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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Paul went to the farm to thank Meg for her generosity in their revised custody arrangement. Meg reminded him, however, that the agreement meant that he got to spend time with their daughter, not with her. Paul played with Eliza, as Meg intercepted a visit from Lily and Damian. Meg told Lily that even being in the same room with Paul disturbed her, so Damian suggested that Meg go with him for the day, while Lily kept an eye on the baby. Meg was reluctant, but Damian convinced her that a break would be good for her.

Meg and Damian left, and Lily went inside to tell Paul what was happening. Paul knew that Lily was there to watch him with the baby, but he was willing to play by Meg's rules. Faith arrived to ask her mother for money for the movies, and she asked Paul why he had taken Eliza away from Meg. Paul said his feelings had been hurt, and he had not been thinking clearly. Faith said Paul had always been nice to her when she was a child.

Craig called on Rosanna at Fairwinds and spoke with her about the hit-and-run accident. Rosanna already knew about it from Margo, who had informed her of Craig's involvement. Craig told Rosanna that he no longer cared to press charges against her, so if she returned the money from his accounts to him, she was off the hook. Rosanna questioned Craig's motives, but Craig cautioned her not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He only asked that she tell her sister that Craig had done something nice for Rosanna, and he urged Rosanna to make sure that Carly knew she could count on her sister for help.

Carly awoke on the couch with the mother of all hangovers. Parker had been looking after her, and he told her that no matter how awful she felt, she could count on Craig's feeling worse. Carly had no memory of nearly killing Craig with her car the day before, so Parker reminded her of how she had aimed her car directly at him. Carly was shocked to think that she had done something so horrible. Parker said that, so far, only the three of them knew what had happened.

Carly swore off drinking and promised such a mistake would never happen again. Parker told his mother that she was in real trouble, and he was frightened. She declared that she was fine, and urged her son to go have fun while she got cleaned up. Parker left the house, and Carly was heading upstairs when the doorbell rang. Carly let in Rosanna, who said she was there to deliver the message that Craig had done something nice for Rosanna, despite what Carly had done. Carly pretended not to know what he was referring to, but Rosanna admitted that she knew about the hit-and-run incident.

Carly admitted to the accident, and Rosanna was shocked, but she was grateful for whatever had caused the change in Craig. Carly attempted to pour them coffee, but her hands shook so badly that she could not do it. Rosanna asked what was wrong with her, but Carly brushed it off by saying she was coming down with something.

Damian took Meg out on a fancy boat and promised her a picnic on the beach of a deserted island. He had also brought along a swimsuit for her, which she happily wore. Damian told Meg to relax and obey the captain's orders to enjoy herself. The mariners paddled a dinghy to the beach, and Damian tied it to a piece of wood. They enjoyed a lunch of pâté and champagne, and toasted to a perfect day with perfect companions.

Meg was beginning to miss Eliza and was eager to return to her. She and Damian walked to the water's edge where he had tied the dinghy, but it was gone. He called the Coast Guard for help, and he also was considerate enough to have them pass along the word to Lily that Meg and Damian would be delayed. They talked about beginning a relationship, but Meg said it was too soon for her, and neither of them was sure what the other was looking for. The Coast Guard cutter appeared and rescued the castaways.

Carly filled in the details of how her life had been in ruins ever since Jack had left and remarried. Rosanna asked about Janet, and Carly said that she would probably make Jack a much better wife than Carly had. Carly also talked about Sage and Parker, and described how Parker had married hastily and had tried to become an emancipated minor. Rosanna was still reeling from the news that Craig was the trustee to the account she left for her nephew. She was sorry that the trust had turned out to be the worst thing she could have done for Parker.

Carly said she had become close to Craig, and Rosanna deduced that the two of them had been intimate. Rosanna forgave her sister and urged her to leave all her hurts in the past. She also begged Carly to call her anytime she needed help, and she departed to straighten out Craig's bank accounts. Carly carried the coffee mugs to the kitchen and took out her bottle of vodka and poured a shot into a tumbler. She mumbled that it was only to "steady" her hands. Suddenly she smacked the glass and sent it flying, and it smashed into many pieces. Carly dissolved in tears.

Faith and Parker met in Java and compared notes on their lives. Parker left and ran into Rosanna in Old Town. They hugged, and Rosanna asked if there was something going on with Carly that she should know about, but Parker refused to answer directly. He told his aunt that he just wanted things to get back to normal.

Craig nursed his hurt leg and struggled to stand to answer the knock on his hotel door. His caller was Carly, who said she felt awful for hitting Craig's leg with her car. She admitted that she had suffered a blackout and had no memory of the accident. Craig said he had asked Parker to take her home afterwards, so that no one would learn about it.

Carly was miserable and said all she could think of was having a drink. Craig leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips to take her mind off booze. He whispered how much he wanted her, and Carly said she only felt safe with him. They continued kissing.

