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Jamie confronted Babe about the night that they had spent together. Adam tried to bribe Babe into leaving JR, but she refused. Lena's gift touched Bianca. Tad and Juan Pablo hid Carlos in an unused part of the hospital. Greenlee regained consciousness. Kendall kissed Ryan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, October 20, 2003

At the hospital, Jack sits beside Greenlee's bed and implores his daughter to wake up. Elsewhere at the hospital, Juan Pablo begs Maria to help him find a doctor who will be able to save Carlos. After Jack leaves Greenlee's room, Ryan visits Greenlee and also urges her to wake up. Meanwhile, at Kendall's Place, Kendall admits that she is stunned that the friendship between Aidan and Kendall could have developed into love. Aidan urges Kendall to quit trying to save the world, but Kendall tells Aidan that he should save himself by staying as far away from Kendall as possible. As Kendall and Aidan begin to make out on the couch, Kendall is unnerved by an urgent call from Ryan. Ryan informs Kendall that Greenlee is at the hospital after being hit by a car and Aidan and Kendall rush to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jack asks Ryan to track Mary down and let Mary know about her daughter's condition. When Kendall arrives at the hospital, Ryan fills Kendall in on Greenlee's condition, but Ryan and Kendall soon erupt into an argument. At the same time, Joe convinces Maria that MARIA is the only doctor at the hospital who has enough knowledge to save Carlos. When Maria continues to hesitate to operate on Carlos, Aidan overhears Maria's conversation with Joe and reminds Maria that she is a talented doctor who CAN save Carlos's life! Maria finally decides to go ahead. As Carlos and Maria head to the operating room, Juan Pablo stops off in Greenlee's room and quietly tells Greenlee that he loves her.

At Erica's Place, Erica reminds David that Michael Cambias HAD to be stopped, that they did the 'right' thing and, IF they keep quiet, the police will NEVER find out what happened ~ and Erica and David will be able to escape a prison sentence. David apologizes to Erica for his bad behavior in the past, but Erica assures David that David's past actions are all water under the bridge by now. Erica insists that they MUST do everything in their power to convince Jack that the affair between David and Erica is real! David finally agrees to set up a public "date" between himself and Erica. As David gets ready to leave, Reggie quietly returns home and both David AND Reggie are surprised when Erica suddenly throws herself into David's arms and kisses him passionately. Reggie backs out of the room and pretends to come in later. After David leaves, Erica hears a news report about Greenlee's accident and rushes to the hospital.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam declares that he believes that J.R. is joking, following J.R.'s announcement that J.R. and Babe were married last week. But J.R. assures his father that he is completely serious. Tad rushes forward to welcome Babe to the family before Adam can insert his foot in his mouth. Meanwhile, Adam confides secretly to Liza that J.R. has made a terrible mistake. However, Liza warns Adam that Adam's traditional bombastic reaction to J.R.'s shocking news will only drive J.R. farther away. Even as Adam goes through the motions of welcoming Babe, Jamie does a slow burn. Although Mary tries to smooth things over, Adam becomes even more upset when he learns that Babe and J.R. had met for the first time only three weeks before. At the same time, Jamie becomes even more uncomfortable when Opal volunteers to throw a real 'wingdig' for Babe and J.R. Later, Adam continues to complain to Brooke and Liza that Babe is nothing but a gold-digger. But Brooke and Liza continue to warn Adam NOT to widen the gap between himself and his son by indulging in a hostile reaction to J.R.'s unexpected marriage. Meanwhile, Tad sends Palmer to keep Adam busy while Tad talks to J.R. J.R. admits that his announcement was a test, which J.R. believes that Adam will flunk! As Adam confides to Palmer, Ruth, Liza and Brooke that he believes J.R. has ruined his life with his hasty marriage, J.R. arrives and blasts Adam for Adam's suspicions about Babe. While Adam and J.R. argue inside, Babe takes the opportunity to thank Jamie for keeping mum about their earlier tryst. But Jamie blasts Babe for playing fast and loose with Jamie's brother! Jamie is shocked when Opal gives Babe a warm welcome. Later, Adam reminds J.R. that J.R.'s trust fund payments will NOT begin until next year. Adam predicts that Babe will split as soon as she realizes that J.R. is penniless. But Ryan suddenly arrives and, reminding Adam that RYAN now owns Chandler Enterprises, Ryan offers J.R. a job!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

