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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, October 20, 2003

When a tearful Katie confesses to Mike, he throws her out of his room, insisting, "I never want to see your face again!" The next instant the viewers understand that this was Katie's daydream, which is interrupted by the arrival of Doctors Ben and Bob. Dr. Bob and Katie leave the room, and Ben stays to hear Mike tell of his hopeless love for Katie. Out in the hall, Katie has another daydream in which Mike is loving and forgiving. Basking in the warmth of her second daydream, Katie asks Bob Hughes to recommend her as Mike's physical therapist, but Bob reminds her that she is not qualified.

At the police station, poor Homecoming Queen Lucy is horrified that Aaron was arrested for bookmaking. When Aaron tries to explain that he was trying to make extra cash to buy luxuries for her. Lucy tells Aaron that he will have to take the consequences for his actions, which means that he will have to learn to live without her. When Aaron protests that he loves her, Lucy tells him, "You broke the law. Love can't fix that - nothing can." Aaron desperately protests, but Lucy leaves, crying, "I'm sorry, Aaron. It's over." In another part of the police station, Lily confronts Dusty to ask him if he intends to take responsibility for Aaron's trouble. Lily reminds Dusty that she remembers him when he was an honorable person. Holden walks up and demands that Dusty stay away from his son, but Lily tells Holden that she believes that Dusty still has a good heart and will help Aaron. Holden agrees to let Dusty talk to Aaron. Dusty goes in to Aaron and tells the young man, "I know exactly what you're going to do, so listen up." Then Dusty tells Jack, in front of Aaron, Lily, and Holden, that he himself set up the delivery and that Aaron had no idea that he was delivering the package to a bookie. After Dusty takes full responsibility, Aaron evades Jack's direct question about his knowledge, answering that he had nothing to do with setting up the delivery, but deliberately does not answer the part of the question about knowing what was in the package. Jack releases Aaron, and Aaron rushes toward the door to find Lucy. When Holden stops him to tell him that he is joyful at Aaron's release, Aaron tells Holden how badly he feels that he has let Lucy down. Lily thanks Dusty for doing the right thing, and Dusty replies, "Maybe neither one of us has changed as much as we thought." Meanwhile, back at Fairwinds, Lucy accuses Craig of setting Aaron up to be arrested, but Craig assures Lucy that he had no idea that Aaron was involved in anything illegal. Lucy cries on Craig's chest.

Jennifer arrives at Hal and Emily's house for a visit with Will and finds Will and Barbara shouting at each other. Will unexpectedly says to Jen, "Mom was right. Rose is stealing Paul from us, and there's not a thing we can do to stop her." Barbara, thrilled at another opportunity to trash Rose, jumps in with her usual ranting, but Will changes direction and shouts at her, "Paul isn't leaving Oakdale because of Rose - he's leaving because of you....You made Rose hate you, and now she's taking Paul to Paris so she'll never have to see you again!" Will storms out of the room and Barbara continues frothing at the mouth to Jen, "As long as I have a breath in my body, I will do whatever it takes to protect my children, and God help whoever stands in my way!" Barbara leaves Jennifer standing agape. At the Penthouse, Paul and Jennifer decide to go to Will to try to explain things to him and to make him feel better. When they arrive at the house, Will and Jennifer are eating ice cream sundaes and Will is telling her that he is angry with everyone. Will responds to Paul's apology with a sulky, "I'm not mad. It's okay. Honest," but when Rose tries to appease him with her apology, he turns his back on her. When the couple tries to invite him for a special visit to Paris, he angrily replies, "I won't be going to Paris, and you know it." Will insists that they know that Barbara will never let him go, but Paul tries to reassure him that everything will be all right. After Paul and Rose leave, Jennifer is still unable to cheer Will up. After Will goes upstairs, Jen vows that she will help Will, and she leaves the house. Barbara returns with a coat Will left in her car, and she promises Will that she will not let Rose take Paul away from them. After Rose and Paul return to the Penthouse, Rose leaves to go back to her house. Outside Paul's door, she meets Jennifer, who demands that Rose make time to talk to her. Inside the room, Paul starts to answer a call from the Paris real estate agent, but stops and begins yet another imaginary conversation with his father, who demands that it is time for Paul to "end it" with Rose.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Margo questions Mike who still can't remember anything about the crash. Meanwhile, outside his room, Katie nervously awaits outside with Henry to later decide to have Henry follow Margo to find out what she and Jack have as far as leads. Henry does only to find out they know the car was blue with new tires under 500 miles on them and the car was blue. Henry decides they have nothing and tries to leave but not before being caught by Jack and Margo who decide he needs to be there for a reason. Meanwhile back at the hospital Katie goes in to visit Mike and to inform him Dr. Bob doesn't think she has enough experience to provide physical therapy for him but they found person who does. When Katie gets a look at the therapist Katie leaves only to find out later she wouldn't be leaving soon since the therapist admitted to how cute Mike was. When Henry returns he tells her what the cops know but not before taking notice to Mike's Nurse. Ben reassures Katie Mike is going to need her to get through the rehab and she should do it to help not because she feels guilty.

