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Donna Logan
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Actor History
Carrie Mitchum
March 25, 1987 to 1991 [contract];

September 30, 1994 to October 3, 1994; August 1995; January 12, 2001 to January 17, 2001 [guest appearances]

Mary Sheldon (temporary recast)
February 12, 2001 to February 15, 2001
July 20, 2006 to November 2015 [contract];

November 2015 to September 25, 2018 [recurring];

October 29, 2018 to present [contract]

Other Names

"Savannah" (nude modeling name)

Jamie Kensington (name used while undercover at Spencer Publications)


Said to be 18 in 1987, making date of birth late 1968 or early 1969


Co-receptionist at Forrester Creations (shares duties with Pamela Douglas)

Former vice president of Forrester Creations

Former co-host of The Catwalk

Former lead model for Forrester Creations

Former "Face of Brooke's Bedroom"

Former model for Spectra Fashions

Former publishing intern at Spencer Publications

Former model for Tommy Bayland's agency

Former waitress at Griffey's Diner

Worked in a department store

Resides At

The Forrester Mansion, 369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA

Stayed with Katie Logan at 371 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA

Formerly Dallas, Texas

Formerly Nick Marone's boat, the The Shady Marlin

Formerly at the Los Angeles home of Justin Barber

Formerly San Francisco, CA

Formerly in a Los Angeles apartment with Mark Mallory

Formerly 659 Waterton Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA

Marital Status

Married to Eric Forrester as of February 8, 2024

Past Marriages

Eric Forrester [Married: 2008; divorced: 2010]

Justin Barber [Married: 2011; divorced: 2011]


Stephen Logan Sr. (father)

Elizabeth Henderson Logan (mother; deceased)

Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (brother; deceased)

Brooke Logan (sister)

Katie Logan (sister)

Helen Logan (grandmother; deceased)

Florence Fulton (niece)

Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (nephew)

Bridget Forrester (niece)

Hope Logan (niece)

R.J. Forrester Jr. (nephew)

William Logan Spencer (nephew)

Jack Hamilton Marone (biological nephew)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (granddaughter)

Logan Knight (grand-nephew)

Eric Forrester III (grand-nephew; stillborn)

Nicole Marone (grand-niece; stillborn)

Elizabeth Forrester (grand-niece)

Beth Avalon Spencer (great-niece)


Marcus Walton Forrester (son, with Justin Barber; 1980s)

Flings & Affairs

Mark Mallory

Rocco Carner

Nick Preston

Bill Spencer, Sr.

Mick Savage (kissed)

Thorne Forrester (dated: 1991; broken engagement: 2007)

Ridge Forrester (flirtation)

Eric Forrester (lovers while Eric was still married to Stephanie)

Owen Knight (kissed)

Bill Spencer, Jr. (kissed)

Dominick "Nick" Marone

Crimes Committed

Worked with Jackie Marone to split up Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester [2007]

Unintentionally left Brooke Logan's children unattended [2007]

Schemed to marry Thorne Forrester to get revenge on Stephanie Forrester [2007]

Accused of shooting Stephanie Forrester [2007]

Accused of poisoning Eric Forrester [2008]

Kissed Owen Knight while husband Eric Forrester lay in a coma [2008]

Health and Vitals

Locked in a tanning booth by Pam Douglas, who also turned Donna's teeth and hair green [2008]

Held at gunpoint and doused in honey by Pam Douglas to provoke bear attack [2008]

Brief Character History

Donna Logan is the daughter of Stephen Logan and Beth Henderson Logan and was raised in Sherman Oaks, California alongside her brother, Storm Logan, and her sisters, Brooke and Katie Logan. Donna fixed up the insecure Katie with Rocco Carner, but Donna and Rocco, who worked together at Griffey's Diner, became friends in light of Donna's relationship with the mean-spirited Mark Mallory. Donna was surprised when Rocco admitted he'd fallen in love with her and felt horrible when Katie saw Rocco kissing her. Donna wanted to get away from Mark after his angry reaction to her possible pregnancy; she got her chance when she caught Mark in bed with another woman.

Tired of waitressing, Donna signed up for a modeling agency; its owner, Tommy Bayland, sent Donna on legitimate assignments but told her she could make more money modeling lingerie. Donna barely escaped a prostitution assignment but later decided to pose nude as long as her photos were only seen in European publications. Donna took the alias "Savannah" and began seeing Nick Preston, who published Donna's layouts in his magazine; Donna was mortified when Nick's boss, publishing magnate Bill Spencer, Sr., printed Donna's photos in American magazines anyway. To avenge herself, Donna interned at Spencer Publications as Jamie Kensington, working with Rocco and Nick to have a nude photo of Bill published in a beefcake magazine. But when Bill offered "Jamie" a legitimate writing opportunity, Donna tried and failed to stop Bill's picture from being printed. Donna ended her fledgling relationship with Bill by confessing her identity and returning an expensive necklace Bill had given her.