Damian brought Meg back to the farm and explained to Lily why they were so late. Meg checked on a sleeping Eliza, and then she thanked both Damian and Lily for a lovely day.

Rosanna and Paul chatted at Fairwinds, and she told him the good news that Craig was not going to press charges against her.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At the hospital, Emily discussed her missing eggs with her mother. Susan said that she had even called her ex-husband, Larry McDermott, to find out if he could remember what had happened to the remainder of the eggs, but he had not responded. Susan was not in favor of Emily's idea to have another child, and she refused to call Larry again. She also reminded her daughter that having a baby would not stop the time clock. Emily admitted that her pregnancy with Daniel had caught her by surprise and that she really did not do well by him. She wanted another child so that she could feel as if she was a good mother.

Alison and Hunter had fun watching a goofy jellyfish movie on Hunter's phone in Al's. Alison was shocked when her father, Larry, walked in. He approached her and said that he was in town in response to an intriguing call from Susan. Alison was surprised that her mother had actually contacted him, but she was glad to see him. Larry promised that he would never ignore his daughter again, but he did not go into any details about what Susan wanted. He invited Alison and her friends to a steak dinner in Chicago sometime, and then he left for Memorial.

Alison got emotional when her father left, and she thanked Hunter again for nudging her closer to her father. Hunter took a call from the nursing home where his mother was recovering from a stroke. The nurse said his mother was agitated, and she hoped that Hunter could visit and calm her down. Alison offered to accompany Hunter, and the two of them headed for the nursing home.

Margo and Tom returned from grocery shopping with bags full of food. Casey handed Margo a note from Riley saying that he was leaving town. Margo immediately accused Casey of asking their visitor to leave, and she was furious when she learned that her son had "suggested" that Riley hit the road. Casey complained that Riley had moved in as if he owned the place, and besides, he was "creepy." Margo began to cry and said that Riley was her only contact with her dead son. She told Tom how Casey and the film crew had embarrassed Riley by making him assemble a military issue gun on film, but Casey called their guest an interloper.

Margo ordered Casey to go to the bus station and bring Riley "home," but Casey demanded to know how Margo knew that the young man was not a thief or a con artist. Margo cited her experience as a detective and her good instincts, and then she ran out to find Riley herself. Casey and Tom argued, and Casey complained that Riley had acted just like Adam, and it drove him nuts. Tom said they had a problem: they were bound to Adam by love, but neither of them could understand the kind of pain Margo was suffering. Tom was thankful that Riley could at least make his wife smile again.

Larry found Susan and Emily at the hospital and told them that he had seen Alison. Susan continued to be unforgiving towards her ex, but Emily was glad to have his help. Larry knew that they were trying to retrieve Emily's unused eggs, but unfortunately he said he had no idea where they would be if they were not at Memorial. He offered to stay and help search, but he did have an appointment with a colleague from Oakdale University soon at the Lakeview. As soon as he left, Susan brought out a large box of shipping and receiving records from the year that she was pregnant with Alison. She thought if the eggs had left the hospital, there had to be a paper trail.

Susan turned the box over to Emily, who got to work immediately. Eventually she found a receipt that sparked her interest, and she asked her mother where Larry had gone. Emily then took off in a hurry for the Lakeview, telling her mother that she would explain later.

Emily spotted Larry at the Lakeview bar and showed him what she had found. It was a receipt from the University of Chicago for Emily's donor eggs. Larry questioned why they had gone to that institution, so Emily said that she was hoping that Larry could answer that, because his signature was on the receipt. Larry said he had no memory of ever signing the receipt, but he did acknowledge that the signature was similar to his. He explained that at the time that Alison was conceived, donor egg transplants were the cutting edge of medicine. There were more women wanting eggs than there were donors, so there was a bit of black market activity, but he claimed no involvement.

Larry offered to suggest some alternate methods of conceiving a child, but a confused Emily walked away. She returned to the hospital and spoke with Susan, who told her that Larry McDermott had a mind like a steel trap and never forgot anything. Neither woman could figure out why Larry would have wanted Emily's eggs.

Hunter and Alison arrived at the nursing home and found his mother seated in a wheelchair in the garden. She did not appear agitated, and she had a nurse with her. Hunter approached, and his mother was overjoyed to see him. She implored her son to get her out of there, and she also promised to keep up her "end of the bargain." She called him "Tristan," however, and the sight of Alison set her off on a tirade. When Hunter tried to calm her, his mother again referred to him as "Tristan," and she accused him of lying to her. She insisted that Alison leave, so the nurse stepped in and suggested that both visitors depart. As they walked out, Hunter's mother screamed, "Tristan."

Alison and Hunter went back to Java and tried to figure out what was going on with his mother. Alison was curious as to who "Tristan" was, and Hunter's only suggestion was that his mother was a huge opera fan, and she used to listen all the time to "Tristan and Isolde." Alison thought that the woman had sounded as if she was talking with a lover with whom she shared a big secret, but Hunter denied that his mother had ever had a lover. Perhaps, Tristan had been his real father, Hunter thought, and Alison agreed that his mother might have been giving him a clue as to who that was. She suggested the man might still be alive.

