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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, June 8, 2009

At the Oakdale police station, Dusty was furious that Meg was allowing Paul to get off scot-free. Meg told him that her statement was that Paul had gotten her permission to take Eliza on a trip with him, and Damian backed her up. Meg told Dusty and Bonnie that she appreciated all their efforts in finding the baby, but she just wanted to get back to enjoying her daughter. Dusty approached Rosanna and asked her to speak up about how Paul had confessed to kidnapping Eliza, and Rosanna was torn between telling the truth to Dusty or lying for Paul. Finally she backed up whatever Meg had said and then asked to speak with Jack alone in the interview room. Damian took Meg and her daughter out.

Dusty went after Jack in the interview room, and the two began talking. Jack took Dusty outside for their conference, so Paul went into the interview room to speak with Rosanna. He thanked her for backing him up, and, in turn, Rosanna complimented him for doing the right thing by returning his daughter to Meg. Rosanna did not appear upset that she had ended up back in Oakdale.

Craig visited Carly after keeping his distance for several days. He asked to see her designs for the vitamin water business, and Carly interpreted that as doubt that she had actually produced any work. She handed him a packet of drawings, however, that seemed to more than satisfy him; in fact, he pronounced them spectacular. Craig then handed Carly a check for $10,000 and said she was to consider it a down payment on a healthy partnership. He offered her a 50-50 split on the business, but Carly flatly turned him down and opened the door to usher him out.

Craig closed the door, however, so Carly said that they had learned that they could not work together without complications. Craig suggested that they focus strictly on business this time around. Carly accused Craig of just looking for ways to watch her closely to see if she was still drinking. He agreed that it was not just about business; it was about the fact that he cared for her.

Damian and Meg took a sleeping Eliza to the Snyder farm. Meg thanked Damian for supporting her throughout her ordeal. She revealed that she thought that Paul had finally learned his lesson and would never take the baby again without permission. Meg asked Damian to hold Eliza while she went to ready Eliza's room, so he did. Dusty pounded on the back door, and Meg hurried back. Dusty made another plea to Meg to take the opportunity to get rid of Paul, but it fell on deaf ears, and Dusty left in a hurry.

Rosanna and Jack talked, and Jack was dumbfounded that she had put herself in the care of strangers instead of returning to Oakdale after her recovery. Rosanna had heard that he and Carly were no longer married, and she asked about her sister. Jack admitted that Carly had experienced a bad year, and Rosanna asked to see her. Jack encouraged her to get in touch with Carly, but Rosanna said she preferred that Jack make the call, because she wanted no possibility of running into Craig. Jack called Carly at home and asked if she was sitting down. He said Rosanna was at the police station and wanted to see her. Carly grabbed her keys and took off, leaving Craig speechless.

Meanwhile, Rosanna asked Jack if Carly and Craig were "close," and Jack answered that they were "too close." He did allow that Carly needed all the help she could find at the moment. Rosanna was just about to ask for details when Carly burst in and hugged her sister. Rosanna apologized for not notifying Carly when she recovered from her coma, and she suggested they go somewhere and get a drink. Carly and Jack made eye contact, and Carly said they would find someplace quiet, and the two of them left.

Dusty and Bonnie went to the Lakeview and sat at the bar. Dusty was still fuming that Paul was a free man. Bonnie asked him if he was really worried that Paul might endanger the baby again, or if it was more likely that Dusty was upset that Meg no longer needed him to be her hero. Dusty claimed that he wanted the good guys to win, and the bad guys to go to jail. Rosanna and Carly walked in, and Dusty challenged Rosanna for letting Paul off the hook. Rosanna said that everyone deserved a second chance. Bonnie took Dusty away so that the sisters could talk, but Dusty disappeared into the lobby, so Bonnie went back to the bar.

Rosanna and Carly began talking, and Rosanna asked about her sister's relationship with Craig. Carly explained about the vodka business, but she said that everything was over between her and Craig. Rosanna asked what Carly could find appealing about the man who had tried to kill her, and Carly called it a "lapse of judgment" at a time when she was lonely and weak. Carly then defended Craig by saying that his getting Johnny back had changed him for the better.

Rosanna told Carly about her dire financial straits, and Carly reminded her of the trust fund that Rosanna had established for Parker. Rosanna said that there was no way she would touch that, but Carly said it had been so generous that Parker could certainly spare a great deal of it. She also mentioned that Craig had done a pretty good job of managing the trust, and Rosanna went ballistic. She was horrified that Craig was Parker's trustee, but she vowed again that she would not touch her nephew's money.

Carly asked Rosanna to stay with her, but Rosanna declined. She warned her sister that once Craig wanted someone, there was no way he would back off. Carly promised that Craig was out of her life, and Rosanna left, telling Carly that she would be in touch soon. Carly was alone at the table with two half-drinks, so she finished both of them, and walked out.

Paul returned to Fairwinds, where he found his mother waiting for him. Barbara wanted to be sure her son was all right, and Paul assured her that he was. Paul mentioned Rosanna, and Barbara thought he was remembering the past, but he filled her in on Rosanna's life after she regained consciousness. Like the others in Oakdale, Barbara was stunned that her ex-daughter-in-law was back.

