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Rick and Caroline's fashion show boosted Forrester's bottom line. Rick kept his job but lost Maya once she discovered that Rick had slept with Caroline after the showing. Wyatt berated Bill for his treatment of Katie and Will, and Bill and Liam banished Wyatt from the family.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 26, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, August 26, 2013

In the showroom, Marcus, Donna, and Dayzee were befuddled by the chatting buyers who'd remained after the showing. Pam offered lemon bars to some men, and they actually liked them.

Nearby, Rafael told Carter that Maya had been eyeing him from the catwalk. Carter didn't believe it, but Rafael insisted that she'd been looking at her leading man, and Carter shouldn't give up.

The Forrester employees gathered with Othello and Rafael. They all figured it was Rick's last day as president. Some guessed that Rick had Maya to lean on, but Rafael added that Rick had Caroline, too.

Backstage, Eric said that the show hadn't been what he'd expected. Caroline readily tried to take the blame for the show, but Thorne and Thomas argued that it was Rick's fault as president, and the company wouldn't raise a hundred million in sales from the showing.

Eric asked for Hope's opinion, and Hope responded that they'd worked very hard, and it had been trendy, innovative, and fresh. Thomas and Thorne asserted that it had failed, according to the audience's response. Rick said he'd been going after new markets.

Eric relayed that it wasn't something he would have done, and a smug look crept onto Thorne's face. Thorne figured that it hadn't been Eric's kind of show. Thomas and Thorne argued that Rick had already had his chance, and they demanded to know what Eric's answer was. Eric handed Thorne a clipboard and asked everyone to take a look.

"These are orders. These are huge orders!" Hope exclaimed. Caroline said the orders were from Africa, China, India, and Japan. Eric explained that they'd taken the orders within the last hour. Thomas and Thorne stood in disbelief, but Eric showed them that there were real deposits on every order.

Eric repeated that he wouldn't have done it, but he said Rick's risk had paid off. Thomas and Thorne refused to call it a complete success because they hadn't gotten any domestic or European orders. Eric wouldn't quibble about the origin of the orders. To Eric, what mattered was that the orders were huge, and HFTF had been a hit.

Thorne tried to speak; however, Eric stated that he'd intended to make his decision based upon the orders, and he had done exactly that. With a handshake, Eric congratulated President Rick and said that Rick was well on his way. Rick replied that it felt good to be vindicated.

Thorne, Thomas, and Eric left, and Rick credited Caroline with his success. Caroline replied that she'd just done simple math about the market. Hope almost felt sorry for Thomas and Thorne, and Rick said the two men in question needed to get on board. Maya hugged Rick, and Caroline looked sad.

Everyone exited but Rick. Eric returned to say that he hadn't experienced anything like what had happened that day. Eric conveyed that the designs were world-class, and Rick had exhibited strong corporate leadership. Eric proudly added that it was Rick's success, and the tearful Rick hugged Eric.

Some Asian buyers entered to toast with Rick. They poured shots of a strong elixir and cheered, "Gan bei!" Rick threw his shot back and coughed, which amused the buyers. They poured again, and Rick obliged them with another toast.

Caroline watched Rick and the buyers and recalled what Rafael had told her about Maya and Carter. Maya approached to congratulate Caroline, and Maya hoped the mistrust was behind them. Caroline murmured that they'd see, and Maya remarked that it was no secret how Caroline felt about Rick. Caroline thought "it's no secret" was an interesting choice of words to use.

Maya strode off, and Rafael approached to ask if Caroline had told Rick about Carter and Maya. Caroline watched Rick with the buyers and said she didn't want to ruin the moment for Rick. Rafael insisted that if she wanted her boyfriend back, she'd tell Maya's dirty little secret.

Later, the caterers were cleaning up the showroom as Thorne and Thomas stood in it, lamenting about the evening. Thomas murmured that Rick had just gotten lucky, but Thorne replied that it was back to the basement. Thomas guessed he'd return to being Rick's errand boy, but Thorne remarked that Thomas at least had a secretary and office without rats.

Eric appeared and overheard the grumblings. Thorne stated that Eric had always said that a man was only as good as his last show. Eric asked why Forrester's success didn't seem to matter, but then he remembered that Thorne always had to make it personal. Eric demanded that Thomas and Thorne work with Rick and support him.

