Spinelli heard her and rushed to her defense but was quickly subdued by Matt. Maxie grabbed a poker and was about to do Matt great bodily harm when Robin stopped her and told her that she had rented Georgie's old room to Matt. Maxie had strenuous objections, but a callous Matt pointed out that he had a lease signed by Mac and he was not going to budge. After Matt left the house, Robin apologized to Maxie for renting the room to such a jerk. After Robin left, Maxie and Spinelli plotted ways to get rid of Matt. Spinelli was in seventh heaven as Maxie hugged him and told him he was her best friend.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Diane had bad news for Jason. Because he had stopped Harper from firing his gun, the cops believed that he, not Lulu, had smuggled in the gun to Johnny, he would be charged as an accessory to any crimes Johnny committed on the run. If Johnny killed a cop, then Jason could be facing a lethal injection. Jason asked Diane to summarize the best-case scenario. She told him that if she could convince a judge that he had acted to prevent the killing of an innocent girl, then maybe she could get him out. Diane wanted to get a warrant to see if Lulu had gotten the gun from Edward's gun collection, but Jason said no. He told Diane that he owed it to Spinelli and Carly to keep Lulu out of it. He said that if the police realized that Lulu had helped Johnny, then she would be charged as an accessory and be facing a lethal injection. Diane was not happy to work within such limitations, but she told Jason that he was fortunate that he paid her so much money because he made it extremely difficult to mount a competent defense, before regally waltzing out the interrogation room.

Sonny met Sasha Donev, Karpov's very attractive blonde representative, at the hotel restaurant. Sonny reiterated to her that he would not take an active role in Karpov's organization, and that Karpov would have to leave Jason's organization alone. Sasha said that Karpov did not take orders well. Sonny said he was sure Karpov would understand if they met in person. As Sasha was flattering Sonny's management skills, Diane arrived and introduced herself to Sasha as Sonny's attorney. Diane stayed and made inquiries about Sasha's connections to Sonny, as Sonny left the bar.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Anthony met with Claudia and demanded to know where Johnny was. He accused her of deliberately doing a bad job of covering up Logan's murder because she wanted Johnny caught and out of the way. He blamed her for poisoning Johnny against him. Claudia responded with claws drawn. She told Anthony that Johnny hated him. Anthony started screaming at Claudia and calling her filthy names. He told her that he should have drowned her when Johnny was born.

Claudia was quietly crying and taking Anthony's abuse when Sonny stepped in and stopped him. Sonny had strong words for Anthony's boorish public behavior, and threatened to dump Anthony out of his wheelchair and make him crawl away. Anthony huffed and puffed to reassert his control as Sonny offered his hand to a shaken Claudia.

Sonny escorted Claudia back to her apartment. He told her not to take what he did for her personally. Sonny said that he would have done the same thing for anyone in similar circumstances. He advised Claudia to tell Johnny to give himself up. He told her that there were lots of people who cared about Lulu and that Johnny would suffer if anything happened to her. Sonny said that he had known Lulu for a long time and did not want her to see her boyfriend "shot down like a dog." Claudia responded that Johnny was smart and not to underestimate him.

Johnny and Lulu were discovered in Professor Siegel's apartment by Sal, the landlord, who held a gun on them. They introduced themselves as Joe and Linda from Chicago. Johnny told Sal that he was an old student of the professor's and that the professor had told him that he could stay at the apartment when he was in town. Johnny was sad to hear that the professor had died recently. Sal remained suspicious until Johnny sat down at the piano and started playing. He was impressed with Johnny's talent, so he put away his gun and allowed Lulu and Johnny to stay.

Sal asked if Johnny had work. When Johnny said no, he asked if Johnny could give piano lessons. When Lulu said Johnny could, Sal wanted to pay for lessons for his niece, Lourdes. Johnny said he would give the lessons for free, but a newly friendly Sal told Johnny that New York was expensive and that they would need the money. Johnny agreed to take the money, but told Sal he would find another way to repay his kindness.

