The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 26, 2013 on Y&R

Melanie dropped the rape charges against Adam. Dylan and Chelsea learned that Connor might have a degenerative eye disease. Jill began to piece together clues about Katherine's letter. Adam sought to take down Victor with the secret investor -- Jack. Carmine was arrested.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 26, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, August 26, 2013

At Victoria and Billy's house, Delia sported a tool belt and stood by to help her father build a bookcase from scratch. Victoria feared that Billy might end up cutting off a finger because he was a bit of a klutz with power tools. Billy kissed Victoria's forehead and said, "I've got this!" Victoria winced and hoped for the best. Billy's initial step in the carpentry process was to measure a length of plywood. He mishandled the retractable measuring tape and snapped his finger.

Nick phoned and told his sister that he and Avery had moved up their wedding date. After the call ended, Victoria shared the news with Billy, who was distracted as he inspected a piece of sandpaper. Billy promised he wouldn't awaken Johnny by using power tools while Victoria was away. After Victoria left, Billy studied the photo of a bookshelf similar to one Victoria had had in her bedroom at the former ranch house. Billy teased Delia and asked her if she knew how to change the pile of wood in his living room into a bookshelf. Delia laughed when her father tickled her.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was surprised when she ran into Chelsea. Chelsea explained that she and Dylan had rushed Connor to the hospital after the baby coughed. While Dylan waited in the car with the infant, Chelsea said she'd opted to stop and purchase dinner instead of cooking. Chloe was relieved to learn that Conner was fine, and she shared her own stories about being a nervous parent. Chelsea casually mentioned that Adam had held Connor. Chloe replied, "Are you crazy? What were you thinking letting Adam go anywhere near the baby?"

Chloe sat at a table with Chelsea and warned her to keep Adam at a distance. Chloe noted that Chelsea had managed to get everything she'd ever wanted from her relationship with Dylan. Chelsea received a call from Dylan, and she instructed him to return home with the baby while she discussed business with Chloe. Chelsea noticed that Melanie was meeting with the assistant district attorney. Chelsea explained that Adam had stopped by her home and asked her to testify at his trial. Chloe replied, "Please tell me that you laughed in his face."

Chelsea reminded Chloe that Melanie was lying. Chloe explained that Chelsea should be thanking Melanie for pressing charges against Adam because she'd keep him out of Chelsea's life for good. Chloe noted that the tough assistant district attorney was known for tenaciously petitioning for maximum prison sentences. Chelsea insisted that Adam would never force himself on a woman. Chloe noted that Adam had committed plenty of crimes for which he'd never been punished. Chelsea cried that Adam had no one else to help him and that Melanie's false accusations could ruin his life.

Before leaving, Chloe insisted that Chelsea should not let Adam back in her life. Melanie approached Chelsea and noted that Chloe was right about Adam. Melanie added, "He just takes what he wants, and to hell with anyone who tries to stop him." Chelsea rose from her chair, faced Melanie, and maintained that Adam hadn't raped her. Chelsea added that Melanie had become hurt and angry because Adam didn't want her anymore. Melanie seemed surprised to find that Chelsea was commiserating with her. Chelsea said, "I know how it feels because Adam treated me the same way."

Chelsea recalled that Adam had once promised her that they'd leave Genoa City and Newman Enterprises behind, so they could live in Paris. However, Chelsea added, Adam had decided that Newman Enterprises was more important than the family they'd planned. Chelsea sadly recalled that Adam hadn't even blinked when she left him, and he had broken her heart. Melanie said, "What Adam did to me..." Chelsea interjected, "Can't possibly compare to what you are about to do to him." Chelsea said that she'd once shared Adam's bed and that he'd recently demonstrated his gentler side when he cradled her newborn son. Chelsea told Melanie that Adam was not the monster she'd accused him of being. Melanie sighed heavily.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Adam caught blatant stares from curious patrons. Adam warned that being seen with him could harm Jack's reputation after Melanie filed false rape allegations. Jack assured Adam that Adam would be exonerated after his trial. Adam noted that Leslie had advised him to cut a deal to keep the case out of court. Adam added, "I didn't rape the girl, so I'm sure as hell not going to say I did to get a lighter sentence. If I go to prison, Jack, I'm going as an innocent man." Adam noted that Leslie had told him that a jury would be more likely to believe Melanie because she had a torn jacket stained with his DNA. Jack offered to testify on Adam's behalf.

Adam told Jack that neither Chelsea nor Sharon would agree to testify that he was a decent guy. Adam added, "I guess they wouldn't want to lie under oath." Adam suggested that karma had arrived at his doorstep. Jack said he didn't believe in karma. Jack added that Phyllis had suffered a terrible accident and wasn't responsible for her coma. Adam explained that Melanie sought retribution because Adam and Victor had betrayed her. Jack said that he relied on faith, and so should Adam. Adam replied, "What if Phyllis doesn't wake up?"

Adam leaned close to Jack and said, "Maybe I should just cut my losses. Maybe it's time I left Genoa City." Jack warned Adam that police would hunt him down and that the deal Leslie had brokered would be off the table. Adam said nothing could be worse than serving a prison sentence for something he didn't do. Before Jack left, he said, "Don't do this!" After Jack left, Adam phoned his pilot and instructed him to get the jet ready. Paul stepped forward and said, "Going somewhere?"

Paul looked stern when Adam cavalierly claimed that he needed to conduct business for Newman Enterprises out of town. Paul warned that Adam wasn't allowed to leave the state while he was out on bail. Paul added that Adam would be free to travel if acquitted. Adam sipped a drink of whiskey and replied, "I will be. The charges are baseless." Paul advised Adam not to leave town because a jury would consider it an admission of guilt. Paul said that Adam didn't need another strike against his character.

Cane sat alone at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. He fought back tears as he slowly read the letter Katherine had left for him. Katherine explained that she'd kept her dire prognosis a secret because she hadn't wanted him putting his life on hold for her. Katherine reminded Cane that Jill was quite stubborn. Katherine instructed Cane to watch out for Jill and offer her his support. Katherine stressed that Cane should not let Jill push him away.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill and Esther quarreled about the safe. Jill ordered Esther to open the safe because Katherine had written that she'd left something in it for Jill. Esther defiantly folded her arms at her waist and refused. Jill claimed that Katherine had to have forgotten that she'd changed the combination. Esther busied herself by dusting the furniture. Esther paused and explained that she would've noticed if Katherine had continued to suffer with memory problems after her surgery.

Esther and Jill continued to argue, and Jill said that Katherine would want Esther to help her. Cane arrived and said, "It seems that that's going to be my job." Jill told Cane that he had been made to feel guilty by an old lady's dying wish and that she didn't need him or anyone. Esther piped up and said, "You need me!" Jill instructed Esther to clean the oven, so Esther left the room. Jill told Cane that Katherine was trying to run her life from the grave. Jill added, "I'm not having it."

Jill noted that Katherine had handed Chancellor Enterprises to Cane on a silver platter. Jill added, "You can work wherever you want with whomever you want." Cane said he had no intention of leaving, but he told Jill that she could quit if she wasn't happy. Cane added, "If you do that, you'll end up pushing everybody away, and you'll have no one in your life to share it with." Cane kissed Jill on the cheek and said he loved her before he left.

Referring to Cane's comment, Esther said, "He's right. That's exactly what Katherine would say if she were here." Jill told Esther to stop eavesdropping and give her the combination to the safe. Esther insisted that she had never known the combination to the safe. Jill tried dates of a few family members' birthdays before using the date Katherine had become sober. The door opened, and Jill found a sketch of Katherine that had been rolled up and sealed in a cardboard tube. Jill and Esther admired the drawing. Jill sobbed as she gazed at the beautiful drawing of Katherine Chancellor.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki read her letter from Katherine. Tears streamed down her cheeks. In the letter, Katherine had urged Nikki to make a phone call. Nikki stared at the phone sitting on a nearby table. Nikki was startled when Paul walked in and announced his presence. Paul noticed that Nikki was in emotional pain and asked what was going on. Nikki sobbed and said that she wished she could walk into the next room and find Katherine alive and well. Nikki told Paul that Katherine had planned her own memorial service and had left instructions for several members of her family to carry out.

