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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Outside the Brady Pub, Will asked God to spare Grace's life. Caroline noticed he was upset and asked what was wrong. He said it was Grace. Will told Caroline that Daniel asked him to call the family to the hospital. Will felt horrible about how he was resistant to Sami adopting Grace, but Caroline said that Grace, Allie, and Johnny had the best brother in the world.

Philip kissed Stephanie goodnight and encouraged her to get some sleep, because he knew she had a long day ahead at the police station the next day, but Stephanie couldn't sleep.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano threatened someone on the phone to make sure Owen did not implicate E.J. E.J. walked in the room with Sydney. E.J. admitted that he woke Sydney up just so he could hold her. He said he couldn't imagine being in Sami's shoes, facing the possibility of losing a child. Then, he realized how insensitive his words were, and apologized to Stefano. Stefano said he didn't need to be reminded of Tony, because he thought about his son constantly.

Stefano berated someone over the phone for how long it was taking to silence Owen, but when E.J. approached with food for Stefano, he pretended he was talking to a trainer about his health. E.J. told Stefano that he knew Stefano wasn't talking to his personal trainer, because it was so late. Stefano planned to take care of business while E.J. took care of his family. E.J. wondered how Stefano was going to take care of Owen.

Stefano told E.J. that there was something he needed to know. He remembered his conversation with Nicole and told E.J. that he was a better father than Stefano ever was. E.J. asked what Stefano wanted to tell him, and Stefano advised E.J. to treasure every moment he had with Sydney. E.J. realized that Stefano was eager to leave the hospital because it reminded him of Tony's death. Stefano said Tony was on his mind all the time no matter where he was. Stefano said no one should have to face what Sami was facing. E.J. couldn't help but wonder what E.J. would do if it was his own baby.

At the hospital chapel, Sami and Rafe prayed for Grace, and Rafe tried to console Sami by pointing out that even in Grace's short life, she affected many people. He said many people had fallen in love Grace. Sami said Grace made miracles come true, and they needed one more miracle. Rafe said they didn't need a miracle - they just needed for the drugs to work.

Nicole and Mia were in Grace's hospital room, and since Nicole told the nurse that Mia was Grace's mother, the nurse encouraged Mia to hold Grace and talk to her. Mia started to speak up and tell the nurse that she wasn't Grace's mother, but Nicole quieted her. After the nurse left, Mia asked Nicole why she told the nurse that Mia was Grace's mother.

Nicole said it was because Grace needed someone to hold her and that Mia loved Grace. Mia cried as she held Grace. Mia told Grace that she had a baby girl just like Grace, and she thought that one day Grace and Mia's baby could play together. Nicole cried while watching Mia bond with Grace. Mia told Grace that many people loved her and were praying for her.

Sami told Rafe that she had a feeling Grace was getting better. After getting back the latest test results, Daniel advised Sami to go back upstairs to be with Grace, and Sami told him how she felt like Grace was getting better. Daniel explained that the antibiotics weren't working, and Sami asked him to give Grace more, but he said Grace's system couldn't take it. Rafe pointed out that Grace was still fighting, and Sami was determined that Grace would be okay. After they left, Daniel prayed that God would give Sami and her baby a break.

Nicole asked Mia to put Grace down so they could leave, but Mia refused. Mia wondered where Sami was and couldn't believe that Sami left Grace alone. Nicole asked Mia again to put Grace down, but Mia said she couldn't.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe noticed how distraught Lucas was and asked if Grace was okay. Lucas didn't know, since Sami was still waiting for a diagnosis when he left the hospital. Chloe felt sorry for Sami, thinking that Sami lost the baby she was pregnant with and might lose Grace. Lucas hoped that the doctors would be able to do something for Grace. Chloe said she finally understood how Lucas and Sami sharing a child made them so close. Lucas was worried about what Sami would do if anything happened to Grace.

When Sami and Rafe went to Grace's room, the nurse told them that only Grace's mother was allowed in the room. Sami insisted that she was Grace's mother, but the nurse didn't believe her because she said Grace's mother had just been there. Rafe demanded to know who claimed to be Grace's mother. The nurse asked for verification that Sami was Grace's mother.

Sami didn't care what the nurse had to say - she picked her baby up and held her. Rafe insisted that Sami was Grace's mother, and the nurse told them that another girl claimed to be Grace's mother, too. The nurse asked Daniel if Sami was Grace's mother, and Daniel confirmed it. Rafe explained that someone else visited Grace, claiming to be Grace's mother, so Daniel planned to notify security.

Sami told Grace that she and Rafe went to the chapel to say a prayer for Grace, and Sami promised never to leave Grace again. Daniel didn't think that whoever was in Grace's room harmed Grace. Sami noticed that Grace looked better, and she wondered if Daniel could give Grace more antibiotics. Daniel said they did everything they could. Sami said that Grace was a fighter and if Daniel did everything he could, he could leave them alone, so he left the room.

Rafe went to find Daniel and asked if Daniel thought Grace would die. Daniel put his hand on Rafe's shoulder, and Rafe knew what Daniel was implying, so Rafe broke down in tears. Daniel explained that the form of meningitis that Grace had was resistant to the antibiotics. Rafe was upset that things were moving so fast. He told Daniel that he planned to adopt Grace. Daniel told Rafe that he saw Rafe with Grace, and he was sure Grace knew Rafe was her father.