At Chandler mansion, Ryan basked in the glow of the scene he'd created by offering JR a job as President of Chandler Enterprises, with Liza as CEO and Adam as a parking attendant. Tad told Brooke to be careful or soon Jamie would want to take over Tempo; Brooke replied that Jamie was too hell bent on taking after Tad. Adam continued to berate JR for believing Ryan and being taken in by a pretty face. Adam and Ryan argued about whether Ryan is actually the Cambias heir. Liza tried to get Adam to calm down by reminding him that he can stop worrying about not having anyone to take over the business. JR stopped the argument about him and accepted Ryan's offer. Adam lunged for Ryan saying he had screwed his wife, but he would not let him screw his son. Tad held Adam back and Liza encouraged Adam to leave the room with Tad. Ryan then said he was looking for Mary.

Outside, Jamie demanded to know how Babe could have slept with him while being married to his brother. He wondered what kind of con she was pulling and said he would not let her hurt JR. Mary Smythe listened with interest from behind the bushes. Babe spun a story about being afraid and Jamie not understanding real fear and hunger. She said she was intimidated about meeting JR's family, decided to have one last fling, and had thought about JR the whole time she was with Jamie. Jamie still didn't understand her response to stress but she told him he was irresistible. She said she was in love with JR and the marriage wasn't a mistake and she begged Jamie to promise not to tell JR. JR walked up just then and wanted to know what the secret was. Jamie said he was jealous and that Babe was just kind of girl he's been dreaming of. When Ryan came outside, Babe commented that she must have died and gone to hunk heaven. Ryan said he was looking for Mary and she stepped out from the bushes. Ryan told Mary about Greenlee, but she said she should stay away, given the rift between them. When Ryan said Jack had wanted her to know, Mary perked right up and went to get her coat.

In the den, Tad was doing his best lion tamer imitation, holding a chair to fend off the wildly pacing Adam. Tad reminded him that JR was waiting for Adam to rush in and start another fight and that he needs to live his own life. Tad told Adam that he should stop waiting for JR to make mistakes but to see Dixie when he looks at his son. Tad suggested that JR fell in love with Babe because she needed rescuing from something and Adam should leave JR alone or he'd just dig in his heels like Dixie. Tad lectured Adam about not fighting JR and pushing him away.

Opal, Liza, Ruth, Marian, and Brooke all discussed children and life. Opal said she wants to keep Petie innocent and sweet forever and Liza gently told her it's already too late. Brooke told the others about Jamie staying out all night and they all wondered how he could act as if that was nothing. They also wondered how JR could come walking in with a new bride he's only known three weeks and not think there would be consequences. Then they realized they only had to look at the fathers to understand. Marian opined that Dixie would roll over in her grave to see the floozy JR married, but Ruth reminded her that Dixie had a huge heart and would welcome her with open arms.

The party broke up and everyone started leaving. Stuart hugged Babe and welcomed her to the family. Palmer offered his advice and counsel to JR anytime. Opal offered support to Babe. Tad came in and congratulated himself for quieting Adam down. Brooke was looking for Jamie and JR said he went to the pool house. Tad said that was probably where he had his rendezvous last night and he's gone back for more.

Alone, Babe told JR that she had something to tell him. She was afraid that his family would never get used to her and she should leave. He promised to not let Adam hurt her and said she would love his bedroom. As they kissed, Adam looked on and Jamie locked eyes with Babe.

Juan Pablo sat at Greenlee's bedside and told her the truth about his feelings and how he had to let her go to protect her. Her eyes started to flicker open, but she slipped back into unconsciousness. Kendall burst into the room just in time to hear Juan Pablo telling Greenlee again that he loves her. He confirmed for Kendall that he does love Greenlee very much, but also said if she ever repeated that to Greenlee he would deny it.

