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Jesse vowed vengeance against Uri. Opal and Colby's plan to ruin Pete and Celia's date failed. JR realized that David had sabotaged the presentation. Dixie became concerned about Dr. Anders' uncharacteristic behavior.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

At Jane's Addiction, Jane presented Jesse with a green hangover remedy, but Jesse complained that he'd prefer "the hair of the dog." Zach said that was the last thing Jesse needed, and Jesse grimaced as he chugged the healthy concoction. Zach sympathized that Jesse had lost his job, but he insisted that Angie and Cassandra needed Jesse. Jesse vowed to track Uri down and to make him pay.

Jesse thanked Zach for the sludge and for giving him a couch to crash on, and Zach told him to take care of himself. Jesse left, and he greeted Lea on his way out. Lea asked Zach if everything was okay with Jesse, and he asked if she felt bad about destroying Jesse's life. She understood that she and Zach didn't see eye to eye about Jesse, but Zach clarified that he and Lea couldn't seem to agree on anything.

Jesse bumped into a man outside the coffeehouse, and he recognized the man as Hank, a criminal. Hank taunted Jesse about losing his job, and Jesse warned that Hank was still on the police's radar. Hank jeered that he could commit any crime he wanted, and Jesse grabbed him by the throat and confirmed that Hank was right about Jesse no longer having a badge, so Jesse didn't have to play by anybody's rules. Jesse used his finger to mimic pointing a gun at Hank's head.

Jesse showed up at the hospital, and Angie said she had expected him to look worse. He apologized for seeing red when he'd spotted her dancing with David at the gala, but Angie wanted to put it behind them and focus on Cassandra. Angie said that they would have to tell Cassandra that Jesse was no longer police chief, and Jesse suggested that they get Cassandra settled in at home first. Cassandra entered and was surprised that Jesse had been able to leave work. Jesse led Cassandra out to complete the paperwork so that she could go home, and Cassandra said that there was no place she'd rather be.

The Hubbards arrived home, and Cassandra marveled that she hadn't thought that she would see the place again. Angie assured Cassandra that she was safe at home with them, and Jesse pledged to keep it that way. Cassandra wanted to lie down, and Angie offered to go with her, but Cassandra opted to spend some time alone. Cassandra went to the bedroom, and Angie said that even at home, she didn't want Cassandra to be out of her sight. Angie wondered when Jesse planned to tell Cassandra about his job, and Jesse swore he that would once Cassandra had a chance to rest. He realized that he should have had the locks changed, and he ran out to get new locks at the hardware store.

Jesse changed the locks, and he refused to take any chances, since Uri was still out there. Angie wondered if Jesse expected Uri to go after Cassandra again, but Jesse barked that he had something for Uri if Uri returned. Angie said that Jesse couldn't guard them around the clock, and Jesse remarked that losing his job had been a blessing in disguise. Cassandra overheard, and Jesse explained that Uri had blackmailed him into framing Zach. Cassandra blamed herself for Jesse's predicament, but he told her that he'd done it out of love for her and that he would do it again.

Jesse continued that nothing was more important to him than his family, but Cassandra countered that he'd loved being chief of police. Jesse proclaimed that he loved Cassandra even more, and she asked what he planned to do. He wasn't sure, but he joked that he was a pretty good locksmith, and he hugged Cassandra. Angie joined them, and she said that the most important thing was that they were together. They held one another close in a family hug, but a murderous look crossed Jesse's face.

At the Chandler mansion, AJ lamented to Miranda about his argument with JR. Miranda wondered if JR would try to get clean, and AJ snapped that he didn't care. Heather popped in and noted that the conversation looked intense, but AJ insisted that everything was fine. Heather said that she had coupons to a water park, and she hoped AJ and Miranda could go with her. Miranda stated that she wasn't in the mood, and AJ asked Heather to grab some water bottles from the kitchen and to meet him outside.

After Heather left, AJ asked why Miranda didn't want to go, and Miranda claimed that she had to meet Zach to return some things that she hadn't worn to the gala. AJ didn't think that Zach would mind rescheduling, but Miranda maintained that she'd made a promise. AJ inquired whether anything was wrong, and he offered to skip the water park and stay there to talk instead, but she told him to go. She explained that she should spend time with a lonely Zach, and AJ dejectedly said that he'd see her later.

Zach and Miranda walked through the town square, and he expressed his gratitude that she had looked at apartments with him. Zach mused that Pine Valley had been a special place when Kendall and the boys had been there, and Miranda wished that the Slaters were still together. Zach agreed, and Miranda teased him for sticking around for his bodyguard. He insisted that Miranda was the only female he was sticking around for, especially since Bianca was away. Miranda wondered if Bianca's absence was really only temporary, and Zach suggested that Miranda spend more time with him while Bianca was gone.