As soon as Sal left, Lulu was ready to run again. She was convinced that Sal was calling the police because their pictures were on display everywhere. Johnny said that he did not believe that Sal would turn them in and besides they were safer hidden than they were if they were in a car or walking the streets. Lulu calmed down. Later, after making love, Lulu told Johnny that the only time she was not terrified was when she was lying in his arms. He told her to think only about the moment, instead of worrying about the future. He told her that he loved her and promised her that he would take care of her and would never let anything harm her.

Nadine visited Nikolas at Wyndemere. He talked about his concerns for Lulu. He hoped for a good outcome, but was not as optimistic as he once had been. He said that Emily's death had taught him not to believe in miracles. He worried about Lulu and feared for her safety because she had "her mother's heart and her father's recklessness."

Sam arrived at Wyndemere and wanted to know how Lucky was doing. She said that she had wanted to support him and be there for him at the police station after Lulu was taken hostage by Johnny, but since they had staged their public break-up so that Sam could infiltrate the drug ring, she did not want to sabotage her efforts, which seem to be paying off. She was hopeful that she would soon be offered a boat-piloting gig.

Lucky went to the hospital to see Liz. He told her of Nikolas' suspicion that Lulu had helped Johnny escape. Liz said that she could believe that Lulu would do something like that. Lucky asked if Lulu had contacted her. Liz listened to her messages, but none of them were from Lulu. Lucky told Liz that he was very scared for Lulu's safety, because her behavior at the police station was exactly like that of his mom, Laura, just before she lost her mind.

Diane went back to see Jason. She was concerned that Sonny was cheating on Kate with the blonde she had interrupted him with in the Metro Court bar. She told Jason that Sonny acted just like he always did when he was trying to hide something illicit from her. Diane said that Kate had given up everything for Sonny and she did not want to see Sonny hurt Kate in any way.

Diane went on to tell him about Sonny's confrontation with Anthony. Jason immediately ordered Diane to contact Max and upgrade Sonny's security. Diane marveled at Jason's concern for others instead of himself and wondered if Sonny would act the same should their situations be reversed. When Jason did not reply, Diane did not mince words when she said that ever since Michael had been shot, Sonny had been acting erratically and she was sure that Jason had noticed, also.

Lucky was waiting for Sam in her apartment. They embraced and he told her that he had managed to get the authorization to use deadly force order, issued by the state police, cancelled, but he stilled worried that Lulu would be hurt in a shootout. He told her that he feared that Lulu was not only in on the escape, but might actually have planned the whole thing.

They also talked about Sam's undercover work against the drug cartel. Lucky did not want her in harm's way, but Sam held firm that they had to get someone on the inside and she was the logical choice. Lucky reluctantly acquiesced. They agreed to go on pretending that they were broken up. They held each other and said that even though they had to be apart, they would hold each other in their hearts.

Matt surreptitiously entered the darkened drug closet at the clinic. He did not turn on the light, but used a flashlight while he unlocked a cabinet. He was removing bottles of pills when Nadine flipped on the light and asked what he was doing. He told her that he was making a spot check for counterfeit meds. Nadine did not appear to believe him, but when Nikolas wanted to know what was going on, she merely said that she and Matt were talking about spot-checking the meds. Nikolas said, "good," and that he was glad that they were on top of it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sam and Lucky were in Sam's apartment, discussing Lulu's situation when they were interrupted by a knock. It was Liz. While Lucky hid, Sam answered the door. Liz told Sam that she had stopped by on a whim. With Lulu on the run with Johnny, Liz felt that Lucky needed Sam back in his life. Sam was surprised when Liz asked her to give Lucky another chance. Liz quickly explained that all she and Lucky shared was parenthood, nothing more. Sam kept up appearances and told Liz that she was afraid of having her heart crushed again. Liz understood but assured Sam that Lucky would respect and cherish Sam's heart. Before she left, Liz asked Sam not to give up on Lucky. Once she was gone, Lucky stepped back into the living room. Sam admitted that she respected Liz for her concern for Lucky.