Erica rushed to the hospital to be with Jack. Derek was pleased to see them together and accused Erica of moving fast from David back to Jack because she had only used David as an alibi for murder. Erica was indignant and told Derek her personal life was none of his business and she had only come to comfort Jack. Jack told her to save her comfort and compassion and be with David. Erica wondered if anyone had told David about Greenlee and Jack snidely remarked that since they were joined at the waist lately, he'd assumed David was with her. Erica called David as Derek tried to reach out to Jack as a friend, but Jack told him to go to hell. He was fuming about Derek reporting him to the ethics commission and the state bar for not recusing himself from Michael's trial and murder investigation. Jack was upset that Derek had caved under pressure from the media and the mayor and he did not hide his disgust when Erica said David was on his way. Derek was busy reading reports and Jack and Erica kept their distance from each other, but talked about Greenlee and Jack told her she had another chance to convince Derek she was really having an affair with David.

David showed up and was horrified to learn Joe Martin was handling Greenlee's case. Jack warned him to not make any scenes or he would not let David see his daughter. Erica broke up their argument over who'd loved Greenlee longer and David went in to see Greenlee.

Mia and Simone showed up and talked to Juan Pablo and Kendall. They tried to be encouraging to Juan Pablo about Carlos' condition and the fine doctors at Pine Valley Hospital. When Simone heard that Maria was doing the surgery, she came unglued and shouted that Maria would kill him. She reminded everyone that Maria didn't even know who she was six months ago and she shouldn't be doing brain surgery.

Mia, Simone and Kendall went in to see Greenlee. Kendall chastised her for only trying to get attention away from her as Michael's widow. They all asked her to get better and said they need her to get Fusion back.

Jack and Erica continued to keep their distance as long as Derek was watching them. David came to tell Jack that Greenlee was non-responsive and Jack picked another fight in front of Derek. Erica rushed to David's defense as Mary walked in, clearly delighted when she heard Jack thank David for getting Erica out of his life. David and Erica kissed as Mary and Derek watched.

Dr Joe and Maria talked to Juan Pablo and said the surgery was a success and Carlos should make a full recovery.

Maggie and Bianca were busily settling into their new apartment when Reggie came by. Reggie told Bianca that their plans to be a family were going up in smoke because of "David Hayseed." He told Bianca he'd seen Erica and David in a "let's get between the sheets" kiss, not one between just friends. Bianca refused to plot with Reggie to get Jack and Erica back together and encouraged him to be happy with the family he has. She was also confident that Jack and Erica would get back together soon on their own. When he left, Lena came by to see Bianca.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

JR shows Babe the Chandler mansion and when she gets to his luxurious room, she is more than amazed. Babe thinks that Adam hates her and JR reassures her that she shouldn't worry about him. Babe suggests that they run away somewhere, but JR says he won't let Adam run him out of town. JR confides in Babe and tells her that Adam put his mother, Dixie, in a psychiatric ward just to win custody of him. Babe is obviously shocked and disgusted that his father did that to him. When she asks JR why he puts up with his father, JR says that he is there to settle old scores with his dad. After changing into lingerie and preparing for bed, Babe puts the stolen cow on the top of the dresser. When JR asks where it came from, she ignores his question by kissing him.

Jamie is outside of Brooke's home, listening to music on his walkman, thinking of the night him and Babe made love. Brooke interrupts Jamie's thoughts and talks to him about JR's new wife. She says that she can't blame Adam for his behavior because if the roles were reversed, she would have been just as upset. Brooke adds that JR and Babe from two different backgrounds. Jamie gets upset at Brooke and practically explodes. She is concerned, but doesn't push him for information. She asks him to promise not to do anything as crazy as what JR did. She wants to be there for his wedding, no matter where the girl is from or what her name is. Jamie looks at her with comfort and smiles. Brooke leaves and tells Jamie not to stay up too late. Once she is gone, he pulls out a gold cow necklace and admires it.