Hunter expressed no interest in finding out if his father was living, but he did admit that he had a speck of curiosity on the subject. Alison offered to help him work on the mystery, and the two of them shared a close moment.

Margo found Riley at Yo's, and she sat next to him at the bar. He said that he hated goodbyes, so he had written her a note instead. Margo came right out and asked him if he was scamming her family, but Riley said that he and Adam had both been trying to restart their lives, but that Adam had not been successful. Margo asked Riley to go home with her again for as long as he wanted, but the young man said that Casey did not want him there. Margo said she would handle Casey, and she reflected that she was sorry that she had not made more of an effort to find Adam.

The two went back home, and that put Casey on the spot. Tom welcomed Riley, but Casey walked outside and sat on the patio. Tom took Margo aside for a little conference, so Riley grabbed two beers and walked outside to offer one to Casey. Casey said nothing, but he took off for Java. He walked inside and saw Alison and Hunter huddled at a table. He asked Alison privately to get rid of Hunter so that the two of them could be alone Alison said goodbye to Hunter and promised to help him look for his father.

Margo, Tom, and Riley set the table, and Riley's manner with Margo set off some sort of alarm in Tom's head. Riley went upstairs to pack, and Tom inquired if Margo was okay. He cautioned Margo to go easy on Casey when he returned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At WOAK, Kim talked with Henry and Vienna just before Vienna began her segment on "Oakdale Now" that featured the tango. Henry thought that Vienna's costume made her look "half-naked," but Kim found it perfectly appropriate for the dance of love. Kim warned Henry to knock off the negative comments and suggested that he go watch the show with housebound Katie. When Henry did not acknowledge the hint, Kim told him to just get out.

Henry joined Katie on her bed, and the two of them shared a bowl of popcorn. He asked if Katie was ever jealous of seeing Brad and Vienna together, but Katie assured him that she was a professional, and Vienna's prominent cleavage did not bother her in the least.

Brad arrived at the studio and was blown away by Vienna's costume. Kim brought out Celia, a choreographer, who began instructing them on the nuances of the tango. She positioned Brad and Vienna close together, chest to chest, and directed them through the moves as the cameras rolled. Henry began yelling at Katie's monitor that the class looked more like sex education than dance steps, and during the climax of the dance, Vienna suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction. It necessitated Brad's putting his hand over Vienna's exposed part and carrying her off stage.

Katie was upset, and Henry went apoplectic. Katie called the studio, but she got put on hold. Finally, the stage manager told her that what she had witnessed had not been just the live feed but what everyone within range of the WOAK signal had seen. Henry tried to be calm, but he excused himself and went into the living room and beat himself about the head with a throw pillow.

Luke and Noah reviewed Noah's film, including a scene in which Noah opened his father's box of memorabilia. Luke recommended that Noah do more with the colonel's medals, but Noah was worried that he could not afford to finish the film. He refused Luke's offer of foundation money on the grounds that he was not a charity, but he was despondent that he could not buy the software he needed or take a trip to Fort Leonard for location shooting. Luke asked how he could help, so Noah asked him to begin the process of filling out grant application papers.

Meg and Eliza went to the Lakeview to meet Damian, but Dusty walked in and wrongly assumed that Meg had experienced a change of heart and was looking for him. He invited her to talk over coffee, but Meg declined. Damian walked up and gave Meg a kiss on the cheek, as Dusty realized that Meg had been waiting for Damian, not him. From the doorway, Bonnie watched the expression on Dusty's face as he beat a hasty retreat.

Bonnie knocked on Dusty's door to have him sign the revised custody agreement on Johnny. Dusty tried to get her to leave, but Bonnie pushed her way inside. Dusty took the papers and poured himself a drink, as Bonnie accused him of feeling sorry for himself and suggested he begin acting like a grownup. Dusty asked her to go, but Bonnie said that his wife, Jennifer, had been her best friend, and she was not going to watch Dusty deconstruct. She challenged him to a game of pool, and eventually Dusty agreed.

Back at the television studio, a humiliated Vienna apologized to Kim for the exposure of her bosom on the air. Kim assured her it had been an accident, and certainly it was not Vienna's fault. She told Vienna to go home and forget the whole thing. Kim said the incident would either be the best publicity the show had ever had, or it would take them off the air.

Katie gorged on popcorn, while Henry returned to her bed fortified with martinis. Brad arrived home and entered the bedroom. He explained to Henry that the wardrobe malfunction was no one's fault, and Henry seemed remarkably calm. He took Brad out to the living room, however, and he demanded to know why Brad had touched Vienna's breast. Brad said that he had been covering her breast as a reflex to keep her from being embarrassed in front of millions of viewers.