Daniel tried to comfort Rafe and said it might help him to say goodbye to Grace and that Sami needed to know that it was a possibility. Rafe planned to tell Sami that they should say goodbye. When he went back into Grace's room, Sami was hopeful that Grace was doing better. Rafe started to explain that Daniel thought they needed to prepare themselves for the worst, but Sami wasn't hearing any of it. She pledged not to give up on Grace. She said if Rafe didn't have faith in that, he needed to leave.

Mia apologized to Nicole for not wanting to leave Grace's room. Mia said she reacted that way because giving up her own baby without holding her was so traumatic that she didn't want to let Grace go once she held her. Mia noticed that when she talked to Grace, the baby looked up at her like she knew Mia's voice. Mia was also emotional thinking about how there was a girl who gave up her baby like Mia did and the girl didn't even know that Grace could die.

Nicole comforted Mia. Mia apologized for saying so many mean things about Nicole. She said Nicole really was a good person who loved Mia's baby and Grace. Mia felt that Nicole was sincere about feeling bad for Sami. Nicole started to say something, but she couldn't, so she rushed out of the hospital. Will found Mia and explained that Daniel told him to get his family in case they needed to say goodbye, but Will didn't think he could say goodbye to Grace.

Nicole went to the chapel and asked God if he was having fun hearing Mia say that Nicole cared about Sami. Nicole explained that he didn't think anything like that would happen, and she just wanted E.J. to have his daughter. Nicole said despite her hatred towards Sami, Grace shouldn't have to suffer. Nicole prayed that God would spare Grace's life. Nicole said she was sorry and asked God to punish her and not Grace. She begged God to let Grace live.

Chloe mentioned to Lucas that Nicole was at the hospital visiting Stefano, but she assured Lucas that Nicole wouldn't bother Sami. She pointed out that Nicole had a child the same age as Grace and could relate to what Sami was going through. Chloe called Nicole and asked if she knew how Grace was doing. Nicole told her that Grace had meningitis. Chloe told Lucas what Grace's prognosis was, and they rushed to the hospital. Nicole watched Rafe waiting outside Grace's room.

Roman and Caroline walked in, and Rafe told them that Grace's prognosis didn't look good. Lexie offered to stay after her shift had ended, but Daniel said he was okay. Lexie said no one would be okay dealing with a baby with meningitis. Daniel felt helpless that he couldn't do anything to save Grace, and Lexie said he was like the rest of them, and all he could do was pray.

Stefano said goodnight to Sydney, and E.J. accused Stefano of evading his questions. Stefano told him to spend time with Sydney and stop worrying. Stefano shouted, "I'm back," as he left the room, and E.J. said that was what he was worried about.

Chloe went to the hospital and when she saw Nicole, she noticed how distraught Nicole was. Chloe assumed it was because Sydney and Grace were the same age. Nicole said she thought that the doctors were out of options. Daniel spoke to another doctor on the phone and asked if he could give Grace anything to help her - even an experimental treatment.

Roman comforted Sami, and she cried in his arms as she held Grace. Sami apologized to Roman for not telling him that Rafe was going to adopt Grace. Roman thought it was a good idea letting Rafe adopt her, because it was clear that Rafe loved Grace and was good at keeping people safe. Roman asked if Sami wanted him to call Marlena, but Sami said she'd already talked to Marlena and told her to stay with John because Grace was getting better.

Sami broke down into tears mid-sentence and told Roman that she was scared. Roman comforted her and asked if there was anything he could do. She asked him to talk to Rafe because she needed him. Rafe overheard as he was walking in the door. Roman left the room to be with the rest of the family, and as he was leaving, he said Grace was lucky to have Sami and Rafe. Sami apologized to Rafe for kicking him out of the room. She realized that Rafe was just trying to tell her the truth.

Mia said she hated giving people advice, but she told Will that if he had the chance to hold a baby, he needed to take it. Chloe advised Nicole to go home, but Nicole said she couldn't. Chloe pointed out that there was nothing Nicole could do. Nicole said Chloe was right, because Nicole did so much already. Chloe was confused by what Nicole said, and Nicole said everyone was in so much pain while Nicole had everything she wanted. She looked over at Mia.

Will walked into Grace's room, and Rafe asked if Will wanted to hold Grace. Will held Grace and told her he was her big brother. Sami told Will that Grace needed him and needed to know that people loved her.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

At Salem Hospital, Will stopped by to hold his baby sister, Grace, as her health deteriorated. Will then went out to the waiting room to thank Mia for convincing him to hold Grace one last time.

Caroline asked Father Matt to go to the hospital, but Sami passionately objected to him administering last rites. Father Matt waited with Caroline and told her that he would be there in case Sami needed his support.

After Rafe calmed Sami down, he went out to the waiting room and brought Father Matt in to pray at Grace's bedside. When the priest left, Rafe and Sami watched Grace sleep and talked about how it was "love at first sight" when they both saw Grace. "I didn't even know I wanted a family," Rafe whispered before he broke down into tears.

"You brought us so much love and so much happiness. I hope you know how much we love you," Sami said as she rubbed her hand softly across Grace's sleeping face. As Sami and Rafe stared at Grace in silence, she slipped away. Rafe started to go and get the doctor, but Sami softly grabbed his arm. "I just want it to be us," Sami whispered as the monitor alarms went off.