Bianca invites Lena into her new apartment. Lena compliments the apartment and has the impression that she is living alone so when Maggie walks in with more stuff, Lena is more than surprised. When she asks Bianca if they are roommates, they say yes. Lena tells Bianca that she has chosen a great roommate and offers Bianca a house warming gift. She pulls out a rubber duck from her purse and tells Bianca that she remembered how she missed her duck when she was a little girl. She wanted to get her a gift with special meaning. Bianca is flattered. Lena rushes out and Maggie tells her to come visit again when the apartment is cleaned up. After Lena has left, Bianca is stunned at how well the visit went. Maggie reminds her that Lena is trying to make things easier for her because she loves her. Bianca understands and is happy when Maggie allows her to hang, Porsche (the painting) back up on the wall. In exchange for the picture on the wall, Maggie tells Bianca that she gets to sleep in the big bed for a month while Bianca sleeps in the smaller bed. Bianca laughs and tells Maggie that since she is pregnant, she should get the bigger bed. This excuse does not work and the girls go to bed, each saying ?goodnight best friend? to one another.

While Erica and David continue to display their new relationship, Juan Pablo is having doubts about Maria's surgery on Carlos. He demands to get a second opinion. Joe tries to calm his nerves by telling him that Carlos is doing well after the surgery and they should discuss the options later. Tad comforts Juan Pablo in Carlos room. Juan Pablo tells him about the car accident, but Tad suggests that it may have been the Argentina mob that is hunting them down. Juan Pablo is too distracted to even consider that possibility but Tad brings him back to reality. He says that the mob could be filtered anywhere in Pine Valley, even the hospital. Juan Pablo and Tad agree that Carlos has to get out of the hospital before the mob finds him. When Juan Pablo brings this idea up to Maria, she doesn't agree. She tells them that moving Carlos to another hospital is risky and he would not survive. Tad tells Maria and Joe about the mob and suggests that they move Carlos to another area of the hospital. Maria and Joe decide to move Carlos to the new maternity ward that is not yet open. Juan Pablo thanks them for their gratitude and they quickly begin the new move.

Ryan asks Erica what her and David are up to. She denies that they are up to anything and explains to him that the night Michael Cambias disappeared, her and David reconnected. She adds that they were together all night. When Ryan asks if Jackson knows, Mary interrupts and tells Ryan that they are the reason he tore out of the hospital. Erica ignores Mary's comments and tells Ryan that the glass he turned into Derek as evidence won't prove anything because of their alibi. Ryan doesn't agree and tells David he is flat out lying. Aidan steps over to Ryan and offers his insight into the situation. He tells Ryan that he agrees with him and definitely thinks David is hiding something. Mary wonders over and starts asking about Greenlee. Erica blows her off and tells her to take her theatrics elsewhere. When Mary asks Ryan to take her to Greenlee's room, he does and Aidan follows close behind. After a brief consultation with Joe, Mary gets scorned at for going to see Greenlee by Erica, but she ignores her and walks inside the room. She is brought to tears when she sees her daughter in the hospital bed, helpless and lifeless. She acts as though she cares for her daughter, pleading with her to wake up and promising to change her ways if she pulls through. After her brief visit, she walks and ignores the probing eyes of David and Erica. David and Erica walk in and Erica tries to help Greenlee. She tells Greenlee that she to wake up and battle with Erica because she needs the challenge. Even though Erica tried, her efforts did not work and they leave.

Simone looks at the medical records on Greenlee, being nosy and carrying on about how Greenlee is the lucky girl out of them all. Kendall snaps the record out of her hand and tells her to stop blabbering. Simone continues to say that Greenlee is the one who gets all the great guys, while she has nothing. Mia and Kendall usher her out of the room and tell her to knock off her bragging because Greenlee could hear her. Realizing what she said, Simone apologizes. Mary walks over to Mia, Kendall, Simone and Aidan with tears in her eyes. They all sneer at her for acting like she actually cares about Greenlee. Offended by their words, Mary sneaks off. Juan Pablo walks over to them and tells Simone that Carlos has been moved to a different hospital out of state for better care.

Greenlee opens her eyes and she suddenly sees Roger, the man who she thought was her father, lurking in the corner. Dressed in a silk robe and smoking, he walks over to Greenlee and tells her that he is visiting her from hell. He tells her not to call him ?daddy? but to call him Roger. Then he proceeds to inform her that she is a big screw-up because she can't keep a man in her life. Greenlee gets angry and blames his lack of fatherly guidance for that and asks him if he knew he wasn't her real dad. Roger ignores the question and tells her he is not there to answer that. He says he has a message from the ?great beyond.? His message is another put-down. He tells her to go ahead and die, give up, let go, and don't bothering fighting to stay alive. With those words, he is gone and she is back to sleep, as though everything was a dream.