After Henry left, Brad and Katie talked about the flesh-baring incident. Katie was sympathetic towards Henry's feelings, and Brad mentioned that Vienna had been a good sport about popping out of her dress. Brad continued to put his foot in his mouth, and he should have stopped before he described Vienna's breasts as "nice, but not special." That led Katie to assume that Brad was still thinking about them.

Luke walked through Old Town and saw Meg and Eliza with Damian having ice cream cones. He told Damian that he needed a favor in the form of a couple of thousand dollars for Noah to finish his honors project film. Damian immediately pulled out his checkbook and wrote Noah a check for twenty thousand dollars, which blew away Luke completely. Luke hugged his father and ran off to find Noah. Meg, however, told Damian that she thought that he had made a big mistake by indulging Luke's every whim. She reminded Damian that, although she loved her nephew tremendously, Luke had been expelled from school and was only working at his foundation when he felt like it. Damian realized that Luke needed more than just a handout.

Luke hurried to Java and showed Noah the check. Noah was flabbergasted, but he said that he could not accept it. He was not comfortable letting Luke's rich relatives support him. Luke said that they could return the money, but he really wanted the world to see Noah's talent. Noah admitted that doing a film about his father had brought up some "heavy stuff," so Luke suggested that Noah use only as much of Damian's money as he would need to complete his film. They could return the rest and pay back what Noah had used from the grant money. Noah thought that was a good plan.

Noah booted up his laptop but could not find the DVD of his film that the boys had been watching. Luke had not taken it, but fortunately Noah had all the footage on his hard drive. Noah thought it was odd that someone would take the disc but leave the expensive computer.

Dusty and Bonnie arrived at Yo's to find that the pool table was gone. It had been replaced by a ping-pong table and a sign announcing the First Annual Oakdale Ping Pong Tournament. Bonnie talked Dusty into switching their challenge from pool to ping pong, and they picked up the paddles. Bonnie began serving, and Dusty kept killing the ball. Bonnie decided that he needed a lesson or two from her, so she went to him to correct his grip. She ended up smacking him in the jaw with the paddle, and when she leaned in close to survey the damage, he kissed her. A spluttering Bonnie accused Dusty of putting the moves on her because he was losing, and she marched out. Dusty gave a goofy grin.

Back at the Lakeview, Henry called Kim at WOAK, and, using a falsetto voice, he identified himself as "Geneva Swift" and complained about the "obscene co-host" presently on "Oakdale Now." Kim apologized for the unintentional slip, but Henry called Vienna a "Swedish tart." Kim began to get annoyed, and she restated that the incident had been accidental, so Henry stepped it up a notch by threatening protests and picketing action against the studio by the "Illinois Citizens Against Nudity," of which Ms. Swift was a founding member. He vowed that his group would not give up until Miss Hyatt had been fired.

Just as Henry was hanging up, Kim invited her caller to go to the studio and appear on air to express her opinions. She said that opposing opinions were always welcome, and she would leave it up to the audience response as to whether she would fire Miss Hyatt. Henry was on the spot, but he heard Vienna returning to the room, so he quickly agreed to Kim's terms. Vienna entered the room and wondered whose woman's voice she had heard. Henry lied and said he had a dental appointment, and he walked out.

Vienna went to Brad and Katie's and apologized profusely for inadvertently "baring her bosom." Katie offered to introduce her to double-sided tape to keep her "girls" in place. Brad turned on the television to watch a special interview that Kim was conducting. The three of them watched Kim introduce Ms. Geneva Swift, a remarkable Tootsie look-alike. Geneva was actually Henry in drag and a red wig. "She" went off about the tawdry conditions on daytime television, most of them exemplified by Vienna Hyatt. "She" called Vienna a "Scandinavian Jezebel" and said she must go.

Vienna jumped from Katie's bed and attacked the monitor, but Brad pulled her back. Geneva further promised a boycott by fellow ICAN members, and Kim ended the show. Brad commented on how ugly Ms. Swift was, but Vienna was humiliated and wondered why the revolting Ms. Swift looked so familiar.

Kim wrapped up the segment and went looking for her guest. Ms. Swift was nowhere to be found and had disappeared mysteriously. Meanwhile, Henry returned to the Lakeview and hid his costume under the bed. He still had his makeup on when he heard Vienna yelling outside the door. Henry kept a towel over his face and complained of his dental work until he could get into the bathroom and wash his face.

Vienna took a turn in the bathroom after Henry was out, and Henry's phone rang. The caller was Kim, so Henry answered in Geneva Swift's voice. Kim said she had missed her after the show, but she wanted to extend the invitation for Ms. Swift to become a regular member of the WOAK family and to make regular appearances on the shows. Henry turned her down, but Kim vowed not to give up. Henry put the rest of this costume in the bag under the bed, but he neglected to put in Ms. Swift's shoes.