Daniel entered the room and quietly turned off the computer alarms. After giving the couple his condolences, Daniel offered to get Sami's family. Shaking her head, Sami declined the offer. Daniel went in to the waiting room and announced that Grace had peacefully passed away. Nicole broke down in tears, and Daniel rushed down the hallway to cry in private.

Back in Grace's hospital room, Sami fussed over Grace's body, rearranging her blanket. "We're gonna love you forever. And you're gonna look out for us. You're gonna help us. We're not going to be able to do this without you," Sami said breathlessly. Exhausted, Sami cried in Rafe's arms.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Lucas advised Will that he would need to be there for his mother. As Will stood there nodding, Lucas offered his own shoulder for Will to lean on. Will left with Mia, and Lucas went to look for Chloe. Nicole looked shell-shocked in the corner as she thought about the night that Grace was born. "I knew from the second I saw you, you were an angel, and now you're in heaven," Nicole whispered.

Down the hallway in the hospital chapel, Chloe tried to comfort Daniel with words of support about his skill as a doctor. Frustrated and upset, Daniel sent Chloe away to be with her husband.

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Lexie that Stefano had checked himself out of the hospital because he could not stand to be near the place where Tony died. Lexie said that she understood, and then changed the topic of conversation to baby Grace. Lexie informed E.J. that Nicole looked visibly shaken when Lexie saw her at the hospital, and E.J. noted that Nicole had always had an affinity for baby Grace.

The next morning, E.J. went downstairs to find Nicole holding Sydney. Nicole told E.J. that Grace had passed away, and the two quietly stared at their daughter.

At the Salem pier, while they watched the sun rise over the river, Will thanked Mia for staying with him. Will advised Mia to go home and sleep before her finals at school, but she declined and told him that she wanted to keep him company a little longer.

At Sami's apartment, Rafe helped a dazed Sami into the living room. Sami looked around at all the baby items and broke down crying. Upset, Sami screamed about how Grace's death was her fault. Rafe refused to let Sami blame herself, but Sami continued to yell that she was being punished for her lifetime of "lies and deceit." Rafe managed to calm Sami down, but she became frantic when she realized that she needed to tell Allie and Johnny the news about their sister. Sami turned to Rafe and asked him for a favor.

Nicole was sitting in the DiMera living room and staring at Sydney laughing in her playpen when the doorbell rang. Nicole opened the front door to find Rafe. Rafe explained that Sami had sent him to pick up Johnny. E.J. entered the room and overheard Rafe. Frowning, E.J. refused to let Rafe take Johnny because he wanted his son to stay with him. Rafe pleaded with E.J. to set aside their differences and work to help Sami deal with her daughter's death. Nicole appealed to E.J. on Rafe's behalf, saying, "Do it for Sami." E.J. relented and then apologized to Rafe for being rude.

After Rafe left with Johnny, E.J. went upstairs to take a phone call for work. Nicole stood in the living room, staring off into the distance. Stefano snuck up behind Nicole and surprised her. Smiling, Stefano said that he wanted to finish their conversation.

Rafe returned to Sami's apartment with Will and the twins. Sami nodded at Rafe, and he announced that he was going to go take care of "the arrangements we talked about." Once Rafe was gone, Sami pulled the twins onto her lap and started to tell them about their sister, Grace.

Heartbroken, Rafe went down to the pier. Arianna saw her brother across the pier and said hello. Noting the tears in his eyes, Arianna asked him what was wrong. "I lost one of the most important people in my life last night," Rafe said hollowly. When Arianna started to ask what Sami had done, Rafe cut her off and told her that Grace had died. Arianna took her brother in her arms and he stopped holding back the tears and wept in her arms.

Brady went over to the Kiriakis mansion as Victor's request. Victor apologized for his behavior and asked for Brady's forgiveness. "Hell no," Brady responded. Brady noted that if he had not gone to the police, then Owen might have escaped and Brady likely would have died in the tomb. Victor apologized again and told Brady that he proved that he was a "true Kiriakis." Victor asked for forgiveness, and Brady shook his hand.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Max was sleeping when he felt Chelsea snuggle up next to him. He thought he was dreaming until she kissed him, and he kissed her back with happy surprise. Chelsea explained that she'd flown home on her grandfather's jet, but she wasn't back for good. Max asked how long she could stay. "There's not really an easy way to say this, so I'm just going to throw it out there, okay?" Chelsea began. "I don't think that I'm ever coming back."

She clarified that she would return to visit her family occasionally, but that was it. Max declared that he wasn't giving up on her, and kissed her hard, trying to persuade her to stay in Salem. After they made love, Max asked if he'd managed to change her mind. Chelsea informed him that the reason she'd returned was to ask him to move to London with her.

Max was taken aback. Chelsea asserted that they could build a great life together. She declared that London was awesome, adding, "I think that if you were there with me, it'd be even more awesome." Max smiled thoughtfully. Chelsea asked, "What do you say? Move to London with me."

Chloe dreamed that Daniel found her where she was walking in the woods. She told him that they couldn't be together, that it was wrong, but he kissed her anyway. As their kissing grew more intense, Chloe suddenly awoke, and was startled to find Lucas gone.

When Lucas returned to bed, he and Chloe sadly commiserated over Grace's death, but Chloe could tell that he was upset about more than that. Lucas reminded her of their promise not to keep secrets from one another anymore, but worried that if there were secrets in the past, they couldn't move forward.