Paul asked Nikki what Katherine had asked her to do. Nikki said that her instructions weren't related to the memorial service. She and Paul talked about Katherine's generosity, and they named people she'd helped. Paul included himself in the list. Nikki sobbed pitifully and said, "What am I going to do without her?" Paul was comforting Nikki, and he reminded her that he, along with others, cared for her. Paul was embracing Nikki when Victoria arrived.

After Paul left, Victoria told her mom that Nick wanted them to help organize his wedding by the next Friday. Nikki smiled and said she'd love to help because Nick was so happy with Avery. Victoria reported that she, too, was happy to be reunited with Billy. She added that they might try again to have a baby. Nikki's mood suddenly changed, and she said, "You never want to leave anything unresolved because it has a way of eating away at you." Victoria said she knew that her mom was speaking from experience.

Nikki recalled that Katherine had chosen to withhold the truth because she hadn't wanted her family to hover and fuss over her. Nikki admitted that just like Katherine, she'd initially chosen not to saddle her family with the devastating news of her MS diagnosis. Victoria said it would be selfish and foolish to withhold that type of news from loved ones. Victoria added, "Sometimes people need time to figure things out for themselves." Nikki glanced at her letter from Katherine and said, "Sometimes, they need to be pushed."

Chloe stopped by Billy and Victoria's to pick up Delia. Billy was pounding away with a hammer. Delia noted that she was standing by to summon an ambulance if her father injured himself. As if on cue, Billy struck his finger with the hammer. Delia fetched a first-aid kit, and Chloe instructed her daughter to find a bandage. Chloe bandaged Billy's thumb. Delia told her mom to kiss Billy's boo-boo.

Victoria returned and witnessed Chloe kissing Billy's thumb. Victoria stood next to Billy and told him he should've waited for Dylan. Billy claimed that Chloe's conversation with Delia had distracted him. Billy hugged Delia, and she and Chloe left. Victoria served Billy a drink, and he explained that Chloe's kiss had been innocent. Victoria said she trusted Billy, but she told him that he'd have to hire someone to build the bookcase.

Jack stopped by the police station and informed Paul that he'd offered to be Adam's character witness if the case went to trial. Paul said he knew Adam would face a trial because he'd rejected a plea agreement. Jack noted that juries had been known to deliver the wrong verdict. Jack asked Paul if he'd talk to Christine about working out a deal for Adam. Mr. Jacobs, the assistant district attorney, walked into the office and said, "My best offer is already on the table." Paul stepped out to have a private conversation with the A.D.A. When Paul returned, he asked Jack where Adam was. Jack replied, "I can honestly say that I don't know where Adam is."

Adam stopped by Chelsea's house. Chelsea cracked open the door, but she didn't allow Adam to walk inside. Chelsea told Jack that Dylan and the baby would soon awaken. Adam thanked Chelsea for speaking to Melanie. Chelsea seemed relieved when Adam announced that Melanie had dropped the charges. Chelsea replied, "All I did was tell the truth, Adam." Chelsea told Adam he could repay her by staying away from her and her family, and she closed the door. Adam hung his head and lingered outside Chelsea's door.

Nikki went to the police station to visit Paul. She ran into Jack in the hallway. Jack told Nikki that Paul was in his office. Before Jack rushed away, he said, "I've got to find Adam!" Nikki, distracted and lost in thought, replied, "Oh!"

Nikki knocked on the door to Paul's office, and he instructed his visitor to enter. Paul quickly rose from his seat to greet Nikki, and she asked if she'd arrived at a bad time. Paul said she hadn't, and Nikki sat down. Nikki said she'd been thinking about his offer to help her. In a serious, almost troubled tone, Nikki said, "I could use your help with something very important."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lauren slept on the couch, and she dreamed of Carmine caressing her face with a flower and asking if she'd missed him. She awakened with a start, and Michael comforted her. She panicked that Carmine was there, and Michael swore that they'd find Carmine and lock him up for good.

At the police station, Kevin condemned Alex for sending Carmine's computer to the FBI rather than trusting Kevin to examine it. Alex said that his FBI buddy was a professional whose search had turned up Carmine's whereabouts. Kevin wasn't convinced.

Michael and Lauren hurried to the police station, and Alex informed them that his FBI contact had scanned Carmine's computer. Over Kevin's objections, Alex revealed that Carmine had leased an apartment in Chicago to start a new life. Kevin groused that it was a decoy, but Alex said that it was the best lead they had. Michael told Alex to do whatever it took to stop Carmine, and Lauren said that she couldn't keep living in fear. Michael assured her that she wouldn't have to keep looking over her shoulder.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren asked Michael to sit with her, and she had faith that the ordeal with Carmine would be over soon. She wanted to be able to call Fen and tell him that everything was okay. She recognized that she and Michael hadn't fully repaired their marriage, but she believed that they could get there. Michael stated that he knew they could, and they kissed. Meanwhile, Carmine entered the Baldwins' home.

Kevin looked at Carmine's computer, and Alex teased Kevin for having a big ego. Kevin said that he'd prove that he was the best at what he did, and he told Alex to enjoy his wasted trip to Chicago. Later, Kevin gasped at something he found on the computer.

Michael and Lauren returned home, and he wondered why they hadn't heard from Alex already. Lauren recommended that they shut out the world, because they were safe at home, and nothing could touch them. She reminded Michael that their marriage counselor had urged them to be together in the moment, and they kissed. He thought that he smelled gas, and he went to check the stove. Carmine bashed Michael over the head, and Michael fell to the floor, unconscious.

Over the phone, Nick offered to send the Newman jet to pick up a band for the wedding. He tried to call Summer, but she ignored the call, and she ran into Victor at the Athletic Club. He asked about Phyllis, but Summer didn't have any news. Victor sympathized that it was the last thing Summer needed after graduation, and Summer said that things weren't the way she'd envisioned, but she was trying to keep a positive outlook. Victor suggested that she spend some time at a resort in the Bahamas, where there wouldn't be any Abbotts.

Summer agreed to think about it, and she stepped aside to take a call. Jack approached and berated Victor for trying to push Summer out of town. Victor huffed that the situation was about his granddaughter, and Jack ordered Victor to leave her alone. Victor declared that Summer was a Newman, and the men bickered. Summer returned and told them to stop, and she wished that she didn't belong to either family. Nick overheard as he walked in.

Jack said that he didn't want Summer to feel like she was being pulled in every direction, and she clarified that she was only being pulled in two. She pointed out that Victor and Jack had fought over everything, and she wailed that she was one more thing for them to fight over. Victor offered to take Summer home, but Nick intervened and suggested that he and Summer go somewhere else to talk. She said that she wanted to be alone, and she walked off. Jack started to go after her, but Victor stopped him. Nick testily asked what was wrong with both men.

Nick chided Victor and Jack for not learning a lesson after the last time Summer had taken off when they had been fighting, and he urged them to ease off if they loved her. Victor argued that he had been protecting Summer, but Jack countered that Summer was his blood. Nick reiterated that they had to focus on Summer, but Jack wouldn't allow Victor to bully Summer into leaving town. Nick said that none of them could give her what she needed, and Victor asked what that was. Jack snapped that Summer needed her mother, and he stormed off. Victor warned Nick that Jack would do everything he could to take Summer away.

Nick revealed that he and Avery had pushed up the wedding date, and Summer had agreed to stand up for them. Victor thought that Nick should wait to get married, but Nick argued that he and Avery were trying to build a family, so Summer would feel safe and included. Victor cautioned that Jack would attempt to turn Summer against Nick and the Newmans. Victor recalled that Katherine had once told him that family was the only legacy worth leaving, and Victor refused to allow anyone to interfere with his family.