Dusty caught up with Bonnie in Old Town, and they continued discussing their kiss. Dusty appeared not impressed by it, so Bonnie defended herself by saying she was caught off guard. She planted a big kiss on Dusty just as Damian and Meg appeared around the corner. Bonnie came up for air and said she hoped Dusty like it because that was the last kiss he was going to get from her. She walked off, as Meg digested what she had seen. She turned to Damian and offered to buy him lunch.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Craig called on Carly, who was drinking lots of seltzer water. He was encouraged to see her looking well and apparently sober. They both agreed that there was no reason for Jack to know about the hit-and-run incident involving the two of them, and Carly flirted with Craig and then kissed him. Sage came through the room on her way to go riding with her father, but she looked disgusted at what her mother was doing. Carly missed Sage's exit, and then she worried that her daughter had been freaked out when she saw her mother and Craig locking lips. Carly told Craig that she needed to face things head-on.

Katie watched the tape of "Geneva Swift" over and over, but Brad shut it off. Katie called the woman a "train wreck," but thought she was grotesquely fascinating. Brad and Katie kissed, but Brad resisted her attempts at seduction for fear of hurting the baby, and because he had to be at work soon.

In the Lakeview lobby, a stranger approached Vienna and expressed great admiration for her performance on "Oakdale Now." He became quite obnoxious until Henry arrived and told the pest to beat it. Henry ranted a while until Vienna asked him to listen to himself; he sounded like Geneva Swift. That comment stopped Henry cold, and Vienna left for WOAK. Henry, using Geneva's voice, immediately called Kim and agreed to participate in "Oakdale Now." He promised to be there in "two shakes of a lamb's tail."

Jack and Janet smooched, as Sage arrived at the farm. She had a long face, so Jack questioned her about things at home. Sage said things were weird with Craig there so much of the time. Jack asked a few more questions until finally Sage admitted that she had seen Craig and Carly making out. Jack took a call from Carly inviting him and Janet to dinner, and before Jack accepted, he asked Carly what bomb she was planning on dropping. Carly assured him that there was no bomb, only a barbecue.

Craig asked Carly if the dinner plan was a good one. He said that he would understand perfectly if Carly was not yet ready to go public with their relationship. Carly assured him that she wanted everyone in the family to know how much of a help Craig had been to her. Parker returned home, and in response to his mother's query about his driving safely, he remarked that at least he had not run anyone down. Carly told him to get cleaned up for dinner because they had guests arriving.

Henry poured himself into a foundation garment and then took a call from Katie. She was lonesome and asked him to keep her company and watch the show with her. Henry said he was actually at Metro doing some "cosmetic remodeling," as he put on his Geneva Swift face and wig. He hung up in a hurry and slipped on his sensible heels.

At WOAK, Kim spoke to Vienna and Brad and told them that Geneva Swift was their guest for the show that day. Vienna called Geneva a "crazy old bat," and Brad said she was a "crackpot." Kim disagreed and asserted that Geneva had strong opinions and was entitled to express them on the air. Kim liked that the odd woman brought in more viewers, and she applauded the gal's spontaneity. Geneva arrived, and immediately Vienna got in her face and challenged her. Kim calmed Vienna and instructed Geneva to just state her case when they went on the air.

The segment began, and Kim introduced Geneva Swift. Geneva stated her points and finished by protesting that Miss Hyatt's "mammary" had bounced up and down on screen. Kim explained again that the wardrobe malfunction had been an accident, and Brad added that it could have happened to anyone who was doing a lively tango. Geneva disagreed, so Brad offered to show her. Brad and Geneva began to tango, while at home, Katie howled with laughter.

Katie was hoping that Henry was not missing the hilarious episode, so she called him on his cell. On the air, Geneva Swift's cell phone began to ring in her purse, and Katie began to clue in. She paused the show on a close up of Geneva's face, and cried, "Oh, my God! That's Henry!"

Geneva claimed that she had proved that a woman could tango without exposing herself, so Miss Hyatt was obviously the problem. Brad defended Vienna, who called Geneva a "sad, jealous, lonely old woman," and Vienna offered to help Geneva loosen up by giving her a massage and showing her where her "sensual triggers" lay. Geneva refused instantly and got up and stormed out. Kim went to a commercial.

Jack and Janet returned Sage home, and Carly thanked her guests for accepting her invitation. Craig offered seltzer water, iced tea, or cherry soda for libations. He was making the point that Carly's house was alcohol free. Carly and Parker went to fetch the appetizers, and Craig assured Jack and Janet that Carly was doing fine.

In the kitchen, Carly added some bitters to her seltzer water. When Parker questioned her, she said bitters was just a flavoring that perked up her water a bit. Parker took out the bottle and read the label. In the living room, Carly made a speech about how much better her life was, and she thanked them all for helping, especially Craig. She toasted to family and good friends.