He clarified that Sami hadn't actually lost the baby like he'd said. Chloe quickly realized the significance. "Grace was E.J.'s baby?" she asked, stunned, and upset that Lucas hadn't told her. Lucas assured her that he hadn't known long, but Chloe jumped out of bed and ran from the room.

Daniel was sleeping in the doctors' locker room at the hospital when Kate found him. Observing the prescription pad on the cot next to him, she crept closer, and deftly removed the pad. Remembering how she'd practiced forging his signature, she quietly peeled off the top page, and carefully placed the pad back beside Daniel.

As Kate was skulking back out, Daniel woke up and demanded to know what she was doing there. She claimed that she'd wanted to talk to him, but had decided not to wake him. Daniel didn't buy it. "You hate me, Kate," he pointed out, certain that she had an ulterior motive. Kate just shrugged. "I got what I came for."

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano confronted Nicole again about the baby switch. Though Nicole maintained that she had nothing else to say, Stefano demanded that she hear him out. He acknowledged that if Nicole had not switched Mia and Sami's babies at birth, and passed off Sami's baby as her own, they would be preparing for Sydney's funeral. Nicole declared that she would do anything to keep her family together.

Stefano hoped Nicole would succeed, but added, "You better pray that Elvis and Samantha never find out what you have done." Nicole asked if Stefano were threatening to expose the truth. Stefano assured her that he was not, pointing out that had Nicole not faked her pregnancy, Samantha would eventually have told Elvis the truth-and they would be battling for custody of Sydney.

Nicole was surprised when Stefano asserted that she'd done the right thing. He explained that Samantha's manipulations of Elvis had always infuriated him, especially where "little Giovanni" was concerned. Nicole concurred. Stefano declared that E.J. must never find out that he had another child with Samantha.

In the park, Arianna tried to console Rafe over Grace's death, offering to help in any way she could. Rafe insisted that he was only worried about Sami. Arianna assured him that Sami would survive, because she was strong. When she pointed out that Grace was adopted, Rafe nearly bit her head off, and Arianna quickly apologized for being insensitive. Rafe then left for the hospital.

Later, Brady and Arianna collided again in front of the Brady Pub. Brady made a joke, but Arianna didn't seem amused. Brady asked what was wrong, and she replied that it was everything Sami was going through. When he responded with mock exasperation, Arianna realized that he didn't know about Grace's death.

After Arianna had told Brady about Grace, they sat at a table in the pub. Obviously devastated for his stepsister, Brady hoped Sami's mom already knew, and wondered if he should call her in Europe, in case Sami hadn't had a chance to. Arianna and Brady concurred that nothing was more important than family.

After making it clear that she felt truly bad for Sami, Arianna mused that there seemed to be something more going on with Rafe and Sami, like they were trying to cover something up. To clarify for a puzzled Brady, she questioned why Rafe had wanted to adopt Grace without marrying Sami first.

Sami sat on the couch, holding Johnny and Allie in her lap, while Will sat in a chair next to them. Sami read the twins a children's story about a little girl who died, to help her explain that their little sister had gone to be with the angels. When Sami began to cry, Will took over for her and finished reading the story. Sami hugged her kids close, trying not to sob aloud, as she and Will both wept quietly.

Afterwards, Will called to ask if Mia could meet him and the twins for breakfast, and give him a hand with them. The little ones happily led their big brother out the door by the hand, leaving Sami alone in the townhouse, cradling Grace's blanket miserably.

When Rafe called to check on Sami, she told him that she'd broken the news to the twins, although she didn't think they really understood. He offered to go over to the townhouse, but she replied that she just wanted to be alone. After Sami hung up, she flung the phone across the room, and broke down in agonized sobs.

Rafe arrived at the nurses' station at University Hospital. He asked the nurse on duty if he could make arrangements for his daughter, Grace Rafaela Brady, who had died the previous night. The nurse informed him that there was no mention of the baby's father in any of her records. Rafe argued that he'd already taken care of the necessary paperwork, but the nurse wouldn't take his word for it.

Nicole appeared just then to vouch for Rafe. She assured the nurse that Rafe was indeed Grace's father, and when the nurse learned Nicole's last name, she scurried off to find the missing forms. Rafe asked Nicole why she'd gone to bat for him. Nicole replied kindly that she knew he loved Grace as if she were truly his daughter.

Nicole then explained that she was there to get her cell phone, which she'd forgotten the night before. As she was leaving to retrieve it, she expressed her sympathy again to Rafe. Rafe wondered why Grace's death had so upset Nicole, when they weren't connected at all, but Nicole didn't have an immediate answer for him.

Sami dozed on the couch, dreaming that Grace was crying from her playpen. The child looked up at her with huge eyes, but when Sami turned her back for a moment, Grace vanished from the crib. Sami searched the room in a panic, shouting Grace's name. She awoke with a start, remembering the reality when she saw Grace's empty playpen.

E.J. knocked on the door just then, and Sami seemed surprised to see him. He explained that he wanted to check on Johnny-and on her. As Sami let E.J. in, she informed him that Will had taken the twins out. E.J. asked how it had gone when she'd told them about Grace, and wondered with genuine concern how Rafe was handling things. Sami quietly praised Rafe for being a wonderful father, but suddenly her tears turned to anger at herself. "I did what I had to do, but everything I did, everything Rafe did-it meant nothing!"