The last half hour before Joe and Maria do surgery on Greenlee is coming to a close. In this time, we see how everyone waits. Kendall and Aidan share coffee and then Kendall spills hers. When she spills it, Aidan offers to clean it up. Ryan looks at Alexander Cambias watch, then through the window to Greenlee's room. Mia passes him in the hall and brings Simone a coffee. Erica and David hold hands in the waiting room. Mary sits and waits, but when she sees Juan Pablo leave, she immediately follows behind. She overhears Tad telling him about Carlos medical condition.

Ryan goes into Greenlee's room and rubs her hand. He tells her to wake up. In her mind, she is back in her dream where she is dancing with Juan Pablo. She tells Juan Pablo to make love to her and kisses him. When the kiss is through, she sees Ryan's face and kisses him again in the dream. At that moment, she wakes up in the hospital room, grabs Ryan, and kisses him!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Greenlee stopped kissing Ryan and her eyes were still closed. Ryan told her to open her eyes she could kiss him again or smack him in the face but she had to open her eyes. Greenlee did open her eyes and smiled at Ryan telling him that last night was wonderful for being the first time they made love. Ryan was a bit amused and bewildered. Ryan told Greenlee that he was going to go get her father and Greenlee said that Roger didn't care about her so there was no need. Ryan asked Greenlee if she knew what the date was. Greenlee answered 11 something he asked if she knew what year it was and she said 1999. A nurse walked in; Ryan told her to get Dr. Martin immediately. Greenlee asked Ryan to lie in bed with her like he did the night before. Ryan accommodated Greenlee.

Aidan and Kendall talked about taking a short get-a-way for the two of them. They started kissing and shortly afterward heard someone clapping in the background. Kendall told Simone that she had not realized they were awake. Simone said obviously and Mia was showing her displeasure with the whole kissing scene. All four heard a nurse pass by saying that Dr. Martin was called to room eight. They all panicked and ran to Greenlee's room. When Kendall opened the door they all saw Ryan lying next to Greenlee. Greenlee asked who they were. Simone asked if she was kidding. Greenlee remarked that she had no idea who they were. When Dr. Martin arrived they all went out into the hall. Kendall asked Ryan what he was trying to pull. Ryan said nothing and asked why. Kendall accused him of taking advantage of Greenlee with her lapse in memory. Ryan denied it. When Dr. Martin came out he told them that it was normal for someone to have post traumatic memory loss and that it usually was temporary. Simone and Mia took off and Aidan pulled Kendall along with him. Kendall asked Aidan if they could take the trip they were discussing earlier. Aidan smiled and said they could after she had down time with the other man in her life. Kendall asked what other man. Aidan said "Ryan."

JR and Babe woke up and we blissfully happy. Babe asked JR to recant how they met. JR mentioned she knew how the story goes; but she insisted that she loved hearing his version of it. He said they had docked in San Diego and he got off the boat and walked the pier in the fog. When the fog lifted there she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen; looking like she was going to kill herself. Babe said she was upset but she wasn't going to kill herself. He asked why she was there and she replied "waiting for you." He asked how she knew that he was coming and she answered she just got these feelings and knew. JR said he wanted to take her out on the town and show her off. She insisted that he go off on his own because she had to make another man fall in love with her.

Adam started in on Mary asking where she had disappeared too the evening before when she promised to help him get information. He discovered that she was crying and asked what was wrong. Mary told him that Greenlee was in the hospital after a terrible accident. Adam apologized. Mary continued about how everyone treated her badly at the hospital, especially Juan Pablo who embarrassed her in front of everyone saying she didn't care about Greenlee at all. Then she stated that Juan Pablo had no idea how she felt in her heart towards her daughter. Saying stuff like you try to teach your kids so they can fight in the world and how she knows she wasn't perfect. Adam agreed with her. Mary said that she already had a plan in motion to get back at Juan Pablo. Adam offered his car to Mary so that she could go back to the hospital to see Greenlee. She thanked him and wished him good luck with JR and Babe.