Summer talked to Courtney on the phone, and she said that she was going crazy dealing with her family. Summer groaned that she wanted to be far away.

Mason noted that Hilary had taken a shower an hour before, but she was still in a towel. As she looked through photos on a computer, Hilary stated that she was mesmerized by his photography, and she looked for a shot that would send Lily over the edge. Mason pointed out that Hilary had already made the Winters family squirm, but Hilary vowed to make them suffer. Mason argued that some of them were nice people, and Hilary agreed, but she didn't care, because her mother had been nice, too. Hilary admired a picture of herself with a shirtless Cane that had been taken through a hotel room window.

Hilary posted the photo online, and she started to get ready to witness the fallout, but Mason accused her of being out the door as soon as she'd gotten what she'd needed. Hilary complained that he made their association sound tawdry and cheap, and he confirmed that he felt like she was using him. He said that he wanted to feel valuable to her, and she purred that he gave her value in many ways. She called him her partner and ally, and she insisted that she couldn't have done it without him. Mason asked what he got in return, and she dropped her towel and tumbled onto the bed with him.

After Hilary and Mason had sex, she got dressed to track down Lily and Cane. Mason pointed out that Cane would simply tell Lily that nothing had happened, but Hilary anticipated that the photo had made Lily go nuts. Hilary said that she would be in touch, and Mason repeated that he wanted to know he had value to her. She kissed him and said she'd make it worth his while, and she swore to make Neil bleed.

At Crimson Lights, Lily asked Devon how he was doing after Katherine's passing, and he wished he'd gotten to know his grandmother better. Lily assured him that Katherine had known that he had cared about her, and she asked if he'd heard from Tucker. Devon replied that Tucker wasn't ready to talk about it, and he didn't blame Tucker, given the history between Tucker and Katherine. Devon inquired about Cane and Hilary, and Lily voiced her suspicion that Hilary was after something.

Lily saw a headline on her phone about a compromising position, and she angrily showed Devon the picture of Cane and Hilary. Devon asked if the photo had been doctored, but she didn't think it mattered. Devon pushed Lily to let Cane explain, and Lily recalled that Cane had smelled like Hilary's perfume. Lily spat that it was a game to Hilary, and the photo made it seem like Hilary was winning. Devon urged Lily to avoid freaking out until she talked to Cane.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane gazed at the sketch of Katherine and commented that she would always be "the Duchess." Esther explained that Katherine had left the sketch for Jill as part of a quest. Esther said that Katherine had lit up when Cane had been around, and she imagined that it was hard for him to let go. Cane pledged to focus on his family like Katherine had wanted, and he promised to never take them for granted.

Cane asked if Esther was doing okay, and she said that her crying drove Jill nuts. He inquired about the memorial service, but Esther revealed that she was out of the loop, because Katherine had only left instructions for Jill and Nikki. Cane expected that the memorial would be a celebration of Katherine's life, and Esther lamented that she didn't know what to do with herself without Katherine there. Cane advised Esther to follow Katherine's lead by living until she died. He received an urgent text message from Lily, who summoned him to the coffeehouse.

Lily griped that Hilary had fawned all over Cane and that Hilary had been too helpful and nice. Devon remarked that Lily had similar qualities, but Lily stood firm that she didn't trust Hilary. Devon urged Lily not to flip out the way Cane had when the blogger had made it look like Tyler and Lily had been together. Cane arrived and asked what was wrong, and Lily showed him the photo.

Cane wondered who'd taken the photo, and Lily ranted that she didn't care, because the point was that he had been half-naked in a hotel room with his assistant. He recalled that he'd answered his hotel room door, expecting a valet to drop off clean shirts, but it had been Hilary with some papers for him to sign. He said that he hadn't thought anything of it, but Lily scolded him for letting Hilary in when he had been shirtless. Lily was adamant that there was something seriously wrong with Hilary's intentions.

Cane swore that he loved Lily and would never cheat on her, but someone was trying to hurt them. Lily believed him, but she was livid that the blogger was attacking their marriage. She wondered if someone had set him up to try to get a lucky shot, and he promised that he would be more careful. Lily speculated that Hilary had arranged it, and he questioned why Hilary would do so. Lily theorized that Hilary wanted Cane for herself.

Later, Hilary entered Crimson Lights, and her face fell when she spotted Cane and Lily kissing. Devon confronted Hilary and growled that it was a bummer that her little plan wasn't working.

Neil stopped by the Newman ranch, and he told Nikki that he needed information from Victor about a former Newman employee. Neil asked how she was holding up, and she replied that she was trying to be strong. Neil acknowledged how close Nikki and Katherine had been, and he advised Nikki to work through it one day at a time. Nikki called it one of many life lessons in the program, but she wondered if making amends was always possible. Neil doubted that anything Nikki had done was beyond forgiveness, but she said that everyone had secrets and mistakes that haunted them.

Neil remarked that no one was owed forgiveness, but it was part of the program to try to reach out and make amends. He contended that meetings were proof that talking helped, and he was ready to listen. Nikki assured him that she just missed Katherine, and she wondered if Katherine had had any regrets. Neil suspected that Katherine had died with a clean slate, which was the best anyone could hope for. Nikki realized that he also had a demon that wouldn't go away.

Neil explained that he'd fallen off the wagon after Dru had died, and until recently, he'd blocked out something that had changed him deeply. He added that he needed to make amends to the people who his actions had affected, and he had to believe it was possible. Nikki asked if he would have been better off not remembering, but he replied that the people he'd hurt were still out there, and he had to face the past. Paul arrived, and Neil asked that Nikki tell Victor that he was looking for information about a Newman employee from late 2012. Nikki mentioned that Jack had been running the company at that time.

After Neil left, Paul informed Nikki that the phone number that Katherine had noted in her letter had been disconnected. He offered to find out who it had belonged to, but Nikki reconsidered whether she should move forward. She admitted that she was scared, and she thought that maybe it was better if she didn't know. Paul agreed to do whatever Nikki wanted, but he warned that regrets burned from the inside out, and he didn't want that for her. Paul asked if Nikki had confided in Victor, but she revealed that she'd never told Victor, and she didn't know if she ever would.

Nikki apologized for dragging Paul into her drama, but he said that he would always be her friend, and he wanted to help her sort it out. He encouraged her to decide whether she wanted to dig in or back away. Victor arrived home, and Paul left. Victor inquired about the decision Nikki had to make, and Nikki fibbed that Paul had wanted her help with some fundraising for a charity ball, but she wasn't sure she'd have time.

Victor was sure that Nikki would make the right decision, and he hoped the event wasn't too soon, because Nick had moved up the wedding. Nikki mentioned that she'd heard, and Victor suspected that the nuptials wouldn't sit well with Summer. Victor said that Summer needed their undivided attention, and Nikki scoffed at the idea that Jack would swoop in and spirit Summer away. Victor declared his concern for the Newman clan, and he feared that Nick hadn't learned anything from Victor.

Neil stopped by the Abbott house to see Jack, and they discussed Katherine. Neil commented that she had been part of the sober club, and Jack asked if Neil had been tempted to drink. Neil said no, but he revealed that a weaker moment was haunting him, and he was trying to piece together moments of a blackout. He requested Jack's help to figure out the connection between a Newman employee and the person who was after Neil.

Jack had his assistant send an email with an old list of cell phone numbers of the Newman staff, and Neil hoped to find a match. Jack empathized with having to live up to the mistakes made because of addiction, and Neil thanked him and left. Neil let in Nick on his way out, and Jack refused to get into another argument, but he maintained that Victor had overstepped. Nick agreed, but he asked Jack to do him a favor and to leave Summer alone.

