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Kendall was furious when Zach did not attend Ethan's funeral. Jamie was unable to convince JR that Janet had kidnapped Babe and little Adam. Babe was stunned when she found a body in a freezer. Dixie was accidentally shot when JR threatened to kill Krystal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Talking to her mirror image, Janet realizes almost immediately that Babe may have been playing her in order to escape the cabin. Janet quickly leaves the cabin and manages to stop Babe. After Janet puts little Adam in his crib, she returns to confront Babe about her deception. At first Babe denies trying to deceive Janet and tries to convince her that she was only trying to leave town so that she can protect her son the way that Janet tries to protect Amanda. Janet doesn't believe Babe. Angry and frustrated, Babe loses her temper. Things become heated and Janet picks up a fireplace poker which she uses to intimidate Babe. She quickly locks Babe in the bedroom and as Babe looks for something to use to help her loosen the boards on the window, Janet can be heard talking to Trevor.

As Amanda leaves Janet another frantic message, David slips into Myrtle's house and spikes Amanda's iced tea before hiding. Tad arrives a few minutes later and tries to get Amanda to cooperate with him in finding Janet. She insists that she can't help him, explaining that she promised her mother that no matter what happens she will not let her go to an institution. She tries to make Tad understand that institutionalizing Janet would be like killing her. Tad appreciates the difficult situation Amanda is in, but reminds her that Janet may have taken Babe and little Adam. Unfortunately, nothing is able to sway Amanda so Tad leaves. Once Amanda is alone, David makes his presence known. He tells her that he put truth serum in her drink and that she will have no alternative but to tell him the truth. As David questions her, Amanda answers truthfully including when she swears that she does not know where Janet is. Frustrated, David decides to flush Janet out by taking Amanda and trading her for Babe and little Adam. Before he can carry out his plan, he is rendered unconscious when Janet sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head with an iron skillet.

Erica tries to encourage Josh to leave town. She tells him that he is nothing to her and has no intention of going to the police about his drugging her. Josh points out that she has no evidence that he did any such thing. Erica isn't concerned about that. She tells him that his career with her company is over and that he would be wise to use his connections to pursue his ambitions in L.A. Given her animosity toward him, Josh finds Erica's change in attitude rather curious. Erica insists that she just wants to get Josh out of her life in the most expedient manner possible. Before Josh leaves, he admits that he might have sold Erica short.

Tad visits Erica. When he mentions seeing Josh by the elevators, Erica tells him about their talk. Tad asks Erica why she wants Josh to leave town without telling him that he's her son. Erica explains that she made the decision because of Kendall. When Kendall found out that Erica had given her up for adoption, something broke inside of Kendall. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to Josh. Tad is understanding but warns her that Joe may not be so accepting of her decision. They decide to talk to Joe. As they leave Erica's room, they are just in time to hear Josh accept Joe's job offer to work at the hospital as an intern.

Kendall asks Ryan to move in with her. He accepts but asks her why she wants them to live together. Kendall is honest. She tells Ryan that Zach lives across the way from her and that they are still in love. She doesn't want a moment of vulnerability to send her to his arms to comfort him while he's grieving for Ethan. Later, after Kendall arrives home, she hears a knock at the door. Half hoping it's Zach, she goes to answer the knock and finds JR standing on her doorstep. At first she is not pleased to see him but JR quickly tells her that Babe has betrayed him. She invites him in and listens as he tells her what happened. To his shock, Kendall tells him that it's possible for someone to love a person and still betray them.

Dixie listens as JR speaks to his mother's spirit, asking for help and guidance. Touched by JR's desperate need for help, Dixie starts to go to him. Not knowing his mother is nearby, JR walks out of the cabin before she can make her presence known. She ends up at the cemetery where Will is buried. Zach is there, kneeling by the plot where Ethan will soon be interred. They strike up a conversation and before long they are both sharing their burdens about their loved ones, their mistakes and their losses. Dixie is careful not to give her identity away or the identity of her loved once. When she asks Zach what he would do in her shoes, Zach advises her to leave town and then uses her name. Dixie is shocked.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Josh accepted the internship offered to him by Dr. Joe at PV Hospital. Joe told Erica and Tad that his main concern was his grandson and that he intended to help Josh find his way. Erica and Tad told Joe that Josh was a shark and that he was using him to spite Greg Madden and her. Tad said that Josh could not be trusted, but Joe told Erica that years ago she made a choice that neither he nor Jeff could do anything about. She asked if he approved of what Madden had done. Joe said that he never approved of what Erica had done. Erica tried to explain to Joe why she "terminated" her pregnancy. Erica said that when she was pregnant with Jeff's baby, she had a constant and blinding fear the entire time. She said she didn't realize it at the time, but it was because of the rape when she was younger. She said she didn't do it to further her career, but out of fear. Joe apologized to Erica but said he would not rescind his offer. Erica asked Joe if he was going to tell Josh that Erica was his mother and he said that should come from her. Tad told Joe that he had spoken with Jeff and he was not prepared to make any decisions concerning Josh.