Craig showed up at the police station looking for Carly and Rosanna. He was truly shocked that Rosanna was back in town. Jack told him that he knew why Craig was there; he was scared. Craig reminded Jack that he had been acquitted of the charge of trying to run Rosanna off the road, so his conscience was clear.

Jack said that was not what he meant. He thought Craig was frightened that Rosanna would talk some sense into Carly, and then Craig would be out on his backside. Jack laughed heartily when Craig announced that there was no reason that he and Rosanna couldn't both be in Carly's life. Jack suggested that Craig begin looking for a new friend, if he could find one.

Dusty went back to the Lakeview lounge, and Bonnie was still there. He told her that Meg had advised him to mind his own business and to knock off the hero business. Bonnie said "I told you so," and Dusty got miffed and cancelled his drink before walking out. After a few minutes, Bonnie appeared at Dusty's hotel room, toting a bottle of bourbon. She apologized for being obnoxious, as Dusty poured them both drinks. She said she had a high tolerance for "bad attitudes," so Dusty countered by saying that he had a high threshold for "bossy." Bonnie toasted to their not hating each other as much as they used to.

Paul called Meg, who did not answer her phone. Just then, Rosanna walked into Fairwinds, and Paul seemed pleased to see her. He told her she was welcome there any time, so she reminded him that he had offered to give her any help she needed. She asked for a place to stay for a few days, because she was not comfortable going to Carly's with Craig hovering like a hot air balloon. Paul told her to stay as long as she liked.

Carly returned home and looked long and hard at her check from Craig. She was about to tear it in half, when she paused. Craig knocked on the door, and he asked for Rosanna. Carly asked why he needed to talk to her sister, so Craig said that they needed to clear the air. Carly was not pleased that her sister was not staying with her because she was fearful that she would run into Craig.

Craig rambled on about "perceptions and misconceptions," and said that he wanted to find a way to co-exist with Rosanna. He asked Carly to agree that if he found a way for Rosanna to forgive him, then he and Carly could get back at least to their business relationship. Carly said that would never happen, and, besides, she was making no deals. She asked Craig to get out, and he did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Luke volunteered to help Noah and be on his film crew, since Noah was strapped for time on his honors project. The two of them loaded up the equipment and headed for the Lakeview, where Noah had scheduled an interview with an Army lieutenant who had served in the Middle East with his father.

Casey had to postpone his lunch date with Alison because he was still numb from Adam's death. He felt he should be available in case Margo needed him. At the Hughes house, however, Margo prepared and served a huge breakfast to their houseguest, Riley Morgan. She also asked him to call her "Margo," and forgo "Ma'am." Tom arrived home and peered through the blinds, watching his wife hover over their guest. Margo referred to Riley as a "hero" because he had fought in the war, but the young man denied that.

Casey found Tom spying on the breakfast table, and the two agreed that Margo was treating Riley like a long-lost son. They went inside, and were soon joined by Luke and Noah. The boys said they were looking for Casey because they needed a sound man for their shoot. Casey was not overly enthusiastic, so Margo suggested Riley as a substitute, since he was a sound engineer in the Army. Both Riley and Casey agreed to help, so they all took off for the Lakeview.

Tom took advantage of the lull in activity to tell his wife that they needed to talk. He referred to Margo's treatment of Adam's friend as "glomming on," but Margo claimed that she still continued to think of Adam every minute of every day. Tom thought it odd that his wife seemed almost happy when Riley was around, but Margo denied that she was replacing Adam in her heart. She claimed to be fine, but Tom disagreed. She urged him to go back to work, and as soon as he left, she put on some old videos of Adam as a child.

Hunter arrived late for work at the online Intruder, and Emily immediately began barking orders at him. He was upset and said that he couldn't work with her that day. Hunter said that he had something else important to do, and he would be back later or perhaps not until the next day, and out he dashed. Emily immediately called Alison and asked for her help with Hunter. She also experienced difficulties with her laptop computer and really missed Hunter's expertise. Finally she called her mother and invited her to an early lunch at Al's Diner.

Looking distressed, Hunter walked through Old Town and eventually sat on a bench. Alison found him and questioned him for Emily. Hunter told her that his mother had suffered a stroke and had been moved to a nursing facility in Chicago. He needed to see her, but he couldn't make himself do it. Alison offered to accompany him, and Hunter was appreciative. They took off walking to Hunter's car.

At the nursing home, Alison explained how a strokes affected patients. A nurse called Hunter, and Alison promised to wait for him. In very short order, Hunter returned, and he looked stunned. He finally blurted out that his mother had said that the man he thought was his father all these years was not his father. Hunter was in shock and was sure that his mother had not been hallucinating; she knew exactly what she was saying.

At the Lakeview, Noah and crew set up. Riley asked whom Noah was interviewing, and Noah told him the subject was a Lieutenant Hasbro, who had served in the Middle East with Noah's dad. Riley reacted to some of that information, but he claimed that he did not know him. Luke then asked Riley if he knew Noah's father, Colonel Mayer, who had also served there, but Riley denied that. He said that he hadn't hung out much with the officers. Noah said his father had passed away, and Riley suddenly remembered an "appointment" he had made at the Veterans Administration and declared that he had to leave. Casey told Riley that he hadn't really expected him to help because Riley was a lot like his brother, Adam, who always offered his services but never really came through.