Jack blasted that Nick had cost him years with his daughter, and Nick explained that he was asking for Jack to give Summer some space because she was on edge. Nick insisted that he respected Jack and Summer's connection, but Nick's priority was Summer, and she wasn't in a good place. Jack said that Victor shouldn't be in the mix, and Nick reported that he'd already told Victor that Victor stood to lose a son and a granddaughter. Nick reminded Jack that Nick had first-hand experience with Jack as a father figure, and Nick was hopeful that Jack would do the right thing to help Summer get through it.

Neil dropped by Mason's hotel room and asked for Mason's help. Neil inquired whether Mason knew Anne Turner.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sharon informed Faith that Nick had told Sharon about Faith's feelings about the wedding. Sharon assured Faith that she wasn't angry and that it was natural for Faith to want her parents together. Sharon conceded that the time they had spent together as a family had been incredible, but she was afraid that it might have given Faith false hope. Sharon explained that Nick didn't want to get back together with Sharon, and Faith needed to find a way to accept that he was with Avery. Faith asked if Sharon wished that Nick would marry Sharon instead.

Sharon and Faith played checkers, and Sharon commented that it was too bad that Nick wasn't there for a rematch, but he was planning his wedding. Sharon declared that she was happy if Nick was happy, but Faith contended that Sharon made him happy. Sharon acknowledged that she and Nick were good friends, and they would always be close because they had the two best children in the world. Faith said that Avery wouldn't make Nick happy like Sharon could, but Sharon maintained that it was up to Nick to decide.

Nick arrived at Avery's apartment, and they kissed hello. He presented her with a file folder, and she discovered that he had taped her torn wedding photos back together. She called it a sweet gesture, but she fretted that they were getting closer to the wedding date and still hadn't made any plans. Avery added that things seemed strained with Summer, and Nick didn't think that Summer would give them any trouble, but Avery contended that Faith might.

Nick said that he'd had a long conversation with Faith about being more respectful, but Avery thought that Faith was still having trouble accepting another woman in Nick's life. Nick was sure that Sharon would help, and Avery hesitantly admitted that she'd warned Sharon to stay away from Nick. Nick assured Avery that Sharon had been in his life a long time, but Sharon wasn't a threat. Nick vowed that nothing would ruin their wedding.

Avery said that Nick's optimism was infectious, and he reported that he'd reached out to Nikki and Victoria about helping to plan the wedding, but Victoria had been preoccupied with Billy destroying their living room. Avery explained that Dylan had bailed on a project after the baby had been born early, and she mentioned that Connor had been named after Dylan's dad. Nick remarked that it wasn't something he and Avery would do when they had their own kids, but Avery replied that he was getting ahead of himself. He said that first they had to decide where to live, and he thought it would be nice to move someplace new that Faith didn't associate with Sharon.

Nick suggested that he and Avery start with a wedding location, and she recalled a beautiful chapel she'd spotted in Twin Lakes. He kissed her and hoped that his seductive efforts would lead to more, but she protested that she intended to stick to waiting. She offered to make up for it by wearing sexy lingerie on their wedding night, and he tried to distract himself with seating charts. She joked that she couldn't get anything done with him panting, and she thought it was good that he had private time scheduled with Faith that night.

Avery walked Nick to the door, and he swore that their wedding would be perfect. They began kissing passionately, and she relented that they could have sex one more time before the wedding, but he got a text message from Sharon and realized that he was late picking up Faith. Avery told him to go, and he said that he would call her later to talk more about wedding plans. She confirmed that everything was good between them, but after he left, she looked concerned.

Nick arrived to pick up Faith, who ran upstairs to fetch Miss Patsy. Nick wondered if he needed to invite the doll to the wedding, and Sharon revealed that she'd had a talk with Faith to make sure that the girl knew that Avery wasn't a threat to their family. Sharon asked how the wedding plans were going, and Nick stated that Avery was working on it. Meanwhile, Avery arranged to send a gift to Connor, and she forlornly gazed at her taped-up wedding photos.

Neil hoped that Mason could help him, and Mason murmured the name Anne Tanner. Neil corrected that it was Anne Turner, and Mason asked who she was. Neil wondered if Mason had seen the posts on the GC Buzz that had attacked the Winters family, and Mason called it sick stuff. Neil said that he thought Anne had been responsible for the posts, and he was determined to find her. Neil explained that Anne had placed calls to a Newman corporate phone, and he hoped that Mason had information to put Neil on the right track.

Mason claimed that he couldn't remember anything, but Neil surmised that Mason had fielded hundreds of calls at Newman, and he showed Mason a cell number and asked if it looked familiar. Mason contended that it was possible he'd used it, because there had been a bunch of cell phones that the receptionists had forwarded calls to when they had been away from their desks. Neil asked for the names of the employees in reception, and Mason elaborated that various departments had had access to the cell phones. Neil realized that it had been a long shot, and Mason wished him luck.

At Crimson Lights, Devon said that he was onto Hilary, and he displayed the photo of her and Cane on his phone. Devon accused her of trying to get between Lily and Cane, but Hilary defended that it had been an innocent moment. Devon snapped that he wasn't interested in her explanations, and he warned her to back off. Hilary insisted that he had it wrong.

Lily assured Cane that she believed that nothing had happened between Cane and Hilary, but someone was trying to cause trouble in their marriage. Cane surmised that it was Anne Turner, and Lily wondered why someone would go to such great lengths to photograph Cane. Cane hoped that Neil would have an answer soon, and Hilary watched them from across the coffeehouse.

After Lily left, Cane finished a business call, and he noticed that Hilary appeared to be lost in thought. Hilary apologized for the photo, but Cane called Hilary an innocent victim. She divulged that Devon had accused her of trying to cause problems in Cane and Lily's marriage, and Cane concluded that Devon was just being protective of Lily. Hilary assumed that Lily was upset, but Cane insisted that his wife was fine. Hilary offered to talk to Lily or the press, but Cane urged her to focus on work while the scandal blew over. Cane departed, and Hilary received a text message from Mason, saying they had trouble.

At the Ashby home, Devon told Lily that he'd caught Hilary watching Cane and Lily at Crimson Lights. He explained that Hilary had tried to play it off, but it had been obvious that Hilary hadn't been able to take her eyes off of them. Devon disclosed that he had called Hilary out on it, but she had acted innocent and hurt. Lily griped that Cane couldn't see Hilary for who she was, but Lily had to handle it the right way to avoid putting Cane on the defensive. She wondered how to expose Hilary's ulterior motives, and Devon recommended forcing Hilary to screw up and making sure that Cane saw it.

Cane arrived home and scolded Devon for going off on Hilary, and Devon was sure that Hilary had painted Devon as the bad guy. Devon left to give Cane and Lily a chance to talk, and Lily voiced her opinion that Hilary had been behind the posts. Lily suspected that Hilary was taking advantage of the blogger's groundwork, but Cane scoffed at the idea of Hilary and the blogger teaming up. Cane warned that Lily's obsession over their marital issues could make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, but she wanted him to understand that things with Hilary weren't what they seemed.

Lily argued that Hilary had insinuated herself into Cane's life, but Cane countered that Hilary was his executive assistant. Lily ranted that Hilary had intentionally made her feel insecure, and she found it odd that someone had taken Cane's photo in a hotel room. Cane pointed out that the blogger had been spying on them for months, and Lily asserted that Devon had spotted Hilary spying on them. Cane called it Devon's interpretation, and Lily questioned whether Cane was defending Hilary over listening to his wife. Cane wondered whether Lily's ire stemmed solely from jealousy, but she told him not to go there, because in her heart, she knew that Hilary was after him, and they had to work together to prove it.

Lily proposed that she and Cane play along to convince Hilary that her plan was working by staging a public argument about Lily's suspicions about Hilary and Cane's relationship. Cane suggested that he pretend that he was interested in Hilary, and Lily hoped that Hilary would let her guard down. Lily expected that Cane would see that Lily was right, but he pointed out that he might only learn that Lily had an overactive imagination. Lily was willing to take the chance.