At that moment JR and Babe walked down the stairs. Babe said that she was starving. Adam said he'd have Lucretia make breakfast and she chided him on making fun of her name. JR was insisting that Babe come with him but she told him no she wanted to bond with her pop-in-law. She said she was in the mood for peanut butter pancakes and a cherry coke. JR left and a little later Winifred brought Babe her breakfast. Babe started talking to Adam who was being very nice to her. She told him that he was acting totally different than the night before because she was picking up on hate vibes before. Adam denied hating her and told her he had something for her. He handed her a check and she said she hadn't seen so many zero's since math club. She told him that JR would be so happy. Adam told her that the money was for her not JR. She said she wouldn't know how to spend that much money. Adam told her that she could start buying a plane ticket. So she thought it was money so she and JR could go on a honeymoon. Adam corrected her saying "no, it's for you to buy a ticket and get as far away from Pine Valley and JR as possible." She asked if he was trying to buy her. He told her that she wasn't as dumb as she seemed. She just stared at him.

Jamie was remembering the night he and Babe made love when Brooke walked into the room and told him that breakfast was ready. He said that he wasn't hungry and he'd grab something later. Brooke's phone rang so she excused herself. Jamie looked at the bracelet with a cow on it he had bought for Babe then threw it in the trash. He grabbed his book bag and opened the door to find JR on the other side. JR was talking about Adam's scene last night when Jamie asked him how he expected people to act when he dropped a bomb like that adding that JR knew Adam would blow up. JR said he thought Jamie would be on his side. Jamie told him that because they were brothers doesn't mean they have to agree on everything. Brooke walked out to say hi to JR and Jamie said he had to go to school. JR asked Brooke if she was going to lecture him too. She told him that she was shocked and knew that was what he was going for. She told him she loved him, knows he has had a couple of rough years and that she would support him. He thanked her. A knock came to the door so she excused herself to answer the door. A man said that he was there to claim his cow that was stolen from his restaurant. He said that a young couple came in grabbed the cow and he was able to get the license plate number. Brooke looked at it and said that it was her plate number but there had to be a mistake. The man told her that he has 20/20 vision, there was no mistake, he wants the cow or $500.00 or he was calling the cops. JR's memory flashed back to the cow Babe had sat out in their room.

Adam continued to give Babe a hard time when Jamie walked in and told Adam to back off.

Tad tried getting Juan Pablo to take a small break from Carlos but Juan Pablo refused. Tad told Juan Pablo that he needed to go to Greenlee and tell her the truth about how he feels. Tad asked if Juan Pablo thought that when the smoke clears that he could go to Greenlee and tell her that it was all a lie to protect her. Juan Pablo said yes. Tad said no, because by the time that happens and you come in and tell her something like that she will chew you up spit you out and then go after the next guy she sees. Tad excused himself while and Maria came in to check on Carlos. Juan Pablo thanked Maria for saving Carlos' life. She said she understood the reservations he had because she just got recertified. Juan Pablo said that he was wrong and was very grateful. Outside the room Tad heard footsteps coming down the hallway so he hid, Mary appeared so he grabbed her and asked her what she was doing in the closed off part of the hospital. She said she could ask the same of him. Tad's look made her rethink and then she added that she got lost looking for Greenlee's room. Tad told her to try again. She was trying to leave when Tad told her that he saw how she was acting like the lady of the manor and trying to gang up on JR and Babe. She threw an insult out about Babe. Tad told her that she better stay out of his family's business. He told her that JR was as much his son as Adam's and if she messes with JR she'll have Tad to deal with. She told Tad to watch it or she'll had his name to her list. Tad told her she could scratch it under Juan Pablo's. She jerked away from him and walked down the hall; stopped, smiled mischievously. Maria got news that Greenlee was awake, Tad said he'd stay so Juan Pablo ran off.

Ryan returned to Greenlee's room. She asked him if it was true that she had lost four years of her life. He told her that it would come back. She asked if they were still together and he said no. She asked if he was with his princess. Ryan told Greenlee that it will take time but things will come back. Greenlee asked Ryan if he still cared for her. He said yes. Greenlee asked him if she still cared for him. Ryan said he hoped so. She grabbed Ryan and hugged him. Juan Pablo walked up to the window outside of Greenlee's room to see this.