At Tad's office, Aidan explained to J.R. that nobody in Janet's neighborhood had seen her since Thanksgiving. Aidan played tapes he had taken from Janet's house and asked Jonathan if he recognized her voice. Jonathan confirmed that the voice on the tape was the chameleon lady. J.R., of course, said that Jonathan's word was good for nothing. Jonathan asked J.R. why he was always so angry and if he had a brain tumor too. After seeing Janet in a picture, Jonathan again confirmed that was the lady who kept threatening him. Aidan ranted about the gall of Janet and how Jonathan could have spent the rest of his life behind bars because of her. Erin said, "I love you" to Aidan.

Janet, after whacking David in the head, asked Amanda if she wanted ice cream. Janet pulled out baby pictures, but Amanda asked where Babe was. Janet told her to put Babe out of her mind because she will never bother her again. Amanda frantically asked Janet where Babe and Little Adam were, but Janet only asked if David tried to hurt her. Amanda said, "The only one hurting me is you." Janet said she was not a criminal but a devoted mother. Amanda said to Janet that she loved her, but she couldn't let her leave. Amanda told Janet that she had to take her back to the hospital. Janet pleaded with Amanda not to send her back to the hospital. Janet said that the woman in the hospital had no one to love, not even herself. Amanda said she wouldn't send her back. As David came around, Janet hit him again with a book. He went down again. Amanda called Jamie and told him he had to get to Myrtle's immediately, but Janet caught her on the phone. Janet found a way to turn it around and make it all Babe's fault. Amanda told Janet that she loved her, and she didn't want to lose her and that was why she had to take her back to the hospital. Janet told her that there was no way she would go back to the hospital and that she was leaving, but Amanda told Janet that she would have to fight her to get past her. Janet told Amanda that she didn't want to hurt her, but Amanda said it was too late. Jamie came to the door just as the struggle between mother and daughter started.

Still locked in the cabin, Babe hurt her finger. Little Adam, adorable as ever, interacted with Babe while asking about her boo-boo. Babe called out to Janet but got no answer. Babe dreamed that J.R. broke in and saved her and little Adam.

When Zach called Dixie by name, she denied that's who she was. Zach then said her full name and told her that he knew her family. Zach told Dixie that he wasn't fond of her family and insulted J.R., calling him a mess. Dixie asked Zach if he was going to out her to her family, but he said that he didn't interfere with others anymore and he didn't give a damn about her family. Dixie asked Zach if he could go back would he change his choices and he said he wouldn't. Dixie explained that she had to come back to see J.R. and how he was doing. Zach asked Dixie if she still loved Tad and she said that sometimes she still does. She said that they were kids together and wished on stars, but if he knew what she had done, there would be no more wishes. Dixie told Zach that when she was younger, she thought if she listened to her heart she would make all the right decisions and do the right things. Zach spoofed her and said, "You mean by listening to your heart and wishing on stars and things like that" Dixie asked if she should listen to someone who was older and wiser and more cynical. Zach said, "Not that much older honey". Zach introduced himself, they shook hands and she said she had to go. He asked what she was going to do and she replied, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Amanda and Janet struggle inside as Jamie bangs on the door outside. He finally breaks the door open and grabs Janet. Amanda tells Jamie not to hurt her mother, but Janet is kicking and fussing as Jamie holds her tightly. David knocks Jamie in the head from behind, which gives Janet the chance to escape. David tells Jamie the blow was payback for hitting him, but Amanda explains that it was her mother who assaulted David. Jamie takes out his car keys, but Amanda steals them and scolds David for ruining their chance to find Babe and Little Adam. David tells Amanda that if he kidnaps Amanda, he and Janet can make a trade, but Jamie steps in. Amanda tells David she wants to help and before Janet left, she was going to turn her mother in. Jamie tells David that his plan could only set her off any further, especially since Janet thinks Amanda has betrayed her. Amanda apologizes to Jamie for not telling him what she knew, but she had a hard time believing her mother could do such terrible things. She wanted to take her home and have her father help with the situation. Jamie pleads with Amanda to remember anything that might help, but David continues to tear Amanda down. Jamie jumps in and reminds David that since Janet is so upset, she may take it out on Babe and Little Adam. Jamie calls the cops and tells them Janet is holding Babe and Little Adam hostage. Amanda tells him she has never seen her mother so crazed and is worried about how she will react. Jamie pushes Amanda to remember as much as she can, but they do not have any luck.