Heather and AJ approached hand in hand, and Miranda asked about the water park. AJ said that it had been awesome, but he saw their bus approaching, and he and Heather ran to catch it. Zach surmised that Miranda hadn't talked to AJ about her feelings, and Miranda revealed that she had intended to, but then she'd seen AJ and Heather kissing. Zach said that he was sorry, and Miranda griped that she felt weird living in the Chandler mansion, because AJ and Heather's relationship was in her face all the time.

Miranda mentioned the loft that she and Zach had looked at, and she asked if she could crash there sometimes if Zach decided to take it. Zach wondered if she cooked, and she replied that she made delicious cupcakes. He inquired whether she enjoyed hockey, and she confirmed that she was a huge Redwings fan. He proclaimed that she was in, and they shook on it.

Miranda was horrified when she walked in on Heather and AJ making out on the couch. Heather worried about missing her curfew, and she planted one more passionate kiss on AJ before she left. Miranda called the situation awkward, and she assumed that AJ had had a good time. He asked about Miranda's visit with Zach, and Miranda disclosed that they'd looked at lofts and that she might move in with Zach. A disappointed AJ wondered if AJ and Miranda would still hang out, and she half-heartedly replied that they would.

Pete packed a bag and checked off a list, and Opal arrived with a plate of sweets. He called her a lifesaver, and he was sure that Celia would love them. Opal observed that he was taking the date seriously, and Pete said that Opal knew how he felt about Celia. Opal asked if he had planned a special night, and Pete revealed that Celia had told him that she'd never been on a sunset cruise, so he'd booked a sailboat for two.

Opal asked if Pete was planning to take Celia to Jane's that evening, and Pete mentioned that he had set up a big surprise. Opal stayed behind to wrap up some extra cookies, and Pete left. Opal called Colby and reported that the eagle had landed, and Colby declared that Pete's perfect date would stink by the time she and Opal were finished.

Dixie called out for JR, but she found Colby, who was dressed completely in black. Dixie commented about Colby's goth look, and Colby claimed that cocktails were half off at a club's black-and-white night. Dixie inquired whether JR had seemed different since the party. "Like he grew some balls?" Colby questioned. Dixie said that JR had overreacted inappropriately, and Colby ordered her to stop playing therapist, because Brooke had deserved JR's wrath.

Colby mentioned that she'd seen Dixie talking to Celia, and Dixie simply stated that Celia worked at the Miranda Center. Colby pushed for details about the intense conversation she'd witnessed, and she claimed that she and Celia had gotten to know each other well while planning the gala. Colby added that Celia was sweet but clueless, and Dixie fibbed that she had to meet Opal for dinner to avoid discussing Celia any further.

Colby and Opal met in at Pete's apartment, and Colby commented that Opal looked like Catwoman. Opal eyed Colby's sexy outfit and huffed that she thought that they were working under the radar, but Colby contended that she could still look hot while getting the job done. Colby proposed that they damage the boat's engine, but Opal asserted that she wanted to kill the date, not her son. Colby questioned whether Opal would sabotage Colby if Colby and Pete became serious, but Opal said that Pete had grown up a lot since he'd been into Colby. Colby was confident that Pete would turn to her once Celia was out of the picture.

At Bramwell, Evelyn handed Celia a bag that had been delivered. Celia read a card from Pete, and she realized that he'd bought her an outfit for their date. Evelyn thought it was odd that Pete wanted to dress Celia, but Celia called the gesture sweet, and she added that he'd saved her from having to pick something out. Celia wished she knew who had placed the bid on her behalf, but Evelyn pressed Celia to open the package, since Pete would be there any minute. Celia smiled as she looked at the contents.

Celia twirled around in her sailing outfit, and Pete showed up in a matching striped shirt. She couldn't believe that he'd remembered that she'd never been sailing, and he replied that he remembered everything she'd told him. Evelyn reminded Pete that Celia had a curfew, and Pete swore to have Celia home on time. Evelyn told them to have fun, and she stepped out. Pete crossed over to the window and left it open, just in case they missed curfew.

At the coffeehouse, Jane told Pete that everything was set, and she told him to have a wonderful time as she left. Celia appeared in a stunning white dress, and she gushed that Pete's friend in New York had the best taste in clothes. Pete added that he himself had the best taste in ladies, and he darkened the room and flipped on miniature twinkling lights to simulate a star-filled sky. She called it amazing, and he presented her with a candlelit table, romantic music, and a covered plate. "Bella notte," he gallantly stated.

Celia realized that Pete had set the scene from what she considered to be the most romantic movie, and he said that he remembered everything she had ever talked about, especially her favorite things. He uncovered the plate to reveal spaghetti and meatballs, and he fed her a bite of pasta. They smiled and gazed adoringly at one another.