Edmund came into Carlos' room and told Tad that Donald Steele was at it again and gave him a copy of the paper. On the cover it had a picture of Juan Pablo with the caption "The Prince" and of Carlos with "The Pauper" and how he was in a room on a no access wing. Mary looked at this paper down in the lobby and smiled with pride.

Friday, October 24, 2003

JR listens to the owner of the restaurant intently as he describes the boy driving in the car and the boy's "girlfriend." Brooke denies that the thief was Jamie and tells the man her son doesn't even have a girlfriend. JR asks the man to describe the girl in the car. As the man describes the blonde haired beauty, JR starts to realize that the man is talking about Babe. JR tells the man that he will give him a cash refund for the stolen cow, as long as he leaves Brooke alone. The man agrees and asks for $500. JR pays him and the man leaves. JR tells Brooke that the man probably got the license plate number on the car mixed up and Jamie probably had nothing to do with stealing the cow. Brooke seems unsure, but JR promises to talk to Jamie himself to find out if it's true. As he leaves, Opal shows up for a visit. She seems happy to see JR and compliments him on his lovely new wife. Once JR is gone, Brooke tells Opal that JR is more like Adam than he knows it. Opal and Brooke chat some more about the dinner, their new marriage, and how Adam handles the news. When Opal stands up, she pulls out a gold cow necklace from the trash. Brooke says the necklace is not hers, and realizes that it has something to do with Jamie.

Adam quickly tells Jamie that JR is not home. Babe tells Jamie that she can handle Adam and he doesn't need to worry about her. When Adam insists that Jamie leave, Jamie asks Adam if he is more concerned about seeing him try to buy Babe out of town. Babe tells Adam that she isn't as dumb as he thinks and wants two more zeros added onto that checking, equaling the value of 10 million dollars! Jamie tells Babe that she never loved JR and watches her take the check out of Adam's hand. Adam feels very confident about his scheme and tells Babe to go pack her bags. She looks him squarely in the eye, tears the check up, and tells him no amount of money could ever make her leave JR and the only way she would go is if he dumped her. She rants that she is the one who brought JR back to Pine Valley and even though she isn't a high-class rich gal, she still loves JR. Suddenly, JR appears at the door and questions why Jamie is not at school, like he said he would be. Jamie tells him he left something at the Chandler house last night, and came by to pick it up. When Babe tells JR about Adam's plan to pay her off to leave, JR isn't surprised and tells Adam he failed yet again. Adam uses that chance to try to weasel his way out of the situation by pretending that Babe passed some type of test by not taking the money. He welcomes her the family and hugs her. JR doesn't buy his act and tells him "nice save." Adam tries to show that the test was real by writing them both another check as a belated wedding gift. JR says he will save the check to possibly invest in Chandler Enterprises, once he takes it over. Adam ignores the comment and tells him he may use the check as he pleases and leaves. JR tells Jamie and Babe that he needs to ask them both something and then disappears. Of course, Jamie and Babe are worried that JR knows about their one-night stand. JR comes back with the stolen cow, and asks them how they knew each other before the dinner party.

Adam gets on the phone and calls someone. He asks for the person to check out Babe. He wants all her records and everything he can get about JR's new wife.

Edmund and Tad are in Carlos's room and Edmund warns Tad that everyone at the hospital is in danger, thanks to the article in the paper. Tad leaves to find the person who sold the story to the press. Edmund is concerned about Maria's safety and tells her to let someone else take over Carlos's case. Maria understands his concerns, but refuses to leave Carlos because he is her patient. Maria tells Edmund that Carlos's situation is similar to sister, Julia. Edmund understands that if it were Julia, he wouldn't want Maria to leave her, so he tells Maria that he understands why she must stay with Carlos.