Parker called his mother into the kitchen and accused her of being drunk again. He was holding the bitters bottle in his hand and explained that it contained 40 percent alcohol, a fact that seemed to surprise Carly. She said she had made a mistake, but Parker accused her of lying to herself. Craig walked in, and Carly attempted to gloss over what had just happened. Parker said that his mother had been adding alcohol to her seltzer water, but Carly still claimed that she had no idea it contained liquor. She said she would just start over, but Parker spewed out some nasty comments just as Jack walked in.

When Jack questioned Parker about what was going on, Parker hesitated but then told a lie, and Craig backed him up. After dinner, Janet and Jack left, and Sage went upstairs. Carly thanked Craig and her son for not ratting her out to Jack, but Craig stated that Jack was not the problem at that moment.

At the studio, Kim declared to her crew that she wanted to make Geneva a regular on the show. Brad and Vienna were shocked, but Kim said that the phones had not stopped ringing in support of the woman. Vienna asked if she needed to begin dressing like a nun, but Kim said that she could be as provocative as she liked. Kim even suggested that Vienna take pole dancing lessons, but Vienna assured her boss that she only needed a refresher course. She said Henry would be delighted, and she could practice with him.

Henry went back to the Lakeview and divested himself of the Geneva Swift persona. He stuffed his outfit into a bag and shoved it under the bed again, as he took a call from Katie asking him to see her right away. He hurried to her side, concerned about her and the baby, but all Katie wanted to discuss was "Oakdale Now." Henry said that he had not seen the recent episode, and Katie said she was worried about how viciously Geneva Swift had attacked Vienna. Then Katie asked Henry to lean closer, and she picked off a large piece of latex from his cheek and called him "Geneva."

Katie admitted that she had been the one who had called Henry's cell phone during the show, and she accused him of being jealous of all the attention on Vienna. Henry complained that people stared at Vienna all the time, and he vowed that Vienna would never find out who Geneva Swift really was. Brad barged in, full of talk about "the old battle axe." He announced that Kim wanted to make the crazy woman a regular part of their show, which Brad thought was delusional.

At the Snyder farm, Janet and Jack enjoyed a couple of beers, and Janet asked her husband why he was so quiet. Jack said that he had walked in on something at Carly's that involved Craig and Parker, and he thought he had gotten a lame explanation. Janet warned him not to look for trouble and to let it go.

At home, Carly dumped the bitters into the sink and claimed that she could lick the demon booze on her own. Parker couldn't take any more and walked out, while Craig took a miserable Carly in his arms.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Margo and Riley were finishing eating breakfast when Casey came downstairs. Casey heard Riley telling Margo about the watch Riley had worn in combat, and he saw Riley put the watch on the table. Margo saw Casey and offered him a breakfast of leftovers, but Casey declined, saying he had to get to work.

Margo asked Casey if he had fixed the light in the hallway yet. Casey said he hadn't, but that he would get to it soon. Margo complained that it had been more than a week since she'd asked him to take care of it. Casey promised to do it later, but Riley offered to do it instead. As Casey left the house, he picked up Riley's watch and walked out with it.

Casey went to the hospital and asked Alison to hide the watch. Alison quickly figured out that it was Riley's, and she asked Casey why he had taken it. Casey said he couldn't really explain, and Alison said that she couldn't hide it. Casey said he would throw the watch away if Alison wouldn't hide it, so she reluctantly agreed to put it in her locker.

At Margo's, Riley realized his watch was missing and that the only other person who'd been there after he had put it down was Casey. Margo said that she would go to the hospital to find out if Casey had accidentally picked it up.

When Margo found Casey, he was with Alison. When Margo asked about the watch, Casey asked if Riley had accused him of stealing it. Margo said that Riley hadn't said that, but Casey acted as though Margo thought he had stolen it. Casey said that Margo had to choose whom to believe, him or Riley. Margo got tears in her eyes and said she would always choose her own son.

Margo told Casey that she would go home and tell Riley that she hadn't found his watch. After Margo left, Alison told Casey that what he'd done had been very cruel to his mom. Casey tried to make Alison understand that he'd had to do something to get through to Margo about Riley. Alison wondered what Casey had hoped to accomplish by making Margo feel that Casey thought Margo didn't love him.

Casey said what he had done was better than letting Riley hurt Margo. Alison asked how Riley had hurt Margo, and then wondered if Casey felt that way because Riley had made Margo feel better when Casey couldn't. Casey said that was low, but Alison said that what Casey had done was low, and in addition, he had used her to do it. She walked out of the room, angry.

Casey followed Alison to Old Town and begged her to listen to him. Casey explained that he thought Riley was trying to con Margo into thinking she was getting her son back, but Riley wasn't Adam and would never be Adam. Casey thought it was better for his mom to deal with it and be a little hurt than to get too attached to Riley. Alison said she disagreed but understood what Casey was saying.

Alison asked when Casey was going to return Riley's watch. Casey said he would do it later and would say that he had found it in the couch, but he asked Alison to keep it in her locker one more day for him. Alison agreed on the condition that Casey would at least try to get along with Riley. Casey agreed, in a twisted kind of way, and Alison said that would have to be good enough.