The lieutenant arrived before Riley could leave, and Noah said they would start the interview as soon as possible. Noah spoke to his guest and told him what to expect in the interview. Casey interjected that Riley had also served in the Middle East, as well, but he had never met Colonel Mayer with whom Lieutenant Hasbro had worked. Hasbro asked Riley if he knew a certain soldier in Afghanistan, and Riley said that everyone knew him. Casey was obviously suspicious of Riley's answers.

After the interview wrapped up, Luke mentioned to Noah that he had gotten some good information from the lieutenant, who had seemed like a nice guy. Noah remarked that his father had "seemed like a nice guy" at first, too. Riley spoke up and questioned Noah. Luke said that Colonel Mayer could not accept that his son was gay, and then Casey jumped in and asked Riley if gay people bugged him. Luke asked Casey to knock it off, and they finished loading the gear.

Riley approached Casey privately and asked if he had a problem with him. Casey answered that he did, indeed, have a problem with him, because he felt that Riley was taking advantage of Margo's grief. He explained that his mother liked to adopt replacements for her sons, and that didn't always turn out well. Riley offered to go if Casey said the word, but Casey said that it was not up to him.

Emily and Susan met for lunch, and Emily complained that she was stuck without Hunter's help with her computer. Susan gave her a pep talk, and then she wanted to know if Emily was upset because Hunter was not paying enough attention to her personally. Emily was disgusted by her mother's words, and she declared herself forever through with younger men. In fact, she said, she didn't want any man in her life. Susan made the point that Emily's life was back on track, since she had a good job and her son was doing well in boarding school. She asked what more Emily could want, and she was stunned to hear her daughter reply "a baby."

Susan reacted by asking Emily if she knew how old she was. She also reminded her that she had undergone a tubal ligation not too long before in a fit of pique directed at Casey. Susan also accused Emily of getting that idea from working on a story about Brad and Katie, and the whole idea was crazy. Emily walked her mother back to Memorial Hospital, as Susan continued to harangue her.

Almost as an afterthought, Emily asked Susan what had happened to the unused eggs that she had donated when Susan had borne Alison. Susan thought they were stored somewhere in the hospital, since neither of them had given permission for them to be destroyed. Reluctantly, Susan agreed to talk to Dr. Bob about them, so Emily waited for her mother to return. When she did, Susan told Emily that Bob was pulling the file and would join them.

Bob arrived with a puzzled look. He announced that, strange as it seemed, Emily's eggs were gone. He assumed they had to be there, only misfiled. He was certain someone could locate them without too much trouble. Emily was grinning and already getting excited about the prospect of having another child. Susan just shook her head.

Alison and Hunter drove back to Oakdale and visited Java. Hunter was still staggering over the news his mother had imparted, and he told Alison that his father had died when Hunter was young, so whatever he knew about the man, he had learned from his mother. Hunter could not believe that she would make up such a lie. He also told Alison that his mom was an award-winning and distinguished professor. He said it was tough to see her incapacitated, and Alison offered to go with him for visits any time. Hunter questioned whether that would sit well with Casey, but Alison explained that the visits would not impact her relationship with Casey. She said they were "together," but they had separate lives.

Luke and Noah went home, and Noah commented on how well his film was progressing. Both boys, however, discussed Casey's strange behavior with Riley. Noah did say that he thought Casey was right to question Riley, and he pointed out that it was odd that Riley had not known a person as visible as Colonel Mayer. Luke cautioned his boyfriend not to read in meanings that were not there, but Noah was convinced that there was something about Riley that did not sit well with him. Luke was amazed that Noah, who liked almost everyone, did not like Riley, and he suggested that Noah get to know the young man better.

Tom surprised his father at Memorial and asked to speak with him. Bob questioned why the rest of the Hughes family had been excluded from Adam's memorial service. Tom said that Margo had not felt able to deal with more people, even family. He also explained that Margo was cooking and cleaning and had taken one of Adam's friends

into the household. Tom was worried that his wife had substituted Riley for Adam, and that was not healthy. Bob suggested that Tom not judge how other people mourned, and told his son to be patient, and Margo would get well.

Margo sobbed as she watched the videos of a young Adam, and Casey saw her through the blinds. He quickly called his dad, who was still with Bob, and he told him that Margo seemed to be in trouble. Bob reminded Tom to be careful what he wished for. Casey went inside and comforted his mother. Tom arrived home, and Margo snapped back almost instantly into her happy mode. She went upstairs to wash her face and announced that she would be making lunch soon. Casey told Tom that he could not understand his mother. Riley returned, as an upbeat Margo told him he was just in time for lunch.

The Hughes family and Riley ate their meal, and Riley declared that it felt like home. He asked Tom about his morning at work, and than told them that Adam had said good things about his family, a fact that Casey openly challenged. Margo offered to show Riley some of the old videos, and that alarmed Tom. Margo and Riley left the table to watch the tapes, as Tom and Casey exchanged worried looks. Casey could not bear to watch them, so he went outside quickly, and Tom followed. Casey strongly objected to his mother's going down "a fake memory lane with a substitute son." Tom said they would just have to wait it out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brad and Katie talked about his upcoming segment on "Oakdale Now" in which Kim would decide whether he and Vienna "clicked" together. Brad set up a monitor at home so that Katie could watch the live feed, and he told her that she could be his armchair critic. He got her settled and then departed to see Liberty before she left for the prom.

