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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, July 17, 2006

In Darla's hospital room, Taylor wept, blaming herself for Darla's accident. When Thorne entered, he told her it wasn't her fault. He thought Taylor was just blaming herself because she hadn't gotten to Phoebe before Darla had. Not realizing that it was Taylor, Thorne told her the only person at fault was "the sick bastard who hit Darla and left her for dead." Taylor was racked with guilt, but before she could confess, Christian arrived to examine Darla.

Outside Darla's room, Phoebe played back the events in her head for Lieutenant Baker. In hindsight, Phoebe kept second-guessing herself about ways the accident could have been prevented. When Sally, Clarke, and Stephanie arrived, Thorne explained what had happened, describing the accident as a hit-and-run. While all that was going on, Hector stood on the sidelines, worrying about Taylor's involvement. Hector did a check on Taylor's driving record and was shocked to discover that she had a DUI.

When Lt. Baker tried to question Taylor, Hector interceded, attempting to protect her. Hector was very concerned about Taylor and decided to drive her and Phoebe home. Lt. Baker thought it was a good idea for Hector to drive them home, since he knew Taylor had been drinking. In the car, Taylor told Hector that she wanted to go back to the hospital and tell Thorne the truth. Hector warned her not to say it had been her fault, or she would end up in jail.

Taylor was unconcerned about what the outcome would be for herself. Hector understood her feelings of guilt, but he was worried about her because he loved her. He told her that he knew about her DUI. Phoebe was shocked and refused to believe her mother would ever drive drunk. Taylor admitted it was true and that she had a drinking problem. She told Phoebe that she had been drinking that night and should not have been driving.

Hector worried about the fact that Lt. Baker had smelled alcohol on Taylor's breath. Despite what they said, Phoebe maintained that she had seen what had happened and it had not been Taylor's fault. Regardless of whether or not the accident had been her fault, Hector feared that Taylor would get jail time, since she had been driving under the influence with a suspended license. Phoebe broke down, scared that she would lose her mother again.

Back in Darla's room, Sally and Clarke stopped by. Sensing that Sally needed some time alone with Darla, Clarke left after kissing Darla on the forehead. Once he had left, Sally tearfully told Darla that she thought of Darla as a daughter. Sally refused to accept that Darla wouldn't recover.

Sally ordered Darla to live and begged Darla to give her a smile to let Sally know she was trying. She told Darla that as soon as she was well, they would "resurrect Spectra for one last hurrah." Darla remained unconscious. Beginning to lose hope, Sally remembered happier times with Darla. Thorne walked in, and they tried to comfort one another.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

At the hospital, Hector warned Taylor not to inform the police that she had been driving the car that had hit Darla. Hector advised Taylor that because she had driven with a suspended license and had a previous DUI, she would undoubtedly be sentenced to prison, even though it had been foggy and truly an accident when she had hit Darla. Lieutenant Baker of the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the hospital to investigate Darla's accident. He could smell alcohol on Taylor's breath. He wanted to question Taylor about the accident, but Hector intervened and managed to convince Lt. Baker that Taylor needed to go home and rest instead.

Back at home, Hector again told Taylor how crucial it was that she not admit to anyone that she had been driving the car that had hit Darla. Hector pointed out that Lt. Baker had smelled the alcohol on Taylor's breath. Taylor was full of guilt and wanted to tell Thorne what she had done. Phoebe begged Taylor to keep quiet because she did not want her mother to go to prison, and she also did not want to lose Taylor once again.