Max was worried when he overheard Sonny's conversation with Karpov. Karpov had asked to meet with Jason but Sonny shot him down. Sonny reminded Karpov that one of the conditions of their agreement was that Karpov would not interfere with Jason's business in any way. Karpov backed down and left shortly afterwards. Max told Sonny that from Jason's perspective, Sonny's alliance with Karpov appeared shady. Sonny defended his actions and insisted that he wasn't betraying Jason, but rather, Sonny was protecting his friend.

Later, Diane stopped by Sonny's house and quickly surmised that Max was hiding something. Initially she suspected Max was covering up Sonny's affair with another woman but Max reluctantly dispelled that notion. When Diane realized that Sonny was in cahoots with Karpov, she was furious. The minute Sonny walked in, Diane confronted Sonny about his partnership with Jason's enemy.

Maxie stopped by to see Spinelli at the penthouse. Spinelli was disappointed when Maxie admitted that she had already forgotten about their night of passion.

Nikolas and Tracy met at the Metro Court restaurant. Tracy told Nikolas that one of Edward's guns had been taken from the gun case. Both realized that Lulu had taken the gun and had given it to Johnny at the police station. As they talked, Scotty approached them. When they realized that Scotty was unaware of Logan's demise, they were forced to break the news to him. Scotty was stunned but recovered quickly. He made a quick phone call and then vowed to find his son's killer and bring the person to justice.

At the Port Charles police station, Jason tried to calm Carly down. She was determined to free Jason from jail so that he could track Lulu down. Jason promised to tell Carly everything that he knew about Lulu's situation in exchange for Carly's promise that she would go home and do nothing. They argued back and forth until Carly reluctantly agreed to Jason's terms. Carly was stunned to learn that Lulu had killed Logan and that Johnny had covered it up. Carly was concerned for Lulu and wondered if Logan had raped her. Carly was struck by the similarities between Laura's past with Luke and Lulu's relationship with Logan. A commotion in the squad room soon drew their attention. It was Scotty on the warpath, arguing with Lucky. Scotty was certain that Lulu was somehow involved in Logan's murder.

After Carly left the police station, she went to see Spinelli. Spinelli was surprised when Carly asked Spinelli help her frame someone for Logan's murder in order to exonerate Lulu and Johnny of the crime.

Scotty found Maxie at the Metro Court restaurant, where he proceeded to question her about Logan's murder.

Anthony went to Claudia's apartment to apologize to her about his outburst the previous day. Anthony's apology was short-lived as he began talking about Claudia's mother. Anthony blamed his former wife for molding their daughter in her own image. To Anthony, that completely ruined Claudia. They were interrupted when Claudia's phone rang. Claudia carefully answered it and tried to hide the fact that Johnny was on the other end. After quickly ending the call, Anthony revealed that he hadn't been fooled. He knew it had been Johnny. Claudia lied and insisted that the person calling had been Sonny. Anthony warned Claudia that she would need someone more powerful than Sonny to protect her if one single hair on Johnny's head was harmed. Anthony told Claudia that he loved her but, he said, he loved Johnny more.

Claudia went to see Jason at the Port Charles police station. Unfortunately, Lucky stopped her before she could enter the interrogation room where Jason was being held. Lucky demanded to know if she had information about Johnny. Claudia said that she didn't. She explained that she was there to seduce Jason. Lucky appeared disgusted and walked away. Claudia entered into the interrogation room and told Jason what she had told Lucky. When Jason asked her why she would make such a claim, Claudia responded that she didn't want Lucky to know that Johnny had contacted her.

At their temporary safe house, Lulu woke up from a nightmare about Logan. Johnny was concerned but Lulu downplayed the nightmare. To convince Johnny that she was fine, Lulu offered to sneak out and buy food for the two of them. While Lulu was off shopping, Sal brought his sister, Lourdes, to the apartment for her first piano lesson. Lourdes seemed interested in more than piano lessons but Lulu walked in before Lourdes could act on the attraction.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Scott Baldwin managed to corner Maxie in the Metro Court hotel and harass her about Logan's death. He felt Logan and Lulu would still be together had Maxie not slept with Logan. Scott wanted to hold Lulu and Maxie responsible for his son's death. The more Scott talked, the more agitated he became. Jax came over when Scott grabbed Maxie, and said he would call security if Scott didn't settle down. Scott started to protest but soon left when he realized he had more important things to do.