Adam continues to bug his crew about where Little Adam is, but Krystal comes in with a gun aimed at his head when he tells his workers not to worry about finding Babe. She tells Adam that just because Babe and Little Adam are missing, it does not mean she stole the baby. Adam doubts that Babe will return unless she is forced too. Krystal demands that Adam call off his goons, but her aggression just seems to turn Adam on. When JR walks in, Adam grabs Krystal's hands and they struggle with the gun. The gun goes off and Adam gets it from Krystal. No one is hurt, but JR immediately takes hold of the gun. Adam is shocked that the gun was loaded and realizes Krystal would have killed him. She admits it, but tells Adam their feud is far from over and leaves. When she comes back to go another round with Adam, a sheet is thrown over her head. She is taken to an old cabin by her kidnapper, JR.

David goes to see Adam and informs him that Janet is the reason Babe and Little Adam are missing. Adam claims he wants to stop Janet, but David thinks it is too late.

Babe wakes up from a nap and finds that Janet still is not back. She goes to check on her son, who is soundly sleeping in his crib, then continues to try to pry the wood off the window. She smiles when she finally pulls a nail out of one of the wooden planks. Babe reminds Janet telling her that if she was not careful and listened to her, she could put her own son's life in danger. She goes back to the boards and nearly pulls one off. Babe finally frees three boards and opens the window. She prays to God to let them get home safely before wrapping Little Adam up in blankets. Babe lowers Little Adam outside the window and grabs a blanket for herself. When she turns around, Janet is holding Little Adam by the window.

To avoid talking about the fact that Erin declared her love for Aidan, Erin starts playing pinball. Aidan asks Erin if she meant what she said, but Erin ignores his question. She tells him that when she said she loved him, it was because she realized Aidan's devotion to her brother. When Aidan blasted Janet for ruining Jonathan, it made her realize how much he cared about her brother, Erin says. Erin tells him she feels warm and safe whenever they are together. Aidan gives Erin a kiss.

Lily meets Jonathan in the woods but instead finds a spying Reggie. Reggie tells his sister he is only looking out for Lily's interest because she tends to never see the bad in people. Lily tells Reggie she is not stupid and asks him to leave. She covers her ears and begins to count as Reggie gets louder. He tells her he will leave for awhile and then return later so Lily can have her quiet space. Once Reggie is gone, Lily goes and hides inside her special tree. A ladder falls down from the sky with a note, "Climb Me," attached to it. She climbs up the ladder and finds Jonathan hiding in a tree house that he built for her. He uses purple pillows and tulips in the tree house too, but notes that he wants to do more with the house. Jonathan updates Lily about his name being cleared because Lily helped him prove that Janet is a real person. She tells him that maybe, if Jonathan used some of the lessons he learned in the life skills class, Jackson might like him. Jonathan doubts her father would like him because he has done so many bad things. When Lily suggests lying to her father, Jonathan says it is a bad idea. Lily asks him to teach her how to lie, Jonathan tries to explain that to tell a lie, all she has to do is say the opposite. He prefers just having people not ask about their relationship, but Lily says that will never happen. Jonathan pretends to be Ryan, who asks her if she has seen Jonathan today, but Lily gets nervous. She admits that when she looks at her father's face, she might not be able to lie. Jonathan just advises Lily to do what feels right. Lily goes down the tree house when she hears Reggie calling.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Zach is sitting in his office at the casino when Livia arrives. He thanks her for coming over so quickly, and she indicates that it sounded like he had urgent business. Zach confirms her suspicion and, after she expresses her condolences, he tells her that he wants to claim his son. He asks her to obtain Ethan's birth certificate and add his name (as Alexander Cambias Jr. a.k.a Zach Slater) as the father. Livia plans to get right on it, and Zach applauds her for her restraint. She asks why, and he tells her that as Ethan's lawyer, he believes that she probably has something to say about his current actions. She admits that it isn't her place, but that she hopes it gives him comfort. She tells him that she will see him at the funeral and starts to go, but Zach stops her. He asks one more favor of her - that she change his will. He tells her that despite their divorce, he wants Kendall to inherit his estate in the event of his death.