Nearby, Maya emerged from backstage, and Carter complimented her performance that evening. Maya still intended to tell Rick that she and Carter had made out the other evening. She said it hadn't been as if she and Carter had made love. She reasoned that she'd just turned to Carter for support, and things had gotten a little too close. "A little too hot," Carter corrected.

Maya insisted that nothing had happened, and Carter thought that was why she should remain quiet about it. He asked if she could honestly tell Rick that it would never happen again or that she wasn't attracted to Carter. Maya claimed to love Rick, who deserved the truth. Carter figured that the feelings he and Maya had shared upon kissing were the truth.

Maya declared that she was with Rick, and it couldn't happen again. Carter hoped Rick knew what he had, and Maya responded that Rick and Carter were good men. Carter hoped that Rick would appreciate her honesty, and she said Rick deserved the truth after being lied to by a lot of women.

Carter reasoned that people might have lied to Rick because they didn't think they could trust him with the truth. Maya believed that she could, and Carter hoped it worked out for her. He wanted to see her happy, but he was willing to be a friend to lean on if it didn't work out for her.

In the CEO's office, Caroline noted that the happily exasperated Rick had really been knocking back the drinks. Rick replied that he needed coffee, and she suggested they get some. He declined but expressed his gratefulness to her. He gave her a big hug, and she suggested again that they celebrate.

The tipsy Rick said that he had plans, and Caroline mumbled that she'd really messed things up between them. Rick replied that it was in the past, and she'd find a trusting relationship some day. Caroline braced herself and told Rick that Maya wasn't who he thought she was. "Caroline, don't," Rick responded. Caroline insisted that she wasn't bashing; she just couldn't hold it in any longer.

Caroline stated that something was going on with Maya and Carter. Rick couldn't believe Caroline really wanted to go there after they'd gotten over the past. Caroline revealed that Carter had spent the night at Maya's house after the premiere. Though Caroline didn't know what had transpired between the two, she did know that Carter had indeed been there.

Rick assumed that Caroline was up to her old tricks again, but Caroline stood by what she'd said. Rick claimed Maya wouldn't have done something like that. Caroline figured there could be a good reason for it, but he'd deserved to know that it had happened. Rick grumbled that she'd ruined their incredible night with garbage, and he was done with her. "Why don't you ask her yourself?" Caroline insisted.

Caroline strode out of the room just as Maya was entering. Maya was glad to finally have time alone with Rick, but she noticed that something was wrong. Rick explained that he'd heard something. He felt silly mentioning it, but he said he'd heard that Carter had spent the night at her place.

Rick tried to retract the statement, but Maya asked him to continue. Rick figured that she was straightforward and understood what secrets could do to a relationship. Shaking his head, he decided that he was sure it hadn't happened. Maya rendered a guilty stare, and he nervously asked her to say that it hadn't happened.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick was upset that Maya had allowed Carter to spend the night at her place. Maya tried to explain that she had been upset that Rick hadn't attended her Room 8 premiere. Rick noted that Carter had been there, but Maya reminded Rick that Carter was also in Room 8, so it was his premiere as well.

Rick asked how far it had gone with Carter, and Maya explained that she'd had a lot of wine. She quickly added that she and Carter had made out, but it had never gone any further. Rick wondered if they had been intimate, but Maya told him they had done nothing but kiss. Maya said Carter had spent the night on the couch. Rick remembered that he had spent the night on Maya's couch before as well.

Rick lamented that he had tried to find Maya that night and had left her multiple messages. Maya said that her phone had disappeared. Maya cried that she should have trusted Rick, but she had worried that Rick had blown her off.

Out in the hallway, Caroline listened to Rick and Maya's conversation through the door, and Rafael stopped her. Caroline said that Maya and Rick could end things or could end up closer than ever. Rafael and Caroline went into another office. Rafael said he had never seen Caroline so unsure of herself.

"I want things to work between he and I," Caroline said, adding, "I know that we belong together." Rafael hugged Caroline and told her that he also had hot footage from Room 8. He suggested Caroline show it to Rick if she needed it.