Vienna was very nervous before her first day on television, particularly since it was a live segment. She reminded Henry that she was still on trial for the job, and it all depended on how the audience reacted to her chemistry with Brad. The first episode dealt with what made a great date, but Henry was not interested in attending the broadcast.

Carly saw Parker moping around the house, so she suggested that he go do something with his friends. Parker reminded her that his friends were all getting ready for the prom. Carly was sorry that her son was missing it, but Parker called it "just another lame dance." His mother gave him some cash and suggested he go bowling and have some fun. Parker took the money and went to Old Town. A bit later, he exited Fashions wearing a black tuxedo, and Craig greeted him and did a lousy James Bond impression.

Liberty showed her prom dress to Janet, who got all misty-eyed when she saw her beautiful daughter. Janet asked if Liberty minded that she and Jack were chaperones at the dance, but the girl did not care. Brad showed up to admire his daughter, and he presented her with a wrist corsage. Janet took a call from Jack, who was stuck at work and could not make the dance. She invited Brad to fill in, but he had to get to WOAK for the live segment. Janet took a picture of father and daughter before Brad left.

Alone at home, Carly began drinking in the kitchen. Her doorbell rang, so she hid the bottle and glass in a cupboard. She found Craig at the door, but she was loath to let him in. He yelled through the door that he was there about Parker, so she relented and opened it.

Craig asked if Carly knew where her son was, and she answered, "Bowling." Craig remarked that unless they had recently upped the dress code at the bowling alley to black tie, that wasn't Parker's destination. Craig said that Parker was on his way to the prom and about to make a huge mistake. He offered to drive Carly there, and she accepted; but first, she ran to the kitchen to "shut off the oven." In reality, she took another drink.

At the high school, the principal greeted the arriving teens, but he stopped Parker from entering. Parker wanted to join his friends inside, but the principal told him that he should have thought of that before he dropped out of school. Parker talked to one of his friends who was attending stag and talked him into taking Parker in as his "date." It worked, and Parker was inside the gym.

The WOAK segment was shooting at Metro, and Kim was upset at the last-minute cancellation of the actor who was to play the waiter in the scene with Brad and Vienna. Vienna said she knew just the perfect person for the job, and he could be there in ten minutes. At home, Katie watched the feed at Metro and was surprised by a visit from Henry. They chatted and watched the set-up, and they saw Vienna make a call from her cell phone. Henry's phone rang, and Vienna begged him to fill in as the waiter, and Henry reluctantly agreed.

Henry arrived at Metro, and Kim gave him last-minute instructions. They would do a quick run-through first, and then go live, she explained. Brad and Vienna opened the segment by having Vienna spoon caviar onto a cracker and feed it to Brad. They gave romantic advice about dating, as Henry steamed behind them in his waiter's apron.

Finally, Henry interrupted by pouring champagne for the two of them and criticizing Brad's romantic suggestions. He overfilled Brad's glass, and Brad jerked as the liquid hit his legs, and the table and crockery went flying. Kim yelled, "Cut!" and scolded the boys and reminded them that they were about to go live. She gave them a pep talk and counted down the seconds.

The live broadcast began, and Henry behaved himself until he purposely nudged Brad's arm, which resulted in Brad's getting caviar all over his face. Vienna made a great save by showing a sexy way to wipe food off her date's face. Brad was furious with Henry, however, so he jumped up and verbally challenged Henry in front of the Metro bar. The two men argued and gestured, as poor Vienna did her best to talk over them and save the show.

Kim had to cut again, and she chewed out both Brad and Henry. She did tell Vienna that she had been awesome, however. She was sorry, but the boys were all out of chances, and Kim gathered her crew and took off. Neither Brad nor Vienna would speak to Henry.

At the prom, Liberty and Janet arrived, and Liberty hung out with her girlfriend, Mac. Parker was hiding in the scenery amidst some woodland trees, and he saw Liberty go over to a group of boys and begin talking. Carly and Craig arrived and looked for Parker, but they did not spot him. Eventually Craig saw the boy among the branches, so he went to speak to him. Carly headed outside, but Janet stopped her. Carly explained that she just wanted to see how the decorations looked in the gym, but Janet didn't believe her.

Craig startled Parker in the evergreens, and he told the boy that he was there to take him home. Parker asked to be left alone, so Craig tried to persuade him to leave. Parker was not about to leave until Craig threatened to embarrass him in front of the whole class. Parker then agreed to leave, as long as he didn't have to walk out with Craig. Craig agreed to that, so he left first. Parker lingered to watch Liberty dance with a boy.

Craig found Carly and Janet, and Craig announced that they were worried about Parker's showing up at the dance. Janet and Carly exchanged unpleasant words until Craig interrupted and said that he had found Parker and the boy had agreed to leave. Meanwhile, Liberty danced with the captain of the football team, and Parker could not stand it. Parker approached the couple and shoved the boy away from his former wife. The boy pushed back, so Parker jumped on him and took him down until full-blown fisticuffs resulted. Adults separated the teens, and Parker defended his being there by describing himself as friend Nick's "date."