E.J. gently pointed out that Sami had given Grace everything, and Grace couldn't have asked for a better mother. Sami wished E.J. could have gotten to know what a special little girl Grace was. E.J. agreed, because she was Johnny's sister. Sami declared softly that it was more than that. "She wasn't just my baby, E.J.," she explained. "Grace was our little girl."

As Sami began to sob again, E.J. cautiously asserted that perhaps the stress was too much for her to bear, because she seemed to have lost her grip on reality. Through her tears, Sami argued that her sanity was just fine, because if E.J. just thought about it, he'd realize that what she was saying was true. With some prompting from Sami, E.J. uneasily recalled that they'd slept together about nine months before Grace was born.

The realization rocked E.J. to the core. He reeled backwards as if Sami had struck him, blanching, shaking in horrified disbelief. His breath coming in ragged gasps, he began to sob, begging her to tell him that she hadn't really lied to him, that his daughter was not really dead. In a furious whisper, Sami replied, "I had to."

Steadying himself on a chair, E.J. asked why Sami would lie to him about something so important. Sami declared that it was because he was a DiMera, and angrily pointed out some of the things his family had done: Stefano was going to let the mayor's hit man kill her after she'd witnessed the mayor's murder, so she'd had to go into Witness Protection; when she'd returned, E.J. had been simultaneously planning his wedding and Philip's murder; and E.J. had repeatedly threatened to take Johnny away from her.

E.J. furiously demanded to know why she hadn't told him she was pregnant-before all of that had happened. She spat back that she'd wanted to, but the day she'd gone to tell him, she'd learned Nicole was pregnant, as well-and then she'd seen the mayor get killed. E.J. raged vehemently that it had nothing to do with Nicole. "She didn't lie to me about the most important thing in my life," he roared. "She has not betrayed me!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the hospital, Daniel wondered why Kate came to see him. She said she was there to offer her sympathy for Daniel losing a patient, but then she realized that he didn't need her sympathy, because he gave his all to his profession. She said she despised him on one level. On another level, she saw him as the man who saved her life and also gave up Chloe so that Lucas could be happy. She said she wanted to focus on Daniel's selflessness and start all over again with him.

Kate said the revelation came to her while Daniel was asleep on the couch in the lounge, but he didn't think that revelation made them friends. Kate agreed and said that was why she came to see him. She wanted to ask a favor - for Daniel to be the face of a television segment she was working on, but he had no interest in being on TV. Daniel decided to think about it then left to get some exercise.

Kate met with a man at the park who did her favors in the past, and he wore scrubs as she requested. She handed him a prescription. The man returned a short while later and gave the medicine to Kate, telling her that the pharmacy said it was really toxic. Kate gave him even more money than they had agreed upon because she wanted him to leave town. He was more than willing to comply. Kate told him that he reminded her of someone she cared for a lot. He asked if that was a bad thing, and she said it wasn't and maybe someday it would turn out to be a good thing.

At the hospital, Nicole expressed sympathy to Rafe over Grace's death, but Rafe didn't understand why Nicole was so upset since she didn't have any connection to Grace. He said he didn't know why Grace meant so much to Nicole. Nicole said she cared about Grace because she was a mother and could relate to the pain Sami must have felt. Nicole said she was an emotional person and felt for Rafe and Sami. The nurse asked Rafe for his signature to have Grace's body released for burial.

Nicole reminisced on the day that Grace was born, and she said she felt guilty about Grace dying so soon. She couldn't take her guilt, so she started to leave, but Rafe stopped her. He asked if she was leaving and told her that she forgot her phone. Rafe noticed that Nicole was still upset. She said she was so emotional because she was a mother and people don't just get over that loss. Then she rubbed her stomach and broke down in tears. Rafe consoled her.

Nicole blamed her emotional state on sleep-deprivation, but he doubted what she said. Nicole said she knew that Sami trashed her, but she knew what loss was all too well. Nicole said just because she had a healthy baby didn't mean she didn't care about Grace's death or that she didn't understand what Sami felt. Nicole stormed off. The nurse told Rafe that Grace's body was ready to be transported for burial.

Sami told E.J. that Nicole was the reason she decided not to tell him that Grace was his daughter in the first place. E.J. said Sami played God with his life and his daughter's life. Sami tried to defend herself, but he didn't want to hear her excuses about his family. He said she should be sorry for the rest of her life. Sami said it didn't matter now that Grace was gone.

E.J. realized that Sami was never going to tell him that Grace was his child. He said because of Sami, he would never know his daughter. He couldn't believe he actually stopped by her place to tell her how sorry he was for her loss. Sami said she didn't keep it a secret to hurt E.J. – she did it to be a good mother to Grace. E.J. said she didn't deserve to be a mother – she deserved to be in hell.

E.J. told Sami to burn in hell along with Rafe. E.J. figured out that Rafe was in on the secret too. Sami said it wasn't about E.J. – it was about protecting Grace. E.J. realized that E.J. barely knew Grace, only looked at her once, and never cared for her. He said he would have to live with that knowledge for the rest of his life. Sami snatched Grace's blanket from E.J.'s hands, and he told Sami he would always hate her for what she did. E.J. told Sami that he hoped Sami suffered until the day Sami died. Outside Sami's place, E.J. called the hospital and talked to the nurse and asked to see his daughter, Grace. Meanwhile, Sami clutched Grace's blanket and broke down in tears.

