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Beth Logan
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Actor History
Judith Baldwin
Nancy Burnett
June 2, 1987 to September 14, 1988 [contract];

December 22, 1989 to April 14, 1990;

August 16, 1994 to April 16, 1996;

January 2, 1997 to June 3, 1997;

December 31, 1997 to January 13, 1998;

January 12, 2001 to January 17, 2001;

September 20, 2001 to October 9, 2001 [guest appearances]

Marla Adams
December 5, 1990 to December 24, 1990
Robin Riker
June 18, 2008 to April 19, 2010 [guest appearances]

Other Names

Elizabeth Henderson (maiden name)


Worked at Wilson Caterers

Attended Northwestern University; graduated 1959


The Forrester Guest House (at time of death)

Los Angeles, California

Formerly Paris, France

Formerly 659 Waterton Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA

Marital Status

Engaged to remarry Stephen Logan, Sr. at the time of her death

Past Marriages

Stephen Logan, Sr. [Married: 1960s; divorced: 2006]


Helen Logan (mother; deceased)

Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (grandson)

Bridget Forrester (granddaughter)

Hope Logan (granddaughter)

Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr. (grandson)

Marcus Walton Forrester (grandson)

Jack Hamilton Marone (biological grandson)

Eric Forrester III (great-grandson; stillborn)

Nicole Marone (great-granddaughter; stillborn)

Logan Knight (great-grandson)

William Logan Spencer (great-grandson)

Elizabeth Forrester (great-granddaughter)

Beth Avalon Spencer (great-granddaughter)


Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (son; 1964; deceased)

Brooke Logan (daughter; 1966)

Donna Logan (daughter; 1969)

Katie Logan (daughter; 1971)

Flings & Affairs

Eric Forrester Sr.

Crimes Committed

Kissed Eric Forrester while married to Stephen Logan [1989]

Health and Vitals

Underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer [1988]

Had memory problems as a result of strokes and the first signs of dementia [2005-2008]

Hit by a car driven by Pam Douglas [2008]

Diagnosed with Stage Five Alzheimer's Disease [2008]

Brief Character History

Beth Henderson Logan was the matriarch of the Logan family, having had a son, Storm Logan, and three daughters, Brooke Logan, Donna Logan, and Katie Logan, with her husband, Stephen Logan. Beth had been college sweethearts with fashion designer Eric Forrester but married Stephen on the rebound after her rival, Stephanie Douglas, became pregnant with Eric's child. Beth found herself single when Stephen walked out on her, later learning it was because he felt he couldn't measure up to Eric; Beth supported her children by working as a caterer and ended up covering a party given by Eric, who was disillusioned with the overbearing Stephanie. Though Beth and Eric initially resisted seeing each other, they ultimately began dating until Beth learned she had breast cancer. Beth pushed Eric away, but found him by her side during her operation and recovery after Brooke told Eric about Beth's condition.

Beth and Eric were about to reunite when a remorseful Stephen came back to town. Beth was moved by Stephen's apologies and agreed to move to Paris with him when he got a job at Spencer Publications' European office, even after it came out that Stephanie had hired a detective to find Stephen and arranged his overseas job to pull Beth away from Eric. Beth occasionally returned for family events and to visit her grandchildren.

In 2001, Beth was appalled to learn that Stephen had been approached by shipping magnate Massimo Marone, who offered Stephen $5 million if Stephen would get Brooke to move to Paris by telling her he was dying; Massimo, the biological father of Brooke's true love, Ridge Forrester, wanted Brooke out of Ridge's life. Beth went along with the plan but eventually ratted Stephen and Massimo out to Brooke and Ridge, feeling that Stephen had accepted the money so he could compete with the well-to-do Eric. Several years later, Beth stayed behind in Europe after Stephen divorced her and returned to Los Angeles, again due to her continuing feelings for Eric.

After Storm accidentally shot Katie, then committed suicide to donate his heart to her, Beth received a call from Katie but was cold and dismissive toward her daughter. Beth was surprised when Katie's friend, Nick Marone, arrived in Paris and insisted Beth come back to L.A. with him; Beth reluctantly told her family that she'd had a series of strokes and was experiencing the first signs of dementia. While her doctor granddaughter, Bridget Forrester, searched for possible cures, Beth stayed in town and supported Katie, who had miscarried Nick's baby.

Beth's other daughter, Donna, had become the target of Stephanie's bipolar sister, Pamela Douglas, who disapproved of Donna's marriage to Eric. Beth was intentionally hit by a car Pam was driving, though Beth was not seriously injured. Beth's dementia progressed into full-blown Alzheimer's disease, making her confused and volatile; Beth shoved Stephanie, thinking they were still rivals for Eric. Beth went on a long cruise with Stephen, agreeing to remarry him, but on board the ship, Beth continually wandered away from their room.

Once again in Los Angeles, Beth and Stephen were invited to stay with Eric and Donna, which caused conflict with Eric's other house guest, Stephanie; her memory and hold on reality deteriorating, Beth erratically packed Stephanie's things. Beth came to cherish a piece of lace on which she had sewn pictures of her children so as not to forget them. While her family thought she was in the bathroom, Beth confronted Stephanie by the pool; Stephanie snatched the lace and threw it in the water. Beth tried to retrieve the lace but fell into the pool and drowned, having forgotten how to swim.

Years later, Beth got two posthumous namesakes when her grandson, Rick Forrester, named his daughter Elizabeth Forrester in Beth's honor, and when granddaughter Hope Logan named her child Beth Avalon Spencer.

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