Back inside Rick's office, Rick lamented that the idea of Carter making out with Maya bothered him. Maya admitted she had made a bad judgment call. Maya promised that they could work it out. Rick disagreed. He said he'd had a long day, and his head was spinning. "Not tonight," Rick said. He left.

Rick returned to his home, and Caroline was waiting for him. Caroline dished that Maya didn't deserve Rick. Caroline suggested that they forget about Maya. Rick agreed. Caroline offered a massage. She showed Rick the footage of Maya and Carter from Room 8, and she said that Maya and Carter weren't just acting -- they appeared to have a real attraction.

Caroline pointed out that she had never been unfaithful to Rick or wavered in her commitment to Rick. She noted that they were a great team in the bedroom and boardroom. They had forged a stronger relationship with HFTF. Caroline begged Rick to give their relationship a second chance. "You won't regret it," Caroline promised. She said they had plenty to celebrate. Caroline stripped down to her underwear and kissed Rick.

At Liam's, Liam waited for Hope to return from the fashion show. Hope showed up, and Liam said that no matter what had happened, he had chocolates and champagne for her. "It was amazing," Hope said. She explained that it had been a huge success. They toasted with champagne to new beginnings.

Liam gave Hope a present -- jewelry engraved with the new HFTF logo. They kissed and made love. Afterwards, Hope said she was happy that no one had to leave because they were home. Liam admired Hope's spirit and persistence. Liam noted that Hope could have dropped Liam like a bad habit a long time before, but she had waited for him. "Because you're worth it," Hope said.

Maya went to the studio to meet Rafael, but only the janitor was there. Carter showed up. He asked about Rick, and Maya shared that she might have lost Rick forever. Carter told Maya that Rick would get over it, but she disagreed. Carter wanted to get coffee, but Maya refused. She wanted to be alone, but Carter suggested she shouldn't be alone. Maya told Carter to leave, and she cried.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke and Bill met with Hope and Liam, who wondered why Brooke and Bill had wanted to meet. Bill announced that his marriage to Katie was officially over. Hope and Liam showed their surprise. Bill added that Katie continued to push him away and then want him to return. Bill said he could no longer handle it.

Bill said that he had moved in with Brooke. Bill advised that Brooke and Bill wanted Hope and Liam's support because they were all family. Hope piped up that Katie was family. Hope said that she had heard Brooke's excuse that Katie had pushed Bill and Brooke together too many times.

Bill replied that Katie had plenty of help, and she would be fine. Hope refused to listen. Bill advised Hope not to attack Brooke. Bill insisted that Hope's problem was with him and not with her mother. Bill said that he knew Hope hated him for everything he had done to keep Hope and Liam apart.

Hope told Brooke and Bill that they could use any excuse they wanted to justify their affair, but the truth was that they had known that Katie had been sick and hadn't been herself. Hope turned on her mother. Hope wondered how Brooke could turn to the man who had shattered Hope's heart more than once. Hope wondered how Brooke could move Bill into the house where Hope had grown up.

Hope called it all a slap in the face after all the times that Hope had supported her mother no matter what her mother had done. Hope was angry that Brooke would steal her sister's husband. "She's your sister," Hope shouted at Brooke. Bill interrupted, but Hope told him he was an arrogant, egocentric jerk who never cared about anyone. Hope left, and Liam followed.

Brooke tried to follow, but Bill stopped her. Bill reminded Brooke how committed Bill and Brooke were to each other. Bill promised to make amends with Hope no matter what it took. Bill and Brooke kissed.

At Spencer, Katie held Will and reminded him that he was in Daddy's office, which had become Mommy's office. Wyatt entered and introduced himself. Katie said she wanted to get to know Wyatt, but it was a bad time. Wyatt said he understood that she was mad at his dad. Katie dished about how it hadn't been Bill's first affair in their marriage.

Katie sent the baby off with her assistant, and Wyatt said he hoped to spend more time with Will in the future. Katie agreed he would still have time as a big brother. Katie explained that she'd had a heart transplant and had almost died giving birth to Will. Then she related that she'd had postpartum depression.

Katie added that Bill had had a fling with Steffy Forrester, and Will inquired, "Liam's Steffy?" Katie said that Bill had taken up with Brooke -- Hope's mother -- recently.