At the cemetery, Kendall arrives to find a weeping Simone at Ethan's grave. Without words, she embraces her friend in an attempt to provide some measure of comfort. Moments later, after she greets a few more people, Simone talks about random things in an event to keep her tears in check. Kendall assures her that Ethan is with her in spirit, and that having the ceremony at his grave, with just family and friends, is what Ethan would have wanted. Simone ponders the reality that she may be the only person representing the family, but Kendall reminds her that Zach qualifies too. Simone turns sharply and informs Kendall that should Zach show up, she will pause the service until she can find someone to throw him out. Kendall is horrified and tells Simone that doing so would be wrong, as Zach has every right to mourn Ethan at the service. Simone admits that she understands Kendall's reaction - she loves Zach, so it makes sense. However, she is amazed by the thought that Kendall might have actually forgiven him already - and asks Kendall to tell her that it isn't true. Kendall tells her that she doesn't think she will ever forgive Zach, but that doesn't mean he should be shut out. She starts to tell Simone of a story that Ethan relayed, about his dream father, and the adventures they would have together once they were reunited. Simone reveals that she was told the story as well. Kendall tells her that no matter what happens between parent and child, the child will always long for a real connection with said parent. Simone can tell by looking in Kendall's eyes that she had switched to speaking from experience. She then acquiesces and says that Zach, if he put in an appearance, would be allowed to stay. Just then, Ryan approaches the duo and tells her that the priest had asked if they were ready. Simone says that she's not, but knows that they can't put off the service forever. Ryan leads both women to their seats and he, along with several others, lines up behind. As the priest begins the service, Kendall fervently looks toward the garden's entrance in hopes that Zach had indeed decided to join them. Back at the casino, Zach briefly looks at Ethan's obituary, and then takes his leave.

As Livia sings a song at the service, Ryan watches as Kendall continues to look for Zach. Meanwhile, realizing that her search is futile, Kendall refocuses her attention on comforting Simone. As Dani joins in her effort, Amanda silently joins the crowd of mourners. After Livia concludes her song, Ryan stands before those gathered to eulogize Ethan - and talks of how they both struggled not to define themselves not by their families or their pasts - but rather by their actions. He notes that Ethan will be remembered for his overwhelming generosity and unconditional love. He goes back to his place behind Kendall's chair, and Simone approaches the casket and kneels, quietly telling Ethan that she will never stop loving him. The priest ends the service, and Kendall goes to assist Simone in getting back on her feet. As she rises, Kendall notes that even though she begged Simone to allow Zach to mourn with them, she is angered by the fact that he didn't even bother to show. Before they can delve into that heartache any further, Amanda approaches and expresses her condolences to Simone. Simone, vaguely puzzled, thanks her and starts to gather her things so that she can leave. Amanda begs Simone to hear her out, because she feels responsible. Simone doesn't understand how until Amanda tells her that her mother caused the explosion at the ball, after Amanda covered for her. The weight of the confession starts to sink in with Simone, and she tries to clarify that she is at a funeral, burying the love of her life, not because of an accident, but because someone made a conscious decision. Amanda apologizes profusely, saying that she thought that she could get her mother out of town and under control but now, after the fact, she has given a full statement and the police are out looking for her. Rage overflowing and Amanda's words falling on deaf ears, Simone unleashes two healthy slaps that land on each of Amanda's cheeks.

Across the courtyard, Livia tells Ryan that he will be receiving paperwork tomorrow that details one of Ethan's wishes: that upon his death, his Cambias shares should be bequeathed to Ryan. Flabbergasted, Ryan inquires as to why they weren't given to Simone. Livia posits that perhaps Ethan made that decision because without Ryan's help restoring his birthright, Ethan wouldn't have had the shares to begin with. She further notes that Simone will be well taken care of by a trust that Ethan set up for her.