In Jason's penthouse, Carly tried to get Spinelli to help set up Ric to take the fall for Logan's murder. Spinelli tried to reason with her and said Ric had an alibi. Spinelli was hesitant to do anything that might make Johnny and Lulu look even guiltier, and framing Ric would do just that. Carly didn't understand why Spinelli couldn't just fix everything, and stormed out.

Not long after Carly left, Nikolas and Lucky knocked on Spinelli's door. Nikolas made his brother realize if Lulu needed any help, such as creating new ID's, she would have turned to Spinelli. When the tech genius answered the door, he was surprised to find Lulu's brothers there. They told him they already knew the truth about Lulu. A smart Spinelli didn't reveal any information but simply asked what truth they were referring to. Nikolas and Lucky told him about Edward's missing gun, and they knew Lulu had smuggled the gun into Johnny. They desperately wanted his help to rescue their sister.

Scott left the hotel and went to his office where a television crew was waiting. Once everything was set up, Scott went "on air" to release details about Johnny and Lulu's escape and their suspected involvement in Logan's murder. He offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. After the broadcast was over, Scott talked on the phone until Nikolas and Lucky walked in and demanded he retract his statement and reward.

Johnny felt his piano skills weren't up to par, so he decided to teach Lulu how to play the piano. He needed someone to practice on so his lessons to Lourdes would be more believable. Lourdes knocked on the door and presented Johnny with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Johnny remembered that the professor used to enjoy fresh flowers on the piano, so he thanked her for the thoughtful gift. While Lulu went to put the flowers in water, Johnny and Lourdes talked about their families. When Lulu walked back in, she adjusted with ease to Johnny's lies about his sister and brother-in-law in California. Lulu told Lourdes about meeting Johnny when she was hitchhiking after a fight with an ex-boyfriend. The mention of her ex caused Lulu to get emotional and she had to leave the room. Lourdes soon left, and Johnny went to comfort Lulu. Back in her own apartment, Lourdes turned on the television just in time to see Scott talking about Johnny and Lulu's involvement with his son's murder. He warned that the two should be considered armed and dangerous.

After his jet had taken off for Montreal, Jax was surprised to see Carly with champagne on the jet with him. He had tried to talk to her at the hotel before he left, but Carly decided the jet would be a perfect place for the two of them to discuss how to fix their marriage, especially since neither of them could choose to get up and leave. Jax was hesitant at first because he still wasn't sure there was a chance their marriage could work. Carly reminded him of the good times they have shared and even the worst times were good for her. Jax agreed that the time they had been together had not been entirely miserable. They seemed to be fighting more with less make-up time in between the fights. It appeared there might be hope after all for their marriage as they both embraced each other and shared a long kiss.

Diane tried to convince Sonny to reveal his conversations with Karpov to Jason. Sonny acted as if nothing was going on, so there was no need to concern Jason. Diane soon left, but Claudia quickly filled the void. She wanted Sonny's help to find her brother and thought she could bribe the former mobster turned coffee importer. Sonny was not impressed and kicked her out of his house, telling her he could not be bribed. Claudia went home to find Ric waiting for her. He wanted to know what Claudia would give him if he got Johnny acquitted.

Maxie went to visit Jason at the police station, much to Mac's horror. She told Jason that Scott was holding her and Lulu responsible for Logan's death. Maxie apologized for venting to him, but Jason said it was good for her to give him all the details. She wondered how he could get Johnny and Lulu out of their mess, but Jason admitted he wasn't sure what he could do. Later, Claudia also came to visit Jason. She was desperate to get his help for Johnny, but Jason wanted to make sure Claudia didn't make things worse for Johnny and Lulu. Sonny was the last to visit Jason, with Diane suggesting the two of them had business to talk about.

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