Quitting Spencer, Donna moved on by befriending Macy Alexander and dating Forrester Creations heir Thorne Forrester. Donna and Macy didn't know Thorne was seeing them both; when Donna found out, she moved to San Francisco and only returned occasionally for weddings and other Logan family events for a decade and a half.

In 2006, Donna came home to learn that Brooke had married Nick Marone instead of her true love, Ridge Forrester. Donna asked Brooke for permission to pursue Ridge herself and became the face of Forrester's racy Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line. Though Donna spent time with Ridge, nothing came of their friendship. Later, Donna witnessed Nick and Ridge's mothers, Jackie Marone and Stephanie Forrester, respectively, arguing on a balcony. Donna assumed Stephanie had pushed Jackie over and ran to Nick, leading Nick to blackmail Stephanie's husband, Eric Forrester, into signing control of Forrester Creations to him. Donna became the fashion house's lead model and worked with Jackie to split Ridge and Brooke, hoping Brooke would go back to Nick. Knowing Ridge disapproved of his daughter, Phoebe Forrester, seeing Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, Donna arranged for Ridge to find Rick and Phoebe together during a business trip to Australia.

Donna accidentally left Brooke's younger children, Hope and R.J., unattended, which led to Child Protective Services removing the kids from Brooke's home after Stephanie spoke out against Brooke. In retaliation, Donna seduced Thorne and got him to the altar, but her plot was foiled by Katie, who had overheard Donna admitting she didn't love Thorne. Donna eventually moved on with Eric, who was forced by Nick to divorce Stephanie in order to regain control of Forrester. Donna competed with Jackie for Eric's affections but gained an enemy in Stephanie, whose children, Thorne and Felicia Forrester, locked Donna in the Forrester steam room to keep her from appearing in a fashion show.

Donna was accused of shooting Stephanie, who blackmailed Donna into leaving Eric upon finding out that Storm had pulled the trigger. To keep Storm out of jail, Donna pushed Eric away by lying she was a sex addict; however, Eric saw through the ruse, and Donna worked with him to fool Stephanie into thinking they had broken up. Donna hid a naked Eric on her window ledge when Stephanie barged in unannounced, but Donna was able to publicly resume her relationship with Eric after Stephanie backed off.

Donna later came under fire from Stephanie's sister, Pam Douglas, who suffered from bipolar disorder and wanted to make it up to Stephanie for not stopping their father's abuse. Donna found herself the victim of Pam's practical jokes, which included locking Donna in a tanning booth and turning Donna's teeth and hair green. But one day Donna found Pam's gun in her face, as well as Pam's giant Doberman, "Tiny"; Donna distracted the dog with one of Pam's lemon bars and accidentally killed him, or so it seemed until it was revealed the dog had a heart ailment.

Donna and Eric married, though their bliss was marred when Storm committed suicide to donate his heart to Katie, whom he'd unintentionally shot. At Storm's memorial, Donna met Marcus Walton, the long-lost son she'd given up for adoption; Donna was surprised when Eric formally adopted Marcus. Donna resisted a seduction attempt from her assistant, Owen Knight, not knowing Felicia had offered Owen money to come between Donna and Eric. While Donna was in bed with Eric, he had a heart attack and fell into a coma; after the Forresters accused Donna of wrongdoing, she took control of Forrester Creations and fired Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia.

Donna kissed Owen while Eric lay comatose, but ultimately stayed true to her husband. Donna was aghast when the police found poison in her bureau; Donna only realized she was being framed after Pam attacked her and held her at gunpoint at the Forresters' cabin in Big Bear. Donna narrowly missed being eaten by a bear after Pam, who had gone off her bipolar medication and poisoned Eric only meaning to weaken him so he'd be sexually undesirable to Donna, doused Donna with honey. Donna kissed Owen again after he rescued her; when Eric recovered and caught them together, the Forresters wouldn't allow Donna near Eric.

With Marcus' help, Donna snuck into the Forrester mansion hidden inside a box so she could see Eric, who was trying to decide the fate of his marriage to Donna. After Marcus was suddenly bitten by a snake and Beth was hit by a car, Donna was confronted by a fugitive Pam, who promised to kill Donna's family if Donna didn't leave Eric. Donna was skeptical when it came out that Pam's violent behavior was caused by a mass on her brain, and more so after Pam awoke from its resulting removal with no memory of terrorizing Donna.