"Your father turned his back on us," Katie said. Wyatt was surprised. He told Katie that he had left his own family business to spend time with his dad. Wyatt worried that Bill was abandoning another child. Katie advised that Bill had built an empire and planned to ruin their home. Wyatt claimed he wouldn't allow Bill to abandon another baby.

At Forrester, Maya showed up at Pam's desk. Maya asked about Rick, and Pam said Rick and Caroline hadn't been in yet, but they deserved the break. Pam admitted that she'd had little faith in the HFTF line, but she added that Caroline and Rick had pulled it off and made one heck of a team. Maya planned to catch up with Rick at his home.

At Rick's place, Rick awakened to see Caroline. She offered Rick coffee. His phone beeped. Thorne called and needed Rick to get into the office fast. Caroline cooed that she and Rick had connected the previous night, and she thought it was a new beginning. She told him that she loved him. Caroline promised that Rick would be CEO of Forrester Creations one day, and she planned to be by his side.

Later, Maya showed up, and Caroline had just exited the shower. Caroline told Maya that she had missed Rick. Caroline added that Maya's relationship with Rick was over. "You were his walk on the wild side, fresh out of prison," Caroline said.

Caroline advised that princes didn't marrying commoners. She recommended that Maya quit her job at Forrester and focus on acting and on Carter, a man who truly cared about her. Maya argued that she didn't have Caroline's high-society upbringing, but Maya was confident that Rick loved her. Maya insisted that if her relationship was over with Rick, Maya would only believe it if she heard it from Rick.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Maya arrived. Glad to see her, Rick said he'd been trying to reach her to apologize for being harsh about Carter. Rick had been hurt that she'd let Carter stay at her house, but Rick wished he'd reacted better. He hoped they could get past it.

Rick didn't want to blame it on the alcohol, even though the buyers had really poured it on. Maya reasoned that drinks sometimes helped people to do what they really wanted. He claimed to have something to tell her about the previous night, and Maya told him that she'd gone by the guesthouse that morning. Rick tensed. "So tell me again...about how you value honesty!" Maya demanded.

Maya relayed that she'd seen Rick's guest, fresh out of the shower, so Rick could stop stressing about how he was going to tell her about it. Rick figured that he had some explaining to do, and Maya didn't understand. Maya asked what she didn't understand about him spending the night with Caroline.

Rick claimed that he'd been upset. Maya said he'd been drunk, too, and jealous about Carter sleeping on her couch. Rick explained that Caroline had showed up at his house, but Maya declared that she'd been a phone call away, waiting for him and praying that she hadn't messed up.

From her purse Maya retrieved the necklace Rick had given her. Rick wanted her to keep it, but she said he shouldn't have given his grandmother's necklace to her. She advised him to give it to someone that he'd one day care enough about not to let an argument and drinks get in the way. Maya handed him the jewelry and also her resignation from Forrester.

Rick asserted that he wouldn't let Maya resign, but Maya said it was a mistake thinking she could be there in his place with Caroline. Maya admitted that it had been a thrill to be swept up in glamour and fashion; however, it wasn't who she was, and she didn't want to be like Caroline.

Maya decided that Caroline, the Manhattan socialite and designer, was more Rick's type. Maya was sure that if she remained there, Caroline would always be a problem, and Maya didn't want to fight it anymore. "Goodbye," Maya uttered and strode out.

In Bill's old office, Katie said that she hadn't wanted to unduly influence Wyatt, but he needed to know what to expect as Bill's son. Wyatt guessed he should expect nothing in light of how Bill was treating his baby son. She explained that Bill hadn't had a good role model for being a father, and Bill's father had barely spoken two words to Bill while Bill been growing up.

Wyatt guessed Bill thought he should leave his kids to the mothers to raise and then take them under his wing when they were old enough to drink. Katie explained that Bill hadn't known about his older sons, but he'd claimed that he wanted to be involved with Will. She supposed time would tell.

Wyatt said Bill had given Wyatt's mother abortion money, and later, Wyatt had appeared in Bill's life as if Bill had deserved it. "He doesn't," Katie responded.