A witness went to the police station to give a statement about the hit-and-run. Margo wasn't there, so Jack asked if he could take the statement instead. Jack had not heard anything about the hit-and-run incident yet, and an officer explained that it had occurred right in front of the police station.

The witness agreed to give his statement to Jack. He described the car he had seen when Craig had been hit. When Jack asked if he had gotten a look at the driver, the man said no, but perhaps the teenage boy who had been there had gotten a better look. Jack asked him to describe the boy, which the man did. Jack realized the man might be describing Carly's car and Parker.

After the witness left, Craig arrived at the police station to sign his statement about the incident. Craig didn't want to discuss his report with Jack, but Jack said he knew all about the incident, because a witness had come forward to give a statement. Craig asked if the witness could identify the driver, but Jack said no, although the witness had given a description of a car that matched the type of car that Carly drove. Craig pointed out that thousands of people drove a car of that color, make, and model, but Jack thought it was more than a coincidence.

Craig told Jack that unless he had something else to go on, the case was basically closed, because it ultimately was his own fault that the car had almost hit him, since he hadn't been looking when he crossed the parking lot. Since he didn't intend to press charges against anyone, he asked Jack if he could sign the statement and leave. Jack reluctantly handed Craig the paperwork, which Craig proceeded to sign.

Margo went to the station, where Jack told her his suspicions that Carly might have been the driver who had almost hit Craig. Margo thought Jack was reaching, since the witness couldn't describe the driver, but she agreed that Craig's whole story had seemed dubious to begin with. She ultimately agreed that Jack could question Carly.

Margo went home and told Riley that his watch must have disappeared, because Casey had told her that he didn't know anything about it. Margo took out her checkbook and offered to reimburse Riley for the cost of the watch, but he assured her that wasn't necessary in light of everything she had done for him while he had been in Oakdale.

Margo then told Riley that while talking to Casey at the hospital, she had realized that for whatever reason, having Riley in their home was hurting Casey deeply. She said that she had thought that Casey would get over his resentment for Riley, but instead, it was apparently getting worse. Riley offered to talk to Casey, but Margo told him that she thought the best thing would be if Riley left.

Riley asked whether Casey had asked Margo to get him to leave, but Margo said that Casey didn't know what she was doing. Margo told Riley that she couldn't turn her back on her son. Riley said he expected nothing less from her, and he got up to go pack his things.

Margo told Riley that she wanted to help him find another place to stay, and she said that just because he was leaving didn't mean they couldn't meet for a burger sometime or that Riley couldn't stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee. Riley asked if Margo was referring to "that mud" that she served, and Margo pointed at him and said playfully, "Oh, you've got a mouth on you, kid!"

Margo stopped suddenly and her eyes filled with tears; she said she used to say that to Adam. Still crying, she told Riley that he was her last connection to Adam, and she didn't want to lose that. Riley said he didn't want to lose it, either. He then said that maybe his moving out would be the best thing that could happen.

Liberty went to Al's, where Parker was busing tables. Parker invited Liberty to hang out with him if he could get the rest of the day off. Liberty declined, saying she was meeting her friend, Mac. Liberty went outside to wait. She got a phone call from Mac, who said she had to bail on Liberty in order to meet with an ex-boyfriend. After Liberty hung up, a guy she knew from school, Gabe, walked up and invited her to go to the movies. Liberty said no, but she did accept Gabe's offer to go have a drink at Java.

Faith entered the diner and could see that Parker was upset about something. Parker watched Liberty leave with Gabe. Parker told Faith that he didn't like Liberty lying to him, and he left the diner to follow Liberty.

Parker found Liberty and Gabe at Java and accused Liberty of lying to him, virtually calling her a slut. Liberty stopped Gabe from responding and instead took Parker aside and told him she resented how much he seemed to enjoy calling her a slut. Parker apologized and said that sometimes he said things he didn't mean without thinking. He told her that they needed to talk, but Liberty said their days of talking were over. Liberty said that one day, she might actually be with another guy, and Parker would have to get used to that.

Parker went back to the diner to work. Jack showed up to talk to him about the hit-and-run incident. Jack saw Faith and said hello, and Faith excused herself so Jack and Parker could talk. Jack told Parker that he knew that Parker had been there and had seen the whole thing. Parker tried to deny it, but Jack told him there was a witness who had seen Parker on his bike at the scene.

Parker admitted that he'd been there, but when Jack asked if it had been Carly who was driving, Parker said his mom hadn't been anywhere near the station that day. Jack told Parker that he knew that Parker was trying to help Carly, but if Parker didn't tell the truth, Jack would take Carly down to the station and put her in a lineup for the witness to identify.

Parker admitted that Carly had been driving the car, but when Jack asked, Parker said that Carly hadn't been drinking. Jack kept pushing the issue. Parker told Jack that Carly had stopped drinking, so there was no problem. Parker worriedly asked his dad what he intended to do if Carly had been drunk at the time. Jack said he wasn't sure, and he left the diner.