At Crimson Lights, Devon showed Neil the latest post, and he said that Cane had denied cheating but that Lily suspected that Hilary was angling for more than a business relationship. Devon agreed with Lily's assessment, and Neil thought that Cane should oust Hilary. Devon lamented that there was no proof and that Cane trusted Hilary, but Lily was determined to open Cane's eyes. Neil said that at least Hilary was a real person, but he still didn't know the blogger's name. Neil recounted his conversation with Mason, who had been fidgety. Neil had a gut feeling that Mason might be the one to lead them to Anne Turner.

Hilary returned to the hotel suite, and Mason snapped that his message had been urgent. She explained that "Hilary" wouldn't have left a job undone, and Mason curtly informed her that Neil had shown up with Anne's phone bill and had asked if Mason had spoken to her. Mason assured Hilary that he hadn't said anything that would lead back to her, but they were at the end of the game. Hilary refused to "get outplayed by that washed-up old drunk," and she called it a race to see whether Neil figured it out before she ruined his life.

At the police station, Paul took a call from Alex, who reported that Chicago had been a dead end. Paul hung up and informed Kevin that there had been no sign of Carmine at the apartment in Chicago. Kevin huffed that he'd known it had been a bogus trail, and he suspected that Carmine was still in town. Kevin found evidence that Carmine had recently withdrawn money from a local ATM, and he found it suspicious that Carmine had also scanned a copy of a maintenance worker's identification badge.

Kevin realized that the maintenance company handled Michael and Lauren's building, and he pointed out that even though the police were monitoring the apartment, no one would be looking for a janitor with clearance. Paul said that they had to warn Michael and Lauren, but Kevin wasn't able to get in touch with either of them. Kevin wanted to find them, but Paul ordered him to stay at the police station and keep trying to reach them.

Lauren called out for Michael, but Carmine grabbed her, and she screamed when she spotted an unconscious Michael on the floor. Carmine declared that he and Lauren were going to die together. Lauren yelled for help, and she pleaded with Carmine to turn off the gas so they could work things out. Lauren questioned what would happen if there were no heaven, but Carmine reasoned that at least they'd go together. Lauren asserted that they could fix it without killing Michael, but Carmine replied that it was too late.

Lauren offered to go away with Carmine, but he doubted that she'd do it. She begged him to turn off the gas, and she'd do anything he wanted. Lauren complained that she was getting dizzy, and Carmine requested one last kiss like old times, but she argued that they had much to live for. She wailed that Fen didn't deserve to lose both parents, but Carmine called Fen a survivor. Carmine said that both he and Fen had loved women who didn't love them back, and he said that Fen would want them to be happy in eternity. Lauren called Carmine insane, and she barked that she didn't love him and that she refused to die with him.

The Baldwins' home phone rang, and Carmine complained that it was ruining their beautiful end. Lauren asked Carmine for another chance, but he thought that she was trying to manipulate him. The phone stopped ringing, and Carmine taunted that no one would save her. Michael suddenly pounced on Carmine, and the men engaged in a bitter fight. Michael pounded Carmine's head repeatedly on the table and began to strangle him. Carmine said that Michael should have killed him when he'd had the chance.

Lauren pulled out a gun and yelled for Michael to get out of the way, but Michael said no. Lauren glared at Carmine and coldly stated, "You wanted to end it tonight? Let's end it." Carmine told Lauren to do what she had to do, but Michael ordered her to put the gun down. Michael recalled that he'd been filled with hate before, but Lauren had talked him down and had made him see that it wasn't worth sacrificing his freedom. Lauren ranted that Carmine was a threat, but Michael urged her to think about how much Carmine would suffer in prison, whereas shooting him was an easy way out that would only make Lauren suffer. Michael begged Lauren not to let Carmine take more than he already had.

Paul burst in with an officer, and they apprehended Carmine, while Michael took the gun from Lauren and held her. Paul encouraged Michael to see a doctor, and Michael wanted to give a formal statement, but Paul said they'd been through enough for the evening. Paul ordered the officer to take Carmine away, but Lauren protested. Lauren approached Carmine and slapped him across the face. "For the rest of your life, you're going to wish like hell I put a bullet through your head," she spat. He replied that he'd never stop loving her, and the police led him out.

At the police station, Paul swore to Kevin that Michael and Lauren were fine, and Paul assumed that the Baldwins were having a glass of wine to toast to Carmine's arrest. Kevin taunted that Carmine's new look suited him, and Carmine expected that it wouldn't be long before Kevin joined him in lockup. Paul declared Kevin a hero for tracking down Carmine, and Carmine sarcastically congratulated Kevin. Kevin snarled that Carmine had messed with his family for the last time, and Paul led Carmine away.

Lauren gave Michael some prescription medication, and Michael wanted to forget about the evening's events. He confessed that he'd wanted to see Lauren kill Carmine, and Lauren declared that it was over, but Michael pondered what would happen if Carmine got out and attacked them again. Lauren asked why Michael had stopped her. He explained that the man she had married was supposed to protect her, and Michael had done that by letting Carmine go. She said that it had been the right thing to do, but Michael replied that he might not do the right thing if he saw Carmine again.

Michael suggested that he and Lauren go to a hotel, but she said that she'd spent too much time away from home, and she wanted to be right there, where she belonged. They held hands as they retreated to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Carmine smirked in his cell.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Avery nearly dropped an armload of dishes when Victoria entered Avery's apartment to talk about wedding plans. Victoria rattled off trends for the season, and she rambled that she had planned weddings for herself and her parents. Victoria apologized if she was moving too fast, but she explained that she hadn't done anything that exciting in a long time. Avery called her wedding a pipe dream that might not happen, and Victoria wondered why it wouldn't.

Avery informed Victoria that her first several choices for chapels and reception facilities had already been taken, and it was impossible to get married without booking something months in advance. Victoria declared that they could and would find a location for Avery and Nick to say their vows, but they might have to push the date back. Avery refused to postpone the nuptials, and Victoria said that she was on it, but Avery doubted that Victoria could get Faith to stop hating Avery or Sharon to stop looking at Nick like he was "the last tall drink of water in the desert."

Avery worried that there wasn't enough room for her in Nick's life. Victoria insisted that Sharon had lost Nick years before, and she conceded that blended families were tricky, but they could work. Victoria sympathized that it wasn't easy having exes around, but she dealt with it because it was best for the kids. Avery pointed out that not everyone could do it, but Victoria proclaimed that Avery wasn't allowed to get cold feet. Avery envisioned getting married in a parking lot with pizza and a twelve-pack. Victoria bragged that she knew every caterer in town, so they could proceed with making plans.

Over the phone, Victoria was disappointed to find out from Billy that On the Boulevard wasn't available for the wedding, and she became irritated when Billy broke something. After she hung up, she explained to Avery that Billy had hired Dylan to build a bookcase, but after the baby had arrived, a clueless Billy had decided to proceed with the project on his own. Avery bet that Dylan was having the time of his life, and she remarked that Connor had the perfect dad. "Probably," Victoria mumbled, and Avery questioned whether Victoria thought that Dylan wouldn't be a good father.

Victoria insisted that Dylan would be a great dad, and she claimed that her mind had just wandered, but Avery remained quizzical about Victoria's odd response. Victoria babbled about Billy fathering Johnny with Chelsea, and she wondered why Avery was making a big deal out of it. Victoria and Avery agreed that they were being ridiculous, and Victoria blamed it on pre-wedding jitters. Victoria prepared to go to the Athletic Club, and she told Avery to get accustomed to letting the Newman name open doors.

At the Athletic Club, Abby approached Adam and asked how much it had taken in bribes and palm-greasing to get the charges dropped, but Adam simply stated that the allegations had been a lie. Abby marveled that there was a crime he actually hadn't committed, and she remarked that at least he wasn't a vicious predator, despite what he'd done to Ashley and Sharon. Abby sauntered off, and Adam placed a call and informed someone that the charges had been dropped, and the next step would be tricky -- it was time to bob and weave.