Chris and Alison speak and Alison takes it one step too far assuming they needed to talk alone in a hotel and she kisses him go bye even though Chris disagrees. Alison runs home to get Emily's credit card only to get caught by a disapproving Emily. Alison reaffirms her love and she argued she needed top do something special for him. He then tries to call and cancel and Alison decided not to answer for that reason. Emily then decides to go along even though she thinks Chris will eventually break her heart. Chris does this after having heart to heart with his dad.

Molly shows up at the station to help Dusty but runs into Paul who is there to talk to Hal about Will. Paul shows Hal his gift for Will since Will was so upset about he and Rose going to Paris. Hal said buying Will things won't help and Barbara will never let Will visit him and Will wouldn't want to go since he wants his brother there with him.

Jennifer and Rose have a talk about how everything has affected Will and Rose professes her love for Paul and Will and how she never meant to hurt him and later tells Paul the same thing. Jen lashes out saying Paul is just a rebound guy and Rose tells her that isn't it...she loves him. Rose tells Jen she is the one in love with Dusty not her. Rose said it isn't easy for her but they want to stay married so they need to leave the country because of Barbara and warns Jen not to try to stop the wedding because she learned tricks from Barbara.

Paul and Molly discuss her bailing Dusty out and Dusty pointed out Paul was worried if she didn't post bail, Rose would. Paul also told Molly he was going to use her. Dusty question why she was there and she said since he was there for her she would be there for him. She then said they needed to get to the club to make sure the publicity didn't hurt there business. Before he leaves, Dusty tells Paul he could get rose if he tried and he wonders if Paul told her about his second thoughts about leaving the country.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Carly picks Mike up at the hospital and brings him back home. Katie shows up and cooks Mike dinner. Meanwhile, Henry tells Glenda the "good nurse" that she is perfect for a reality show. He detains her and gets her drunk then he brings her to Mike's where she passes out. Katie says, "Your nurse is here."

Mitzi tries to convince Rose to sell the beauty salon to her and even asks Lily to sell her share to Mitzi. Lily would love to help Mitzi but says she can't because she doesn't want to make trouble with Rose.

Jennifer tries to persuade Dusty to help her break up Paul and Rose. She calls Rose a "scheming, heartless, witch." Dusty says he could have Rose back in his bed whenever he wants but he won't help Jennifer. She even offers him money but he is not interested.

Rosanna introduces Cabot to Paul and they discuss his upcoming nuptials. Rosanna wonders why Paul is moving so fast. Paul explains all of the factors in his decision and also says that his "old man is hammering away at me." Rosanna asks how since James is in maximum security. Paul replies that his father is, "always in my mind." Rose comes in and tells Paul to listen to a tape. Apparently, Rose hired a private investigator just like Barbara had in the past. Paul listens to the tape and hears the whole conversation of Jennifer and Dusty and how she wants to break up Paul and Rose. Jennifer walks in and Paul tells her she has ten minutes to pack up everything and to get out of Paul's life.