At the Java Café, Lucas approached Chloe wanting to know what was wrong. She just wanted to be alone. Lucas thought she was overreacting, but she pointed out that Lucas suspected Chloe of keeping a secret from him and lectured her about being honest, but he kept a secret from her the whole time. Lucas explained that he kept Sami's secret because Sami told him to. Chloe asked him that made it okay, and Lucas said it didn't.

Chloe said she fought to make their marriage work. Lucas asked why they needed to fight for their marriage if they were committed to each other. Chloe said it was because there was always someone coming between them. She said there was another person living in their marriage. Lucas said he didn't know who she was referring to, because it wasn't Sami.

Chloe admitted she was referring to Sami because he met with her behind Chloe's back. Lucas thought she was overreacting, because it wasn't like he was having an affair. He said Sami had something to tell him, and he was as shocked to hear her news as anyone else. Chloe couldn't talk about it anymore and decided to leave. But before she walked out, she promised not to talk about Sami's secret with anyone. Chloe said she wished he cared about their marriage more than he did about Sami, because Chloe did.

Max brought Chelsea breakfast in bed to celebrate her return, but Chelsea reminded him that London was her home and she was going back to London the next day to be with her mother. Chelsea asked him to tell her how he felt about her decision, and she wanted him to go back to London with her for good.

Max started reading in bed, which piqued Chelsea's interest. She read it and realized he got into medical school with a full scholarship. Chelsea reminded him that he thought he would never get into med school. He said he thought it wasn't likely. Chelsea said Max deserved it, and she felt selfish for wanting him to move to London without a thought of what he wanted.

Max understood Chelsea's motives, but she thought she should have asked how his life was going first, specifically about his application to med school, and then she should have kept her offer to herself. Chelsea told him she loved him and missed him, and he told her he loved her too. Max wanted to take a break from the serious talk. Max told Chelsea that he was the happiest he had been in forever. She felt the same way, but she felt bad that it had to end.

Max said it didn't have to end, and Chelsea thought he was trying to convince her to stay, so she insisted that she was going back to London. Max said he understood she was leaving and he planned to move to London with her. Chelsea asked if he was certain of his decision, because he would be giving up a lot, but he was certain, because he was gaining a life with Chelsea. She wanted to make sure he thought his decision through and it was what he wanted. Max said he was never more sure of anything in his life.

Chloe was walking outside and noticed a pair of scrubs. She picked them up and saw Daniel's hospital badge. She turned to leave and ran into Daniel, who was wet from taking a swim in the lake. He asked if she was okay, and she said she was play and then she tried to hurry off. He asked her to talk about whatever was bothering her. Chloe said she was upset with Lucas for keeping a secret about Sami from her. She said she and Lucas were both keeping secrets and lying.

Daniel said keeping a secret and lying wasn't the same thing. He wondered if she was bothered by the guilt, and she said it wasn't the guilt. She wondered what it said about her marriage if both she and Lucas were keeping secrets and lying about things. Chloe remembered the promise she made to God to give Daniel up to make things work with Lucas, and she wondered what it meant if she couldn't make the marriage work.

Daniel wondered if she wanted him to advise her on what to do, and she said she was just confused. She said she tried to clear her mind but ran into Daniel, and she didn't know what to make of it. Daniel thought Chloe finding Daniel there was a sign. Chloe accused him of being sarcastic, because he didn't believe in signs and thought she married Lucas out of guilt. Daniel said what he thought didn't seem to matter to her. Chloe said it mattered, but she didn't need to hear about what a fool she was.

Chloe said she felt like a fool because Lucas betrayed her trust. Daniel wanted to know why someone who made a promise to God to be committed to her husband was ready to give up because of one minor transgression, but Chloe didn't think it was minor because Lucas kept a secret from her for months. Daniel pointed out that Lucas was flawed like everyone else. Chloe said it was a big shock to her, because it really hurt her. Daniel asked if her love for Lucas changed. She said it hadn't – she just loved Daniel more.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole held Sydney and reminded herself that she did the right thing. She claimed it was God's plan that she switched Sydney with Grace because God wouldn't make Nicole go through losing her daughter a second time. Nicole promised to protect Sydney. She said she was the only mother Sydney would ever need or have.

Nicole ordered a flower arrangement for Grace's funeral with the message on the card reading, "With Love from E.J., Nicole, Johnny, and Sydney." Stefano walked in, having overheard Nicole's conversation and wondered why she didn't add his name to the card. He decided to order one of his own flower arrangements. He said he was doing it express his condolences and out of gratitude that Sydney was healthy and thriving.

Nicole felt she was lucky, but Stefano said it wasn't luck – it was because of Nicole's ingenuity. He said if she had not switched the babies, Stefano, Nicole and E.J. would be the ones in mourning. He said it was because of God's grace and Nicole's cunning. Stefano held Sydney and told her how much he loved her. He vowed that life for Sydney wouldn't be the same as it was for Tony. He said had his heart couldn't take losing another child or grandchild.

