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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on GL
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Ed returns to Michelle's house. Michelle wants to know what really took him away this evening. Ed admits that he didn't go to the hospital, but everything is fine now. Ed explains that he had to do something for a friend. On another thought, Michelle begins to explain how hard it was to leave Robbie for so long and doesn't understand how parents can do that, forgetting for a moment that her father had done that very thing for many years. Once everyone is gone, Danny is in the mood for some desert; the kind that you don't normally find on a menu. Later in the evening, Michelle comes back downstairs and finds that someone has moved her furniture around. She pushes the coffee table back into place, and decides to deal with the rest tomorrow. She is certainly stunned, but not enough to have Danny come down. She grabs the champagne and heads upstairs. After she is upstairs, it appears as though the coffee table moved by itself back to where it was.

Ed shows up at Company and runs into Beth. She was staying behind to lock up for Buzz because he had to leave early. Looks like Beth is trying to set Ed up with her mother. Ed feels that his track record with woman isn't much to speak of.

Sandy tells Marah that her advances toward him are about Tony. Another man approaches Marah and tells Sandy that if he doesn't know what to do with a girl like Marah, just make way for someone who does. The man was drunk and directing Marah in another direction. Sandy grabs the man and pushes him to the floor. Sandy makes the man apologize to Marah before letting him go. After the man leaves, Marah gets excited about how jealous Sandy appeared. Sandy continues to state his case about the two of them not happening. Marah wonders whether she is his type. Sandy tells her that she is every guy's type, they are just not going to happen. Sandy finally admits that he likes her a lot. He tells her that no one has ever put themselves on the line for him, and he doesn't want to lose that friendship. Sandy continues to tell Marah that he does not want to be that rebound guy. Marah asks Sandy why it is so hard for him to believe that she likes him for him. Sandy responds by telling her that it is not possible. Marah tells him that she is wrong. Sandy tells her that she wants something that he can't give her. Marah tells Sandy that she was comfortable with him right away, like she has known him for a long time, and she hasn't felt that way with anyone. Marah tells Sandy that he can have more than a friend in her. Marah thinks that he just wants to make sure that she is over Tony, but Sandy tells her that it will never happen for them. Sandy takes Marah home, and after he leaves; Marah mentions that she is not going to give up on Sandy that easy.

At the Lewis home, Reva is getting another reading. She senses Son or Sun and danger. She was unable to figure out what it meant. Christopher thinks that it might be about anger or emotions in regards to Shayne's injuries.

At the museum, Shayne was finally able to say Marina's name. She awakens and sees the fire which was still rather small. She grabs a water bottle that was nearby and pours it onto the fire which successfully puts the fire out. After getting over the excitement of Shayne being able to talk, Marina realizes that the fire was her fault and begins to wonder about the what if's. She apologizes to Shayne. Darci rushes back in and tells Marina that she and Frank smelled smoke. Frank was parking the car and was on his way up too. Marina begins to try to cover up the smell because she doesn't want her father to think she is not responsible. As she is talking to herself about her father not buying the cover-up for a second once he is in the room, Darci dashes out to stop him. Frank is already in the living room, and Darci tells him that they overcooked some popcorn on the stove. Frank mentions that he would like to check the smoke alarms tomorrow. While Frank and Darci are on there way out, Frank reminds Darci that he is trained to know how a fire starts by the way it smells, and he knows that it wasn't popcorn. He wasn't upset with her at all. In fact, he used the "L" word for the first time. Once Marina and Shayne are alone, Shayne asks Marina not to tell anyone that he spoke yet because he doesn't want the pressure from everyone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Sandy shows up at the museum with some props for Marah's fashion show. Earlier she was having computer problems, and Sandy is sticking around to try to fix the computer. Eden picks up on Marah's attraction toward Sandy and wonders whether Sandy has asked her out yet. Marah tells her no, and it doesn't look like he ever will. Later, Sandy tries to exit, but Marah stops him and tries to suit him up for the showing in a black sport jacket. Sandy tells her to stick to the original plan and just have him D.J. the show. In the meantime, Beth shows up for a fitting to model for the fashion show. Beth had to bring Lizzie along with her. Lizzie doesn't want to stay because she feels uncomfortable with so many people around that knows about her past. With no one else to watch her, she is stuck. With some encouragement from Sandy, Marah asks Lizzie to help pitch in to make her feel involved. Lizzie is surprised and thankful. Lizzie suggests that she help find donations. She mentions with all of her Spaulding connections, she is sure to get some support. Lizzie begins to make phone calls, while Beth agrees to leave her in Marah's hands for an hour as she runs some errands. Marah, Beth, and Eden discuss whether she is to have a wedding dress as the final showing. Marah mentions that no one does that anymore, but Eden tells her that's exactly why she needs to have a wedding dress.