Celia and Pete danced, and she thanked him for the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. He quipped that he was glad that her favorite movie wasn't Titanic, and Colby and Opal sneaked up to the window. Opal glared disapprovingly at Pete and Celia dancing closely together, and Colby pulled out a box with holes and suggested that they proceed with their plan. Opal and Colby quietly set the box inside Jane's door and then quickly retreated outside.

Pete kissed Celia's hand and held her close, and she asked if he was tickling her foot. He replied that he wasn't, and she looked down and screamed. Celia bemoaned that a skunk had sprayed her, and Pete tried to assure her that it wasn't that bad, but he couldn't mask his disgust at the odor. Meanwhile, Colby cackled to Opal that their plan had worked better than she'd thought, but they heard someone approaching, and they ran off.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At the Chandler mansion, Colby figured that Pete had run away from the stinking Celia. Opal said it was a shame about the things a mother had to do to protect her son, and she wouldn't have been in cahoots with Colby if chills hadn't overcome her at the sight of Celia. Opal thought it would take a lot more to turn Pete away from Celia, and he had to learn for himself that Celia wasn't good for him.

At Pete's house, Celia and Pete entered, and Celia wished he'd hosed her off outside. Pete said the date wasn't over until there was a happy ending. She hoped it would be a stink-free happy ending, and he suggested that she take a can of tomato juice and hop in the shower.

Later, the freshly showered Celia was curled on the sofa in panties and a frilly tank top. Pete wore a tee shirt and sweat pants. He guessed he should take her to the dorm, but she asked if he really wanted that. The two began kissing, but Opal's insistent knock interrupted them.

Pete opened the door for Opal, who was anxious to know how the date had gone. Opal saw Celia on the sofa, and an image of an eerie child flashed through Opal's mind. Opal shook off the vision and asked what she smelled. Pete and Celia made bad jokes about the skunk that had found its way into the café earlier that night. Opal instructed them not to do anything she wouldn't do, but as soon as she left, they resumed their passionate kissing.

The two danced together in Pete's living room, and Pete said he should get Celia home. She asked for five more minutes, but he remarked that she'd asked for that five minutes earlier. Celia stated that the night was "just so perfect." He uttered that she was perfect, and they kissed.

Outside his house, JR encountered Cara, but she was still angry about his prescription theft and threat to expose her son if she didn't keep quiet. JR claimed to know what David would do upon learning about Oliver, and JR didn't want her to feel what he was feeling about his own son. He promised not to tell David about Oliver. JR didn't want to lose what he and Cara had. Cara bit out that she had to think about it, and she stormed off.

JR went inside, where Colby asked if he'd discovered who'd sabotaged him. JR laughed because he was pretty good at doing that to himself. "Are you high?" Colby asked. He said that things were looking up, and he was being optimistic. Colby saw nothing optimistic about their situation, and she wanted to find a way to get herself and JR back on top.

JR stated that he had to prove that Brooke had sabotaged him, but Colby felt that it wasn't Brooke's style. He replied that Brooke had prepared a backup reel. Even so, Colby felt that Brooke wouldn't do the obvious or get her own hands dirty. JR thought of who else in town would hate him that much, and immediately, David sprang to JR's mind.

Outside the café, Lea barked that she, the evil and subhuman one, didn't need Zach to walk her home. Zach said he didn't like what she'd done to his friend, but he couldn't change it any more than they could change what had developed between them. Lea started to walk off, but she turned and asked what he wanted from her. Zach swiftly swept her into a kiss.

"That's what I want," Zach replied after he'd caught his breath. He was sure she'd say that it was too soon or that she wasn't ready; however, it was still what he wanted, and he believed she wanted it, too. He decided that he'd walk her home, and if she didn't want that, then he'd follow her in his car until she got there safely. She nodded, and he took her arm and led her off.

At his hotel later, Zach tossed and turned in bed as he thought of kissing Lea. He got up and saw a picture of Myrtle on the table. He flashed back to Myrtle telling him that he was in charge of his own life, and he and Kendall should have happiness. He looked down at his ring and heard a knock at the door. "You got a minute?" Lea asked when he opened the door.

The next morning, Lea and Zach sat on the bench in town, and Lea apologized for not talking to him the night before. She'd decided that she couldn't say what she'd needed to say while in his hotel room. Lea explained that she hadn't slept the night before because of what he'd said and done. He assumed she meant the kiss and responded that he hadn't been able to help himself.

To Zach's surprise, Lea said that she was glad he hadn't. She felt that he was driving her crazy, and she didn't know how to act around him. She revealed that after he'd walked her home, she'd wanted him to kiss her more and not say goodnight.