Noah and Tyler arrived to work out, and Noah thanked Tyler again for securing him a job. Courtney approached and remarked that Noah was usually there earlier, and she wondered if he'd had a late evening. Tyler teased Noah for spending his nights alone on the sofa, and Courtney told Noah to step up his social calendar. She received a text message from Summer and left, and Tyler asked why Noah hadn't taken action, because Courtney obviously wanted Noah. Noah contended that Courtney was Summer's best friend, and Tyler joked that Courtney knew Noah but that she still liked him anyway.

In the sauna, Tyler told Noah that Courtney was funny and cute, and Noah remarked that she had the perfect face and that he liked her turned-up nose. Tyler didn't understand why Noah didn't ask her out, and Noah repeated that she was his sister's best friend. Tyler argued that he had asked out Leslie's friends, but Noah countered that they had been older, and he didn't want people to think that he was taking advantage of Courtney. Noah admitted that he'd made mistakes, and he didn't want Courtney to be one of them. Tyler believed that if Noah liked her, then nothing should stand in Noah's way.

In the lobby, Abby kissed Tyler, and Noah feigned disgust. She mentioned a concert that she and Tyler planned to attend, and Tyler suggested that Noah and Courtney go with them. Tyler told Abby that Courtney was totally into Noah and that Noah was painfully single, and Noah complained that their apartment had been jumping until Tyler had settled down overnight. Abby remarked that Noah had done a lot worse than Courtney, and she revealed that she was interviewing Courtney that day for an internship. Tyler thought that Courtney and Noah sounded like the perfect match.

At the ranch, Nikki read Katherine's letter, which said that Katherine had known that Nikki was torn about digging into the past, but it was nothing to be ashamed of. Katherine had stated that she'd learned to understand the value of sharing things with her loved ones when she had gone into surgery, and she had stressed to Nikki how important it had been. Katherine had written that she'd found clarity in her waning days, and she'd seen what had truly mattered. Victor found an upset Nikki and asked what was wrong.

Nikki said that she heard Katherine's voice in her head, but she couldn't talk back or ask for advice. Nikki recalled that Katherine had helped her get through a lot, and she didn't know how she would survive without Katherine to give her a shoulder and a kick in the pants. Victor chuckled and said that he missed Katherine more than he was willing to admit, but he assured Nikki that she could tell him anything. Nikki started to confide something, but Adam interrupted.

Nikki welcomed the excuse to leave to take care of some errands for the memorial, and she assured Victor that she'd be fine. Nikki left, and Adam informed Victor that the charges had officially been dropped, because Melanie had recanted the story on her own. Adam turned the topic to Chancellor Industries, but Victor still wouldn't discuss it. Adam declared that it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and anyone and everyone could see it except Victor. Victor asked who else was in on Adam's plan.

Adam disclosed that he'd spoken to the top brass in mergers and acquisitions, and they had agreed that acquiring Chancellor Industries would be the most profitable move Newman Enterprises could make. Victor contemplated the cost, but Adam replied that it would be an appropriate and respectful amount, and Victor inquired whether Adam's investor had determined the amount. Adam said that Victor had been willing to trust Adam when Adam had taken the company private again, but Victor suspected that Adam and the investor had plans to use the reputation of Victor's company as a shield. Adam corrected that it was their company, but Victor contended that he was still unaware of who Adam had borrowed from and at what cost.

Adam warned that the last time he and Victor had tested one another's trust, they had ended up in a draw, and Melanie had nearly sent Adam to jail. Victor promised that he trusted Adam as much as Adam trusted him. Victor asked why he should give Adam his complete trust when Adam was withholding information, but Adam was confident that his investor wouldn't make any demands. Victor inquired why Adam was so interested in Chancellor, and Adam replied that he liked winning and making money. Adam knew that Chancellor was personal to Victor, but he didn't understand why Victor wouldn't want to protect Katherine's legacy.

Adam asserted that either Chancellor would fall apart, or it could be strong with Victor in charge. Victor contended that Katherine would have appointed him as head of the company if that had been what she had wanted, but Adam imagined that Katherine hadn't considered business in her last few weeks of life. Adam suggested that a preemptive strike could honor Katherine's legacy, and Victor agreed to think about it, on one condition. Adam expected that Victor would make him jump through hoops again to earn Victor's trust. Victor announced that he'd consider a takeover if Adam told him the identity of the mysterious investor.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan thanked Nick for the cute baby gift that Nick and Avery had sent, and Nick tried to cover his surprise. Dylan excitedly showed Nick a photo of Connor on a new phone that Dylan had purchased to store thousands of pictures, and Nick commented that it would fill up fast. Dylan said that he'd even taken pictures of Connor sleeping, and Nick cautioned that "one day you'll blink, and your baby will be gone." Summer walked in and spotted Nick across the coffeehouse.

Dylan asked if Nick was referring to Summer, and Nick prayed that Dylan never had to go through something like Nick just had. Nick added that he had to keep his distance, and he hoped that his family left her in peace. Dylan congratulated Nick on the wedding, and Nick replied that it couldn't happen soon enough. Dylan said that he and Chelsea had rushed, too, but he wouldn't have changed a second of it. Nick was glad that things had worked out for them, and Courtney greeted Nick on her way to meet Summer.

Courtney confronted Summer about leaving town, but Summer whined that she was the girl with two dads and two families who hated one another, and she felt like a trophy they were fighting over. Courtney pointed out that Nick wasn't pressuring Summer, and Summer conceded that he had been pretty great, despite the fact that he'd lied to her. Summer added that Phyllis hadn't woken up, and she felt that she might lose it. Courtney said that she was there to talk Summer down, but Summer replied that she'd called to say goodbye.

Courtney assured Summer that everything would be okay, but Summer reiterated that she couldn't deal with her families and with being around Kyle, and she contemplated staying with Daniel. Courtney said that she'd miss Summer a lot, but Summer promised that they'd keep in touch. Courtney mentioned her Jabot interview, and she wondered who she would celebrate with if she got the internship. Summer offered to introduce Courtney to Abby before Summer left town.

Nikki ran into Nick at the coffeehouse, and she explained that she'd just needed to get out of the house, because Adam and Victor were concocting something. Nick noted that Adam had never chased her away before, and he suspected that something else was going on. Nikki said that she had just lost her best friend, and she didn't quite feel like herself, especially since she had to plan the memorial. Nick asked if he could help, even if it was just by buying her some tea. Dylan overheard and offered some on the house, and Nick introduced him to Nikki.

Nikki spotted Summer, and Nick said that he had been trying to give Summer space. He added that he hoped everyone else would, too, but Nikki decreed that grandmas were exempt from space. Nikki approached Summer, and she overheard Courtney wish that Summer wouldn't leave. Courtney went to grab a brownie, and Nikki told Summer that she had thought about sending Summer strength and peace every morning and night. Nikki hated that Summer was going through many things at once, and Summer said that she spent every second either missing her mom or trying to figure out her families.

Nikki acknowledged that Nick, Jack, and Victor loved Summer, and she knew first-hand that the men were stubborn and opinionated, but it wasn't until she'd lost her dearest friend that she had realized that she had reach out to her loved ones. Nikki understood that Summer felt scared and vulnerable, but she assured Summer that many people loved her and that it was always better to pull people toward her than to push them away. Nikki hugged a teary Summer, and they said that they loved one another. Summer left with Courtney, and Nikki informed Nick that she thought Summer planned to leave town.

Avery arrived, and Dylan thanked her for the gift, but he wondered why Nick hadn't known that she'd sent it. Dylan worried that he was still causing trouble between her and Nick, but Avery swore that she'd just forgotten to tell Nick about the gift because they'd been busy with wedding plans. Dylan stated that he didn't want to mess things up, and he was relieved that everything had worked out the way it had. Avery agreed that she felt perfectly at peace, and he hesitantly offered to show her a picture of Chelsea and the baby. Avery said that she would love to see it.

