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Florence Fulton
Actor History
January 14, 2019 to present
Other Names

Florence Logan


Working in PR at Forrester Creations

Former bartender at the Bikini Bar

Former croupier in Las Vegas, Nevada


Reese Buckingham's apartment, Los Angeles, CA

Formerly beach house once owned by Bill Spencer, Jr., Malibu, CA

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly Las Vegas, NV

Marital Status

Engaged to Wyatt Fuller Spencer as of March 26, 2021

Past Marriages

None known


Shauna Fulton (mother)

Stephen "Storm" Logan, Jr. (father)

Stephen Logan Sr. (grandfather)

Elizabeth "Beth" Henderson (grandmother)

Brooke Logan (aunt)

Donna Logan (aunt)

Katie Logan (aunt)

Helen Logan (great-grandmother; deceased)

Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (cousin)

Bridget Forrester (cousin)

Hope Logan (cousin)

Ridge "R.J." Forrester, Jr. (cousin)

William Logan Spencer (cousin)

Marcus Walton Forrester (cousin)

Jack Hamilton Marone (biological cousin)

Eric Forrester III (first cousin, once removed; stillborn)

Nicole Marone (first cousin, once removed; stillborn)

Logan Knight (first cousin, once removed)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (first cousin, once removed)

Elizabeth Forrester (first cousin, once removed)

Beth Avalon Spencer (first cousin, once removed)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Reese Buckingham

Wyatt Fuller Spencer

Crimes Committed

Helped Reese Buckingham pull off the illegal adoption of Hope Logan's baby [2019]

Complicit in keeping the existence of Hope's baby a secret [2019]

Served time for being an accessory to the kidnapping and selling of Hope's baby [2019]

Briefly knocked out Sally Spectra [2020]

Health and Vitals

Accidentally knocked unconscious by Zoe Buckingham [2019]

Slapped by Hope Logan [2019]

Underwent surgery to donate a kidney to Katie Logan [2019]

Knocked unconscious by Penny Escobar [2020]

Kidnapped by Sally Spectra [2020]

Brief Character History

Florence Fulton was a croupier at a Las Vegas casino, where she began a relationship with Reese Buckingham, a regular customer. Despite having gotten hurt by the flyaway Reese, Flo came to his aid in Los Angeles when he needed her to pose as the birth mother of a baby whose adoption he was facilitating. Flo was shocked to learn that Reese owed $200,000 to loan sharks who were threatening his daughter, Zoe Buckingham, and that he had switched the baby of fashionista Hope Logan with another patient's stillborn child so he could make enough money letting the rich Forresters adopt the infant to pay off the crooks. Flo felt bad for Hope, but pretended to be her child's mother anyway and met with Forrester Creations' co-CEO, Steffy Forrester, who wanted to adopt the baby. Flo was nervous about pulling off her "role" but did so, collecting $50,000 from Reese and the use of his apartment after the adoption was finalized.

Florence became nervous when Zoe started sniffing around and found her adoption papers. Flo heaved a sigh of relief when Zoe learned the truth from Reese but ultimately agreed to keep quiet. Deciding to stay in Los Angeles, Flo went to work as a bartender at beach hotspot the Bikini Bar, becoming rattled when Zoe showed up warning Flo to leave town before they all wound up in jail. Flo ran into her high school sweetheart, Wyatt Fuller, at the bar; having never known why Wyatt had suddenly disappeared, Flo listened as Wyatt explained that he and his mother, Quinn Fuller, had had to leave Vegas quickly owing to one of Quinn's shady business deals. Flo went to a dinner at Wyatt's where she met Wyatt's girlfriend, Sally Spectra; Flo was shocked when she also ran into Hope, who was married to Wyatt's brother, Liam Spencer. Flo struck up an uneasy friendship with Hope, feeling more and more she should tell Hope what really happened to her baby.

When Flo told Wyatt that she still didn't know who her father was and couldn't get any answers from her mother, Shauna Fulton, Flo took an online DNA test with Wyatt's encouragement and learned that she was the daughter of Hope's uncle, Storm Logan. Flo looked forward to meeting Storm but was heartbroken to learn he was dead. Flo was suddenly surrounded by Storm's sisters and Hope, her new cousin; Flo couldn't believe it when Hope offered her a position at Forrester Creations, the haute couture design house run by Hope's family. Flo couldn't stand it anymore and moved to call Hope, but got knocked unconscious struggling with Zoe over her phone. Flo woke up to find Shauna holding a stun gun on Zoe; after Flo diffused the situation, she reluctantly formed a pact with her mother and accomplice, agreeing against her better judgement to keep quiet about Hope's baby and take the job at Forrester.