Donna briefly lived with Eric and Stephanie while Eric continued to deliberate marriage to Donna. When Eric showed Donna footage of her and Owen kissing, Donna learned that Thorne had hired lookalike models in an effort to ruin her marriage. Donna happily reconciled with Eric, though she was uncomfortable having to model bikinis that Pam designed. Donna and Pam developed an uneasy truce as they ended up on The Price is Right together, but Donna still fell victim to having gallons of honey dumped on her by Pam while modeling a Forrester showstopper.

After Stephanie defected from Forrester and disparaged the Logans in a webcast for Spencer Publications, Donna went to her former place of employ and met Bill's son, Bill Spencer, Jr. Donna refused to take her clothes off in exchange for Bill talking Stephanie down; Donna later became friends with Bill when he started dating Katie. Donna was surprised to discover that her high school boyfriend, Justin Barber, was Bill's right-hand man; Donna had no choice but to tell Justin and Marcus they were father and son, apologizing for having given Marcus up for adoption.

Donna and her sisters became spokesmodels for Forrester's new Royalty line just as Bill took over Forrester Creations at the behest of his recently deceased father; with Katie installed as Forrester's new CEO, Donna accepted a position as vice president when the Forrester men refused to work for Bill, which caused a rift between Donna and Eric. Donna also found herself co-hosting the Spencer-run cable show The Catwalk with Pam and was mortified when Pam invented an audience-pleasing "cat dance."

Donna supported Eric's creation of the ugly Dare line, which was meant to sabotage Bill, but felt Eric slipping away, especially when he got closer to Stephanie and let her move into the guest house. Donna's parents came for a visit as well; Donna was unable to save her Alzheimer's afflicted mother, who had forgotten how to swim and fallen into the pool after arguing with old rival Stephanie. Donna blamed Stephanie for Beth's death, which put the final nail in Donna's marriage to Eric. After Donna was removed from Forrester in an exterminator truck thanks to Pam, Donna took Bill's advice and went after half of Eric's fortune in their divorce; Donna received 12.5% of Forrester's stock, then sold it to Bill.

Donna began spending time with Justin and Marcus as a family and soon proposed to Justin, marrying him at Bill's beach house with Justin's Genoa City cousin, Olivia Barber, in attendance. Months later, Donna admitted she had married Justin too quickly so Marcus could finally have his parents together; after an amicable divorce from Justin, Donna was invited to stay on Nick's boat, during which time Donna and Nick explored a romance. Donna found Pam in her orbit again as her jealous frenemy put itching powder in Donna's nightgown; then, Donna applied for the receptionist position at Forrester at the same time Pam did and ended up having to share a desk with her.

After Nick disappeared without explanation, Donna mourned the death of Stephanie, who had succumbed to cancer, and comforted her widower, Eric. Donna and Pam both raised an eyebrow when Eric started seeing Ridge's ex-wife, Taylor Hayes. Later, Donna helped pull Katie back from the brink after a bout with postpartum depression and got caught between her sisters when Brooke had an affair with Katie's husband, Bill.

Though Donna's screen time decreased, she enjoyed the single life in Monte Carlo and New York, eventually kissing Eric and arousing the jealousy of Quinn Fuller, who called Donna a slut. Donna couldn't believe it when Katie, a heart patient with a history of health scares, fainted on purpose to stop Brooke from remarrying Ridge, whom Katie had fallen in love with herself. Donna helped heal her sisters' embittered relationship but worried when Brooke declared her intention to replace the men in her life with alcohol.

Donna was said to have visited Stephen in Dallas for Christmas 2015. The following year, Donna supported Brooke's upcoming wedding to Bill and attended the ceremony, where she reconnected with Justin. But Donna stood aghast when Bill, who was upset that Ridge had tried to sway Brooke's affections before the I-dos, left Brooke standing at the altar. In 2017, Katie reported that Donna would be babysitting her son Will while Katie was in Australia for Brooke's latest wedding to Ridge; when Brooke married Bill instead, she reported that Donna was in Dallas helping Stephen recover from an unspecified illness. Donna came home for the holidays that year at the behest of Ridge, who wanted to reunite again-fiancée Brooke with her sisters; Donna made more visits in 2018 to attend Ridge and Brooke's remarriage, dancing with Marcus' adoptive brother Carter Walton at the reception, and Katie's wedding to Thorne.