At the hospital the next morning, Joe asked Dixie if she'd seen Anders, who hadn't showed up for work or responded to phone calls. Dixie found that to be odd behavior from a man like Anders.

As Joe left, Cara arrived, and Dixie asked about JR's progress. Cara said it was good, and Dixie could talk more about it with Anders, who JR would be seeing later that day. Dixie inquired about JR's emotional recovery, but Cara said that was Dixie's department.

Dixie claimed she couldn't be objective, but Cara replied that she had no authority to discuss it. Dixie asked about JR's behavior, but Cara claimed not to know what Dixie meant. Dixie asked if he'd had any outbursts with Cara like he'd had at the party.

Cara claimed that JR hadn't, and Dixie's voice quavered as she said she hated seeing JR like that. Dixie assumed JR had told Cara what Adam had done, and though JR had been wrong to do that to Brooke, Dixie doubted that berating him would help. Cara admitted she'd been shocked by JR's reaction, and she'd thought he'd been doing well.

Dixie became confused because Cara had just said that JR had been doing well. Cara asked Dixie to consider that he'd been in a coma, and they should expect him to be erratic and hard to read at times. Upset, Dixie asked if they should tip-toe around him in case he exploded again. Cara said she hadn't wanted to give an opinion because she hadn't wanted to say it wrong and upset Dixie.

Dixie apologized and expressed that JR was a good man. She felt that he'd fought his way back from many things, and he could fight through the new issues. Cara saw that Dixie really believed in her son, and in a heartfelt voice, Dixie affirmed that she did.

Later, Dixie went to a restaurant to order lunch and found Anders with a five o'clock shadow and a stiff drink. As he stared intently in thought, she told him that Joe had been trying to reach him. Dixie asked if Anders was okay, but he said he wasn't, not really. She offered to talk to him, but he snapped that they were colleagues, not friends. Dixie apologized for bothering him. She offered to talk if he changed his mind. As she turned to leave, he asked if she knew what that day was.

As Dixie looked at Anders, he muttered that no one knew, and it was hard to find anyone who even remembered or cared. She asked him to tell her, and he said that time was supposed to heal all wounds. He murmured that it was supposed to get better as the months and the years went by -- at least that was what "you people" liked to tell people. "You're all liars," he declared and walked out.

The bartender handed Dixie a bag, and she asked how many drinks the man who'd been at the bar had taken. The bartender said that the man had only ordered the one, which was still full. The bartender stated that the man had stared at it for hours without touching it.

Outside on a bench with his phone, Anders stared at a picture of a young woman, and he fought back tears.

At the café, David had coffee at an outside table. JR marched up and accused David of sabotaging him. David called JR paranoid, but JR insisted that David had set him up. David stated that JR had frightened off the money boys, and David had merely given them a safe place to park their millions.

JR asserted that Chandler was a major player and a safe bet, but David said that when people thought of Chandler, they thought of JR -- an alcoholic who was just as dangerous sober. David called JR a screwup who'd destroyed his family business and shot up a party. David concluded that people had liked JR better in a coma. "You're such an ass," JR responded.

David grabbed JR's collar and seethed that JR hadn't served time for killing David's daughter, but as David had promised, JR would pay for it. David asserted that he'd grind JR into the ground and enjoy each moment of it. JR ordered David to "bring it," but laughing, David replied that JR was too full of himself to see that he'd already lost.

Back at the hospital, Carmen and Cara discreetly murmured to each other in Spanish at the nurses' station. Carmen explained that Oliver was ready to go home, and his bill had been paid. Cara asked who'd paid it, and Carmen replied that it had been JR.

David did wheelies as he rolled Oliver into the lobby. Oliver exclaimed that David had given him a book. "He shouldn't have," Carmen quietly quipped. David said it was about being a doctor, and Carmen replied that David was very kind. David guessed he'd made a friend. He asked how they'd get home, and she said the Chandlers had provided a car.

Cara tensely looked on from the nurses' station as David asked Carmen to call if she and Oliver needed anything. David ordered Oliver to stay away from peanuts, and Oliver asked if David would visit. David replied that he'd love to, and Carmen thanked him for saving Oliver's life.

David bade them farewell, and as Cara walked by, he said he'd miss that kid. Cara asked what he was talking about, and David said he was talking about the grandson of the Chandler cook. David didn't know why, but he felt connected to the child. He asked if she ever thought of what their child would have been like. Cara asked why he was "doing this."

Shaking his head, David stated that spending time with Oliver had made David realize what Cara had taken from him. Though he'd promised to try to get past what she'd done, he didn't know if he could ever truly forgive her for it. Cara stared at him as he walked away.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Friday, August 30, 2013

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