Dylan declared that he'd known that Avery had sent the lion onesie, and she recalled that he'd always wanted his son to be lionhearted. Avery started to mention the stuffed lion Dylan had bought when she'd been pregnant, but she quickly clammed up and simply stated that Connor would be brave and strong, just like his daddy. Nick saw them talking.

Nick asked Avery about the wedding plans, and she lamented that she had yet to find a venue. He suggested the ranch, but she recalled that the last wedding there had ended with an assassination attempt. He remarked that a wedding would be a piece of cake after everything they'd been through, but she realized that they hadn't arranged for a cake. Nick reported that Faith hadn't had any more tantrums since Sharon had talked with her, and he swore that the wedding would be just the beginning for them. Meanwhile, Dylan left a loving message for Chelsea and Connor.

At the Athletic Club, Summer introduced Courtney to Abby, and Abby led Courtney to a table to conduct their interview. Noah chided Tyler for openly checking Abby out as she walked away, and Tyler replied that people who had settled down didn't bother watching one another in action. Noah asked Summer if it was normal to consider work-related skills hot, and Summer observed that Noah seemed to be hot for her best friend.

Abby informed Courtney that most interns were in college or had prior experience, and Courtney asserted that she had plenty of experience with makeup. Courtney examined Abby's face and named all the Jabot products Abby was wearing. Courtney proclaimed that it was "flawless Jabot," but she recommended that Abby perform an extra blot next time, because Courtney had spied some lip gloss on Tyler's cheek.

Tyler scored some extra tickets to the concert, and he invited Noah. Courtney hugged Summer and called her the best interview coach ever, and Noah pulled Summer aside. Courtney promised Abby that she'd do amazing work, and Tyler welcomed Courtney as part of the Jabot team. Tyler asked Courtney to join them at the concert, and he added that Noah didn't have a date. "He does now," Courtney chirped.

Noah surmised that Summer was acting like she was fine so that people wouldn't hover, but he thought that hiding her feelings was pushing her over the edge. She confided that it was too hard to stick around, and she asked that he not lecture her. He reminded her that he'd run off to France and New York to escape being a Newman, and he promised that he wouldn't stop her, but he wanted to be able to check up on her. She suspected that he would alert Nick, but Noah insisted that he only wanted to crash on her couch if she ended up someplace cool. They hugged.

Across the dining room, Victoria griped to Nikki that the Athletic Club couldn't fit in the wedding, and Nikki quipped that the Newmans had gotten married so often that they couldn't expect management to drop everything to accommodate them. Nikki apologized that she hadn't been of more help, but Victoria recognized that Katherine's service was important, and she hoped that planning it would give Nikki closure.

Victoria vowed to find the perfect venue for Nick and Avery's wedding, and Nikki observed that Victoria had on her "takeover smile." Victoria said that it didn't matter whether she was conquering business or parties, and she believed that she no longer needed Newman to be happy. Nikki was thrilled to hear her say that, and she pointedly stated that nothing was more important than realizing what mattered most, even if it was difficult to embrace.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Dylan stopped by to examine the bookcase Billy had assembled, and Dylan jokingly asked what he'd just looked at. Delia said that she'd helped, and Dylan bet that she had been responsible for the straight shelf. Billy hoped that Dylan could help fix it, and Dylan thought it would be best to start from scratch. Billy explained that the most important rule of parenting was to never throw away anything that his kid had made. Billy suggested praising every work of art, because there was nothing better than putting a smile on his child's face.

Billy played tea party with Delia, and Dylan called Billy a good dad. Dylan recalled that his father had worked hard, but his dad had always made time for Dylan. Billy assumed that the results of their projects had been functional, but Dylan clarified that it wasn't about the finished product, but the time they'd spent together. Billy said that he wanted that kind of life for his kids, too, and Dylan couldn't wait to do things with Connor. Billy warned that the time would go by fast.

Delia pretended to pour tea for Billy and Dylan, and Billy realized that Chloe would be there at any moment to pick Delia up. Billy instructed Delia to go get her things, and Dylan remarked that he didn't know how Billy could stand to be away from his child. Dylan couldn't imagine sharing custody, and Billy acknowledged that it was tough, but he made the most out of their time together. Dylan promised to try to fix the bookcase, but he had to go meet Chelsea at the pediatrician's office.

Dylan explained that he and Chelsea had just taken Connor to the emergency room after Connor had coughed. Billy recalled that he and Chloe had been the same way, especially after Delia's leukemia diagnosis. Dylan commented that he never would have known that Delia had been sick, and Billy called her a tough kid. Billy wished that he could handle his gambling problem with as much grace as Delia had dealt with her illness. Billy revealed that he hadn't placed a bet in two months, because he wanted his kids to be proud of him.

At the loft, Chloe praised Chelsea for nursing like a pro, but Chelsea said that she had a million more things to learn, and she worried that something would go wrong. Chloe remarked that it would, but it wouldn't be anything catastrophic. Chelsea mentioned that she'd made a list of questions for Connor's upcoming appointment with the pediatrician. Chloe gazed at the baby and said that it was hard to believe that he was any part of Adam.

Chelsea called Connor perfect, and she couldn't imagine having any other baby. Chloe wondered if Chelsea had talked Melanie into dropping the rape charges because Chelsea had felt like she had owed Adam something, but Chelsea stated that it had been the right thing to do. Chelsea revealed that in exchange for her assistance, she had requested that Adam stay out of her life. Chelsea declared that Adam had had his chance to be with her, but being accepted by Victor had been more important to Adam, and Adam and Chelsea had both gotten what they wanted.

Chloe asked about Chelsea's sudden surge of optimism, and Chelsea explained that she'd once believed that the worst thing that could happen was the truth being out, but she'd never been as scared as when she'd waited for the doctor to tell her whether anything had been wrong with Connor. Chelsea said that in that moment, she'd known that she could survive anything, even if the truth were revealed. Chloe questioned whether Dylan could survive it. Chelsea replied that Connor had pulled Dylan out of a dark place, and she didn't know how Dylan would react if he found out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill hung Katherine's newly framed sketch above the mantel. Jill said that everyone could still feel Katherine's presence, between books dropping off the shelves and the mysterious letters Katherine had left behind. Jill looked at the sketch, and she thought Katherine's image was staring at her as if Jill had stolen something. Jill lamented that Katherine still didn't trust her, or Katherine would have told Jill how sick Katherine had been. Jill wondered what Katherine was trying to tell her.

Jill agreed to play Katherine's ridiculous game, and she noticed a book in the sketch. She recognized it as one on the shelf, and she retrieved the book. As she flipped through the pages, a bookmark embossed with the letters "GR" fell out. Jill linked it to Gary Reynolds, and she wondered what Katherine's ex-husband had to do with all Katherine had valued. Esther entered with a box and started to pack up Katherine's belongings, and Jill ordered her to put everything back exactly where it had been, or Jill would fire her.

Esther explained that she was following Katherine's orders, and she couldn't let Katherine down. Jill said that Katherine was gone, and a tearful Esther begged her not to say that. Jill asserted that it would help to remember Katherine to leave her things out for a while, and the women shared an emotional hug. Chloe entered and said that Katherine would have keeled over at the sight, and Jill said that she wasn't ready for Esther to pack away Katherine's belongings yet.

Esther reported that Katherine had donated items to the women's center every month, except for the one time someone had stolen them. Chloe covered her guilt by turning the topic to the sketch of Katherine, and she inquired about the necklace Katherine was wearing in the sketch. Esther disclosed that it had been a gift from Mr. Reynolds, and she and Chloe retreated to the kitchen to get brownies for Delia. Jill asked the portrait what Gary had to do with the mystery.