Harley meets up with her father who just happens to mention that he's meeting someone later. Harley guesses that the someone is Alexandra. Buzz tells her that what he has with Alexandra is comfortable. In the midsts of discussion, a police officer shows up with a subpoena ordering Harley to visit the District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neill, at the docks. When she arrives, Gus and Frank are there as well, and Jeffrey tells them that the chief of police can't do his job because Gus and Harley are continually keeping evidence from one another. He demands the two of them shake hands and officially pronounces them partners. Both of them claim they don't need a partner, but Jeffrey tells them that they don't have a choice. Harley and Gus begin their partnership by sharing all the information they have uncovered. Afterwards, Jeffrey wants them to continue to brainstorm. Harley comes up with a plan to bring out the true people involved but wonders whether this could hurt Brad Green.

Jeffrey gets an interruption from Beth while it seemed as though he was in the middle of a private telephone conversation. Jeffrey just puts the person on hold. Beth only wanted to set plans for breakfast. After Beth leaves, Jeffrey finished up his conversation with his mystery person. He tells the person to pull the bug they put in Harley's Angels. He said that he doesn't need it because Harley Cooper will be reporting to him from now on.

During Alexandra's and Buzz's date, Alexandra begins to wonder what was on his mind last night. Buzz tells her that he would like to tell her, but he feels the less baggage between them, the better.

Alan catches up with Alexandra at the Beacon. Alan wants to talk to her about Brad Green. Alan tells Alexandra that it doesn't matter whether he is innocent or guilty, because a Spaulding employee is dead. In addition, it sounds like they hired Brad Green to help cover up something and are worried that now the police are sniffing around the company. When Alexandra mentions that Beth and Jeffrey are an item, Alan begins to feel a little uneasy. After Alexandra leaves, Alan makes it a point to run into Beth. He tells her that he was a bit surprised to hear from a third party that she and Jeffrey are an item. He tells her that he understands why she might be attracted to Jeffrey, but he wonders whether Jeffrey has a motive for seeing her. Beth gets offended and wonders whether Alan thinks that a man, other than a Spaulding, would only be interested in her if he had a motive. Alan tells her that he has too much respect for her to think that. He continues to tell her that she is a beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted person; he just worries about what Jeffrey's intentions may be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Michelle finds her living room furniture rearranged yet again. She questions an innocent Nico, who reminds her about the tunnel and suggests she bring her suspicions to the kids at the museum. When she gets there, she finds it a hubbub of activity: Marah has arranged for both Josh and Reva to be there at the same time, and has asked them to chaperone her dinner with Sandy at Company. Marah's experimental wedding outfit design sparks a lot of fun controversy.

Shayne begs Josh to help him with extra therapy. Reva tries to stop them when Shayne's pain gets too much for her to bear. She and Josh spar over how best to respond to Shayne's requests. Reva finally relents: this is her turn to back off and let go of her son. For her efforts, she is rewarded by the sight of Shayne moving his arm. She hugs him and almost hugs Josh. Later, Reva and Josh rejoice in the moment and decide after witnessing such a miracle, they could probably manage a simple dinner at Company with Marah and Sandy. Meanwhile, Marah encounters Sandy on campus, and invites him to dinner with "people." He agrees, not knowing he's having dinner with Reva and Josh.

Marina encounters Nico outside her music harmony class and finds in Beethoven an outlet for all her pent up emotion. Nico comforts her and they bond. Later, with Michelle, Marina also denies rearranging the furniture. Michelle and Danny are anxious about it and Michelle suggests Nico close up the entrance to the tunnel.

Jeffrey arrives to Beth's breakfast and he starts to try to seduce her. Amused but firm, she tries to extricate herself from his amorous pass, but when he persists, she gives herself to the thrill of danger and sweeps clear Alan's desktop, where they make passionate love. Later, when they are rearranging the room, Alan returns, and spars with Jeffrey over his attentions to Beth. Later, Beth reassures Alan she knows what she's doing, but Alan is sincerely worried about her.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Sandy is sitting on a bench looking at his plane tickets and remembering his time with Marah. His thoughts are interrupted when Josh walks up behind him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Josh begins to apologize for not being there at the office to show him around the business. Sandy tells him that it is like fishing. If you feed a man, he'll be hungry the next day. If you teach him to fish, he'll never be hungry again. He feels that Josh taught him a lot by just trusting him to do the job. In addition, he tells Josh that he taught him about family too, and what you do for family. When he thanks him for that. Josh wonders whether Sandy is getting sentimental because he is heading out of town. Sandy changes the subject, and tells Josh that it is time to meet Marah.

Marah and Reva are getting ready for their dinner plans. Marah mentions that Sandy doesn't know that Reva is coming. Reva tells Marah that she is glad that someone special has come into her life. She continues to tell her that Tony had his chance, but she is moving on to bigger and brighter things.