Rafe met with the funeral director and requested to have Father Matt do Grace's funeral service. The funeral director suggested that Rafe wait for Sami to arrive before making arrangements, but Rafe wanted to get as much work done as possible before Sami got there. The funeral director left the room to get a catalog for Rafe to look at to determine how he wanted Grace buried. While he was waiting, E.J. arrived, and he was fuming. He punched Rafe, as Sami walked in.

Sami rushed to Rafe's side, and E.J. yelled at Rafe for keeping E.J. from Grace. Sami told E.J. not to blame Rafe, because she was the one who lied to E.J. about Grace. The funeral director rushed in and asked what was going on and who they were. Sami introduced herself as Grace's mother, and E.J. introduced himself as Grace's father. The funeral director asked who Rafe was, and he said he was Grace's adoptive father. Rafe promised that they would settle down.

After the funeral director left the room, Rafe told E.J. that it wasn't the time or place for a confrontation. E.J. said he knew that, but he said Sami and Rafe needed to blame themselves for that. Sami said that Rafe was just trying to help her. E.J. told her that Rafe helped her keep E.J.'s daughter – who E.J. would never know - from E.J. and they would pay for that injustice. Rafe told E.J. that what happened to Grace was a tragedy that couldn't have been prevented.

E.J. asked if Sami had proper prenatal care, if Grace had all the proper checkups, and he asked who was watching Grace when Sami came to Salem. Sami explained that she left Grace with nuns. E.J. said that she shouldn't have left Grace with anyone, because she could have left Grace with E.J., since he was her father. E.J. said he wouldn't have hid Grace's existence because he was ashamed of her.

Sami said she was not ashamed of Grace. She loved Grace and wanted to protect her from having a father like E.J. That set E.J. off. He said he wouldn't have abandoned Grace; he wasn't ashamed of Grace's existence; and Grace wasn't an inconvenience to E.J. Sami slapped E.J. She started beating up on him, and E.J. egged her on, telling her to hit him and expunge her guilt. E.J. accused Sami of killing his baby. Rafe broke it up, and consoled Sami. E.J. accused Rafe of being Sami's accomplice.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate looked at the drug she hired the man to fill the prescription for, and in walked Lucas, so she tried to hide it. Lucas noticed and asked what she had. Kate told him it was liquid vitamins that the doctor prescribed. Lucas worried that Kate was sick, but she said she was in remission. She said it was just something to make sure everything went the way it should.

Lucas asked why she was taking prescription vitamins as opposed to over-the-counter vitamins. Kate said it was just a precaution. Lucas questioned why the vitamins Kate was taking were liquid, and she said she thought it was because they were more potent and absorbed more easily. Kate tried to change the subject and talk about Will, but Lucas suspected she was lying. He asked to see the "liquid vitamins" and demanded to know what she was hiding.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cradling baby Sydney in his arms, Stefano sadly declared that his heart could not take losing another child or grandchild. He handed his granddaughter back to Nicole, who was relieved to have Stefano on her side. Stefano reminded her that he wasn't keeping her secret for her benefit, but for E.J.'s. Nicole was worried that E.J. would go to prison, and Sydney would grow up without a father. Stefano assured her that E.J. always would be there for Sydney, because Owen would not say anything incriminating.

Nicole answered the doorbell when it rang just then, still carrying Sydney. She was dismayed to find Victor on the doorstep. Victor first made a snide remark about Nicole, but informed Stefano that he was there to offer an olive branch. Stefano replied that he might be interested, once E.J. was in the clear. When Nicole excused herself to take Sydney for a walk, Victor made a veiled remark about what a shame it would be if the little girl got caught in a war between families.

Nicole assumed that Victor was threatening her daughter, but he asserted that he wasn't. He declared that children were a gift from God, and the families must make peace for them, if for no other reason. Stefano said that he was open to hearing Victor's suggestions about how to achieve peace. Victor replied that he would return with an offer, and then left.

Alone in the living room later, Nicole held Sydney on her lap. She declared that they were lucky to have Grandpa on their side, keeping their secret, so that no one else could claim Sydney as their own.

Near the lake, Daniel asked Chloe if she still loved Lucas. Chloe confessed that she did, but she loved Daniel more. A frustrated Daniel reminded her that he'd walked away when she'd asked, with no conditions, but it was too late for them. "I made a you promise, and I'm going to stick by it, so help me God," he declared.

Chloe was devastated that Daniel wanted to move on after she'd told him how she felt. Daniel declared irritably that he couldn't move on, because he loved Chloe so much that he never stopped thinking and dreaming about her. He said that he didn't regret loving her, but he had to push her away because he loved her so much. He explained that he knew she couldn't take it if Lucas fell off the wagon again because of her, and asserted that she needed to make things work with Lucas.

Daniel seemed to think that Chloe only thought about him when she had a fight with Lucas. With tears in her eyes, she insisted that she'd never stopped thinking about him. Daniel maintained that she needed to put him out of her mind, and devote herself to Lucas and Allie.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas confronted Kate about the bottle she claimed was prescription vitamins, demanding to know what they were for. Kate covered, but Lucas wasn't falling for it. Yanking the bottle from her hands, he asked what she was hiding. Kate recalled her meeting with a man who was dressed in scrubs to look like Daniel, and who had filled the prescription for her-and had cautioned her that it was very toxic. Kate "admitted" that it was merely a medication for a small problem, and asked Lucas to drop it.