Katie explained that Bill would try to control every aspect of Wyatt's life, even down to whom Wyatt married. She relayed that Liam and Steffy never would have been together if Bill hadn't been involved. Katie said Bill had wanted Steffy in the family regardless of Liam's feelings for Hope, and Wyatt had better watch out before the same thing happened to him.

Wyatt guessed that everything Quinn had said was right. Katie replied that she would have done the same as Quinn had done if Katie had needed to protect Will. Katie knew that she wasn't blameless in her problems, but she'd wanted her marriage. The only problem was that she no longer fit into Bill's plans.

Wyatt was upset that Bill was throwing away his family to be with his wife's sister. Katie felt that it was good that Wyatt was seeing Bill for who Bill was. "Maybe it won't hurt so much when he throws you away," Katie concluded.

Wyatt didn't think Katie or his mother deserved for Bill to impregnate them and toss them aside for other women. Katie replied that she didn't know why Bill had left Quinn, but people did stupid things in their youth. Katie added that Bill no longer had youth as an excuse.

Katie explained that her postpartum depression had led to Bill and Brooke's hookup, and Wyatt was flabbergasted that Bill would leave Katie after she'd almost died in childbirth. Katie suggested that Wyatt get used it. As he charged out of the room, Wyatt claimed that he wasn't like Liam, who'd let his father get away with everything. Wyatt left, and Katie's mind churned in calculating thought.

In the lobby at Spencer, the receptionist froze when Bill entered and saw her reading a magazine and munching on pretzels. He informed her that she was the first person their visitors saw, and she made the first impression on them. Bill ordered her to ditch the magazine and food. She stuttered in response, and he ordered her to stop doing that, too.

Bill grimaced when he saw that Katie's picture had replaced his on the video monitors in the lobby. "Orders from the new CEO," responded the maintenance man who'd just made the change.

Bill stormed into Liam's office and raged about Katie's face on the monitors. Liam noted that Katie was the CEO, and Bill snarled that Katie couldn't replace him. Liam conveyed that he was on his father's side and thought it was crazy that Katie would try to take Bill's job.

Bill thanked his son for standing by him and for trying to help with the family meeting earlier. He hoped Liam could get Hope to warm up to the situation, because Hope's blessing might give Brooke some peace. Liam offered to try, but to him, it seemed that Hope was firmly on her aunt's side.

The topic turned to Wyatt, and Liam said the siblings were getting along after Wyatt had stopped kissing Liam's fiancée. The chuckling Bill thought a little sibling rivalry was healthy for his sons. Glad that Bill was amused, Liam relayed that he'd done as Bill had asked and had let Wyatt's back into Liam's house. "My house," Bill corrected.

Liam conveyed that he had a funny feeling about Wyatt. Bill became curious, and Liam explained that Wyatt seemed to always be thinking and calculating to be two steps ahead. Bill thought that was a good thing, but Liam said it might not be. Liam couldn't get a read on Wyatt, Wyatt's ambitions, or how far Wyatt was willing to go to get what he wanted.

Bill guessed it was an adjustment to get used to a new brother. Liam didn't want to be difficult. He wanted to get to know his brother and joke around like brothers did. Bill said the siblings would get there, but Liam grimaced at his shook his head. Liam wondered whether Bill found it strange how quickly Wyatt had assimilated himself in Bill's "own little mini me."

In a sing-song tone, Liam mimicked Wyatt, who had seemed to be sucking up to Bill. Bill found Liam's complaints amusing. Liam added that Wyatt was also condescending, but Bill stated that he hadn't noticed that. "Because he's two-faced," Liam decided. Bill figured that Wyatt was just trying, but Liam wondered what it was that Wyatt was trying for.

Though Liam knew that Bill thought Liam was a bad judge of character, Liam insisted that he had a strange feeling about his brother. Liam had noticed the carefully measured words Wyatt was using to manipulate his way into Bill's wallet and family. "Well, he is family," Bill replied. Liam warned Bill to keep his eyes open while Wyatt was busily worshiping the ground Bill walked on.

Just then, Wyatt tore into the office to confront Bill about leaving Katie for her sister. Wyatt asserted that Katie was a wreck. "What else is new?" Bill asked and changed the subject to the family meeting that he'd wanted Wyatt to attend earlier that day. Wyatt quipped that he was glad he hadn't been there, and Bill asked what was with Wyatt's attitude.