Returning to the condos after the service, Kendall barges into Zach's place and without waiting for any provocation, she blasts Zach because she defended him and his absence made her feel like an idiot again. Enraged, she demands that he show his face and she starts to smash various pieces of glassware until he finally appears and stops her.

At the cabin, JR tries to rouse a sleeping Krystal so that she may start 'paying' for her daughter's mistakes. When Krystal finally reaches full consciousness, she realizes that JR tethered her to her chair at the wrists. Enraged, she demands to be released but JR remains unfazed. She asks if he is ready to reveal the reason he brought her here - and he tells her there is both good and bad news. The good news is that he is starting to feel bad for her. The bad news is that it seems like Babe doesn't care whether her mama lives or dies. He informs her that Babe must think of her as disposable - he sent a text message to Babe warning her to return his son or she would never see her mother again. The response came many hours later, and it said that she would never lose her son again - so JR should feel free to do what he has to do. Krystal asks to see the message, to ensure that JR was telling her the truth. He shows her, and after reading through it herself, she determines that the message doesn't sound like it actually came from her daughter. JR doesn't believe her, and he proceeds to further his drunken state. As he does so, he admits things that makes Krystal realize that JR really does love Babe. The realization dawns, and Krystal rhetorically asks what is wrong with Chandler men. She tries to assure him that Babe loves him too, and that if he releases her, she can talk to her daughter, sort everything out and make sure Babe is home in no time flat. JR doesn't believe for a second that she wouldn't leave if she has the chance. Krystal backs down and tells him that he can do all the work - all he has to do is get in touch with Babe and tell her that he won't press charges, and that they can work it out, and she is sure Babe will come home. JR drunkenly asks if that's really all he needs to do and Krystal tells him that it's his only shot.

After putting Little A down for his morning nap, Babe tries to get back on Janet's good side after her foiled escape attempt. Thought Janet has yet to speak, she strikes fear into Babe by silently examining new wood with which to re-board up the window. Babe tries to make excuses for what she did, but it doesn't seem to be penetrating Janet's stoic exterior. She then asks Janet if she is all right, and finally Janet breaks her silence and indicates that her behavior should tell Babe clearly that she's not. Babe asks if there is anything she can do to right her wrong, and this is the button that Janet needs pushed. She berates Babe for being so self-absorbed and assuming that she is the cause of Janet's bad mood. She also lets on at how irritated she is that Babe didn't even bother to ask what the real cause was. Babe tries to apologize, but Janet verbally runs all over her and diagnoses her with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and says that she should have gone to a shrink and received shock treatment for that. Janet then immediately dismisses her conclusion, noting instead that Babe has a shock treatment in store. A short time later, Janet returns with a bucket of water and silently begins to clean. Babe, apparently privy to an epiphany, admits that while she is selfish, she does care about some people: her son, her mother...even Janet. She tells Janet that she wants to help her feel better. Janet is suspicious, but finally relents a bit. She says that maybe she can help Babe heal as well, and tells her to prepare for the shock treatment she spoke of earlier. She goes on to tell Babe that at this moment, JR could be killing Krystal. Janet shows her the text message from JR, and immediately Babe gets hysterical. She begs Janet for help in saving her mother because she knows that JR, if he believes that Babe kidnapped their son, will do anything to get him back. Janet tells her that it's only right that Babe lose her mother, now that she has lost her daughter. Unable to think straight, Janet's words are lost on Babe - so Janet tells her that just as JR betrayed her, Amanda betrayed her mother, and that it's just not clear who you can trust anymore. Janet's stone face starts to crumble as she admits the pain she feels when the one person that she loved turned on her, and started to treat her like trash. Babe commiserates, saying that she felt similarly about JR. Babe then reminds her that she still has Trevor, and this starts Janet's tears flowing. She talks about how different Trevor is now - cold, distant, and not supportive. She notes that Amanda had promised to come home, and when she didn't, Trevor didn't do anything to keep his wife from sliding into a dark place. Through her tears, Janet admits how much she is hurting now that no one loves or cares about her. Babe tells her that she cares, but Janet initially brushes it off, saying that Babe is just trying to trick her again. Babe tells her that she is being completely honest and that through the talks they have had, she feels that she is able to understand Janet a lot better. She goes on to say that she doesn't think that she is much different than Janet - they would both do anything for their children and they are both misunderstood. As they talk, the sound that indicates an incoming text message comes from Babe's phone. Janet reads the message from JR aloud, which confirms that he will kill Krystal if Babe doesn't return with his son. She begs Janet to call back, to help save her mama, but Janet is unmoved. She still believes that Babe should have to lose Krystal since Janet lost Amanda. Willing to try anything, Babe offers to be Janet's new daughter.