Donna decided to make L.A. her home again and was pleasantly surprised to pick up a friendship with Pam; Donna was finally able to put Pam's past behavior toward her in perspective. Donna butted heads with Eric's wife, Quinn, and took it into consideration when Pam suggested Donna would be a more suitable wife for Eric. Donna attended a family dinner and noticed how uncomfortable Thorne was watching Bill and Katie function as a family with Will; when Thorne left Katie suggesting she still had feelings for Bill, Donna concurred and agreed to help Justin reunite Bill and Katie. Donna played dumb when Bill and Katie kept finding themselves in romantic situations, but it turned out Will was arranging them with his father's credit card.

While in Dallas with Stephen, Donna submitted family DNA information to an ancestry web site. Donna was shocked when that led to the discovery of Florence Fulton, a daughter Donna's brother Storm never knew he had. Donna and her sisters were happy to embrace their new niece until they learned Flo had been part of a cover-up started by Reese Buckingham, an obstetrician who stole Hope's baby, switched it with a dead one, and used money from its adoption to pay gambling debts. Donna helped celebrate the return of Hope's child, who had been named Beth after Donna's mother, but joined in rebuking Flo and her mother, Shauna Fulton, for their part in the secret.

Donna was more inclined to forgive Flo than most when Katie nearly died from kidney failure and Flo donated one of her kidney's to save Katie's life. Donna also served as a sounding board for Brooke, whose marriage to Ridge was crumbling over their intense disagreement over Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester, who'd known Hope's baby wasn't dead but married Hope anyway. After Ridge and Brooke reunited, Donna attended a reunion party whose highlight was a video of Brooke kissing Bill, which had been uploaded to a digital picture frame by Quinn. Donna stood by Brooke and gently tried to get Katie to forgive their sister for kissing Katie's man again, later comforting Brooke after Ridge drunkenly wed Flo's mother, Shauna Fulton, in Las Vegas.

Along with her sisters, Donna agreed to finally forgive Flo for her part in Beth's illegal adoption. Donna also concurred that Flo be allowed to take the Logan name. Later, Donna pinged when ex-husband Eric seemed unusually sullen and referred to Quinn as his "current wife." Despite the amount of time that had passed since her divorce from Eric, Donna continued to pine for him. Donna was hopeful after learning that, despite Eric's diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, he could still get aroused around her, but she was disappointed when Eric raced home to Quinn. Donna faced a threat from Quinn when Quinn learned that Donna had succeeded where she had failed; Donna quit her long-held position at Forrester Creations rather than force Eric to give in to Quinn's demand that Eric fire her.

Months later, it was revealed that Donna was maintaining a steamy affair with Eric behind Quinn's back. Donna tried to assuage Eric's guilt and was shocked when they were discovered by Donna's niece, Bridget Forrester, and Quinn. After Eric and Quinn shared an amicable breakup, Donna moved back into the Forrester mansion with Eric and commissioned a portrait of him to hang above the mantel. Donna defended Brooke to Thomas when he began crowing about Ridge leaving Brooke for Taylor. Later, after Donna was rehired as a Forrester Creations receptionist, she became buddies with Thomas' son, Douglas, and tried to help him recover files on his voice-sampling app, not knowing that Thomas had used the app to cause trouble for Brooke by faking a call from her to Child Protective Services.

Donna was supportive of Eric when he decided to create a "legacy line", even after he brought in her nephew, R.J. Forrester, to draw for him because his hands had become arthritic. Donna's concern grew as Eric began experiencing tremors and coughing up blood; Donna was horrified when Eric's doctor diagnosed him with an affliction not specified on-screen and gave Eric six months to live. Donna repeatedly tried to slow Eric down, but, despite his declining health, when Eric learned he had won a fashion showdown against Ridge, Eric wanted to continue creating, which had Donna at her wit's end. Donna finally told Katie that Eric was dying, news that quickly spread to the rest of the family; at a party Donna tried to talk Eric out of throwing, she watched in horror as Eric collapsed.

With Eric unconscious in the hospital, Donna butted heads with Ridge, who wanted to take Eric off of life support because of Eric's do-not-resuscitate order; Donna favored an experimental treatment developed by John "Finn" Finnegan, the husband of Eric's granddaughter, Steffy Forrester. Donna held vigil with her family as doctors Finn and Bridget operated on Eric; Donna was overjoyed when Eric survived the procedure. After Eric recovered, Donna co-hosted another party with Eric and was surprised to find herself the bride at Eric's impromptu wedding ceremony, where Donna again became Mrs. Eric Forrester.

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