Janet and Carly got into it next, and Janet called Parker a "stalker." Carly warned that she would not allow Janet to attack her son, but Janet fired back and called Carly unable or unwilling to control her son. The principal warned Carly to take Parker home before he called the police.

Carly and Parker drove home, and Parker admitted that going to the prom had been a bad idea. Carly said that all Parker had accomplished was to scare Liberty half to death. She sent the boy upstairs to change, and she took a walk to the kitchen, where she found her bottle of booze and poured herself a drink. Craig appeared at the door and wanted to know what Carly had done to punish Parker. Carly said she had given him a piece of her mind, but that did not sit well with Craig. Carly asked him to leave, but Craig wanted to know if she had made some sort of deal with Parker to live and let live.

Craig also wanted to know if Carly was drinking again, but she denied it. Craig looked skeptical as he turned to go, and Carly accused him of not so much caring for her as trying to control her. She warned him to get over caring for her. Craig said he just wanted to help her, and he would always be available for her.

Vienna and Henry went to the Lakeview bar to talk. Vienna was disappointed that Henry had ruined her big television shot. Henry was still angry that Brad had argued back at Metro, and he blamed everything on their losing their baby. Vienna said that she could live without being on TV, but she could not live with Henry as he was acting.

Brad went home and talked with Katie about the fiasco. She was supportive, but she did say that she could also see where Henry was coming from, considering what he had been through lately. Brad said that at least with no show on the horizon, he would have more time to spend in bed with pregnant Katie. Kim called and apologized to Brad because the audience had absolutely loved him and Vienna. Effective immediately, the two of them were taking over "Oakdale Now." Brad could not believe it, so he called Vienna, who was equally delighted. Brad hugged Katie, whose lips said it was all "perfect," but whose expression said otherwise.

At the prom, Liberty asked her mother to take her home. She was aching for Parker and begged Janet to leave. When they arrived at the farm, Parker was waiting for them. Janet was not pleased, but Liberty asked to speak with him for a moment. When they were alone, Parker apologized for starting the fight, and he walked away.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dusty talked with Bonnie at Metro. He returned some items that she had left in his car during their trip to Wisconsin, including a lacy black bra. Bonnie asked if something had happened that she didn't remember on the road trip, and Dusty teased her, and Bonnie flirted back. He said he had to apologize to Meg for ordering her what to do about Paul. Dusty was unable to understand why Meg was giving her crazy ex-husband another chance. As Dusty walked out, Derek walked in.

Derek immediately zeroed in on the bra and asked for the story of how that piece of apparel had ended up in Dusty's car. Bonnie insisted that nothing was going on between her and Dusty, and then she asked Derek why, even if there were, that would be any of his business. Derek said he thought the two of them had something special, even though he had never mentioned anything specific. They exchanged some harsh words before Derek stomped out.

Craig dropped in on Carly to see how she and Parker had weathered the night. He suggested that he and Carly work outside on the porch, since the day was so beautiful. Carly asked what was wrong with him that he did not comprehend that she would not work with him anymore. Carly told him that her entire family hated him and wanted him out of her life. Craig said it was up to him to change their minds, starting with Rosanna.

Carly wished Craig good luck with Rosanna, especially since her sister had chosen to stay with Paul, a raving lunatic, rather than live with her, where Craig was a too-frequent visitor. Craig told her to trust him, and he would think of something.

Damian visited Meg at the farm, and she told him that she was really enjoying having her daughter back home. Damian noticed that Meg was covering up some legal papers, and she finally admitted that they were a revised custody agreement with Paul. Meg explained that she was allowing Paul visiting rights with a chance to increase the time if he played nicely. She thought that Eliza should grow up knowing her father and grandmother. The baby began crying, so Damian offered to check on her and replace her pacifier, if that was what she needed. As he went upstairs, Meg answered a knock on the door.

Dusty arrived, bearing flowers, and he apologized for issuing orders to Meg. They kissed, and then Dusty noticed the new custody agreement. He was horrified to learn that Meg had initiated the document that gave Paul more rights to Eliza. Dusty told Meg that she was playing with fire, and Meg replied that she didn't care what he thought.

Dusty grabbed the papers, as Damian returned to the room. Meg asked Damian to stick around for a while, and she ushered Dusty outside for a private talk. Meg said she could not see him anymore, and Dusty was shocked that she was apparently breaking up with him over Paul. Meg denied that, and Damian called her in because Eliza was crying.

At Fairwinds, Paul served Rosanna tea, and she commented that it was strange being back there. Paul apologized for treating her badly when they ended their marriage. Rosanna said she did not want to be dependent on Paul; she would find her own job and her own place to live. Paul said that he liked having her around, and he asked her to stay, at least for a while. Rosanna agreed to stick around and find a job. Paul asked if the "finding a job thing" was just a cover for figuring out how to get back all the money that Craig had taken from her, but Rosanna set him straight.