Billy took Delia home and called her a munchkin, but she declared that she was a witch, and Chloe explained that Delia was in a play at school. Chloe said that Delia had to focus on their secret project first, and Billy asked what it was, but Chloe replied that he'd find out at Katherine's memorial. Billy hugged Delia goodbye and started to leave, but he noticed a forlorn Jill sitting in the living room, and he asked if Jill was okay. Jill said that Katherine had left her everything, and she showed him Katherine's letter. He read it, but he thought that it sounded more like a riddle than an endowment.

Jill huffed that it was obvious that Katherine had wanted Jill to have the bulk of the Chancellor fortune. Jill theorized that Katherine had expected that Jill would be devastated by Katherine's death, so Katherine had created a personal treasure hunt for Jill to distract her. Billy suggested that Jill sign over the fortune to her favorite son, and she quipped that Phillip would be thrilled. Billy asked what she'd do with the money, and Jill remarked that she would give back every penny for one more day with Katherine. Jill began to cry, and Billy pulled her into his arms.

At the hospital, Dylan suspected that Connor had gained several ounces, but Chelsea reminded him that babies lost weight in their first week. Chelsea playfully lectured Connor not to be competitive, and Dr. Woods entered. Chelsea asked the doctor to tell Dylan that it was okay if Connor wasn't in the top percentile, but Dr. Woods mentioned that she'd discovered something during Connor's last checkup, and she'd consulted with a specialist. Chelsea asked if something was wrong with their son.

Dr. Woods said that she'd seen some unusual findings on Connor's eye scan related to the responsiveness of his pupils, and she needed to rule out some things, like a degenerative eye disorder called retinitis pigmentosa. Chelsea looked alarmed, and the doctor explained that if Connor had the disease, then there was a significant chance that he could go blind. The doctor said that they'd know more when the tests were completed, and Chelsea wailed that it was all her fault. Dylan assumed that Chelsea was referring to Connor's premature delivery, but the doctor said that the disease was inherited from a parent.

At Jabot, Jack reported to Kyle that he was about to leave for Georgia, and Kyle hoped that Phyllis made progress while Jack was there. Jack agreed for Summer's sake, and Kyle said that Summer had remained closed off. Jack blamed Victor for forcing Summer to choose between families, but Kyle opined that Jack was also to blame, because Jack seemed to be more interested in his own needs rather than what was best for Summer. Kyle announced that he'd decided to take a step back, and Jack offered to do the same, if that was what Summer wanted.

Kyle argued that Jack was still applying subtle pressure, but Jack contended that Victor was the one trying to start a family battle. Kyle remarked that Jack was just as guilty, and Jack asked whose side Kyle was on. Kyle answered that he was on Summer's, and Jack insisted that he was, too. Kyle questioned whether Jack would be okay with Summer cutting Jack out, because her decision had to be about what she wanted. Summer and Courtney arrived, and Jack said that Summer's presence proved what she wanted.

Jack told Summer that he had just been saying that he wanted to see more of her, and Summer explained that Courtney had just been hired, so Summer was giving her a tour. Jack suggested that Kyle show Courtney around, and Kyle obliged. Jack escorted Summer to his office, and he sympathized that Victor had upset her, but she stated that it hadn't just been Victor. Jack conceded that he'd overreacted when Victor had pushed his buttons, but he didn't want it to affect her. She replied that it was too late, and she needed to get far away from Genoa City. Jack blurted that she couldn't leave.

Jack recognized that Summer was an adult who could make her own decisions, and she said that she was glad he understood. He mentioned that classes at Genoa City University started soon, but she revealed that she had deferred enrollment. Jack asked if she still planned to model for Chelsea's line, but Summer said that she wasn't ready to get back to work yet, and she thought that she'd spend some time with Daniel and Phyllis. Jack mentioned that he was about to head to Georgia for the weekend, and he offered her a ride on the corporate jet. She objected to him pressuring her, but he assured her that it was just a plane ride. She complained that he was more like Victor than he thought.

Summer believed that both Jack and Victor were trying to bribe her into choosing one family over another, but Jack insisted that it was only a ride to see her mother. Jack pledged to earn Summer's love, not buy it, but Summer maintained that she wanted to be away. Kyle and Courtney returned from their tour, and Courtney gushed that she couldn't wait to start working there. Jack told Summer to let him know if she changed her mind, and the girls left. Kyle sarcastically said that Jack had done a nice job backing off.

In the elevator, Courtney raved that Kyle had been helpful and cool, and she could see why Summer had been into him. Summer testily told Courtney not to throw it in her face if Courtney intended to hit on Kyle. Courtney swore that she would never go after Kyle, and she asked if Noah was off-limits, too. Summer apologized for overreacting, and she realized that if she didn't do something, she would push everyone away.

Kyle reprimanded Jack for scheming to get time alone with Summer, and Jack complained that he was the only one who had been robbed of time. Jack contended that Katherine's death had taught him that every day that passed, he could never get back, and he wouldn't give up another minute. Kyle warned that Jack could push Summer further away, and Jack revealed that Summer was already talking about leaving town. Summer knocked on the door and asked if it was a bad time, and Kyle left for a meeting. Summer asked if Jack still had a seat for her on his plane, and he happily confirmed that he did.

Later, Kyle chased down Summer at Crimson Lights, and he advised her not to go with Jack, because it was bound to result in more conflict with Victor. Kyle contended that everyone was looking out for themselves, but the big brother in him was trying to protect her. She appreciated Kyle's concern, but she insisted that she was going to Georgia because she missed her mom. Kyle understood, and he said that he would give anything to talk to his mom again. He swore that he had Summer's back and that he wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

At the ranch, Adam reiterated that his investor wished to remain anonymous, and he refused to betray a confidence. Victor contended that he had no reason to consider Adam's suggestion to take over Chancellor Industries. Adam compared it to playing a game of corporate chicken, because there were no guarantees that Victor would hold up his end. Victor implored Adam to trust him, and Adam said that it was a two-way street. Victor asserted that no one would hand over billions of dollars without expecting anything in return, and he demanded to know what promises Adam had made.

Adam claimed that he'd simply promised a return on the investment, and he maintained that the investor wasn't interested in running the company but only collecting dividends. Victor suggested that they meet with the investor in person, and he offered to send the Newman jet to fly the investor to Genoa City. Victor barked that without a meeting, Adam could forget the idea of a Chancellor takeover. Adam claimed that his investors were a group of his buddies from business school. Victor grumbled that the investors were Harvard boys, and Adam said that it should be a bonus.

Victor crowed that he'd made a fortune without finishing high school, but Adam contended that his friends' record on Wall Street was impressive. Victor asked for the name of the consortium, and Adam explained that they'd named themselves Fishhook Capital while on a fishing trip in Alaska. Victor requested a history of the firm's investments and a meeting with the men. Adam said that he had every name and number on his phone, and he said that Victor was welcome to call Stinky, Flounder, and other former classmates he referred to by nickname.

Victor called Adam's story a bunch of bull, and Adam said that he hadn't told Victor about his friends because he knew that Victor despised old boys' networks. Victor refused to trust his company to "a bunch of overindulged trust-fund frat boys," but Adam yelled that he only wanted Victor to trust him. Adam thought that Victor would always find excuses to malign Adam's judgment, and Adam ranted that he'd had the idea and the money to privatize Newman. Adam thought that he deserved Victor's respect, but he realized that no matter what he did, it would never be enough to measure up in Victor's eyes. Adam proclaimed that he was done, and he stormed out.

Victor ordered an investigator to find out everything about Fishhook Capital and to add surveillance to Adam's home, car, and office. Victor told the man to track down the identity of the investor Adam was dealing with.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam ordered a drink and told the bartender to leave the bottle. Adam made a call and said that Victor wouldn't consider pursuing Chancellor unless Adam revealed the investor's identity. Adam spat that he wanted to make his father pay. "So let's talk," Jack replied.

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