Wyatt raged that he had a problem with Bill walking out on another son. Wyatt couldn't believe that Bill had convinced Wyatt to walk out on his mother, who'd been right about who Bill really was. Wyatt screamed that Bill had walked out on Wyatt and Quinn, and Bill was doing it again with Will.

Bill stated that he was leaving Katie, not Will, and Will would be just fine. Wyatt jerked Bill up by the collar. Wyatt raged that he hadn't been fine without a father, and Will wouldn't be, either.

Friday, August 30, 2013

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline found Rick working outside by the pool. She'd heard that he'd be working from home, but for her, it was a bonus to find him shirtless. Caroline mentioned Maya's resignation, and Rick murmured that his expectations had been too high. Caroline knew it hurt him, but she reasoned that Maya had been like a dream to him. Rick replied that it had felt real.

Changing the subject, Rick asked if Caroline wore a swimsuit beneath her clothes. Caroline replied that she had nothing on beneath them. He called her dangerous, and she revealed that she had a little something with her. "And when I say little, I mean little," she teased, pulling a bikini from her bag.

Rick and Caroline frolicked by the pool. Music played as they applied sunscreen lotion on each other and tossed berries into each other's mouths. They cuddled on a deck chair after a swim, and he apologized for not appreciating her enough. "You appreciated me last night," she sensually replied.

Rick stated that Caroline was bratty at times, but she was really something. Even though they'd lost their way in their past relationship, Rick had decided that it would mean a lot to him if they could give it a real try. Caroline grinned with excitement, and the two kissed.

At Spencer, Katie grimaced to see Brooke arrive after Katie had instructed the staff not to let Brooke in. Brooke claimed to be there to figure out how they could all get along. Katie thought the spiel should be interesting to hear. Brooke insisted that at some point, Katie would find it easier to make peace than to be angry, but Katie wondered in what universe Brooke saw them as friends.

Katie assumed that Brooke had arrived to shed her robotic tears in hopes of Katie giving in, wishing Brooke and Bill well, and suggesting that they all raise Will together. Katie said Brooke shouldn't hold her breath, and it was pathetic and gross for Katie's sister to shack up with her husband.

Brooke asserted that Katie had pushed Brooke and Bill together and had walked out on Bill. Katie contended that she'd been depressed for months. Brooke stated that it had gone on long past Katie's depression, and Katie hadn't heeded Brooke's warnings about Katie's treatment of Bill. Though Brooke had made mistakes, she refused to assume the blame for Katie's. Brooke said that Katie was alone because she'd walked out on Bill, not because of Brooke.

Brooke recited a litany of changes Katie had pushed upon Bill, changes that Bill had reluctantly complied with. Katie countered that he hadn't been faithful, and Brooke had made it easy for him to fail by standing there with open arms. Katie asserted that Brooke could keep telling her version of events, but the truth was that Brooke had known exactly what she'd been doing when she'd gotten with Bill.

Brooke cited that Katie had vowed to honor Bill and asked why Katie hadn't been able to do so. For Brooke, doing so would have been easy. "Well, now you have your chance because he's your problem," Katie decided.

Choosing to see the bright side of things, Katie said she'd learned to assert herself. She no longer planned to live in anyone's shadow or worry herself into heart attacks. Katie was ready to move on and have a new beginning for herself and her son. Brooke was glad to hear that.

Katie asked Brooke to leave. Brooke didn't think the talk was over, but Katie was done with it. Katie said that they had to be sisters, but their relationship would never be the same. Brooke still wanted to work through it. Katie, however, just wanted Brooke to give Katie the space to live her life.

In Liam's office, Liam hopped up to defend Bill, but Bill said that it was okay. Wyatt held onto Bill's collar, and in an ominous tone, Bill advised Wyatt to listen very carefully. "I really hate when my shirts get wrinkled. So unless you want to take this to a whole nother level, which will end in you ironing my shirt, I suggest you back the hell up and get out of my personal space," Bill advised, and Wyatt let go.

Bill stated that Wyatt wouldn't always like his father, but Wyatt would respect his father. Wyatt retorted that he didn't respect anyone who'd abandon a child. "Dude, trust me -- you are about to regret doing this," Liam stated. Wyatt, however, asserted that he was already doing it.