Rosanna said that while she was working at the co-op farm, she had realized the "virtues of the simple life," and she really did not need her money back. Paul said that recovering the money would only take a really good plan, but Rosanna did not want a fight on her hands. She gave Paul a hug for caring, and she left to see Carly.

Rosanna stopped by Old Town and ran into Craig. She turned around and tried to run, but Craig stopped her by shouting out his concern for Carly. He told Rosanna that her sister had been through hell lately and was still on a downward spiral. Carly needed help from everyone who cared for her. Craig asked for a temporary truce between the two of them, for Carly's sake. Rosanna picked up that Craig had genuine feelings for Carly, but she told him that she would not approve of his seeing her sister if her life depended on it.

Carly greeted her sister at her door, and Rosanna told her how weird it was to be back in Oakdale and living at Fairwinds. She claimed that Paul had really changed, but Carly still considered him a sociopath, and she segued the conversation into a discussion that perhaps Craig had changed, as well. She argued that Craig was the only person around who thought that she could do anything right. Rosanna noticed Carly's drawings for the vitamin water product, and she questioned her sister further about her feelings for Craig.

Dusty began drinking at Metro with Bonnie. He told her that Meg had dumped him, and Bonnie commiserated with him by sharing that Derek had dumped her, as well. The two of them clinked glasses.

Paul skulked around the halls of the Lakeview, waiting for an opportunity to break into Craig's room. He got his chance when the maid left the floor, and he got inside the room. Craig's laptop sat on the deck, so Paul sat down and went to work. He began establishing new accounts and transferring money. Craig returned to the hotel and was in the process of unlocking the door to his room, just as Paul finished his business but had not yet logged off.

Paul jumped up from the desk to look for a place to hide, but Rosanna's sudden appearance of in the hallway saved him. She asked to speak to Craig, but she refused to enter his room alone, so they went downstairs to talk. As soon as Craig closed the door, Paul returned to the desk and logged off the computer. He walked out with the parting words, "Don't worry, Rosanna, you can thank me later."

Downstairs, Rosanna told Craig that Carly thought he was good for her. She worried about her sister's frame of mind and loss of confidence. Rosanna reluctantly told Craig that for probably the first time ever, he and she were on the same side: Carly's. She swore that if Craig hurt Carly, she would make him pay.

Rosanna returned to Fairwinds, and a grinning Paul soon joined her. He said it made him happy to do things for people who had helped him. He told Rosanna that he had gotten her money back from Craig. Rosanna got upset and asked him if he was out of his mind. She wanted to know who the hell had asked him to do that. She shouted that she thought Paul had cleaned up his act, but he had continued to not listen and to hurt people who got close to him. Paul offered to "fix" the problem, but Rosanna said that she would tell Craig exactly what had happened and return the money.

Carly went to Metro and poured herself some vodka. Craig walked in and announced that he and Rosanna were no longer enemies. He took a call from his bank and learned that all the money in his accounts had been transferred to an account belonging to Rosanna Cabot. Craig turned to Carly and announced that Rosanna had just robbed him blind. He was furious that he had fallen for her phony peace offering at the same moment that she was ripping him off.

Rosanna took a call from Carly warning her that Craig was on the warpath. Rosanna faked a migraine and said that she needed a holistic product from the health store, so Paul offered to get it. Paul left on the errand, and Craig showed up at Fairwinds, as Rosanna had suspected he would. He launched into a tirade about how she had set him up, and Rosanna agreed with him and smiled sweetly.

At the farm, Meg was having a tough time letting go of Dusty. Damian consoled her by showering her with compliments.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Luke went to Java to see Noah. Noah said that he'd been thinking about opening the box of his father's personal belongings that the Army had sent to Noah after his father's death. Noah wasn't sure if doing so on camera would be too weird or not, but he thought that given the subject of his movie -- his life growing up with his Army father -- it might be appropriate. Luke agreed, and together, they went to get Casey and Alison to help them work on the film.

At home, Casey saw Margo and Riley in the kitchen, making hummus. Casey was perturbed to see his mother once again engrossed with the visiting soldier. Margo and Riley invited Casey to join them, but Casey declined and went outside, where he found Alison waiting for him. When Casey complained about Riley's continuing presence in his home, Alison wondered whether Casey might be jealous of the undivided attention that his mother was giving to Riley. Casey denied it, but said that he did think that Riley was taking advantage of Margo's grief about Adam's death, and Casey didn't like that one bit.

Luke and Noah arrived and invited Casey and Alison to help them with Noah's idea for the film. They agreed, and when Casey pointed out that Riley was busy doing something else, Noah seemed relieved. Casey picked up on that, and Luke told Casey that Noah thought Riley was "too laid back to have ever been a soldier." The foursome left to go to the Snyder farm to make their video, because the box of Noah's dad's belongings was in storage at the farm.

As Margo and Riley enjoyed the hummus they had made together, they talked some more about Adam. When Margo said it sounded like Riley knew a lot about Adam, Riley said there were things he didn't know, such as exactly what Adam had done that had made him feel that he couldn't return to Oakdale. Margo asked whether it had seemed as though Adam had wanted to return home, and Riley said yes, but that Adam hadn't known how to do it. Margo said Adam could have tried, but Riley asked how she would have reacted if Adam had shown up. Margo said she asked herself every day whether she would have been able to forgive Adam for the things he'd done; she felt that her heart would have been open to Adam, because he was her boy. She began to cry, and Riley looked uncomfortable.