Lucas acknowledged that he was exhausted, since he'd been up late the night before because of what had happened to Grace. Kate agreed that it was very sad. Lucas wondered how something so unthinkable could have happened, adding, "How are we going to ever trust that anything's ever going to be fine again?"

Kate asked why Lucas was so upset. Lucas reluctantly admitted that he and Chloe had fought earlier because he'd kept a secret from her about Grace. Kate quickly did the math, and guessed that Lucas was Grace's father. Lucas vehemently denied it. Kate quickly surmised that E.J. was the father, and Lucas grudgingly confirmed it.

When Kate began denigrating Sami, Lucas ordered her to stop, reminding her that Sami had just lost a child. Kate conceded that, at least compared to Sami, Chloe looked like a decent human being. She then declared that she wanted to patch things up with Chloe. Lucas was skeptical, but Kate reminded him that she would do anything for him.

Chloe found Lucas at the mansion later, and each apologized to the other. Lucas declared that he'd learned that the old cliché-about how secrets had a way of coming out-was true, and vowed never to keep anything from Chloe again. Chloe agreed that they could make a fresh start.

When Kate went to the hospital, she was surprised to find Will hanging out near the nurses' station. He admitted that although he'd finished his finals, he couldn't face going home. Kate gently said she understood how much Will missed his baby sister. Will tearfully confessed that he'd been jealous of Grace when his mom had first adopted her, and wished he could take back some of the hurtful things he'd said. Kate reassured her grandson that Grace knew he loved her, and hugged him tightly when he began to weep in earnest.

Kate caught Daniel as he passed by the nurses' station later, and asked if he'd given any more thought to hosting the medical segment on her talk show. Daniel replied that he was flattered, but she would have to find someone else. After he left, a disappointed but determined Kate told herself that she had to find a way to make him do it.

At the funeral home, Sami and E.J.'s argument continued, until Sami slapped E.J., and began pummeling him with her fists. E.J. goaded her, shouting that she had killed his baby, and finally Rafe stepped in between them. He pulled Sami away, and she sobbed into his shirt as he held her. Rafe told E.J. that he had no idea the lengths to which Sami had gone to keep Grace safe.

E.J. argued that he'd always been a good father to Johnny, even while Sami was in Witness Protection. Sami stated shakily that she'd taken Grace to the church on E.J. and Nicole's wedding day to tell him the truth. E.J., unconvinced, believed that she'd gone there to break up the wedding, and when she couldn't, she'd decided to punish him by keeping his daughter from him.

Rafe calmly yet firmly told E.J. not to disparage Sami. He asserted that she hadn't wanted her daughter to be raised by a murderer, citing the hit E.J. had ordered on Philip Kiriakis. "You want to hit me again? Go ahead," Rafe said quietly, adding, "It's not going to bring Grace back." E.J. sadly acknowledged that Rafe was right-but he might at least have been able to hold his daughter, or say goodbye.

Sami declared miserably that she would give anything for things to be different. E.J. replied coldly, "The only regret I have, Samantha, is loving you." Rafe urged them to honor Grace's memory by trying to understand each other. He suggested that E.J. should go home and kiss his kids-and thank God for them.

The funeral director entered with information about infant burial packages, but Rafe replied that they needed some more time. The funeral director said to call him when they were ready, and left them alone again. Sami asked E.J. if he would like to have a say in Grace's arrangements. E.J. replied that it was a little late for that, adding, "You killed her; you bury her." Rafe then quietly put his arm around Sami, and they left for home.

The funeral director returned later and was surprised to find E.J. sitting there alone. E.J. said that he had an important favor to ask of him.

At the townhouse later, Rafe reassured Sami that telling E.J. the truth had been the right thing to do. Sami wrote Grace's obituary for the funeral-program inserts, and choked back the tears as she read it for Rafe. It described how Grace had received her angel wings; how she'd touched many people in her short but memorable life; how she loved to be outdoors, and to laugh and play with her sister and brothers. Sami began to cry harder as she read the last lines: "Although she wasn't with us long, the joy that she gave us was immeasurable. She will always remain in our hearts...our amazing Grace."

Rafe began to weep as well, and assured Sami that it was perfect. Sami showed him the sweet, little yellow dress she'd chosen for Grace to wear. Rafe said that he'd take it to the funeral home for her, and asked when Sami planned to tell Will the truth about Grace. Sami knew that it had to be soon, but she didn't know how to make her son understand. Rafe was sure that the only thing that mattered was that Will loved her, and Grace.

When Will got home a little later, he found his mom and Rafe trying to choose a photo of Grace for the memorial service. Rafe left to drop off Grace's dress, so that Sami could speak to Will privately. Will asked what was going on. Sami began by apologizing for not telling Will sooner, then quietly stated that Grace wasn't adopted. "Grace was my baby," she explained. "I gave birth to her."

The funeral director silently led E.J. into the back of the funeral home, and slid open the drawer that held Grace's tiny body. With a comforting nod, he left E.J. alone. E.J. struggled to maintain his composure as he knelt beside the shrouded little form. "Hello, Grace. It's me...your father," he began, and then whispered, "I'm so sorry," over and over again. He expressed his regrets-that he'd never gotten to know her, or to hold her hand, and that she'd never gotten to know her sister, Sydney. He pulled back the sheet for a brief, final glimpse, and then replaced it. "Be in peace," he whispered. "You'll be in my heart always." E.J. then broke down in tortured sobs.

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