Flo was initially skeptical when Wyatt suggested they pick up their teenage romance where it left off after he broke up with Sally, but quickly gave in to the idea. Later, Flo couldn't believe her good fortune when Quinn and her husband, Eric Forrester, invited them to live at the Forrester mansion.

Flo worried when Zoe's boyfriend, Xander Avant also found out about Reese's scheme. This led to Flo being confronted by Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, who menacingly warned her, Zoe, and Xander to keep their mouths shut. After Xander's ex-girlfriend, Forrester intern Emma Barber, died in a car accident after learning their secret and arguing with Thomas, both Flo and Xander felt that Thomas might be responsible for Emma's death.

As Flo prepared to confess all to Wyatt, she found herself confronted by Liam, who had discovered that the hospital on Phoebe's birth certificate had never heard of her. Flo tearfully confirmed Liam's suspicion that Steffy's baby, Phoebe, was really Beth, his daughter with Hope. Flo got dumped by Wyatt and confronted by Hope's family; Flo later sneaked onto the Logan property with Shauna and tried to get Hope to forgive her, earning a slap in the process.

Flo went to jail but was given immunity and released because she cooperated with the LAPD regarding a phony document ring. Later, Flo learned that her newfound aunt, Katie Logan, was suffering from kidney failure related to the anti-rejection medication she was on, having years ago received the heart of Flo's father, Storm. Given the lack of suitable donors, Flo had herself tested and found out she was a match, so she secretly donated her kidney to Katie. The surgeries successful, Flo revealed to the Logan family that she was Katie's donor, but only Katie and her sister, Donna Logan, were willing to cut Flo any slack over her good deed. Off-screen, Flo got some space to recuperate when Shauna went to stay at the Forrester mansion guest house.

After Flo recovered, she got a second chance with Wyatt only to learn Sally was dying and had a month to live. Flo insisted that Wyatt let Sally move in with him during her final days; Flo even managed to earn the respect of Katie's hard-hearted husband, Bill Spencer, for pretending to split from Wyatt for Sally's benefit. But after Sally owned up to her terminal diagnosis, Flo and Wyatt felt safe resuming their relationship and vowed to help Sally any way they could.

Flo went to Sally's physician, Dr. Penny Escobar, and asked into Sally's options, but got nowhere. Flo soon felt Wyatt was being emotionally blackmailed by Sally, who said she would only get treatment for her illness if Wyatt reunited with her; Flo got into Penny's computer and discovered Sally was not dying after all. Flo confronted Sally and got her to admit she had faked a death sentence to get Wyatt back, but before Flo could call Wyatt, Flo got cracked over the head with a candlestick by Penny. Flo woke up in Penny's apartment, tied to a radiator. Flo was enraged that Sally was remorseful about kidnapping her, but not enough to call off her plan to get pregnant by Wyatt. Flo managed to trip Sally and write "help" on Sally's underwear in the brief moment Sally was unconscious; Flo thanked her lucky stars when Wyatt came to rescue her after having seen the message. Flo and Wyatt happily reunited, and Sally left town.

When Quinn nearly succeeded in breaking up the marriage of rival Brooke Logan and Eric's son, Ridge Forrester, and Quinn ended up living in a hotel, Flo invited Quinn to stay with her and Wyatt without running it by Wyatt first. Later, Flo found it odd that she hadn't heard from Shauna, only to discover that Eric had invited Shauna to stay at the mansion, which put Flo in the middle of a temporary battle between Quinn and Shauna.

Flo met Summer Newman, who ran the Jabot Collective in Genoa City, Wisconsin and was shoring up a publicity deal with Wyatt. Learning that Summer had pumped a tight-lipped Wyatt for info about Sally, who had moved to Summer's town, Flo filled Summer in about all of Sally's misdeeds. Flo still felt disconnected from the Logans, but received a surprise when her aunts, Brooke, Donna, and Katie, at Wyatt's encouragement, finally forgave Flo for her part in Beth's illegal adoption and allowed Flo to take the Logan name. Flo then happily accepted Katie's offer to work alongside her in PR at Forrester Creations, plus Wyatt's proposal of marriage.

Flo sensed something was off when Shauna declared she had had a fling with lawyer and Forrester CEO Carter Walton; Flo had doubts because she felt Shauna usually confided in her about such things. Flo's intuition turned out to be accurate when it was revealed that Shauna was only covering for Quinn, who had had the affair with Carter behind Eric's back.

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