At the farm, Noah held the box of his father's possessions and announced on camera what he was doing. He said that whatever things were in the box were the things his father had considered important at the end of his life. Noah opened the box and took out first a U.S. flag, then a photograph of Noah at about age three or four, followed by a service pistol, disassembled in its case. Luke asked Noah if he could assemble the gun, but Noah said he didn't know how to put together a military-issued weapon. Luke suggested they get Riley to put it together for them as part of the film, so the four friends headed back to Tom and Margo's house to find Riley.

When they arrived, they told Riley what they were doing and asked for his help. Riley said he didn't want to be filmed, so Luke turned off the camera. However, Riley still refused to assemble the weapon for them, saying he had no desire to relive that part of his life. Casey goaded Riley about his reluctance to do something that he supposedly had been taught in boot camp, saying they just wanted "to see a real soldier in action." Margo appeared and asked what they were doing. They filled her in, and Margo seemed most concerned that the gun was there at all.

Riley took the gun, sat down, and quickly assembled it, telling them it was a Beretta 92 semiautomatic pistol like the guns that were used in the "Die Hard" films. He handed the assembled gun to Casey and left the room. Margo asked Casey why he felt a constant need to challenge Riley at every turn, and she told him that Riley deserved their respect. Saying, "See that he gets it," she left.

Later, Riley confronted Casey about his hostility, and Casey told Riley that he thought it was time for Riley to go. Riley pointed out that Margo had asked him to stay. Casey said, "She was just being polite. I'm not the same way." When Riley asked what that meant, Casey said, "You don't belong here."

At Fairwinds, Craig confronted Rosanna about the transfer of his money into her accounts, and Rosanna told him she'd simply taken back what was rightfully hers. Craig said that he would have happily settled the matter of the money in court, but what Rosanna had done was a felony. Paul walked into the room and asked what was happening. Craig looked at Paul and said that he must be in on Rosanna's theft, because it was more Paul's style than Rosanna's.

Rosanna denied that Paul had any knowledge of what they were discussing, so Craig asked Rosanna if stealing the money had been the reason for Rosanna's return to Oakdale. Rosanna sarcastically agreed, and Craig told her that she was still the cold, calculating woman she'd always been. Before he left, Craig warned Rosanna that he would go after her in ways she wouldn't expect.

Paul asked Rosanna what her plan was, since he was the one who had actually transferred all of Craig's money to Rosanna's accounts. Rosanna said that Paul couldn't admit to having played any part in it, because he might go to jail. Paul asked if Rosanna was worried about going to jail herself, but she told him that since Craig had basically taken her money from her in the first place, she didn't think she was in any danger of being convicted for taking it back.

Millie, Paul's maid, brought Paul an envelope that had been delivered by courier. Paul opened it and told Rosanna that it contained a revised custody agreement from Meg, which stated that he could have supervised visits with Eliza and potentially could have Eliza for overnight stays and some vacations. Paul was astounded, and Rosanna told him that Meg was being extremely generous.

Rosanna told Paul that this sudden turn of events meant that Paul had to be careful not to do anything that might land him in jail and jeopardize his new custody agreement. She said she couldn't let Paul throw his life away in a misguided attempt to help her. Paul was surprised that Rosanna thought his life was worth saving. Paul was afraid he was too much like his father to ever be a worthwhile human being. Rosanna said that Paul had one thing his father hadn't had, a conscience.

Carly arrived home drunk, and Parker was upset when he saw her, because he realized that meant that Carly had been driving after drinking. Carly reminded Parker of their "deal," in which they had both agreed to not criticize one another's actions. Carly said that she had been having a series of upsetting days, most recently because of Rosanna's return. Parker thought Rosanna's return was a cause for celebration, and Carly agreed, but she said that the only way that Rosanna would agree to be part of their lives was if Carly stayed away from Craig.

Parker said there wasn't much of a choice between Rosanna and Craig, and Carly agreed. However, she told Parker that it was hard to totally give up someone who had been a big part of her life, like Craig had been. She also told Parker that Craig had agreed, for Carly's sake, to try to make peace with Rosanna, but something had happened to change Craig's mind.

Parker reminded his mother that she had promised him that she wouldn't drink and drive again. Carly said she wasn't drunk, but Parker didn't believe her. He told her their deal was obviously not working very well for either of them, but Carly said she and Parker needed to stick together, and they would get through their problems. Carly hugged Parker. Parker suggested Carly lie down, and he went upstairs to his room.

As Carly settled down on the sofa, Craig burst in, yelling that Rosanna was a thief. Carly told Craig that Rosanna was not a thief, since it was Rosanna's money to start with. Craig told Carly that he would have been glad to have settled that issue in court, and Carly asked what was stopping him from doing that. Craig said it would "set a bad precedent," so he wanted to call Margo to tell her to arrest Rosanna.

Carly pleaded with Craig not to do that, for her sake. Craig told Carly that he had done his best to help her with her children, her career, and her drinking problem, but she had acted as though Craig had been trying to control her. He pointed out that she only wanted him to help her this time because it was to her advantage. Carly asked if Craig thought she was using him; Craig just stared at her.