Tad and Juan Pablo find Mary sitting in the waiting room, scanning the article about Juan Pablo and Carlos. They immediately confront her and accuse her of leaking the word to the press. She doesn't deny it and happily admits she is the one who ratted the brothers out. When she tries to get out of her chair to get away, Juan Pablo pushes her down and starts threatening her in Spanish. After he is finished, she tells him that he can't hurt her, no matter what he says. Juan Pablo and Tad disagree. Juan Pablo tells Mary that he can make her disappear for good and no one would ever notice. He starts to throw his fist back, as though he would hit her, but Tad stops him. Mary immediately gets up and heads towards the door, but she runs into Simone, who isn't afraid to slap her around! After Simone has slapped Mary, she chases her around the waiting room. She finally grabs her and pushes her out of the room. Juan Pablo tells Tad and Simone that he wants guards posted around the clock at the hospital, then goes to check on Carlos. Simone tells Tad that she wants to spend more time with him and create a "diversion" from all the madness in their lives. Tad suggests maybe when things calm down, and they share a kiss.

Juan Pablo walks into Greenlee's room and greets her warmly. She doesn't remember him and Juan Pablo looks very confused. Ryan tells him about Greenlee's memory loss and that she is 1999 right now. Juan Pablo begins to leave, but Greenlee tells him not to go. Greenlee remembers Juan Pablo and polo-she says that he plays polo and they had some type of affair. Juan Pablo is happy she remembers small bits about him and gladly tells her that they recently had a misunderstanding. He adds that when she recovers her memory completely, they will talk more. Juan Pablo leaves and Greenlee pulls Ryan towards her for another kiss, which Ryan doesn't stop her from doing. Suddenly, Greenlee pushes Ryan off the bed, and he lands on the floor! She is in the year 2002 and remembers all the deceptive and hurtful things he did to her. She keeps slapping him gently across the face, saying how much she hates him and despises him. He tells her that he never liked her anyway and leaves. Greenlee remembers loving someone, but she can't figure out who. Jackson walks in with a smile and Greenlee smiles back, saying that she remembers he's her father. She tells Jackson about her dream where Roger came back from hell to insult her and tell her not to live. Jackson tells Greenlee that Roger never really knew her and loved her. He says she has lots of friends now and lots of people who love her. Greenlee finds that hard to believe, but says when she saw Jackson walk in, she finally felt like part of her was coming back for the first time since she woke up. Jackson is obviously touched by her comment and admits that when he almost lost her, it scared him to death. Greenlee asks Jackson to get a cappuccino. He tells her he will check with the doctors and if they say it is ok, he will get her cappuccino. Once he leaves, Greenlee insults Roger some, and then says "Oh my God." She sneaks out and when Jackson comes back, her bed is empty. Greenlee goes to the waiting room and sees Juan Pablo. She says, "I remember" and kisses him!

Kendall hurries into her home, throwing down her mail, obviously very hurt and angry. Aidan shows up behind her, banging on her door. When she refuses to let him in, he breaks the door down himself. Kendall threatens to call the police, but Aidan isn't worried and tells her they need to talk. Aidan tells Kendall that they need to talk about Ryan. He thinks that the subject threatens her and she still has romantic feelings towards Ryan. Kendall denies having any romantic feelings for him. She says she only feels hatred towards Ryan. She tells Aidan that she is tired of people telling her how she feels and how she should run her life. Aidan brings up that he doesn't want to be with someone who is attached to her past. Kendall realizes he is talking about Maria and tells him that she isn't the one with the problem- he is. She tells him that she would never leave him like Maria did. Aidan tells Kendall that she needs to figure out what she wants and who she wants. Kendall gets upset that Aidan doubts her feelings for him and threatens to sleep with Ryan. Aidan tells her if that is what she has to do to figure out who she loves, then so be it. Aidan goes and Kendall shuts the jammed door as best as she can. She goes over to a drawer and pulls out the engagement ring Ryan gave her. She remembers the moment he proposed to her and smiles. She hears something outside, puts the ring back in the drawer, and struggles to open the front door. When she does, she sees Ryan and invites him inside. He immediately sees the mess in her home and asks what happened. She ignores his question and tells him she has something to say to him. She tries to find the words but nothing will come out, so she opts for another plan of action. She grabs him and kisses him with more force and power than any other kiss! Ryan breaks away and asks her if she is sure she wants to do this. Kendall tells him that Aidan was right and she "feels it." Ryan admits that he "feels it too." With those words, they kiss again!



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New mom Kelly Kruger shares experience with postpartum guilt
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