Sandy and Josh first arrive at Company for dinner. Within seconds, Marah and Reva show up. Reva introduces herself to Sandy and extends her hand to him. Reva jokes that today is a special occasion. The family usually keeps her locked in the closet and only lets her out at Halloween. Sandy mentions having seen Reva on the television and her ability to read people. Reva wants to know a little more about Sandy and begins to question him about his family. Sandy seems a little uneasy, but to answer her questions, he tells Reva that he doesn't keep in contact with his family, he moves around, and he has no siblings. Sandy assumes that Reva is asking all the questions because she thinks that he and Marah are dating, so he has to clear things up. Later, Reva begins to thank Sandy for all he has done for Marah and Shayne and tells him that he has become indispensable. Reva then assumes that he has come from a pretty good family. Sandy tells her that he got suckled by wolves and was looking for an upgrade. Marah excuses herself from the table and invites Reva to come along with her. Marah asks her to stop grilling Sandy and to stop asking questions. Reva feels that Marah is blowing this way out of proportion, but she promises to turn her switch off.

Tony is making bids on a piece of property. During a telephone conversation, it looks like he is having trouble getting the property and is demanding that the deal happen mentioning that it is about respect.

Rick shows up at the Spaulding mansion looking for Phillip. His office had told him that Phillip would be working from home today, but no one seems to know where he is. Rick calls Phillip's cell phone, but he is not answering. Later, Rick finds Phillip at the shack he was originally staying at with Olivia. Rick was worried about Phillip because he has been off the radar screen for a few days. Phillip is trying to write a novel and by the looks, he is forgetting to bathe. Phillip begins to describe his novel which sounds depressing - which by the way, it's all about Phillip's life. Rick tells him that if he wants to write about self-destructing behavior, write about it - don't live it. Phillip begins to explain his visions with his unborn daughter to Olivia and begins to wonder if she has been born yet. Rick tells Phillip that he is a fantastic dad. He tells him that he needs to get a grip, and someday this little girl will be back, and he needs to be ready for her. Rick wants to know what the little girl's name is in his dream. Phillip tells him that her name is Allison.

Gus catches up to Mrs. Green at Company. Mrs. Green is a bit surprised when Gus tells her that he believes that her husband was set up. Moments later, Harley shows up with Mrs. Jenson. Harley and Gus are pretending as though they are on opposite sides. Gus is telling Mrs. Green that if Harley and Mrs. Jenson come over to their table, to let him do all the talking. Gus pulls out the pictures of Lori Jenson - the photo's that Brad Green was blackmailed with.

Harley apologizes to Mrs. Jenson telling her that she didn't know that Gus would be there with Mrs. Green. Harley walks alone over to Gus's table and wonders whether he is trying to intimidate her client. Gus claims that he was there first. Harley argues that this is her father's restaurant, and he should have assumed that she would do business there. In the midsts of conversation, Gus is telling Harley that Lori Jenson is alive and Brad Green is being blackmailed. Harley acts a bit surprised. Gus is trying to put blame on to Mrs. Jenson. Harley tells him that his theory is sick, but finally agrees to let Mrs. Jenson see the pictures of her daughter. Once Harley shows her the pictures, Mrs. Jenson begins to feel ill and runs out of the room. When Harley and Gus go outside to check on Mrs. Jenson, she appears to be having trouble breathing and falls over. Gus calls for an ambulance.

Friday, October 24, 2003

The dinner that Marah arranged to put Sandy together with Reva and Josh does not go well. Sandy is quiet and uncommunicative as Reva peppers him with questions. Marah feels caught in the middle and berates herself for trying. Finally Reva has pushed Sandy too far and he excuses himself and leaves. Marah follows him outside where he tells her that it's all his fault and she has no reason to blame herself. He tells her that he's so glad that she became a part of his life and he says he has to leave.

Later, Sandy is at Josh's office where he removes payroll money from the safe. But as he starts to go, the overhead lights flick on. Reva, having trusted her instinct, followed him there and is sorry to see that her feelings about him were right on target.

Gus and Harley go through with their plan to solve the mystery of Lori Jensen. Lori comes to the hospital room to visit her mother only to find that she has died. She grieves over her mother's body as Marie Green comes in with the money they extorted and urges her to leave before they are caught. But hearing Lori berate herself for doing this to her mother, Harley enters and tells Lori that she's caught. Lori denies everything and says Harley has no proof. It's her word against Harley's -- until Gus, Jeffrey and Blake come in and back Harley's word.

Danny urges Nico to help him clean up the neighborhood and advises him on what needs to be done to gentrify the 5th Street area. But Nico only wants back the corner on which he used to sing. Danny understands from his experience with Tony that he can't push someone in a direction he doesn't want to go.

Michelle is obsessed with finding out who's rearranging her furniture. She tries everything, and finally, determined to catch the culprit in the act decides to spend the night waiting on the stairs to see who comes in. When she does, she is shocked to see an ethereal figure -- someone she's never seen before -- perched on her couch. The strange woman tells Michelle that the room is set up all wrong and that she has absolutely no taste.

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