Carly said that she knew she had been pushing Craig away, but she had been under a lot of pressure from Jack, Parker, and Rosanna. Craig said the pressure had all been to keep him out of her life, but he wasn't the bad guy. Carly said that she'd been trying to tell people that, but Craig told her not to bother.

He started to call Margo, but Carly put her hand on his and begged him not to do it. Craig called Margo anyway and asked her to meet him at the police station so that he could report a crime. When Margo asked what it was about, Craig said he'd rather not talk about it over the phone.

Craig hung up, and Carly told him it wasn't too late to change his mind and be "the bigger person." When Craig repeated that Rosanna had stolen from him, Carly reminded Craig of the months that Rosanna had been in a coma because of Craig's actions. Carly asked, "Isn't that worth returning a few million of her dollars?"

Craig walked away, and Carly went to get her car keys. Parker saw his mother getting ready to leave, and he asked what she thought she was doing. Carly said she had to go after Craig, but Parker tried to stop her, telling her that she wasn't in any condition to drive. Carly ignored him and rushed to her car, so Parker got on his bike to follow her.

Carly spotted Craig in the parking lot outside the police station. Telling herself that she had to stop Craig, she steered the car toward him. Her foot slipped, however, when she went to brake, and instead, she hit the accelerator; Craig saw her at the last second and tried to get out of the way, falling to the ground. Craig grabbed his leg in pain. Parker, who had just arrived, rushed up to Craig and asked if he was okay. He tried to help Craig up, but Craig's leg hurt too much.

Carly ran up and asked Craig if he was okay. She told Craig that she had just wanted to stop him from going to the police, and Craig told her that she'd accomplished that. Carly began freaking out, telling Craig that her foot had slipped. Craig, seeing how distraught Carly had become, told Carly to look at him, and when she did, he assured her that everything would be okay.

Craig then told Parker to drive Carly home. Parker said they couldn't leave Craig alone and hurt, but Craig pointed out that they were right outside the police station. Craig insisted he would be okay. Parker got Carly to the car, and they drove away. A man approached Craig, and Craig let the man help him up. He told the stranger that a car had almost hit him, and that he hadn't seen it coming.

Margo went to the hospital when she found out that Craig had been involved in a hit-and-run accident. Craig brushed off Margo's concerns, saying he had merely twisted his ankle. He told his sister that he hadn't seen who had hit him.

Margo asked whether Craig thought he'd been hit because of what he had been doing. Craig asked, "Crossing the street?" Margo laughed and said she meant because he'd been on his way to report a crime. Craig told Margo he thought it had been a random accident. Margo then asked what crime he'd wanted to report, but Craig said the accident had given him a new perspective on things, and he no longer had anything to tell Margo. When Margo appeared skeptical, Craig said if he were worried about his safety, he would certainly tell Margo so she could try to protect him.

Margo left and went to Fairwinds, where she told Paul and Rosanna that she had some questions for them. She filled them in on Craig's desire to report a crime and his subsequent hit-and-run accident. Paul asked hopefully whether Craig was dead, but Margo said he wasn't. Margo pointed out how coincidental it was that Craig had an accident on his way to report a crime, just as Rosanna had once been on her way to report a crime when she had had an accident, caused by Craig. Paul said that sounded like karmic retribution, and he pointed out that Rosanna had been much more seriously hurt than Craig apparently had been.

Margo asked where Rosanna and Paul had been that afternoon, and Paul said they had both been at Fairwinds. He called on Millie to verify it and to escort Margo out of the house, but Margo said that wouldn't be necessary. After Margo left, Rosanna wondered why Craig would have changed his mind about reporting her to the police.

When Parker got Carly home, she didn't remember exactly what had happened until Parker explained it to her. He was very concerned that Carly was so messed up, and he said maybe he should call his dad. Carly asked Parker not to call Jack; she told him it would make things worse for them. Clearly concerned, Parker asked, "What could be worse than this?" Carly responded by telling Parker to go to his room.

Craig arrived a minute later and asked Carly why she'd been in the parking lot at the police station. Carly said she had wanted to stop him from turning Rosanna in to the police. She then begged Craig to tell her that Rosanna was okay, and Craig said Rosanna was fine. Craig told Carly that he hadn't told Margo about Rosanna, and he wasn't going to. He then suggested Carly lie down, which she did. Parker walked in and asked Craig how he was. Craig said he was fine; Parker looked at his mom and said, "But she's not, is she?"

Parker and Craig went into the kitchen, where Parker told Craig he was worried that Carly could go to jail for having driven while drunk and having hit Craig. Craig said that wouldn't happen if they didn't tell anyone about it. Parker said his mom was so out of control that he thought maybe he should tell his dad. Craig didn't think Carly would accept help from Jack, and he said, "I think we're the only ones close enough to help her, so that's what we're gonna do."

Craig promised Parker that Carly would be okay. Craig went back into the living room and covered Carly with a blanket, bent down, and whispered, "We're gonna get you through this, Carly, I promise you." He kissed her and then left. Parker went to the sofa and slid down on the floor to sit next to his mother and keep watch over her.



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