Di is sitting in a clearing in the woods when Dixie shows up. Di admits that she wondered how Dixie had fared after the explosion, since she left so quickly. Dixie tells her that she had been hanging back, and that Di is still the only person who has seen her. Puzzled, Di wonders aloud why Dixie came back to town if she wants to remain hidden. Di says that she's not sure how long she will be around, so she hasn't made any concrete decisions. Di lets some of her tumultuous feelings out by saying that she is trying to build a new life, but at the same time she is trying to keep Dixie's secret. Acknowledging that the longer the secret is kept, the worse it will be for Di, Dixie also makes it clear that things will be equally difficult for her. She then tells Di that she vaguely knows what's going on with her son, but she needs details. Aghast, Di demands to know why, if Dixie is so concerned about her son and the rest of the family, she still refuses to reveal that she is alive. Dixie is angered that Di's sole concern seems to be what effect Dixie's decisions will have on her. Di corrects her and says that she is confused as to how Dixie could express so much concern for her family and still stay away. Dixie, unwilling to continue the argument, simply demands that her sister tell her the specifics of what is happening. Di tries to get away with saying that JR needs his mother, but Dixie insists that Di give up all of the details. Di finally lets on that Babe and Little A are missing, that JR is insane with worry and that no one knows which scenario is true: did Babe use the explosion as a way to beat JR at the sole custody game, or did Janet Dillon kidnap them? At the sound of Janet's name, alarms go off in Dixie's head. She recalls aloud how crazy Janet is, and before Di can stop her, Dixie rushes off, leaving a clueless Di behind and seemingly intent on flinging herself into the fray.

Tad finds Adam in his study, and Adam cryptically notes that she is missing. Assuming that he is referring to Babe, Tad confirms as much and informs Adam that he'd been up all night and had no new leads. He goes on to say that constant phone calls don't help the cause. Adam breaks in and clarifies that he was referring to Krystal, and the news catches Tad off guard. After tossing a bottle of alcohol at the wall and startling Tad, Adam admits his fear that Janet has not only Babe and Little A, but also his wife. Tad caustically reminds him that had he and JR taken Jamie's advice and sent their team after Janet in the first place, this nightmare would already be over. Adam tells him that the team is pointed in the right direction now, but in the meantime, Janet is still preying on his family and destroying JR. Unbeknownst to them, Dixie approaches the study from inside the tunnels and hears Adam tell Tad that he is to blame for everything that happened. Livid, Tad hurls the responsibility back at Adam, and they continue to volley for several minutes, neither willing to accept total blame for JR's spiritual and emotional demise. Finally, Tad admits that if JR ever gets off the revenge vendetta he has against the world, he will be more than happy to accept the mistakes he made. Until then, Tad notes, they are done discussing it. He prepares to go, but Di walks in. As Dixie continues to listen from the other side of the wall, Di asks if anyone had seen 'her' yet. Adam and Tad both assume that she means Janet, and it takes her a few moments to realize that she is the only one referring to Dixie. Once she does, she asks if JR has been informed of the turn of events. Adam admits that he doesn't know where his son is, but that he will tell him once he tracks him down. Tad is amazed that finding his son hadn't been the first item on Adam's agenda. In less than 30 seconds, Tad figures out that because JR is in the dark, his best collateral against Babe is her mother. Tad takes off, intent on rescuing Krystal - with Adam and Di falling in right behind him.