Hector called a friend who was an automobile repairman and arranged to have Taylor's car fully cleaned and taken care of to get rid of any evidence that she had hit Darla. Shortly after, Lt. Baker arrived. He noticed the bottle of wine and commented that it was lucky that Taylor had only taken a short drive to pick up her daughter. When Lt. Baker asked questions about Darla's accident, Phoebe answered the questions and covered for her mother. Phoebe lied to Lt. Baker and claimed to know nothing about the accident.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Darla died with Thorne at her side. Thorne was distraught. Stephanie was with Thorne to support and comfort him. Sally was outside of Darla's room and distraught because she had loved Darla as a daughter.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Taylor had a nightmare of the accident. Hector informed Taylor that Darla had died. Phoebe begged Taylor not to turn herself in, since she would lose Taylor once again. Taylor demanded to be held responsible for taking a life.

Ridge informed Brooke of Darla's death. Ridge felt awful for Thorne and little Alexandria. Brooke comforted Ridge, suggesting he make amends with Thorne and watch out for Alexandria.

With Stephanie, Thorne recalled his last moments with Darla. Stephanie tried to take the burden off of Thorne. Thorne was alone, cleaning the house, when he found the video camera with footage from Alexandria's birthday party. Taylor interrupted, ready to confess her guilt in Darla's death.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thorne told Taylor that no one could make sense of Darla's death. "It seems," said Thorne, "that when something like this happens, everyone wants to think that it is their fault."

Brooke was looking at a family picture as the doorbell rang. She opened it and found her younger sister Donna standing there. Donna said that she was there to wish her sister well, to see what Brooke was up to, and also to attend Darla's funeral. She said that she would like to stick around for the funeral if it was all right with Brooke's new husband. Donna questioned what had actually happened, since Brooke had always been so much in love with Ridge. Nick slipped in the door and introduced himself to Donna.

Taylor told Thorne that she hadn't been herself in a long time, that something had just broken, and she used alcohol as a crutch, but Thorne told her that he wouldn't do the same thing. Taylor grabbed at him to tell him something, but his cell phone rang, and he had to move away to take the call. At that point, Hector slipped in to where Taylor was waiting for Thorne to return. He told her that she couldn't do what she was thinking about doing. She had to think about the consequences.

Taylor told Hector that she had killed Thorne's wife, a little girl's mother. He told her that Thorne learning the truth wouldn't bring Darla back. She also had someone else to think about, Phoebe, who would be devastated if her mother suddenly disappeared from her life again. Thorne reentered the room, and Hector said how sorry he was to hear about Darla. He took Taylor home.

Donna saw the "nude" photo layout on the table and told Brooke that it was simply beautiful. Donna guessed Brooke loved what she was doing because Brooke had always wanted to be a model. Brooke said she didn't want to be a model anymore but a businesswoman, and besides, her husband really didn't approve of the layout. Donna said that Brooke seemed to have married the wrong man because modeling had always been something that Brooke had loved. "Not anymore," said Brooke, who was happy being a businesswoman and very happy and in love with her husband.

Nick and Donna later argued over the pictures of Brooke. Donna thought they were beautiful while Nick had a problem with the fact that it was his wife on display. Brooke had already admitted that no man wanted to see his wife on the cover of a magazine. Brooke said that Nick supported her and loved her. He just didn't like her disrobing in public.

Taylor told Hector that she was trying to be truthful. Hector agreed that if that was so, then he also had to blame himself for the accident that had killed Darla. He told Taylor that he had known for months that she had been overdrinking, yet he had done nothing about it. She stepped out on her balcony, and Hector followed her out. He told her that she had to "come back" from the torment and do something. He told her not to be so tormented over what had happened and said that he would stand by her. He said they would do it together.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nick overheard Brooke and Donna discuss her job at Forrester. Donna tried to stir the pot between Brooke and Nick. Brooke left the two to battle it out.

At Forrester, Stephanie confronted Brooke, asking her to resign as a means to better her relationship with Nick. Brooke refused to leave the company. Stephanie declared an end of the truce between them.

Eric and Stephanie discussed Thorne's future, since Darla had passed. Dante and Bridget also discussed Thorne. Then, Dante proposed they have a baby. Bridget wanted to hold off on getting married because Darla had just died, but Bridget did want to start a family.

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