Marshall throws a Halloween party at the center. Bonnie is there and Sarah wants a picture of the three of them. By accident, Marshall's hand touches Bonnie's arm but she quickly pulls it away. The party is a success and Marshall thanks Bonnie "for loving Sarah." Bonnie comments that Marshall is so sweet when it comes to Sarah but he is still a rapist.

Ben tells Jessica to let Bonnie live her own life but Jessica says she'll never approve. Tom comes in and Jessica tells him to re-prosecute Marshall on felony rape. She says she needs to protect her daughter so that Marshall doesn't abuse her too. Ben is upset that Jessica is going to relive the whole rape again. This time, she says she is sure to win because she is going to put Sarah on the stand. Now, she says, Marshall will see how it feels to have a daughter testify against him.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Mike and Katie were dealing with Glenda the nurse who was drunk and thought she was going to be in a reality show thanks to Henry. Mike fired her but told Katie that she was not Glenda's replacement and to go home. Katie convinced Mike that he needed her to take care of him until he could find someone else. Mike was tired and after Katie helped him settle in, he fell asleep holding Katie's hand. After Katie thought he was asleep, she started to apologize and explain to him how she was feeling after Simon died. She told him that she would never hurt him intentionally.

Ben and Tom tried to talk Jessica out of bringing rape charges against Marshall. Jessica was insistent so Tom called the judge who advised against it. Tom said he wasn't going to waste the taxpayer's money re-opening the case. Instead they were going to arrest Marshall and make life miserable for him until he left town. Ben tried once again to convince Jessica not to go through with the charges. Jessica wouldn't relent so Ben said he would stand by her. At the Halloween party, Marshall was thanking Bonnie for helping him with Sarah. They call a truce when Sarah enlisted them in a few Halloween games. As Marshall was bobbing for apples, the police came in and arrested Marshall. Marshall asked Bonnie to take Sarah home. At the station, Marshall told Jessica that he would destroy her. Jessica told Marshall that she would put Sarah on the stand if Marshall didn't plead guilty. Bonnie heard it and started to defend Marshall.

Paul told Jennifer to pack her bags and move out. Jennifer tried to tell Paul that she was only trying to protect him. Paul yelled at her and told her she was a miniature Barbara. Jennifer and Rose argue and just as Rose is about to hit Jennifer, Paul stops her and asked to speak to Jennifer alone. Jennifer continued to try to convince her brother that Rose was no good for him. Rose told Paul that she couldn't go on like this and Paul agreed. He asked Jennifer to leave. As Paul was listening to the tape, James came to him and told him that Rose was a fake and Paul should end it once and for all. Paul was arguing with James in his head and shouted out that he wanted James dead. Rose walked in and asked Paul who he was talking to.

Holden went to Metro and threw Aaron's keys on the bar. He told Dusty that Aaron doesn't work for Dusty anymore. Molly interrupted and started to defend Dusty. Holden said he knew that Jack was going to bust Aaron. Dusty accused Holden of setting Aaron up and didn't know why Holden was blaming him. Molly continued to defend Dusty and said that Holden was setting a bad example for Aaron. Holden turned the blame on Molly for not keeping an eye on Aaron and left.

Friday, October 24, 2003

by Andy

After spending much of the day ignoring Chris's calls, Alison sets up shop at the hotel, ready to seduce him when he drops by. Unfortunately, Chris has breaking up on his mind, and despite her attempts to sway him with passionate kisses, he tells her they need to talk.

Off Marshall's arrest, Jessica tells Bonnie and Marshall that she plans to put Sarah on the stand to testify against her father. Bonnie's furious but Ben tells Jessica that he is sticking by her.

After Rose nearly busts Paul ranting at imaginary James, Paul decides to set things straight with his dad once and for all. Barbara, however, has beaten him to the punch in attempt to get James's aid in stopping Paul's wedding. Paul arrives and, seeing Barbara, tells both parents that he's holding them responsible if anything happens to Rose. Barbara flees, and James tells Paul he's betting the wedding won't happen.

Dusty lets Jennifer stay in his place and goes to Molly's. Molly, however, takes him for a cad and gives him a hard time for stopping by for sex. Ultimately, though she gives into him.


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