Wyatt decided that Bill claimed to be about family, but in reality, Bill only cared about money and women. Bill didn't want to hear it from a son who'd been foaming at the mouth for his wealth ever since they'd met. Wyatt admitted that he'd considered being like his important, rock-star businessman father, but Wyatt had since learned that Bill was empty, shallow, and characterless.

Wyatt called Bill clueless and selfish to give up an incredible wife for her sister. Wyatt raged that Bill was trading blondes for brunettes; however, another child was involved. Wyatt recalled that he also had been an inconvenience to Bill. "Not nearly as inconvenient as you are now," Bill quipped. Bill asked who Wyatt thought he was to judge Bill, and Wyatt retorted that he was Will in twenty-five years.

Bill admitted that he'd been delighted to find his new son. He'd liked Wyatt's swagger and had decided to fast-track Wyatt, who'd reminded Bill of himself. "But there can only be one me," Bill asserted. Bill decided that their downfall might be that they were too much alike.

Wyatt retorted that he'd never walk out on his own son. Liam interjected that Bill hadn't abandoned Wyatt, because Bill hadn't known of his existence. Wyatt raged that Bill hadn't wanted Wyatt to exist, but his mother had protected him. Liam also said Bill hadn't abandoned Will, either; Katie had left Bill. Wyatt claimed to know all about it, and Bill surmised that Wyatt had talked to Katie and chosen to believe her over his own father.

Wyatt declared that he was standing up for Will, who shouldn't have to go through what his older brothers had. Bill decided that Wyatt's heroism was misplaced, and Wyatt didn't know what he was talking about. "And even if you did, it's none of your damn business," Bill concluded.

Bill asked "what the hell" was wrong with Wyatt, who'd wound up becoming a screwup after Bill had welcomed him as a Spencer heir. Bill claimed that he'd seen stupid people before, but he'd never thought one of them would be his own son. Wyatt decided that Bill couldn't take criticism because people only kissed his "ass."

Bill reasoned that Wyatt only sought to pick a fight, and Bill didn't like that, especially from his son. Liam advised Wyatt to save himself trouble by admitting his wrong and apologizing. "No, thanks," Wyatt shot back. Bill figured that Wyatt harbored resentment, but they'd set some things straight.

Bill said that Quinn had kept his son from him. Though Bill had been too young to have a child with a woman that he'd hardly known, if he'd known about Wyatt, he would have been there for Wyatt. Wyatt replied that he didn't think Bill got where Wyatt was "coming from."

Bill said he got it; Wyatt was playing the victim, and Bill didn't like that. Wyatt had also disrespected Bill. "I like that even less. You don't ever put your hands on your father," Bill asserted.

Bill said there had been plenty of times that he'd wanted to choke the life out of his brutal father, but he'd never done it because his father had been the reason that he was on the earth. Bill felt that he'd owed his father respect for at least that much. Bill decided that Wyatt was acting like nothing but a punk, and if that was all Wyatt had to offer, Bill didn't want Wyatt anywhere near him.

"Okay, I got it, Dad," Wyatt said. Bill was surprised to be called "dad" suddenly but asked about being Wyatt's "daddy" or "papa." Bill decided that it was too late for any of that because they were done. To Wyatt's surprise, Bill asked for Wyatt's security badge and credit card.

Bill bellowed that he no longer wanted Wyatt contacting him, and Bill didn't want to see Wyatt's face. According to Bill, Wyatt was no longer welcome at the office or in the family. "Get the hell out," Bill demanded. Wyatt dropped the items on the desk and strode out.

In the lobby, Wyatt paused to recall the first meal he'd had with Liam and Bill. Liam approached to say he'd wanted to like Wyatt and be Wyatt's friend; however, from the time that they'd met, Wyatt had been condescending, judgmental, and disrespectful with Liam's fiancée. Liam was glad about what had transpired because it had given Bill a chance to see who Wyatt really was.

Liam instructed Wyatt to go to the cliff house and pack up his things. Liam said that it would be fine with him if he never saw Wyatt again. "Good luck. It was nice knowing you," Liam stated, and Wyatt stormed out of the building.

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