Liberty arrived at the diner, and Faith once again excused herself so that Parker could talk. Parker apologized again, but Liberty said that the problem was that Parker was always going to jump to conclusions about Liberty whenever he saw her with someone else. Liberty said that wasn't a friendship issue, it was an ownership issue.

Liberty said that a friendship between herself and Parker did not appear to be a possibility. She told Parker not to call her or text her anymore, and she asked him to not even say hello to her whenever he saw her. She told him they were finished, and she left.

At home, Carly tried to work. She was having trouble producing any good sketches, so she grabbed her car keys and left the house. When she returned, she had a new bottle of vodka with her, from which she quickly took two swigs. Craig arrived and rang the doorbell. Carly hastily hid the liquor bottle in the cabinet under the sink.

When Carly answered the door, Craig told her that Jack was curious about the hit-and-run because of a witness who had come forward. Craig told Carly that he thought she should go ahead and tell Jack the truth about what had happened, because once Jack got an idea that something wasn't right, he would keep digging until he found the truth by pressuring someone, and that someone would be Carly.

Carly said that she could handle Jack. Craig agreed that when Carly was on her game, she could handle Jack, but given that Carly was trying to beat an addiction, he didn't think she needed the additional stress that lying to Jack would cause her. Carly insisted that she was strong enough to handle Jack and strong enough to quit drinking. The doorbell rang, and when he saw that it was Jack, Craig said it appeared that they were about to find out if Carly was right.

When Jack came in, Craig remarked that it was apparently a slow day for real crime in Oakdale. Jack explained that he was there to ask Carly about the hit-and-run. Carly told Jack that Craig had been encouraging her to tell the truth about what had happened. Jack asked what truth that was, and Carly said that she had almost hit Craig with her car.

Jack asked whether Carly had been drinking at the time of the incident, and she admitted that she had. Carly said the enormity of what had almost happened had been enough to convince her to stop drinking for good. Jack asked if Carly was going to AA meetings, but Carly said they didn't work for her. Jack told her she had to do something, because people didn't stop drinking on their own without any help. Carly said she had done so, and Jack replied by saying that Carly should be willing to take a Breathalyzer test if that was true.

Carly smugly asked Jack if he intended to haul her down to the station, but Jack informed her that wouldn't be necessary, because he had the equipment in his car. Craig said, "You don't want to do this, Jack," but Jack said he had to do it. Craig pointed out that Carly had told Jack the truth even though she could have lied about it, but Jack said that Carly had been caught. Craig said that they both knew that wasn't the case and that Carly could have denied having been the driver who almost hit him.

Jack insisted that if Carly really had stopped drinking, she shouldn't have a problem taking the Breathalyzer test. Craig disagreed, saying that Carly had every right to refuse, because of where it could lead. He asked how long it would be before Jack started demanding that Carly go to the station on a daily basis to be tested. Jack angrily replied that since Carly was the mother of his children and was driving them around, he had the right to check on her if she had a substance abuse problem.

Carly told Jack that it was past tense; she had had a problem, but she no longer did. Jack asked if he was supposed to just take her word for that. Carly said that if Jack didn't start trusting her sometime and didn't ever believe that she might actually have learned from her mistakes, then it didn't matter what a Breathalyzer test said. Craig told Jack that he had personally watched Carly throw out all of the liquor in the house, and he invited Jack to search the house for himself.

Jack told Carly that he would take her word for it, but if she wanted him to believe in her again, she'd "better damn well go the distance." Carly breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Jack. Jack said that he would close the book on the hit-and-run case, since no one had been seriously injured, but he hoped he wouldn't be sorry he'd done that. Carly said, "You won't be," and Jack left.

Jack went to the police station and found Parker waiting there for him. Parker told Jack that he'd been too worried about what Jack might do to Carly to work the rest of his shift. Jack told Parker that Carly was okay and wasn't going to be arrested. Parker was relieved to hear it. Jack said that Parker had done the right thing by telling him the truth, and so had Carly. Parker was surprised to hear that Carly had told Jack the truth.

Parker said that what had happened with Craig had really scared Carly, and Parker knew that she was really going to stop drinking this time. Jack said he hoped so, but he asked Parker to be sure to let him know if anything else happened, because it was more than just Carly's life at stake.

Craig told Carly that he was proud of her for how she'd handled herself with Jack. He said he knew that she could do anything she set her mind to do, and she'd just proven it. Carly said she wished she had half the confidence in herself that Craig apparently had in her, and Craig said she would, eventually.

Craig offered to take Carly to the Lakeview for lunch and a pep talk, but Carly said she'd been working on some sketches and wanted to get back to it. Craig kissed her on the cheek and left. Carly rushed to the kitchen, grabbed the bottle of vodka, and began pouring it down the sink. However, she stopped halfway through, looked at the bottle, and then took two good swallows.

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