Krystal tries to coach JR in exactly what to say in his text message, but JR assures her that he's already well aware of the right words. He shows Krystal the message and it a fit of anger, Krystal tells him that all of his misdeeds and empty threats would come back to haunt him. JR tells her that he doesn't think anything could hurt him more than the nightmare of never seeing his son again. As Dixie looks in on the scene in horror, JR pulls out his pistol to let Krystal know that he never issues empty threats.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Tied to a chair, Krystal tries to reason with JR as he points a gun at her, threatening to shoot her. JR refuses to listen. He is convinced that she knows where Babe is. He demands that Krystal tells him what she knows or else he will shoot her. Outside the cabin, Dixie listens in on the exchange. When she hears someone approaching, she quickly hides. Moments later, Tad rushes into the cabin. He is soon joined by Adam, who is shocked at what his son has done. While Adam releases Krystal, Tad tries to make JR understand that Janet Dillon is behind everything that has recently happened including the explosion and Babe and little Adam's disappearance. JR believes that Tad is lying in order to buy Jamie and Babe some time so that they can run away together. Adam corroborating Tad's claim doesn't have any impact on JR's belief that Babe ran away with little Adam. As everyone tries to reason with JR, Dixie returns to the front door to listen in on the exchanges. Things go from bad to worse, when JR refuses to put the gun away. Fed up with JR's antics, Krystal decides to leave so that she can search for Babe herself. Determined to stop Krystal, JR threatens to shoot her. A struggle ensues between Tad and JR and the gun goes off. A quick check confirms that no one inside the cabin is shot. Outside, Dixie pulls her hand away from her arm. She is shot.

Babe tries to convince Janet that she will run away with Janet so that they can start a new life as mother and daughter but first she wants to return little Adam to JR so that he will release Krystal. Janet doesn't believe Babe at first but Babe sticks to her story until Janet no longer doubts her sincerity. Janet insists on one change in plans. She tells Babe that she has grown attached to little Adam and wants him to go on the run with them. Babe is able to convince Janet that a life on the run would not be in little Adam's best interest. Resolved to return him to JR as quickly as possible, Janet goes into the bedroom to fetch little Adam. Babe takes the opportunity to grab an iron skillet in the hopes of hitting Janet from behind and rendering her unconscious. When Janet returns to the room holding little Adam, Babe hesitates. Needing to explain why she's holding a skillet, Babe tells Janet that she wanted to surprise her with grilled cheese sandwiches. Janet is touched by the gesture. As Babe prepares a meal she asks about Trevor and specifically how he will react when Janet disappears. Janet shrugs off Babe's concerns, telling her that Trevor has given her the cold shoulder for quite some time now and will not come looking for her. When Babe goes to the freezer to fetch something, she screams after opening it. Buried amongst the food items is a dead body. The face is covered but a loud tie, heavy gold watch, and wedding band can be clearly seen.

Lily tells Livia that she wants to divorce Jack. Livia is surprised and tries to talk Lily out of it. When Lily brings up Livia's adopted son, Jamal, and how he divorced his father, Livia explains that the circumstances were different. Jamal's biological father had no business being a parent. Jack, on the other hand, is a wonderful and loving father. As they continue to talk, Livia expresses her concerns about Lily pursuing a relationship with Jonathan, explaining that her primary objection is that Lily is only 17. At one point the topic of marriage is raised. Livia explains that a parental consent to get married if someone is under the age of 18.

Jonathan goes to see Jack in the hospital to talk about Lily. Jack refuses to listen to anything that Jonathan has to say. When Jack has difficulty speaking, Jonathan starts talking about how he suffered before being diagnosed with the tumor and after when he was recovering. Jack appears slightly panicked at the things Jonathan is saying and manages to reach his call button. Julia soon comes into the room and seeing Jack's distress, ushers Jonathan out. She tells him that Jack is not in any condition to deal with Jonathan at the moment. Seeing Julia's uniform, Jonathan realizes that she's now working at the hospital. As they talk about work, Jonathan decides that a job would be the solution to many of his problems. He wouldn't have to depend on Ryan and he would be able to support Lily. Julia is a bit alarmed and tries to make Jonathan understand that Lily is only 17. She also points out that, given Jonathan's bad history with his daughters, Jack is understandably concerned about Jonathan's involvement with Lily. Jonathan listens but his priority is getting a job. He asks Julia to help him and insists on waiting while she gets him an application.

Livia arrives at the hospital to talk to Jack but Julia refuses to let her into his room. She explains that Jack is not in any condition to see visitors at the moment. Shortly afterwards, Lily walks into the hospital intending to talk to Julia. When she sees Jonathan, she tells him that she has decided to marry him.

Kendall goes to see Zach and confront him about not attending Ethan's funeral. Zach informs her that he intends to leave town in order to spare her any further pain. Angry, Kendall storms out and goes to find Ryan. When she tells Ryan about Zach's plans to leave town, he sees how upset she is. He tries to comfort her and they end up kissing.



The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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